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对于中国年轻人而言,喝咖啡正在成为一个趋势。反映了西方商业和生活习惯正在慢慢改变中国传统面貌的这种影响。Listen Read Learn Drinking coffee is starting to become a big trend for the young people of China. It is not a serious competitor against the national drink of the Chinese people-tea. It does reflect, however, the influence of Western business and life habits that are slowly changing the traditional face of China. Coffee has always been an important drink in the ed States and elsewhere. In the ed States, for example, the national drink used to be tea especially Chinese tea. This changed during America’s War of Independence because of a shortage of tea caused by a loss in British trade. Since then, coffee has been the national drink and the symbol of the Western lifestyle. In coffee houses and cafés, business and personal relationship are strengthened. Famous writers and artists, such as Hemingway, conversed and gained inspiration at these places. Traditionally, the best coffee has come from the South American country of Columbia. Small farmers in the past made little money and large coffee chains such as Starbucks made the profit. These coffee chains are beginning to appear in China in increasing numbers. Drinking coffee excessively is, however, harmful for your health. It can lead to emotion changes. It may also change your sleeping habits, causing insomnia or lack of sleep. Yet at the same time, the caffeine in coffee keeps you alert and wakes you up. This is usually helpful. But try never to drink too much coffee as its effects can be as harmful as helpful.听看学对于中国年轻人而言,喝咖啡正在成为一个趋势。它并不是中国人的国饮——茶的强有力的竞争对手,然而,它确实反映了西方商业和生活习惯正在慢慢改变中国传统面貌的这种影响。咖啡在美国和其它地方一直是最重要的饮品。例如,在美国,民族饮品曾经是茶,尤其是中国茶。这在美国独立战争期间有所改变,因为美英贸易的失利致使茶供应短缺。从那时起,咖啡就成了他们的民族饮品和西方生活方式的象征。在咖啡屋或咖啡馆里,商业关系和个人关系得以加强。著名的作家和艺术家,例如海明威,在这些地方进行交谈并获得灵感。从传统意义上讲,最好的咖啡产自于哥伦比亚的南美乡村。过去,小的农场主赚不到什么钱,而星巴克这样的大型咖啡连锁店则利润丰厚。这些咖啡连锁店在中国的数量与日俱增。然而,过多地饮用咖啡对人体健康是有害的。它会导致性情的变化,还有可能改变你的睡眠习惯,造成失眠或是睡眠不足。而与此同时,咖啡中的咖啡因会使你保持警醒,让你清醒。这通常是有效的。但千万不要过多饮用咖啡,因为它的效用可能既有益又有害。Grammar 语法小结主谓一致主谓一致中谓语动词常用复数的情况有:1.one of 后接的名词要用复数She is one of my favorite teachers. 她是我喜欢的老师中的一个。2.一些“成双成套”的名词,如 trousers, pants, glasses, clothes, shoes, scissors 等用作主语时,谓语动词常用复数My glasses are broken. I have to buy a new pair.我的眼镜碎了,我要买副新的。The shoes under the bed belong to Danny. 床底下那双鞋是丹丹的。3.both, some, many, few, all(of them) 后的谓语多用复数Both of them are English. 他们都是英国人。Few of my friends like him. 我的朋友中没什么人喜欢他。Do it together 家庭总动员找出下面的句子中的语法错误并改正。 1. One of us are going to the party. 2. The three of them is students. 3. Few girls likes playing basketball. 4. My shoe is worn out. I need to buy a new pair. 5. Some of them is my good friends. 1. are → is2. is → are3. likes → like4. shoe is → shoes are5. is → are /200809/47177。

1.怎样约会?"Dating"or"Going out"Date 和 go out 都可以表示异性朋友(尤其是有感情或是暧昧关系的)之间的约会,我们来看几个例子,体会一下用法:I dated him when I was in college.I've only had one date with him so far.We're going on a date this Saturday night.Would you like to go out together sometime? /201001/95784。

394. 奇怪,鲍勃会在那个转角处出了事。 [误] It is strange that Bob would have an accident at that corner. [正] It is strange that Bob should have an accident at that corner.注:在以 it is + 形容词 + that 引导的句子中,用 should + 动词原型表示欣喜、惊奇、忧虑等感情色。在这类句型中,只能用 should,不能用 would。如果表示的是过去发生的事,should 后面要用不加 to 的不定式的完成时态。 /04/66795。

1. I still have feelings for her. 我对她还有感情.中文里说我们对某人有「感觉」指的就是对别人那份感情还在. 英文的用法也十分类似, 老美也说, have feelings for someone. 特别是当他们提到自己的前任男女朋友时, 常会说, "I still have feelings for her/him." 意思就是缘份未尽, 心里上还是喜欢人家的. 举个六人行 (Friends) 里的经典名句来加深印象吧. 有一次 Chandler 的前任女友 Janice 来找他, 还说要在他家过夜, 那 Chandler 的现任女友 Monica 就反对啦, 而她的理由就是, "He still has feelings for you.", 更劲爆的是下一句, "Feelings can't go forever, but you can." (感情是不会永远消失的, 但是.. 你可以永远消失) 再举一例, 如果有两个人明明都已经分手了, 结果还在那里大吵特架, 你个爱情顾问要怎么分析这个状况呢? 就这么说吧, "You're fighting because there is still feelings there." (因为你们的感情还在, 所以才会吵架).注意一下 feeling 指「感觉」时用的是单数, 例如 "I don't have a good feeling about this." (我觉得这件事不好), 但当「感情」讲时多半用的是复数, feelings, 例如 "No hard feelings." (不要难过), "I still have feelings for her." 都是. /10/87442。

对于那些整天只会夸夸其谈、纸上谈兵、唾沫横飞,却做不成实事的人,恐怕没人会喜欢吧,可是工作中偏偏就是有许多这样的人,让人受不了。今天我们就一起来看看如何形容这样的行为。Hot 就是热,air就是空气。Hot air合在一起就成了热空气。而作为俗语,hot air 的意思就是“夸夸其谈,吹牛”,看来吹得真不是一般厉害,连空气都热了,能量不小啊。我们来举个例子吧:Most candidates make promises during a campaign to win voters’ support. But many promises are nothing but hot air. After the candidates get elected, they tend to forget most of the things they promised to achieve.大多数候选人在竞选过程中都做出各种保,以赢得选民的持。但是,他们说的好多都是夸夸其谈,等到当选后,他们往往把自己的保忘了。在美国,无论是竞选总统还是竞选地方官员,候选人都得表明自己对某些问题的观点。为了获得选民的拥护,他们往往在一些群众关心的问题上迎合群众的需要,以这种方式来争取更多的选票。但是,等到当选以后,或是由于客观条件,或是来自政治圈子里的压力,他们在竞选过程中所做的保往往不能得以实现。爱吹牛的人并不少见。下面这个例子就是两个朋友在说他们在一次聚会上遇见的一个人:That man at the party yesterday didn't have any idea what he was talking about. He blew a lot of hot air about health and nutrition. He didn’t know that both of us have been practicing medicine for more than thirty years.昨天聚会上那个人真不知道他在说什么。他夸夸其谈地说了好多关于健康和营养的事。他可不知道我们两行医已经三十多年了。这个片语还可以这样用:full of hot air,比如:Pay no attention to Howard--he's full of hot air. 别理霍华德,他总是夸夸其谈。 /200804/36908。

部分内容改编自 《日常英语》Jane: Oh, that music brothers me so much!Bill: Where’s it coming from?Jane: The neighbors two doors down.Bill: They play it until late into the night and it’s always so loud!Jane:Did you ask them to turn it down?Bill:Yeah, a couple of times but they just don’t care.Jane:Yeah, a couple of times but they just don’t care. It’s time to call the police. /201010/115998。

今天继续为大家带来电影《加菲猫》中的精片段和精的口语句子。随着Jon暗恋的女主人公Liz的出现和反派角色Happy的出场,加菲可有的忙活了!这一段电影也是好句不断,精连连,一起来看看吧!1. Finally, back on my regular schedule. 终于可以过正常的日子了。——经过种种乱七八糟的状况(实际上都是由Garfield造成的),加菲又回到了“它的地盘”。“Schedule”是一个重要的单词,表示“时刻表、进度表、日程计划”,例如:Can you fit me into your schedule Tuesday afternoon? 你能在日程计划中把我安排在星期二下午吗?2. Cut the small talk. 少说蠢话。——Garfield对食物的狂热程度真是超乎我们的想象,在它看来,一切与食物无关的话都是“蠢话”。不知道大家还记不记得第一期中的句子“Cut the sweet, easy now. 少来这套,别激动。”?“Cut”还有一个重要的意思是“显出:展示…的外表,给人…的印象”,例如:cut a fine figure on the dance floor 在舞池里展现美好的姿态。3. Don't even think about it. 别打歪主意。——看到Garfield正在觊觎自己的食物,Jon向馋嘴的Garfield发出了警告。当别人对你的利益(e.g. 财物、女友……)图谋不轨时,这句话就派上用场啦!4. Oh, please. What a know-it-all. 哦,这个自以为是的家伙。——Happy先生对节目主持人的嘲讽同样可以“为我所用”。这里给大家“know-it-all”的英文解释:“One who claims to know everything and rejects advice or information from others.”,似乎不止是中文里的“自以为是”呢。5. It appears to have nothing to do with me. 它(这种做法)不是为了我/跟我没关系。——Jon带Garfield去看兽医,实际上是为了见他的心上人,聪明的Garfield当然知道这一点。“Have nothing to do with”是一个常用短语,表示“和……没有关系”。6. No need for a second opinion. 这倒是一句实话。——看来Garfield好吃懒做的作风连Liz都知道了,那么表示“确实”我们除了“absolutely”之外又有了一种新说法。7. You've had a crush on her since High-School. 你从高中就暗恋她到现在。——Garfield对“Jon的那些事儿”同样一清二楚啊,难怪Jon这样宠爱它,原来是有把柄在它手里啊。“Crush”的本意是”压碎, 碾碎, 压, 压垮, 粉碎, (使)变形”,然而用在“have a crush on someone”这个词组里就表示“暗恋某人”或者“对某人怀有好感”的意思了。广大的男同胞是不是大部分都在“High school”阶段有过“have a crush on someone”的经历呢?另外需要注意句子里出现“since”时,一般都会用完成时态。 /200802/27867。

“请别见怪”在英语口语里能怎么说?蹩脚口语:No offense高级口语:No hard feelings.【影视实例】素材来源:《识骨寻踪》剧情简介:Brannen自说自话跑去取了议员的DNA样本,还摔了人家一个背包,结果Booth被他们领导骂得血淋头,而且取消了他的调查资格,另组建新的团队办案子了。……【台词片段】Director: Tomorrow morning I’m announcing the formation of a special unit to investigate the murder of Cleo Eller at which time your investigation will be officially terminated. You will not head the new unit.Booth: Congratulations Patrick.First: No hard feelingsBooth: Right.【台词翻译】主任:明天一早我就宣布成立特别小组调查Cleo Eller的谋杀案,届时你的调查将正式终结。你也不会成为新调查组的头头。Booth: 恭喜哈,Patrick.First:请别见怪。Booth: 哪会哪会。【口语讲解】No hard feelings。No hard feelings有两个用法。一则和这个片段中一样,在体会到对方可能心情不爽的时候劝解道“别搁心里去哈”;还有一种则是表示自己并没有生气,比方:We didn't work out. No hard feeling.——我们俩虽然没谈成,不过我也没觉得心里有啥小疙瘩的。这里的hard是做harsh解释。 /06/74272。

作为现代职业人 , 仅仅具有一定的工作能力显然是乏力而无竞 争力的 , 你需要适时亮出你的杀手铜一一职业人所独有的自信魅力。 你可以不漂亮 , 可以不英俊 , 但你一定要非常自信 ! 自信的人最有魅 力。而自信的人也常常可以事半功倍 , 以最高的效率做出最完美的事。 1.Nothing to it. 容易极了!Nothing to it一般用于回答“你干得了吗?”、“你行吗?”等问题。Nothing to it, of course. 当然,容易极了。 /201008/111598。