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have a seat,thats totally unnecessary and yet i loved it all,thank you so much快坐下吧 这完全没有必要 但是我喜欢 非常感谢大家I appreciate it right back at you,all that noise and love and warmth,I send that right back at ya感谢大家 给予我的所有声音、爱和温暖 我也吧这些回赠给你们have yall heard about the people who eat in their sleep,have you heard,have you你们听说过有人在他睡觉时吃东西吗?你们听说过吗? 听说过吗?I an article, thats right,i ,I an article about people who eat while they are still asleep我读过一篇文章 对 是我读的 我读到一篇文章关于人们吃东西 在他们仍然熟睡的时候and they are called ;sleepeaters;,they are like sleepwalkers but much hungrier他们被称为“梦中食者”他们就像在梦游一样 但是 更饿well they must be sleepwalkers as well,cuz they have to walk to get the food right当然他们也能被称做梦游者 因为他们不得不行走去寻找食物so they are sleepwalkereaters,so sleepeaterwalkers所以他们是“走着吃着的梦游者” 对 “吃着走着的梦游者”I just they are sleepeaters,but they must be sleepwalkereaters,so sleepeaterwalkers我只读到他们是梦中食者 但是他们应该是“走着吃着的梦游者” 所以 “吃着走着的梦游者”们they eat in their sleep,so it is fascinating to me他们在睡眠状态下进餐 这主意对我来说不错because people get up in the middle of the night,to go to the kitchen and prepare full meals因为人们在半夜起来 走到厨房,准备好丰盛的饭菜and on memory of it the next day at all,and Ive always refered to the kind of ;the seventies;behaviors第二天把一切忘得干干净净 我总是说那种行为是 “七十年代一派”personally myself,a lot of people, the sleepeaters,they dont just eat food纯属个人意见 许许多多的人,那些“梦中食者”们 他们不只吃食物they eat sorts of things,like all kinds of things,they dont realize they are doing it till they find crumbs in their bed他们吃很多种类的东西 比如各种各样的东西 他们并不理解他们正在做的事 直到他们在床上发现了一些碎屑and if they want to know what they ate,they have to kind of piece it back together如果他们想要知道他们到底吃了什么 他们必须把所有的碎片拼起来they have to follow the bcrumbs and retrace their steps and you know its like,it looks like little b他们必须跟随那些面包屑 沿着他们的足迹折回 你知道那就像 那看起来像小面包and then some water and theres aluminum.I ate my birthday cake还有一些水 还有一些铝纸 我吃了我的生日蛋糕 /201606/447720Portia is the best, when Im at work without her. I miss her.波西亚是最棒的 我们后来不在一起拍摄了 我很想她We share trailers.So I sent a little picture the other day, like ;I miss you;.我们共用一辆化妆车 有一天我给她发了一张照片 写着;我想你;You got trainer.She showed me the picture that you texted,你有辆化妆车 她给我看了你发的照片that she wasnt the in the trailer.It was empty. It was really sad. - It was.没有她在车里 空荡荡的 真令人伤心 -是呀So, are you, you know, one thing, you know,Portia like you, just, she gets the script,你知道吗 波西亚还有你 在拿到剧本后and then you have to memorize it, like the short notices.你们得在很短的时间里记下它们And its a lot of words, and its ;Scandal; Pace,they call it.有那么多的台词 都是;丑闻;节奏的 用他们的话说Its very fast talking. How are you with all that?I think we are all, you know, scared silly.说得特别快 你是怎么做到的 我觉得我们都吓傻了Cause its also, you know, some of the best writing I will probably ever get to do it in my life.因为 你知道的 这可能是我人生中演过的最好的剧本So you get the hand of this beautiful scene, or monologue,当你手里拿着这些优美的场景 独白的时候That will be the career-changing under any other circumstances.那随时都可能成为改变你职业生涯的时刻She was like 5 hours to turn it around.I remember second season,We, poor Tony was in a comma.她花了五个小时反复揣 我记得在第二季的时候 可怜的托尼在昏迷当中We had shot him and he was in a comma.And Kerry and Jeff and I got this,like one act play at midnight.我们打中了他 他处在昏迷中 凯利 杰夫和我 好像午夜时候的独幕戏We were due to be at work at 5 :15 in the morning.We got it in midnight, and a sweet email from Shawn that said,因为我们得在早上5:15开工 在半夜的时候 我们收到了肖恩的邮件;Dont hate me, dont hate me.But that scene wasnt working,她说 ;别恨我 别恨我 ;但是那一幕不合适;;And then I finally figured now,;And I wrote it now.;And I know you have to do it in the morning.;But here it is.不过我最后还是想出来了 ;我现在就在写; 我知道你们得在早上开拍 ;就快好了; /201602/427701

So if you are wondering and you are probably wondering where the Stryker is如果你好奇 很可能你们在好奇Stryker去哪了since being on this show it has happen a lot他上我们节目后生活有了很大的变化he was approached by some people and ahead of a lot of opportunities一些人想要他 他也因此得到了很多机会and he decided to move on and persue those opportunities and I think he is great and I wish him well他决定去追求那么机会 我觉得这很好 我希望他一切顺利and hopefully hope he will come back and say hi to us也希望他能回来跟我们打声招呼we look for to see him and right now Tony is back我们很期待见到他 现在Tony回来啦Thank you.Tony.Hi,thank you very much,thank you.谢谢 Tony 嗨 非常感谢 谢谢大家all right,theres a lot of new thing here that这里有很多新的东西you notice you are sitting in a comfi chair,wider chairs comfi我知道你们坐的是新椅子 更宽的椅子there is cup holders,and the reason that you have cup holders because now in Ellen shop上面还有装杯子的小槽 我们安上这个小槽是因为现在在Ellen商店alone with Ellen underwear and our T shirts,we are also selling Ellen water,the slogan is it tastes funny我们不仅出售Ellen内衣裤 T桖 还出售Ellen矿泉水 我们的标语是 尝起来有趣So you can actually buy your Ellen water and you can keep it in your cup holders你可以购买Ellen水 然后把水瓶放在杯槽里and you dont have to worry because sometimes people are choking这样你就没有什么忧虑了 因为有时候人们会喝水呛到you have to worry that,but look there someone is drinking Ellen water,does it taste funny,taste funny,doesnt it你们就不必担心 看 有人在喝Ellen纯净水 尝起来很有趣吧 没错吧all right,what the show we have today,I cant even tell you how happy I am to see her我们今天的节目嘉宾 我都无法形容见到她我有多开心she was really followed my advice and she won three silvers medals and a gold in Beijing她听了我的建议 因此在北京赢得了3枚银牌和一枚金牌I was so proud of her,Olympic Championist Shawn Johnson is here我为她感到非常自豪 奥运冠军Shawn Johnson将来到我们节目 /201608/457794

Heavy rains in Missouri that began over the weekend dumped more than a foot of rain in some parts of the state.本周末开始的密苏里暴雨使该州许多地区降雨量超过一英尺。So far the wild weather has led to a death toll which has reached 14.到目前为止,恶劣的天气已造成14人死亡。On Wednesday, rescue crews covered the body of a driver swept away by floodwaters in Crawford 星期三,救援人员在克劳福德覆盖了一名被洪水冲走的司机尸体。Most of the deaths occurred in southcentral and southwest Missouri, which all reportedly involve drivers killed in their vehicles on flooded roadways.大多数死亡发生在密苏里中南部和西南部,据报道洪水淹没道路时司机死于他们的车中。Earlier in the week Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency on and activated the National Guard to help with rescue efforts.本周早些时候,密苏里州州长尼克松宣布进入紧急状态,并启用国民警卫队帮助救援工作。译文属。201512/419216

Fruit growers have a new problem: they cant buy enough young trees to plant in their orchards.This is especially true for cherry farmers in Michigan who depend on nurseries in the Pacific Northwest. It could get worse, and some farmers are preparing for a day when they cant buy any trees.Ben LaCross was supposed to be planting 6,000 sweet cherry trees this spring at his farm near Maple City. He ordered the trees from a nursery in Oregon three years ago, but there was some unusual weather there that fall.;They had a 24-hour period where it went from 40 degrees in the afternoon to -16 degrees overnight,; he says ;That just killed off millions of nursery tree stock.;So LaCross expects to get his trees next year.This is a common story. Fruit growers everywhere are planning years in advance to get new trees.Freezes, floods and winds have destroyed fruit trees around the country in large numbers. Thats part of the problem, but Ben LaCross says the underlying issue is demand for apples.Apples are popular at grocery stores, and farmers are planting smaller varieties of trees. That means apple farmers plant five or 10 times as many trees per acre than they did in the past. Commercial nurseries are struggling to keep up with that demand.;The nursery people are businessmen, too,; says LaCross. ;Theyve got to plant for that demand, and they cant plant for a small specialty crop like cherries.;Do-it-yourself tree nurseriesApples are grown just about everywhere in the U.S., but most of the nations tart cherry crop is grown between Muskegon and Charlevoix.Farmers here can still get cherry trees if they plan ahead. But Calvin Lutz, a cherry farmer near Kaleva in Manistee County, says that supply may not last.;The nurseries out west have been talking about quitting growing Montmorency cherries,; he says. ;Theyve kind of geared their brain over to growing apples.;At the moment, about a third of Lutzs cherry orchards are old and need to come out. He says these blocks have aly lost about half their trees, but he doesnt have the trees to replace them right now.Thats why he did something almost nobody does up north: he planted his own nursery.Its tricky work with a low success rate. He has 14,000 seedlings, mostly Montmorency cherries. Each one has a bud from an adult tree that is grafted by hand onto a rootstock. Nobody on his crew had ever done it before last fall.Lutz thinks hell save money even while he is learning. He says other cherry farmers think hes crazy, but he says theyre also interested in what hes doing.;Theyre waiting to see if I can actually do this,; he says.Not everyone is waiting. One of the largest cherry growers in the region has run a nursery since 2010.Nels Veliquette is one of the owners of Cherry Ke, a family business that grows mainly tart cherries on 1,800 acres of orchards.He says at that size, a nursery is not optional anymore.;You cannot be reliant on another business to provide those trees for you,; he says. ;It just becomes a matter of necessity.;201605/442527French education法兰西教育Bac blues会考后的忧伤Moves are afoot to reconsider Frances harsh grading system法国正在考虑改革它苛刻的成绩评级制度WARY of competition when it comes to global markets, the French embrace it wholeheartedly in the classroom. As school pupils enjoy the end of their summer holiday, few will relish a return to their harsh grading system. Termly reports in secondary schools record pupils marks, in Cartesian fashion, to the nearest two decimal points. Every child knows how they compare with the average. A result at the school-leaving baccalaureat exam of 16 out of 20 is considered outstanding. For younger children, a dictee to test spelling is marked by progressively deducting points for every error, which can crush the grade down to zero, or even into negative territory.提到全球市场,就少不了竞争中“战战兢兢,如履薄冰”的心态。而法兰西一心要将这种小心翼翼奉为教育的信条。享受美好假期的孩子们一想到要回到学校那苛刻的分级制度,一个个就像霜打的茄子一样愁容满面。中学记录学生成绩的学期报告会使用笛卡尔的算法,将大家的成绩精确到小数点后两位。毕业会考的成绩在16到20分之间的孩子才会被评为优秀。而对于这些小朋友们来说,拼写测试中的听写就是扣分的战斗机,分数被一个一个的错误蚕食鲸吞,这会使得他们的分数跌至零分甚至是负分。 Benot Hamon, the education minister, thinks the system, at least for younger people, is too harsh. He argues that “in France we are defined by failure”, and this begins with poor grades. He wants schools to “stimulate instead of discourage” and to give pupils more positive feedback. Mr Hamon has launched a review of the national grading system. It is due to report early next year.法国教育部长努瓦·哈蒙认为,这样的教学体制,最起码对年轻人来说实在是过于苛刻。这位教育部长认为“在法国,我们被定义成了不及格”,并且都始于过低的分数。他希望学校对学生是“鼓舞促进而不是使其丧失信心”,并且希望学校可以给学生更多积极的反馈。哈蒙部长推出了一份关于全国教育分级制度的反思,这份检讨将于明年早些时候公诸于世。Mr Hamons concern seems to be over the stress and anxiety that harsh grading inflicts on French schoolchildren, and the lack of confidence that this engenders in a country that is aly excessively pessimistic. Fully 75% of the children say they worry about getting poor marks in maths, for example, according to a study by the Paris-based OECD think-tank—only just less than the figure of 78% in South Korea, and far above the 46% in Sweden.哈蒙部长似乎是想结束苛刻分级制度给法国中小学生造成的紧张与焦虑,并提升因此制度造成国家过于悲观而缺乏已久的自信。例如,根据位于巴黎的经合组织智库发布研究数据,足足有75%的孩子表示他们担心自己的数学成绩会越来越差。在此项调查上法国仅略低于韩国,但是却远远高于瑞典,在韩国,这样的孩子占到78%,而在瑞典,却只有46%。Last year the education ministry reported on an experiment in middle schools, in which marks out of 20 were abandoned in favour of comments, or vague letter grades. Boys, the report noted, disliked a less competitive environment more than girls; stronger pupils disliked it more than weaker ones. But by creating less stress over failure, the report found, pupils were encouraged to take risks and participate in class, and often became more confident.去年,法国教育部在中学进行了改革实验,在这些学校中,笛卡尔的打分方式被摒弃,取而代之的是意见或者是模糊的字母等级。报告指出,和女生相比,男生对于这种竞争压力小的环境并不太感冒;与那些相对弱一些的学生相比,那些成绩优异的学生也不喜欢这样的弱竞争氛围。但是研究者们还发现,及格带来的压力减轻使学生们受到了鼓励,更愿意冒险尝试并且参与课堂活动,并且自信也与日俱增。Curiously, it was parents rather than pupils who most resisted the absence of grades. They worried about over-protected children, and the difficulty of judging their progress. If Mr Hamon is to get anywhere, he may find that his biggest obstacle is pushy parents.而奇怪的是,最反对模糊分数的不是学生,而是各位小朋友的家长。这些家长担心对孩子的过度保护会难以判断其长进。如果哈蒙部长随处看看,他或许会发现,其实教育中最大的改革就是这些爱出风头的固执父母。 翻译 周晓婷 校对 邵夏沁 译文属译生译世 /201507/387112So its like zzz...We have to blow it every couple minutes.所以它会一直漏气 我们每隔几分钟就要给它打气So you eat on a air mattress.你们就在一张充气床垫上吃饭Yeah, its a mess.Right.Its like camping.没错 一团糟 没错 这就像在露营No, it is.Its like camping but it would be great to have a dinning room table on it,对啊 没错 是像在露营 但是 如果有张餐桌就好了or something like that too, right?或者类似的东西 对吧Yeah but I mean,its...yeah I know.是啊 我的意思是 我懂的Thats what I like about your attitude.Its just like, its okay.我就是喜欢你乐观的态度 你觉得 ;没关系 这很好;And I know you have a very old mattress,and you should have a better mattress.我知道你的床垫非常非常旧 你应该拥有更好的床垫And I have friends at mattress firm and they have the best bed.我有朋友是开床垫公司的 他们家的床垫绝对满赞So No.1 I wanna give you a mattress from the Mattress Firm.Okay, thats the first thing.首先 我要送你一张Mattress Firm 赞助的床垫 这是第一个礼物They will push it in and out your house for you,You need it.别担心 他们会帮你送到家里 你需要它And also you sold,your daughter needs stuff,because you sold a bunch of stuff so that you could move.而且 你女儿也需要些日常用品 因为搬家你们卖了不少东西So we wanna give you a 2,000 dollars Toys Rus card for your daughter.所以我们会送你女儿 一张价值2000美元的玩具商店购物卡So she can have some toys.All right.And also you need furniture as well right?可以用来给她买些玩具 对吧 还有 你一定还需要家具So we wanna give you a 5,000 dollars Target card,我们还要送给你价值5000美元的超市购物卡so you can actually buy some furniture.table and chairs用它去买点儿家具吧 桌椅什么的(You) can camp when you want to, not all the time.All right,露营神马的偶尔来一次就行了 可不能每天都这样 你说对吧All right. We will be back with Ellen Pompeo. - Thank you so much.-Youre so welcome.稍作休息 待会有艾伦·庞派 -太感谢了 哎呀 小意思 /201509/401609

The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear arguments on the legality of same-sex marriage later this month, and a group of young conservatives is pushing to change the Republican Party platform on gay marriage.The group Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry is launching an effort to change the GOP platform on same-sex marriage.;We would like to see language that is more inclusive, that gives people a sense that there can be dialogue on the issue,; says group member Ed Lopez.He worries that the polarizing issue is not only dividing party members, but distracting them from focusing on other policy changes they would like to see made.Member Nina Verghese says the group aims to discuss this issue with the Republican platform committee that will be meeting in 2016. She says their goal is to educate them on the issue and show that Republicans from across the country are changing their outlook on the issue.According to Lopez, the base is moving rapidly toward supporting marriage equality, with 61% of conservatives under age 30 supporting it.;I think at the end of the day, we want both parties to support the freedom to marry,; Verghese says.If the party doesnt change its stance in its platform, Verghese says the group will continue to fight for this issue. And Lopez says refusing to take part in a dialogue about the issue could cost it young voters.;If we want to grow as a party, were going to have to come together on this issue and find a way to agree to disagree,; Verghese says.201504/370402Osteoporosis literally means porous bone.骨质疏松从字面意思上讲就是骨组织疏松症状。Osteoporosis is characterized by loss of bone density and the deterioration of bone tissue, which makes bones fragile and more likely to fracture.骨质疏松的特点是骨质密度丧失及骨组织恶化,从而使得骨骼脆弱,更易断裂。The important thing about osteoporosis is figuring out whether youve got it before you injure yourself.而对于这种疾病最重要的一点就是在你弄伤自己前搞清楚你是否已经骨质疏松。And thats pretty easy to do:theres a specialized test that measures bone density, and based on its results, doctors can prescribe various medications to slow the disease down.很容易就可以进行检测:接受专门的骨密度测试,而医生根据结果可以给你开各种药物以延缓疾病。 201501/352522

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