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呼和浩特妇幼保健人民中心医院妇科检查多少钱乌海早孕检查多少钱One of the most unsettling workplaces I have ever come across was a pub in the English Midlands I visited 12 years ago. It was nothing to do with the licensee of the Pig amp; Truffle in Rugby, an enterprising man called Mike Trow, who brought in some fine real ales.12年前,我去过英格兰中部的一家酒吧,那是我见过的最令人不安的工作场所之一。这家位于拉格比的酒吧名叫“猪与松露”(The Pig amp; Truffle),老板叫迈克#8226;特罗(Mike Trow),是一个很有进取心的人,卖一些上好的传统酿造啤酒。他并不是我感到不安的原因。Instead, the uneasiness I felt stemmed from something lurking in his cellar. Attached to the pipes that sent beer up to the bar was spy equipment introduced by Punch Taverns, a company whose flotation I was covering. Punch was both renting the pub to Mr Trow and selling him all his beer at above-market rates.实际上,他地窖里的某些东西才是不安的来源。往上输送啤酒的管子上安着Punch Taverns的监控设备。我当时正在报道这家公司上市的消息。Punch一方面将酒吧租给特罗,另一方面以高于市价的价格向其独家供应啤酒。The kit measured how much lager and bitter was flowing through the Pig amp; Truffle’s taps to ensure that he was not breaking this onerous exclusive supply deal by buying from a cheaper wholesaler: something that could have led to Mr Trow’s family being booted out of the pub and their home.这个设备是用来检测“猪与松露”的龙头流出了多少淡啤和苦啤,以防特罗违反这个义务繁多的独家供货协议,从价格较低的批发商那里买酒:违反协议可能使特罗和他的家人失去这间酒吧和他们的家。There was something odd about the bottles of Holsten Pils too: instead of the usual green top, they had a red one. This was another way Punch exerted Big Brother-style control over its publican “partners”, who bore most of the day-to-day trading risk. The Pig amp; Truffle would have been in trouble if it had been caught selling cheaper green-top Holsten.那里售卖的Holsten Pils啤酒的瓶子也有奇怪的地方:和平常的绿盖不同,这些瓶子上是红盖。这是Punch对它的“伙伴”酒店老板施加“老大哥”式控制的另一种方式,承担大部分日常运营风险的也是这些酒店老板。如果“猪与松露”被发现售卖更便宜的绿盖Holsten Pils啤酒,就会有麻烦。I’ve been thinking of Mr Trow recently — and the way his story ties in with broader workplace trends — because of a surprising development in the pub sector. British MPs last month voted to undo the “beer tie”, the legal quirk that permits such a lopsided landlord-tenant arrangement.由于酒吧业的一个惊人发展,我最近一直在思考特罗的故事,他的故事契合了一种更广泛的工作场所变化趋势。英国议会上月投票取消“啤酒捆绑令”(Beer Tie,译注:大酒吧公司向租入酒吧的店主独家供应啤酒的安排),正是这种奇怪的法律造成了如此不平等的租赁协议。The reform, allowing more publicans to buy cheaper beer from third parties, still has to be passed into law but it has aly hit the share prices of some in the sector. For example, Vianet, which installed the Pig amp; Truffle’s beer flow monitor for Punch, suffered a 16 per cent share price decline in the two trading days after the vote.这项改革使更多酒吧老板能从第三方购入更便宜的啤酒,虽然还未通过变成法律,但已经冲击了一些酒吧业内企业的股价。比如,为Punch在“猪与松露”酒吧安装啤酒流量监控器的公司Vianet,在议会投票后的2个交易日内股价下跌了16%。The sudden stiffening of parliamentary resolve after years of inaction is fantastic news, even though it has come too late for Mr Trow, who quit the pub trade years ago and now runs a mobile catering outlet. Punch, meanwhile, is a shadow of its former self and has had to renegotiate the debt it took on during its go-go years.在多年毫无动作后,议会突然坚定了决心,这是一个极好的消息,尽管对特罗来说来得太晚。几年前他就已经放弃了酒吧生意,现在经营着一家流动餐饮店。与此同时,Punch也好景不再,不得不对其繁盛时期欠下的债务进行重新谈判。But as desirable as it might be, the dismantling of spy equipment in pub cellars up and down the country would be somewhat at odds with the spirit of the age. Offices, in particular, are becoming havens for monitoring equipment with varying levels of intrusiveness.尽管这件事似乎值得一做,在全国上下的酒吧地窖拆除监控设备的行动却与时代精神有点格格不入。尤其是,办公室正变成各种侵入性程度不一的监控设备的安身之所。My colleague Hannah Kuchler in San Francisco wrote a terrific feature earlier in the year about the likes of Sociometric Solutions, which puts sensors in name badges to discover social dynamics at work, monitoring how employees move around the office, who they talk to and even what tone of voice they use.今年早些时候,我在旧金山的同事汉娜#8226;库赫勒(Hannah Kuchler)写了一篇关于Sociometric Solutions那类公司的好文章。Sociometric Solutions在企业客户的员工姓名牌上安装传感器,以了解员工工作时的社交活动,监测员工在办公室里的走动路线、交谈对象,甚至说话的语气。Another US manufacturer she profiled, Steelcase, puts sensors in office furniture and argues that the technology is now so cheap that it can be deployed “practically everywhere”.她概述的另一家美国制造商Steelcase,在办公家具上安装了传感器,称这种技术造价非常低廉,所以“基本上任何地方”都可以采用。I’ve recently been contacted by a thriving UK-headquartered company calledCondeco Software, whose products include wireless “workplace occupancy sensors” that track movement to assess how much desks and meeting rooms are being used.最近,一家总部设在英国的企业Condeco Software联系到了我。这家企业正在蓬勃发展,产品包括无线“工作场所占用传感器”,能够追踪人的移动情况,以估算有多少桌子和会议室正在使用。Its promotional for the product carries a whiff of sci-fi dystopia, showing the black gadgets stuck on the underside of desks like clunky bugging devices (or malign air fresheners), although I guess the aesthetics should improve under a new partnership it is set to agree with a manufacturer that would embed the sensors inside desks.该产品的宣传视频有一丝反乌托邦科幻小说的味道,视频里固定在桌子底部的黑色部件看上去像是笨重的窃听器(或者看上去不怀好意的空气清新器)。不过,这家公司即将和另一家制造商达成新的合作关系,我猜之后他们应该会提升产品美感,把传感器嵌入到桌子里。But Paul Statham, Condeco founder and chief executive, makes a strong case for why such technology is a good thing for companies, and maybe even staff.但Condeco的创始人兼首席执行官保罗#8226;斯泰瑟姆(Paul Statham)阐述了强有力的理由,说明为什么这种技术对企业是一件好事,甚至对员工来说也可能也是如此。The rise of flexible working has left some companies with unproductively configured space: perhaps too many old-fashioned rows of desks and not enough lounge areas and quiet zones to cater for homeworkers popping in.弹性工作制的兴起使一些公司的空间配置失去了用武之地:要吸引在家工作的人,公司有太多一排排的老式桌椅,休息区和安静区也不够。Condeco’s clients, who include Barclays and General Electric, are not interested in using the technology to monitor whether someone steps away for too many cigarette breaks, says Mr Statham: “It is not a time and motion study. This is not about monitoring people.”Condeco的客户包括巴克莱(Barclays)和通用电气(General Electric),对使用这种技术来监控员工出去抽烟休息的次数是否太多,这些客户并不感兴趣,斯泰瑟姆说:“这不是时间和移动研究。这与监控人无关。”There is an argument that the wave of office monitoring devices may not much alter the balance of power between employee and employer, given how easy it is to track internet and smartphone use aly.还有一种主张,称办公室监控设备的潮流或许不会从根本上动摇雇员和雇主之间的权力平衡,因为现在追踪互联网和智能手机的使用非常简单。Inevitably, though, there will be managers who use sensors as a cynical command-and-control tool. In such cases, investors should bear in mind that it is a second-rate company that has to spy on its allies to make its business model work — as the sorry saga of Punch has shown.然而,不可避免地会有经理把传感器作为一种体现怀疑姿态的命令和控制工具。在这种情况下,投资者应该记住一点,正如Punch令人遗憾的故事展现出来的那样,需要监视合作伙伴才能让商业模式运作的是二流企业。 /201502/360786呼市第一附属医院白带异常多少钱 呼和浩特市第一医院治疗脱肛多少钱

呼和浩特去哪割包皮比较好The scale of Huawei’s ambitions as a provider of global telecoms equipment was made apparent by the size of the vast building it occupied in the first hall met by visitors entering Mobile World Congress.中国华为(Huawei)在世界移动通信大会(Mobile World Congress)第一展厅占据的巨大展台,昭示了它作为一家全球电信设备提供商的抱负。Now the group wants to be at the forefront of the next generation of mobile technology — the so-called 5G networks — which is still so early in its development that even the definition of what it might be is still being debated.华为希望成为下一代移动通信技术(所谓5G网络)的领跑者。5G网络仍处于早期开发阶段,就连其定义还仍在讨论中。Ken Hu, deputy chairman of Huawei, has his own ideas about how 5G will look — connections for more than 100bn devices with speeds of up to 10Gbps — and makes it clear that the Chinese telecoms group will be in a leading position to set standards in future.华为副董事长胡厚昆(Ken Hu)对5G前景的理解是,5G技术会以每秒最高10Gb的速度将超过1000亿件设备联接在一起。他明确表示,在为5G技术标准制定上,华为将处于领先地位。This is important for Huawei as it could end up owning the essential patents that the telecoms industry needs to license in future.这一点对华为很重要,因为该公司最终可能掌握一些关键的、可向电信业发放使用许可的专利。Ownership of patents has been big business for companies such as Nokia and Ericsson, which dominated much of the intellectual property rights from previous generations of network and mobile devices. This time, Huawei is in the race to develop 5G network ideas, working both collaboratively at an industry level but also in its own labs.对于诺基亚(Nokia)和爱立信(Ericsson)等公司而言,掌握专利所有权一直是一项规模很大的业务。这两家公司控制了前几代网络和移动设备的大部分知识产权。这一次,华为加入了开发5G网络的竞赛,不仅局限于自家实验室内,还在行业层面展开协作。“Undoubtedly Huawei has become one of the leaders when it comes to 5G,” said Mr Hu. “We started six years ago and made a large number of technological breakthroughs. It can definitely help Huawei take a stronger position in terms of 5G related IPR.”“华为无疑已成为5G技术的领跑者之一,”胡厚昆说。“我们起步于6年前,已取得了大量的技术突破。这肯定能帮助华为在5G知识产权领域占据更有优势的地位。” /201503/363495鄂尔多斯男科最好的医院 呼市妇幼保健人民中医院治疗腋臭多少钱

乌兰察布市治疗早孕哪家医院最好的 To watch the confrontation between the US’s most valuable company and its top law enforcement agency is to find oneself in a state of nearly permanent cognitive dissonance. 观察一下美国最有价值的公司与美国最高执法机构之间的对峙,你会陷入一种近乎永久性“认知失调”的状态中。 Apparently, America’s government agencies are both omnipotent and helpless. Omnipotent because, as this week’s batch of surveillance revelations from WikiLeaks suggests, they have no problems intercepting highly secretive communications between their European allies. Helpless because, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s bosses keep repeating, they need Apple’s co-operation in order to break into the iPhone of the shooter in the San Bernardino attacks. 显然,美国政府机构既无所不能,又很无助。之所以说无所不能是因为,正如上周维基解密(WikiLeaks)爆料的数起监控案例所表明的那样,它们在拦截欧洲盟友之间高度机密的通信内容方面神通广大。之所以说无助是因为,正如联邦调查局(FBI)的头头们屡次重申的那样,它们需要苹果(Apple)的合作,以解锁圣贝纳迪诺击案凶手的iPhone。 It gets worse. On February 9, James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, boasted in his Senate testimony that “in the future, intelligence services might use the [internet of things] for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment, or to gain access to networks or user credentials.” Now we learn that such agencies cannot get into our smartphones … let alone our smart fridges. 更糟的还在后面。今年2月9日,美国国家情报总监(DNI)詹姆斯克拉珀(James Clapper)在参议院作时夸耀称,“未来,情报部门可能使用(物联网)来确认、监听、监控、定位以及定向招募,或者进入网络或者用户凭据”。现在我们知道,这些机构无法进入我们的智能手机……更别说我们的智能冰箱了。 Something in the government’s rhetoric does not add up. The FBI either has solid reasons to break into that phone — in which case it is not obvious why the mighty power of the National Security Agency and other government bodies has not yet been mobilised — or it is simply using the San Bernardino case as an excuse to redefine its relationship with Silicon Valley. 美国政府的某些言论并不能自圆其说。FBI要么有解锁那部手机的充足理由——如果是这种情况的话,美国国家安全局(NSA)和其他政府机构的强大能力不知为何没有被动用——要么只是以圣贝纳迪诺击案为借口来重新界定它与硅谷的关系。 Asked by a judge about its willingness to enlist the help of all the federal agencies in a similar case from 2015, the government responded that “federal prosecutors don’t have an obligation to consult the intelligence community in order to investigate crime.” 在2015年的一起类似案件中,当被一名法官问及是否愿意争取所有联邦机构的帮助时,美国政府回应称,“联邦检察机关没有咨询情报部门以调查犯罪行为的义务”。 And since very little is known about the true capabilities of America’s intelligence community, everyone involved in the current debate has to pretend that the world’s most powerful spying agency does not exist. 既然人们对美国情报机关的真实能力知之甚少,所有卷入当前辩论的人不得不假装,这个全球最强大的情报机构并不存在。 While the FBI’s defence has been that their request is extremely narrow — once Apple has facilitated access to that single phone, it is free to destroy the code required to do so — the broader political context in which this battle unfolds suggests that Apple’s stance will have far-reaching implications. 尽管FBI一直辩称,他们的要求极低——一旦苹果帮助解锁了那部手机,就可以销毁为此开发的代码——但这场争斗所处的更广泛的政治环境表明,苹果的立场将具有深远的影响。 First, the FBI’s request comes at a time when the US government is exerting immense pressure on America’s largest technology companies to join it in the fight against Isis. Both the state department and the Department of Defense have recently expanded their presence in Silicon Valley. 首先,FBI提出请求之际,正值美国政府对美国大型科技公司施加巨大压力,要求它们加入到打击“伊斯兰国”(ISIS)中。FBI和美国国防部最近都扩大了在硅谷的存在。 While many such requests are straightforward — removing jihadist propaganda from YouTube or Twitter, for example — there are concerns that such pressure might extend to modifying their algorithms in order to hide certain types of content from easily susceptible users. 尽管许多此类要求很直接——例如,消除YouTube或Twitter上的圣战宣传标语——但仍有人担心,此类压力可能延展至要求科技公司调整算法,以便向容易受影响的用户屏蔽某些类型的内容。 Google knows what is in your inbox; why should it not modify your search results to make you less of a terrorist? 谷歌(Google)知道你的收件箱里有什么;它为何不应调整你的搜索结果以便降低你发展成恐怖分子的可能性? Second, it is hard to believe that the San Bernardino case will be an isolated episode. Not only are there several similar cases aly pending in US courts but many prosecutors have aly indicated they have their own backlog of phones to unlock. 其次,很难相信圣贝纳迪诺击案会是一个孤立事件。美国法院已有多起类似的案件等待判决,而且很多检察官已表示,他们也有大量手机等待解锁。 Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance said recently that he would “absolutely ... want access to all those phones that are crucial in a criminal investigation.” 曼哈顿地区检察官塞勒斯万斯(Cyrus Vance)最近表示,他“肯定……希望破解所有在刑事调查中起关键作用的手机。” Even if Apple chose to destroy the code it writes to help the FBI on this occasion, it would need to rewrite it for a new request. Should it keep this code forever, it would be holding on to a magic key to its devices — a highly prized asset for any hacker. 即便苹果选择销毁这次为帮助FBI而编写的代码,以后再有新的要求时它还得重写。如果苹果永远保留这个代码,这将为其设备保有一把带有魔力的钥匙:这对于任何黑客而言都是一项十足珍贵的资产。 Given the publicity of the case, any terrorists would probably stop using Apple’s products anyway. The only people to suffer would be ordinary users, stuck with their iPhones and iPads. 鉴于此案的曝光度,所有恐怖主义分子恐怕都不会再用苹果产品。唯一的受害者将是那些离不开iPhone和iPad的普通用户。 Third, the FBI’s rationale in this case would make any other manufacturer of smart devices — including all those smart fridges and smart thermostats in your smart home — subject to similar requests. 第三,联邦调查局在此案中提出的理由将令所有其他生产智能设备的制造商(包括你的智能家居中的智能冰箱和智能恒温器)从类似的要求。 If Apple can be forced to modify security protocols on its phone, what stops the FBI from asking the manufacturer of the smart smoke detector to trigger a fake smoke alarm? Or asking the manufacturer of the smart car to drive suspects directly to the police station? 如果苹果可以被迫修改其手机的安全协议,那么还有什么能阻止FBI要求智能烟雾报警器制造商发出虚假烟雾报警?或者要求生产智能汽车的制造商让嫌疑人乘坐的汽车直接开到警察局? All of this would seem neat so long as the government agencies were competent and nobody else could take advantage of such vulnerabilities. 所有这些似乎都会安然无事,只要政府机构有能力,而且其他人无法利用这些脆弱性。 This is not so. The San Bernardino case — where the FBI had a chance to break into the phone but blew it by changing the suspect’s Apple password — suggests that the FBI’s technical competence does not yet match the NSA’s. 但情况并非如此,在圣贝纳迪诺击案中,联邦调查局曾经有机会破解那部手机,但在修改嫌疑人的苹果密码时搞砸了。这表明,联邦调查局的技术能力还赶不上美国国家安全局。 And it would be suicidal to force technology companies to weaken security at a time when institutions of all sorts are vulnerable to hackers demanding ransoms — earlier this month, a hospital in California paid the bitcoin equivalent of ,000 to hackers who had breached its computer network. 在各类机构容易受到索要赎金的黑客的攻击之际,迫使科技公司削弱产品的安全性无异于自杀。本月早些时候,加州一家医院向攻击其电脑网络的黑客付了价值相当于1.7万美元的比特币。 Apple’s proposed solution is the right one: America needs a comprehensive political debate on the issue — one that would bypass inter-agency squabbling. 苹果提出的解决方案是正确的:美国需要就这个问题展开一场全面的政治辩论,这场辩论将绕开机构之间的争吵。 Alas, given how little the current batch of presidential candidates seems to care, or even understand, these issues, this debate is not likely to happen. 唉,当前的各位总统候选人似乎都不太关心这些问题,甚至不太了解,因此这场辩论不太可能出现。 /201603/429552呼和浩特市第一人民医院检查妇科病多少钱呼和浩特急性尿道炎怎样治疗



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