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《失乐园以史诗一般的磅礴气势揭示了认得原罪与堕落始终叛逆之神撒旦,因为反抗上帝的权威被打入地狱,却好不屈,为复仇寻至伊甸园亚当与夏娃受被撒旦附身的蛇的引诱,偷吃了上帝明令禁吃的知识树上的果子最终,撒旦及其同伙遭到惩罚全变成了蛇,亚当与夏娃被逐出了伊甸园该诗体现了诗人追求自由的崇高精神,是世界文学史,思想史上的一部极重要的作品!Paradise Lost失乐园John Milton 约翰·弥尔顿Nor what the Potent Victor in his rage可是,那威力,那强有力的Can else inflict(给予打击) do I repent or change,胜利者的狂暴,都不能叫我懊丧,或者叫我改变初衷,Though changed in outward luster; that fixed mind虽然外表的光改变了,And high disdain, from sense of injured merit,但坚定的心志和岸然的骄矜That with the mightiest raised me to contend,决不转变;由于真价值的受损,And to the fierce contention brought along激动了我,决心和强权决一胜负,Innumerable ce of spirits armed率领无数天军投入剧烈的战斗,That durst dislike his reign, and me preferring,他们都厌恶天神的统治而来拥护我,His utmost power with adverse power opposed拿出全部力量跟至高的全力对抗,In dubious Battle on the Plains of Heavn,在天界疆上做一次冒险的战斗,And shook his throne. What though the field(战场,战役) be lost?动摇了他的宝座我们损失了什么?All is not lost; the unconquerable will,并非什么都丢光:不挠的意志、And study of revenge, immortal hate,热切的复仇心、不灭的憎恨,And courage never to submit or yield以及永不屈、永不退让的勇气,And what is else not to be overcome?还有什么比这些更难战胜呢?That Glory never shall his wrath or might他的暴怒也罢,威力也罢,Extort from me. To bow and sue grace决不能夺去我这份光荣With suppliant knee, and deify his power经过这一次战争的惨烈,Who from the terror of this Arm so late好容易才使他的政权动摇;Doubted his Empire, that were low indeed,这时还要弯腰屈膝,向他哀求怜悯,拜倒在他的全力之下,That were an ignominy(耻辱) and shame beneath那才真正是卑鄙、可耻,This downfall; since by fate the strength of Gods比这次的沉沦还要卑贱And this Empyreal substance cannot fail,因为我们生而具有神力,秉有轻清的灵质,不能朽坏,Since through experience of this great event又因这次大事件的经验In arms not worse, in esight much advanced,我们要准备更好的武器,We may with more successful hope resolve更远的预见,更有成功的希望,To wage by ce or guile eternal war用暴力或智力向我们的大敌Irreconcilable, to our grand Foe,挑起不可调解的持久战争Who now triumphs, and in th excess of joy他现在正自夸胜利,得意忘形,Sole reigning holds the tyranny of Heaven.独揽大权,在天上掌握虐政呢”So spake th apostate angel, though in pain,背叛的天使这样说了,虽忍痛说出Vaunting aloud, but racked with deep despair豪言壮语,心却为深沉的失望所苦 65

Dont try to win a friend by presenting gifts.不要靠馈赠去获取朋友,You should instead contribute your sincere love and learn how to win others heart through appropriate ways.你必须奉献你诚挚的爱,学会怎样用正当的方法来赢得别人的心Socrates, ancient Greek philosopher苏格拉底,古希腊哲学家Some components of a thriving friendship are honesty, naturalness, thoughtfulness,some common interests.确保友谊长青的要素是:诚实、朴实自然、体贴和有某些共同的兴趣Dont try to win a friend by presenting gifts.不要靠馈赠去获取朋友,You should instead contribute your sincere love and learn how to win others heart through appropriate ways.你必须奉献你诚挚的爱,学会怎样用正当的方法来赢得别人的心Socrates, ancient Greek philosopher苏格拉底,古希腊哲学家Some components of a thriving friendship are honesty, naturalness, thoughtfulness,some common interests.确保友谊长青的要素是:诚实、朴实自然、体贴和有某些共同的兴趣Ralph Waldo Emerson, American thinker拉尔夫·沃尔多·爱默生,美国思想家With close friends in their lives, people develop courage and positive attitudes.生活中有挚友,人们就能鼓起勇气,变得积极Teenagers have the moral support to assert their individuality;年轻人就有精神柱来表现自己的个性;the elderly approach their advanced years with optimism and an interest in life.中年人则会怀着乐观主义和生活情趣步入晚年Ralph Waldo Emerson, American thinker拉尔夫·沃尔多·爱默生,美国思想家Love is a sweet torment.爱情是一种甜蜜的折磨Joseph R. Drake, American writer约瑟夫·R·德雷克,美国作家Love makes the world go round.爱能使世界转动Charles Dickens, English writer查尔斯·狄更斯,英国作家 09


  Wendy:I really don’t think Monty is the right person this project. He’s too conservative in his thinking. We need someone who’s a risk taker.温蒂:我认为蒙蒂真不是做这个项目的合适人选他的思想过于保守我们需要的是一个冒险家式的人Burt:Monty will get the job done. That’s the most important thing.伯特:蒙蒂会完成这项工作的这才是最重要的Wendy:Not if the finished product is staid and boring. Our client won’t be happy with that.温蒂:如果让蒙蒂负责这项工作,最后的成品会古板而乏味我们的客户会为此感到不悦Burt:Okay, who do you have in mind?伯特:好吧,你有什么想法?Wendy:I was thinking of giving the project to Lorenzo.温蒂:我想把项目给洛伦佐来做Burt:Lorenzo? Well, he certainly likes to push the envelope, but he’s also a loose cannon. Sometimes his ideas pan out and sometimes they fall flat.伯特:洛伦佐?嗯,他肯定喜欢打破常规,但他也是一个我行我素的人有时,他的想法很成功,但有时这些想法会落空Wendy:But Lorenzo is bold and daring. Did you see what he did on his last project? It was genius!温迪:但洛伦佐具有冒险精神你看到他的上一个项目了吗?真是天才啊!Burt:It was reckless. It was only through sheer luck that everything worked out. I know that Monty’s ideas are more conventional and low-key, but they’re also tried-and-true. But, in the end, it’s your call.伯特:那个项目太鲁莽了最后一切只是侥幸通过罢了我觉得蒙蒂的想法更传统、更低调,但他的想法也比较靠得住尽管如此,最终人选还是你说了算Wendy:In that case, I’m going with Lorenzo. I’m sure he’ll do a great job.温蒂:在这种情况下,我倾向于选用洛伦佐我相信他会做得很好Burt:I hope so. I wouldn’t want us to end up with egg on our face.伯特:但愿吧我不希望我们最后弄得困窘不堪注:本文译文属原创,, 18。

  Candace: Hello. Mehdi: Hello, may I speak to Candace Cho, please? Candace: Speaking. Mehdi: Oh, hello Ms. Cho. My name is Mehdi and I'm interested in applying the job as assistant manager. Your name was listed as the contact person. Am I calling at a bad time? Candace: No, not at all. I'm the administrative assistant and I'm fielding calls the person doing the hiring. What can I do you? Mehdi: Well, I the job description and I think I would be a good fit, but I was wondering if there are any special qualifications not mentioned in the description. Candace: Well, requirements are spelled out in the description, and I don't have much to add, really. But I do know that the person doing the hiring is looking someone to start immediately. Can you do that? Mehdi: Sure, that's no problem. I'll be sure to mention that in my cover letter. Thanks. Candace: If you've had experience managing a large staff, be sure to emphasize that in your résumé. Any other questions? Mehdi: No, no other questions. Thank you very much your time. You've been very helpful. Candace: Your questions show a lot of initiative. I'm sure you'll do fine. Mehdi: Thanks, I really appreciate the vote of confidence. 180

  Insects Will Be Part of UK Diet年昆虫将成为主食Western diners should get used to the idea of eating insects because by it is ;inevitable;they will m an important part of our diet,according to the entomologist who heads up the world first university centre focusing on insects as a food source.一位昆虫学家指出,西方人应当适应吃昆虫的想法,因为到年昆虫将不可避免地成为我们日常饮食的重要部分该昆虫学家是全球首个关注昆虫作为一种食物资源的大学研究中心的负责人He argues that consumers who have traditionally turned their noses up at six-legged food may have to change their minds as conventional meat becomes more expensive and scarce.他指出,随着传统肉类食物变得越来越昂贵和稀有,那些一向对六条腿食物嗤之以鼻的人可能不得不转变自己的观念Prof Marcel Dicke of Wageningen University said;The most important thing is getting people prepared,getting used to the idea.瓦格宁根大学的马塞尔?迪克教授说现在最为重要的事是让人们做好准备,习惯这一想法Because from onwards,there wont be much of a choice us.;因为从年以后,我们就没有太多的选择余地He wants to persuade people to ditch prejudices about insects,and to persuade manufacturers and suppliers to come up with products that can be sold in ;a reassuring and attractive manner;.他想说人民抛弃对昆虫的偏见,并想说生产商和供应商将昆虫食品以令人放心和吸引人的方式出售 centuries insects have been part of the daily diet of humans throughout the world,from the ants and larvae eaten as part of their subsistence diet by the tribes of Africa and Australia to the popular crispy-fried locusts and beetles enjoyed in Thailand.很多世纪以来,在世界范围内昆虫已经成为人类日常饮食的一部分,其中包括被非洲和澳洲的原始部落示威生存必需品的蚂蚁和蛹,以及在泰国大受欢迎的酥炸蝗虫和甲虫Insects as food are increasingly being promoted as an alternative which are more healthy,nutritious and sustainable than mainstream staples such as chicken, beef and fish.昆虫正越来越多地被推崇为一种比鸡肉,牛肉和鱼肉等主流食物更健康,更有营养和更具可持续性的新选择As well as being low in cholesterol and high in protein,insects produce less waste, Dicke points out,as we typically throw away three-quarters of a chicken,but can eat the same percentage of a locust.迪克指出,昆虫属于低胆固醇和高蛋白的食物,且造成的浪费更少我们在吃鸡的时候,通常要扔掉其中的四分之三,而一只蝗虫,我们则能吃掉它的四分之三Insects also win on the ;conversion factor; or ration of feed ingested by the animal to the meat produced by it-known as ECI.昆虫同样在转换系数上领先Beef cattle has an ECI rate of while the cockroach triumphs with .牛肉的ECI比率为,远远高于此数,为The carbon emissions associated with growing insects is also far lower than those linked to conventional livestock.昆虫生长过程中的碳排放量也比传统的牲畜要低得多Alex: Good morning. What with the gloom and doom?亚历克斯:早上好遭遇什么厄运了吗?Paige: Have you seen this morning newspaper?佩奇:你看过今早的报纸吗?Alex: No, I havent.亚历克斯:不,还没有Paige: Youd better this. It an about our company.佩奇:你最好读读这篇关于我们公司的文章Alex: Let me see that. This is outrageous! How can anybody print such lies? Were not on the verge of going under. How did they get a hold of so much misleading and outright wrong inmation?亚历克斯:让我看看太不道德了!竟然有人刊登这样的谎言?我们公司并没有濒临破产他们从哪里弄来这些令人误解、完全错误的信息?Paige: What Im irate about is what it says about you, as the owner. The is full of innuendos about your background. It nothing short of character assassination. Well sue the paper defamation of character.佩奇:更让我愤愤不平的是他们对你作为老板的看法这篇文章处处影射你的背景这简直就是在诋毁你的名誉我们要以毁损名誉罪起诉这家报纸Alex: Im not worried about my personal reputation. Im more concerned about the company image. Im going down to that paper and making them print a retraction.亚历克斯:我担心的不是个人的名誉我更关心公司的形象我会主动联系该报,让他们撤回报纸上的言论Paige: Howre you going to do that?佩奇:你打算如何去做?Alex: After I call the reporter a no-good mudslinger, Ill give him the facts, the ones he neglected to include in this story.亚历克斯:首先我会称该记者是个无良诽谤者,然后再摆事实,那些他在报道中避而不谈的事实Paige: Be careful what you say to him, especially in front of his coworkers. You dont want him suing you slander!佩奇:和他说话要谨慎,尤其是在他的同事面前你不希望反被他以诽谤罪起诉吧!原文译文属! 3

  In the late summer of that year we lived in a house in a village that looked across the river and the plain to the mountains.那年晚夏,我们住在乡村一幢房子里,望得见隔着河流和平原的那些高山In the bed of the river there were pebbles and boulders,河床里有鹅卵石和大圆石头,dry and white under the sun and the water is clear and swiftly moving and blue in the channels.在阳光下又干又白,河水清澈,河流湍急,深处一泓蔚蓝Troops went by the house and down the road and the dust they raised powdered he leaves of the trees.部队打从房子边走上大路,激起尘土,洒落在树叶上,连树干上也积满了尘埃The trunks of the trees too were dusty and theleaves fell early that year and we saw the troops marching along the road and the dust rising and leaves, stirred by the breeze,那年树叶早落,我们看着部队在路上开着走,尘土飞扬,falling and the soldiers marching and afterward the road bare and white except the leaves.树叶给微风吹得往下纷纷掉坠,士兵们开过之后,路上白晃晃,空空荡荡,只剩下一片落叶The plain was rich with crops;平原上有丰饶的庄稼;there were many orchards of fruit trees and beyond the plain the mountains were brown and bare.有许许多多的果树园,而平原外的山峦,则是一片光秃秃的褐色There was fighting in the mountains and at night we could see the flashes from the artillery.山峰间正在打仗,夜里我们看得见战炮的闪光 61



  In the wood, the scrub-oak is only just coming uncrumpled, and the pines keep their hold on winter.在森林里,矮灌木即将倒下,而松树在冬天里则稳稳地保持自己的站姿They are wintry things, stone-pined.冬天是最适宜石松生长的季节At Christmas, their heavy green clouds are richly beautiful.一到圣诞节的时候,石松团团的深绿色更显得婀娜多姿When the cypresses rise their tall and naked bodies of dark green, and the osiers are vivid red-orange, on the still blue air, and the land is lavender; then, in mid-winter, the landscape is most beautiful in colour, surging with colour.当柏树显示出自己高高的、墨绿色的身躯时,柳树仍然在蓝色的空气中展现着自己活泼地鲜橙色大地染上淡紫色的时候隆冬时节就到了这儿将成为颜色的世界,颜色才是最美的风景Not that this week is flowerless.当然,这一个星期还会有花的足迹But the flowers are a little lonely things, here and there the early purple orchid, ruddy and very much alive, you come across occasinally, then the little groups of bee-orchids, with their ragged concerted indifference to their appearance.但这时候的花儿成了孤独地小东西,四处分散你会在不经意间发现它们的足迹:提前出来的紫兰花,红润而有生命力;成群结对的蜜蜂兰,它们对自己的外表,都显露出刻意的、不屑的神情 97


  33.When it was day they came into my house and said, `We shall only take the smallest room here.33.白天的时候,他们来到我的房子里说:“我们只占用最小的一间屋子”They said, `We shall help you in the worship of your God and humbly accept only our own share in his grace;他们说:“我们要帮忙你礼拜你的上帝,而且只谦恭地领受我们应得的一份恩典”;and then they took their seat in a corner and they sat quiet and meek.他们就在屋角安静谦柔地坐下But in the darkness of night I find they break into my sacred shrine, strong and turbulent, and snatch with unholy greed the offerings from God altar.但是在黑夜里,我发现他们强暴地冲进我的圣堂,贪婪地攫取了神坛上的祭品 5

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