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Okay, lets get ashore, find out about this place.上岸吧 瞧瞧这个地方Ive come ashore on the exposed windward side of the island,我终于上了岸 来到了这座岛屿的迎风面Where theres little likelihood of finding a settlement.这几乎不可能有容身之处The best chance of rescue is on the other side,So Im heading up and over.最有可能获救的地方 是另一边 所以我一路颠簸 向另一边进军But Im straight into a tough climb.但马上 我又陷入了攀爬难题See if we can get up this way.Quite steep, though.试试能不能从这上去 虽然很陡Theres a whole root system coming down this rock face.Okay, lets try this.但那的岩壁下有一套完整的根系 好吧 试试One of my favorite survival stories occurred in Antarctica.我最喜欢的冒险故事之一发生在南极洲Ernest Shackleton and his crew sailed for 800 miles through the worlds most hostile seas to get to an island.欧内斯特·沙克尔顿和他的队员 航行了 八百英里 穿过世界上 最凶险的海域来到一座小岛But they came ashore on the wrong side and had to climb for 36 hours over mountains to reach civilization.但他们却上错了边 不得不花费三十六个小时 翻越山岭 才见到人烟And the moral of the story is,never assume youve reached safety until you really have.这个故事告诉我们 在安全真正到来之前 不要妄下定论Come on, we need to move.And when you get a shot at rescue,grab it with all you have.快 要走了 当获救的稻草出现时 尽全力抓住它Its an airfield.This is my chance.Theres an aircraft taxiing for takeoff.是个飞机场 我的救命稻草来了 一架飞机正准备起飞Come on! We can make this!One final push through the prop wash.快 我们能行 在螺旋桨尾流下的最后一跃And its the end of my Torres island adventure,And Im heading home.它为我的托岛探险之旅画上了句号 我要回家了201704/503270After last months disastrous earthquake, Ecuador has been rocked again. This time, a 6.7 magnitude quake shook the country early Wednesday morning. 上月经历灾难性地震之后,厄瓜多尔再遭地震。周三上午早些时候,6.7级地震袭击了这个国家。The USGS has stated that the epicenter of the quake is 36 miles south of Esmeraldas, reaching a depth of around 7 miles. 美国地质勘探局表示,震中位于埃斯梅拉达斯以南36英里,深度约7英里。This time however, there was no tsunami alert issued. 然而,这一次没有发出海啸警报。Even though it struck a 6.7 rating at 3am local time, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said there were no reports of major damage. 即使当地时间早上3点发生6.7级地震,厄瓜多尔总统拉斐尔·科雷亚称没有重大损失报告。Last months 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed 661 people, including one American, and injured over 16,000 more.上月的7.8级地震造成661人死亡,其中包括一名美国人,另有16,000多人受伤。译文属。 /201605/444825

When we first launched the 3Doodler, we asked the world to imagine a pen that could literally draw in the air.我们首次推出3D涂鸦笔时,我们要全世界想象一能够“真的”在空中绘画的笔。Two years on, weve made the worlds first 3D printing pen even better,两年过去,我们将全球首3D打印笔变得更加出色,with a new and improved version thats slimmer, lighter, quieter, and even easier to use.一个更纤细、更轻盈、更安静,甚至更容易使用的全新改良版本。The 3Doodler heats, then rapidly cools plastic, allowing instant 3D creation.3D涂鸦笔加热,然后快速将塑料冷却,让实时3D创作成为可能。And with no software or computers, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.而且无需软件或计算机,创作的可能性只被你的想象力所限制。Weve shipped over 130,000 first-generation 3Doodlers,我们已经运出超过13万第一代3D涂鸦笔,and our community has used them to create amazing things而我们的社群使用它们创造出许多不可思议的东西from jewelry to RC planes, fully 3Doodled dresses, architectural models, and even writing braille.从珠宝到遥控飞机、全3D涂鸦制成饰、建筑模型,甚至书写点字。It was because of the support of this Kickstarter community that we were able to make the 3Doodler dream a reality.正是因为这个Kickstarter社群的持,让我们能够使3D涂鸦笔的梦想成真。To say thank you, weve decided to bring 3Doodler 2.0 to you first.为了表示感谢,我们决定优先带给您3D涂鸦笔2.0。Completely redesigned from top to bottom and housed in a slick aluminum casing,从头到尾完全重新设计,并且包覆在光滑的铝制外壳中,the new 3Doodler is the result of over two years of research and development,新一代3D涂鸦笔是超过两年研发的成果,all aimed at giving you the best 3Doodling experience possible.全都为了带给您3D涂鸦笔所能达到的最佳使用体验。The new 3Doodler is also packed with loads of enhancements, making it smoother, slicker, and easier to use than ever before.全新3D涂鸦笔还加装许多优化功能,使它前所未见地更加平稳、更加滑顺、更加容易使用。Were also releasing exciting new accessories, including the JetPack, a portable power pack that gives you the freedom to 3Doodle on the go.我们也推出许多令人兴奋的新配备,包含JetPack,一个让你随时随地享有3D涂鸦自由的行动电源。To help kick-start creativity in the classroom,为了协助激发起教室内的创造力,weve created the special educational bundle, complete with pens, plastic, accessories, and curricular materials,我们打造出专用的教学套件,内含笔、塑料、配备,以及课程教材,which you can send to any school, library, or makerspace of your choosing.你可以寄送至任何你所选择的学校、图书馆或实作工作坊。If you can draw, write, or wave a finger in the air, you can create with the 3Doodler.如果你能画画、写字,或在空中动动手指头,那你就能用3D涂鸦笔创造。Our community website has hundreds of projects and stencils that you can download for free,我们的社群网站有数百种你可以免费下载的企划和模版,and its filled with how-to s and images of inspiring creations from around the world.还充满来自全球具启发性创作的教学影片及图片。So, when will you get your new 3Doodler?那么,你何时会收到你的全新3D涂鸦笔呢?Well start delivering to our first backers in a few weeks, and the majority of you will be 3Doodling by April.我们会在几周内开始寄货给我们的首批持者们,而你们大多数人四月就会在3D涂鸦了。We cant thank you enough for joining us on this amazing journey.对于你在这趟奇妙旅程中加入我们,我们感到感激不尽。201611/477479

Optics, or the enhancement of our natural vision,光学,或者说对我们自然视力的提升,has been one of the biggest catalysts for science over the past 500 years,是过去500年来科学发展的最大催化剂之一。Interestingly, it wasnt scientific interest, but more practical matters that led to the initial advancements in optics,有趣的是,最初光学的发展并不是出于科学兴趣,而是更实际的事物——starting around 1440 when Johannes Gutenberg invented his printing press.早在1440年左右,约翰尼斯·古登堡发明了印刷机。In short order, books, which had been a rarity, were now becoming a widesp phenomenon.很快,书籍不再是稀罕物,得到了广泛传播。All that new ing material meant more knowledge was circulating,新兴的阅读材料使得更多知识得以传播,but it also meant that more people were straining their eyes, likely as they by candlelight.但也使得更多秉烛夜读的人们在烛光下耗费视力。And while spectacles had been invented in Italy around 1286, the need for ing glasses increased substantially.当1286年眼镜在意大利被发明出来,对老花镜的需求猛增。Now that people could use lenses to see things more clearly,因为借助眼镜能看得更清楚,they started wondering if vision could be enhanced to see things the human eye couldnt perceive by its own devices.人们开始探索是否能够提升视力进而看清肉眼看不清的东西。Robert Hooke pursued microscopy, and 1665 he published his findings of worlds inside worlds,醉心显微镜学的罗伯特·胡克于1665年将他关于微观世界的研究结果出版,which he called cells in the book Micrographia.在他的书《显微制图》里,他将微观世界里的基本构造叫作“细胞”。At the other end of the spectrum, Galileo innovated with telescopic lenses,在光谱的另一头,伽利略发明了望远镜。and in 1609, he had refined a telescope until he had an instrument powerful enough to see distant objects in the sky with an accuracy no one had before him.1609年,他改进了望远镜,使其能以前所未有的精确度探索遥远的天际。He found that the moon had craters and mountains,他发现了月球上的环形山that Jupiter had moons of its own, and the whole system governing the earth and space was brought into question.发现了木星也有卫星,开始探索配地球和太空的整个系统。Not everyone was thrilled with all the things Galileo saw though.但并非所有人都为伽利略的发现惊叹。For instance, it was taught at the time that the moon was a perfectly smooth sphere.比如,那时候人们还认为月球是个光滑完美的圆球。Yet here was visual proof that was awfully hard to discount.但现在有了难以忽视的视像据。Upon finding moons around Jupiter, he also verified what Johannes Kepler had surmised:发现木星的卫星后,伽利略同时验了约翰内斯·开普勒的推测:that the earth was not the center of the universe, dispelling another central dogma of Galileos day.地球不是宇宙的中心。即否定了同时期其他“地心说”学说。Then almost exactly a year after Galileo died, Isaac Newton was born.伽利略去世差不多一年后,艾萨克·牛顿诞生。A lot that had been unknown was visible by now,当年未知的世界现在已清晰可见,but much of it was simply the foundation for further questions.但这些大都只是未来更多问题的基础。What was light anyway? And color, for that matter?光是什么?颜色又是什么?What were the laws that governed the earth, and the heavens?配地球和天空的规律又是怎样?And could we capture them through keen observation?我们是否能够通过细致的观察掌握真相?Newton experimented extensively with optics, and came to understand light as something of substance,牛顿对光学进行了深入研究,认识到光是某种物质,and colors as components of light at different frequencies.颜色是由不同频率的光组成的。Before Newton, people widely believed that the color was due to different amounts of light,在牛顿以前,人们普遍认为颜色是由于光的数量不同,with red being lots of light, and blue being mostly dark.比如红色是聚集了很多光,而蓝色则基本是不亮。Newtons prism experiments showed that white light could not only be broken into its component colors with one prism,牛顿的棱镜实验表明,白光经过一面三棱镜会分解出不同的光,but that a second lens could recompose those colors back into white light again,而多放一面三棱镜,光线又会聚合成一束白光。thus showing that color was a matter of lights refraction rather than how light or dark it was.这个实验说明颜色是由光的折射现象形成的,而不取决于光线数量的多少。Newtons studies of optics led to the development of the reflecting telescope.牛顿的光学研究促进了反射式望远镜的发展。This, together with his study of planetary motion, led to his theory of gravitation,牛顿的光学研究和他对行星运动的研究,共同催生了万有引力理论。one of the worlds greatest examples of learning to see something invisible by observing its effect on things that are visible.万有引力的发现是世界上最伟大的发现之一,它通过观察无形事物对有形事物的作用来了解无形的事物。So fast forward a few hundred years, and here we stand.以至几百年后的今天,我们取得现在的认识。Weve evolved from a single lens to optics that reveal the birth of a star in another galaxy,我们从一个镜片发展出光学,发现了其他星系内恒星的诞生,or a child developing in the womb, or an electron whirling around an atom.看到子宫中育的婴孩的模样,发现围绕原子旋转的电子。At a time when so much is visible, how we see the world around us matters even more than what we see.这么多东西都可以观察到,我们如何去观察比我们看到了什么更加重要。Will we see a world where everything important has aly been discovered?我们是否已经发现了世上所有重要的事物?Or will we see one in which yesterdays discoveries are but a doorway to the breakthroughs of tomorrow?还是我们只是打开了一扇发现之门,将来还有更多未知世界等我们去探索?201706/513662

  Project Bloks is a research project, with the goal of creating a development platform for tangible programming.Bloks项目是一个带有创造性目标的研究项目,一个为了有形编程的发展平台In Creative Lab we spend our time thinking about how we can use technology to solve real world problems.我们花费时间在创意实验室思考如何用科技来解决现实生活问题In this instance how to help young kids learn programming.在这种情况下如何帮助孩子学习编程I think the main reason we focus on platforms is because we want to reduce the barrier to entry,我认为我们关注平台的主要原因是因为我们想降低进入的门槛so that developers can really innovate on the content and the applications.以便开发商能真正在内容和应用程序上进行改革创新As a first step we have created this system for tangible programming.首先第一步 我们已经创造出这个有形编程的系统Its versatile and allows you a lot of creative possibilities.它是通用的 能激发出你更多创造发展的潜能The system consists of three components;Brain Board, Base Boards and Pucks.该系统由三个部分组成,主控制板 主基板和定标器The Brain Board connects to any device or thing using wi-fi or Bluetooth.主控制板可以连接到任何设备或者wifi和 蓝牙The Base Boards allow you to create different forms, flows and materials主基板允许您创建不同的模块形式and you can create a variety of interactions using the Pucks.风格和材质 你也可以使用定标器创造多样化的互动The platform enabled us to experiment with form factors and materials.该平台使我们能够用波形系数和材料进行实验So this is the Coding Kit, all of these bricks have the Bloks boards inside them.这就是编码工具 所有的这些砖块里面都由Bloks主板控制They can be arranged to create a set of instructions他们能安排 创建一系列的指令which can be passed onto connected things,能在有联系的事物中相互传递like toys, tablets or stuff around the home.比如玩具 平板 或者家里其他东西We have chosen to connect to the Mirobot.我们选择和Mirobot机器人连接In this set the code says repeat these instructions.在此设置代码表明重复这条指令Draw a square, rotate by 60 degrees, doing this six times.画一个正方形 旋转60度 这样做6次So the robot will draw a square, rotate, draw a square again and rotate six times.所以机器人将会画一个正方形 旋转 再画一个正方形并旋转6次I think when you learn to code, I think the biggest skill kids learn is persistance.我认为当你去学习代码,我想孩子学习到的最大技能就是持久性They learn that you know,something doesnt work out -他们知道有些东西无法弄懂but you can quickly fix it and try it again in different ways.但他们能快速的修复它并且用不同的方法再次尝试Anyone who has written any significant amount of code will tell you that it can quickly get challenging and can get frustrating.任何一个写过大量有效代码的人都会告诉你 它能够快速引起人们的挑战兴趣也能让人感到沮丧But the ability to stay with it and keep working -但是要有坚持和继续工作的耐心that joy you get when you actually solve the problem. Ive heard it in my classroom that you know “yes it works”.事实上当你解决了问题 你就会收获其中的乐趣 我已经在我的教室里听到了“太棒了 它工作了!”So to make a painting it will take like a year -所以制作一幅画作需要大约一年的时间,now we can just buy paint in a store and that all,so its really important to design platforms because then you enable creative people to create new and amazing stuff.现在你能在商店里购买涂料 就是这样,所以设计平台真的很重要,因此你才能成为有创造性的人 去创出造新的不可思议的东西201706/513748

  TED演讲视频:有关二十一世纪资本论的新观点法国经济学家托马斯·皮凯迪于2014年发表新书,书中他用简单、使人不快但不可否认的公式解释了经济的不平等:r gt; g(意思是资本回报率(r)通常高于经济增长率(g))。在这里,他通过分析大规模数据集得出结论:经济不平等并不新鲜,并且它正在恶化,可能造成激进的影响。201705/510065。

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481059

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201605/446198

  The venom from an Australian funnel web spider can kill a person in about 15 minutes. It might also prevent brain damage after a stroke.澳大利亚漏斗网蜘蛛的毒液可以在15分钟杀死一个人。但它也可能预防中风脑损伤。Scientists noticed a molecule in the spiders venom looks a lot like another chemical known to protect brain cells.科学家发现蜘蛛的毒液分子看起来很像另一种能保护脑细胞的化学物质。So they did what scientists do,they tested the molecule on rats. The results were pretty impressive. The scientists found the chemical could help prevent some brain damage if administered as many as eight hours after a stroke.所以他们做了科学家该干的事,他们在老鼠身上测试了该分子。结果是相当令人鼓舞的。科学家们发现,中风后处理八小时该化学物质能够预防部分脑损伤。Most strokes occur from a blockage or narrowing of arteries in the brain, and thats the kind scientists looked at in this study. 大多数中风发生在大脑动脉堵塞或狭窄,科学家在对此进行研究。They still need to test the chemicals effectiveness at treating strokes that result from ruptured blood vessels. And human trials probably wont start for another two years.他们还需要测试该化学物质对处理血管破裂导致中风的有效性。未来两年可能不会进行人体试验。译文属。201703/499262


  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/453447。

  Morning.大家早上好What are you doing in 2017 environment thats actually在2017年的大环境中你做些什么才能真正gonna help you sell more homes, bring more awareness,帮你卖更多的房子 提升你的认知build your business, build your brand?成就你的的事业 提升你的名气What are those strategies, what are those implications?做这些事需要什么策略 又有什么含义?Jab, jab, jab, right hook, and the thank you economy are both出击!出击!出击!不断前进, 同时也要庆幸你和经济still very underutilized by the market.在市场环境下坚挺,没被完全占用People continue to put out content that is in high人们仍然把大部分精力放在percentage in their best interest and not in the value of the end user.自己最感兴趣的事情上而不是终端用户的价值上The number one shift that everybody has to do in this room在座的各位 首先要做得最重要的改变就是理解is understand the following statements and understand it我接下来所要陈述的观点cold, not just shake your head when you hear the words coming out of my mouth.先冷静的分析 而不是听到我的话就摇头否定The quicker you understand in this room that you are a media你理解地越快 你越有可能是一个多媒体company-comma-real estate agent, real estate software provider, whatever you may be.或房地产经纪人或是一个房地产软件供应商或者任何什么身份I know that I am a media company-comma-an agency CEO, a wine retailer我是一个多媒体中介首席执行官,一个红酒推销员Once you make that shift everything changes.一旦你做出改变 一切都变了Not Netflix, not YouTube, not smartphones, not Facebook. Zero.没有网飞公司(在线影片租赁网站)没有YouTube(最大的视频网站)没有智能手机 也没有脸书(最大的社交网站),这些都没有If you are not digitally native you will die.如果你不是数码达人 你将会被淘汰And what I mean by that is not the will die that youll go我的意思是你不会真的死,而是directly out of business its just the people that are going to take your business.你将会破产 其他人会来取代你的位置The world changes and the biggest part that Im worried世界在变化 我最担心的是about is that the world is changing in a much bigger way that you and or I realize.世界变化的速度比你我想象中的快得多This is about a binary decision of are you understanding how important digital is or are you not?这取决于你是否理解数码的重要性And more importantly making your actions map your words. Thank you.最重要的是 用你的行动来明你说的话 谢谢大家Thank you so much. Thank you.非常感谢你们的到来 谢谢各位Gary, you ruined my life. How so?加里 你打破了我原本的生活 说来听听Because I didnt do until a year ago. Yes, and now?一年以前 我没有做视频 是么 那现在呢Putting out 35 a month—And its your whole world.一个月做出来35个 现在这是你生活的全部and I look at you and Im like this mother fucker better not然后我看着你 我就想像这家伙一样put another out and I go online and you do, so I do.不再出任何视频 可当我上网看到你做的时候,我也跟你一起又起视频来了I love it.我喜欢这个Can I get a picture with you? Yeah, lets do it.我能和你合个影么 当然可以 来吧Awesome. Youre the man. Thanks for the inspiration. Take care.好极了 你很鼓舞人 请多保重If I wanted to hire an army of people,要是我想雇一个军队的人Yes. where would you, how would you start to do that?然后呢 你会怎么做 你会怎么开始做这件事First, you need to be educated so the first thing.首先你要训练你自己 这是第一点I got that. Five hours a day.我一天训练五小时Do that because then when you list it or you put it这么做是因为当你列出清单或者你out on LinkedIn wherever you put it youll know what youre looking for.把它放到商务化人际关系网上或随便什么上面 你就会知道你到底需要什么The problem that people make is they go Im not going to hire这个问题是因为我没有雇24岁的孩子来做这个 但是他们却没有其他办法If you dont have any idea you dont know what to look for.如果你没有任何想法 也不知道自己要什么You dont know if youre getting ripped off, if its effective or not.你不知道你是否喝的烂醉 你的方法是否有效Educate yourself and then very simply theres unlimited places to get people.提升自己 然后很简单 你就有很多方法来雇佣别人Theres job listings for social media everywhere in the world.世界上到处都是社会媒体的招聘信息Is that a Craigslist thing?这是克雷格网站上的东西么Yeah, I would literally put in social media job listings like对 我将直接从社交媒体招聘信息中找事情做on Google and you would find 400 things.比如谷歌 你将找到很多个事情做Okay. Alright? Thank you so much. Youre welcome.好的 很好 非常感谢你 不客气Morning, hi.早上好 你好You have changed my life. Thank you.你改变了我的人生 谢谢Your content Ive more than quadrupled my income.你让我获得了超过四倍的收入My perspective on things, the way that I teach agents it all comes from you.我看事物的观点 我教代理的方法 全部都是你教的Thank you so much. Im gonna cry. Its literally changed my life.非常感谢你 我禁不住要哭了 你简直是改变了我的人生Im so grateful for this opportunity.我非常感激这次机会Thank you so much. That means the world to me.真的非常谢谢你 这对我来说就是我的整个世界One, two, three. Here you go.一 二 三 好了Congratulations. Thank you so much. Thanks for all you do.祝贺你 非常感谢你 谢谢你所做的一切Can we do an excited face? Yes. Awesome. Awesome.我们能做一个兴奋的表情么 当然 这是极好的 非常棒Thanks so much. Nice meeting you.非常感谢你 很高兴见到你Yes, take care of yourself. Nice to meet you.好的 好好照顾自己 很高兴见到你Are you losing belief or are you just wish it was happening faster?你是否失去信仰或者你只是希望尽快度过难关Just wish it was that happening faster.只是希望尽快度过难关Well, you need to buck up and be more patient. Yeah?那么你要先振作起来 要有点儿耐心 就这样?Yeah, entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, not a tactic.对 职业精神是一种生活方式 而不是一种口号Its forever. Theres ups, theres downs.世事如此 人生起起落落Theres a e I always say that entrepreneurship is like UFC, everybody loses.我经常跟别人说一句话 职业精神就像格斗比赛 总会有人输Youre a young woman. Youre gonna have many more at-bats.你还年轻 你还会遇见更多更好的事情Being hungry and wanting to win is very important but all that渴望胜利非常重要 但是ambition needs to be equally balanced with patience.所有的抱负都需要有同等的耐心And patience is hard. More patience. More patience.做事有耐心是一件困难的事 更多的耐心 对 更多的耐心Im so fucking excited right now. Thank you, man.我今天真是太激动了 谢谢你 伙计I cant even tell you. Thank you, brother.我几乎说不出话来 谢谢你 兄弟Im getting married in a month.我一个月之内就要结婚了You are? Congrats.是么 恭喜恭喜My fiancé is like youre probably more excited to meet GaryVee today than get married.我未婚妻觉得我今天来看你会比结婚更加开心Im like Im not answering.我当时都不知该如何回答她Youre like, ;I cant hear you honey.;你当时说 亲爱的你说什么?Yeah, yeah, yeah. ;I cant hear you.;对对对 我听不清你说什么Whats that? Whats that?你说什么? 喂?Go ahead, Im listening to your question.我们继续吧,我在听你的问题So, how do you leave ego at the door?所以说 你是怎样摒弃自负的?I dont, I just—我并没有 我只是I know you had that Australian guy, right who gave you shit for undercutting his wine sales. Yes.我知道你遇到了一个澳大利亚人 他让你降价出售他的红酒 对的And he asked you to be on his show and then you went on his show.他让你参加他的演出 然后你就去参加他的演出No, no. He asked to be on my show and I put him—不 不是 他想参加我的演出我同意了Oh, he asked to be on your show? Oh shit.哇 他说去参加你的演出? 天呐I put him on my show. Even bigger. Right.我让他参加我的演出 甚至更大的演出 对Dude, negativity has no value. Absolutely.小伙子 消极下去没有任何价值 当然Ego is different than a grudge. Okay. Okay. Got it?自负和妒忌不一样 好吧 真的明白了?To me, a grudge is negative. To me, an ego is positive.对我来说 嫉妒是一种消极心态 而自负是一种积极心态Well fuck, look at Fat Joe now, right?好了 看看现在的胖乔伊Yeah. Hes positive now.是的 他现在很积极向上Hes on the show, right? I know. That was fun.他即将参加演出对么 我知道 会很有意思I said, you know what, Im gonna eliminate all obstacles.我就说 你会知道的 我将克一切困难Put all ego and pride aside and let me just try the non-ego route.把所有的自负和骄傲放在一边 走一条没有自负的路And see how this works and so far were platinum on the看看会怎么样 很快我们发行了一张白金唱片single, going to double platinum. Yeah, yeah然后翻倍 不错不错Go with positivity, imagine that.更加的积极向上 想象一下Its a magical miracle pill that seems to be working. Yeah, it happens.这是一种有魔力的奇药 好像还挺有效的嘛 对 很有效My man. Gary. Thank you. Much love man.哥们 加里 谢谢你 非常爱你Thank you so much for everything.谢谢你所做的一切Stay well, take care of yourself. Good luck to you.要好好的 好好照顾自己 祝你好运Cue the fire alarm. Lets do it.火警报警 我们去看看Lets do it. Oh, were going ?去看看 我们要录像么Here we go, here we go. Everyone in?我们走 还有人吗Blowing up. Set the house on fire.让火烧的更旺吧 把整个房子都点着Its a weird life. Isnt it weird?真是怪事 是不是很奇怪Its weird but its so flattering. Yeah.是很奇怪 但是也很顺其自然了 是的People are always like, ;Oh, do you hate it?;人们经常像说 哦 你讨厌这个么Im like, ;Hate it? Its like the nicest thing ever.;我就会说 “讨厌它?它是我目前遇到过最美好的事了!”People like you enough to be excited to take a picture with you.人们非常的喜欢你 和你合影的时候都非常激动Its the greatest.这很棒呀All those grown men were like little girls.这些大人都喜欢小女孩They were, they were fawning all over you.的确是 他们会一直围在你身边Im never seen something like that.我从没见过这样的事And Im huge with 40-year-old dudes.对于我来说 40岁的哥们太老了Center markers there.讲台在这Just waiting for the fucking alarm.等一下报警May I have your attention please,各单位注意may I have your attention please?各单位注意The San Francisco Fire Department has investigated the alarm and has declared its a false.旧金山火警未调查到火源 这次警报没有发生火灾Please proceed with business as usual. Sure.请各位继续正常的工作 就知道Count to 10 for me.报十个数Thats the level youre gonna be speaking?这样的音量合适么Yes. Okay. Probably around this level.是的 差不多就这个音量吧Right on this level. One more time.就这个音量 请再试一次Okay, great, thank you.好的 很好 谢谢I never say eight. Right, here we go.我从没说过8 好了 我们开始吧What advice do you have for a real estate agent who is just你对于一个曾做房产中介now starting on social media?转行做社交媒体的新人有什么好的建议么What platforms, techniques or general approach would you recommend?有什么平台 技术或者更大众化的途径 可以推荐的吗My biggest advice right now for real estate agents jumping我最大的建议就是现在做房产中介的人into social media whether theyre in the 101 phase or the不论做了101期还是201期 请认真对待社交平台This is a binary game, this is not about a tactic.这是一个二次元游戏 没有什么策略This is not about me saying use hashtags on Instagram or我的意思不是说在照片分享上制造话题Facebook Live matters or pay attention to Snapchat this is或者在脸书直播或者关注色拉布you either understand that your customers attention is in these spaces or you dont.而是你是否了解你的客户在这个平台上的需求You either believe in the digital revolution or you dont.你是否相信这是一场数字革命Its a one and zero game and so I think my biggest advice would be get into it deep.这是1和0的时代(二进制算法只有1和0) 所以我最大的建议就是好好研究它Thanks so much Gary. That was awesome. Of course.非常谢谢你 加里 这非常的棒 不客气Hey, how are you?嗨 你好么Big day, obviously the Apple announcement. Been sitting on that for a little while.繁忙的一天呀 显然是苹果发布会 上去坐一会儿Here it is. wyneth GPaltrow and Will.i.am join Apple Reality Series ;Planet of the Apps;.这就是了 格温妮丝·帕特洛和威廉参加了苹果实体系列“星球应用”I love this. I love the whole way it is being positioned.我喜欢这个 我喜欢它的全部Why did they get linked and I dont.为什么他们连上了而我不能呢Oh, wait a minute, be careful, theres a picture of me.哦 等一下 这有我的一张照片After season one its going to be, ;Hey do you watch GaryVees show?; Yeah.第一季完结以后 将会出现“你看加里的直播么?” 看呀Super excited.很令人激动呀Obviously, spent the last six or seven years, eight years,当然 通过最近六七八九年nine years passing on opportunities to do的各种机会television shows and other shows so finally found the one来做电视节目或其他的演出 最终发现一个道理that I thought made sense for me.这就是对我的意义Couple speeches, couple business opportunity meetings, an investor meeting.合作演讲 商业合作会议和投资会议You know, VaynerMedia, GaryVee, VaynerCapital just living my life.你知道的 VaynerMedia GaryVee,VaynerCapital就是我的生活201705/512014

  2016 has been hot. So hot in fact that its ;very likely; it will be the hottest year on record.2016年一直很热。事实上很可能是有记录以来最热的一年。This is the third year in a row that weve had extreme highs — 2014 and 2015 also had record-breaking temperatures. And a report from the World Meteorological Organization predicts the trend is just going to continue.这是连续第三年面临极高温度,2014年和2015年同样有创纪录的温度。世界气象组织的一份报告预测,这一趋势正在继续。The organization reports temperatures are about 1.2 degrees Celsius warmer than preindustrial temperatures.世界气象组织报道,气温将比工业化前水平高出约1.2摄氏度。And thats pretty significant because it puts Earths climate really, really close to the threshold noted in the Paris Climate Agreement signed last year. In that deal, countries pledged to work together to cap temperature increases at 1.5 degrees Celsius.这是非常重要的,因其使地球气候非常接近去年在巴黎签署的气候协议临界值。在巴黎协议中,各国承诺共同努力将升温控制在1.5摄氏度之内。The report says an El Nino event is partly to blame for the heat wave. The event caused sea levels to rise 15 millimeters between November 2014 and February 2016 and contributed to coral bleaching.报告称,厄尔尼诺事件是造成热浪的部分原因。事件导致2014年11月至2016年2月间海平面上升15毫米,并促进珊瑚漂白。Earlier this year, carbon emissions hit a milestone Earth might not ever recover from. 今年早些时候,碳排放量达到一个里程碑地球可能无法恢复。译文属。201611/479597


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