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赤峰妇幼保健人民中心医院引产多少钱锡林郭勒盟人流医院排名日本女性、冰岛男性寿命最长Japanese girls born last year can expect to live to an average age of 85.8 years, making them the longest-lived in the world, according to figures released by the government on Thursday.Their male compatriots fare less well, with a life expectancy of 79 years, second to Icelandic men at 79.4 years, the Health Ministry said.Japan's women have topped the world's longevity ranks for 22 consecutive years, something researchers have attributed to their healthy diet and tight social ties.Improved treatment of the ageing population's three biggest killers -- cancer, heart disease and stroke-- has helped push life expectancy to record highs, a ministry official said.After the Japanese, Taiwanese women are the world's second longest-lived at 84.6 years, then Spanish and Swiss women at 83.9 years, the report said.The Guinness Book of World Records lists Japan's 114-year-old Yone Minagawa and 111-year-old Tomoji Tanabe, as the world's oldest person and oldest man, respectively.But increasing life expectancy and a scarcity of babies in Japan have fuelled concern about how the world's oldest society will fund its pension requirements. 据日本政府本周四公布的统计数据,日本女性的平均预期寿命为85.8岁,是世界上寿命最长的人群。据日本卫生省介绍,日本男性的平均寿命为79岁,仅次于冰岛男性的79.4岁,位居世界第二。日本女性的平均寿命连续22年名列世界之首,一些研究人员认为,这主要归功于她们健康的饮食和紧密的社会联系。据日本卫生省官员介绍,癌症、心脏病和中风是老年人健康的三大杀手,这三大疾病治疗手段的进步使人们的预期寿命达到新高。统计报告显示,台湾女性的平均寿命为84.6岁,位居世界第二;其次是西班牙和瑞士女性,为83.9岁。据《吉尼斯世界纪录大全》记载,目前世界上寿命最长的人和寿命最长的男性分别是日本114岁的皆川米子和111岁的田锅友时。但日本预期寿命的不断延长和新生儿数量的不足引起了有关这个世界上老龄化最严重的国家将如何解决其养老金问题的担忧。 /200803/32265呼和浩特男性尿道炎检查哪家好 乌海妇幼保健人民中心医院做人流多少钱

阿拉善盟医院肛肠科The Federal Bureau of Investigation#39;s secret method for unlocking the iPhone 5c used by one of the San Bernardino shooters will not work on newer models, FBI Director James Comey said.美国联邦调查局局长詹姆斯·科米近日表示,FBI用于破解圣贝纳迪诺击案案犯的iPhone 5C的方法并不适用于新款的iPhone。;We have a tool that works on a narrow slice of phones,; Comey said at a conference on encryption and surveillance at Kenyon College in Ohio late on last Wednesday.上周三晚,科米在肯尼恩学院召开的秘密监控会议上表示:“我们的方法仅仅适用于几款机型。”Comey added that the technique would not work on the iPhone 5s and the later models iPhone 6 and 6s. The iPhone 5c model was introduced in 2013 and has since been discontinued by Apple as newer models have become available.科米补充说道,FBI所采取的破解方法并不适用于iPhone 5s和其后推出的iPhone6以及6s。iPhone 5c于2013年推出,在苹果公司推出新产品之后停产。The Justice Department said in March it had unlocked the San Bernardino shooter#39;s iPhone with the help of an unidentified third party and dropped its case against Apple Inc , ending a high-stakes legal clash but leaving the broader fight over encryption unresolved.今年三月份,司法部门表示,在匿名第三方的帮助下已经解锁了击案案犯的iPhone手机,并且停止了和苹果公司的诉讼。虽然这一结果结束了一场高风险法律冲突,但是也为未解决的加密问题留下了更多的争议。As the technique cannot be used to break into newer models, law enforcement authorities will likely have to lean on Apple to help them access the devices involved in other cases.鉴于当下技术并不能破解新款机型,执法部门在别的案子中还将可能要依赖苹果公司替他们破解嫌疑人的手机。The Justice Department has asked a New York court to force Apple to unlock an iPhone 5s related to a drug investigation.此前,司法部还要求纽约一家法院强行让苹果公司破解一台涉及毒品调查的iPhone 5s手机。If the government continues to pursue that case, the technology company could potentially use legal discovery to force the FBI to reveal what technique it used, a source familiar with the situation told Reuters.一位熟悉情况的人士告知路透社,如果政府选择继续追查这个案子,苹果公司很可能会使用合法查询手段来迫使PBI公布其破解方法。 /201605/440770呼和浩特首大生殖专科女子医院可靠吗 内蒙古医科大学第二附属医院妇科疾病多少钱

呼和浩特看妇科多少钱 We all know time is a construct, and right now, it#39;s kept by the very precise tick of an international network of around 500 atomic clocks.我们都知道时间是个复杂的概念。目前,世界上有一个由大约500台原子钟组成的网络,而我们就通过这些原子钟精确的滴答进行计时。But now researchers have shown that time could be kept even more accurately with a new-generation of clocks called optical clocks, and they want to use the new system to redefine a second - which would mean we could squeeze even more into our days. The optical clock they#39;ve just measured is so precise that it would have lost less than two minutes if it had been running since the birth of the Universe, which is pretty incredible once you wrap your head around it.但是现在研究人员表示,新一代钟表——光学钟——可以更准确地计时,而且他们想用新系统来重新定义一秒钟的长度,这也就意味着我们的日子里甚至可以挤进去更多光阴。刚刚测量的光学钟非常精确,如果它从宇宙诞生之日起开始运行的话,到现在误差还不到两分钟,仔细想想简直不可思议。Global time-keeping is important, because #39;the second#39; - as defined by the International System of s (SI) - is what our GPS devices, electrical power grids, and financial networks all rely on.全球计时是非常重要的,因为我们的GPS设备、电网和金融网络全都依赖着由国际计量系统(SI)定义的“秒”。That#39;s why we use atomic - or microwave - clocks, which measure the vibration of a caesium atom to keep time, just like the tiny swinging of a pendulum. And since 1967, a SI second has been defined as 9,192,631,770 cycles of those vibrations. But, as specific as that sounds, even the best atomic clocks can still accumulate an error of about 1 nanosecond over a month.这也是我们应用原子钟或微波钟的原因,它们通过测量铯原子的摆动来计时,就像一个钟摆在轻微摆动。自1967年以来,国际计量系统定义的一秒就是91亿9263万1770次这种微小摆动。但是,尽管听起来很精准,即使是最好的原子钟在一个月的时间内也仍然会积累出十亿分之一秒的误差。Optical clocks, on the other hand, are even more precise. They work similarly to atomic clocks, but they measure the oscillations of atoms or ions that vibrate at frequencies about 100,000 times higher than microwave frequencies - which is a whole lot faster, and therefore more accurate.另一方面,光学钟却更为精确。它们的工作原理与原子钟相似,测量原子或离子的振动,但这些原子或离子的摆动频率大约是微波频率的10万倍左右——这要快得多,因此也更为准确。;Our study is a milestone in terms of practical implementation of optical clocks,; said one of the researchers, Christian Grebing, from the National Metrology Institute of Germany, ;The message is that we could today implement these optical clocks into the time-keeping infrastructure that we have now, and we would gain.;德国国家计量研究所的一位研究人员克里斯蒂安·格雷宾说:“就光学钟的实际应用而言,我们的研究是一块里程碑。也就是说,今天我们可以把这些光学钟纳入目前拥有的计时基础设施之中,而且,我们会有所收获。”That gain is the ability to squeeze more into every second. Us slow humans wouldn#39;t really notice, but things like financial time stamps would be more specific ,and banks would be able to complete even more transactions per second.收获就是可以在每一秒之中挤入更多的时光。我们这些慢腾腾的人类不会真正注意到这点变化,但是金融时间戳之类的东西会更为精准,而甚至会在每秒钟完成更多的交易。 /201606/449951内蒙古解放军第253医院治疗附件炎多少钱呼和浩特专业治疗膀胱炎的医院



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