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呼和浩特新城区男科挂号内蒙古医科大学附属医院官网呼和浩特市中医医院孕前检测多少钱 TWO drug executives walked into a bar. No, this is not the start of a joke. The workers for Roche, a Swiss drugs firm, had been dining with doctors after a medical conference. At the bar, alleged an anonymous complaint in a recent report by a British industry watchdog, they bought the doctors drinks (“shots of varying colours flowed like hot lava”). One executive danced on stage, prompting bar staff to throw him out. Roche maintains its managers ran into the doctors and did not buy them drinks. But the evening hardly seems like the finest moment in the history of ties between doctors and drug companies.两名制药公司的高管走进一家酒吧。别理解错了,这可不是在讲笑话。瑞士制药企业罗氏公司(Roche)的员工开完医学会议后,此时正和医生们共进晚餐。在一家英国行业监督机构最近发表的报告中,一位匿名人士指控这两名员工在酒吧请医生喝酒(“照片上的酒颜色各异,像喷涌而出的火热岩浆”)。一名高管登台起舞,结果被酒吧务人员赶了出去。瑞士公司则坚持认为,其负责人是偶然碰到几位医生的,而且也没有请他们喝酒。但这个夜晚怎么看也不像是医生与制药企业的关系史上最美好的时刻。That relationship is a poorly regulated muddle. At one (beneficial) extreme, firms work with doctors to create new treatments. At the other end of the spectrum, firms bribe doctors to prescribe their drugs. America’s justice department has wrung huge settlements from companies over such charges. Between these poles is a lot of activity deemed standard by some, repugnant by others—and which is increasingly subject to new laws.二者关系疏于监管,可谓一团糟。一个(有益的)极端是,企业为创造新的治疗方案与医生合作。另一个极端则是企业向医生行贿,以便让医生在开药时选择他们厂家的产品。美国司法部门从此类官司涉及的公司中榨取了大量罚金。两个极端之间可以有种种行事,有些人视之为标准,有些人则嗤之以鼻,而新法律对这些管得越来越严了。This month American regulators released rules to implement a so-called Sunshine law designed to improve transparency. France passed a similar law in 2011. Firms in Britain are planning voluntary disclosures. By 2015 more than 70% of drug sales will be in countries with such measures, according to Deloitte, a consultancy.本月,美国监管机构公布了新规定,旨在贯彻实施一部所谓的“阳光法案”,以提高企业透明度。法国在2011年通过了一部类似的法案。英国的企业正计划着主动公示信息。据咨询公司德勤(Deloitte)显示,在2015年前,70%以上的药品会在采取此类措施的国家中销售。America’s health-care market, the world’s biggest, is particularly busy. In 2012 pharmaceutical companies spent more than billion marketing drugs to doctors, according to Cegedim Strategic Data, a research firm; 35% of doctors accept food, entertainment or travel from the pharmaceutical industry, said a survey by Deloitte last year, while 16% accept consulting or speaking fees. In most states, doctors take regular courses to maintain their licences. In 2011 drug and device companies sponsored nearly a third of the medical training tracked by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.美国拥有世界上最大的医疗市场。如今,该市场相当热闹。据调查公司Cegedim Strategic Data 称,2012年制药企业为了向医生推销药品,所花费用超过240亿美元;根据德勤去年做的一份调查显示,35%的医生接受了制药行业的宴请或其提供的免费旅游,而16%的医生收受了咨询费,或者说演讲费。大部分州的医生为维持医师资格,需要定期接受培训。2011年美国继续医学教育认委员会(Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education)发现,其追踪调查的医学培训机构中有近1/3是由医药和器械公司赞助。Such chumminess has long raised fears about undue influence. In 2008 two health-industry groups set tighter, voluntary standards for companies. In 2009 America’s Institute of Medicine, an advisory body, urged much stricter regulation to prevent conflicts of interest.一直以来,人们都担心医商之间的这种亲密无间会带来不好的影响。2008年,两家医疗健康产业集团为企业制定了更严格的自愿性质标准。2009年,美国顾问团医院研究所(America’s Institute of Medicine)敦促要加强监管力度,防止利益纠纷。Legislative action, though, has been slow, especially at the federal level. The Sunshine law, passed as part of Barack Obama’s health reform, is the first national requirement for transparency. Each year drug and device firms must disclose payments and other “transfers of value” to doctors. They must also report research fees and doctors’ investment interests. The first filing will appear on a public database by September 30th, 2014.不过美国在立法方面行动一直很慢,尤其是联邦层级的立法。“阳光法案”是作为巴拉克奥巴马医疗改革项目的一部分通过的,它是第一部为提高透明度的国家级法案。每年,医药和器械公司必须公开付信息,以及其他用在医生身上的开销。他们也必须汇报研究经费、医生在医疗公司投资股权。第一批申报文案将于2014年9月30日前上传至公共数据库中。The rule’s broader effects are uncertain. It does not limit firms’ interactions with doctors; it merely requires them to be reported. Certain marketing techniques, such as providing free drug samples, are exempt. And in some ways the law is aly out of date. It regulates only doctors and some hospitals, not nurses, pharmacists or hospital bureaucrats who have a growing role in patients’ treatment.这项规定会产生怎样更大范围的影响还不得而知。它并没有限制企业与医生之间的往来;仅仅只是要求他们上报相关信息。某些营销方案不在监管之列,比如为医生提供免费的药物样品。法律在某些方面已经过时了,它所监管的只有医生和某些医院,却不包括护士、药剂师或者医院的行政人员,而这些人在病人的治疗中发挥的作用越来越大。Nevertheless, the Sunshine law is likely to lead to at least one change. Firms aly have data on each doctor’s prescriptions, points out Chris Wright of ZS Associates, a consultancy. The Sunshine law will also provide them with exhaustive data on how much they and their competitors spend to market drugs to that doctor. This will let firms track which type of marketing spurs the most prescriptions. Companies will not stop wooing doctors. They may simply get better at it.尽管如此,阳光法案至少可能带来一个转变。咨询公司Chris Wright of ZS Associates指出,制药企业已经掌握了每个医生的处方内容。阳光法案还将为这些企业提供详细数据,让他们了解自己和竞争对手在向医生推销药品时的花销情况。这将有利于企业追踪调查,找出最利于销售的推销方案。将来,企业还是会向医生献殷勤。但或许他们只是更擅长罢了。 /201303/228459Like it or not, women have to take special precautions while traveling alone.不管你乐不乐意,女生在单独旅行时必须格外警惕。After six months of backpacking solo in Africa, I’ve got a few ideas about how we can make the most of solo exploration — and stay safe along the way.独自在非洲背包旅行六个月后,我总结了几条享受旅行的愉悦、并且保旅行沿途安全的小贴士。If you’re about to embark on a solo trip or are thinking about traveling alone (Go! Go!), here are nine tips to make your trek the best it can be:如果你计划独自一人开始旅行,或者有这样的打算,那么这9条小贴士可以让你的旅行尽可能完美:1. Befriend local women.结交当地女性朋友Whether you’re in the market, on a bush taxi or sleeping in a hostel, make friends with the women who live there. Women around the globe have a sort of informal pact; we all watch out for each other.无论你是在当地市场、合乘计程车、还是在旅社中,你都最好能和当地的女生成为朋友。全世界的女生都有一条不成文的规矩:我们都会在路上照料彼此。Even if you’ve only exchanged a smile with the woman sitting next to you, she’ll go out of her way to protect you if necessary.即使你只是和坐在你旁边的女生交换了一个微笑,她也会在你需要的时候挺身而出。This rule becomes even more important if you feel like you’re in danger; seek out the closest woman and stick to her like glue.当你在危险之中更是如此;找一个最近的女生,像胶水一样粘着她吧。2. Book a bed for the first night.预定第一晚的住宿After Day 1, I avoid making reservations whenever possible, to fully enjoy traveling by the seat of my pants. But for your first night, book a place to sleep in advance — preferably before you leave home.我尽量不去做第一天的活动以外的预定,这样我就能自己凭感觉去旅行了。不过第一个晚上还是要事先预定好晚上的住处——最好在离家之前就做好预定。This will give you peace of mind, help you get over the first-day-of-travel jitters, and give you a goal and destination when you arrive in-country.这样你心里就不会有什么牵挂,不用在旅行第一天有无谓的担心,另外也能给刚到达的你一个目标。3. Only bring what you can easily carry.只带方便携带的物品It’s always a good idea to keep your backpack light, but this becomes even more important when you’re traveling alone, simply because you don’t have anyone to help you.让你的背包轻一点永远不会错,一个人旅行时没有人能帮你,情况就更是如此了。Traveling light could even be seen as a safety measure, because you can move more quickly away from danger (or pesky men who want to marry you) when you have less to carry.轻装上阵甚至可以让旅行更加安全,让你迅速逃离危险之地(或是想要娶你的讨厌鬼)。Make sure you have a free hand even when you’re carrying all your luggage, so you can shoo away those men or grab a pineapple for the road.你需要确保拎着全部行李时还是能空出一只手来,这样你就能赶走那些讨厌鬼,或者路上带个菠萝什么的。4. Carry food.自带食品Nothing heavy; granola or crackers will do it. This will keep you from venturing out in the dark by yourself at night when you’re hungry. It will also help you save money! I like to carry a plastic bowl and spoon (more versatile than a fork), plus a Swiss army knife.不要是太重的食品;麦片或是饼干就可以了。这样晚上独自一人走在路上你就有办法抵御饥饿了。这也能帮你省钱!我喜欢随身带着碗和勺子(比叉子用途多),外加一把瑞士军刀。In Africa, I often bought a pineapple or cucumber — or even, once in Madagascar, a watermelon — and eat it over several days. (No, I didn’t carry the watermelon; I bought it when I knew I’d be staying in one place for a while.)在非洲时,我经常会去买菠萝或是黄瓜,我甚至在马达加斯加买了个西瓜,这些水果然后吃上好几天。(好吧,其实我没有把西瓜带在路上;我是在知道要在一个地方待上几天的情况下才买的。)5. Also carry a book.带上一本书Books are fabulous dinner companions. With a you can pull out any time, you’re more likely to enjoy your solitude and less likely to feel lonely. Books are also great conversation starters.书籍是晚餐的最佳搭档。你可以用阅读随意消磨时光,也更容易享受一个人独处的时光,不太会感到孤独。书籍同时也是开始交谈的好话题。But don’t fill your backpack with books — they’re heavy and take up valuable space. Instead, carry just one or two, and keep your eye out for opportunities to swap with other travelers.不过别在背包里装满书——书籍很重,也会占用背包中宝贵的空间。带上一两本就够了,然后在旅途中注意一下有没有机会和其他旅行者换书。Some hostels even have a designated book swap, allowing travelers to take a book and leave a book. And boy does it feel good when you find an awesome on one of those shelves. (And now there’s the e-book! That should make it easier to carry more than one book at a time — so long as you’ve got a power outlet to recharge.)有些旅店甚至有图书交换角,旅行者们可以拿走那里的一本书,再补上一本自己的书。天,想想在交换角的书架上找到一本好书是件多棒的事情啊。(现在还有电子书了!这样一次性带好几本书出门就方便多了——当然你得要找到充电的插座。)6. Expect to pay more than couples.独自旅行往往花钱更多Single rooms are usually nearly the cost of a double, which can be incredibly frustrating. It’s what I call the “single tax.” In some instances, you’re going to pay more traveling alone than you would with a partner. Know this from the beginning to avoid letting that single tax ruin your travel mojo.一般单人间的价钱比双人间便宜不了多少,这点会让人觉得很不爽。我把多付的这些钱叫做“单人税”。在某些情况下,独自旅行比同别人一起旅行花得更多。从一开始你就应该考虑到这一点,不要让“单人税”毁了你旅行的心情。7. Look for roommates.找个室友Or someone who can split with you the cost of a car or a guide. Buddying up, whether for accommodation or transportation or any other expenses, will help you reduce the cost of your trip. It may also help you feel safer, and it’s nice to have someone to lean on if you get sick.或者找个能和你分摊车费或导游费的人。不管是为了住宿费、交通费、还是其他任何出,你都可以和别人交个朋友,这样你在旅行中就可以少花点钱。另外,找个旅伴也能让你更有安全感,生病的时候有个人照料还是很不错的。8. Consider wearing a (fake) wedding ring.戴只(假)结婚戒指Don’t wear an expensive ring; it might get stolen. But having a band you can wave in the face of those pesky men is excellent proof that you’re married and unavailable.不要戴太贵的戒指——太贵的有可能会被偷。不过戴只假结婚戒指,在那些讨厌的人面前挥一挥,这样他们就知道你结婚了,没法跟你搭讪了。I didn’t wear a ring during my trip to Africa, solely because I’m too proud of being an independent, single woman — and I ended up regretting it. A ring would have helped me avoid quite a few wannabe suitors.作为一个独立的单身女性我感到非常自豪,所以我去非洲的时候没有戴结婚戒指——不过后来我就后悔了。如果戴着戒指的话,我那时就可以摆脱很多追求者了。9. Make an effort to be friendly.尽可能保持友好Traveling solo is a fabulous time to reflect, but don’t overlook the chance to broaden your social network by reaching out to other travelers, as well as locals.独自旅行固然是美妙的回忆,不过也不要小看这个扩大交际面的机会,你可以在旅行中结识其他旅行者,也能结识一些当地人。Ironically, we tend to meet more people and forge more friendships when traveling alone. That’s because if we don’t make the effort to talk to strangers, we’ll have no one to hang out with but ourselves. It takes a little extra effort to put yourself out there, but opening up those lines of communication is well worth it.讽刺的是,我们独自旅行的时候通常会结交更多朋友。这是因为不和陌生人交流的话就只能一个人了。一开始结识陌生人可能要费点功夫,不过和人交流沟通是值得你费功夫的。 /201303/231000兴安盟治疗腋臭狐臭哪家医院最好的

兴安盟妇科疾病多少钱The ability to have a productive day in which you feel motivated and completely refreshed is something not many of us have. We need alarm clocks just to get us up, are barely able to pull ourselves out of bed, and our bodies feel drained and lethargic through most of the day.并不是每个人都有能力将日子变得动力十足、多产而高效。往往只有清晨的闹钟才能勉强把我们唤醒,然后挣扎着爬出被窝,开始了疲惫而昏昏欲睡的一天。It’s for these reasons that I have put together 5 Simple and Effective Techniques that require just a few basic changes to your morning—mostly physical changes that will guarantee not only an energized body, but a motivated mind that’s y for action. You may have aly known some of the stuff mentioned in the article, but what’s the point of knowing without doing? Take a shot at using all of these steps and you should definitely see a change in the way you feel every day.正因为如此,我整理了5条简易又高效的小技巧,来帮助你改变昏昏欲睡的早晨。其中大多数都是运动技巧,这样既能保你的身体能量满满,同时也能唤醒你的大脑。也许下列例子对你来讲并不算新奇,不过,假如只是知道这些知识,却从来不利用的话,又有什么用呢?不如来亲自试试,相信你很快就能看到效果。1. Complete 30 Squats When You Wake Up1. 起床后深蹲30下Squats are known for being fairly easy with just a bit of challenge to them, but aside from the physical benefits to your outer body, squats get you worked up and essentially increase your heart rate with a corresponding increased blood flow. This means you’ll have a juiced-up body in a short space of time. I’ve practiced this when studying for exams in the past and it worked wonders to keep me awake.众所周知,下蹲是非常简单的动作,几乎没有挑战。除了对身体有锻炼作用,下蹲还能助你清醒、提高心率和血流速度。也就是说,很快你的身体就将彻底活动起来。我以前熬夜备考的时候就常用这招,事实明它超级有用哟。2. Alternate Water Temperature When Having A Shower2. 洗澡时记得变换水温A great way to start the day and feel refreshed is by having a shower. The problem that sometimes arises when we take them is that these showers can over-relax your body. I’ve had that problem quite a lot: I’d be quite excited to get on with some piece of work, after I have a hot shower, all I can think of is relaxing and taking things easy. A great way to combat the side effects of a relaxing shower is to make it quick, and end the shower off with a sudden burst of cold water. The shock to your skin will certainly wake you up if your shower relaxed you a bit too much.洗澡无疑是开始美好一天的好方法。问题在于有时候洗澡会让你的身体过于放松。这样的问题非常常见。有时候,我本来对手头的工作充满,但洗了一个热水澡后,我只想松垮垮地呆着,放慢做事的节奏。想要避免这个副作用,那就得来个很快的洗个澡让自己放松,结束的时候可以给自己浇点冷水,皮肤受到的温度刺激会迅速让你清醒,从而赶走慵懒。3. Eat a Proper Breakfast3. 吃一顿丰盛的早餐My friends have a habit of rushing through their breakfasts, which and usually just consists of coffee and a muffin. Sorry folks, but that does not count as a good breakfast. You need a proper combination of fiber, protein, and preferably some dairy , but that doesn’t mean it has to be huge enough to feed a king. Try to eliminate coffee because once the sugar and caffeine spike goes south, you’ll be down before you know it. Try oats, fruits, cereals or even whole wheat toast with a great smoothie, which will combine to get you energy levels up and keep them that way.我有些朋友早饭总不好好吃,只用一杯咖啡和一个马芬饼就打发了。同志们,这样可不是真正意义上的“丰盛早饭”哟。一顿好的早餐,要由适量的粗纤维、蛋白质及奶制品组成,不过也没必要真吃得跟国外一样丰盛。最好不喝咖啡,因为一旦糖类和咖啡因的作用一过,你立马就蔫儿了。试试用燕麦片、水果、谷物、全麦土司搭配一杯奶昔,这样的组合能让你能量满满,并持续很久。4. Groove to Some Music4. 听首好歌扭一扭Music is known as food for the soul, but it can also be a great motivator if you listen to the right choice of songs. Pick a few songs that get you worked up, inspire you, and have a good beat to them that you can groove to. Engaging your body with music is known to evoke certain feelings and emotions, so with the right choice of music and even a few dance moves, you’ll be feeling y to get on with your day and achieve the best you can.音乐是灵魂的能量来源,同样也能使你动力十足——假如选对了歌的话。挑几首自己喜欢又能激励你、节奏感强劲的曲子,然后跟着扭一扭。“闻歌起舞”能激发出相应的情感,所以选对了歌的话,只要稍微扭一扭,你就能感觉到“啊哈,美好的一天开始了!”,并信心满满地开始高效的一天。5. Don’t Fret the Small Stuff. Be Happy.5. 忽视那些琐碎烦人的小事,开心就好。There are so many things you could do physically to have a productive day, but if you’re not happy, it’s going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride focusing on work and progressing toward your dreams. We respond to things according to our emotional state, so this final in the article is the most important one of all: try to avoid fretting the small stuff—things you can’t change—and aim at solving what you can, while being happy with yourself. Appreciate small milestones because the little things you accomplish encourage you to strive for more.想要开始高效多产的一天,有很多通过身体运动就能实现的方法。但假如你心里依然不爽,那么,在工作中、在追求梦想的过程中,你依旧会情绪波动很大,自我感觉糟糕。我们对外界事物的反应,往往是由自己的心情决定的。因此,这条是最重要的一条:试着去忽略所有琐碎烦人的事物——那些你无力改变的事物,而将精力放在自己能够解决的事情上面,并同时开开心心地去面对。每次取得的一小点进步,都是值得欣喜的,因为每天的小进步,都将激励你一步步迈向更大的成功。 /201302/225044呼和浩特首大生殖专科门诊怎么样位置 呼和浩特人工流产的医院

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