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和林格尔县妇幼保健人民中医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱新城区妇幼保健人民中医院治疗附件炎多少钱Hi, so today I#39;ve come to the longest pedestrian bridge in Japan大家好!今天我来到了日本最长的吊桥and apparently it opened at the end of last year in 2015, so it#39;s still fairly new这里于2015年年底开放, 所以还很新So, let#39;s go inside and see how the bridge is like and lets see the best view of Mt Fuji我们一起去看看这座桥,以及最美的富士山风光吧So the suspension bridge is located in Shizuoka prefecture in Mishima city这座吊桥位于静冈县的三岛市It opened in December 2015 so it’s still so new that it’s not even updated on google earth因为2015年12月刚开放,所以谷歌地图还没更新到So, I went there from Tokyo by car and it took a little under 2 hours我从东京出发,开车花了不到两小时就到了However, you can also get there by bus from JR Mishima station你也可以从三岛市火车站转乘巴士If you decide to drive, they also have a lot of free car parks available如果你开车来,这里也有很多免费停车位So after arriving head towards the ticket gate到达之后请前往售票处and Mishima Sky Walk is actually open 365 days a year三岛空中走廊是全年开放的so they don#39;t have any holidays unless the weather conditions are bad所以这里假期也会开放,除非天气不好For adults it#39;s 1000yen for the ticket and for children the prices vary成人票价是1000日元,未成年人的票价略有不同Lets enter and check out what#39;s inside让我们进去看看里面有什么吧Now this was my first time going as well, so I was pretty excited to see what it was like我也是第一次来,所以非常激动,想看看里面是什么样子There were many nice places to take photos of the view but let me show you which one I liked the best虽然有很多拍照的好地方,但请允许我告诉你我最喜欢的地方So this is the look out point and you can see Mt Fuji and the bridge in one shot,这里就是瞭望台,在这里可以同时拍到富士山和吊桥which makes it one pretty awesome photo拍出的照片非常棒not to mention it#39;s also my thumbnail for this 更不用说我用它作这个视频的缩略图了Now the moment you had been waiting for, let#39;s cross the bridge现在,期待已久的时刻终于来了,我们要过桥了This bridge is wide enough for about 3-4 adults to easily pass each other这座桥很宽,3-4个成年人能够很轻松地并排通过and what I like about this bridge was that it#39;s also made convenient for people on wheel chairs to cross it as well我之所以喜欢这座桥,还因为坐轮椅的人也能方便地过桥The bridge is around 70 meters tall, so it’s pretty cool seeing the ground below from up high桥离地70米左右,从桥上俯瞰时看到的景色也很美So I#39;ve made it to the middle of the bridge现在我已经到桥中央了and it#39;s been a bit shaky on the way, but it#39;s really safe, so you don#39;t have to worry about that虽然走的时候有点摇晃,但是很安全,你不用担心and from the middle of this bridge you can actually see Fuji-san which is really nice在桥中央可以望见非常漂亮的富士山So, I think it is a really close view and it#39;s a great place to see it这里看富士山真的很近,来这里看是非常不错的选择So I came in Summer but I really want to try coming in the other seasons,我是夏天来的,但我也很想在别的季节来这里看看espeically when there#39;s snow on top of Mt Fuji尤其是富士山顶被雪覆盖的时候So let#39;s go talk to one of the staff here and hear a little bit more about this place所以,让我们去跟这里的工作人员聊聊关于这个地方的其他信息吧Why did you guys decide to build a bridge here?你们为什么决定在这里建一座桥Yes, we had been running a business in Mishima city before嗯,我们以前在三岛市做生意and we were thinking if there was anything we could do for Mishima city想着我们能为三岛市做点什么Then we thought we could use this view and do something for this region我们觉得可以利用这里的景色做点事情Something that can gather people together吸引大家前来Nice place, isn#39;t it?非常漂亮的地方呢,是吧?This 400 meter long suspension bridge is Japan#39;s longest pedestrian bridge是的,这座长400米的天桥是日本最长的人行天桥The view you see from here is Japan#39;s tallest mountain (Mt Fuji) and Japan#39;s deepest bay(Suruga Bay)从这里可以看到日本最高的山(富士山)和日本最深的海湾(骏河湾)So you can enjoy 3 of Japan#39;s bests at on spot这样,你在一个地方就能看到日本最美的三个景点How wonderful太棒了So on the other side of the bridge there are many shops selling different things like food and souvenirs桥的另一边有很多商店,卖各种各样的东西,有吃的,有纪念品and there#39;s even this shop that sells these cute wooden eggs where you can also find in the nearby forest, they#39;re called Kicoro还有一家店卖非常可爱的木蛋,附近的森林里也能找到Let#39;s go find Kicolo我们一起去找Kicoro吧Here, we find it! it#39;s so cute找到了!好可爱啊so you can find these all over the forest and I#39;m not quite sure why they put it there这个森林里到处都是木蛋,不过,我也不知道人们为什么把它们放在这里but some are in pretty interesting places as well但有些木蛋放的地方非常有意思like this donut looking one that I gave up on trying to get比如这个放得跟甜甜圈一样,不过我拿不到and here#39;s me trying to cool down after all that hunting找了那么久,我先来这里凉快凉快so on the day, they were taking three photographs for everyone that came那天,工作人员会给去的每个人拍三张照片This guy was awesome because he just stood under the sun to take photos for everyone这个小伙子太好了,因为他一直站在太阳底下给大家拍照so you can buy the actual photograph or just stick to the free one like I did你可以买照片,或者像我一样只拿张免费的there were many other interesting things, like this flower drop shop这里还有很多有意思的东西,比如这个投花的小店There#39;s a flower seed planted here.这里面有花的种子You can throw this from the bridge, and make a wish when you throw it.你可以从桥上把它投下去,投的时候许下你的愿望There are many different colours to choose from and there are 8 different types of nature words at the back有很多颜色可供选择,背后有8种不同类型的来自大自然的话It#39;s fun picking it and you can also take it home挑的过程很有意思,你也可以带回家There#39;s also another lookout point after you cross the bridge过桥后还会有一个瞭望台Now it’s time to go back to the entrance and get some food现在,是时候回入口处吃点东西了Now there is a cafe back at the entrance, but let me take you somewhere a little bit more unique入口处有个咖啡厅,但我要带你去一个跟特别的地方Now looking back at this, I really do always go to the mist fans, don#39;t I?又是这个,我真的经常走到雾扇面前,不是吗?So the place we are going is actually up this slope, it#39;s a little bit behind everything however it#39;s still easy to find.我们要去的地方其实在这个斜坡上面,虽然被遮住了,但还是不难找到No, let#39;s be healthy and take the stairs算了,我们还是走台阶吧,有益健康So these stairs were so pretty and it was such a shame no one was using them这些台阶很漂亮,没人使用真是可惜So I decided to use them所以我要把它们利用起来The log deign of these stairs reminded me of the forest that was back over the bridge这种原木台阶的设计让我想起了桥后的那个森林So we have finally arrived and this place is called the Sky Garden终于到了,这个地方叫“天空花园”When you enter the ceiling is filled with chandelier-like plants进来之后,天花板上都是像吊灯一样垂吊的植物and each season the flowers change so you can enjoy different flowers all year round而且,每个季节的花都会变,这样,一年四季都能欣赏到不同的花They even have these flowers headhand and broomstick for you to take photos with the flower这家店还提供花环和扫帚,你可以用它们跟花合影There was also many shops where you could get light refreshments from这里还有很多小吃店So it might actually be a good idea to stop by and eat something before you cross the bridge所以,过桥前先在这里吃点东西或许是个不错的主意because you actually aren#39;t allowed to bring anything over因为不准携带食物过桥and you can buy some souvenirs and gifts for your family and friends back at home你也可以在这里买点纪念品和礼物带回去送给家人和朋友There is a lot to choose from but probably the one that is only sold here is this long sky walk roll cake这里可以选择的东西很多,但只在这里有卖的可能是空中走廊蛋糕卷If you can#39;t take that home with you there is also a shorter version带回家不方便的话,你也可以买这种比较短的Last but not least check out the show room near the entrance最后,记得去入口旁边的陈列室which has a miniature model of the sky walk and photos of the process of it being made.里面有很多空中走廊的微型模型,以及关于建造过程的图片So thank you for watching until the very end of the , you are so awesome, and I hope you enjoyed the .感谢您一直观看这个视频,你太棒了,希望你喜欢这个视频 Article/201707/516689武川县无痛人流医院排名 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/466637North Korea is showing off its military power in a less explosive way.朝鲜正以不太爆炸的方式炫耀其军事力量。The country unveiled a series of missiles Friday in a military parade. Experts believe they were land and submarine-launched ballistic missiles.周五,朝鲜在阅兵式上公布了一系列导弹。专家认为它们是陆上和潜艇发射的弹道导弹。The annual parade celebrates the birth of North Korea#39;s founder, Kim Il-sung.这是一年一度游行庆祝朝鲜创始人金日成的诞生。But this year the holiday came as tensions run high between North Korea and another world power.但今年假期到来时,朝鲜和另一些世界大国间关系相当紧张。The U.S. sent military forces to waters near the Korean Peninsula to deter another nuclear test. The North had been teasing a ;big event; all week.美国向朝鲜半岛附近海域派遣军事力量阻止另一次核试验。朝鲜整个星期都在玩弄一个“大事件”。After that, North Korea threatened to hit the U.S. in a ;merciless retaliatory strike.;在那之后,朝鲜威胁要“无情报复性打击”美国。U.S. officials admit the situation is tricky. Moving forces near the peninsula, even as a preemptive measure, could increase the risk of a large-scale conflict.美国官员承认情况很棘手。向半岛附近调遣部队,即使是先发制人的措施,也可能增加大规模冲突的风险。But South Korea#39;s top diplomat said the U.S. would consult with Seoul before any serious decisions are made.但韩国最高外交官表示,在作出任何严肃决定之前,美国将与韩国协商。译文属。 Article/201704/504023呼和浩特首大医院男科电话

乌兰察布市男科医院TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201610/470013呼市妇幼保健人民中医院流产手术多少钱 色拉英语Lesson 83 (17-4) Comfort food 被甩后用食物安慰自己英语对话文本:Oh I feel so miserable! 哦 我真不幸!What’s wrong pal? 怎么了, 伙计?Whenever things are going poorly I feel like eating. 每当有不顺心的事情, 我就想吃东西.Hey I need some pizza! 嘿 我要一些比萨!What’s the matter? 怎么了?My girlfriend dropped me! 我的女朋友抛弃了我!Don’t worry there are plenty of other women in the world! 不用担心 世界上还有很多其他女人的!Yeah well I think I also flunked my exam today! 是啊 我想我今天的考试也考砸了!I feel like having some cake! 我想要一些蛋糕!Come on get over it! 来吧 克它!You can always take the exam again. 你可以再考一次.Maybe you’re right. 也许你是对的.Look now it’s raining outside! 看现在外面下雨了!Come on pull yourself together! 来吧 振作起来!Now you can wear that new raincoat you just bought! 现在你可以穿你刚才新买的雨衣!You know you’re absolutely right. 你知道吗? 你是对的I feel so much better after talking to you. 与你交谈后我觉得好多了.Thank you so much. 非常感谢You’re really a great friend. 你真的是一个好朋友.Your check sir 你的帐单 先生本集英语单词:Miserable 不幸的/ whenever 每当/ get over 克/ check 帐单/本集英语知识要点:Feel like … 想要 …Whenever things are going poorly , I feel like eating. 每当有不顺心的事情, 我就想吃东西.Now I feel like having a cup of coffee. 现在我想来杯咖啡.I feel like having some cake! 我想要一些蛋糕!Come on, pull yourself together! 来吧, 振作起来!You know, you’re absolutely right. 你知道吗, 你是对的.My girlfriend dropped me. 我的女朋友抛弃了我。Flunk an examI flunked my biology test. 我生物学不及格。Pull yourself together 振作起来Don’t lose heart . Pull yourself together. 别灰心,振作起来。I feel much better. 我感觉好多了。Miserable 不幸的/ whenever 每当/ pull yourself together 振作起来/ I feel much better. 我感觉好多了。 /200711/21362兴安盟治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好的

乌海妇幼保健人民中心医院在线咨询The first priority is to cross the island.第一要务就是要穿过小岛The far shore faces east towards Panama.远处朝东的海滩与巴拿马隔海相望Only once you know what lies beyond can you plan your next move.只有看到了那片海域的情况 你才能计划下一步行动After five minutes, I#39;m across.Just nothing as far as the eye can see.五分钟之后 我横穿了小岛 目之所及 空空如也Quite an intimidating sight when you see that much ocean.乍看这样一片汪洋还真有点吓人With no sign of land and no chance of immediate rescue,没有陆地的踪迹 也无立即获救的可能you need to search your island for resources 你就需要在小岛上找寻一些物资了anything that will help you stay alive and help you to escape.即任何能让你活着 帮你逃生的东西There#39;s a beach below.It#39;s a good place to start the search.下面有一片沙滩 从这里入手是个不错的选择Just see how dry all this is.But there#39;s also this rock.看看这都干成什么样了 但也有这种岩石It#39;s porous, which means when it rains,这类岩石多缝隙易渗透 就是说下雨时it#39;s just gonna run straight through it and not collect.雨水会直接渗透过去 无法储存And that#39;s why finding freshwater is gonna be so hard here.这就是为什么这里淡水这么难找Okay, let#39;s get down to the beach, see what we find down there.到下面的沙滩去 看能找到什么Dead booby.It stinks.Well, there#39;s nothing on here really for me.一只死鲣鸟 臭死了 它身上没什么有用的Might take the head...might be able to use that, actually.把头留着吧 说不定用得着Beaches are rich hunting grounds.海滩上总是会有很多好东西的Hey, look, you see what all the tide#39;s washed up here.看 海浪冲上岸的东西都在那儿Wherever you are in the world,you#39;ll often find signs of human garbage.无论世界哪个角落 你总能看到人类的垃圾Look, see all of this rubbish?There#39;s a lot of stuff I can use here:看到这堆垃圾了吗 里面有好些东西用得上fishing nets, plastic bottles, and driftwood.It#39;s a treasure trove.比如渔网 塑料瓶 还有浮木 真是找到宝贝了 Article/201606/450350 中国色拉英语乐园Salad English Park 故事梗概:   故事发生在一个人和动物友好相处的现代都市里。在那个世界里有着和我们现实生活完全一样的场景。所有发生的故事围绕我们日常生活的场景展开。包括出租车,饭店家庭聊天,医院,商店等等。还有可怜的Mr.B先生,总是个倒霉的家伙,被困在小岛上多日,每次求生的努力总是失败。另外还有一心想得到新式捕虫武器的青蛙,狡猾的商人,多情的公鸡,忠厚而失败的老牛等,许多许多有趣的人物演绎出一场一场好戏,同样折射出我们忙乱而精的都市生活。也许通过这么多细致的描写,你也可以发现你自己身边的青蛙,公鸡…… /200711/21357呼和浩特市第一医院治疗早孕多少钱乌兰察布市妇幼保健医院治疗阳痿多少钱



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