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巴彦淖尔市治疗妇科疾病哪家医院最好的A clubber who broke her fingernail on a night out went to Aamp;E because she wanted doctors to glue it back on.一位经常出入夜总会的女子晚上出去弄坏了指甲,于是她来到急诊室,希望医生能把指甲粘好。Officials at Poole Hospital and Royal Bournemouth Hospital in Dorset have revealed the bizarre case as part of a campaign to stop time wasters.多塞特市普尔医院和皇家伯恩茅斯医院的管理人员正在开展一项让人们不要浪费急诊医生时间的宣传活动,他们在活动中给大家讲了这个案例。Another #39;patient#39; attended the emergency department because #39;they couldn#39;t get a good night#39;s sleep at home#39;. People suffering from paper cuts, cold sores, sore throats and mild sunburn also visited the hospitals asking for medical help.还有一位“病人”来到急救室,只因为“他们晚上在家睡不好觉”。一些被纸割伤、患上感冒溃疮、喉咙疼、轻微晒伤的人也会到医院寻求医学帮助。Figures show that each UK hospital deals with around 10,000 time wasters every year.数据显示,英国每家医院每年都要接待约一万次浪费时间的案例。A single visit to Aamp;E costs a minimum of £59 - meaning unnecessary attendances cost the taxpayer millions of pounds each year.去一次急诊室最少要花费59英镑,也就是说无效问诊每年要花费纳税人几百万英镑。Richard Renaut, chief operating officer at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, said: ;While we will always do our best for everyone who comes, time spent treating minor ailments reduces the time we have to treat seriously unwell patients who come through our doors.;皇家伯恩茅斯医院运营总监理查德?雷诺说:“尽管我们每次都会对前来问诊的人尽己所能,但是在小伤病上花费了时间后,就会减少来到医院的重症病人的诊治时间。”Geoffrey Walker, matron for emergency care at Poole Hospital, added: ;Aamp;E departments are for serious illness or injury and it#39;s important to stress that the vast majority of patients do access the service appropriately. For those that don#39;t need Aamp;E there are many alternatives.;普尔医院急救护理主管杰弗里?沃克补充道:“急诊室是为那些严重受伤或重症病人准备的,非常重要的一点是要保绝大多数病人得到合适的务。对那些不需要去急诊室的人来说,他们还有很多别的选择。” /201702/493731呼和浩特回民区做流产哪家医院最好的For example, you learn things about yourself, but you also discover new things about your partner. Here are a few unexpected things you learn about the person you parent with after the baby arrives:比如,你会对自己有所认识,但同时也会对另一半有新的了解。宝宝出生后,你和他一起抚养宝宝时,你会对他有些意想不到的了解。1. How they deal with exhaustion1. 他们累了的时候会怎么办Sure, we#39;ve all been tired before. But newborn tired? That#39;s a whole new world. You may start to discover that he actually hates how you leave your clothes all over the floor or that those quirks you thought he found endearing are not so much so, when everyone is running on two hours of sleep.当然,我们之前也累过。但是新生儿疲劳?这可是个全新的世界。生了宝宝后,每人每天只能睡俩小时,你可能会慢慢发现他真的很讨厌你把衣丢在地板上,又或是你以为他会觉得你找的借口很可爱,而事实却并非如此。What#39;s that you say? Your partner isn#39;t tired because they aren#39;t doing night duty? Well then, my question for you is, how are you not throwing something at them while they sleep through newborn cries?你说过什么来着?另一半疲劳的原因是因为他们夜里照顾孩子?那好吧,我来问你个问题,宝宝哭的时候他们睡的死沉沉的,你干嘛不朝他们扔东西吵醒他们呢?2. How they deal with your exhaustion2. 你累的时候他们会怎么办Let#39;s keep it real though. Assuming you birthed the child, YOU are definitely more tired. Trying to nurse and simultaneously learn how to care for another human is no easy feat. Exhaustion can worsen mood swings. Your partner must learn to walk on eggshells so as to not upset or irritate you with a seeming innocent comment that could elicit tears and screams. How they navigate this delicate time will show a whole other (hopefully, very patient side) of them.说真的,想想你生了个孩子,你肯定会更累的。一边你要试着给宝宝喂奶,一边初为人母又要学着照顾这个小生命,这可不是件轻而易举的活儿。筋疲力尽可能会破坏你的心情。你的另一半必须要学会谨言慎行,不会说一些看上去无心的话来让你伤心、发怒、哭泣甚至大叫。他会如何应对这种微妙时刻将会展露出他完全不同的另一面(希望是耐心的一面)。Let#39;s not pretend everything is rosy. There are tough days, days when you will feel utterly alone in babyland.不要再假装所有的事情都是明朗的。也有不好过的时候,这种时候在自己的小天地中你尤为感到孤独。3. How they manage the unexpected3. 碰到意外,他们会怎么办If your partner is a control freak, this will be quite the adjustment for them. Babies don#39;t care about your schedule: they will poop and pee when you thought you were y to leave the house. They get sick when you had date night planned. Your partner and you will have to adjust to living life on someone else#39;s clock.如果你的另一半是个控制狂,对他来说现在就是个很好的调整时刻。宝宝才不会管你的日常安排呢:当你以为你已准备好出门时,婴儿会拉会尿。他们会在你计划好约会的晚上生病。你和另一半必须得按照另一个人的生物钟调整作息生活。4. How their parents treated them4. 他们的父母是如何对待他们的Inevitably, we all re-create certain childhood patterns. As your newborn grows into a rambunctious toddler, and they test your partner#39;s patience, you might see things in them that are related to how they were raised and treated. It#39;s so important to be honest about which patterns should be broken-and which ones you want to keep.毫无疑问,我们会重新营造出孩提时代的模式。当你的宝宝开始到处乱走、考验你们的耐心时,你可能会在宝宝身上看到你长大的影子。在谈论不应该采取哪种模式以及应该保留哪种模式时,说实话是很重要的。译文属 /201610/470669呼和浩特做人流要多少

呼和浩特治疗射精无力多少钱内蒙古附属医院体检多少钱呼和浩特首大肛肠科Love is known to cause symptoms similar to those seen with addiction, and has even been linked to addiction-like activity in the brain.正如人们所知,爱情会引起类似上瘾的症状,甚至与大脑中的成瘾活动有关。But, scientists remain divided on whether you truly can become addicted to love.但是科学家们在人是否真的会对爱情上瘾这个问题上分歧很大。The researchers from Oxford University Centre for Neuroethics looked at 64 studies on love and addiction published between 1956 and 2016, according to New Scientist.据《新科学家》杂志报道,来着牛津大学神经伦理学中心的研究者们分析了64份研究,这些研究出版于1956年至2016年之间,都有关爱情和成瘾。As with drugs, the team found that love can trigger reward signals in the brain and can cause euphoria – but, it can also lead to cravings, obsessive behaviour, and grief when a relationship ends.该团队发现爱情和毒品一样,可以在大脑中出发奖励信号、并引发快感--但是当一段关系结束时,也会导致渴望、强迫行为以及悲伤。The team identified two distinct ways to describe love addiction: a #39;narrow#39; view and a #39;broad#39; view.该团队确定了两种不同的对爱情上瘾:一个是“狭义”上的,另一个则是“广义”上的。#39;The narrow view counts only the most extreme, harmful forms of love,#39; the authors wrote in the study.作者们在研究中写道:“狭义的爱情上瘾是最极端、最有害的爱。”According to the researchers, #39;narrow#39; love addiction is the result of abnormal processes in the brain#39;s reward center. This form of love addiction is thought to be #39;quite rare,#39; and has been linked to attachment behaviours that interfere with other aspects of that person#39;s everyday life.据研究者们表示,狭义的爱情上瘾是大脑奖励中心异常过程的结果。这种爱情上瘾被认为是“非常罕见的”,并且被认为和干扰个人日常生活其他方面的连接行为有关。And, it#39;s even led to stalking and murder, according to New Scientist.而且据《新科学家》报道,这种爱情上瘾甚至还会导致跟踪和谋杀。#39;Broad#39; love addiction, on the other hand, is more like typical love, though cravings are stronger.而另一方面,广义的爱情上瘾更像是典型的爱情--虽然欲望更强一些。#39;The broad view, by contrast, counts even basic social attachment as being on a spectrum of addictive motivations, underwritten by similar neurochemical processes as more conventional addictions.#39;“相比之下,广义的爱情上瘾是基本的社会依恋,包括一连串的致瘾动机,这是一种类似传统致瘾的神经化学过程。”Both of these forms, though, can cause harm, as they can lead to unhealthy and even abusive relationships.但是这两种爱情上瘾都会造成伤害,因为它们都可能会导致不健康、甚至是虐待的关系。 /201705/507664土默特左旗治疗痛经哪家医院最好的

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