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呼和浩特妇科的人流费用呼和浩特治包皮过长哪家医院好The 10bn dollar mega project is expected tobe formalized during a four-country Latin American tour by Ch inese Premier LiKeqiang. The railway is expected to slash the cost of exporting commoditiesfrom Brazil to China.这个100亿美元的大项目预计在李克强总理拉美四国访问期间生效。这条铁路将促使巴西出口到中国的商品运输成本大大降低。Brazilian grains and oilseeds are a topitem on Chinas wish list, as are iron and other raw minerals. Ag riculturalgoods like corn and soy currently leave Brazil by sea and have to overcome theSouth American b arrier in their trip to the Pacific and Chinese ports. Anoverland route would shave off a few days from the trip, and lower transportcosts.中国非常需要巴西的粮食和油菜籽,当然中国也需要巴西的铁和其他原矿。目前巴西的农业产品比如玉米和大豆是海上 运输,所以得克南美的“障碍”后才才能抵达太平洋和中国港口。而如果通过陆路交通的那么运输时间就会缩短几天,运输成本也会降低。Technical studies of Peruvian railways arejust getting started but those from the Brazilian government indicate atranscontinental railway is likely to stretch from Port De in Rio de Janiero,through the agricultural heartland of Mato Grosso, and on to Porto Velho nearthe Peruvian border. Future studies will d etermine the route through Peru, butit safe to say that the rail would cross the Andes and end in one of the largerport cities like Callao, Mollendo, or Uo Arica.对秘鲁铁路所进行的技术研究才刚刚开始,但是巴西政府官员指出这条跨大陆铁路有可能从里约日内卢的De A港出,经过农业重地马托格罗索州,然后到达秘鲁边界的韦柳港。未来的调研将决定秘鲁境内的线路,但是这条线路肯定会穿过安第斯山脉,并最终抵达卡亚俄,莫延多,或者阿里卡这三个更大港口城市中的一个。China has become the top trading partner ofBrazil and Peru, overtaking the US in and 2014, respectively. Its also atop consumer of Venezuelan oil and a top lender to the Venezuelan government.Besides Brazil and Peru, Premier Li Keqiang will travel to Colombia, to discussmore infrastructure projects, and to Chile, where China has significantinterests in its huge copper imports.中国已经成为巴西和秘鲁最大的贸易伙伴,分别在年和2014年取代美囀?中国也是委内瑞拉石油最大的消费者,委内瑞拉政府也向中国借了最多的贷款。出了巴西和秘鲁,李克强总理还将前往哥伦比亚探讨更多的基建项目以及前往智利,在铜矿的进口上,中国在智利具有重大利益。来 /201505/375831呼和浩特治疗阳痿早泄哪家医院比较好 Chen Guangbiao, a bespectacled, babyfaced Chinese millionaire, really wants you to know who he is. He wants you to know how influential he is. How charismatic he is. How beloved he is. How prominent he is. But ultimately, Chen Guangbiao really just wants you to know Chen Guangbiao.中国这位戴着眼镜,有点娃娃脸的富翁陈光标,真的很想让你知道他是谁。尽管他也想让你知道他的影响力之大,魅力之大,受人喜爱之深,成就之卓著,但归根结底,陈光标只是想让你知道他这个人。“How many Americans know that I am here in New York right now?Chen asked New York Magazine’s Jessica Pressler earlier this year in an interview at the Essex House in Manhattan. “How many media outlets have written about me? Out of 300 million Americans, what percentage would you say have heard of me?Then, later, he leaned in. “Tell me,he said. “Do you think Americans like what I do? Any of this? Will they like me?”今年早些时候,陈光标在曼哈顿的埃塞克斯酒店接受了《纽约杂志》杰西卡·普雷斯勒的访问,在访问中,他问到:“有多少美国人知道我现在在纽约?有多少媒体报道过我?你觉得在3亿美国人中,有多少人听说过我?”随后,他又靠近了问到:“告诉我,你认为美国人喜欢我做的事吗?任何一件事?他们会喜欢我吗?”He’s not off to a great start. The man hails himself on his business card as the “Most Influential Person of China,the “Most Prominent Philanthropist of China,the “Most Well-known and Beloved Chinese Role Modeland, simply, “China’s Foremost.But he hasn’t had much luck in the ed States. It began with his failed bid to buy the New York Times “I’m very good at working with Jews,he said and now encompasses Wednesday’s debacle at Loeb Boathouse in Central Park.但是,陈光标出师不利。虽然他在名片上自诩为“中国最具影响力人物”“中国最具号召力慈善家”、“最知名最受喜爱的中国模范”等诸多头衔,简而言之,就是“中国之最”。但是他在美国却没这么走运。这始于他未能竞标购买《纽约时报》——虽然他仍说:“我很善于和犹太人打交道。现在又多了一件事7日在纽约中央公园洛布船坞餐厅(Loeb Boathouse)失败的慈善午宴。Last week, Chen took out an ad in the New York Times. He was wearing a thin grin and many gold medals for unknown reasons. He said he plans to host 1,000 “poor and destituteAmericans for lunch, each of whom “will receive 300 dollars.He vowed to “fill the world with love,compared himself to Chinese cultural icon Lei Feng, and later assured that he would sing “We are the Worldin English at the lunch.上周,陈光标在《纽约时报》上刊登了一则广告。广告中的他露齿而笑,还莫名地挂着很多金牌。他称将000名美国“穷人及流浪汉”提供免费午餐,还会为每个人发放00美元援助金。”他将自己与中国文化楷模——雷锋,相提并论,发誓要让“世界充满爱”,随后,他还保会在午宴上用英文演唱《天下一家》。He made good on all his promises “We are the Worldwas indeed sung, and sung buoyantly but he forgot one thing: the money. The ,000 was instead donated to New York City Rescue Mission. And by meal’s end, the 250 homeless people who showed up for steak and green beans were calling him a “fraudand a “thief,according to the New York Daily News.据《纽约每日新闻》报道,陈光标兑现了所有诺言——他确实唱了《天下一家》,还唱得深情款款。但是他忘了一件事:援助金。那9万美元的援助金后来捐给了纽约市救援团体。到午宴结束的时候,陈光标被250名流浪汉称作“骗子”和“小偷”,因为他们只吃到了牛排和青豆而已。“The meal was lousy, the cash didn’t come,Clarence Taylor said to the newspaper. “Prey on someone else. Why are you preying on the homeless?Chen Guangbiao, a Chinese millionaire who made his fortune off the recycling business, invited homeless New Yorkers to a lunch Wednesday at a Central Park restaurant.克拉伦斯·泰勒(Clarence Taylor)告诉《纽约每日新闻》:“午餐很差劲,现金也没兑现。“要骗就骗别人,为什么要欺骗无家可归的人?”Another man, retired Vietnam war veteran Harry Brooks, told Agence France-Presse he was “highly upsetthat he didn’t get the cash, but conceded he enjoyed the food “very much. I could use the 0. Clothing for one thing.”一位越战退休老兵哈里·布鲁克斯(Harry Brooks)告诉法新社,没拿到钱他“相当失望”,但他是承认自己“非常享用午餐。我本可以用00美元先买点衣的。”One man told the Daily News it made “no sense. A lot of us are down on our luck. We really needed that money. That’s why we came. All these people wouldn’t be here if they weren’t getting nothing but some steak and some string beans.”有人向《每日新闻》表示,这种出尔反尔的行为“没道理。我们中的很多人都不走运,很需要那笔钱,这就是我们来这儿的原因。如果只是为了吃一些牛排和青豆,大家就不会来这儿了。”How did Chen Guangbiao go so wrong so fast? Audacity has always been both kind and merciless to Chen. The quality dragged him out of a poor farming community north of Shanghai, where two of his siblings starved to death and where he began working at age nine, hauling water into the village to sell it cup by cup to support his family. It pushed him through Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. And it propelled him to found his own recycling business, amass 0 million of unknown provenance, and soar into onto the list of China’s richest 400 people.陈光标怎么这么快就出了差错?他大胆的性格一直是他的“双刃剑”。陈光标出生于上海北部的一个农村,因为贫困,家中哥哥先后饿死。他9岁就开始挣钱,把水挑到村里,一杯一杯售卖来撑家庭。凭着自己的大无畏精神,陈光标从南京中医药大学毕业,并创立了自己的再生资源利用公司,不知以何种渠道积累亿美元的资金,一跃成为中国前400名富豪。It also, however, led him into an unusual quest to purchase the New York Times. Chen is famous in China for sliding cash to victims of China’s 2008 earthquake,posing with stacks of money,wearing green suits and selling“canned fresh air.But he wanted fame outside China’s borders.然而,这种“大无畏”的性格也让他做出了要收购《纽约时报》这种不寻常的言论。陈光标在中国扬名,是因其在2008年汶川地震中的大额赠款,与一堆现金合影,身着绿西装,售卖“罐装新鲜空气”等事件。但是,他并不希望仅让名声局限于国内。On Jan. 5 of this year, he penned a bold editorial in the Global Times headlined, “I intend to buy The New York Times, please don’t take it as a joke.”今日,他在《环球时报》撰文,标题为“我收购《纽约时报》,别当笑话听。”Comparing his purchase of the Gray Lady to a spacecraft taking off for the moon, he said he wanted to “rebuild [the Timess] credibility and influence. The tradition and style of the New York Times make it very difficult to have objective coverage of China. If we could purchase it, its tone might turn around.”陈光标欲意购买“灰衣女士”的举措,像是“放了一个卫星”。(译注:由于坚持古典严肃,《纽约时报》也被戏称为“灰衣女士),他称希望“重建该报的公信力和影响力……《纽约时报》因其传统和风格,很难对中国做出正确报道。如果我们能买下它,该报对中国的语调也许会有所改变。”He confessed he was “bewilderedthat some had thought his acquisition funny. “I may be a maverick, but it doesn’t mean I like playing tricks. I want to purchase the New York Times.”陈光标坦诚,当听到有人觉得他收购的想法很滑稽时,他感到很“困惑”。“也许我是个特立独行的人,但这并不意味着我爱耍花招。收购《纽约时报》是出自真心。”Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. The Times declined the offer, and he immediately queried the Wall Street Journal to see if it was interested in having him as its owner. (It wasn’t.)可惜啊,事与愿违。《纽约时报》拒绝了陈光标的收购,随后他又立马转向《华尔街日报》,看看该报对的他收购是否感兴趣。(显然没兴趣。)“Chen said he was aware that many American papers were Jewish-owned,the South China Morning Post reported. “He said he was up for the job since he had ‘equally competent IQ and EQcompared with Jews. ‘I am very good at working with Jews,’Chen offered.据《南华早报》报道,陈光标称他知道众多美国报刊都是由犹太人掌控的。而自己的智商和情商丝毫不逊于犹太人,完全有能力胜任同样的职位。他说:“我很善于和犹太人打交道。”When he met with a Journal reporter, he quickly posed for photographs with hired security guards, who declined his request to brandish their guns for the picture liability concerns, they said.当他与《华尔街日报》记者会面时,他很快摆好姿势要跟警卫合影,还让警卫举起来。不过考虑到职责在身,警卫拒绝了陈的请求。He then forked over one of his business cards to the Journal reporter. It described his charisma, influence and heroism. “Please remember one thing,Chen said. “Whatever I say is true.”随后,他将自己的名片递给日报记者。名片上写的都是他如何有魅力,有影响力,又多么具有英雄主义。陈说:“请记住一件事,我说的一切都是真的。”来 /201407/309514呼和浩特首大生殖专科医院泌尿科咨询

呼和浩特首大妇科医院治疗内分泌怎么样好不好While violence explodes in Iraq between the brutal al-Qaeda-type Sunni Islamists and the Shiite-led government, there are five million Iraqis for which the unfolding disaster looks set to bring big benefits, as well perhaps as the world’s newest oil state—the Kurds.伊拉克的暴力冲突持续升级。虽然残暴如基地组织的逊尼派伊斯兰主义者正在跟什叶派领导的政府展开殊死搏斗,但对于500万库尔德人来说,这场如火如荼的灾难似乎会带来巨大的好处,甚至有可能在世界上催生一个最新的石油国家。Little more than a year ago, Fortune traveled to Iraq’s autonomous northern region as Kurdistan to describehow the deal between ExxonMobil XOM 0.26% and the Kurdish Regional Government, or KRG, could spark civil war in Iraq, as different factions waged battle for control over the country’s immense oil riches. At the time, Kurdish officials said they were thrilled that the world’s biggest oil company was about to start drilling in their autonomous region, which the International Energy Agency says has 4 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, but which the KRG estimates could in reality be closer to 45 billion barrels. Still, Kurdish officials warned last year that Washington’s muddled, misguided Iraq policy was a disaster in the making. “The U.S. policy is, ‘We got out, finished. Box checked. Move on,Qubad Talabani, a senior Kurdistan official who became the KRG’s Deputy Prime Minister last month, told me at the time in Kurdistan’s capital Irbil. One major problem, according to Talabani (who was previously KRG representative in Washington) and other officials, was that U.S. officials were determined to keep Iraq as a unified intact country, despite the bitter schisms between the Shiite-dominated government in Baghdad, Iraq’s Sunni minority, and the Kurdish community, which has dreamed of having their own state for decades. “The U.S. still wants Iraqis to be Iraqis first,Talabani said. “It’s like, if they say it enough it will be so. But it won’t.”大约一年多以前,《财富Fortune)记者前往伊拉克北部的库尔德自治区,并在随后刊发的一篇报道中声称,鉴于不同派别发动战争以争夺该国巨额石油财富的控制权,埃克森美孚公司(ExxonMobil)和库尔德地区政府(KRG)达成的交易可能会引发伊拉克内战。库尔德官员当时表示,听闻世界上最大的石油公司打算在这里钻探石油,他们欣喜若狂。国际能源机International Energy Agency)声称,库尔德自治区拥0亿桶已探明石油储量,但KRG预测称,真实的储量接5亿桶。不过,库尔德官员去年警告说,华盛顿的伊拉克政策混乱不堪,误入歧途,正在促发一场灾难。“美国的政策是,‘完事了,我们撤了。已经打勾了。该继续前进了。’”当时在库尔德地区首府埃尔比勒接受采访时,库尔德高级官员库巴德o塔拉巴尼这样说道。塔拉巴尼曾经担任KRG驻华盛顿代表,上个月刚刚成为KRG副总理。在他和其他官员看来,尽管什叶派主导的巴格达政府、作为少数族裔的伊拉克逊尼派,以及数十年来一直怀抱独立梦想的库尔德社区已经严重分裂,但美国官员还是决定把伊拉克维系成为一个统一的完整国家。“美国仍然希望伊拉克人首先是伊拉克人,”塔拉巴尼说。“好像只要足够频繁地表达这种愿望,它就会成真似的。但这种情形根本就不会出现。”Now Talabani’s words sound eerily prophetic. With the past six daysviolence, Iraq appears to be hurtling towards a three-way breakup: A Sunni-dominated western Iraq dominated by hardline militant jihadist groups; a northern Kurdish territory, and a southern and central Shiite Iraq. With the potential for disintegration comes major upheaval in Opec’s second biggest oil producer and one of the world’s biggest oil nations—and a huge victory for the Kurds.现在看来,塔拉巴尼的这番话极富预见性。随着过去六天不断升级的暴力冲突,伊拉克似乎正朝着三向分裂的道路疾驰而去:逊尼派激进圣战组织控制的伊拉克西部地区;北部的库尔德地区;什叶派控制的伊拉克南部和中部地区。作为石油输出国家组OPEC)第二大石油生产国、世界上最大的石油国家之一,面临解体可能性的伊拉克即将陷入巨大的动荡之中。但对库尔德人来说,这不啻为一个巨大的胜利。Just to recap: Iraq’s crisis, which has bubbled all year, exploded into view last Wednesday when militants from Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, stormed into Iraq’s second city Mosul and seized it with barely a fight; government soldiers fled, abandoning an arsenal of U.S. weaponry worth tens of millions of dollars, including armored vehicles, attack helicopters and machine guns with which the U.S. had equipped Iraq’s military, ironically to fight Islamic insurgents. Instead, ISIS fighters took to the sky in a U.S. helicopter and rumbled south laden with American armor, quickly taking Saddam Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit and edging towards the outskirts of Baghdad. On Sunday it also seized Tal Afar, a town of about 200,000 people west of Mosul.简单回顾一下伊拉克局势:这场危机已经持续了一整年,但直到上周三才进入国际社会的视野。当天,一个叫做“伊拉克与黎凡特伊斯兰国( ISIS)”的武装组织突然攻入苏尔,几乎不费吹灰之力就拿下了这座伊拉克第二大城市;政府军逃之夭夭,放弃了美国用来武装伊拉克军队的武器装备,其中包括装甲车、攻击型直升机和机关。具有讽刺意味的是,这些价值数千万美元的武器原本是用来对付伊斯兰叛乱分子的。现如今,ISIS士兵驾驶着美国直升机飞向天空,载满这些叛乱分子的美国装甲车轰隆隆地向南部地区挺进,很快就占领了萨达姆家乡提克里特,剑锋直指巴格达郊区。上周日,这群武装分子还攻克了苏尔以西、拥有大0万人口的小城泰勒阿费尔。The horrific reality on the ground emerged on Sunday when ISIS posted macabre photographs and messages on Twitter (since removed) claiming that their fighters had executed about 1,700 Iraqi forces in Tikrit. Since there are almost no independent journalists working in the ISIS-held territory, the images are difficult to verify. But the gruesome scenes fueled calls for revenge among Shiites, thousands of whom have rushed to join militias in recent days.上周日,ISIS在Twitter上发布了一组令人毛骨悚然的照片和消息(现已删除),伊拉克的可怕现实终于浮现在世人面前。这个组织声称,他们的战士已经在提克里特处决了大,700伊拉克士兵。由于ISIS控制区几乎没有独立记者的踪迹,这些图像目前还难以核实。然而,受到照片中可怕场面的刺激,什叶派呼吁报仇雪恨。最近几天,数千名什叶派穆斯林争相加入了各地的民兵组织。Seen from the prism of Kurdistan—Iraq’s mountainous northern region hemmed between Syria, Turkey and Iran, which enjoys some political autonomy from Baghdad, but which is forbidden to export its own oil—the stunningly quick implosion has been a potential godsend, in effect, sorting out years of deadlocked arguments with Baghdad.群山环绕的库尔德自治区位于伊拉克北部,处于叙利亚、土耳其和伊朗之间,巴格达政府允许该地区享有一部分政治自主权,但禁止它自行出口石油。在库尔德人看来,尽管暴乱局势的演变速度令人震惊,但它实际上是一个天赐良机,有望解决他们与巴格达持续多年的谈判僵局。As Iraqi forces abandoned the hugely oil-rich town of Kirkuk last Thursday, Kurdish soldiers, called peshmerga, moved in swiftly, seizing control of an area which on its own has nearly 9 billion barrels of oil reserves. That places Exxon’s new bloc solidly in Kurdish hands rather than in some fuzzy contested territory that both Kurds and Baghdad claim. Kirkuk has been intensely disputed since Saddam drove out the Kurds during the 1980s and 1990s in a brutal ethnic-cleansing campaign, and the Kurds have been determined to recapture it for decades.上周四,伊拉克军队放弃石油储量充沛的基尔库克市之后,被称为“自由斗peshmerga)”的库尔德士兵迅速行动,最终控制了这片石油储量接近90亿桶的区域。现在,埃克森美孚公司的新油田已经牢牢掌控在库尔德人手中,而不是处在一片库尔德人和巴格达政府都声称拥有所有权的争议领土之上。上世纪80年代0年代,萨达姆通过一轮轮残酷的种族清洗运动赶走了库尔德人。数十年来,基尔库克的主权一直极具争议,但库尔德人重新夺回这座城市的决心从来没有动摇过。Since the U.S. occupation ended in 2012, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has made it that the government would blacklist any oil company operating in territory the Kurds claimed was theirs, and shut it out of southern Iraq’s supergiant fields; Exxon effectively ignored the threat, calculating (correctly) that it was too big to shut out. And meanwhile, the Kurds have over the past months quietly opened its own export pipeline to Turkey, steadily putting in place the building blocks of a new country.自从美军2012年撤离伊拉克以来,伊拉克总理努里o马利基已经明确表示,政府将把所有在库尔德人声称拥有主权的区域运营的石油公司列入黑名单,禁止它们开发伊拉克南部的超巨型油田。埃克森美孚公司有效地忽略了这一威胁——它揣测(非常准确),作为全球最大的石油公司,自己不会被拒之门外。与此同时,库尔德人在过去几个月已经静悄悄地开启了通往土耳其的石油出口管道,正在一步一个脚印地搭建起成立一个新国家的基石。Now that new state looks like a reality in all but name. Cunningly, the KRG is unlikely to declare real independence soon. With Iraq in havoc, it hardly needs to. “It’s become very clear to the Kurds that events in the past few days will enable them to declare independence at some point,Ayham Kamel, Middle East director of the Eurasia Group, told Fortune on Monday. “We are definitely moving in the direction of statehood, but it will not be declared in 2014.”现在,这个新的国家看起来已经成为现实,只是差个名分而已。KRG不太可能很快就宣布真正的独立,这是一种很高明的策略。鉴于伊拉克已经陷于动荡,它几乎不需要这样做。“库尔德人非常清楚,过去几天的事件使得他们能够在将来某个时刻宣布独立,”欧亚集Eurasia Group)中东事务主管艾哈姆o卡迈勒周一对《财富》记者这样说道。“我们正在迈向建国的方向,这一点毫无疑问,但我们不会在2014年宣布独立。”When I traveled to Kirkuk last year, my Kurdish guide, Hoshang Ishmail, the community development manager for the ed Arab Emirates-based Crescent Petroleum, told me that Kurds would ily fight if Baghdad every blocked them from drilling for oil. “Nothing binds us to Iraq except the status quo,he said. Now that status quo has been ripped apart. And little binds the Kurds and their oil fields to the chaos raging around them.去年赶赴基尔库克采访时,我的向导,库尔德人霍桑o伊斯梅尔告诉我,如果巴格达胆敢阻止他们开采石油,库尔德人随时准备开战。伊斯梅尔是阿联酋新月石油公 Crescent Petroleum)的社区开发总监。他说:“除了现状之外,没有什么能够把我们和伊拉克绑在一起。”如今,现状已经分崩离析。库尔德人和他们的油田已经跟周遭的动荡没有任何瓜葛了 /201406/307070呼和浩特市哪个医院做无痛人流比较好 Police in ((the central U.S. state of)) Missouri say an officer shot and killed an armed black man early Wednesday morning.美国中部密苏里州的警方说,当地一名警察星期三早晨开打死一名持的黑人。A spokesman for the police department in Berkeley, a suburb of St. Louis, says the officer encountered two men during a routine check at a gas station. The spokesman says one of men pointed a gun at the officer, prompting the officer to open fire. The second man fled the scene.圣路易斯郊区伯克利的警察局发言人说,警察在一个加油站巡逻时遇到两名男子,其中一人掏瞄准警察,促使警察开自卫,将其击毙,另一名男子逃离现场。Several dozen residents gathered at the scene of the shooting and confronted police. At least two smoking objects were thrown into the crowd, one of which exploded.几十名居民聚集在击现场,质问警察。有人投掷了至少两个冒烟装置,其中一个发生爆炸。The St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper has identified the dead man as 18-year-old Antonio Martin. A woman who identified herself as Martins mother told reporters that her sons girlfriend gave her a different account of what happened.圣路易斯邮报确定死者是18岁的安东尼奥?马丁一名自称是马丁母亲的妇女对记者说,马丁女朋友的说法跟警察不同。Antonio Martin’s mother said:;She told me they went to the store, they were walking somewhere. They were walking and the police, I guess he started or something and police were shooting.;这位妇女说,马丁的女朋友说,他俩人去商店,在路上走着,马丁有什么举动,警察就开了。来 /201412/350381内蒙古骨科医院怎么样

赛罕区妇幼保健人民中医院妇科预约 U.S. President Barack Obama spoke out against religious prejudice Monday at a White House dinner celebrating the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.美国总统奥巴马星期一在白宫举办的伊斯兰斋月餐会上发表讲话,谴责宗教偏见。Several members of the diplomatic community, lawmakers and Muslim Americans were on hand for a traditional Iftar dinner, which follows daily fasting from dawn to sunset.一些外交官、议员和美国穆斯林出席了传统的斋月餐会。在斋月中,穆斯林从日出到日落禁食。Mr. Obama said the Iftar dinner is a reminder of ;the freedoms that bind us together as Americans,; including the ;inviolable right to practice our faiths freely.;奥巴马说,斋月餐会提醒“我们,是自由将我们美国人连结在一起”,包括自由遵行每个人信仰的不可侵犯的权利。He condemned a number of recent deadly incidents involving religion, including last weeks mass shooting at an African American church in Charleston, South Carolina. ;When our values are threatened, we come together as one nation,; the president said. ;As Americans, we insist that nobody should be targeted because of who they are, or what they look like, who they love, how they worship. We stand united against these hateful acts.;奥巴马谴责了近来一些与宗教有关的致命事件,包括上星期南卡罗来纳州查尔斯顿市一座黑人教堂发生的击案。奥巴马说:“当我们的价值观受到威胁时,我们整个国家团结一致。作为美国人,我们坚信没有人应当由于族裔、相貌、爱好和信仰而受到攻击。我们团结一致,反对这种仇恨行为。”来 /201506/382301乌兰察布打胎哪家医院最好的呼和浩特妇幼保健人民中心医院男科咨询



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