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Recycle All Kinds of Things回收利用各种东西You probably sort paper, plastic, and household metal on a daily basis — but what about the tough stuff? There are reasons to go beyond the usual recycling: Unwieldy household toss-outs take up tons of space in landfills. Worse, items such as computers and cell phones leach hazardous materials like mecury and lead into nearby water supplies. Now, thanks to environmental groups, retailers, and municipalities nationwide, doing the right thing is a lot easier. Here how.每天,可能你都要对纸屑、塑料和家具金属制品进行分类——但是对难于分类的东西该怎么办呢?这里有超出通常回收利用的原因:笨重的家庭废弃物占用垃圾堆里太多空间更糟的是,像电脑、手机这些东西会流出像水银之类的危险物质,污染附近的水质现在,感谢环保团体、零售商和全国市民,做正确的事比较容易下面是如何做Computers电脑Give to a charity. If you have a computer or a component that still works, contact Share the Technology (sharetechnology.org), which will match you with a nonprofit organization that needs equipment.送给慈善机构如果你有一台电脑或一个组件可用,联系Share the Technology 这个机构(sharetechnology.org),它会帮你找到一个需要该设备的非营利性机构If the computer isnt workiing, take it to a recycling center or a traveling electronics recycling fair. To locate a center in your area or to find out when a fair will visit your city, go to the Web site Earth 9(earth9.org), click on Electronics, and put in your zip code.如果这台电脑坏了,把它放到回收站或者流动的电子产品回收交易会要知道你周围的回收站或交易什么时候在你所在的城市举行,查看Earth 9网(earth9.org),点击Electronics,提交你的邮编Cell phones手机National programs like Donate a Phone and Collective Good accept used phones and resell them, giving the proceeds to charities. To find links to these and other groups, visit Earth 9 Web site.像 Donate a Phone 和 Collective Good 这些国家机构回收二手手机再卖,把收益捐献给慈善机构要搜索这些和其他组织的资料,访问 Earth 9 网站Printer ink cartridges打印机墨水盒Many branches of OfficeMax, Staples, and other office-supply stores have set up on-site drop-off recycling bins. Check your local stores.很多像 OfficeMax, Staples 等其他办公用品商店的分公司已经成立了现场和下滑回收箱检查一下你当地的商店Batteries电池Most municipal collection centers allow you to bring in your used batteries recycling and disposal.大部分城市回收站允许你把用过的电池进行回收处置If youre a heavy battery user, consider switching to rechargeables, which also save you money. But even these batteries eventually wear out. When they do, they need to be disposed of responsibly.如果你是个大量使用电池的人,考虑转用充电电池,这样可以省钱但是这些电池最终也会用坏当它们被用坏了,就必须负责任地处理掉Old clothes and lines旧衣和亚麻制品Your best bet is a local Salvation Army. Anything in poor condition will be made into rags. And youll get a tax write-off. Just be sure to ask a receipt.最好的办法就是一个当地的救世军商店任何质量不好的东西都会变成破布你会得到税务注销只是记得拿张收据 393733Ask an American: College Life in the US, all but, specialty vs. speciality, to cut someone off, Don’t be a…, moonshine, to cut someone offWords:class sizeroughlyAs a matter of fact…vast majorityghettoarenamilitary basestudent loansto pay backall butspecialtymoonshineto cut someone offDon’t be a…ProhibitionAppalachia 3965鱼没有突起的鼻子,但有鼻腔,有嗅觉细胞鱼的鼻子不用于呼吸,水从鼻孔流出来,是为了能嗅到水中的气味Can Fish Smell?Y: I noticed that fish have holes that look like nostrils, does that mean they can smell?D: Smell, or olfaction, as scientists call it, is an important sense many fish. Those little holes that look like nostrils are called nares. Nares don’t lead to the throat the way nostrils do in mammals, but open up into a chamber lined with sensory pads.Not all fish move water in and out through these nares in quite the same ways, but key to a strong sense of smell fish is the ability to move water rapidly over these sensory pads.Some fish can pick up chemical signals when immobile by pumping water through their olfactory system via tiny hairs called cilia.Other fish can pump water by a muscular movement. Some fish, such as smaller species of mackerel, have an olfactory system that requires them to swim in order to get water moving through their nares.When the sensory pads pick up chemical signals, they transmit them to the fish’s ebrain, which interprets the signal and incites the fish to respond appropriately.Y: You mean like if the chemical signal food, the fish will pursue the food. Or, if the chemical signal danger, they will flee?D: You got it. But fish use chemical cues in all sorts of ways. instance, a large group of fishes release a chemical when they’re wounded that incites other fish to flee. And then there are salmon, which are known a superb sense of smell that enables them to sense the stream where they were born, so that they may return to it to spawn. 186

Patrick:Okay, your first task is to put all of these files in order.帕特里克:好吧,你的第一项任务是把这些文件全部顺序整理好Maya:Wow, there must be hundreds of files in this storeroom.玛雅:哇,这库房里肯定堆积了成百上千的文件How am I supposed to organize them?我如何才能弄的井井有条呢?Patrick:Create a basic filing system.帕特里克:你需要创建一个基本的档案保管制度Put things in sequence.把文件照顺序归档If theyre labeled with dates, put them in chronological order.如果标有日期,就时间顺序归整If theyre labeled with names, put them in alphabetical order by last name.如果标有名称,就以最后一个字母照字母顺序排列Maya:Okay, but what about this file?玛雅:好的,但是这份文件呢?It labeled with a four-digit number, but it not a date.标有一个四位数,但不是一个日期Patrick:Those are case numbers. Put those in ascending or descending numeric order, whichever makes sense.帕特里克:那些是文件编号要以升序或降序排列,哪种都行Maya:But this file has letters followed by numbers.玛雅:但是看看这份文件,数字后面有字母Patrick:Then put those in alphanumeric order, first by letter and then by number. Simple, right?帕特里克:那就照字母数字顺序排列,先字母再数字简单吧?Maya:Yeah, but have you ever considered a more random filing system, something that embraces chaos?玛雅:是啊,但是你有没有考虑过可能有更随机的文件系统,根本无档可归的混乱状况?Patrick:No, I havent. If I wanted chaos, Id just go home to my children!帕特里克:没有如果我想要混乱,我干脆回家跟那个孩子较劲好了! 33679

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