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Science and Technology Avian malaria and climate change Bite the birds科技 禽虐与气候变化 鸟类受害Malaria among birds is becoming more prevalent鸟类中的疟疾感染越来越多MOSQUITOES, which carry malaria parasites, like the warm and wet conditions that are expected to become more common with climate change.携带疟原虫的蚊子喜欢温暖潮湿的环境,由于气候变化的影响这种环境可能会越来越普遍。This has led many to reason that malarial infections will increase.因此很多人推论,疟疾感染将会增加。Yet studies run into the unreliability of modelling future climatic effects and sometimes ignore changes in land use and health care.但是很多研究遇到了未来气候效应模型不可靠的问题,而且有时忽视了土地使用和健康保健方面的变化。However, a new analysis of the sp of avian malaria shows that for the birds, at least, there is a real worry.然而,一项新的对禽虐传播的分析显示,至少对于鸟类而言,真正令人担忧的状况已经出现。Laszlo Garamszegi, of the Do?ana Biological Station in Spain, studied patterns of malarial infections in birds to avoid confounding human factors in determining the epidemiology of a closely related parasite.在对一种有密切关系的寄生虫进行流行病学鉴定时,为避免混入人为因素,西班牙多尼亚纳生物站的喇撒?噶母赛棘研究了在鸟类中疟疾感染的模式。He looked at 43 previous studies that had carefully screened 3,000 bird species for malaria in different locations over the past 70 years.他察看了以前的43份研究。这些研究仔细鉴别了过去70年来在不同地区的3000中鸟类感染疟疾的情况。He found that an increase in global temperatures of 1°C was accompanied by a two-to threefold increase in the average prevalence of malaria in birds.他发现,全球气温每增加1°C,鸟类平均疟疾患病率随之增加两到三倍。The most dramatic increases took place during the past 20 years.最急剧地增加是发生在过去的20年间。Dr Garamszegis work, published in Global Change Biology, found that the house sparrow (Passer domesticus) showed a malaria prevalence that was less than 10% before 1990 when worldwide temperatures were cooler, but in recent years nearly 30% were infected.噶母赛棘士的论文发表在《全球变化生物学》杂志上,他发现,家雀(Passer domesticus)的疟疾患病率在1990年以前不到10%,那时全球气候比较凉爽,但是在最近的一些年里几乎30%被感染。The great tit (Parus major) presented a similarly worrying increase, with less than 3% infected with malaria before 1995 but closer to 15% in recent studies.大山雀(Parus major)的患病率有类似令人担忧的增加,1995年之前不到3%,而最近接近15%。The blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla), a migrant bird common in Europe that breeds in gardens, once had virtually no avian malaria but a study in 1999 showed nearly 4% had the disease.黑头莺在欧洲一种常见的候鸟,它们生活在很多公园里,实际上它们曾经并没有禽虐感染,但是1999年的一项研究显示,几乎4%的黑头莺感染了这种疾病。The effects of warming on avian malaria were not universal. Birds in Asia, North America and South America suffered much less change in their levels of infection during warm years than did birds dwelling in Africa and Europe.气候变暖对禽虐的影响并不普遍。亚洲、北美和南美的鸟类,在气候变暖的若干年里,其感染率的变化较小,而生活在非洲和欧洲的鸟类则受影响较大。Such trends may not have any relevance to the malaria parasites that infect humans.这种趋势与感染人类的疟原虫可能没有任何关系。But avian malaria is aly ravaging the native birds of Hawaii and it is now wreaking havoc in New Zealand, says Dr Garamszegi.但是禽虐已经毁掉了夏威夷的本地鸟类,它目前在新西兰正造成着巨大的破坏,噶母赛棘士说。Human beings may be able to mitigate the sp of malaria, but birds will need the help of conservationists if some species are to survive.人类也许已经使疟疾的传播减缓,但是如果某些鸟类要幸存下来,就需要环境保护主义者们的帮助。 /201212/214489

Research shows that whether a person is an optimist or a pessimist is related to their quality of life, including their physical health. The subjects involved first took personality tests in the 1960′s and then thirty years later they completed a follow-up self-assessment of their health status. Researchers found that not only did the optimists from the 1960′s report better physical and mental functioning thirty years later, but that optimists also lived longer on average than pessimists.研究表明,不管一个人是乐观还是悲观,都和他的生活质量息息相关,包括身体健康。这个主题首次在二十世纪六十年代提出并做了人格测试,三十年后他们后续完成了健康状况的自我评价。研究人员发现60年代的乐观主义者不仅身心比30年后的人更健康,而且乐观主义者比悲观主义者更长寿。It’s hardly clear that there is a causal relationship between optimism and health; it could be that they are related to the same underlying gene complex or set of mechanisms. Still, it sure is tempting to surmise that it’s partly a positive attitude that keeps people alive for so long. It may actually be possible that a lot of what my parents have been telling me for years is true. If you think positively, good things may happen to you. If you think negatively, then you may doom yourself.很难理清乐观与健康之间的因果关系,也许是因为它们与相同的潜在基因或是一套机制有关。不过,可以肯定的是,一定程度上的积极心态能让人长寿。实际上可能多年来我父母告诉我的许多事情都是真的。如果你积极地看待这个世界,好的事情就可能发生在你身上。如果你总是消极地看待一切,那样只会让你自己更郁闷。 /201303/229389

Beetle: Stronger than Hulk?甲虫强过绿巨人?As we know from the movie, the Hulk is a guy who, when he gets angry, turns into the strongest, meanest creature on earth. The natural world features a few amazingly strong creatures of its own. In fact, the pound-for-pound strongest creature on earth is . . . drum roll please…看过电影《绿巨人》的都知道,每当班纳尔生气时,就会失去自我意识,变身成为地球上最强壮最具破坏力的生物-绿色巨人。其实,在自然界中,也有一些这样具有超凡力量的生物。这种实打实的地球最强生物就是——请击鼓......The rhinoceros beetle?犀牛甲虫?Is it possible that a little old beetle, an insect, can bear more weight than, say, an elephant? Of course not, but when it comes to proportional strength, the rhinoceros beetle is second to none. Elephants, after all, can only carry around 25% of their own weight. The rhino beetle can carry a whopping 850 times its own weight on its back.这么丁点大的小甲虫可以负重超过大象吗?当然不能,但是,如果是按体重和负重量的比例来算,犀牛甲虫可是当之无愧的冠军呢!毕竟,就算是大象也只能载动自身体重的四分之一左右,而我们小小的犀牛甲虫却能载动超过体重八百五十倍的东西呢!Why are rhino beetles so strong? First, these beetles are nearly an inch long and packed with powerful muscles. Second, they generally have at least three legs touching the ground at all times. This gives these beetles the extraordinary balance and leverage that enable them to lift heavy objects.那么犀牛甲虫为什么如此强大呢?首先,这种甲虫体短,只有一英寸长,但却浑身是强健的肌肉。其次,通常它能够做到至少三只脚同时着地,这就使得它具有超凡的平衡力和撑点来抬起重物。Since they live in tropical jungles along the equator, rhino beetles have to be strong to forage through the jungle floor. Named for the rhinoceros-like horn on its head, the rhino beetle uses its horn and proportional strength to move aside branches and other debris in search of food.因为犀牛甲虫生活在赤道附近的热带丛林,因此,它不得不足够强壮才能在炽热的地表搜寻到食物。正因为犀牛甲虫的角酷似犀牛角,所以它才叫做犀牛甲虫。犀牛甲虫利用自己的角和力量来移开树枝和其它障碍物来搜寻食物。Rhino beetles are neither ferocious nor particularly dangerous. They eat rotting fruit and sap, and despite their fierce horned appearance do not bite or sting when handled. These gentle insects may not be hulk-like in demeanor, but their strength might turn other creatures green with envy.犀牛甲虫既不残忍也不危险。它们食用的是腐烂的水果和树的汁液,即便它们的角及其锋利,但当你抓住它时它也不会叮咬你。因此,这些温柔的昆虫行为举止绝对不会像恐怖的绿色巨人,但是,恐怕它们强大的力量会轻而易举地让其它生物妒忌的两眼发红吧! /201302/224042The debate over gun control in America has been ongoing and intense for many years — with proponents seeking to reduce gun—related injuries and curtail criminal activity, and opponents sighting second—amendment rights and the need to defend themselves. Despite the complexities of differing opinions, sometimes theres been enough agreement for legislation to pass Congress.在美国械管制一直是多年来备受争议的话题。持者力图减少造成的受伤事件以及残忍的犯罪活动,而反对者则照准第二修正法案的权力,以及防身的需要。尽管意见不同,情况复杂,但有时还是有足够的协议让国会通过立法。The first major gun control act was passed by Congress in 1934, regulating the sale of fully—automatic fire arms, like machine guns, after an assassination attempt on President-elect Franklin Roosevelt and a series of organized crime killings. In 1938, a further restriction required licenses for gun dealers, and prohibited gun sales to people who had committed a violent felony.1934年,在企图暗杀总统当选人富兰克林·罗斯福以及一系列有组织杀人事件之后,国会通过了第一项重大的械管控法案,这条法案规范了全自动武器,比如说机关的销售。1938年进行了更进一步的限制,即要求经销商持照经营,并禁止向有过犯罪记录的人的售卖。The 1963 assassination of President John Kennedy — which was committed with a mail—order rifle — and the subsequent assassinations of Martin Luther King and Senator Robert Kenndey in 1968, led Congress to pass additional legislation. The Gun Control Act of 1968 added many restrictions on who could import, buy, and sell guns, and established harsher penalties for those using a gun in the commission of a federal crime. The debate on gun control remains an intense one across the country today — making this a particularly difficult issue to tackle.1963年约翰·肯尼迪总统刺杀事件——事后实凶器是邮购步——1968年马丁·路德金和参议员罗伯特·肯尼迪被刺,促使国会通过新的立法。1968年的械管制法令对进口,购买,售卖又进行了多项限制,并且对使用进行联邦犯罪的人处以更严厉的惩罚。如今,管控仍然是全美人民备受争议的话题,这使问题变得尤为棘手。原文译文属!201210/204654A gentle wind can cool a summer day, but a strong wind can become a powerful hurricane of terrifying force. This idiom refers to something that floats lightly in the wind like the smell of freshly baked b. The reference, however, is not to a smell but to a sound. It seems the wind can sometimes cause whispered conversations to carry over long distances and be heard by other ears that have no right to listen.柔柔清风可以整个夏季凉爽无比。但风若太大了,就可能成为一个具有破坏力量的飓风。这个成语是指轻轻漂荡在风中的某些东西——就像刚出炉的新鲜面包的香味。但是,这个成语指的不是气味而是声音。清风似乎有时可以将一些低语声从远处传来,并传到本来无权听到这些话的人的耳中。So, when people hear information or gossip that perhaps they were not supposed to know, and especially if they dont wish to reveal the source of that information or gossip, they may simply say, ;I got wind of it.; Even when the source of information is not a secret, we can use this idiom. It simply means to hear about something that is not yet general knowledge.所以,当人们听到一些消息或八卦新闻的时候——他们也许本来不应该知道这些东西的——特别是当他们不希望透露这些消息或八卦的来源的时候,他们可以仅仅说:“这是我听到的风声。”甚至当这些消息的来源已经不是什么秘密了,我们也可以这样说。这个成语只是意味着,你听到的东西还不被一般人所知。201204/176310

Business Selling cars online The TrueCar challenge商业 网上卖车 TrueCar来势汹汹A price-comparison website causes ructions in the motor trade比价网站在汽车销售行业掀起争议AMERICANS looking for a new car nowadays often use online price-comparison sites such as AutoTrader, Edmunds and eBay to find the best deal.如今的美国人若要买辆新车,通常会上一些比价网站来淘最好的价格,诸如AutoTrader, Edmunds和eBay等。Most such sites charge dealers a small fee for passing on sales leads from shoppers who have submitted their details.这些网站多数将注册的经销商提供的销售线索展示在网页上,从中赚取小额报酬。TrueCar, a relative newcomer, does things differently.而TureCar,作为行业相对年轻的成员,却有着不同的经营方法。It charges dealers 0, but only when its introduction of a customer results in a sale, and it makes its dealers guarantee to honour their es, no excuses.它只在推荐的客户完成买卖后收取经销商300美元费用,前提是经销商无条件保履行其价格承诺。TrueCar taps into data from state vehicle-registration offices, car-loan providers and other sources to compile what it says are the most accurate figures available for what motorists pay for the same car locally. This can be several hundred dollars less than the sticker price, and is often below ;invoice;—the price that, according to the paperwork sent by the carmaker, represents the wholesale price the dealer paid.TureCar从车辆登记所、车贷机构和其他渠道得到的数据中总结出其所谓的最精准的当地最低车价,这个价格通常便宜几百美元,甚至经常低于;发票价;,即汽车厂商给予汽车经销商的纸面批发价。In fact dealers receive various rebates from carmakers, and make money from such things as loans and service contracts, so a modest profit is still possible.实际上经销商从厂商获取各种回扣,并通过像车贷及售后等务赚取利润,所以最低利润还是有的。But such heavy discounting alarms carmakers.但如此大幅度的折扣引起了厂商的警觉。Hondas American arm recently told dealers it would cut off their marketing allowances—which can be worth hundreds of dollars for each car sold—if they did not stop offering sub-invoice prices on TrueCar and other sites.本田的美国车厂近日告知其经销商,如果不停止向诸如TrueCar等比价网站提供;低票价;,车厂将削减其营销费用,每车大约几百美元。Honda insists dealers can sell at whatever price they wish, but it will not pay them to market its products as ;cheap; or ;low-end; cars.本田表示经销商可以自己定价销售,但厂商不会为了将其产品宣传成;便宜货;或是;低档货;而付费用。It also suggests that some dealers use such sites to ;bait-and-switch;, offering tantalisingly cheap cars they do not have, to reel in suckers, a practice many states ban.本田更暗示说一些经销商利用网站进行诈骗,利用一些根本没有的超便宜车型吊顾客上钩再掉包销售,这在许多州都是被严令禁止的。TrueCar insists that the contracts it makes dealers sign commit them to deliver the cars they promise at the price ed.TrueCar坚称其要求经销商签订协议来保经销商按照约定的价格卖车。David Wilson, who recently told the 16 dealerships he owns in California to stop using TrueCar, says he has reason to share Hondas scepticism: he plays back to The Economist a voicemail from a rival dealer who had ed him an attractive price via TrueCar on a new Lexus, calling to say that they did not have it in stock but could try to find one for him.大卫。威尔森最近要求其在加利福尼亚州的16家经销商停止使用TrueCar,原因是他有理由相信本田对网站的质疑。他向《经济学人》杂志播放了一段音频,内容是对手经销商在TrueCar网站上给一款新雷克萨斯车型报了一个非常诱人的价格,但打电话过去后对方说没有该车库存并表示会尽力找一辆给他。TrueCar says there had been no hiding of the fact that the model concerned might no longer be available, and thus no question of ;bait-and-switch;; that this was a one-off case and that TrueCar has had few complaints so far.TrueCar表示就此事而言,如果经销商没有隐瞒网上展示的车型没有存货,也就不构成;掉包诱售;的罪名。上述的事情只是个案,TrueCar表示至今收到投诉寥寥。But it is awkward that a critic had so little trouble catching a dealer ing for a car it did not have.而且那么容易就能抓到经销商;诈骗;有些不太正常。Another big chain of dealers, Group 1, has also told its members not to use TrueCar, saying it had privacy worries over the websites requirement that it have access to showrooms computer systems so as to verify sales.另一个大经销商Group 1也已经通知其成员不要使用TrueCar,原因是该网站要求通过展厅电脑系统确认其销售情况的举动可能存在侵犯隐私的风险。Scott Painter, TrueCars founder, says that so far such publicity has only drawn dealers attention to the attractions of using the website.TrueCar的创始人Scott Painter解释到,至今这种公开化的做法只会增加经销商使用这个网站的兴趣,而网站所要做的就是把正在做的事情更加公开透明。All the site is doing, Mr Painter argues, is making more open what is aly going on. He says his data show that 23% of all the Hondas sold via TrueCar are below invoice price, only a little above the 22% sold below invoice for all Hondas in America.数据显示通过TrueCar售出的本田汽车中有23%是低于发票价的,只比本田在全美的比例22%高一点。Mr Painter says his website is proving so successful at shifting metal that Honda, and the doubting dealers, will eventually relent: ;The power of the market will change their mind.;Painter先生认为这个网站的成功,最终会使本田和一些质疑的经销商改变态度,他说;市场的力量会改变他们的想法;。However, several states regulators are looking into whether the website breaches their laws.然而已经有好几个州的监管官员在调查该网站是否有违法嫌疑,一些州严禁;指向性营销;(获取代销返佣)。Some states specifically ban ;bird-dogging;-taking commission for introducing a sale.然而已经有好几个州的监管官员在调查该网站是否有违法嫌疑,一些州严禁;指向性营销;(获取代销返佣)。Some also ban using the word ;invoice; in car ads, regarding it as potentially misleading.一些州则认为在车辆广告中使用;发票;的字样有潜在误导性而禁止此行为。Colorados regulator has warned dealers there that they will be held responsible for any rule-breaking in their TrueCar es.科罗拉多州的监管官员警告当地经销商,将为在TrueCar上销售过程中可能产生的违规负责。TrueCar says it will shortly make changes to its website to satisfy the regulators concerns.TrueCar表示很快会调整网站内容以符合监管规定。In September TrueCar raised 5m for expansion. On January 1st it began an exclusive tie-up with Yahoo! to provide car-buying services.11年9月TrueCar筹措2.45亿美元用于网站扩张,12年1月1日它开始为雅虎提供独家汽车销售务。It also provides such services for consumer groups such as the American Automobile Association and the ed Services Automobile Association.另外还为一些消费群提供该项务,如美国汽车行业协会,联合务汽车行业协会。It could look forward to a large slice of the billion a year American car dealers spend on advertising-if it can convince both regulators and dealers that it is operating within the law.TrueCar预计,如果能让监管部门和经销商相信其经营合法,那么它就有望从美国汽车经销商每年付的60亿美元广告费用中分一杯羹。 /201211/210738

What would you say is the deadliest animal on earth—the most dangerous, brutal, destructive? The wolf? The tiger? The great white shark? Nope. The best answer is the species known as Homo sapiens—human beings.你认为世界上最致命的物种是什么——最危险,最残暴,最具毁灭性的物种?狼?老虎?大白鲨?全都不是。最正确的是被称为智人种的人类。Not only do we kill members of other species at a rate unparalleled in the history of the planet, but we do something which is singular in the animal world: we make a point of killing each other, too.人类不仅以前所未有的速度杀害其它物种,而且也自相残杀,这种所作所为在动物界中堪称独一无二。That is, this kind of behavior was thought to be singular until just a few decades ago. It was 1974 when the first hard evidence of intra-species murder was documented in animals other than man—that is, animals going out of their way to find a member of their own species and kill it without immediate provocation.直到几十年以前,这种行为仍被认为是独特的。1974年第一起据确凿的种内谋杀案件被记录在案,这次案件的凶手是动物而不是人。换而言之,动物用自己的方式寻找同类敌人,在没有直接挑衅的情况下杀掉它。The species witnessed committing these murders was the chimpanzee, a close relative to human beings. Further observation of primate behavior has discovered that not only is intra-species murder common, so are such brutalities as rape, battering of females and infanticide.那些被目睹犯下谋杀罪行的物种便是猩猩,一个人类的近亲物种。更进一步地观察灵长类动物的行为,就会发现在这个种群里内不仅种内谋杀很常见,连强奸,重伤雌性猩猩,杀婴这类暴行也时有发生。It seems that the worst traits in human behavior started developing long before human beings per se existed; as primates we have a very nasty evolutionary inheritance. Does this mean that war, crime and violence among humans is unavoidable?这似乎说明在人类开始进化很久以前,这种最糟糕的特质本就存在:作为灵长类动物,我们进化遗传了这种丑恶的特质。那么这意味着人类发起战争,犯罪还有暴力事件是不可避免的吗?It would not be fair to go that far; but the evidence of violence in those species most closely linked to our own does suggest that humanity will have to work very hard indeed at overcoming its genetic inheritance, if we are going to live in peace—or continue to live.事态还没有严重到这种地步;但这种与每个人都戚戚相关的暴力据暗示着人们,要想和平相处,继续活下去的话,就得非常努力地克自身的基因缺陷。原文译文属!201210/203337

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