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这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:急跳墙,兔子急了咬人,可真要把人逼急了,那人可是无所不能,无所不为的……不过,我们的克莱尔,毕竟杀伤力有限,还是相当无害的!译者:koogle /201306/243455。

Running a red light闯红灯Two guys were riding down the street in a car. They come to a red light. The driver runs the red light. The passenger cries out ;Hey, why did you do that?; The driver says, ;Don#39;t worry about it, my brother does it all the time.;两个男人开车前行,路遇一红灯,司机呼啸而过。乘客大叫:“嘿!你干吗这样做?”司机说:“别担心,我兄弟经常这么干。”They came to another red light, and the same thing happens. The passenger is visibly upset and threatens to get out of the car the next chance he gets. At the next light, which is green, the driver slams on his brakes and comes to a screeching halt(停).又遇一红灯,司机依旧呼啸而过。乘客显然愤怒了,威胁说如果下次再闯红灯他就下车。路遇一绿灯,司机猛踩刹车,车子嘎然而止。The passenger is confused and asks, ;What the heck is wrong with you? You ran two red lights but you stop at the green one.;乘客迷惑了,问道:“你有病吧?刚才闯了两个红灯,现在绿灯了你倒停了。”The driver responds: ;My brother might be coming from the other way!;司机回答:“我兄弟可能会从那边过来。” /201302/227121。

VALENTINE#39;S Day is a particularly embarrassing time for many men and women looking for love in China, where it#39;s traditionally considered shameful to remain single after 30.在中国,情人节对于许多还在寻找真爱的男女来说是一个特别尴尬的时间,这里30岁之后还单身传统上被认为是可耻的。This year, the Western holiday fell on the fifth day of the Chinese lunar New Year, in the middle of family gatherings and feasts that often focus on gossip, including who is getting married and who is going to have a baby.今年,这个西方节日落在农历新年的第五天,在家庭聚会和宴会中经常关注绯闻,包括谁要结婚和谁将有婴儿。Lonely hearts are then forced center stage. Well-meaning aunts and uncles work to arrange dates that promise to ruin the rest of the holiday.孤独的心那时被逼至舞台中央。好心的叔叔阿姨忙着安排相亲的承诺毁了剩下的假期。;I am either on a date or on my way to the next date,; one microblogger posted.“我不是在约会就是在去下一个约会的路上,”一位微用户发贴称。;I was forced to go on two dates during the first four days of the holiday,; said Cheng Xiaonian, an office worker in Taiyuan, capital of north China#39;s Shanxi Province. ;I was not in the mood to meet anyone, but my mom called me a weirdo, saying I was immature, unsociable and too picky.;“我被迫在假期的前四天进行两个约会,”中国北部山西省省会太原的上班族陈晓年说。“我没心情见任何人,但我妈妈叫我怪人,说我不成熟、不和气的和太挑剔。”Cheng, the only child in her family, is 29, a borderline ;old maid; as far as her mother is concerned.程,家里的独身子女,29岁,处在“老处女”的边缘,正如她母亲所担心的。;I know how people will look at me and my family if I remain single, and I know precisely how my mom feels,; she said. ;But I#39;m still a green hand at my current job and I#39;m under heavy pressure. I don#39;t have the time or energy for dating.;“如果我继续保持单身我知道人们会怎么看我和我的家人,我清楚的知道我妈妈的感觉,”她说。“但我在我目前的工作上还是一个新手,我承受着巨大的压力。我没有时间和精力来约会。”Like most of her peers, Cheng said she believes her ;Mr Right; is waiting for her somewhere. ;I will meet the right person at the right time. These forced dates will not work,; she said.像大多数的同龄人一样,程晓年说她相信她的“Mr Right”正在某个地方等她。“我将在正确的时间遇到正确的人。这些使得约会不起作用,”她说。Despite their reluctance, it#39;s always difficult to turn down a warm-hearted aunt#39;s invitation to a ;private chat; at a restaurant or coffee shop, only to find a complete stranger of the opposite sex, often equally uneasy, struggling to strike up a conversation.尽管他们不情愿,但总是很难拒绝一个热心的阿姨邀请你前往餐馆或咖啡店的一个“私人聊天会”,却发现一个完全陌生的异性,往往同样不安,并努力搭讪。;My parents worry that their only son might end up to be a bachelor for life and relatives simply enjoy nosing into others#39; private lives,; wrote one male microblogger. ;As a result, I live like a zoo animal, being watched and commented on by different people every day.;“我父母担心自己唯一的儿子可能会以一个单身汉的生活孤独终老,亲戚只是喜欢打听别人的私生活,”一个男性微主写道。 “结果我活得像一个动物园的动物,每一天被不同的人监视和。”An online poll conducted by matchmaking service baihe.com found that more than 80 percent of respondents under the age of 33 felt pressure regarding love and marriage, saying they felt guilty about being unable to find love.由相亲务网站百合网发起的一个在线民意调查发现,超过80%的33岁以下的受访者谈到爱情和婚姻时会有压力,说他们对无法找到真爱感到愧疚。As the pressure mounts, some even rent a boyfriend or girlfriend to accompany them home to make their parents happy. Such ;rent-a-date; services have been popular on shopping website taobao.com for at least the past two years.随着压力的增加,一些人甚至租一个男朋友或女朋友陪他们回家让父母高兴。这样的“租对象”务至少在过去两年在购物网站淘宝上受欢迎起来。Most singles around the age of 30 are well-educated, independent and have plans for their careers, said Zhou Xiaopeng, a specialist on love and family issues for baihe.com.大多数三十岁左右的单身男女都受过良好的教育、独立、有自己的事业规划,百合网的婚恋专家周小鹏说。;They represent a new trend in urban life,; he said. ;In big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, at least a million people are unmarried after 30. Family members and society should be more tolerant of their lifestyle and respect their choices. Leave them alone, relax and they will ultimately find their Valentine.;“他们在城市生活中代表了一种新的趋势,”他说。“在北京、上海等大城市中,至少有一百万人30岁以后还未婚。家庭成员和社会应该对他们的生活方式更加宽容,尊重他们的选择。不要打扰他们,放心,他们最终会找到他们的情人。” /201302/225195。

Survey finds what British women really want in Mr Right France overtook Ireland as the fertility champion of Europe in 2007 HE should be clean-shaven, good-looking and drive a silver Mercedes. And, most important of all, he should be more than 178cm. Height is apparently more important than looks to women looking for Mr Right, a survey claims. With blue eyes, short dark-brown hair and medium build, the ideal candidate would appear to be film star Jake Gyllenhaal. Looks aside, the perfect partner must also love pets and appreciate fine wine, theatres and nice restaurants. Coupled with this he should have a "wacky" sense of humour, according to the study of 40,000 women by UKdating.com. Mr Right wears smart jeans and a T-shirt, weighs exactly 80.5kg and is a doctor or lawyer who owns a home in a good location. He has had three serious relationships, no more than six sexual partners, has never been married and doesn't have children. Also important is a university education: many women specify a man with a BA degree. Smokers and football fans were given the thumbs-down. Only 1 per cent of women questioned would date a chap who hates pets. The majority -- 66 per cent -- want to find a partner who is fit. Even more -- 68 per cent -- are looking for a wacky sense of humour. David Brown, managing director of UKdating.com, said: "The female daters on our website certainly know what they want and they are not afraid to let the men know. "They are looking for a man in a similar way to looking for a mortgage -- by going to websites, saying what they want and comparing what is out there." Fortunately for imperfect men, however, not all women go for the Gyllenhaal ideal. "Cuddly lovers" were favoured by 21 per cent, while 16 per cent would like to find a balding gent like Bruce Willis. Another 11 per cent said their Mr Right would be ginger, while 18 per cent said they would prefer a man with grey hair. And 28 per cent claimed they do not care how much a man earns. Facial hair proved surprisingly popular: 28 per cent of those surveyed admitted they liked a goatee and 21 per cent said they would like to meet a man with a moustache. Only 2 per cent of women, however, said they wouldn't mind dating someone who was less than 152cm tall. /200801/25615。

The sign-language interpreter accused of making up hand gestures at Nelson Mandela#39;s memorial said Thursday that he is schizophrenic and was hallucinating at the time.被指在曼德拉(Nelson Mandela)葬礼上胡乱比划的手语翻译周四称,他当时突发精神分裂症,产生了幻觉。The revelation raises questions about security at an event where he stood beside U.S. President Barack Obama and other world leaders.这样的事件引发了人们对葬礼安全性的质疑,葬礼上名为塔姆桑卡#8226;简特杰(Thamsanqa Jantjie)的手语翻译就站在美国总统奥巴马(Barack Obama)和其他各国领导人的身边。#39;I#39;m currently a patient receiving treatment in schizophrenia,#39; Thamsanqa Jantjie said in an interview with a Johannesburg radio station, Talk Radio 702. He said he was certified to translate spoken English into sign language, and that he has successfully handled other high-profile events in South Africa for deaf audiences.简特杰在接受约翰内斯堡一家电台采访时表示,他目是一名正在接受精神分裂症治疗的患者。他说,他是一名合格的手语翻译,而且他曾经成功参与南非其他重大事件中的聋人务工作。But Mr. Jantjie said that as he took the stage within arms#39; length of Mr. Obama and other leaders at a memorial in a Johannesburg soccer stadium on Tuesday, he slipped into an altered state. He said he saw angels coming into the stadium.但简特杰说,周二当他站在约翰内斯堡体育馆舞台上,与奥巴马和其他领导人只有一臂之隔的时候,他陷入了一种迷幻状态。他说,他看到一群天使飞进了体育馆。#39;I don#39;t know the attack of this problem, how will it come,#39; he told the Associated Press on Thursday. #39;Sometimes I get violent on that place. Sometimes I will see things chasing me.#39;周四他对美联社(Associated Press)说,他不知道当时自己发病,也不清楚发病的原因。发病时,他有时感到暴躁,有时看到有什么在追他。In the radio interview, Mr. Jantjie refused to elaborate on his medical treatment. Efforts to reach him by phone were unsuccessful.在接受电台采访时,简特杰拒绝详细讲述他的治疗情况。记者试图通过电话联系他,但未果。Advocates for the deaf in South Africa and beyond said Mr. Jantjie#39;s gestures showed little connection to what Mr. Obama, top South African officials and other dignitaries were saying.南非和其他地方的聋人协会称,简特杰的手语与奥巴马、南非高级官员和其他高官的讲话内容没有丝毫关联。#39;The structure of his hand, facial expressions and the body movement did not follow what the speaker was saying,#39; said Braam Jordaan, an official with the World Federation for the Deaf.世界聋人联合会(World Federation for the Deaf)的官员乔达安(Braam Jordaan)说,他的手势、面部表情和肢体语言没有体现发言者的讲话内容。Mr. Mandela, who died last week at 95 years of age, drew more than 90 heads of state as well as movie stars and rock stars to the 90,000-seat stadium. Mr. Jantjie#39;s gestures were projected on large screens to those in the stadium and to millions more watching on television.上周,95岁的曼德拉逝世。有超过90位国家领导人、演艺明星和摇滚明星来到这个可容纳9万人的体育馆为他送行。简特杰的手语在大屏幕上向体育馆内的人和数百万电视观众播放。Mr. Jantjie said in the radio interview that he had interpreted at other high-profile events including the funeral of Albertina Sisulu, one of Mr. Mandela#39;s comrades in the fight against white-minority rule in South Africa. She died in 2011.简特杰在接受电台采访时称,他曾在其他重大场合担任过手语翻译,其中包括艾伯蒂娜#8226;西苏鲁(Albertina Sisulu)的葬礼。西苏鲁是曼德拉反对南非种族隔离斗争中的同志,她于2011年离世。#39;If I was interpreting wrong through these years why should it become an issue now?#39; he said.简特杰说,如果他这些年来的翻译都是错的,?什么现在才出现问题?The African National Congress confirmed that it had hired Mr. Jantjie before. But the party Mr. Mandela led to power as South Africa#39;s first black president in 1994 said that Tuesday#39;s memorial had been organized by the government, not the party.南非非洲人国民大会(African National Congress, 简称:非国大)实,以前曾雇用过简特杰。但非国大称,周二的葬礼由政府组织,而不是该党。#39;Until yesterday, the African National Congress had not been aware of any complaints regarding the quality of services, qualifications or reported illnesses of Mr. Jantjie,#39; the party said.非国大称,在昨天之前,他们并不知道关于简特杰务质量、资格要求的抱怨或他的患病报道。A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Pretoria wouldn#39;t comment about the potential risks of having Mr. Jantjie on stage just feet from Mr. Obama at a time when the interpreter said he was hallucinating.对于简特杰表示他在台上出现幻觉或他对奥巴马产生的潜在安全威胁,美国驻比勒陀利亚大使馆的发言人不予置评。South African officials tried to play down the incident. #39; I don#39;t think we as a country need to first jump and say we should be embarrassed,#39; said Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu, deputy minister for women, children and people with disabilities.南非官员努力淡化该事件的影响。南非妇女、儿童以及残疾人事务部副部长格潘尼-祖鲁(Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu)说, 他个人认为南非作为一个国家不必第一个站出来说,南非应该感到尴尬。Collins Chabane, a minister in South African President Jacob Zuma#39;s cabinet, said on Thursday that he couldn#39;t comment on how Mr. Jantjie was hired or whether he was vetted until an investigation was complete.南非总统雅各布#8226;祖玛(Jacob Zuma)内阁的部长沙巴纳(Collins Chabane)周四表示,在调查结束前,他不会对简特杰如何被雇用或他是否将被审查发表。 /201312/268923。

“NANNY”, “tyrant”—these were among the charges hurled at Michael Bloomberg, New York’s mayor, when he proposed a ban on big fizzy-drink bottles last May. The billionaire shrugged and pushed forward. However even Mr Bloomberg must heed a court order. The American Beverage Association, which represents Coca-Cola and other soda companies, has sued. Mr Bloomberg’s ban is due to start on March 12th, but a judge may intervene.去年五月,纽约市长迈克尔﹒布隆伯格提出要全面取缔大瓶汽水的销售后,“奶妈”“暴君”——人们对市长的指责接踵而至,甚嚣尘上。然而这位亿万富翁却不以为然,执意要将禁令进行到底。作为可口可乐等一众汽水公司的利益代表人,美国饮料协会将布隆伯格告上了法庭,面对法庭指令,市长不可掉以轻心。他的禁令将于3月12日生效,不过法院届时可能会进行干预。Three years after Michelle Obama launched her Let’s Move! campaign, the fight against childhood obesity faces a tactical problem. Recent years have seen dipping obesity rates in a few places, including New York, Mississippi and Philadelphia. But 17% of American children are still obese. The question is how to speed up progress. Further bans look increasingly unlikely.距离美国第一夫人米歇尔﹒奥巴马发起“动起来!”运动已过去三年,如今应对儿童肥胖的斗争却陷入了策略上的泥淖。近些年,包括纽约,密西西比和费城在内的许多地区,肥胖率都在直线下降。但仍有17%的美国儿童过于肥胖。问题在于如何推动减肥运动的发展。颁布禁令的做法显得愈发不可靠。Voluntary programmes remain politically much easier. Mrs Obama has exhorted firms to take action. Many companies have. On March 6th the Partnership for a Healthier America, a business group, published a report praising its members for putting more grocers in poor areas and healthier foods at restaurants. Sixteen food and beverage companies have promised to slash a combined 1.5 trillion calories from their products by 2015. Their first progress report is due in June. The long-term effect of these efforts may be slim. For example, even if the food and drink firms keep their promise, they would cut just 14 calories from the average American’s daily diet.志愿项目依旧能获得政策上的持。米歇尔敦促各企业采取行动。许多公司也积极响应,身体力行。3月6号,在集团企业“健康美国伙伴”发布的报告中,就对其下属公司在贫困地区增设杂货店,为餐厅提供健康食品的举措予以赞扬。16家食品和饮料公司承诺在2015年前减少全部产品1.5万亿的卡路里值。它们的进度报告将于六月出炉。然而,所有的努力都禁不起长远的推敲。例如,即使食品和饮料公司遵守诺言,美国人均日常饮食的热量也只能降低14卡路里。Regulations might bring bigger change, but recent years suggest that such rules will come slowly, if at all. Congress did pass a law requiring healthier school lunches, though its effects are limited. Other attempts at national regulation have stalled. Four federal agencies studied voluntary guidelines to limit junk-food advertisements to children. Under pressure from Congress, the agencies dropped the effort. Obamacare requires that all restaurants and cinemas post the number of calories in their foods. The Food and Drug Administration proposed a rule for s in 2011, but has yet to finalise the regulation.立法是较为行之有效的办法,但近几年的实践表明,规定的制定周期十分漫长。国会也确实出台过要求学校改善伙食质量的相关法律,然而收效却微乎其微。其他试图制定全国法规的努力均以失败告终。四所联邦政府机构通过对援项目指导方针的研究,提出限制垃圾食品广告播放时间的构想,但迫于国会压力,不得不半途而废。奥巴马医改计划要求所有的餐厅和影院都必须在提供的食品上标注卡路里含量。尽管2011年的时候,食品和药品提出制定一项有关菜单的法规,但至今都没能如愿以偿。Cities and states are more likely to act than Congress (hardly a high bar), but they face their own challenges. Last year the beverage lobby spent more than .8m to defeat a soda tax in the small city of Richmond, California. Even Mr Bloomberg, the anti-obesity crusade’s most fervent warrior, can only do so much.比起国会(并非障碍),城市和各州更愿意改变,但是挑战无处不在。去年,位于加利福尼亚州的小城里士满欲向苏打汽水征税,当地持饮料业的游说团体斥资280万将其扼杀在襁褓之中。即便是反肥胖运动最忠诚的斗士——隆伯格市长也黔驴技穷。He and his health commissioner, Thomas Farley, have aly improved school lunches, installed bike lanes and paid for revolting posters that show soda turning to fat. Their efforts seem to be working. From 2003 to 2011 obesity rates among poor four-year-olds dropped from 20% to 17% (see chart). Obesity rates in older children dropped 5.5% from 2006 to 2011, though mostly among richer ones.他和他的卫生专员,托马斯﹒法利,改善了学校的伙食,增添了自行车道并且制作了令人厌恶的海报以展示汽水如何转变为脂肪。他们的努力卓有成效。从2003年至2011年,4岁贫困儿童的肥胖率由20%降至17%(见图表)。大龄儿童的肥胖率也在2006年至2011年间降低了5.5%,尽管以富裕家庭为主。Mr Bloomberg wants to do more. But New York state rebuffed his bid for a statewide soda tax. Federal regulators rejected his attempt to ban the purchase of soda with food stamps. Now his size limit may be scrapped in court. Other cities are watching closely. If it can fail in New York, it will fail anywhere.布隆伯格志在千里。他希望在全州范围内征收汽水税,却遭到了纽约州政府的反对。他试图禁止贫困者用政府发放的食物券购买汽水,却遭到了联邦监管机构的拒绝。法院现在很可能否决他禁售大瓶汽水的决议。其他城市对此热切关注。因为成也纽约,败也纽约。 /201303/229128。

Love was in the air in a Tokyo park as normally staid Japanese husbands gathered to scream out their feelings for their wives, promising gratitude and extra tight hugs.东京一座公园的上空涌动着绵绵爱意,因为平时成熟稳重的日本丈夫聚集到一起,对妻子大声喊出了心里的爱意,表达感激,还纷纷献上拥抱。With modesty and reticence traditionally valued over outspokenness, expressing deeper feelings like love has long been hard in Japan.在日本,人们历来重视谦虚和含蓄,而不是直言不讳,所以表达爱意等内心感受并非易事。That#39;s why dozens of Japanese men gather once a year ahead of Jan 31, which in Japanese is a play on the words for ;Beloved Wife,; to let their feelings fly.这也正是每年1月31日前几十名日本丈夫聚集一次来抒发内心感受的原因。在日语里,1月31日是“心爱妻子”两个词的组合。Declarations at the Tuesday night event ranged from a simple ;I#39;ll love you forever; to expressions of gratitude for homemade boxed lunches.周二晚上这一活动中,从喊出简单的一句“我会永远爱你”到对妻子为其做便当而表达感激之情,众多丈夫当众对妻子表达了爱意。;I#39;m sorry that I#39;ve gained weight over the last seven years,; a suit-clad man yelled. ;But that#39;s because the meals you cook are so delicious.;“对不起,过去七年我长胖了不少,”一名西装革履的丈夫喊道。“但那是因为你做的饭太香了。”The event, now in its fifth year, was thought up by Kiyotaka Yamana with the support of a local flower shop to urged Japanese men to show their affection in more explicit ways.这一活动今年已是第五次举办,创意由Kiyotaka Yamana提出,并由当地一家花店赞助,旨在鼓励日本男人用更直接的方式表达自己的情感。;The economy is getting better in Japan and I see a lot of Japanese married couples getting more active in deepening their relationships,; Yamana said.Yamana说,“日本的经济形势日趋向好,我发现很多日本夫妇在加深夫妻感情上都更加积极主动。”Wives in the audience laughed and clapped, especially when one man got down on his knees to offer his wife a bouquet.一旁围观的妻子们又是欢笑,又是拍手,尤其当一名男士跪下来向妻子献花时,更是如此。 /201302/223769。