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呼和浩特托克托县治疗便血哪家医院最好的内蒙古呼和浩特市首大医院看男科怎么样公司董事会成员David找Ken谈话,显得很神秘。David: Hey, Ken...I need to talk to you.K: Sure...whats up?D: Can we step into the conference room? This is a more private conversation.K: Sure...D: Ok...Im just going to lay it all out on the table: What do you think of Vincents management style?K: Well, Vincent has only been CEO for a couple of years and ... well...um...D: I dont want to put you on the spot. Heres what Im getting at: I dont think Vincent is the man for the job.原来,David找Ken谈话,是因为觉得公司首席执行官 Vincent is not the man for the job. 不称职。David 说,I dont want to put you on the spot. 意思是我不是故意为难你。to put someone on the spot 意思是让某人回答很难回答的问题。David 在上面那段话里还说 Im just going to lay it all out on the table. 我就直截了当说吧。to lay something out 是讲清楚;on the table 意思是放在桌面上讨论。Ken 问 David 为什么觉得 Vincent 不称职。K: Really? And what led you to this conclusion?D: As I see it, he lacks the proper vision. His style is more about survival, and hes not taking the company anywhere.Hes ting water instead of swimming.K: Well, I confess Ive had my doubts about his abilities before. It seems he mainly got the job because his famous aunt pulled some strings.David觉得Vincent缺乏远见,lacks the proper vision. 只能维持现状,不能推动发展,就好像在水里,Hes ting water instead of swimming. 光是原地踩水,不向前游。Ken说,Vincent 担任CEO, 靠的是自己姑姑的关系,His aunt pulled some strings. to pull some strings 意思是动用关系。D: Ive been with this firm for 26 years and Id hate to see it go down the drain due to poor leadership skills.K: Me too. But what can we do? This isnt a reality TV show...we cant just vote him out.D: Yes and no...We cant ask for a show of hands on who thinks he should be fired, but we can introduce a vote of no confidence at the next board meeting.K: Interesting idea. You might be on to something.David 说,自己在公司已经26年了,不想看着公司go down the drain就这么垮掉。to go down the drain 是失败,白费的意思。David 觉得,虽然这不是电视真人秀 reality TV show,不能让大家表决把他赶下台,a show of hands 是举手表决的意思,但是可以在下个董事会上提出一份 a vote of no confidence 不信任提案。 /201205/183782呼和浩特妇幼保健人民中心医院妇科 商务英语必备1000字 3bounce  v. 跳(票)  Oh no! My check to City Supermarket bounced!  喔,糟了!我开给城市超市的票跳票了!  cashier's check  本票  Pre-payment with cashier's check or money order is accepted  预付款用本票或汇票都可以。  check  n. 票  I don't have cash. Can I write you a check?  我没有现金,可以开票给你吗?  clearing house  票据交换所;清算所  A clearing house is an office where banks exchange checks and drafts.  票据交换所是交换票、汇票的地方。  endorse  v. 背书  Can you endorse the back of the check, please?  可以麻烦你在票背面签名背书吗?  financial institution  金融机构  Many big financial institutions raised their interest rates today.  许多大型金融机构都在今天升息。  mature  v.(定存、票据等)到期  When does my CD mature?  我的定存何时到期?  money order  汇票  Can I pay with money order?  我可以用汇票付款吗?  paycheck  n. 薪资票  The HR assistant distributes employee paychecks every month.  人资部助理每个月会分发员工的薪资票。  postdated check  远期票  I'm sorry. We don't accept postdated checks.  抱歉,我们不收远期票。  stop payment  止付  My father called the bank to stop payment on the check.  我父亲打电话到止付那张票。  traveler's check  旅行票  In what denominations would you like the traveler's checks?  你要哪种面额的旅行票? /200708/16476回民区妇科挂号

呼和浩特治疗人流最好的医院Asking for a phone numberA: Richard? Do you have the number for that Chinese restaurant on the corner?B: Yeah, hold on a second. I’ve got it in my office. Here it is. 553-2213.A: 553-2213. Great, thanks.B: No problem. Pick me up something to eat too, please.询问电话号码A:理查,你知道街角那个中餐馆的电话号码吗?B:知道,等一下。我把它放在我办公室了。在这儿呢。553-2213。A:553-2213。好极了。谢谢。B:不客气。顺便也帮我捎点吃的来。 /200704/12040呼和浩特妇幼保健医院男科 He needs to be kept in line.要好好管束他一下。keep sb. in line直译过来就是:“让某人排队”,这个短语的正确意思是:“管束,守规矩,让某人老实点”。因此,当美国人说;He needs to be kept in line.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;He needs to discipline himself.;、;He sould be taught to behave himself.;。情景对白:Benjamin: My assistant always does what he thinks right, and he never cares about others.本杰明:我的助理总是按照自己的想法去做,从来不管别人的感受。Boss: He is unaware of his behaviour. He needs to be kept in line.老板:他太不注意个人行为了,要好好管束他一下。搭配句积累:①I agree with you. Like teacher, like student.同意,正所谓严师出高徒。②Im mad at him.他快把我给气死了。③He is going too far!他太过分了!④Otherwise, he will cause trouble sooner or later.否则,他迟早会惹麻烦的。单词:discipline vt. 自律Order and discipline have been placed in the hands of headmasters and governing bodies.维持秩序和纪律的工作已交接给了校长和管理机构了。It was that image of calm and discipline that appealed to voters.正是那个冷静、自律的形象打动了选民。True discipline is self-discipline.真正的纪律是自律。 /201301/218690呼和浩特哪家人流做好

呼市看乳腺检查多少钱Joe Schmo 庸人,普通人英文释义 An unimportant, ordinary man (NOTE often used in contrast to someone of much greater importance).例句 Of course our clothing is expensive; our typical customer is a top executive or professional person, not just Joe Schmo.我们的装当然很贵,我们的典型客户是高层管理人员或专业人士,而不是普通人。 /201206/188083 第8课暂无文本 相关专题推荐:商务口语讲义视频商务英语口语 /200809/47204呼和浩特市治疗妇科哪家医院最好的呼和浩特和林格尔县私密整形哪家医院最好的



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