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搭讪九句:MM的防狼九句 -01-7 19:: 来源: 似曾相识:拉近和对方的距离 You look like someone I know. 你跟我一个朋友长得好象 Haven't we met bee? 我们之前见过吧? 借题发挥:只要有心,总是有借口 That's a great haircut. 你的发型很棒 (To the bartender) I'll have what the handsome gentlman (beautiful lady) is having. (对酒保说)我要跟这位帅哥(美女)点一样的东西 略施小惠 :说这话可是有目的 Can I buy you a drink? 我可以请你喝一杯吗? You have a great smile. 你的笑容很美 趁虚而入:此句可以列入防狼手册,单身MM注意了 Are you here alone? 你一个人在这儿吗? What's a handsome guy (pretty girl) like you doing here alone? 像你这样的帅哥(美女)怎么会落单? 单刀直入:太直接了吧? What do you say we go somewhere quiet... 我们另外找个安静的地方如何…… have great 我们 handsome英语口语每天说上半小时0() -- :59:7 来源: . reluctance1. I didn't really want to give up my job.. I don't think I can't actually.3. I wish I could, but I have an appointment this afternoon.. I’d like to be able to, but I don’t have enough money.5.I’m afraid I can’t.6. Well, I think I prefer not to work home.7. I’d like to , but it’s too far away.8. I wouldn’t be willing.9. I’m not really willing to spend the evening there.. Well, I’ll be rather reluctant to go dancing.Dialogue 1W: John, why don’t you go and do some gardening ? The lawn needs weeding.M: Because I’m not in the mood, that’s why.W: Well, don’t just sit there, do something. Come and help me in the kitchen.M: Help you in the kitchen, I don’t feel like it.W: Would you like to clear the table then?M: Really? Do I have to do it?W: Not, if you don’t want to.M:Well, isn’t there anything you want?W: Yes, I want to go out. Would you like to come?M:No, why should I? I don’t feel like it. Besides,I’m in such a bad mood.Dialogue W: Do you love me?M: I’m very fond of you.W:Yes, but do you love me ?M: why? You mean a lot to me.W: why didn’t you answer my question?M:what question?W: Do you love me ? come on, I’m eager to hear.M: you know that I care you.I---I’m proud of you.W: Don’t cherish your words, dear.M: I---I don’t feel like saying itDialogue 3W: OK. Come back into the classroom,class.M: Does the class start again,Mam?W: Yes, but to the heath, this break has long enough.M:Oh, breaktime flies.W: come on,baby. It’s time now.M: Mam, another minute ,could I?W: Hurry up, little boy.This morning, I met Alice. She looked sad and miserable. I just invited her to look me up this weekend, so we can have a chat, but she refused the idea , and would like to be alone .So I just asked her to go with me to the beach and enjoy. But she is reluctant to go and just answer me that she is tired, exhausted and even couldn’t move, then she added that she ’s got much work to fulfill and had to look after her mother-in-law. 小时 上半 每天 英语口语

回忆一下某个曾给你留下独特印象的事件:街角处你碰到两个人正在交谈,当时周围的场景是,树在随风摆动;街灯灯光摇曳不定;说话人声调悲喜交集;那一刻你感受到的情景全然融合在一起How Should One Read a Book? By Virginia WoolfIt is simple enough to say that since books have classes--fiction, biography, poetry--we should separate them and take from each what it is right that each should give us. Yet few people ask from books what books can give us. Most commonly we come to books with blurred and divided minds, asking of fiction that it shall be true, of poetry that it shall be false, of biography that it shall be flattering, of history that it shall ence our own prejudices. If we could banish all such preconceptions when we , that would be an admirable beginning. Do not dictate to your author; try to become him. Be his fellow-worker and accomplice. If you hang back, and reserve and criticize at first, you are preventing yourself from getting the fullest possible value from what you . But if you open your mind as widely as possible, the signs and hints of almost imperceptible fineness, from the twist and turn of the first sentences, will bring you into the presence of a human being unlike any other. Steep yourself in this, acquaint yourself with this, and soon you will find that your author is giving you, or attempting to give you, something far more definite. The thirty-two chapters of a novel—if we consider how to a novel first--are an attempt to make something as med and controlled as a building but words are more impalpable than bricks; ing is a longer and more complicated process than seeing. Perhaps the quickest way to understand the elements of what a novelist is doing is not to , but to write; to make your own experiment with the dangers and difficulties of words. Recall, then, some event that has left a distinct impression on you—how at the corner of the street, perhaps, you passed two people talking. A tree shook; an electric light danced; the tone of the talk was comic, but also tragic; a whole vision; an entire conception, seemed contained in that moment.

青春奇妙无穷,充满魅力,充满痛楚.青春年少的时候根本不知青春为何物,直到青春一去不复返了才对青春有了真正的认识Man's youth is a wonderful thing it is so full of anguish and of magic and he nevr comes to know it as it is, until it has gone from him ever. It is the thing he cannot bear to lose, it is the thing whose passing he watches with infinite sorrow and regret, it is the thing whose loss with a sad and secret joy, the thing he would never willingly relive again, could it be restored to him by any magic.青春奇妙无穷,充满魅力,充满痛楚.青春年少的时候根本不知青春为何物,直到青春一去不复返了才对青春有了真正的认识.谁都想让青春永驻,不忍青春离去;眼睁睁地看着青春流逝,心中会涌起无穷的忧伤和惋惜;青春的失去是人们永远感到悲哀的事;青春的失去是人们真正觉得悲喜交集的事;即便奇迹出现青春复苏,谁都不会心甘情愿重度青春的岁月 Why is this? The reason is that the strange and bitter miracle of life is nowhere else so evident as in our youth. And what is the essence of that strange and bitter miracle of life which we feel so poignant, so unutterable, with such a bitter pain and joy, when we are young? It is this that being rich, we are so poor; that being mighty, we can yet have nothing; that seeing, breathig, smelling, tasting all around us the impossible wealth and glory of this earth, feeling with an intolerable certitude that the whole structure of the enchanted life – the most tunate, wealthy, good, and happy life that any man has ever known – is ours – is ours at once, immediately and ever, the moment that we choose to take a step, or stretch a hand, or say a word- we yet know that we can reeally keep, hold, take, and possess ever- nothing. All passes; nothing lasts the moment that we put our hand upon it , it melts away like smoke, is gone ever, and the snake is eating at our heart again; we see then what we are and what our lives must come to.为什么如此?因为在青春时代,生活充满了奇特而辛酸的不可思议的事.我们在青春年少时带着悲喜交集的心情,十分强烈而不可名状地感受到人生的奇特辛酸不可思议的经历.其实质是什么呢? 其实质是这样的青春年少的时候,虽然殷实富足,却非常贫穷;虽然力气强大,却一无所有;世间的富贵荣华触目皆是,简直可以呼吸到,闻到嗅到,还可以品尝到,心中的自信捺不住,深切地感受到整个被陶醉了的生活——人类迄今为止所直到的最幸运最富有的美好幸福的生活,只要我们决定向前迈步,奋发努力,便立即归我们所有了,并将永远属于我们.然而,我们知道,我们真的永远不能抓到什么,永远不能获得什么,永远不能占有什么.一切匆匆过去,荡然无存.我们一出手它就烟消云散,飘然而去,一去不复返了.于是,心中泛起阵阵隐痛,看到了自己真实的面孔,看到了自己未来生活的必然走向A young man is so strong, so mad, so certain, and so lost. He has everything and he is able to use nothing. He hurls the great shoulder of his strength ever against phantasmalbarriers, he is a wave whose power explodes in lost mid – oceans under timeless skies, here-aches out to grip a fume of painted smoke, he wants all, feels the thirst and power everything, and finally gets nothing. In the end, he is destroyed by his own strength, devoured by his own hunger, impoverished by his own wealth. Thoughtless of money or the accumulation of material possessions, he is none the less defeated in the end by his own greed a greed that makes the avarice of King Midas seem paltry by comparison.青年人非常坚强,狂热自信,但容易迷惘混沌,虽然机缘无数,却把握不住,虽然身强体壮,试图冲破重重虚幻的屏障,却如同一个波浪,最终还是无力地消失在旷远浩淼的大海中央,他伸出手想要抓住斑斓的云烟,他想得到世间的万物,渴望主宰一切,最终却是一无所获.最后,他被自己的力量所毁灭,被自己的饥饿所吞食,被自己的财富弄得贫穷潦倒.他对金钱或财富的积累不以为意漫不经心,然而最终还是被自己的贪欲所吞噬And that is the reason why, when youth is gone, every man will look back upon that period of his life with infinite sorrow and regret. It is the bitter sorrow and regret of a man who knows that once he had a great talent and wasted it , of a man who knows that once he had a great treasure and got nothing from it , of a man who knows that he had strength enough everything and never used it.青春消逝,蓦然回首,无论是谁,心中都会充满无尽的忧伤,充满无穷的懊悔.曾经才智卓越,却白白浪费了,曾经财富殷实,却一无所有,曾经本事高强,却从未利用.一个认识到自己失落青春的人回忆起来总是充满悲伤和懊悔 65

  At the Hoital 在医院 -01-6 3:8:5 来源: Mrs. Brown : (Carrying her baby in her arms) Excuse me, where is the department of paediatrics? Inmation-Clerk : Go along that corridor and then you will see a sign, which will lead you to the department of paediatrics. It's on the second floor. Mrs. Brown : Thank you. (She finds the sign, and follows the direction and finds the department of paediatrics.) Here we are, precious. Soon you will be okay. Nurse : Have you registered yet? Mrs. Brown : No, and this is my first time here. Nurse : Any designated doctor? Mrs. Brown : Yes, Dr. Hurt, Cliff Hurt. Nurse : Here is your registration card. Dr. Hurt is at clinic No.3. You can sit over there and wait your turn. Dr. Hurt : Hello, little fellow. You're David Brown, right? ....Well, Mrs. Brown, what seems to be the problem? Mrs. Brown : I've got the flu these days, and I think he's been infected by me. He started to cough last night. I took his temperature this morning. It was 39 degrees. Dr. Hurt : Unbutton his clothes, please. (Doctor examines the baby with his stethoscope.) The back, please. ( Mrs. Brown turns baby's back to the doctor.) All right. Now open your mouth .... Mr. Brown : Well, doctor? Dr. Hurt : Not very serious. I'll write you a prescription. If you follow the directions, your child will soon be okay. Vocabulary 注释 1. paediatrics n. 小儿科 . stethoscope n. 听诊器 3. prescription n. 药方、处方 医院 Brown Mrs. Hurt


  但是直到多年以后我才渐渐地明白那些痛苦的“第一首诗”的经历的真正意义当我成为一名专业作家以后,我才越来越明白自己曾多么幸运我有一位说“巴蒂,这当真是你写的吗?我觉得写得真棒”的母亲,还有一位摇头否定说“我认为写得很糟”使我流泪的父亲一个作家——实际上我们生活中的每个人——都需要爱的力量作为一切创作的动力,但是仅仅有爱的力量是不完整的,甚至是误导的,平衡的爱应该是告诫对方“观察、倾听、总结、提高”My First Poem When I was eight , I wrote my first poem.My mother the little poem and poured out her praise. Why, this poem was nothing short of genius!This evening when my father came in, my mother began to tell him, "Ben, Buddy has written his first poem! And it's beautiful,absolutely amazing--""If you don't mind, I'd like to decide myself," Father said.I kept my face lowered to my plate as he that poem. It was only ten lines. But it seemed to take hours."I think it's lousy," he said.I coundn't look up. My eyes were getting wet."Ben, sometimes I don't understand you," my mother was saying."This is just a little boy. These are the first lines of poetry he's ever written. He needs encouragement.""I don't know why." My father held his ground. "isn't there enough lousy poetry in the world aly? No law says Buddy has to become a poet."A few years later I took A second look at the first poem; it was a pretty lousy poem. After a while, I worked up the courage to show him something new, a short story. My father thought it was overwrittenbut not hopeless. I was learning to rewrite. And my mother was learning that she could criticize me without crushing me. You might say we were all learning.But it wasn't until years later that the true meaning of that painful "first poem" experience dawned on me. As I became a professional writer, it becane clearer and clearer to me how tunate I had a mother who said,"Buddy,did you really write this? I think it's wonderful!" and a father who shook his head no and drove me to tears with "I think it's lousy." A writer--in fact every one of us in life--needs that loving ce frome which all creation flows. Yet along that ce is incomplete, even misleading; balance of the ce cautions,"Watch. Listen. Review. Improve."Sometimes you find these opposing ce in associate friends, loved ones. But finally you must balance these opposites within yourself.Those conflicting but complementary voice of my childhood echo down through the years--wonderful...lousy...wonderful...lousy--like two opposing winds battering me. I try to navigate my craft so as not capsize bee either. 019555

  请老外吃饭口语必备(1):在家招待客人 -- :9:58 来源:   You would no doubt be interested in Chinese cooking  你一定喜欢中国菜  Dinner is y. Please come to the table  饭菜好了,请入席  What would you like to drink?  你要喝什么?  Mr. Taylor, which do you prefer, beer or wine?  Mr. Taylor,你要啤酒还是葡萄酒  Wouldn't you care something a little stronger?  你不介意喝点烈酒吧?  Here's to our friendship and to your health, Cheers!  为我们的友谊和您的健康,干杯!  Ah, here come the egg rolls  Ah,上春卷儿了  It tastes best when taken piping hot  趁热吃好吃  Have some more, please  请再来点儿  To the success of your Guangzhou trip!  为你的广州之行成功干杯!  May I help you get some pieces of sweet and sour fish?  我给你夹点糖醋鱼吧  No more, thank you, I'm really full  够了,谢谢,我真饱了  I'm afraid i've had more than enough  我吃的太饱啦  May I fill your glass again?  要再给你加点酒吗?  Try some of the cold dishes  吃点凉菜吧  Another course is coming up  另一道菜上来了  Just help yourself to whatever you'd like  请随便挑你喜欢的吃  Since you don't help yourself, I'll help you with some fish balls  既然你自己不下筷,我只好来帮你搛点鱼丸 客人 在家 必备 吃饭Save money college by my ownI will never get one day in my first year in high school. I was sitting on the stairs descending1) into the basement, putting my head in my hands and crying out in despair to my parents that I would never be able to save enough money college. My parents tried to console me, but it seemed impossible to save $6,68, the cost the private institution that I desperately wanted to attend. Now let me tell you the amazing story of how I earned this sum of money. It all began with a paper route in Ankeny, IA. I hated delivering that route, but was determined to stick it out six months until my family moved to Wausau, WI. With a few meager) dollars from my paper route, a small nest egg began to develop. My next job was with an athletic company as a telephone customer service representative. The savings continued to grow very slowly. Then, the fall of my junior year of high school, I began to waitress at Denny’s restaurant. It was hard work, but the money began to roll in3) and this job paid at least twice as much money per hour. By the time my senior year arrived, I had saved a considerable amount of money. This was encouraging, but I knew that I would also need some help, so began the process of applying scholarships. Sometimes it was discouraging because I was rejected again and again. Then, my first scholarship offer came in, $,000 a year to play tennis. This is only a small dent) at a school that costs approximately $,000 a year, but it was a start. Several other academic scholarships also came my way5) and soon I was up to have $9,0 in scholarships. Between scholar-ships and savings, I had enough money my first year.Another interesting development emerged. I began testing out of classes. Running anxiously to the mailbox in anticipation of my test scores became part of my daily routine. Excitement mounted6) as test after test came back with passing results. Each passing result saved me approximately $1,000 in tuition and then enabled me to graduate a year early. This would save room and board7) expenses as well. Finally, I was off to college. Because of careful saving, I did not have to work during the school year. Then, summer hit and it was time to work harder than ever. I continued working as a waitress at night, instructed tennis camps several mornings a week and worked as a secretary a few hours in the afternoons. Being a little overzealous, I decided to also take a class at a commy college. This class at the commy college saved me $650. It was an exhausting summer and made me anxious to return to my relatively easy life at college. During my second and third years of undergraduate schooling, I decided to work about five hours per week in the campus admissions office answering phones. This provided a little spending money and kept me from draining8) my savings. The overall situation looked hopeful as I approached my senior year as long as I could make as much money as I had the previous summer. That is when I decided to go to Israel to study 3 weeks. I hesitated in making this decision and had just about decided not to go because it would cost me $1,600 more to get the credits in Israel. About two weeks later my Mom called to tell me that I had $1,600 in the bank that I had gotten about. One of my concerns about this trip was not only the cost, but the loss of time to make money;however, I made as much that summer in the ten weeks that I was home as I had made during the fourteen weeks that I was home the summer bee. The way everything worked together to make this trip feasible was one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me. Finally, my senior year of college was upon me and to keep things interesting, I decided to buy a car. I obviously did not have a lot of money to spend a car and yet I wanted something reliable to make the ten-hour trips between home and school. I searched many newspaper ads and my father and I began searching good used cars. I was ecstatic when I found a crashed car that had been fixed up only $,0. Then, I also attended an 8-week course on marriage and family in Colorado. This was an incredible experience that taught me a great deal about my worldview and how to develop a healthy family. This experience was also very costly, $,000. I was surprised to find that I had graduated with no debt and so many remarkable journeys along the way. This experience has shaped me in many important ways. The first thing that I learned was the importance of a strong work ethic. Working long hours did a lot to mold my character and helped me learn the value of a dollar. It also made me learn how to craft creative solutions to difficult dilemmas9). Whenever I am overwhelmed or afraid of the future, I can remember my $6,68 miracle.□by Ginger Butler 8英语口语每天说上半小时0(85) -- ::00 来源: 85.Interview 高速下载 1. Could you tell me something about yourself ?. How do you like it here ? 3. Why do you want to work here ? . Do you know any shorthand ? 5. What’s your major ? 6. I’d be very glad to know something about you.7. What’s your turn ? 8. Would you mind saying that again please ? Dialogue 1A: Can you type , Jane ? B: Yes , I can . A: How many words a minute ?B: About 0 words a minute . A: En … and can you speak any eign languages ? B: Yes , I can speak Spanish , and I can also speak Chinese . A: Really ? that’s very good .What about French ? B: No , I can’t speak French . But I can speak Italian , not very well though .A: … Can you start next week ? B: Next week ? A: Yes , on Monday .B: You mean I have the job ? A: Yes , that’s right , you have the job now . Dialogue A: Now , Mr. William , a little personal inmation first , are you married ?B: Yes . I am . Actually my wife is a teacher .A: What’s your major ? B: German . A: How long have you been study in German ? B: Since I first met my wife , about three years .A: And just one more question , would you like to be an interpreter ? B: Yes , I’d like to do that , A: Very good , you can come here to work next month . B: Thank you . Dialogue three : A: Well , how was the interview ? B: Not too bad , I suppose .A: What did the woman ask you ? B: Oh , she asked me all sorts of questions . She asked if I smoked , and whether I played sports , she asked me where I went to school , and what subjects I took . and she asked me if I like to meeting people .A: Did she ask you any questions about your family ?B: Well , she asked me if my parents wanted to be a strides . A: Did she tell you whether you would get the job ?B: No , but she told me to telephone her next week . A: Thank you coming interview last Tuesday . we have considered your application carefully , but we’re afraid that we are unable to offer you the post . While your secretarials skills are well up to the standard required , I did not feel that your commend of French was sufficiently good our purposes . In addition , you seem to lack confidence in dealing with people , which will certainly be a handicap if you want to work as an receptionist . May I suggest that you might do better to look a job involving ruling office work ? Interview : 1. Thank you having talked with me .. Thank you the interview , I hope to see you again . 3. Thank you giving me this opporty . . Maybe you’ll find out that I’am easy to approach .5. I think you’re unique , needs a man like me . 6. I’d like to hear your opinion .7. The vocational training I have received fit me very well this job . 8. Of course , I’m afraid I am not the possible candidate . Dialogue 1: A: Mr. crabby ,I’m pleased to see you .B: I’ve looked over your resume , ms. Jane . I see you’ve aly have quite a lot of experience in secretary work , could you tell me something about your talent with that company ? A: Oh , yes , I worked there two years , just graduated from college . B: en ? A: It was a good company to work , I enjoyed my time with them .B: You like that work ? A: Yes , I like it very much , the work was not very demanding , and the people I work with were friendly .B: Why do you want to leave the company ? A: Make an age of challenges , I must accept the new challenge in my life . Dialogue : A: I’d like to apply a secretarial position .B: Very well , do you know any shorthand ? A: No , but I can write very fast .B: Can you use the computer or other office machines ? A: No , but I’d like to learn how to use them . B: Yes , I see , this is a permanent position . A: Can you work every day from 9 to 5 ? B: Oh , no , I’m student at a university , and I have to study most of the time . I can only work part time . A: I couldn’t possibly hire you . You can’t take shorthand , you can’t use a computer , and you can only work part time . Dialogue 3 : A: Very glad to know something about you , then what are you going to do when you finish .B: Oh , I’ll go to shanghai to practice there.A: Oh , that’s a good idea . It must be easy to find a job in shanghai .B: I think so , you know there is a great deal of opporty business there . A: And English is very useful in your job .B: I think it will be very useful in many ways . Beside , shanghai is an important trade center , not only in China , but also in the world , English is useful in almost all walks of life . A: You will be a very promising one . B: That’s my wish . I have been a journal ten years , I often interview people . Today I am at a Parents’ meeting with high school , I ask some parents questions . I asked the first parent , whether she minded telling me what they thought of the school , she told me that they were quite pleased with it , and then , I asked what grade was her child in , she said that she had a son at the fifth grade , he was quite good at science , but he was wake in English . Then I interviewed some other parents , and they gave a lot of inmation about this school and their children . After three hours interview , I came about the interview and report the inmation to the public . 小时 上半 每天 英语口语

  There are times when you just can' t believe what a stranger tells you.Sometimes you' re wrong.But sometimes--you may be right.傍晚时分有时你简直不能相信陌生人的话有时你错了,但有时--你又可能是对的Dusk Norman Gortsby sat on a bench in the park of a busy city.It was 630 on an early March evening.The sun had set,the street lights were on,but it was not yet dark.In the half-light of dusk,many lonely people were walking alone in the park,or sitting on benches in the shadows.This scene1) fitted Gortsby's mood.Dusk,he thought,was the hour of the defeated.Men and women who had dreamed or fought something--and lost.They came out at dusk,when their sad eyes and shabby) clothes would not be so noticeable.Norman Gortsby was in the mood to put himself among the defeated.He did not have money problems.He had not failed at his work.But he had been hurt and betrayed by someone he had trusted.Right now,he felt defeated.And he enjoyed sitting on a bench watching others like him,who had been disappointed by life.Next to him on the bench sat an old man.His clothes were not shabby,but he looked as if he had no friends or anyone to care about him.He was the kind of person no one would ever notice or pay attention to.As he got up to leave,Gortsby imagined him going back to a lonely room somewhere.His place on the bench was taken by a young man.He was well-dressed,but he seemed upset.He muttered3) to himself.“You don' t seem in a very good mood,”said Gortsby.The young man said,“You wouldn't be in a good mood if you were in the mess) I'm in.I've done the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life.”“What was that?”asked Gortsby.“I came to the city this afternoon,”the young man said.“I was planning to stay at the Berkshire Hotel.But when I got there,I found that it had been torn down5).They've put a movie theater there.The taxi drive r told me about another hotel somewhere else,so I went there.”Gortsby nodded,just to be polite.“After I checked into the hotel,I decided to go out and buy some soap.I'd gotten to pack any.And I hate using those little bars6) of hotel soap.So I went out and walked around a while.I bought some soap,and I had something to eat.When I turned to go back to the hotel,I realized that I couldn't remember its name.I couldn't even remember what street it is on.”“That' s the mess I got myself into.I don' t have any friends here.I spent the money I took with me from the hotel.I used it to buy the soap and a snack.Here I am,with a few pennies in my pocket,and no place to stay tonight.”The young man paused a moment.Then he said,“I suppose you think that's an unbelievable story.”“No,not at all,”said Gortsby.“The same thing happened to me in a eign country.I was with someone,and neither of us could remember where we were staying.But we did recall the hotel was on a canal7).And when we found the canal,we were able to find the hotel.”The young man said,“I wouldn't mind so much in a eign country.At least you have officials from your own country to help you with problems.But what can I do here,in my own country?If I don't find someone who believes my story and gives me some money,I'll have to spend the night in the park.But I'm glad you don't think the story is unbelievable.”Gortsby said,“The only weak part of your story is that you don' t have the bar of soap with you.”The young man jumped and felt quickly in his pockets.“I must have lost it,”he said angrily.Gortsby said,“To lose both a hotel and a bar of soap in one afternoon is strange.In fact--”But the young man did not wait Gortsby to finish.He walked quickly away into the shadows.Gortsby thought,“Too bad.Going out to get a bar of soap almost made his story sound true.But he got to have the soap with him.Otherwise,he would have gotten money from more than one person.He should have taken a little extra trouble.” Gortsby stood up,y to leave the park.Then he saw a small package next to the bench.It was a bar of soap.It must have fallen out of the young man's pocket when he sat down.Gortsby hurried after the young man.When he caught up with him,Gortsby said,“The proof8) that you were telling the truth has turned up.”He held out the bar of soap.“It must have fallen from your pocket when you sat down.Excuse me not believing you.But without the soap,I didn't think you were telling the truth.But now I'm convinced.Please let me lend you some money.”Silently,the young man took the money Gortsby offered him.“Here is a card with my address on it,”Gortsby continued.“You may pay me back any day this week.And here is the soap.Don't lose it again.It' s been a good friend to you.”“Lucky thing you found it,”said the young man.“Thanks.”He shook Gortsby's hand and hurried off.“Poor boy,”said Gortsby.“He looked y to cry from relief.This must be a lesson me.I shouldn't judge people too quickly.”Gortsby walked back the way he had come.When he came to the bench he had been sitting on,he stopped.An old man was looking around and under the bench.Gortsby recognized him.He was the man who had been sitting there bee the young man came.“Have you lost something,sir?”Gortsby asked.“Yes,sir,a bar of soap.” □by Saki英语口语每天说上半小时0(5) -- ::00 来源: 高速下载 5. Daily routine1. What’s your father?. Where’re you going?3. Did you remember to buy me the book?. Do you know how much we spent this month?5. How do you pay it?6. Have you ever heard the ads say anything bad about your products?7. Is your father in the habit of having naps?8. When do you go to bed usually?9. What do you plan to do your birthday?. Are you y?Dialogue 1M: What do you do a living?W: I’m a doctor.M: Really? Do you like it?W: Yes, I do. It’s very interesting. What’s your job?M: I’m a bus driver.W: Oh, do you enjoy it?M: No, I don’t really like it. It’s boring.Dialogue W: What does she do?M: She works as a teller in a bank.W: Does she go to night school?M: Yes. She goes three times a week.W: Why? What does she want to be?M: She wants to be a manager.W: What classes does she take?M: She takes classes in ing and business.Dialogue 3M: Where do you have to go、W: To New York.M: When do you have to be there、W: Tomorrow morning.M: How long do you have to be there?W: Three daysM: When will you be back?W: On Friday.What a mess today! I kept my friend waiting a long time in the sports department store because the traffic was terrible I altered my way. It turned out that I lost my way. I couldn’t find the department store because I had just moved here three days. I had to ask a woman in a red shirt. She was so warm-hearted that she told me the way in great details. It was so near that I even could walk. So I drove straight on and after only five minutes I arrived there. My friend wasn’t angry with me but I suddenly realized that I hadn’t expressed my thankfulness to the women in the red shirt. 1. I’m afraid I got to lock the door.. I don’t think we have much butter.3. I want you to have a walk with me.. I’m asking your advice.5. You’ve aly grown up.6. I plan to buy a car this year7. Mom, pass me some more please.8. Let’s see if we get anything.9. I start to work at 8:00 every day.. I usually have lunch at o’clock.Dialogue 1W: Excuse me, sir. Could you spare a minute?M: Uh, yes.W: Do you go to work by train every day、M: Yes. I commute five days a week by train.W: And would you mind telling us what you think of the rail service?M: It’s really very good.W: Why do you say that?M: Well, trains are frequent and come on time.W: Which train do you catch in the evening?M: I usually take the 5:30 home.W: And can you get a seat?M: No, I usually have to stand.W: Would you agree that the service is fast?M: Yes, it’s reasonably fast but it certainly isn’t cheap. Fares have gone up5%. Dialogue M: How are you?W: Fine.M: I haven’t seen you several days.W: Oh, I have been with my uncle a week.M: What’s he doing?W: He is an ant. I have been helping him a week.M: He must be happy.W: Yeah. How are you these days?M: Fine too.Dialogue 3M: Hello, Mary. Why are you standing here in the cold wind?W: I’m waiting a bus and going a walk in the park.M: Going a walk in such a cold weather?W: I always like to go a walk bee a supper.M: I see.Miss Green is a typist and she commutes to work every day. Yesterday she arrived at the office a few minutes bee 9 o’clock. She took off her hat and coat and put them on the hook on the wall. Then she went to her desk, took the cover off the computer, sat down and began to type. At half past twelve, Miss Green stopped work and went out to lunch with a friend at a restaurant. After lunch she returned to the office and worked until five o’clock. She got home at about a quarter to six. She went into the bath room, washed her hands and then went into the sitting-room. She turned on the television and watched the six o’clock news. She ate a square meal and went out to cinema. That was a normal day in her life. 小时 上半 每天 英语口语

  我要用我的笑容感染别人,虽然我的目的自私,但这确是成功之道,因为皱起的眉头会让顾客弃我而去我不是为将来而活今天播种今天收获No living creature can laugh except man. Trees may bleed when they are wounded, and beasts in the field will cry in pain and hunger, yet only I have the gift of laughter and it is mine to use whenever I choose. Henceth I will cultivate the habit of laughter. I will smile and my digestion will improve; I will chuckle and my burdens will be lightened; I will laugh and my life will be lengthened this is the great secret of long life and now it is mine.I will paint this day with laughter; I will frame this night in song. Never will I labor to be happy; rather will I remain too busy to be sad. I will enjoy today's happiness today. It is not grain to be stored in a box. It is not wine to be saved in a jar. It cannot be saved the morrow. It must be sown and reaped on the same day and this I will do, henceth.And with my laughter all things will be reduced to their proper size. I will laugh at my failures and they will vanish in clouds of new dreams; I will laugh at my successes and they will shrink to their true value. I will laugh at evil and it will die untasted; I will laugh at goodness and it will thrive and abound. Each day will be triumphant only when my smiles bring th smiles from others and this l do in selfishness, those on whom l flown are those who purchase not my goods. 33

  “我只是想让你们留下一个深刻印象,尽管你们学完了四年工程学,仍然有很多这个专业的东西你们还不懂你们回答不了的这些问题在日常应用中是相当普遍的”接着,他微笑着说:“你们都将通过这门课,但是要记住——即使你已经大学毕业,你的教育也只不过是刚刚开始”So Much to LearnIt was the last day of final examination in a large Eastern university. On the steps of one building, a group of engineering seniors students wait it together, talking about the exam due to begin in a few minutes. On their faces was confidence. This was their last exam — then they'll fond the jobs.Some talked of jobs they aly had; others of jobs they would get. With all this learning of four years of college, they felt y and able to conquer the world.The coming exam, they knew, would be a easy. The professor had said they could bring any books or notes they wanted. Asking only that they did not talk to each other during the test.Happyly they crouded into the classroom. The professor passed out the papers. And smiles began biger as the students found there were only five questions.Three hours passed. Then the professor began to collect the papers. The students no longer looked confident. On their faces was a frightened expression. No one spoke as, papers in hand, the professor faced the class.He looked the worried faces bee him, then asked “How many completed all five questions?”Not a hand was raised.“How many answered four?”Still no hands.“Three? Two?”The students moved restlessly in their seats.“One, then? Certainly somebody finished one.”But the class kept silent. The professor put down the papers. “That is exactly what I expected,” he said.“I just want to impress upon you that, even though you have completed four years of engineering, there are still many things about the subject you don’t know. These questions you could not answer are very common in everyday practice.” Then, smiling, he added “You will all pass this course, but remember — even though you are now college graduates, your education has just begun.”The years have made the name of this professor unclear, but not the lesson he taught. 17。

  英语口语每天说上半小时0(78) -- :: 来源: 78 Diet1. Do put yourself on the diet, otherwise you will be too fat.. I can't bear eating less.3. But I think I eat it too much.. Are you on the diet now?5. You need diet.6. You got to eat the things on the list.7. I eat my diet at lunch time.8. The doctor put her on the diet.9. Do you think going on the diet is a good way to keep fit?Dialogue 1:Oh dear, my weight has gone up again.I am not supprised, you eat too much.And I suppose sitting at the desk all day in the office doesn't help.No, I wouldn't think so.I do wish I could lose weight.Well, why don't you go on the diet?I've tried diets bee but they've never worked.Perhaps you should excerise more. Why don't you go to an exercise class.Yes, maybe I should.Dialogue :Hi Jane, you look great.You too. Have you lost some weight?Yes, I took off kilos. I am glad you notice it.Not some crazy diet fat I hope.No no, I just changed my eating habits. I eat a balance meal. and I eat less than bee.Good you, keep it up.Dialogue 3:Peter, how often do you exercise?Well, I swim and run every day.Now, tell me, what do you eat?Well, I don't eat any meat, but I do eat fish and eggs.Do you eat a lot of vegetables?Oh yes, and fruit, I love fruit.What do you drink?Well, I never drink alcohol, coffee or tea. They are very bad you.What do you drink?I drink a lot of milk. It's very good you. I have milk and sugar with my cereal every morning. In order to stay healthy, it's important to help balance the diet. In other words, food that contains something from each of the 3 main groups of food. These groups are protein, carbohydrate and fat. Proteins are very important building our bodies. They help us to build new cells as old ones die. Meat and made products are major source of protein, but not the only ones. We can also get protein from fish, eggs and beans. Carbohydrate and fat are important to enable us to store energy. They provide fuel the body. Carbohydrate are found in sugar and then cereal such as rice, maize and wheat. Fat are found in vegetable oil in butter and nuts. Our bodies also need minerals, such as island calcium and vitamines.Fish, vegetables and milk contain most of the minerals we need. Vetamines are found in fresh vegetables and fruits.Diet:1. What's your weight?. My weight has dropped from 0 pounds to 0.3. I lost weight in spite of my good after diet.. Are you still using the sleeping pillows?5. I am afraid I am putting on weight.6. I have to watch my weight.7. I am gaining weight these days.8. That's ridiculous you to lose weight.9. You should actually gain some weight.. Meat has too many calories.Dialogue 1:Linda, would you care some candies or cookies?No, don't try to tend me. I'm becoming chubby, and I have to slender down.You are not really chubby. You are actually thin enough.I don't think so. I know I've put on weight this winter.So you are watching your weight, aren't you?Yes, to tell you the truth. I am on the diet.Dialogue :Alison, would you like to have some more?No thanks. I have it enough.Actually you haven't have much.To tell you the truth, I am on the diet.That sounds ridiculous. Why?Well, I am gaining weight these days, and I have to watch my calories.Dialogue 3:How can I lose weight, doctor? I seem to get fatter even when I just no eat food?Well, Jim. It is a combination of how much you eat, the type of food you eat, and when you eat your meals.I never eat breakfast though.That's a big mistake, you should always have a good breakfast. You will not run your car without fuel, and as well you won't expect your body to work without food.I never thought about it that way.I bet you eat a large evening meal, then sit and watch TV or a book. Then instead of burning off your energy, your body stores it as fat.Oh doctor, I feel so foolish.Well control is really using common sense when you plan your eating habits.I know doctor, thank you so much.That's ok. It's important all people to take care with their diet. A good diet can improve the lank of your life. And what just is important a good diet can improve the quality of your life. We all know the benefit of a balance diet with a lot of fruit and vegetables, a little meat, some grains and some milk. Three small balance meals every day are better us than one huge meal. Certainly we can not all be fashion models, that will be silly. But if we watch our diet, and become exceptive of our body shape, we can all live longer and happier. 小时 上半 每天 英语口语

  流利美语脱口出:流行美语短句+实例对话(31) -01-7 ::55 来源: 1. Knockout 绝色美女;极出色的东西A:How do I look?B:You know, you’re a knockout.A:我看起来怎么样?B:你知道,你是个绝色美女虽然形容漂亮的字眼不少,“knockout”却只用来形容非凡的美,可以用来形容女孩子或物品“knockout”原来是指拳击里的“击倒”的动作,常作“K.O.”. All that 外貌完美无暇的(人)A:She’s not all that. I don’t even find her attractive.B:She likes to think she is.A:她并不是真的那么漂亮啊!我甚至不觉得她有什么吸引人的地方B:她觉得自己是(长得完美无暇)啊!以前有一部美国电影叫作“She’s All That”英文片名的直译其实就是“她长得完美无暇”的意思基本上,“all that”是一个年轻一辈的人比较会用的字眼3. Cheapskate 小气鬼A:Larry wants me to buy him a new CD simply because I accidentally scratched the back of his CD case.B:I’m not surprised. He’s known as a cheapskate.A:拉瑞要我买一个新的CD还他,因为我不小心把他的CD盒的背面刮到了B:我并不感到惊讶他是有名的“小气鬼”说一个人小气时,用“cheap”就可以了如:“he is very cheap.”(他这个人很小气). Stinker 令人讨厌的人A:Why did you invite Tom? He is such a stinker.B:I didn’t want him to come. He invited himself.A:你干吗邀请汤姆?他是个很讨厌的人B:我不想要他来的,他自己请他自己来的“Stink”是“臭;讨厌”的意思“You stink.”除了可以指“你(真的)很臭”,也可以指“你这个人很另人讨厌”5. Geek 土包子;书呆子A:Have you seen Frank lately?B:The geek?A:No. He changed completely. He’s a babe now.A:你最近有没有看到弗兰克?B:那个土包子吗?A:没有!他完全变了他现在是个大帅哥!土模样就是很“geeky”(土气)“nerd”、“dork”也有“geek”的意思 美语 实例 对话

  英语中不感兴趣时的日常用法 -- :7:1 来源: I dont care. *向对方表示“不要再嗦”的心情What do you want dinner? (晚饭你想吃什么?)I dont care. (什么都行)Anything fine.-----管它呢!Who cares?I dont think it a good idea. (我认为那不是个好主意)Who cares? (管它呢!)So what? (那又怎么样?)So? (后来呢?)Well?Does it matter?Big deal.What difference does it make?-----随便你!Whatever you want.As you wish.谁知道呢Nobody knows.Do you think the economy will improve? (你认为经济可以恢复吗?)Nobody knows. (谁知道呢)Who knows?No one knows.-----这跟我没关系It has nothing to do with me. *have nothing to do with... “完全没有关系”、“没关系”,表明坏事或不好的事与自己无关Why dont you help him? (你怎么不帮他呢?)It has nothing to do with me. (这跟我有什么关系)It not my concern.It not my business.It not my problem.-----我才不在乎呢I couldnt care less. *“我没关系”、“没事”的口语说法,有些俚语味道Im going to report you to our boss. (我要向老板告你)Go ahead. I couldnt care less. (随便!我才不在乎呢)I dont give a damn.-----没人注意你Nobody cares.But Im not a good dancer. (可我跳舞跳得不好)Nobody cares. (没人注意你)Nobody gives a damn. *语气较强,在有些场合下,听起来会有点下流的感觉-----随他们去呢!Let it be.Tom and Mary are fighting a lot these days. We should do something about it. (最近汤姆和玛丽老打架,我们是不是得做点什么)Let it be. (甭管他们!)-----我才不在乎他们说什么呢I dont care what they say.Everyone says youre a liar. (大家都说你是个骗子)I dont care what they say. (我才不在乎他们说什么呢)I dont care what they might say.What they say doesnt matter to me. (他们说什么都跟我没关系)I dont care what anyone says.Other people opinions dont matter to me. (别人说什么对我来说不重要)Im not concerned about what they may say.-----哪个都行Anyone will do.Which one? (哪个?)Anyone will do. (哪个都行)It doesnt matter.Anyone okay.Anything will do.-----没他我们也可以We can do without him.We dont need him. (我们不需要他)His help isnt necessary. (我们不需要他的帮助)-----我没什么特别要说的Ive got nothing special to talk about.Ive got nothing special to talk about. (我没什么特别要说的)That okay. (那好吧)I have nothing particular to talk about.I dont have anything special to discuss. (我没有什么特别要商量的)-----无所谓It doesnt matter. *当被对方问“是A还是B”,回答哪个都行时Do you want red or white? (你想要红的还是白的?)It doesnt matter. (无所谓)I dont care.It doesnt make any difference.It all the same to me. (对我来说都一样)I dont feel strongly about it one way or the other. (我不那么在乎是哪一个)Either will do.Either one will be fine.-----这又不是什么新鲜事It the same old story.She only married him his money. (她只是冲他的钱才跟他结婚的呀)It the same old story. (这又不是什么新鲜事) 日常英语 英语口语

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