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Do you believe in love at first sight? What about love at first kiss? That#39;s what this group of singles is hoping for.你相信一见钟情吗?那一吻钟情呢?这正是这群“单身们”所期望的。Contestants line up to kiss complete strangers on TV on TLC#39;s new reality show ;Love at First Kiss.;在TLC最新真人秀《一吻钟情》节目中,选手们排队亲吻完全陌生的人。One hopeful contestant signed up for the reality show not just to meet someone but also to finally have his first kiss -- ever.一位满怀希望的选手报名参加了真人秀,他不仅仅是为了遇见另一半,同时也终于献出自己的初吻。;I definitely wanted to have my first kiss,; 27-year-old Josh told FOX411. ;I#39;ve never kissed anyone and I thought it would be a good opportunity to get that first kiss over with but also to see if I could potentially find someone I could start dating and be in a relationship with.;“我当然想尝试一下初吻的感觉。”27岁的乔希接受《福克斯411》采访时表示.“我从来没亲吻过任何人,我觉得这可能是献出初吻的好机会,但同时也想试试能不能有机会找到能够约会的人,真正开始一段感情。”Josh admits the show#39;s premise doesn#39;t sound like it attracts people looking for serious relationships, but he thinks it can lead to dating if people are open to it.乔希承认该节目的前提听起来并不像是吸引那些寻找真爱的人参与的,但他认为只要人们敞开心扉,也能开始一段约会。;I think you can find love at first kiss if its with the right person and it can develop into a relationship,; he said. ;I would definitely do it again. It opened me up a lot and gave me a lot more confidence with myself and talking to girls.;他说道:“我觉得如果和对的人在一起,一吻钟情没什么不可能,而且两人也可以继续发展下去。我绝对想再来一次。它使我敞开心扉,不论对于我自身,还是和女孩交谈时,它都给了我更大的信心。”Another contestant looking for love told us she signed up for the dating show because she was having trouble dating in real life.另一位想要寻找真爱的选手告诉我们,她报名参加相亲节目是因为自己没办法在现实生活中和他人约会。;What#39;s funny is because I#39;m so conservative, I wouldn#39;t do anything with guys sexually at all for the first couple of dates,; 20-year-old Sarati told FOX411. ;And it wasn#39;t working so I thought if I completely changed my course of action that would help with dating.;20岁的沙拉提在接受《福克斯411》采访时说道:“有趣的是,因为我比较保守,最初的几次约会中我不愿意和对方做任何与性相关的事情。这方面总是无法正常起来,所以我就想,如果我完全改变我的作风,是不是会对约会有帮助。” /201608/460354Business at Xiabu Xiabu#39;s recently opened sibling CouCou seemed brisk even before it officially began operations on the last day of June.虽然6月底才开始正式营业,但是呷哺呷哺的一家名为湊湊“姊店”看起来异常火爆。The new restaurant offers hotpot and tea-culture elements. The average cost per person is 120-150 yuan.这家新店以“火锅加茶憩”的形式向顾客提供务。人均消费在120至150元左右。The dimly lit setting, wooden partitions and flowing evaporating steam make for a cooling environment and create a strong sense of privacy. The soothing ambience seemed to magically dissipate the heat from the boiling pots.店内幽暗的灯光,木质的板壁以及袅袅的火锅烟气营造了一种十分安静的氛围,让人感到十分自在。这种舒缓的气氛仿佛有一种魔力,于无形中驱逐了沸腾火锅带来的热量。Soup offerings include Taiwan-style spicy, lamb spine, beef shank with tomatoes, Sichuan-style numbing spice and mushroom. We opt for beef shank with tomatoes and Taiwan-style spicy bases, and we#39;re surprised at how much treasure is hidden under the bubbling surface.该店提供了包括台式麻辣锅、羊蝎子锅、番茄牛膝锅以及川式珍鲜菌菇锅等各种口味的锅底。我们选择了番茄牛膝锅以及台式麻辣锅,并且吃惊的发现锅底里面还隐藏着众多配料。Don#39;t be fooled by the dark red color of the Taiwan-style soup: It won#39;t paralyze your tongue and make you jump up and down the way Sichuan and Chongqing hotpot can do. Instead, the soup offers a slight tingle.不要被台式火锅底料的暗红色油汤所吓倒,这种汤不会像四川和重庆的火锅那样,让你的舌头麻痹,让你上蹿下跳。相反,这种汤底只是微辣。Big chunks of translucent beef tendons are immersed in the tomato-red soup and emerge soft but resilient. I try handmade Da Hong Pao (a rock tea from Fujian#39;s Wuyi Mountain) with no syrup and no ice, and a special Taiwan drink integrating white gourd and black tea. Both were very refreshing and complemented the meaty and slightly oily hotpot foods.大块的牛腱浸泡在番茄汤中,晶莹剔透,吃起来肉质松软但却弹性十足。我还尝试了不加糖和冰的自制大红袍(产自福建武夷山的一种名茶)和混有冬瓜和红茶的一种台湾饮料。两种饮品味道清新爽口,恰好祛除了吃火锅的油腻感。The noodle-like spinal cord of deep-ocean cod is an eye-opener, served in a bowl on a bigger plate filled with flowing white smoke. It melts in the mouth and carries no unpleasant fish odor. Our server says it#39;s full of collagen and thus a dream food for girls who long for fair skin. One 50g portion of spinal cord requires 150 kilograms of deep-ocean cod, which is in limited supply and thus not always available.该店推出的面条状的深海海鲜菜品鱼骨髓更是让人大开眼界,这道菜被盛放在碗锅中,用盘子呈上,打开盖子之后白烟袅袅。品尝时入口即化,肉质鲜美,丝毫没有任何鱼腥味。务员表示,这道菜富含胶原蛋白,非常适合女孩子食用,有利于保持肌肤白皙嫩滑。这道50克的骨髓大餐每道需要300斤的深海鳕鱼才能加工出一份,每天限量供应。The scampi from New Zealand steals some limelight from the hotpot feast, because I don#39;t put it in the pot but eat it raw - it is delightfully sweet with an edge of salty seawater.来自新西兰的龙虾在这场火锅盛宴中也是必不可少的一道名菜。当时我并没有将其放入锅内,而就是生着吃,味道也十分鲜美,带有一丝咸咸的海水味道。The seafood ;lollipops; made of ground fish and shrimp mixed with fennel and carrots were springy, with very little starch added.此外,该店还推出了一种海鲜棒棒糖,这种糖以鱼虾作为原料,混有茴香和胡萝卜制成,再裹上少量的淀粉,尝起来非常有嚼劲儿。Just like the owner promised, I don#39;t leave with a nasty hotpot smell, which might be proof of the soup#39;s natural herbal ingredients or the restaurant#39;s very good ventilation system. Either way, it#39;s a nice dining experience and a bold break from its Xiabu Xiabu siblings.正如该店老板所说,吃完火锅之后不会留下难闻的火锅味,这要归功于这家店纯天然的草本汤料以及良好的通风设施。在湊湊吃火锅是非常愉快的一次用餐体验,其在原来呷哺呷哺火锅基础上做出的大胆创新非常成功。 /201607/455228You#39;ve heard those hospital horror stories where the surgeon removes the wrong body part or operates on the wrong patient or accidentally leaves medical equipment in the person they were operating on.你一定听说过那些医院里发生的可怕事件,比如外科医生切除了身体错误的部分;做手术把病人弄错了;或者意外将医疗器械留在了病人身体里等等。Even scarier, perhaps, is a new study in the latest edition of BMJ suggesting most medical errors go unobserved, at least in the official record.更为骇人听闻的是,也许就像《英国医学期刊》最新报道的,大部分的医疗事故根本未被统计进来,至少在官方记录里是这样的。In fact, the study, from doctors at Johns Hopkins, suggests medical errors may kill more people than lower respiratory diseases like emphysema and bronchitis do. That would make these medical mistakes the third leading cause of death in the ed States. That would place medical errors right behind heart disease and cancer.事实上,由约翰霍普金斯大学医学院的教授们进行的这项研究显示,每年因医疗事故死亡的病人远远高于因患气肿或气管炎等呼吸道疾病死亡的人数。医疗事故成为了美国仅次于心脏病和癌症的第三大致死原因。Through their analysis of four other studies examining death rate information, the doctors estimate there are at least 251,454 deaths due to medical errors annually in the ed States. The authors believe the number is actually much higher, as home and nursing home deaths are not counted in that total.通过另外四项对死亡率信息的分析,这些教授们估计,在美国每年至少有25万1454人死于医疗事故。笔者相信真实数据一定远不止这个数,因为在家里或疗养院死亡的数字并未被统计在内。The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the inspector general in 2008 reported 180,000 deaths by medical error among Medicare patients alone.美国健康和人类务监察办公室在2008年曾报道过,因医疗事故致死的人数为18万,不过它仅追踪的是有医疗保险的病人。Dr. Martin Makary and Dr. Michael Daniel, who did the study, hope their analysis will lead to real reform in a health care system they argue is letting patients down.进行这项研究的马丁·马卡里教授和迈克尔·丹尼尔教授表示,希望他们的分析能带来医疗系统真正的改革,因为当前的情况实在太让患者失望了。One reason there#39;s such a wide range of numbers is because accurate data on these kinds of deaths is surprisingly sparse. That#39;s in part because death certificates don#39;t ask for enough data, Makary said.这些数据差异如此大,原因之一是对这类死亡的精确统计惊人的少。马卡里教授表示,这部分是由于患者的死亡明上并未要求显示完整的信息。Makary believes there should be a space on the certificate that asks if the death is related to a medical error. If the answer is yes, Makary suggests the doctor should have some legal protection so the certificate is not something that could be used in a lawsuit.马卡里相信,死亡明应该是有改善的空间的,以此确认死亡是否与医疗事故有关。如果有关,他建议医生应当受一定的法律保护,即该死亡明不应当导致医生被起诉。There are barcodes that could be placed on each piece of surgical equipment so a team could account for every tool at the end of a surgery, for example. Makary believes many hospitals don#39;t invest in technology that could prevent errors because the hospitals don#39;t always realize how big the problem is and don#39;t make it a priority. Funding for research on medical errors is also extremely limited.我们还可以给每个医疗器械贴上条形码,这样医生们在手术结束后就可清点数量避免意外。马卡里认为很多医院不愿意去投资科技以预防医疗事故,因为这些医院还未意识到这些问题有多严重,也不会优先考虑这一块。而用于医疗事故研究的资金也是少得可怜。The problem is not unique to the ed States. Earlier studies have shown undercounted medical errors are a problem in hospitals throughout the world.这个问题不是只有美国才有。更早的研究显示,数不胜数的医疗事故一直是全球各地医院的一大困扰。Doctors are human and they are going to make mistakes, Makary said.马卡里表示,医生毕竟也是人,难免会犯错误。 /201605/443399

Li Siguang (1889~1971), is the founder of China#39;s geomechanics. A native of Huanggang, Hubei, Li studied in Japan and the ed States in his early years.李四光(1889~1971),中国地质力学的创建人,湖北黄冈人。早年曾在日本、美国留学。He became a geological professor at Peking University upon his return from abroad in 1920.1920年回国到北京大学任地质学教授。After the People#39;s Republic of China was established, Li held the positions of deputy president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and minister of geology.中华人民共和国成立后,李四光任中国科学院副院长、地质部部长。In the 1920s, Li Siguang set up the subject of geological mechanics and made great contribution to the geological theory.1920年,李四光创立了地质力学,为地质理论作出了巨大贡献。He studied lithosphere with the mechanic theory, and established the tectonic system, one of the basic concepts of tectonic mechanics. He provided new ways to explore the natural phenomena and ushered in new ways of studying the lithosphere movement.李四光运用力学观点来研究地壳运动现象,建立了“构造体系”这一地质力学的基本概念,为探索地质自然现象提供了新方法,为研究地壳运动规律开辟了新途径。His theory made great contribution to China#39;s oil reconnaissance and survey, changing the situation of “oil-deficiency; in the country, enabling the large-scale development of oil fields to raise the country to the ranks of the world major oil producers.他的理论为中国石油勘探作出巨大贡献,改变中国的“缺油”局面,使得大规模的油田发展将中国变成了世界主要的石油生产国。With the geological mechanics, he analyzed the geology and pointed out that China had abundant oil and gas resources.李四光运用地质力学分析了中国地质构造特点,认为中国具有广阔的找油远景。The continuous development of Daqing oilfield, Shengli oilfield and Dagang oilfield proved that Li Siguang was really far-sighted in science.大庆、胜利、大港等油田的相继发现实了李四光的科学预见。In the earthquake studies, Li Siguang emphasized the importance of observing changes in terrestrial stress on the base of studying geological structural movement, and showed clearly the orientation for earthquake forecasting work.在地震地质工作方面,李四光强调在研究地质构造活动性的基础上,观察地应力的变化,为实现地震预报指出了方向。What#39;s more, as early as the 1920s, Li Siguang visited many places such as the piedmont of Taihang Mountain, Datong Basin, Lushan Mountain and Huangshan Mountain, and found the vestige variations of the Quaternary Period glacier.此外,李四光早在20年代初,实地考察了太行山麓、大同盆地、庐山和黄山等地,先后发现第四纪冰川遗迹。He proved wrong many academic authorities#39; conclusion that China had no Quaternary Period glacier.推翻了国际上许多冰川学权威断言中国无第四纪冰川的错误结论。 /201604/435075

A university student in China has been caught taking photographs up his female classmate#39;s skirt while attending a lecture.日前,中国一名大学生在上课期间偷拍女同学裙底,却被当场抓住。Images have been released on Chinese social media showing the man holding his phone around his back, which was aimed at another female student, reports the People#39;s Daily Online. The male student allegedly shared the pictures with a classmate after they were snapped.据《人民日报》报道,从一些发布在社交媒体上的照片可以看出,该名男子将手机藏到背后,从桌子底下伸出来对着后排的女同学进行偷拍。在偷拍得手后,该名男子还和其他同学分享了这些照片。A total of six photos were circulated on Chinese social media site Weibo with posts claiming that the man is studying in a university in Kunming, southern China#39;s Yunnan Province.中国社交媒体新浪微上一共贴出了6张该男子偷拍行为的照片,同时有文称该名男子就读于中国南方的云南昆明的一所大学。The pictures were taken by a third student who sat behind the female victim at the time. In the photos, the student pretends to pay attention in class however his hands are holding his phone around his back, getting pictures of the unknowing female behind him.当时坐在女受害人后方的另一名学生拍下了该名男子作案时的照片。从照片中可以看出,该名男子假装很认真的听课,但是双手却拿着手机环于背后,拍下了后排女子裙底的照片,而受害人还浑然不知。The man has admitted to his behaviour to the media and apologised to the victim, according to People#39;s Daily Online.据《人民日报》报道,该男子向媒体承认了他的所作所为,并向受害人道了歉。The photos have sparked an outrage among users of Weibo.这些照片激起了微用户们的怒火。One user commented: #39;This guy should be expelled.#39; And another wrote: #39;Why didn#39;t they call the police?#39;一名微用户说道:“这人应该被开除。”另一人说道:“为什么他们不报警呢?”While one user said: #39;If apologies work, why do we need the law?#39;也有人说道:“如果道歉有用的话,那我们还要法律来干什么?”There is an increasing problem with people trying to take up-skirt photographs in China. In April, a woman made a man eat his phone#39;s memory card after she caught him taking photographs up her skirt. The woman filmed the incident and uploaded the footage to Weibo.在中国,不法分子偷拍女生裙底的问题越来越猖獗。今年四月,一名男子偷拍女生裙底照片被抓现行,受害人逼迫该名男子吃下了他的手机内存卡。这名女子把整件事拍了下来,并上传到了微上。 /201607/453978

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