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为纽约大都会物馆馆长,Thomas P. Campbell深刻体会到艺术展览不仅仅是对艺术作品的筛选和罗列,而是通过布设让公众能够领悟其中的故事。利用辉煌的视觉图像,包括中世纪挂毯画,以及亚历山大·麦奎因大量时装艺术品,他向我们展示他的策展哲学是如何起到作用。.(来自TED2012“设计”分会场,由Chee Pearlman和David Rockwell策划。)201406/302750

;My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!;吾乃奥兹曼迪雅兹,万王之王,功业盖世,强者折!That was Shelley, writing in 1818 with a poetic vision inspired by the monumental figure here in the British Museum, whose serenely commanding face is looking down at me from a very great height.1818年,大英物馆的一尊雕像激发了诗人帕西比希雪莱的灵感,让他写下了这句最广为流传的诗句。Shelleys Ozymandias is our Ramesses II, king of Egypt around 1270 , and his giant head dominates this space from a gallery plinth...although it would once have been even higher.雪莱提到的奥兹曼迪雅兹骑术就是我们的拉美西斯二世,公元前1270年埃及的统治者。他表情平静庄严,巨大的头颅从高处俯视游客,气压全场。;Its difficult for us to conceive now, with our air tools and electrical ways of cutting stone,“即使凭借我们现有切割石头空气工具和电子方法的技术,也很难有这样的奇思妙想。quite what an extraordinary achievement, not simply the scale and weight of a sculpture of this size is, but also the degree of finish.;这是相当非凡的成就,不仅仅是雕塑作品的规模和重量的,也体现出了它卓越的完成度。”;Theres no way of looking at this man and seeing him as a failure.“这个男人的光辉令人无法直视,而且他从未尝过败绩。He absolutely deserves the epithet the Great, he really was.;他绝对值得配得上“伟人”的封号,他是实至名归。”A history of the world.世界历史,In a hundred objects.百件藏品,The Statue of Ramesses II,aproximatelly 1250 made of Granite;from Thebes,in Egypt.公元前1250年发现于埃及古城底比斯的法老拉美西斯二世花岗岩雕像。201407/316974

  Australian Swimmer Ian Thorpe Treated for InfectionMedia reports say that the competitive swimmer is at risk of losing his left arm.We turn now to a serious medical threat, for one of the worlds top athletes, superstar Olympian Ian Thorpe is battling infection that could end his career even cost his arm, As Paula here with the details, Paula here, Thorpe likely got this infection actually in the hospital.Yes, its stunning exactly how he contracted that infection, Ian Thorpe is in an Australian hospital this morning receiving what were told is the best care possible, but even that might not be enough to prevent the former swimming champion from losing what he loves the most.He is one of Michael Phelps biggest rivals with 5 Olympic gold medals and 22 world records, but this morning Ian Thorpes future as a competitive swimmer could be sinking,the swimming legend is being treated in his native Australia for a dangerous infection, some media reports say the disease is similar to the potentially dealy mrsa infection and that is so bad, he might risk losing use of his left arm.Ian has been very unlucky with all of his intent to get back into the pool.Thorpes agent James E telling the Australian associated press that the former champion is quite sick with the serious but not life threatening condition that he contracted at a Swiss hospital after a series of sholder surgeries.Hospitals are incredibly dangerous places, thats where the bad bugs live, one in 25 people who go into the hospital will pick up an infection, a lot of them from surgery.Thorpe is a hero in his native Australia where swimming is a national sport and the press follows his every move.He is Michael Phelps, he is Michael Gordon, he is the biggest deal in Australian sports.This is just the latest setback for a man who has been ting water since he retired in 2006, he failed in his attempt for a come back at the 2012 London Olympics, and earlier this year was treated for depression at a rehab facility.Ian Thorpe this Olympic God, how sad that he is fighting this, that he is dealing with this infection, he is in a hospital bed, he has gone through a lot.An irony that could knock this swimming great out of the water for good.Now his management team tells us that he remains in good spirits considering the circumstances and hopes to be back on his feet soon, but you heard doctor B say thats where the bad bugs live in these hospitals. /201404/291659

  Robin Thickes Desperate Plea to His WifeThe ;Blurred Lines; singer sang Al Greens ;Lets Stay Together; as a message to estranged wife Paula Patton.Singer Robin Thicke on a mission to win back mission-impossible actress and wife-of eight-years Paula Patton. He is only counting on a love song for resconciliation.I mustnt without you.During his Atlantic city concert Sunday night, Thicke broke into outgrowing tip Let Stay Together, a direct message to the mother of their 3-year-old son.Someone yelled out I love Paula and he said I do too. Right after that he wass sort of singing outgrowing Lets Stay Together, which was quite romantic.Thicke began his public begging last Thursday at his first concert since his high school sweetheart announced their split last Monday.Im trying to get my girl back.Then breaking into his 2007 hit Lost Without You which he says he wrote for Patton.But while Thickes continued to scruttle away for his lost love Sunday night still wearing his wedding band, Patton was sparkling on the vanity fair Oscar party red carpet songs ring. The about last night actress hasnt tweeted since Valentines Day when she wrote I love my boys!!! XO, sending this picture presumably of her 3-year-old son robe hanging next to Thickes. But the descriptions of who she is on tweeter still describes her as wife of the amazing, briliiant, genious @Robin Thicke.Perhaps there is still hope we can see and wait back into our life after all.For Good Morning America, A News. New York. /201403/280089。


  全球变暖?扣扣熊才不会相信呢,明明就是玩颜色游戏!反正有绿色的美元在,没有石油公司搞不定的事情。201404/285459通常来说,自动贩卖机售卖苏打饮料,糖果和薯片。但这可和 TED 研究会员加布里埃尔·加西亚-科伦坡所说的自动贩卖机不一样。这位艺术家希望设置人类 DNA 自动贩卖机,售卖提取自人体的 DNA,将它们装在小瓶子里并配有人体样本的照片。这很有趣并且古怪,但也提出了很大的伦理问题,这些伦理争议随着人们对生物科技的日益涉入而越发得到讨论。201407/310170


  Inspired by their richer understanding of obesity that leptin在他们从瘦蛋白中得到的had given them,对肥胖的理解的鼓舞下scientists returned to their search for a wonder drug.科学家重返研究 希望找到有效的药物This top-secret research facility这个绝密的研究设施is where the war against obesity is being waged.是与肥胖的战争开展的地方Here, millions of pounds are就在这 数百万英镑being poured into the hunt for a magic bullet,被投入其中 用以寻求灵丹妙药a drug to treat the disease.治疗肥胖症的药物John Clapham is at the front line of this research.约翰·克拉普汉姆就站在研究的前线To find an effective treatment for obesity寻求对肥胖有效的治疗方式is of paramount importance.是最为重要的事情And the mission is to find a pill to kill hunger,现在的任务是找到抑制饥饿的药物a pill that works by manipulating our desire to eat.一种通过调控我们食欲的药物To do this, they need to map out为了完成这项任务 他们必须找到all the chemical signals in the appetite pathway.所有与食欲相关的化学信号Because every one of those is a potential new drug target,因为每一个都是潜在的药物靶标and the more drug targets weve而且我们所作用的药物靶标越多got to work on, the chances for success are much greater.成功的几率也就越大And we have every hope in the future of getting a new drug.我们有希望在未来找到一种新的药物201307/246915

  Karl Lagerfeld takes on London Designer Karl Lagerfeld debuts first British store. Nina Dos Santos talks with the CEO of the designer brand.First and foremost, Im expecting that we excite the consumer,that is what we wanna do without our brand with whatever we do. In general, thats very important, consumer needs to love it.You are the chief executor officer of this company, not the designer himself Karl Lagerfeld, you will have to manage this from a business point of view, what do you expect from this company revenue, how big can it get?The revenue expectation or the revenue opportunity of this brand are massive. That are massive for a variety of reasons and the first reason is that the awareness of the icon of his owner Karl Lagerfeld is incredibly broad across the world. And he resonates to a very broad audience of consumers, very young to more mature age groups, men and women, so the opportunity is really a global opportunity and its a huge opportunity.One of the interesting thing about this base is so much of it is dedicated towards accesories, nose accesories, include * of the man himself,is that just a little bit ego typical?No, actually not. First of all, I think Karl is the master and king of accesorization, so if you look at him, how he portrays himself is a lot of accesories with him. So therefore, it has also a great part of our store, but on the other hand also Karl is an icon. So when consumers come in, what they experience in our store, they want to become part of Karl Lagerfeld world and that means also that there is objects that he likes,that are fun as he is not taking himself too seriously.Its not just the image of Karl Lagerfeld you have sold here, its also the image of Karl Lagerfelds famous cat as well, the cat, tell me about that, shoo pet.Well, it features on a few items. Its a good fun iconic item, actually its alomst a kind of consequence of the whole conversation as it is going on on social media about the shoo pet, so we say ok we have to give the consumer something. And then we have built a very funny but still sophisticated small cat around. Fortunately, people love it. /201403/281790。


  If a recent glance in the mirror has revealed horror-level hairiness, this guide will help you get y for swimsuit season without a silver bullet.如果最近照镜子时发现身上的毛发让你感到恐怖,这段视频将帮助你不需妙招就能在游泳季节让肌肤焕发夺目光。You Will Need你需要Budget预算Foresight深谋远虑Honesty诚实Steps步骤Step 1 Consider your budget1.考虑预算Consider your budget. Shaving is the least expensive option, while a salon visit for a wax can cost between and 0.考虑一下预算。直接剃掉是最便宜的选择,而到沙龙做蜜蜡除毛的费用大概在30美元至100美元之间。If youre bashful about baring your body, you might feel more comfortable shaving at home. Having a body wax at a salon is best for those that have no problem baring it all.如果你羞于裸露全身,或许觉得在家中剃掉毛发更加自在。对于不在乎裸露身体的人来说,在沙龙进行蜜蜡除毛是最好的选择。Step 2 Plan ahead2.提前计划Plan your hair removal ahead of time. Shaving lasts for just a few days,while waxing and plucking will leave you fuzz-free for several weeks.提前计划何时脱毛。剃毛只能持续几天,而蜜蜡除毛和拔毛可以让皮肤几周内都保持光滑。Step 3 Assess your pain threshold3.评估痛阈Assess your pain threshold. Everyone is different, but waxing and plucking make most people wince, especially the first time.评估你的痛阈。每个人有所不同,但是蜜蜡除毛和拔毛会让大部分人退缩,尤其是第一次。Shaving is the least painful treatment, but can lead to nicks, cuts, and the ded razor burn if not done properly.剃毛是痛楚最少的选择,但是如果操作不当会导致刻痕,割伤和可怕的灼伤。Step 4 Assess area4.评估部位Save plucking for small areas with few hairs, like the brow or upper lip. Shaving and waxing are best for the legs, arms, and the chest. Now, admire your smooth skin.毛发较少,范围比较小的部位使用拔毛,例如眉毛或上唇。剃毛和蜜蜡除毛最好用于腿部,手臂和胸部。现在,享受自己光滑的肌肤吧。Hypertrichosis, or Werewolf Syndrome, is characterized by excessive hair on the upper body and face, and occurs in less than one in one billion births.毛发过多或狼人综合征的特征就是身体上部和面部毛发过多,每10亿人中不到一人出现这种情况。视频听力译文由。201404/289416

  Iran will do its best to support Iraqi govt伊朗将尽全力持伊拉克政府Iranian media says the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces has said Iran will support the Iraqi government to fight against the Islamist extremist group ISIL.伊朗媒体称伊朗武装部队副参谋长表示这个国家将持伊拉克政府对抗伊斯兰极端组织ISIL。Brigadier General Masoud Jazeyeri said if Iraq asks for help from Iran, Iran will do its best to aid its neighbor.准将玛萨德·扎耶里表示如果伊拉克寻求伊朗的帮助,后者将尽力援助邻国。The support will include providing military advisors and equipment, such as drones.对伊拉克的持将包括提供军事顾问及如无人机等的军备。But the Deputy Chief of Staff also said Iran will not directly send troops to Iraq.但副参谋长也称伊朗不会直接派兵援助伊拉克。201406/308588

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