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呼和浩特首大生殖专科妇科医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱通辽市看前列腺炎好吗Google and Apple have called a truce in a long-running patent dispute, ending a high-profile legal battle between two Silicon Valley titans over smartphone technology.在漫长的专利纠纷之后,谷歌(Google)与苹果(Apple)最终达成和解。这场两大硅谷巨头在智能手机技术上的诉讼吸引过许多眼球,如今就此告一段落。;Apple and Google have agreed to dismiss all the current lawsuits that exist directly between the two companies,; the two companies said in a joint statement late Friday.在上周五的联合声明中,双方表示:“苹果和谷歌同意终止双方之间现存的一切直接相关的法律案件。”Google#39;s Motorola Mobility unit started the fight in 2010 by suing Apple for patent infringement. Apple (AAPL) responded by counter suing, ushering in an era in which major technology companies spent huge resources fighting each other in court. Google (GOOG) inherited the lawsuit when it acquired Motorola in 2012 for .5 billion. It has since agreed to sell off the unit to Lenovo, the Chinese computer maker, for .9 billion while keeping Motorola#39;s patents.2010年,托罗拉移动(Motorola Mobility)率先开战,起诉苹果专利侵权行为。苹果随即反诉还以颜色。科技巨头花费大量资源在法庭上你来我往互相起诉的时代从此拉开序幕。在2012年以125亿美元收购托罗拉移动之后,谷歌接手了相关诉讼。随后谷歌同意将该部门以29亿美元的价格出售给中国电脑制造商联想(Lenovo),同时保留托罗拉的专利。The lawsuits and counter suits – nearly two dozen in all globally – highlighted the increasing tensions between Google and Apple, which had been allies at one time. But their growing rivalry in everything from mobile devices to online maps to laptop computers left the relationship in tatters and an army of attorneys busy in court.在全球各地,谷歌和苹果的诉讼与反诉讼案件已经有二十余起,曾为同盟的这两家公司之间关系日趋紧张。在移动产品、网络地图、笔记本等几乎所有领域,谷歌和苹果的竞争都在加剧,这让他们的关系趋于破裂,双方的律师忙着在法庭上打官司。Google, arguing that Apple had infringed on its patents, had tried to get injunctions to force Apple to stop selling the iPhone. Apple argued that parts of Google#39;s Android software took their cue from the iPhone#39;s operating system.谷歌称苹果侵犯了他们的专利,试图禁止苹果出售iPhone。苹果则认为谷歌的一部分安卓软件抄袭了iPhone操作系统的创意。In dropping the suits, the companies may have simply come to the conclusion that it was no longer worth the bother. With Google selling Motorola, neither side had much of an incentive for years of further litigation.这次两家公司放弃诉讼,可能是因为他们意识到再这样纠缠下去并不划算。随着谷歌出售托罗拉,双方都没有意向将已经持续多年的诉讼继续下去。In the statement, the two companies said they would work together in some areas of patent reform. Big Silicon Valley companies, despite their rivalries, are largely united in their critique of the patent system and the desire to change it to reduce lawsuits by so-called patent trolls – small companies whose livelihood is largely from pursuing patent infringement claims.在声明中,两家公司表示他们会在专利改革的一些领域进行合作。硅谷巨头们尽管各为对手,但对专利系统大体都持批评态度,并愿意改进它们,减少“专利流氓”发起的诉讼。专利流氓就是指那些很大程度上依靠专利侵权起诉为生的小公司。Apple and Google said they had not agreed to cross-license their patents to each other. If they had, it would have been a sign of unusual cooperation between two rivals. Apple and Google, together, dominate the smartphone market. Apple does so with its iPhone while Google#39;s power lies mostly in its operating system, which it licenses to a number of mobile phone manufacturers.同时,苹果和谷歌表示,他们并未同意互相授权专利。否则,这就意味着两家竞争对手之间建立了非同寻常的合作。目前,苹果和谷歌共同主导着智能手机市场。苹果通过iPhone做到了这一点,而谷歌则主要依靠安卓操作系统,许多智能手机制造商都需要获得其授权。Apple#39;s agreement to make nice with Google does not extend to Samsung, a Google Android partner. Earlier this month, Apple received a 0 million judgment against Samsung for patent infringement.苹果与谷歌的和解协议并不适用于安卓合作伙伴三星(Samsung)。本月早些时候,苹果起诉三星的专利侵权行为获胜,赢得了1.2亿美元的赔偿。 /201405/299850呼和浩特第一人民医院痛经多少钱 Earlier this month, Bill Gates got emotional talking about Steve Jobs.本月早些时候,比尔#8226;盖茨满含深情地谈论了史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯。;He and I, in a sense, grew up together,; Gates said. ;We were within a year of the same age, and we were kind of naively optimistic and built big companies. And every fantasy we had about creating products and learning new things — we achieved all of it. And most of it as rivals. But we always retained a certain respect and communication, including even when he was sick.;“我和他,在某种意义上,是一起成长的,”盖茨说。“我们同岁同时代,都有些幼稚的乐观,创立了大的科技公司。对于开发产品以及学习新东西的所有设想,我们都已经实现。尽管大部分时候我们是竞争对手,但仍然保持了一定的相互尊重和沟通,即使是在他生病之后。”There#39;s no relationship in history like that of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.从历史上来讲,还从未出现过像乔布斯和盖茨这样的友谊。As partners and rivals, they built the personal computing industry with two totally different styles.作为合作伙伴和竞争对手,他们二人用两种完全不同的风格建立了属于自己的科技帝国。Jobs was a working-class kid from California who believed in tight control over all products, and put a premium on design.乔布斯是一个来自加利福尼亚州工薪阶层家庭的孩子,他相信对所有产品都应该严格控制并且着重于设计。Bill Gates was an upper class kid from Washington who believed in open products, and didn#39;t worry too much about great design.比尔盖茨是一个来自华盛顿的上层阶级的孩子,相信开放的产品,并没有担心太多伟大的设计。;Each one thought he was smarter than the other one, but Steve generally treated Bill as someone who was slightly inferior, especially in matters of taste and style,; said early Macintosh employee Andy Hertzfield in Walter Isaacson#39;s Steve Jobs bio. He added, ;Bill looked down on Steve because he couldn’t actually program.;“所有人都认为史蒂夫比比尔更聪明些,不过史蒂夫仅认为比尔在品味和风格方面略逊一筹,” Mac团队早期队员Andy Hertzfeld在沃尔特#8226;艾萨克森的《乔布斯传》中表示,他补充道,“比尔也瞧不起史蒂夫,因为乔布斯自己不会编程。”Gates e inspired us to take a look back at some of the best es from Gates and Jobs about each other in Isaacson#39;s book to get a deeper sense of what the men really thought of each other.盖茨的发言让我们忍不住想要回顾下双方在艾萨克森书里对对方曾发表过的看法,探究一下二人眼中真实的对方到底是什么样的。 /201305/241738呼和浩特回民区治疗妇科炎症哪家医院最好的

呼和浩特托克托县妇科大夫China and the US have announced a major agreement to slash tariffs on electronic goods around the world, bringing a successful close to what had become a major test of the world’s two biggest economies’ ability to negotiate trade agreements.中美两国宣布达成了一项意义重大的协议,同意大幅削减全球各地电子产品的关税,给两国长期的贸易谈判划上了成功的句号,两国能否达成贸易协议已经成为对全球两大经济体能力的重大考验。The deal unveiled in Beijing on Tuesday ends an almost 18-month stand-off that had frozen negotiations among more than 50 countries to update the 1996 Information Technology Agreement.周二在北京宣布的协议,结束了一场将近18个月的僵持。这场僵持曾导致50多个国家旨在修订1996年《信息技术协议》(Information Technology Agreement,ITA)的谈判被冻结。Speaking in Beijing president Barack Obama said the US and China have reached an “understanding” on expanding the pact that “will contribute to a rapid conclusion to the broader negotiations in Geneva”.美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)在北京表示,美中两国已在扩大ITA协议问题上达成“谅解”,此举“将有利于在日内瓦举行的更广范围谈判快速完成”。The agreement has yet to be signed off by other countries involved in the ITA talks, which have been taking place within the World Trade Organisation. That approval is expected to come within weeks, although the US-China deal does not cover flatscreen televisions or monitors which may prove a further irritation for big producers such as Japan and South Korea.该协议还需要得到ITA谈判的其他参与国的签字,此前ITA谈判一直在世贸组织(WTA)框架内进行。预计该协议在未来几周内将获得批准,不过,美中协议范围不包括平板电视。这可能引起日本、韩国等平板电视生产大国的更大不满。Once implemented the ITA update will substantially lower tariffs and liberalise the trade in more than 250 categories of high-tech products ranging from wireless headsets to new semiconductors and medical devices.一旦执行之后,新版ITA将大幅降低关税,使得逾250个种类的高科技产品——从无线耳麦到新型半导体和医疗设备——能够自由贸易。Beijing drastically reduced its list of excluded products to a few dozen earlier this year. The discussions with the US in recent weeks focused on fewer than 10 product categories including next-generation semiconductors, sophisticated measurement tools used in manufacturing and point-of-sale cards for downloading electronic games and other software.今年,中国方面大幅缩短了例外产品清单的长度,减少到几十种。最近几周与美国的谈判集中于不到10个产品类别,包括下一代半导体、加工中使用的先进测量工具,以及用于下载等软件的POS机点卡。As recently as last week US officials were expressing frustration with China. But over the past few days discussions resumed in Beijing and by Monday the two sides were exchanging final texts and translations of an agreement.就在最近的上周,美国官员对中国表示了失望。但过去几天里,谈判在北京重启,到周一双方就在交换一项协议的最终文本和翻译版了。The only late outstanding issue came over whether to announce the deal on Tuesday as part of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit or during a state visit on Wednesday by President Barack Obama.唯一悬而未决的问题是这一协议该如何宣布——是作为周二在亚太经合组织(APEC)峰会成果,还是在美国总统于周三举行的国事访问时宣布。 /201411/341778乌兰察布市治疗大便出血哪家医院最好的 Nobody in their right mind is going to swap an iPhone for an Amazon Fire — a shopping machine that calls itself a phone, as Quartz’ Dan Frommer deftly put it.没有哪个脑子正常的人会把自己的iPhone换成Amazon Fire。正如新闻网站Quartz的丹o弗洛默所言,自称手机的Amazon Fire明明是一款购物设备。That said, the smartphone unveiled by CEO Jeff Bezos in a Seattle warehouse Wednesday is a serious device that puts the business models of two tech giants in a new light.话虽如此,上周三,由亚马逊首席执行官杰夫o贝佐斯在西雅图某仓库发布的智能手机Amazon Fire依然是一款不容小觑的设备,它令人从全新的视角审视亚马逊和苹果这两大科技巨头的商业模式。“Apple and Amazon are much more alike than they are different,” Asymco’s Horace Dediu wrote last summer in an essay called The Anti-Apple. They’re both in the business of “delighting customers” in controlled, predictable environments with convenience and ease of use. They both have huge customer bases (800 million for Apple, 250 million for Amazon). And now they both sell smartphones. For roughly the same price.去年夏天,Asymco的贺拉斯o德迪欧在名为《苹果反对者》(The Anti-Apple)的文章中写道:“苹果(Apple)和亚马逊(Amazon)可谓“大同小异。”两家公司都致力于在受控且可预见的环境中,以便利性和易用性“取悦客户”。两者都拥有庞大的客户群(苹果有8亿用户,亚马逊有2.5亿用户)。而现在,两家公司都在销售智能手机,而且售价基本相同。The main difference is that Apple’s AAPL -0.35% mission, as Tim Cook never tires of saying, is to make the very best products.两者主要的区别在于,苹果的使命是打造最好的产品,这也是苹果首席执行官蒂姆o库克常常挂在嘴边的一句话。Amazon’s Fire doesn’t have to be the best. It just has to be good enough. Its mission is to make impulse buying at Amazon’s AMZN -2.21% growing retail empire even more friction-free. If it does that well – using a point-and-buy feature called Firefly — some portion of those 250 million customers will trade up for one.亚马逊的Fire无需成为最好的产品,它只要足够好就行了。Fire的使命是,使用户能更顺畅的在亚马逊不断扩张的零售帝国进行冲动性购物。如果能通过名为Firefly的扫描购买功能做到这一点,亚马逊的2.5亿用户中,一部分原本使用较低端手机的用户就会购买Amazon Fire手机。But they won’t trade down. Compared with an iPhone, Apple loyalists sniffed Wednesday, Fire’s user interface is “a mess.” It only runs, for now, on ATamp;T’s T 0.45% network. There won’t be a flood of new apps until developers are persuaded that it’s going to take off. And because it uses a forked version of Android, it can’t run apps purchased on either Apple’s App Store or Google GOOG 0.28% Play.但原本使用更高端手机的用户却不会降低标准。上周三,苹果的忠实粉丝对Fire的用户界面嗤之以鼻,说它“一塌糊涂”。目前,Fire仅在美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T)的网络上运行。除非开发者们相信Fire将大热,否则不会有大量针对这款手机开发的应用。而由于采用Android的分版本,Fire无法运行苹果应用商店(App Store)或谷歌(Google)Play平台上购买的应用。Still, it’s better than a flip phone. It comes with 12 months of free Amazon Prime shipping. Its camera is said to be excellent. It boasts some whizzy features (3D, Mayday, scroll’n’roll). And Bezos is not too proud to stick an ad for it in the face of every Amazon user who logs on. Unless Fire melts down in real-world usage, it will probably succeed in establishing a beachhead in an over-crowded smartphone market dominated by Apple (which skims off the cream) and Samsung (which, if you’ll pardon a badly mixed metaphor, mops up most of the rest).不过,Fire还是比翻盖手机强:它自带1年免费Amazon Prime快递务;它的摄像头据说相当好;它还有一些出色的功能(包括3D、求救以及scroll#39;n#39;roll功能)。而且贝佐斯大肆为Fire向每位登陆亚马逊的用户做广告。除非Fire在实际使用中出问题,否则它很可能将在由(把持高端市场的)苹果和(统治中低端市场的)三星(Samsung)配的过度饱和的智能手机市场占据一席之地。One more difference between Amazon and Apple, perhaps the most important:亚马逊和苹果还有一个或许是最重要的区别:Apple’s iTunes user base is growing exponentially but its sales per user are falling. Amazon’s user base is growing arithmetically, and its sales per user are relatively flat. (See Horace Dediu’s charts, reproduced below.)苹果的iTunes用户群正呈几何级数增长,但单位用户销售额正在下降。亚马逊用户群的增长没那么迅猛,单位用户销售额也比较平稳。(贺拉斯o德迪欧给出的图表转载如下。)“Apple’s user growth is a function of expanding its device portfolio and distribution,” Dediu wrote in April. “Amazon’s user growth is a function of expanding its logistics and merchandise mix. This is also not easy to do globally. Arguably, Amazon cannot scale in the exponential rates seen by Apple… because it has to depend on trucks and roads and regulators to complete most of its sales.”德迪欧在四月份写道:“苹果的用户增长是扩大设备组合及分销的结果。而亚马逊的用户增长是扩大物流和商品组合的结果。后者难以在全球范围内实现。可以说,亚马逊无法获得苹果那样的几何级数式增长……因为它大部分销售的完成必须依赖卡车、道路和监管机构。” /201406/307287呼和浩特首大生殖专科有什么项目

呼和浩特清水河县看泌尿科怎么样 Sweden's largest train station, Stockholm's Central Station, has begun harvesting the body heat of the passengers to warm a nearby building. About 250,000 people pass through the station each day.  瑞典最大的火车站——斯德哥尔中央火车站——日前开始收集人体热量为其附近的办公楼供暖,而据了解,该车站每日客运量高达25万。  Created by the Swedish company Jernhusen, the new way of keeping down energy costs is to shift energy between two different buildings with heat exchangers in the station's ventilation system that transfer it to water-filled pipes.  据报道,该节能新方法源自于瑞典耶恩胡森集团,通过利用车站通风系统中的热交换机将热能传入水管道中,最终实现两个不同建筑之间的能量转换。  "Passengers in themselves generate a bit of heat. They also buy food, they buy drinks, they buy newspapers and they buy books. All generate an enormous amount of heat. So why shouldn't we use this heat," says Klas Johnasson, head of Jernhusen's environmental division.  “乘客自身会产生热量。他们还买食物、饮料、报纸和书。这些都会产生巨大的热量。所以我们为何不去利用这些热量呢?” 耶恩胡森集团环境部门负责人克拉斯 约翰松说道。  Now, the heat harvesting has slashed electricity bills for the nearby building by 25 percent and Jernhusen is hoping the idea will make its way into other buildings.  如今,人体热量供暖的方法已经帮助车站附近建筑节省了25%的电费,而耶恩胡森集团也期待该发明能够走进更多的高楼大厦。 /201101/124540清水河县妇幼保健人民中医院看男科怎么样呼和浩特做人流医院那家比较好



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