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赤峰泌尿外科内蒙古省呼和浩特首大医院怎么样BERLIN — A German publisher of right-wing books has begun selling a reprint of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” originally issued in 1943 by the Nazi party’s central publishing house, a move that risks violating Germany’s law against the distribution of Nazi propaganda.柏林——德国一家右翼书籍出版商,已经开始销售再版的阿道夫·希特勒(Adolf Hitler)的《我的奋斗》(Mein Kampf),该书最初由纳粹党的中央出版社在1943年出版。此举有可能触犯了德国关于不得销售纳粹宣传品的法律规定。A copyright on “Mein Kampf” that was held by the Bavarian government expired on Dec. 31, and an annotated scholarly edition was published this year with government permission.由巴伐利亚州政府持有的《我的奋斗》版权于去年12月31日到期。今年,该书的学术注释版在政府的许可下出版发行。Now, state prosecutors in the German city of Leipzig, where the publisher, Der Schelm, is based, are investigating whether they can press charges . Last week, prosecutors in Bamberg opened a separate investigation after a bookseller, who was not identified, advertised Der Schelm’s edition.前述出版商名叫淘气出版社(Der Schelm),其所在地莱比锡市的州检察官正展开调查,看是否可以对其提起指控。上周,班伯格的检察官针对一个推介淘气版《我的奋斗》的书商启动了单独的调查。该书商的姓名未被公开。Although Hitler’s two-volume treatise, written from 1924 to 1927 and laying out his ideas on race and violence, is widely available on the internet, the annotated version is the only one that is legal in Germany. The 3,500 comments accompanying the text provide context for the work, and they are aimed, in part, at trying to prevent a new generation from taking up Nazi ideologies.希特勒的这一专著分上下两卷,写于1924年至1927年,详细论述了希特勒关于种族和暴力的观点。尽管该书在网络上流传甚广,但在德国,新上市的注释版是唯一合法的版本。与正文一同出现的3500条注释交代了这本书的背景,在某种程度上旨在竭力防止新世代的年轻人接受纳粹的意识形态。“Promoting an edition without annotations is considered a criminal offense,” Christopher Rosenbusch, a spokesman for prosecutors in Bamberg, said on Wednesday.“推销无注释版本被认为是犯罪行为,”班伯格的检察官发言人克里斯托弗·罗森布施(Christopher Rosenbusch)说。The Der Schelm edition is advertised as “unchanged and without comment, for critical assessment.” The house, which also offers a reprinted edition of the German translation of Henry Ford’s “International Jew,” encourages its ers to “have the courage to make your own judgment.”淘气版《我的奋斗》的宣传语是“无修改无注释,谨供批判性评价之用”。该出版社还再版了亨利·福特(Henry Ford)的德译本《国际犹太人》(International Jew),并鼓励读者“鼓起勇气做出自己的判断”。The move comes as a new far-right political party, Alternative for Germany, has risen in popularity, in part, by appealing to fears linked to the arrival last year of a million migrants and by questioning many of the liberal policies and premises that have dominated public discourse in postwar Germany.淘气出版社此举的背景是,一个新成立的极右派政党——德国另类选择党(Alternative for Germany)——已经通过迎合去年到来的100万移民所引发的恐惧心理,以及质疑主导德国战后公共话语的许多自由主义政策和假设,而受到了广泛欢迎。 /201606/447441呼和浩特首大生殖专科医院收费高吗 Last year, the French sociologist Emmanuel Todd caused controversy with his book Qui est Charlie? Todd argued that France had succumbed to collective hysteria after the murder in January 2015, by homegrown jihadi terrorists, of members of the editorial team of the satirical journal Charlie Hebdo and customers at a kosher supermarket in Paris. 去年,法国社会学家埃马努埃尔#8226;托德(Emmanuel Todd)的著作《谁是查理?》(Qui est Charlie?)引起了争议。托德辩称,在2015年1月土生土长的圣战恐怖分子杀害了讽刺杂志《查理周刊》(Charlie Hebdo)的部分编辑团队成员和巴黎一家犹太超市的顾客之后,法国人已屈于集体歇斯底里情绪。 The enormous government-sanctioned popular mobilisation that followed the attacks was little more than an orgy of national self-congratulation, he said. And there was a darker side to the “virtuous ignorance” of those who marched in towns and cities across the country declaring that they too were “Charlie”. “The obsession with Islam was everywhere”, Todd observed, and French Muslims found themselves subjected to impromptu citizenship tests that required them to accept that ridicule of religion was not just a right but a duty. And in calling for mass demonstrations in the wake of the attacks, President Fran#231;ois Hollande ran the risk of glorifying the perpetrators and giving “ideological meaning” to acts better understood as products of individual pathology. 托德表示,恐怖袭击之后经政府批准的大规模民众动员,不过是一场举国的自我夸耀狂欢。在全法国各城镇游行、宣称自己也是“查理”的那些人,他们那种“自鸣得意的无知”还有更阴暗的一面。“在各个地方,人们都对伊斯兰教感到困扰,”托德评述称,法国穆斯林发现自己必须接受临时的公民测验,该测验要求他们接受一个观点:调侃宗教不仅仅只一种权利,也是一种义务。恐怖袭击之后,法国总统号召进行大规模示威游行,他这么做造成了一种风险,即美化行凶者,并赋予那些最好被理解为源于个体变态的行为以“意识形态含义”。 Jean Birnbaum, a journalist for Le Monde, offers a very different account of the reaction to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in his new book, which, like Todd’s, was written before the slaughter in Paris on November 13. Indeed, you could say that Todd’s analysis is in fact an example of what Birnbaum calls “religious silence” — the failure of French politicians and intellectuals, especially on the left, to acknowledge or understand the religious dimension of Islamist terrorism. 法国《世界报》(Le Monde)记者让#8226;伯恩鲍姆(Jean Birnbaum)在他的新书里,对《查理周刊》人员遭屠杀事件后法国的反应做出了非常不同的描述。跟托德的书一样,他的这本书也写于去年11月3日的巴黎屠杀之前。实际上,你可以说,托德的分析其实就是伯恩鲍姆所称的“宗教的沉默”的一个例子。宗教的沉默是指,法国政客和知识分子(尤其是从属左翼阵营的)未能承认或理解伊斯兰恐怖分子的宗教特征。 There are, of course, good reasons for not wishing to “faire l’amalgame”, as the French put it — for avoiding the conflation of Islam in general with sanguinary jihadism in particular. For one thing, social peace depends on it. This is why Mr Hollande said, at the huge Paris demonstration on January 11 last year, that the Charlie Hebdo attacks had “nothing to do with Islam”. This was echoed by the president’s colleagues and also by commentators like Todd. 当然,我们有充分理由不希望“搞混淆”,避免把作为整体的伊斯兰教和血腥圣战运动这一特殊现象划上等号。首先,社会安定依赖于此。正因如此,奥朗德在去年1月11日的巴黎大规模游行中说,《查理周刊》遇袭“与伊斯兰教无关”。他的政府同僚和托德等人士也表达了同样的观点。 The problem with this position is, as Birnbaum points out, that those responsible for the attacks saw themselves as “soldiers of God”. Yet it was if the words of the Kouachi brothers and their accomplice, Amedy Coulibaly, could not be heard. Few seemed capable, Birnbaum observes, of performing the elementary intellectual manoeuvre of resisting the identification of Islam with terrorism, on the one hand, while on the other acknowledging the religious dimension of jihadist violence. 正如伯恩鲍姆所指出,这一立场的问题在于,那些对恐怖袭击负责的人把自己视为“真主的战士”。然而,人们好像没法听到库阿奇(Kouachi)兄弟和他们的同谋阿米迪#8226;库利巴利(Amedy Coulibaly)的话一样。伯恩鲍姆评述称,似乎很少有人能做到一方面用基本的理智拒绝把伊斯兰教和恐怖主义划上等号,另一方面又承认圣战主义暴力活动的宗教特征。 There is an abundant literature on the question of just how Islamic Islamist terrorism is. But although he devotes a few pages to the theological “civil war” within Islam, Birnbaum’s main interest lies elsewhere — in the difficulty that many western, secular intellectuals have in accepting that religion itself is sometimes a motive for action, rather than being, say, the misplaced expression of legitimate rage at geopolitical or socio-economic conditions. 有大量的文献讨论伊斯兰恐怖主义在多大程度上与伊斯兰主义有关的问题。虽然用了几页描写伊斯兰教内部的神学“内战”,但伯恩鲍姆的主要兴趣在其他地方——许多西方世俗知识分子很难接受宗教本身有时就是行为的动机,并非(比方说)以错误的方式表达对地缘政治或社会经济状况的合理愤怒。 The rise of political Islam over the past 40 years has been discombobulating for anyone who might have assumed that religion had been consigned to the dustbin of history. Birnbaum argues that the intellectual disarray was particularly acute in France, where the anticlerical tradition is very strong. The French left has traditionally treated religion either as an historical relic or a purely private affair that could not have anything to do with politics. 过去40年,政治伊斯兰(political Islam)的兴起使所有可能本以为宗教已被扔进历史垃圾箱的人士惊慌失措。伯恩鲍姆认为,在反教权传统非常强大的法国,这种思想上的扰乱尤为严重。法国左翼传统上一直将宗教视为历史遗物或纯粹的私人事务——不可能与政治有任何关系。 This inability to grasp the political salience of religion goes back a long way. Birnbaum shows, for instance, how French supporters of the anti-colonial struggle in Algeria in the 1950s simply denied, in the teeth of abundant evidence to the contrary, that Islam played any role in the Algerian uprising. And he examines sympathetically the account of the Iranian revolution offered by the philosopher Michel Foucault, who was denounced by some compatriots as an apologist for theocracy for suggesting that an entirely novel fusion of politics and religion was fomenting on the streets of Tehran. 这种对宗教的政治重要性的理解无能可以追溯到很久以前。例如,伯恩鲍姆在书中描述了上世纪50年代阿尔及利亚反殖民斗争的法国持者就是不承认(虽然有大量相反据)伊斯兰教在阿尔及利亚起义中发挥了任何作用。他满怀同情地审视了哲学家米歇尔#8226;福柯(Michel Foucault)对伊朗伊斯兰革命的论断——福柯因为认为一种全新的政治与宗教的融合正在德黑兰街头兴起,被当时一些法国同胞谴责为神权政治的辩护者。 Birnbaum’s excellent book contains lessons for secular liberals and leftists elsewhere. They should be wary of assuming that history is on their side. 伯恩鲍姆的精著作包含了其他地区的世俗自由主义者和左翼人士可以吸取的教训。他们应该警惕假设历史站在自己一边的幻想。 /201603/431104SEOUL, South Korea — The head of the South Korean retail giant Lotte, one of the country’s largest family-controlled conglomerates, was indicted on Wednesday on tax evasion, embezzlement and other criminal charges, the latest high-profile corruption scandal to hit big businesses here.韩国首尔——周三,韩国最大家族企业集团之一、零售巨头乐天(Lotte)的掌门人被当局以逃税、贪污以及其他刑事罪名起诉,这是引人瞩目的腐败丑闻对韩国大企业造成的最新一次沉重打击。Several relatives of the Lotte chairman, Shin Dong-bin, 61, were also indicted, with the family accused of evading million in taxes over all and costing the company 5 million through embezzlement and breach of trust, South Korean prosecutors said in a news release.现年61岁的乐天总裁辛东彬(Shin Dong-bin)的若干亲属也遭到了起诉。韩国检察官在一份新闻稿中称,辛氏家族被控总计逃税7600万美元(约合5.12亿人民币),并通过贪污和违背信托责任之举让公司损失了1.65亿美元。Although corruption scandals have regularly rocked family-controlled conglomerates, or chaebols, in South Korea, it is rare for the entire chaebol family to be indicted together.在韩国,腐败丑闻撼动由家族控制的企业集团或财团是常有的事,但整个财阀家族一并遭到起诉的情况实属罕见。In a typical chaebol conglomerate, the chairman’s family owns a small portion of the corporate empire but controls it through loyal executives at subsidiaries that are also interlocked through circular holdings.一个典型的财阀集团是这样的:集团主席所在的家族只拥有很小一部分股权,但却通过子公司的忠实高管控制着整个企业王国,各个子公司之间也因环形持股而存在盘根错节的关联。Over the decades, the chaebols have spearheaded South Korea’s export-driven economy. 过去几十年间,这些集团一直是韩国出口导向型经济的开路先锋。But their imperious chairmen have in several instances been convicted of tax evasion and other crimes, though seldom kicked out of management.但专断独行的总裁因逃税等罪行而被定罪的案例已经出现过若干起,尽管他们很少被踢出管理层。Mr Shin is the most prominent head of a chaebol conglomerate to face corruption charges since Lee Jay-hyun, chairman of the food and entertainment group CJ, was arrested in 2013. 继食品及集团CJ的总裁李在贤(Lee Jay-hyun)于2013年被逮捕以来,辛东彬是面临腐败指控的财阀集团掌门人中最具知名度的一个。Mr Lee was convicted on charges of tax evasion and embezzlement the next year, but he was released from prison in an annual presidential pardon in August.李在贤于被捕的第二年被控逃税和贪污,但今年8月,他在每年一度的总统特赦行动中被释放。Indicted with Mr Shin on Wednesday were his brother, Shin Dong-joo, 62; their 94-year-old father, the Lotte founder, Shin Kyuk-ho; and the senior Mr Shin’s common-law wife and a former winner of the Miss Lotte beauty pageant, Seo Mi-kyung, 57. 在周三与辛东彬一同遭到起诉的包括:他的哥哥、现年62岁的辛东主(Shin Dong-joo),他们的父亲、现年94岁的乐天创始人辛格浩(Shin Kyuk-ho),以及辛东主的同居人、现年57岁的前乐天徐美京(Seo Mi-kyung,音)。None of them was arrested.他们均未被捕。In July, Mr Shin’s sister, Shin Young-ja, 73, was arrested on charges of collecting .1 million through embezzlement and bribery. 今年7月,辛东彬的、现年73岁的辛英子(Shin Young-ja),因被控通过贪污受贿敛财310万美元而遭到逮捕。And weeks later, as investigators looked into the company, the group’s vice chairman was found dead hours before he was due to appear before prosecutors. 几周后,当调查人员对乐天集团进行调查的时候,集团副总裁于本应出现在检察官面前的数小时前被发现身亡。The authorities considered the death to be a suicide.当局认为他死于自杀。Mr Shin was accused of arranging for his father and other relatives to receive fat salaries from Lotte subsidiaries although they did not work there, prosecutors said.检察官称,辛东彬被控安排他父亲以及其他亲属在乐天的一些子公司里拿高薪,但他们并没在那些公司工作。He was also accused of arranging for Lotte subsidiaries to buy stocks of another affiliate at illegally high prices, and giving lucrative contracts — like running cafeterias in a chain of Lotte movie theaters — to a company owned by his family members without conducting competitive bidding.他还被控安排乐天的一些子公司以非法的高价购买另一家子公司的股票,并把利润丰厚的合约——比如在乐天连锁电影院里经营自助餐厅——给了他的亲属开的一家公司,而未进行竞争性招标。South Korea has placed restrictions on such deals because chaebol chairmen were often accused of using them to help their children accumulate a fortune.韩国已经对此类交易做出了限制,因为财团的总裁们经常被控利用这些交易帮助子女积累财富。A household name in South Korea, Lotte operates department stores, duty-free shops, shopping malls, hotels, amusement parks, multiplexes, burger joints and coffee shops.乐天在韩国是家喻户晓的企业,经营着百货商店、免税店、购物中心、酒店、游乐园、影城、汉堡店和咖啡店。It has recently become a symbol of family greed as Mr Shin and his elder brother, Dong-joo, accused each other of corruption in a bitter public feud over the control of the empire built by their father. 它近来成为了象征家族内部的贪欲的符号,因为辛东彬与兄长辛东主在争夺父亲创办的企业王国的控制权之际公开反目成仇,相互指控对方腐败。The sibling dispute helped uncover a trove of dirty laundry for prosecutors.这场手足相争导致家丑外扬,帮了检察官的忙。 /201610/472919呼和浩特首大生殖器疱疹医院

呼和浩特做子宫肌瘤手术多少钱Beijing#39;s smog: A tale of two cities北京雾霾:两种城市,一个故事The first thing Jiang Wang does when she wakes up in the morning is check on her daughter to make sure she#39;s breathing clean air.王江每天早上醒来的第一件事就是查看女儿今天能不能呼吸到干净的空气。Next, it#39;s time to start making breakfast. She#39;s aly made sure all the groceries come from an organic farm.然后该做早饭了。她保所有的食材都产自有机农场。She#39;ll wash her produce with tap water filtered through a separate treatment system under her sink.水槽下方装有分体式处理系统,她用过滤水清洗餐具和食材。But that water isn#39;t for drinking -- there#39;s imported bottled water for that.但是过滤水不是用来喝的——喝的是进口瓶装水。This is how Wang typically starts her day, trying to minimize the effects of the toxic environment in Beijing.这就是王江一天的开头,尽量把北京有毒环境的影响降到最小。;From the moment you open your eyes till the moment, you rest in the evening,; she says, ;you have to pay really (close) attention, to the air, to the water, to the food you eat.;她说:“从早上睁眼到晚上休息,真的要(十分)注意。注意空气,注意水,注意食物。”Wang and her family are part of a growing number of Beijingers who are trying to pollution-proof their lives.北京人里像王江和她家其中只是一部分,类似的人数还在持续上涨,他们试图过上和污染隔绝的生活。And money is no cost.钱不是问题。It#39;s ;very expensive,; she says. ;But think about the health. There is nothing to trade off.;王江承认这种生活“特别耗钱”。可转念一想,钱换不来健康。But for Beijing#39;s rising middle class and poorer residents, this high-end home equipment is financially out of reach.然而对于北京增长的中产阶级和贫困居民,这种高端家庭器材在收入上就遥不可及。That#39;s turning pollution into both a health issue and a class issue -- and it#39;s killing off those left behind.这种差距把一个污染问题转变成了两个,健康问题和阶级问题——且污染正在消灭落在高收入后面的人。Research by Nanjing University#39;s School of the Environment has linked smog with nearly one-third of all deaths in China, positioning it on a par with smoking as a threat to public health.据南京大学环境学院调查,中国近三分之一的死亡和雾霾有关。调查认定雾霾对公共卫生的威胁与吸烟同等。Published in November last year, the study analyzed over 3 million deaths across 74 cities throughout China in 2013. The findings revealed that as many as 31.8% of all recorded deaths could be linked to pollution, with major cities in Hebei, the province that encircles Beijing, ranked among the worst.去年十月刊登的研究分析了2013年全中国74座城市3百多万死亡案例。结果揭示出全部有记录死亡案例中的31.8%和污染相关,主要分布在河北省。河北省环抱北京,污染排名位列最差之一。;Air pollution exacerbates inequality between the rich and poor in urban China,; Matthew Kahn, a professor of economics at the University of Southern California, told CNN in an email.南加州大学经济学教授马修·卡恩在邮件中对CNN说:“大气污染加剧了中国城市贫富不均。”;The rich live in cleaner parts of the city and on more polluted days they can drive to work, work inside, access better doctors, have second homes in the countryside and have expensive and effective air filters.;“富人住在城市更清洁、污染天数更少的地方。他们可以开车去上班,在室内工作,看更好的医生,到乡下多买一处房子,安装昂贵又实用的空气净化器。”Beijing risks becoming a tale of two cities, a place where the rich and poor don#39;t even breathe the same air.北京承受着风险,同一个故事中分化成两种城市的风险,变成富人和穷人连呼吸空气都不一样的风险。It adds up日积月累The Wang family recently installed a fresh air filtering system, which cost them about ,300.最近王江家花费4300美元安装了一套空气清新过滤系统。It works like a ventilation system, cleaning outside air and pumping it into their home.这套系统就像通风系统,净化外部空气再输入室内。They also have an air purifier in each room, eight in all, to filter out carbon dioxide and take care of any dirty air that may leak in. Those add up to about ,200.他们还在每个房间安装了共八台空气净化器,过滤二氧化碳跟任何溜进家里的污染空气。这些器材加起来花了大概7200美元。And the purifiers need to be changed about once a month -- which rings in at 0.空气净化器需要每个月更换一次,花费430美元。Water filters for sinks run about 0 and shower filters can cost upwards of ,000 on JD, a popular Chinese e-commerce site.水槽下的过滤器花费大概300美元,淋浴过滤器在京东(中国的一个火爆电商网站)上售价1000美元以上。For the super wealthy, companies such as Environment Assured, an indoor air quality and water filtration consultancy, will assess the toxicity of living and office spaces.针对巨富们的需求,环境保障之类的室内空气质量和滤水咨询公司会评定生活环境和办公环境的毒性。The company offers a top-of-the-line package that comes in at just under ,000, according to Alex Cukor, the vice president of enterprise solutions at Environment Assured.据环境保障公司企业方案部门副总亚力克斯·库克表示,公司提供同类商品中最好的产品套装,一套不到15000美元。Real estate prices can swing based on technology and proximity to pollution, too.房地产价格会在技术和污染距离远近的基础上摆动。A two-bedroom apartment in Beijing#39;s MOMA complex -- where the units come equipped with air filtration systems -- cost far in excess of million, according to the Lianjia real estate listings.根据链家房地产列表数据显示,北京MOMA住宅区里两室一厅的公寓售价远不止3百万,所有单元自带空气过滤系统。That#39;s almost six times the cost of a similarly-sized apartment on the city#39;s dusty fringes.这里公寓的售价几近北京灰扑扑的外环同面积公寓的六倍。And these costs aren#39;t reserved to homes.而且这些公寓还不面向家庭预售。The International School of Beijing, where tuition is north of ,000 a year, built a pressurized dome for kids to play in during the smog. It cost million. (Some public schools have also built domes recently.)北京国际学校,每年学费37000美元,学校建有加压圆顶体育场供孩子们在雾霾天活动。体育场耗资5百万美元。(一些公立学校不久前也建设了圆顶体育场。)Some people will get organic produce shipped directly to their homes. A yearly membership to Tony#39;s Farm costs ,400. That will get you two weekly deliveries of produce, three kilograms (about 6.6 pounds) each.有机食品会直接运送到部分人家里。托尼农场一年的会员资格收费3400美元,农场每周给每位会员送三公斤(6.6磅)产品。Others escape the bad air by traveling abroad.其他人则出游海外以逃离污染空气。And then there#39;s the more outlandish products.还有更多稀奇古怪的产品。You can buy canned air from Britain for 5 a bottle. Anti-pollution creams can top 0 (the jury#39;s still out on how well these work) and there are also expensive ;pollution-catching; amulets.你可以购买产自英国的罐装空气,每瓶115美金。防污染乳霜(审核人员尚未认定产品效果如何)100美元以上。还有昂贵的“污染捕捉”护身符。The typical Beijinger likely can#39;t afford any of that -- the average individual salary is a little less than ,00 year, according to a report from Peking University. And that#39;s the highest in China.从北京大学的数据报告来看,大多数北京人恐怕负担不起其中任何一项——平均个人工资稍低于1700美元。而这个数字在中国是最高的了。But even though the China#39;s economic boom has delivered material wealth to millions, growing numbers are becoming frustrated that China#39;s elite and ultra-wealthy -- many of whom got rich off the country#39;s rapid industrialization that caused the pollution problem -- can protect themselves, but they can#39;t.尽管中国经济繁荣为数百万人带来了物质财富,但增长的数字渐渐让精英和巨富垂头丧气——他们中大多数依靠国家高速工业化发迹,而高速工业化带来污染问题,而他们没法从污染中保全自己。;It really has reached a point where concern over air pollution throughout the country is threatening China#39;s social stability,; Barbara Finamore of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) said in a question and answer session in May.战略与国际研究中心(CSIS)的芭芭拉·菲纳莫雷在五月份一次问答会上表示:“对全国大气污染的关注达到了威胁中国社会稳定的节点。”A recent environmental protest in the southwest city of Chengdu was quickly quashed by authorities.最近的一次环境抗议发生在西南城市成都,很快就被官方平息了。Baby steps婴儿学步China is the world#39;s largest emitter of greenhouse gasses, and it#39;s costly -- the country#39;s economy lost roughly 5 billion due to pollution in 2012, according to the RAND corporation.中国是世界最大的温室气体排放者,且排放代价高昂——据兰德公司数据显示,由于2012年的污染,中国国家经济粗略上损失了5350亿美元。The government knows air quality is a pressing problem and publicly declared a ;war on pollution; in 2014.政府清楚空气质量问题迫在眉睫,于2014年公开宣布打响“治污战役”。With their newfound wealth, China#39;s upper and middles classes have been able to travel abroad and see more of the world -- and in turn learn about the dangers of pollution and how to avoid it.手握新财富,中国上层和中产阶级已能出游海外,见识更大的世界——反之也了解了污染的危险性和避免污染的办法。But on the street during a red alert it is still commonplace to see ordinary people wearing a scarf over their mouth and nose, rather than a protective mask. Even state media has said the government needs to better study and understand the effects of pollution.但污染红色警报期间,街头巷尾照样能见到普罗大众用围巾裹住口鼻而不是戴着防护口罩。尽管官方媒体已经表达了政府需要更好地学习和理解污染带来的影响。Still, China had some success in recent years, both locally -- 663 localities in Beijing#39;s city limits replaced coal with clean energy, state-run Xinhua news reported -- and internationally, with the signing of the Paris climate accords.近几年内中国仍取得了一些成绩——地方上,663个北京下属地区限制城市用煤,清洁能源取而代之;国际上,签署了巴黎气候协议。And China actually leads the world in wind and solar power, according CSIS#39; Finamore.战略与国际研究中心表明,实际上是中国引领了世界风能和太阳能的使用。Such measures though have done little to dispel the view that Beijing is becoming increasingly unlivable. ;Under the Dome,; a Chinese documentary on the negative effects of pollution, took the country by storm when it debuted in 2015. The film drew millions of views online, before government censors stepped in and removed it from Chinese sharing websites.这些措施离对消除北京向不适宜居住逐步变化的作用微乎其微。《苍穹之下》,一部展现污染负面影响的纪录片,2015年首次登场便犹如风暴席卷中国。在政府审查介入并删除视频分享网站上的资源前,影片观影数就达几百万之巨。 /201701/488921呼和浩特医院 兴安盟做产前检查哪家医院最好的

呼和浩特253医院治疗早泄多少钱 B News – US vice president Joe Biden has announced plans to lend railway operator Amtrak (National Railroad Passenger Corporation of the USA) .45bn to expand services and make upgrades.B新闻 – 美国副总统拜登宣布计划,借贷给铁路运营商美国全国铁路客运公司(美铁)24.5亿美元,以扩大务,进行升级换代。Amtrak#39;s plans include expanding high-speed trains between Washington DC and Boston. The vice president said ;America needs to go big on infrastructure; investment.美铁的计划包括扩充华盛顿特区和波士顿之间的高速列车。副总统说:“美国需要加大基础设施”投资。Rail infrastructure in the US lags many other developed countries, particularly in terms of high-speed trains.美国的铁路基础设施落后于其他许多发达国家,特别是在高速列车方面。The new trains, which Amtrak expects to begin running in 2021, will have initial speeds of up to 160mph, but will be capable of speeds up to 186mph. The new trains will have one-third more seating, increasing capacity by 40%.新型列车的初始速度将达到时速160英里,但有能力提高到时速186英里。美铁期望新型列车2021年开始上线运行。新型列车将多出三分之一的座位,载客量增加40%。;We need these kinds of investments to keep this region - and our whole country - moving, and to create new jobs,; said Mr Biden.“我们需要这样的投资,以保持这个地区乃至整个国家继续前行,并创造新的就业岗位。”拜登说。America#39;s Northeast corridor, which includes Washington, New York City, and Boston is one of the country#39;s busiest route networks. Amtrak recorded 11.7 million riders along that route in 2015 - its highest number on record.美国的东北走廊包括华盛顿,纽约城和波士顿,是该国最繁忙的路线网之一。美铁2015年录得沿线1170万的乘车人数 – 是其有记录以来的最高值。;The Northeast corridor is a national economic engine that carries a workforce contributing bn annually to the national GDP,; said New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.“东北走廊是全国经济引擎,承载着每年为国家国内生产总值贡献500亿美元的劳动力队伍。”新泽西参议员布克说。 /201608/463600兴安盟第一人民妇幼中医院男科大夫呼和浩特流产手术一般要多少钱



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