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Candice Sedighan has a passion for two things: her golden retriever, Champ, and photography. Over the last few years she’s been able to successfully bring the two together.坎迪斯热爱两件事物:一是她的黄金猎犬,二是摄影。过去的几年来,她成功地将这两件事物融合到了一起。“I wanted to take photos and show people things they’ve never seen before,” the 20-year-old photographer and college student tells The Weekly Flickr.“我想要拍摄一些人们从来没有见过的东西,” 这位还在读大学的20岁摄影师在Flickr周刊采访时说。“I really like to capture the true essence with dogs, which is that they’re always so happy,” she says. “The time Champ and I spend together, he’s just always beaming with happiness and you can really see that through my photos.”“我真的很想用摄影捕捉到的本性,那就是:他们总是很快乐的。”她说道。“查姆普和我在一起的时候它总是很快乐的,从我的这些照片里你真的就能体会到。”Candice got Champ as a gift from her Dad in the winter of 2002. He was just 9 weeks old at the time and, as she describes him, he was a “’Marley and Me’ type of puppy”.2002年的冬天,坎迪斯的爸爸给了她查姆普作为礼物。那个时候它只有九周大,她描述说当时查姆普就像电影《马利和我》里面那只一样。“He destroyed probably everything in his sight!” Candice admits. “He ate a lot of rugs, thousands of dollars of damage. He had a lot of excess energy and I tried to channel that into training instead.”“他基本上看到什么毁什么!”坎迪斯承认。“它总是喜欢咬地毯,被它弄坏东西值上千美元。它精力过剩,所以我想让它用这些多余的精力做做宠物训练。”She began taking pictures of Champ when she was 13 years old. At first it was to create personal memories, but after getting positive comments, she decided to join Flickr.13岁的时候,坎迪斯开始给查姆普摄影。一开始只是为了记录下一些值得回忆的瞬间,后来在收到了一些正面评价后,她决定加入Flickr。Candice joined a group called “52 Weeks for Dogs” where members take pictures of their dogs once a week for an entire year. The group gave her the encouragement she needed to pursue her photography, allowing her to develop her unique style.坎迪斯加入了一个叫“的52周”的小组,小组成员每周都会给摄一次影,一共持续一整年。小组里的人鼓励她继续追求她的摄影生涯,也让她找到了自己独特的摄影风格。“Champ and I really are like a team when we do our ‘52 Weeks for Dogs’ project,” says Candice. “He really works very hard to do the poses I’m asking him to do.”“查姆普和我在拍摄‘的52周’项目时真的像一个团队一样,”坎迪斯说。“它很努力地摆出我让它摆的pose。”More importantly, she saw Champ was responsive to her photo shoots and recognized an opportunity to take her craft to the next level.更重要的是,她发现查姆普对她的摄影有所回应,意识到她有机会让摄影达到一个新的层次。“My favorite photo of Champ is the one with the butterfly on his nose,” Candice explains. “I know a lot of people just automatically assume maybe that I photoshopped the butterfly in, but I actually went over to a butterfly farm and bought butterflies.”“我最喜欢的一张照片是一直蝴蝶停在查姆普的鼻子上,”坎迪斯说。“我知道很多人默认蝴蝶是我PS上去的,不过我实际上真的去蝴蝶养殖场买了蝴蝶。”Her years of training Champ proved to be a success as he patiently sat with a live butterfly on his nose. The pictures turned out beyond any of her expectations.她对查姆普长年的训练有了结果,查姆普让蝴蝶停在它的鼻子上,非常耐心。照片的效果超乎她的想象。Candice says she gets her inspiration from “everyday life.”坎迪斯说来的灵感源自于生活。“Sometimes I’ll go to the store and find a really nice prop that I want to use,” she says. “Or I’ll find a nice location and I think, ‘Wow, I really want to use this in a picture’ or ‘this would look really awesome in a picture.’”“有时候我去商店时会发现一些很不错的道具,”她说。“或者我走到一个很赞的地方,然后我就会想,‘哇,我真的很想在这里摄影’,或者想,‘这个地方在照片里看起来一定很不错。’”Candice has taken close to 20,000 pictures of Champ over the last 7 years. During this time she’s won about ,000 in contests, including three for Hallmark. She now has three cards available nationwide; one birthday card and two Mother’s day cards.7年中,坎迪斯已经拍摄了将近两万张摄影作品。在这期间她在摄影比赛中共赢得了约5000美元的奖金,还有三个是Hallmark贺卡公司设立的奖项。现在她的照片已经有3张被印在贺卡上在全国发行:一张是生日贺卡,还有两张是母亲节贺卡。In the midst of all the success, Candice values the special bond between her and Champ above everything else. He has been a source of comfort for her, especially during the most difficult times.虽然获取了如此多的成功,坎迪斯仍然认为她和查姆普之间的情谊比什么都重要。它一直能让她感到慰藉,帮她度过最艰难的时光。In the Summer of 2012, Candice’s father passed away very unexpectedly. “My Dad was definitely supportive of my photography,” she says. “He always told me how creative I was and bought me my first DSLR.”2012年的夏天,坎迪斯的父亲突然去世。“我的父亲非常持我的摄影事业,”她说。“他一直会对我说我非常有创意,他还给我买了我的第一部单反。”Photography has become a great outlet for Candice after losing her father.父亲去世之后,摄影成了坎迪斯情感的宣泄口。“Since my Dad was the one who picked Champ out and named him, so in a way it makes him even more special to me,” she says. “It makes me feel like my Dad will always be here with me.”“查姆普是我爸爸选的,它的名字我也是爸爸取的,所以从某种意义上查姆普对我来说就更加特别了。”她说,“这让我觉得我爸爸还在我身边。”What’s next for Candice? She dreams of coming out with a calendar featuring Champ, but she definitely plans to pursue photography.坎迪斯下一步的打算是什么?她希望能够推出一套查姆普的日历,另外她打算坚定地追求她的摄影事业。“I really like to take happy photos,” she says, “And I hope when people see it, they see it as more than just a dog picture. I hope they’ll see it as art.”“我喜欢拍让人感到愉快的照片,”她说道,“我希望人们在看到这些照片时,看到的不仅仅是一张的照片。我喜欢他们能看到其中包含的艺术。” /201303/229698

One of the Queen’s swans was apparently barbecued and left on a river bank near Windsor Castle, an animal charity has said.一家动物慈善机构称,有人把女王的一只天鹅烧烤了,还把残余物留在了温莎城堡的河岸上。Wendy Hermon, 46, of the charity Swan Lifeline which cares for sick and injured birds, said she discovered the #39;sickening#39; scene on Sunday afternoon.46岁的温迪·赫尔蒙来自“天鹅生命线”慈善机构,专门负责照顾生病和受伤的鸟类。她说这令人作呕的一幕就发生在周日下午。#39;It was just a carcass, it was all burnt. We could see that whoever did this had taken the breast out,#39; she said. #39;It was done neatly, presumably to get at the meat. They had skinned it as well and possibly barbecued it there, on a disposable barbecue.她说道:“这里只剩一具残骸,其余全被烧光了。我们可以看到干这事的人把天鹅开膛破肚,大概是为了吃肉,把里面掏得干干净净。那些人还扒了天鹅的皮,用一次性烧烤器具将这只鸟儿就地烤熟。”We have no idea how it was killed, it could have been shot or beaten. How can someone do that and leave it where they did? I would have been devastated if I had been walking along there with my little boy and he had seen that. It just sickens me that there are people out there that do things like that.#39;“我们不知道天鹅是怎么死的,有可能是被射中,也有可能是被打死的。怎么会有人做得出这种事,还把它留在了那里?幸好我没有带着我儿子来这里散步,要是他看见这一场景,我真不知道该怎么办。竟然有人能做出这种事,真让我觉得恶心。”The charity worker said she was called to the river bank by a council warden who discovered the swan’s remains on Sunday.这位慈善机构工作者说,周日她接到议会看守人的电话,说他在河边发现了天鹅尸体,让她赶快过来。The bird is believed to have been killed on Saturday evening.天鹅应该是在周六晚上就被残害了。All wild mute swans in Britain are considered to be the property of the Crown and it is an offence to kill one.英国所有的野生疣鼻天鹅都被认为是王室的财产,杀死它们是一种大不敬的行为。A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: #39;Thames Valley Police is investigating a theft following a report at 12.38pm on August 18 by a Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council warden who had found a swan. The swan had been killed and burnt.#39;泰晤士河谷警方发言人说:“泰晤士河谷警察局在8月18日夜里12:38分接到温莎-梅登黑德皇家自治市镇一个看守人的报案,说他发现一具被杀死烧焦的天鹅尸体,目前警方正在调查此事。”Killing or injuring a swan used to be classed as treason under a law dating back to the 12th century when the Crown claimed ownership of the birds.如果是在12世纪,皇室是这些鸟儿的拥有者,屠杀和伤害天鹅会被归类为叛国罪。Centuries ago, their meat was considered a delicacy and was served at banquets. Swans now have statutory protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.几个世纪以前,人们认为天鹅肉很美味,在宴会上通常会有这道菜。但自1981年《野生动物和乡村法》颁布后,天鹅被列为保护动物。 /201308/254475

When I was having a chit-chat with my colleague, she asked me all of a sudden, “How did your husband propose to you at that time? Was it romantic?” I was numbed by her words for a while, and then burst into laughter, “My husband is a bit rigid, so do you think his proposal would be romantic?” Though I said in that way, I felt very sweet in heart when thinking of my husband’s proposing to me. To be honest, his proposal was actually by no means romantic without flowers, diamond ring and any other surprise. It was even could not be called “marriage proposal”.当我正和同事闲聊的时候,她突然问我,“那时候你丈夫是怎么向你求婚的?浪漫吗?”我被她问愣了一会儿,然后爆出大笑,“我丈夫有点儿死板,你想他的求婚会浪漫吗?”话虽如此,但想起我丈夫向我求婚的情形,我心里还是感到非常甜蜜。说实话,他的求婚其实一点儿都不浪漫,没有鲜花、钻戒或者其它任何惊喜。那甚至都不能称之为“求婚”。At that time, he gave me a book about Ireland, which, now I am thinking was a long-established plan. At the weekend when I finished the book, he came to me and asked me whether I had finished the book. Seeing me nod my head, he felt very pleased and said to me in a low but happy voice, “If you like, we can get married in an Irish way!”那时候,他给了我一本关于爱尔兰的书,现在想起来,他其实蓄谋已久。当我周末看完这本书,他过来问我是否已经读完。看到我点头,他非常高兴,然后以低沉而快乐的声音对我说,“如果你愿意,我们可以象爱尔兰人那样结婚!”At that time, my heart was totally convinced by the romantic and sacred law of marriage in Ireland. The book told me that Ireland believes in Catholicism and prohibited divorce. Therefore, when a couple get married, they are supposed to choose the time of their marriage which ranges from 1 year to 100 years. The most impressive of this law of marriage lies in the inverse relationship between the time of marriage and the fees to be charged. If you choose 1 year for your marriage, you shall pay as much as 2, 000 sterling pounds plus receiving a dictionary-thick reference of rights and responsibilities. But if you choose 100 years, then you are very lucky and only need to pay 0.5 pound for the fees and receive a short but heart-touching note in all women’s eyes: “I have no idea the clear rights and responsibilities for my left hand to my right hand, my right leg to my left leg, my left eye to my right eye and my right sphere of brain to the left. Actually, they are an integrated whole and live by each other and cheer for each other. Finally, I would like this pink note to convey my best wishes to your one-hundred-year marriage! May you live happily all your lives!”当时,我的心完全被爱尔兰婚姻的浪漫和神法捕获。书里说,爱尔兰人信仰天主教,禁止离婚。因此,当一对恋人结婚时,他们将会从一到一百年之间选择他们的婚龄。这个婚姻法最令人印象深刻的在于婚龄的选择和相应所付费用的反比关系。如果你选择一年婚龄,你需要付差不多两千英镑,外加接受一本厚如字典的关于权利和责任的参考资料。但是如果你选择一百年婚龄,那你就非常幸运,只需要付半个英镑, 接受一张简短但让任何女人都深受感动的纸条;“我不知道我的左手对右手,我的右腿对左腿,我的左眼对右眼,以及我的右脑对左脑应该享受怎样的权利,承担怎样的责任。事实上,它们是一个整体,相互依赖相互扶持。最后,我希望这张粉色纸条能向你们的百年婚姻传达我所有美好的祝福!祝你们终生幸福!”I still remember at that time that I said to my husband, “Ok, so sir, please choose the time you expect our marriage to last!” He said happily, “I even do not bother to think about it and would definitely choose 100 years because it is highly money-saving!”我依然记得当时我对丈夫说,“那么好吧,先生,请选择你所期待的婚姻期限!”他愉快地说,“我根本不需要去想,肯定是一百年,因为它最省钱了!”Later, I married him, a man who would like to stay with me for 100 years. Although we are not bound by the law of marriage in Ireland, we have cherished our vow to discipline ourselves all the time. We have married like Irish people and look on our marriage as a life-long commitment and spare no effort to nourish it hand in hand as we are gradually aging together.后来,我嫁给了他,这个愿意和我相伴百年的男人。虽然我们不至于被爱尔兰的婚姻法约束,但我们仍然珍视这段让我们始终自律的誓言。我们象爱尔兰人一样结婚,把我们的婚姻视作终生的承诺,不遗余力地精心呵护并携手共老。I also sincerely hope that every pair of lovers in the world can get married like Irish people and love and protect each other whole-heartedly by committing themselves to a 100-year marriage.我也衷心希望世上每一对有情人能象爱尔兰人那样终成眷属,全心全意彼此爱护,共赴百年之约。 /201211/207422Christmas Eve Service平安夜礼拜Just as I began my Christmas Eve service, the electricity in the church failed. The ushers and I found some candles and placed them around the sanctuary. Then I reentered the pulpit, shuffled my notes, and muttered, ;Now, where was I?; A tired voice called out, ;Right near the end!;就在我开始平安夜祷告时,教堂停电了。教堂里的接待人员和我找到一些蜡烛,把它们放在礼堂周围。然后我重返讲道坛,整理了一下笔记后,我说:“刚才我讲到哪儿了?”传来一阵不耐烦的声音:“马上就讲完了!”

More than 116 million Americans deal with chronic pain each year. And that pain doesn’t go away when people have to go to work.超过1.16亿的美国人每年都要应付慢性疼痛。当人们不得不去工作时那些疼痛不会消失。“The number of people with chronic pain is outrageous,” says Scott Bautch, MD, CEO for Allied Health Chiropractic Centers located in Wisconsin. “We need to make jobs friendly for them, but they need to know how to adjust in the jobs they have.”“患有慢性疼痛的人数是令人惊讶的,” Scott Bautch说,医学士,位于威斯康辛州的专职医疗中心的CEO。“我们需要使工作对他们友好,但他们需要知道如何在自己的工作中进行调整。”It can be difficult to cope with chronic pain on the job, but not impossible. Here are some ways to get your employer to be more accommodating, as well as tips for managing pain at work.很难应对工作中的慢性疼痛,但并非不可能。这里有一些方法让你的雇主更通情达理,也是解决工作中疼痛的小贴士。Follow the 30% ruleIf this is true for you, try to use no more than about 30% of your grip strength and muscle energy in your elbows, wrists, shoulders, and other parts of your body.遵循30%的原则如果你也是这样,尝试在你的手肘、手腕、肩膀和身体其他部位使用不超过30%的握力和肌肉能量。Change positions oftenSitting or standing in one position for too long can exacerbate pain. If you work at a desk, get up and move around every 15 minutes or so, says Dr. Bautch. And don’t feel guilty about it—studies show break-takers are as productive—sometimes more—as people who don’t take them.经常改变姿势坐或站在一个位置太久会加重疼痛。如果你在桌前工作,每15分钟左右起来移动一下,Bautch士说。不要为此感到愧疚,研究显示进行休息的人和不进行的人一样有时更有效率。Reduce stress “You don’t have to stop working, but sometimes you just can’t do the things you used to do,” she says. “I always say, ‘If my body could keep up with my mind, it would be a force to be reckoned with’.”减压“你不必停止工作,但有时你就是不能做你过去常做的事情,”她说。“我总是说,‘如果我的身体能跟上我的脑袋,这将是不容小觑的力量。”Educate your employer “You need to have a dialogue about your condition—what it entails and what your limitations and abilities are. But make sure they know you are an asset in the company; you can’t do certain things, but you can make up in other areas.”教育你的雇主“你需要有进行一次对话关于你的状态——工作需要什么以及你的局限和能力是什么。但是确保他们知道你是公司的一项资产;你不能做某些事情,但你可以在其他领域弥补。”Avoid travelThere are a handful of reasons why people with chronic pain should not be world travelers. For many people with chronic pain, a change in pressure, which is a given on a plane, can be a symptom trigger. What’s more, it’s difficult to get up and move around to avoid stiffness, particularly on long flights. On top of this, anti-TNF medications, used to decrease inflammation, also suppress the immune system. On a plane, you are exposed to more germs.避免旅行有几个原因为什么慢性疼痛的人不应该成为世界旅行者。对于许多患有慢性疼痛的人来说,飞机上获得的压强变化可以触发一种症状。更重要的是,很难站起身四处走动来避免僵硬,特别是在长途飞行时。除此之外,抗肿瘤坏死因子抗体药物,用来消炎,也抑制免疫系统。在飞机上,你暴露在更多的细菌中。Be prepared for a flareIf you work full time, then you spend nearly as much time awake at your office as you do at home. Treat your workplace like your home—make yourself comfortable and be prepared for flare-ups.为疼痛发作做好准备如果你全职工作,那么你在办公室和在家里花差不多一样的时间醒着。把你的工作场所当作你家,让自己舒以及为疼痛发作做好准备Avoid repetitionIf you are going to live with a job that necessitates repetitive motion, you will have to be able to get away from the task frequently, at least four to five minutes an hour.避免重复如果你将接受并忍受一项需要重复运动的工作,你将必须能够经常摆脱任务,至少一个小时有四到五分钟。Get savvy about ergonomicsMake sure your work space is comfortable for you; have an ergonomic chair, wrist cushions, and use dictation software if you have difficulty typing.了解人体工程学确保你的工作空间对你来说是舒适的;弄一个人体工程学的椅子,手腕的软垫,如果你打字有困难就使用听写软件。Stick to a routineAlmost all chronic illnesses are better managed when you can stay on a routine. Getting enough sleep, eating well, taking medications and making time for exercise are all critical to staying healthy.坚持常规几乎所有慢性病在你可以保持常规时都很好应对。充足的睡眠、饮食良好、用药物以及为运动腾出时间都是保持健康的关键。Pick the right shoesSpring gave up wearing heels years ago. She couldn#39;t run through an airport in them, and they exacerbated the pain in her knees. But finding the right shoes required even more trial and error.“ It took me years to figure it out, but I did. It is all part of a learning process.”She said.选择合适的鞋子春天穿年前放弃了穿高跟鞋。她不能穿着它们跑过机场,它们加剧了她膝盖的疼痛。但是找到合适的鞋子甚至需要更多的试验和错误。 “我花了多年来搞定它,但是我做了。这是一个学习过程的全部。”她说。Adjust your work“You might be able to mix and match jobs if you can find employers who are friendly with that,” Dr. Bautch says.调整你的工作“如果你能发现雇主对其友好的话你可能会混合和匹配工作,”Bautch士说。Ask for what you needPeople with chronic pain should tell employers what they need to do their job. And if you have a problem getting it, there are organizations that will advocate for your rights.要求你所需要的东西患有慢性疼痛的人应该告诉雇主他们需要什么来做他们的工作。如果你有困难得到它,将有组织为你谋权利。Be flexibleYou can still do something you are passionate about, you just have to be flexible and make adaptations. Adapt, stay open-minded, and find a way.灵活你仍然可以做一些你感兴趣的事,你只是不得不灵活并进行调整。适应,保持思想开明,并找到方法。 /201212/213902The notorious cheap skate explaining to a friend how to find his apartment. He said. ″Come up to 5M and ring the doorbell with your elbow. When the door open. Push with your foot.″一个出了名的吝啬鬼在向一个朋友解释怎么找到他家时说:“你上到五楼,找中间那个门,然后用你的胳膊肘按门铃。门开了之后,再用你的脚把门推开。”″Why use my elbow and foot?″″Well. Gosh,″ was the reply. ″You#39;re not coming empty-hangded, are you?″“为什么要用我的肘和脚呢?”“你的双手得拿礼物啊。天哪,你总不会空着手来吧?”吝啬鬼回答。

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