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呼和浩特市第一医院治疗肛周囊肿多少钱Finance and Economics;Europe in limbo;Home and dry财经;迷途的欧洲;安然无恙?岌岌可危!Europes weaker economies are in the grip of a worsening credit crunch;欧洲经济本已弱风扶柳,怎奈又陷入愈演愈烈的信贷危机; The joke recounted by the boss of a large Italian bank is an old one, but it captures the moment. Two hikers are picnicking when a bear appears. When one laces up his boots to run, his friend scoffs that he cant outrun a bear. The shod hiker retorts that it is not the bear he needs to outrun, merely his fellow hiker. “Were sitting at the picnic with our boots still on,” says the bank boss.一家意大利大老板讲了一个笑话,虽然笑话老掉牙了,但是正切合现在的状况。两名背包客正在享受野餐,一只熊出现了。其中一个立刻穿上靴子准备逃命,他的朋友却嘲笑他不可能跑得过熊。前者却反驳道,他不用跑得过熊,只要跑得过他的同伴就够了。这个老板说:“我们现在就是穿着鞋子野餐。”As policymakers and pundits try to work out the effects of a Greek exit, banks and investors have aly been taking precautions. One course of action has been to pull money out of more fragile markets. Never mind the weakest economies like Greece, Ireland and Portugal; Spain and Italy have also lost foreign bank deposits of about 45 billion Euro(56 billion dollar) and 100 billion Euro respectively from their peaks. Add in things like sales of government bonds by foreigners (see chart 1), and capital flight is probably equal to about 10% of GDP in those countries, say Citigroup analysts. Such outflows are hard to stop.政治决策人和专家们正在努力想办法消除希腊脱离欧盟带来的影响,而和投资商早已未雨绸缪,做好了预防措施。第一步,先从较为脆弱的市场里撤资。希腊,爱尔兰,葡萄牙这几个最弱的经济体就不说了,甚至西班牙和意大利也流失了大量外资存款,与各自最高存款金额相比,分别损失了450亿欧元(约合560美元)和1000亿欧元。花旗分析师说,再加上其他种种,如外国政府债券持有量锐减(见图表一),估计上述国家外流的资金很可能达到GDP的百分之十。外流量如此之高,想要收线,可没那么容易。The European Central Bank (ECB) has filled this funding gap by providing liquidity to the banks. But that has in turn reinforced the second precautionary tactic: matching assets and liabilities within countries as much as possible. It is a common refrain from bankers that the euro area no longer functions as a single financial market, although that has the paradoxical advantage of making a break-up less destructive. Banks have used ECB loans to borrow from the national central banks of the countries in which they have assets; that should mean that both sides of the balance-sheet would get redenominated in the event of a euro exit.欧洲中央(ECB)已经向提供流动资金来填补这个资金缺口。这样做却反而强化了预防措施第二步,即在上述国家尽全力实施资产与负债匹配。家们总是在喋喋不休欧元区已经不再以一个单一的金融市场运作,即使这样有一个看似荒谬优势,即降低欧元区崩溃的破坏程度。利用ECB贷款向它们已有资产的各国央行借钱,这意味着,一旦欧元不复存在,负债资产表的两部分都需要重新计算。Much of that ECB liquidity is meant to find its way into the real economy, of course. But the third precautionary technique, for both lenders and borrowers, is to hang fire while uncertainty is so high. The Economist has compiled credit-crunch index, comprising a number of measures on everything from bank lending to the cost of buying insurance against default for banks, firms and sovereigns in the euro zone. A single index disguises big differences between weaker and stronger states, but it shows that credit is crunchier now than it was at the height of the banking crisis in 2008 (see chart 2).ECB当然想要把大部分流动资金投入到实体经济中。但是,借贷双方保护措施第三步,就是在极其不确定的情况下,按兵不动。《经济学家》编辑了一份信贷紧缩指数,其中包含若干各种数据,从贷款额,到防止欧元区、公司和国家违约而投入的保险费。区区一个指数掩饰了强弱国家之间不小的差距,然而,这组数据却显示出,当下的信贷危机比08年危机最严重时更严重。(见图表二)Much economic activity is being strangled as a result. In Spain firms have put bond issues and asset sales on hold. Volatility makes it almost impossible to value an asset, bankers say. The Catalan government failed to sell 26 buildings in Barcelona earlier this year for about 450m Euro because one of the bidders wanted to introduce a clause that said rents would be paid in dollars in the event of a euro break-up; the other bidder pulled out because it had been told by headquarters to hold off on deals in southern Europe.结果,很多经济活动被扼杀掉。西班牙各个公司暂停发行债券,中止销售资产。家称,鉴于如今局面不稳定,资产评估只能是望洋兴叹。今年早些时候,加泰罗尼亚政府未能成功卖出位于巴塞罗那的26栋建筑,其价值约为四亿五千万欧元,究其原因,是一位投标人想要建立一项新条款,条款规定,如果欧元解体,租金将由美元付;另一位投标人选择退出,因为其总部要求暂停南欧市场的交易。The number of Spanish companies filing for bankruptcy climbed by 21.5% in the first quarter. Nearly a third of these were in the property or construction industries, but the rot is sping. Alestis, an aeronautical supplier to aircraft manufacturers, filed for bankruptcy earlier this month after failing to reach an agreement with banks to refinance its debts.今年第一季度,申请破产的西班牙公司数量攀升了21.5%。其中,将近三分之一是房产公司和建筑公司,然而,破产还是同瘟疫一般传染开来。不乏就有一家叫Alestis的航空产品制造供应商在本月初申请了破产,因为该公司与达不成债务再融资的协议。The sound of credit crunching can also be heard next door in Portugal, where loans to non-financial companies fell by 5% in the first quarter compared with the same period last year, and credit to households by 3.6%. One of the conditions of the countrys bail-out programme is that banks should reduce their total loans to 120% of assets. The quickest way to do that is to avoid making loans.邻国葡萄牙也听得见信贷危机的声音。与去年同期相比,在今年第一季度,葡萄牙非财务公司贷款下滑了5%,家庭贷款下滑了3.6%。在葡萄牙的纾困计划中,条件之一就是将总贷款额减少至其资产的120%。避免再向外贷款是实现这一目标的最佳捷径。Conditions are little better in Italy. The province of Varese, near Milan, is a manufacturing heartland: its factories make plastics, textiles and a range of engineering products. Once firms there griped about poor infrastructure and red tape; now the credit squeeze is their main complaint. The local bosses association says that 40% of firms were hit by lowered borrowing ceilings between January and March, and 15% were told to pay back loans. Banks turned down 45% of requests for new funding.意大利的情况也不容乐观。毗邻米兰的瓦雷泽省,是意大利的一个制造业中心,这里的工厂主要生产塑料,纺织品和各种工业制造品。曾经,这里的公司老是埋怨基础设备落后,官僚风气严重;而现在,他们主要抱怨贷款紧缩。当地领导联盟表示,今年一至三月,有40%的公司因贷款上限下降受挫,要求15%的公司偿还贷款,并拒绝了45%的新贷款申请。Those loans that are extended carry hefty interest rates, in part because higher sovereign-borrowing costs have a knock-on effect on banks funding costs. Differences in sovereign rates can be self-reinforcing, especially when German firms across the border are rivals. “A marginal northern Italian company competing against an equal company in Bavaria will go bust,” says the boss of one bank. “Then the cost of risk goes up and has to be shared by all the other small companies.”那些延期的贷款利率很高,部分原因是较高的主权借贷成本会对集资成本产生连锁影响。国家主权信用评级不同反而能增加本国的竞争力,尤其是当竞争对手是边境以外的德国公司。“一家意大利北部边界的公司想要和位于德国巴伐利亚的对手竞争,无疑是自取灭亡,”一家老板说,“然后风险成本随之上升,其他小公司就必须分担这些成本。”If firms cannot borrow from banks they lengthen payment terms to their suppliers, exacerbating the credit problem, says Michele Tronconi of Sistema Moda Italia, a body representing textiles and clothing firms. Fashion is Italys second-largest export industry, but no sector has a higher level of non-performing loans.意大利纺织装协会,是纺织装公司的主要行情代表。协会主管米歇尔·特隆科尼(Michele Tronconi)称,如果公司从借不到钱,他们就会拉长给供应商的付款周期,造成信贷问题进一步恶化。时尚业是意大利第二大出口产业,幸好没有任何时尚部门被较高层次的不良信贷缠身。This credit squeeze will have tightened since Greeces inconclusive election this month. That further dents growth prospects: estimates by Now-Casting, a forecasting firm, suggests that euro-zone GDP will contract by 0.2% in the second quarter. That in turn risks worsening the debt dynamics of the zones peripheral countries at just the wrong time. Policymakers keep trying to buy time to solve the crisis, but they may be only speeding the end they are trying to avoid.由于本月希腊选举不了了之,信贷紧缩问题更是雪上加霜。于是,发展前景进一步削弱:据预测公司Now-Casting 估算表明,在今年第二季度,欧元区GDP将会下滑0.2%。这反而使欧元区国家的贷款活力在这个错误的时间遭受恶化的风险。决策人奋力争取更多的时间来化解这场危机,然而却可能适得其反,他们不愿看到的结果可能更早降临。 /201304/232929呼和浩特托克托县治疗便秘哪家医院最好的 通辽妇幼保健人民中心医院治疗盆腔炎多少钱

托克托县妇幼保健人民中医院看前列腺炎好吗 Castles are usually enormous structures requiring strong foundations and the use of heavy construction materials such as stone. If the foundations are not strong enough, the castle could collapse. The idea of building a castle in the air-with no foundation at all-is, of course, ridiculous. That is why this idiom is used to describe ideas that are not realistic, as if they are dreams or fantasies. So when someone describes a plan or course of action that we believe may be impossible to achieve, we tell him, ;Youre building castles in the air.;城堡通常是一个很大的建筑,需要有坚实的基础,还要用到大量石头之类的建筑材料。如果城堡的基础不够牢固,很可能会坍塌。建立在空中的城堡是没有基础的。因此,“在空中建城堡”当然是一个很荒谬的想法。因此,我们可以使用这个成语形容那些不太现实的想法——因为这种想法往往是梦想或幻想罢了。所以,当有人描述一个计划或行动时,我们觉得那是不可能实现的,就可以告诉他:“你的想法就如空中楼阁一样。”A similar idiom is ;building castles in the sand.; We know that, on a beach, sand castles are inevitably and easily destroyed by the tide. They are not built to last a long time. So when we say someone is ;building castles in the sand,; we mean they are creating something that wont endure very long.类似的一个成语是“在沙滩上建城堡。”我们知道,沙滩上的城堡不可避免地而且很容易被海浪摧毁,不可能持久。所以,我们说有人是“在沙滩上建城堡”,意思就是他们正在创造的东西持续不了多长时间。注:本文译文属原创,,。201204/178335呼和浩特做无痛人流哪里较好呼和浩特男性尿道炎的治疗费用




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