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Many employees these days eat lunch at their desks, because it seems like a harmless way to cram more work into the day. 现在,许多员工都在办公桌上吃午餐,因为这样可以挤出时间干更多工作,而且似乎也无甚大碍。 They might not be so casual about it if they knew the habit was helping them pack on extra pounds. A study in the February issue of the Journal of Clinical Nutrition found people who ate while distracted ate more, and felt less full after lunch, than those who focused on eating. 一心多用时,不知不觉地吃东西会让我们变胖。如果他们知道这个习惯会让他们变得肥胖,可能就不会如此满不在乎了。《临床营养学》(Clinical Nutrition)杂志二月期上的一篇研究报告称,与专心吃东西的人相比,吃东西时分心的人会吃得更多,而且在午餐后的饱腹感较低。 Researchers served a nine-item lunch to 44 participants who were split into two groups. One group was asked to eat lunch while playing a computer game of solitaire. The second group ate lunch without distractions. 研究人员将44名参与者分为两组,让他们吃了一顿含有九种食物的午餐。他们要求一组在吃饭时玩电脑上的纸牌游戏,另一组则专心吃饭。 The participants who were distracted by the game felt less full after lunch, according to the study, led by Rose E. Oldham-Cooper, a researcher in experimental psychology at the University of Bristol in the ed Kingdom. Even 30 minutes later, the solitaire-players gobbled down more snacks when they were offered, compared to those who had focused on eating. Worse yet, when researchers asked the participants to remember what they had eaten for lunch, those who had been playing solitaire had a much harder time remembering what they had consumed. 该项研究的主持者、英国布里斯托尔大学(University of Bristol)的实验心理学研究员罗斯?E.奥尔德姆-库珀(Rose E. Oldham-Cooper)称,分心玩游戏的参与者在午餐后的饱腹感较低。即使在30分钟之后,与专心吃饭的人相比,玩纸牌的人吃掉的零食也更多。更糟糕的是,当研究人员要参与者回想他们午餐吃了什么时,玩纸牌的人要花长得多的时间才能想起来。 The findings may 'help to explain the well-documented association between sedentary screen-time activities and overweight,' the study says. In addition to crowding out physical exercise, working or playing games on a computer may also cause us to gobble down larger amounts of food without thinking about it or even remembering that we have eaten. 该研究称,这些结论或许“有助于解释久坐电脑前与超重之间据充分的关系”。除了挤占锻炼身体的时间以外,在电脑上工作或玩游戏也可能导致我们不过脑子就吃掉更多食物,甚至记不起我们吃过什么。 The findings hold true for me. If I make the mistake of putting a bag of chips or a box of crackers on my desk at deadline time, I often pack in the whole thing without even realizing it. If multitasking makes our minds wander from the tasks we think we are getting done, as we have posted in the past, then why should eating be any exception? 这些结论对我来说也成立。如果我错误地在工作任务截止期限前把一袋薯片或一盒饼干放在办公桌上,就经常会在不知不觉中吃光它们。我们之前的文章中曾有指出,一心多用会让我们的思维从自己正在做的事情上分心,既然如此,吃东西也不会例外。 /201107/145823你的医生说的是“多吃些鱼”还是“要总吃鱼”? /201107/143237【A】Always waiting for you. 总是在这里等着你【B】Be with you. 和你在一起。【C】Calls you just to say Hi. 打电话个你就是想说声“嗨”。【D】Dear, Good night. 每晚温柔地对你说晚安。 /201109/153875

Serena的汉普敦发髻S难得会折腾自己的头发,总是保持着招牌式的长波浪,因而这款特别的造型格外引人注目。如果你自己想要照着这个样子山寨个的话,也可以尝试着将头发编成小辫子,或者在发髻外面接驳上头发,从而增加细节处的精致。Serena rarely ventures from her long, slightly wavy trademark, so this special style stands out. It's possible to fake a braid like that or pick up an extension to wrap in for added detail to an updo. /200904/67121

You’re better off alone! Don’t get stuck in a ‘make up/break up’ patternThe beginning of summer is always ripe with barbecues, graduations and weddings. Although these get-togethers often happily reunite us with family and friends, they also tend to unhappily reunite us with our exes of yesteryear. Indeed, even with all we have learned from painful breakups, some of us simply cannot resist the temptation of reconnecting with an old flame. And when that old flame is front row and center at a mutual friend’s wedding, the temptation becomes even more irresistible.If this pattern of “making up and breaking up” sounds familiar to you, you might be part of a revolving-door relationship. Much like a revolving door, your relationship with your ex is never stagnant — he is always on the way into your heart or on the way out.Your family and friends have heard the many dramas of your relationship with your ex more times than they would like to count, and although you know you sound like a broken record, something always pulls you back into the relationship. The revolving door whooshes again, and you are back in the middle of the broken (and breaking) relationship.How can you stop this pattern once and for all, especially in the middle of summer social activities?Change your pattern. When relationships get stuck in a revolving rut, it is generally because our lives are stuck in a revolving rut. By changing your routine, you can change your point of view and end a make-up and break-up cycle. How can you do this? Explore different activities, go to new restaurants, spend time with old friends, or even go on a much-needed vacation. Figure out what is keeping your life in stalemate (chances are that it isn’t just your relationship) and then make a change.Figure out why you are relying on a broken relationship. You know that your ex isn’t good for you, and you know that you aren’t good for your ex. So why do you keep returning to each other? Don’t fool yourself into thinking that love alone is driving your revolving door, as there are generally a myriad of different emotions driving your decision process. Figuring out these emotions and deciphering what is truly driving you to be in a broken relationship will help you stop the destructive pattern.Sit down and write down the emotions that come to your mind when you think about breaking up with your ex for good. Whether you are jealous at the thought of seeing your ex with someone new, nostalgic at the thought of losing a close friend, or terrified at the thought of being alone and dating again, you might be surprised to discover that your list isn’t built upon love alone. Of course, all of the above emotions are valid and sincere emotions — but that doesn’t mean that you can build a loving, lasting relationship upon them.Talk about it with a professional. Breakups are often seen as something most people can make it through on their own. However, most people tend to assuage their broken hearts through self-medicating with destructive behaviors like drinking, one-night stands, angry late-night phone calls to their ex, etc. Losing someone you love through a breakup or a divorce is heartbreaking, and trying to go it alone can be overwhelming. This is why so many people get stuck in a revolving-door cycle, as being alone can be so painful that people would rather be in a bad relationship. A counselor can help you make smarter choices, and give you what you need the most: an unbiased listener.Finally, it might be helpful to keep two lists on hand with you at all times — one list to remind you why the relationship can’t work (he doesn’t want kids, you don’t share similar life goals, etc.), and one list to remind you why you are content and complete as you are (you love the freedom to meet new people, you have a wonderful network of friends and family, etc.).Rely on this network as you go through this difficult time, and allow yourself the freedom to be sad, mad, lonely and so on. As the emotions move through you, they will slowly lose their potency, and you will be y to say goodbye to your ex and move on to a happy, healthy new relationship. /200901/60320GEMINI MATE 双子座 You can play a heartless game using your keen intellect, charm and sex appeal to your advantage. You can easily persuade any sign to have a passionate affair with you, however a long-term relationship is another story. You aren't likely to stay in any union that restricts, confines or holds you back in any way. 你可能会利用你的才智、魅力和性吸引来玩一场无情的感情游戏。你可以轻易地打动任何一个星座的人与你发生一段,但长期的交往就是另外一回事了。你不会停留在一段束缚你或拖你后腿的关系中。    GEMINI amp; ARIES: This is one of your best matches. You both have a high energy, a thirst for adventure and spontaneity. Passionate, sudden and compelling this union can last.  双子座和白羊座:这是你的最佳搭档之一。你们都精力充沛,向往冒险和自然。你们的结合充满和意外,引人注目。 /201109/154080Amanda amp; Nate Reynolds Amanda amp; Nate Reynolds is a husband and wife team that loves getting to know their clients and capturing their love for each other. Not only do they give their clients great memories, they also cherish the memories lovers give them. Amanda amp; Nate Reynolds是夫妻拍档,他们喜欢了解客户,捕捉客户相互之间的情愫。不仅是他们的客户得到了美妙的记忆,他们自己也珍藏了爱侣们留下的美好回忆。 /201108/149106

A council has become the first in London to rule that smokers will no longer be able to foster children.Redbridge Council's cabinet agreed Tuesday night to a ban on placing children with foster carers who smoke unless there are exceptional circumstances.The local authority in northeast London said the decision, which will come into force in 2010, was made to protect children from the "damaging effects of passive and second-hand smoke."Other councils around the country have introduced similar measures, particularly relating to very young children, but Redbridge's ban is thought to be the most far-reaching."We know this is a difficult issue because some people will feel it is an intrusion on personal freedoms," said Councilor Michael Stark."But we also know that smoking increases the risk of serious illness in childhood. On balance, we have decided children in our care shouldn't grow up breathing second-hand smoke."The council cited scientific evidence that showed passive smoking caused lung cancer and childhood respiratory disease.Existing smokers will be told of the new policy and given help to quit.The Fostering Network, a charity which represents groups involved in fostering, said it believed no child under five should be placed with carers who smoked.However the charity, which estimates there is a shortfall of some 10,000 carers, said it did not want potentially good foster parents to be put off because they had an occasional cigarette.Tobacco lobby groups said the move was part of an "ongoing campaign to stigmatize smokers.""It's going to exclude people who could be outstanding foster parents," said a spokesman for pro-smoking group Forest."It sends out an insidious message that smokers in general are unfit parents and I don't think any politician has the right to do that." 英国伦敦某区政府日前通过一项禁令,规定吸烟者不可收养小孩。这一禁令在伦敦还是首例。位于伦敦东北部的雷德布里奇区内阁于上周二晚通过该禁令。禁令规定,除非有特殊情况,否则吸烟者不可收养小孩。雷德布里奇区政府称,决定颁布这一禁令是为了让儿童免受被动吸烟或 “二手烟”的危害。该禁令将于2010年开始实施。英国其他一些地方政府也采取了类似的禁烟措施,尤其针对一些年龄很小的孩子。但雷德布里奇的这项禁令被认为是其中影响最大的。议员迈克尔-斯塔克说:“我们知道这是一个艰难的决定,因为一些人会觉得这侵犯了他们的个人自由。”他说:“但同时,我们也很清楚吸烟会增加儿童患疾病的风险。经过权衡后,我们决定,不应该让生活在我们这一辖区的孩子受到二手烟危害。”雷德布里奇地区政府称,有科学据表明,被动吸烟会导致肺癌和儿童呼吸道疾病。该区政府将告知吸烟者这一新政策,并会帮助他们戒烟。儿童领养慈善机构“领养社区”称,五岁以下的儿童的确不能由吸烟者领养。但该组织称,他们也担心一些条件很好但偶尔吸烟的人也会因此被拒之门外。目前该机构还需要约1万名领养者,烟草业游说团体称,此举是“对吸烟者的一种污辱’”。吸烟持组织Forest的发言人说:“这项禁令会把一些很出色的领养者拒之门外。”“这等于是在说,吸烟的人都不适合做父母。可谁都没有剥夺别人做父母的权利。” /200811/55689An extra hour between the sheets at night might be the key to shedding excess weight and fighting obesity, according to recent research. "More sleep could be the ideal way of stabilising weight or slimming," said neuro-scientist Karine Spiegel, of France's INSERM, a public organisation dedicated to biological, medical and public health research.While poor eating habits and lack of exercise clearly play a role in the global rise of obesity, recent data indicates that lack of sleep may also be a factor, and one that is often under-estimated.Around 30 surveys carried out on wide population samples in seven countries have underlined a link between lack of sleep and excess weight or obesity in both children and adults, Spiegel said.The first of the studies, carried out in 1992 in France, highlighted the problem in children and teenagers. Spiegel said the increase in obesity in the US in the second half of the 20th century corresponded with a mounting decrease in sleep.Two key hormones produced at night which help regulate appetite were at play, she said.Grehlin makes people hungry, slows metabolism and decreases the body's ability to burn body fat, and leptin, a protein hormone produced by fatty tissue, regulates fat storage."We have shown that less sleep (two four-hour nights) caused an 18 percent loss of appetite-cutting leptin and a 28 percent increase of appetite-causing grehlin," she said.Such hormonal changes made people hungry for foods heavy in fats and sugars such as chips, biscuits, cakes and peanuts, she added.The sleep loss caused a 23 to 24 percent increase in hunger, Spiegel said, translating into an extra 350 to 500 kilocalories a day, "which for a young sedentary adult of normal weight could lead to a major amount of added weight."It was unclear whether several years of sleep deprivation could lastingly harm the body's ability to restore a balance between the two hormones.A study released in Washington in February showed children lacking shut-eye faced a greater risk of becoming obese than kids who got a good night's sleep.Each extra hour of sleep cuts a child's risk of becoming overweight or obese by nine percent, according to an analysis of epidemiological studies by researchers from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.By contrast, children who got the least sleep had a 92 percent higher chance of being overweight or obese than children who slept enough, said the study published in the journal Obesity."Our analysis of the data shows a clear association between sleep duration and the risk for overweight or obesity in children. The risk declined with more sleep," said Youfa Wang, a senior author of the study."Desirable sleep behavior may be an important low cost means for preventing childhood obesity and should be considered in future intervention studies," Wang said in a news release.The researchers reviewed 17 published studies on sleep duration and childhood obesity.Some research recommends that children under five years old sleep 11 hours or more a day, while children age five to 10 should get 10 or more hours of sleep, and children older than 10 should sleep at least nine hours.(Agencies)Vocabulary:metabolism:新陈代谢 /200804/347781、非常自私的女人Selfish women /200911/89518

游戏时耍赖: That doesn't count. 那不算! We weren't playing for real. 我们不是玩真的。以下英文为imdb的正式译名, “ -- ” 后是其字面含义,括号内为该片原名  《Seventeen Years》--十七年 (故弄玄虚,《回家过年》)  《So Close To Paradise》--天堂如此之近 (《扁担,姑娘》,译名比原名有意思,原名让人想起什么《辘轳,女人和》之类的东东, “ 解不开的小疙瘩呀 ” )  《Ashes Of Time》--时间的灰烬 (《东邪西毒》,这个译名意味深长,无论你是东邪还是西毒,武功再高还不是最后都成了时间的灰烬?)  《All Men Are Brothers: Blood Of The Leopard》--四海之内皆兄弟:豹子的血 (《水浒传》,《水浒传》有个英文译名就是《四海之内皆兄弟》)  《Funeral Of The Famous Star》--明星的葬礼 (《大腕》)  《Treatment》--治疗 (《刮痧》,如果美国法律这么认为就好了)  《Dream Factory》--梦工厂 (《甲方乙方》,够nb的)  《Steel Meets Fire》--钢遇上了火 (翻译遇上了鬼?《烈火金刚》)  《Third Sister Liu》--第三个刘 (《刘三》,典型的不动脑筋)  《Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker》--红鞭炮,绿鞭炮 (《炮打双灯》,儿童片?)  《Woman-Demon-Human》--女人-恶魔-人类 (《人鬼情》,失恋中的译者)  《Color Of A Hero 》--英雄的颜色 (《英雄本色》的另一译名,是不是李阳的学生译的啊?--give you colors to see see-- 给你点颜色瞧瞧)  《Once Upon A Time in China》--从前在中国 (《黄飞鸿》,大而无边)  《Twin Warriors》--孪生勇士 (《太极张三丰》,张三丰是双胞胎吗?)  《A Man Called Hero》--一个叫做英雄的男人 (《中华英雄》,译者偷懒,照抄影评的第一句)处女座刘亦菲:神仙Virgo Liu Yifei: Fairy Sister林志玲 射手座Sagittarius:Lin Chi-ling /200911/90153

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