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Earthquakes are a common occurrence, rumbling below Earth's surface thousands of times every day. But major earthquakes are less common. Here are some things to do to prepare for an earthquake and what to do once the ground starts shaking.Marina District home damageSafety Tips#8226; Have an earthquake iness plan.#8226; Consult a professional to learn how to make your home sturdier, such as bolting bookcases to wall studs, installing strong latches on cupboards, and strapping the water heater to wall studs.#8226; Locate a place in each room of the house that you can go to in case of an earthquake. It should be a spot where nothing is likely to fall on you.#8226; Keep a supply of canned food, an up-to-date first aid kit, 3 gallons (11.4 liters) of water per person, dust masks and goggles, and a working battery-operated radio and flashlights.#8226; Know how to turn off your gas and water mains.If Shaking Begins#8226; Drop down; take cover under a desk or table and hold on.#8226; Stay indoors until the shaking stops and you're sure it's safe to exit.#8226; Stay away from bookcases or furniture that can fall on you.#8226; Stay away from windows. In a high-rise building, expect the fire alarms and sprinklers to go off during a quake.#8226; If you are in bed, hold on and stay there, protecting your head with a pillow.#8226; If you are outdoors, find a clear spot away from buildings, trees, and power lines. Drop to the ground.#8226; If you are in a car, slow down and drive to a clear place. Stay in the car until the shaking stops. 地震是一种经常发生的自然现象,地表之下每天要发生几千次的震动,但大地震还是比较少见的。下面给大家介绍一些地震预防准备以及一旦地震发生时的应对方法。滨海区房屋受损安全贴士* 做好预防地震的准备计划。* 请教专业人士,学习如何把家变得更牢固,比如将书架钉在立柱墙上,在碗碟橱里安装牢固的门闩,把热水器捆在立柱墙上。* 在屋里的每间房间中都确定有一个在地震发生时可以躲的地方,在那个地方不会有东西砸到你。* 准备好罐装食品,新式急救箱,每人3加仑(11.4公升)的水,防尘面具和护目镜,还有电池型收音机和手电筒。* 知道如何关闭煤气和水管的总开关。如果地震开始* 卧倒;躲在课桌或餐桌下,保持不动。* 直到震动停止前呆在室内,确定安全后再逃出。* 远离书架和家具,它们可能会压倒你。* 远离窗户。在高楼大厦里,火警和洒水装置在震动中可能会启动。* 如果你躺在床上,躺在原地保持不动,用枕头保护头部。* 如果你在室外,找一块远离房屋,树木和电线的空地,然后蹲在地上。* 如果你在车里,减速开到空地上。直到震动结束前呆在车里。 /200805/39980

Honey, said the husband to his wife, I invited a friend home for supper. What? Are you crazy? The house is a mess, I havent been shopping, all the dishes are dirty, and I dont feel like cooking a fancy meal!I know all that. Then why did you invite a friend for supper? Because the poor fools thinking about getting married.“亲爱的,”丈夫对妻子说:“我邀请了一位朋友回家吃晚饭。” “什么?你疯了吗?我们的房子乱糟糟的,我很久没有买过东西回来了,所有的碗碟都是脏的,还有,我可不想做一餐累死人的晚饭。” “这些我全都知道。” “那你为什么还要邀请朋友回来吃晚饭?” “因为那个可怜的笨蛋正考虑要结婚呢。”内容来自: /201304/232963

  Former England captain David Beckham is to retire at the end of the season. The 38-year-old signed a five-month deal at Paris St-Germain in January and donated all of his salary to charity。前英格兰队队长贝克汉姆将在季末退役。38岁的小贝在今年1月与巴黎圣日耳曼签订了五个月的合同,并将自己的薪资全部捐给了慈善机构。Beckham made 115 appearances for England and 394 for Manchester ed, winning six Premier League titles and the Champions League。小贝代表英格兰队出场115次,代表曼联俱乐部出场394次,六次获得英超联赛和欧冠联赛冠军。Here, in his statement released today, Beckham talks about his decision to retire from playing。在他今天发布的声明中,小贝说明了他退役的决定。;I#39;m thankful to PSG for giving me the opportunity to continue but I feel now is the right time to finish my career, playing at the highest level。“我非常感谢巴黎圣日耳曼给我继续征战绿茵场的机会,但是我觉得现在是结束我职业生涯的最佳时机,在最高水平的联赛当中。”;If you had told me as a young boy I would have played for and won trophies with my boyhood club Manchester ed, proudly captained and played for my country over one hundred times and lined up for some of the biggest clubs in the world, I would have told you it was a fantasy. I#39;m fortunate to have realised those dreams。“如果在我年轻的时候,你告诉我,我会在曼联俱乐部效力并且赢得无数的奖杯;同时代表英格兰出战超过百场并且成为队长;效力世界许多伟大的俱乐部,我会回答你,那只是一个幻想。但我很幸运的实现了这些幻想。”;To this day, one of my proudest achievements is captaining my country. I knew every time I wore the Three Lions shirt, I was not only following in a long line of great players, I was also representing every fan that cared passionately about their country. I#39;m honoured to represent England both on and off the pitch。“直到这一天,我最骄傲的成就是成为英格兰队的队长。我知道当我每一次穿上三狮军团的战袍,我不仅仅是一名球员,我代表的是关心着英格兰的每一个球迷。我很荣幸能够成为英格兰队的代表,无论是场内还是场外。”;I wouldn#39;t have achieved what I have done today without my family. I#39;m grateful for my parents#39; sacrifice, which made me realise my dreams. I owe everything to Victoria and the kids, who have given me the inspiration and support to play at the highest level for such a long period. I also want to thank Simon Fuller and his team for their continued support。“如果没有我的家人,我不会实现今天的成就和梦想。我感谢我的父母,为我所做出的一切,是他们让我实现了现在的成就。我更感谢维多利亚和我的孩子们,是他们一直给予我持,让我在这么长的时间内有高水平的发挥。我也更感谢西蒙-福勒和他的团队给予我的鼓励。”;I want to thank all my team-mates, the great managers that I had the pleasure of learning from. I also want to thank the fans who have all supported me and given me the strength to succeed。“我要感谢我所有的队友,以及所有的主教练,我很荣幸可以从他们身上学到很多。我也要向球迷表达由衷的感谢,他们都持我给予我巨大的动力。”;Nothing will ever completely replace playing the game I love, however I feel like I#39;m starting a new adventure and I#39;m genuinely excited about what lies ahead. I#39;m fortunate to have been given many opportunities throughout my career and now I feel it#39;s my time to give back.;任何事情都不能取代我对比赛的热爱,然而现在我将开始一个新的冒险。想到我新的未来,我十分兴奋。在我的职业生涯中我很幸运,现在的我是时候回到生活当中了。”The midfielder made his England debut against Moldova in 1996 and captained the side from 2000 to 2006, making his 115th and final England appearance in a 3-0 win over Belarus in 2009.这位中场球员于1996年在英格兰对尔多瓦的比赛中代表英格兰队初次露面,随后的2000年到2006年出任英格兰队队长,而第115次代表英格兰队出征是在2009年3比0胜白俄罗斯,这也是他的最后一次代表英格兰队出战。Including PSG#39;s recent Ligue 1 title win, Beckham has won 19 trophies - 10 of them league titles - in a playing career spanning 20 years, and is the only English player to win championships in four countries。包括巴黎圣日耳曼最近一次在法甲联赛中的胜利,贝克汉姆在他长达20年的足球生涯中一共赢得了19次奖杯——其中10次是以队长的身份,而且他也是唯一一位在四个国家获过冠军的英国球员。Beckham#39;s club football career:贝克汉姆的足球俱乐部生涯:1993-2003: Manchester ed曼联1994-1995: Preston North End (loan)普雷斯顿北区(租借)2003-2007: Real Madrid皇家马德里2007-2012: Los Angeles Galaxy洛杉矶2009-2010: Loan spells at AC MilanAC米兰(租借)2013: Paris St-Germain巴黎圣日耳曼 /201305/240549

  Young people from less-privileged homes are more likely to graduate from college and earn more if raised by two married parents.不富裕家庭的年轻人,若是由父母双亲抚养长大,更有机会大学毕业并获得高薪。Young adults are 44 percent more likely to have graduated from college if they were raised by their married parents.在由已婚父母养育下长大的年轻人大学毕业的机会要多出44%。In fact, the opportunity story begins with our families—in particularly, with our parents. As the Nobel-prize-winning economist James Heckman recently noted, “the family into which a child is born plays a powerful role in determining lifetime opportunities.”事实上,机会始于家庭——特别是父母。诺贝尔经济学奖得主詹姆斯·海克曼最近指出,“家庭在孩子的出生中扮演了强有力的角色,决定了其一生的机会。”Research indicates that adolescents raised in intact, married homes are significantly more likely to succeed educationally and financially. The benefits are greatest for less privileged homes—that is, where their mother did not have a college degree.研究表明健全的婚姻家庭中长大的青年人在教育上和经济上都更有可能成功。在母亲没有大学学历的不富裕家庭,家庭完整就是最大的优势。As the next graph indicates, young men and women who hail from intact, married homes are much more likely to graduate from college. More precisely, young adults are at least 44 percent more likely to have graduated from college if they were raised by their married parents. This is important because a college degree is associated with better work opportunities, lower odds of unemployment, and a substantial wage premium.来自完整家庭的年轻男女更有可能从大学顺利毕业。确切的说,已婚家庭长大的青年人大学毕业的机会要多出44%。而大学毕业至关重要,因为它意味着更好的工作机会,更低的失业率和工资的大幅溢价。The marriage bump is strongest among families where the parents didn#39;t go to college (the left half of the graph above). Among less-educated families, the children of married parents earn about , 000 more than their peers from non-intact families, as the next chart shows. The association between intact families and income is not significant for children of college-educated parents.父母没念过大学的家庭婚姻是最坎坷的 。下图表明,受教育程度低的家庭中,已婚父母的孩子同离异家庭的同龄孩子相比能多赚4000美元,而对受教育程度高的家庭的孩子来说,家庭完整与收入之间的关系并不大。Adolescent family structure also has important implications for family formation among young adults. The next graph indicates that men and women who hail from intact families are about 40 percent less likely to father or bear a child outside of wedlock. This is important because nonmarital childbearing reduces your odds of successfully getting and staying married down the road, maximizing your income, and of providing a stable home to your children.青少年的家庭结构对年轻一代成年人家庭的形成有着重要的意义。下图表明,完整家庭中成长起来的男女婚外生育的几率要小40%,这一结论非常重要,因为非婚生育将使你今后成婚和维系婚姻都步履维艰,大幅加薪机会渺茫,甚至为子女提供一个安稳的家都遥不可及。Marriage might even have economic benefits at the citywide level. A recentstudy from Harvard and UC-Berkeley found that the most important predictor of economic mobility was the low share of single moms in a community. Mobility for poor kids was highest in the Salt Lake City metro area, which also happens to have one of the lowest rates of single motherhood of any major metro area in the country.婚姻甚至在全市层面带来经济效益。哈佛和加州大学伯克利分校最近一项研究表明一个社区经济流动性的最重要迹象是该社区的单身母亲为数不多。盐湖城大都会区是贫困孩子的流动率是最高的地方,也是全美大都会区母亲单身率最低的地方。 /201311/264420。

  As SVP of the Global Sparkling Brand Center at Coca-Cola (KO), Wendy Clark spends plenty of time studying young people. Understanding how young people live and what they aspire to is key to the success of this rising-star executive who oversees brand strategy and integrated marketing communications, including global design and digital and experiential marketing, for brands like Coke, Sprite and Fanta. Last week, Clark decided to learn about an aspect of youth that she never knew: how the homeless live.可口可乐公司(Coca-Cola)全球闪亮品牌中心(Global Sparkling Brand Center)高级副总裁温蒂?克拉克花了很长时间研究年轻人。这位冉冉升起的新锐高管成功的秘诀就是了解年轻人的生活现状和他们的期望。目前,克拉克负责可口可乐(Coke)、雪碧(Sprite)和芬达(Fanta)等品牌的品牌策略和整合营销传播,包括全球设计与数字及体验营销。上周,克拉克决定亲身体验年轻人生活中不为她所知的一面:无家可归的生活。Guest Post by Wendy Clark, SVP of the Global Sparkling Brand Center, The Coca-Cola Company本文由可口可乐公司全球闪亮品牌中心高级副总裁温蒂?克拉克发布。I#39;m one of those people with ice-cold hands.我的手生来冰凉。You know the type. When you shake my hand, I apologize and say something like ;cold hands, warm heart; and then may add my second hand to your warm hand and hold the handshake for as long as possible to steal some of your warmth.大家都知道这种人。我跟别人握手的时候,会先抱歉地说“手凉心热”这样的话,然后用双手握住对方温暖的手,还要尽可能多握一会儿,以吸取一些热量。While I was born and raised in England (cold and wet), I spent my teenage years in Florida and have lived in the southern U.S. since. Indeed, as the saying goes, my blood has thinned.我出生在(寒冷潮湿的)英格兰,但我的少女时代都在佛罗里达度过,后来也一直居住在美国南部。正如俗话所说,我的血液都变得稀薄了。So it was uncharacteristic, to say the least, that I slept outside on a cardboard box last Thursday night.所以,毫不夸张的说,周四晚上,我在外面的纸板箱里所度过的一夜绝对是一次非同寻常的体验。My friend and colleague at The Coca-Cola Company, Ben Deutsch, is on the board of Covenant House of Georgia, and he asked me to join their annual Sleep-Out fundraiser. Last year, across the country, 450 executives slept outside and raised more than million. This year, Ben and I and some 45 executives from companies including Accenture (ACN), Comcast (CMCSA) and Cox Enterprises spent from dinnertime Thursday until 7 a.m. Friday on the campus of the Covenant House shelter. Under a full moon, in temperatures dipping to 35 degrees, we slept in sleeping bags on flattened cardboard boxes.我的朋友也是可口可乐公司的同事本?道奇,是乔治亚州圣约家园(Covenant House of Georgia)理事会的成员,他邀请我参加他们一年一度的露宿募捐活动。去年,全美共有450名高管参加了这个活动,募集了超过300万美元。今年,本和我以及来自埃森哲(Accenture)、康卡斯特(Comcast)和考克斯报业(Cox Enterprises)等公司的45名高管从周四晚餐时间开始,到周五上午7点,一直在圣约家园的收容所内度过。虽然天空圆月高悬,但温度却降到了华氏35度(约为1.7°C),当晚我们都睡在睡袋里,下面铺着压平的纸板箱。This was just one night for us. For more than 700 young Atlantans, sleeping on the streets is every night.我们只是这样过了一个晚上。而对于亚特兰大700多名年轻人而言,每天睡在大街上是他们生活的真实状态。These youth have varied stories, with common themes that are tough to hear. One in four, according to Covenant House, are victims of human trafficking or sex trade. Many more have been beaten down by bullying, and are desperate to get their lives on track. ;We#39;re just regular kids trying to do right, ; said one Covenant House resident we met.这些年轻人各有各的故事,个中心酸令人唏嘘不已。据圣约家园统计,其中有四分之一是人口拐卖或性交易的受害者。许多人都因为受到过欺凌而一蹶不振,他们也渴望能让自己的生活走上正轨。我们遇到的一位圣约家园居民说:“我们只是努力想要做好的普通孩子。”Like all of us, they need love. They need an outreached hand and somebody#39;s faith that there#39;s warmth in their hearts beyond their own cold hands. These homeless youth have been let down by ;the system; and by adults so many times that their trust in anyone beyond themselves is incredibly low.与我们一样,他们也需要爱。他们需要一只主动伸出的手,需要有人相信虽然他们的手是冰凉的,但他们的心依然火热。“体制”和成年人一次次让这些无家可归的年轻人失望,他们对人的信任已经降到了令人难以置信的地步。 /201312/267164



  日本推出能和主人聊天的机器人手机For those who feel a bit lonely just talking on the phone, a Japanese company is offering a cellphone that turns into a robot buddy y to chat.Softbank Mobile Corp.'s new mobile line looks like a small humanoid with attachable arms and legs, with the screen showing various faces.The PhoneBraver will be released in April after a character in an upcoming television drama series entitled "Cellphone Investigator 7."The telephone comes with enough artificial intelligence to learn the user's habits.If the user calls a particular person many times, a text phrase such as "You're calling her often these days, aren't you?" might appear coming out of the face's mouth, according to Softbank Mobile spokesman Katsuhide Furuya.The user could carry on conversations with the phone by responding "yes" or "no" or with other simple replies."We haven't decided on specifics yet on the communication between the user and mobile, but your mobile would grow into a buddy different from others that is unique in the world," he said.The PhoneBraver does not move by itself but can strike a pose with movable joints. The price is not disclosed yet.Japan is known for its fondness for humanoids, which have been put to use as security guards, receptionists and for other functions in a country with a declining birth rate.Japan also has cutthroat competition in mobile telephones, with three main companies constantly trying to find new incentives to snare users.The number of cellphone subscriptions topped 100 million in Japan at the end of December against the nation's total population of 127 million, according to industry data. 觉得一个人打手机有点孤单的人现在不用发愁了,日本一家公司将推出一款能陪主人“聊天”的机器人手机。软银移动公司推出的这款新型手机外形像个小机器人,有胳膊有腿,屏幕上还能显示各种不同的面部表情。这款“PhoneBraver”手机将于四月份面世,它得名于即将播出的电视连续剧《手机调查者7号》中的一个角色。这款手机应用了大量的人工智能,能够了解用户的习惯。据软银移动公司发言人本木诚章介绍,如果用户多次呼叫某一特定对象,“机器人”的嘴里(显示在屏幕上)可能就会冒出“最近你是不是老给她打电话?”此类的话语。用户可以用“是”、“否”或其他一些简单的回答与手机交流。他说:“用户与手机交流的一些细节问题还未确定,但这款手机的与众不同之处在于,它可以成为你的伙伴,这在世界上是独一无二的。”PhoneBraver手机自己不能移动,但由于它的关节可以活动,所以能够摆出各种不同的姿势。目前,这款手机的价格还未公布。日本一直以对机器人情有独钟而闻名。日本的出生率持续下降,机器人已被应用于保安、接待及其他一些岗位。日本手机行业的竞争也很激烈,国内三大运营商为了吸引用户一直在努力寻求新的策略。日本共有1.27亿人口。据业内统计数据显示,截至去年12月底,日本的手机用户数量已超过1亿。 /200803/30366



  Thanksgiving break is here, which means it#39;s time for the “Turkey Drop”.感恩节假期来临,这也意味着“放弃火鸡”的时候到了。Many college freshmen are home this week for the first time since August. They’ll retreat to what is comfortable – spending time with family, old friends, and for some, a high-school sweetheart. Thanksgiving will also be a time for big questions, particularly for those freshmen still in high-school relationships. Did they take advantage of their first three months in college, or did they lose out by spending too much time on Skype? During their first trip home, freshmen have to decide whether they stick it out with their first love, or succumb to what is known as the “Turkey Drop”— the phenomenon of high-school couples breaking up when they come home for their first Thanksgiving.本周很多大学新生都会回到家中,这也是自八月以来的首次。他们将重返舒适的生活——与家人、老朋友、对一些人来说,还有高中时的男女朋友呆在一起。感恩节也是解决一些大问题的日子,尤其是那些还保持着高中时期情侣关系的大学新生们。他们是否充分利用了大学的前三个月呢?或者他们是否因为花费太多时间在网络电话上而过于松懈了呢?在他们第一个归家假期里,大一新生们必须要作出决定——是要继续他的初恋,还是向著名的“放弃火鸡”理论屈。(“放弃火鸡”理论是指高中情侣们纷纷在第一个感恩节放假回家时提出分手的现象。)Much of my own freshman year in college was determined by one recurring scene. A friend knocks on my door. She tells me her plans for the night – maybe a sorority party or a pregame in a friend’s room – and asks me if I want to come along. I look at her, all dolled up in heels and a cute crop top, and then I look back at my bed, soft and warm, offering a Saturday night of TV, calls with high-school friends, and microwavable macaroni and cheese. Do I push myself to meet new people (and risk spending the next four hours smiling and saying “hey, where are you from?” so many times that my face starts to hurt), or do I fall back on the familiar?我大一那年总是反复出现这样一个场景。一个朋友敲响了我的房门。她告诉我她今晚的计划——可能要去一个朋友的房间参加一个女生联谊会或者一个赛前准备活动——问我要不要加入。我看着她,穿着高跟鞋,装扮可爱,然后目光又定格在自己的床上,温暖舒适,似乎过一个周六电视夜,叫上高中时的朋友,再准备一些微波通心粉和奶酪才是我想要的。我是应该让自己去认识一些新的人(并且冒着花费接下来的四个小时不停地微笑、寒暄“嗨,你家是哪的?”直到面部僵硬为止的风险),还是继续过我熟悉的那种生活?One Princeton junior told me that, during her first three months in college, she stayed in her room every Friday and Saturday night. She didn’t go out because her high-school boyfriend didn’t want her to. The first time she drank alcohol, he “fell apart.” When she signed up to join a sorority, he started a screaming match. She knew she was missing out on important college experiences, but there was still something that made her stay with him for the first few months.一个普林斯顿的大三生告诉我,在大学的前三个月里,她每个周五周六都呆在自己的房间。她不出去是因为她高中的男朋友不希望她出去。她第一次喝酒,他“崩溃”了。她报名参加一个女生联谊会,他开始大呼小叫。她知道她错过了很多重要的大学经历,但是在这几个月里总有些什么让她觉得不能和他分手。“First semester of freshman year, you don’t have that many real friends, so when my high-school boyfriend would show up, I would be like, ‘Yes, here is someone I trust, that I can actually tell things to,’” another junior said. “He was someone who would just instantly understand what was happening with me emotionally. I would want to just hole up in my room for the rest of the weekend, talking to him.”“大一的上学期,没有什么真心朋友,所以当我高中的男朋友出现时,我就会觉得‘对,他就是我信任的人,我可以倾诉的人’”,另一个大三生说道。“他就是会立刻懂得我在想什么的人。我愿意整个周末都把自己关在房间里,跟他聊天。”So when does this affinity for the familiar start to change? In the first few months of college, there are those long, lonely freshman nights – times when you wonder whether you’ve actually made any real friends. By November, however, most freshmen have gotten over the worst of their homesickness. The “Turkey Drop” happens in part because freshmen realize they no longer need the safety blanket of their high school significant other.那么这种亲密的关系是从什么时候开始改变的呢?在大学里的前几个月,总会有一些漫长又孤寂的新生夜——那些夜晚你会不住地想自己是否有真正的朋友。然而到了十一月,大多数新生都从想家最折磨的阶段恢复了出来。“火鸡”现象的发生部分是因为新生们意识到他们已经不再需要高中那个至关重要的另一半带来的安全感。According to Dr. Christopher Thurber, a psychologist at Phillips Exeter Academy, going home for Thanksgiving – being surrounded by people they love – can actually help freshmen to get over their homesickness. “When you’re homesick, your actions – being tearful, staying in your room a lot – will cue in the people around you, and prompt an appropriate social response,” said Thurber. “People will reach out to you, and that often will boost the student’s confidence. This in turn will help them overcome feelings of homesickness.”Christopher Thurber士,一个菲利普斯埃克塞特学院的心理学家表示,回家过感恩节——周围都是自己爱的人——会让新生们的恋家情绪不治而愈。“在你想家的时候,你的行为——眼泪汪汪,经常闷在自己的房间——会给你周围的人发出一个信号,带来一个适当的社会反应,”Thurber说道。“人们会去接近你,这也会提高学生的自信。反过来,这也会帮助他们克恋家情绪。”When I came home for Thanksgiving my freshman year, I was also shocked by how much I’d changed. I went to a high school where the majority of students had been living in the same town since kindergarten. Most people had similar views on political issues and didn’t have experience with cultures different from our own. Then I moved into my freshman dorm, and met a roommate who had just flown in from South Korea. At Thanksgiving, it felt strange to reunite with my group of high school girlfriends, who all grew up within a 20-mile radius.在我大一那年回家过感恩节的时候,我完全被自己的改变震惊了。我就读的高中大多数学生都从幼儿园起就住在一个镇上。大多数人对于政治问题都保持着相似的见解,也没经历过和我们小镇不同的文化氛围。之后我搬进了新生寝室,室友刚刚从韩国来。感恩节的时候,再和我高中的朋友们重聚显得些许怪异,她们都在二十英里以外的地方长大了。;A freshman will think, ‘When I was with this girl in high school, I thought we were going to be together forever. Then I got to college and saw that there was so much going on – different people and places and things.’ The committed match that you had in your mind might not look the same when you go home for Thanksgiving,” said Thurber.“新生可能会觉得‘高中时我们俩在一起的时候,我以为我们一辈子都会在一起。之后我上了大学,发现未来的路还很长——不同的人,不同的地方和不同的事。’你脑海中曾经坚定的想法可能在你回家过感恩节的时候又不一样了,”Thurber说道。Almost everyone I interviewed said there was no way to casually be in a long-distance relationship in college. If you were weren#39;t together everyday on campus, then you had to make sacrifices, and you didn#39;t make sacrifices if things weren#39;t serious. One junior told me that, freshman year, her high-school boyfriend revealed his plans to propose the day after graduation. She broke up with him a few weeks later.几乎所有受访者都表示在大学里维持长距离的关系可能性不大。如果你们不能在大学里每天在一起,就必须得做出一些牺牲,而如果不够认真你就不会做出牺牲。一个大三生称,大一时,她高中时的男朋友透露说毕业的第二天就会向她求婚,而几周后,她就提出分手了。;The nice thing about the college atmosphere in terms of relationships is that you can ease in to them – you don’t have to know where you stand, you don’t have to be really certain,” said a current college junior. “But with long distance, there’s the implication that you’re in it for the long haul. Having a long-distance relationship in college doesn’t just mean long distance. It means long distance, long term.”“对于关系,大学氛围最好的一件事就是你可以轻松地享受这段关系——你不需要知道你在哪,也不需要十分确定,”一个现在就读大学三年级的人说道。“但是长距离的关系就意味着你要长期维持。大学里的异地恋不仅仅意味着距离远,也是在说双方的感情要维持很久。”By late November, you realize that the long-distance, marriage-proposal kind of commitment is fundamentally opposed to the ideals we’re taught to associate with college. A lot of women told me they felt guilty about having a high-school boyfriend because it just wasn’t what you were “supposed” to do as a freshman. When I asked them exactly what they were supposed to be doing instead, no one had a concrete answer. A few vaguely mentioned drinking more heavily, or being free to consent to a dance floor make-out, but there was clearly something else.到十一月下旬,你就会意识到长距离,以婚姻为目标的承诺和我们与大学联系在一起的想法是完全相悖的。很多女性都告诉我有一个高中男朋友让她们感到很内疚,因为这并不是一个大学新生应做的事。我反问她们那个时候到底应该做些什么时,没人给我一个具体的答复。有几个人含糊地回答说应该多喝些酒,作为“自由人”去赴舞池约会,但当然不止这些。From movies like Animal House, Van Wilder, and 21 and Over, we get this idea that college is the only time in our lives when we can do stupid, drunken things and not get in too much trouble. The bridge of Asher Roth’s legendary rap anthem, “I Love College,” offers freshmen just one piece of advice: “Do something crazy!” In college, you’re supposed to make mistakes because those mistakes become cool stories – the kind that build character and street cred. But it’s hard to feel free to make bad decisions when you’ve got someone from home sending you a constant stream of text messages on Saturday night.从《动物爱回家》,《留级之王》,《21玩过界》等电影中,大学是我们生命中唯一一段可以做愚蠢的事却惹不上大麻烦的时光。罗斯(Asher Roth)的传奇饶舌颂歌的桥梁,“我爱大学,”给大学新生们提出了一条意见:“做点儿疯狂的事!”在大学里,你应该犯错,因为这些错误日后都会变成很酷的故事——能塑造性格和名声的那种。但是如果家那边有个人总在周六的晚上给你发一条又一条的信息,你可没办法去自由地做这些事。There’s more to this cultural idea of college than wild parties. Leaving home, we’re told that the next four years will be a time to experiment and figure out what we want to contribute to the world. Most juniors and seniors I know chose to major in a department different from the one they listed on their college application. That’s because we’ve all taken risks, learning about topics we didn’t expect to love. The whole process is trial and error: Try a lot of different things, and see what works. The biggest pressure for freshmen to “turkey drop” comes from knowing that we may never again be this free to explore.而大学的文化层面甚至比聚会狂欢还包含更多。一离开家,我们被告知接下来的四年试验并搞清楚我们想为世界贡献些什么的时间。我认识的大多数大三生和大四生都选择了和他们大学申报表上填写的不同专业,这是因为我们都冒了险,学习一些我们没预料到会喜欢的内容。整个过程就是反复试验:尝试很多不同的东西,看哪个好用。大学新生“火鸡放弃”最大的压力就是明白我们可能再也没法这样自由地去探索了。 /201312/267168

  Doctor Jude Oben had grim news for a patient last week. The liver expert told the 60-year-old man that he had cirrhosis – for the second time in his life.裘德·奥本医生是一位肝脏病专家,上周他带给一位60岁的病人一个坏消息——他又一次患上了肝硬化。这已经是这位病人第二次得这种疾病了。Only four years ago Oben#39;s patient had required a liver transplant after his first bout of cirrhosis, a condition he had contracted because he was obese. ;Unfortunately my patient continued to overeat and remained obese,; said Oben, a hepatologist based at the Royal Free and St Thomas#39; hospitals in London. ;As a result, he contracted cirrhosis again. Sadly, I had to tell him that this time it was very unlikely he would be given another liver.;四年前他为这位患者进行了肝移植手术,那是这位患者首次因肥胖患肝硬化。“不幸的是,我的这位病人继续暴饮暴食并保持肥胖状态,”在英国皇家自由医院和圣托马斯医院工作的肝脏病专家奥本说道。“因此,他再一次感染肝硬化疾病。不幸的是,我只能告诉他这一次他可能不会再得到另一个肝脏了。”Oben#39;s patient is one of a ;tidal wave; of cases of cirrhosis, triggered by obesity, that threatens to sweep through hospitals across the UK. ;People might be aware that there are metabolic disorders such as diabetes and high blood pressure associated with obesity, but very few know about the connection with cirrhosis. However, there is a very clear link. Obesity can trigger cirrhosis.;这并不是个例,肥胖引发的肝硬化正威胁着整个英国。奥本解释说,人们都知道肥胖症者的高血压和糖尿病发病率高,并因此导致新陈代谢紊乱。但是,人们从来不会把肝硬化和肥胖联系起来,而事实是,肥胖会导致肝硬化。Oben, who recently launched the charity Obesity Action Campaign to help in the battle against the sp of the condition, said that 10 years ago he saw only an occasional case of obesity-related cirrhosis in his clinic. Today he has dozens of cases of the illness, which occurs when irreversible scarring causes a person#39;s liver to deteriorate. In the past, excess alcohol consumption and hepatitis infections have been the main causes of cirrhosis in Britain. Now a third cause – obesity – has triggered a major increase in cases of liver disease in the UK.奥本最近发起了一项名为“肥胖行动”的慈善活动,旨在抑制肝硬化疾病的传播。他说,十年前在他的诊所里,因为肥胖导致的肝硬化患者寥寥无几,现在情况却愈演愈烈,因为在病人肝脏的不可逆疤痕会导致其状况恶化。过去在英国,酗酒和肝炎是肝硬化的主要病因,如今,肥胖已经取代酗酒和肝炎,一跃成为英国肝脏疾病多发的主要原因。The average age of death from liver disease is 59, compared with 82-84 for heart and lung disease and strokes, for example. It is the fifth largest cause of death in the UK, and in the past 10 years there has been a fivefold increase in cirrhosis for those aged between 35 and 55. Oben predicts that these figures are only going to get worse as obesity levels rise.肝病患者平均寿命为59岁,而心肺疾病、中风以及肺部疾病患者平均寿命在82岁到84岁之间。肝病已成为英国第五大杀手。和十年前相比,35岁至55岁年龄段的肝硬化患者数量翻了5番。奥本预测随着肥胖者数量的增加,情况只会愈演愈烈。;About a third of the UK population is now obese, while one government estimate recently suggested that this figure will rise to 50% by 2050,; said Oben. ;Frankly, I think we will have reached that level long before then, and when we do that we will find that cirrhosis case numbers have increased steeply.;“现在肥胖者约占英国总人口的三分之一,最近政府预计,到2050年这项数据将上升到50%。但说实话,我个人认为肥胖率上涨到50%根本不需要那么长的时间,并且到时候肝硬化患者骤增也势在必然。”Nor will cirrhosis cases be the only ones to follow in the wake of Britain#39;s increasing obesity levels. Cancers of the oesophagus, liver, pancreas and colon are linked to obesity; cases of these are increasing and are expected to continue to rise.肥胖程度的增加不仅会导致肝硬化。食道癌、胰脏癌、结肠癌患者也会增加,且预计将一直上涨。;Frankly, we are reaching US levels of obesity,; said Oben. ;I went to work in the US in 2001 and was stunned by the numbers of obese people that came into clinics. When I came back to Britain a few years later, I discovered – to my horror – that we are catching up.;“坦白的说,我们国家的肥胖水平已经可以与美国相较。2001年我到美国工作,来诊所的大量肥胖患者让我目瞪口呆。几年后当我回到英国,发现我们国家的肥胖者数量就要赶上美国时,我又一次被吓呆了。”As to the causes of this expected tidal wave of obesity-linked illness, scientists point to the increasing abundance of calorie-dense foods and a decrease in numbers of people taking regular exercise. In addition, Oben#39;s own research has indicated that obese mothers may pass on a propensity for their offspring to become obese.科学家表示肥胖的原因有很多,高热量的食物的摄入以及运动量的减少都与此相关。另外,奥本的研究表明,通常肥胖的妈妈也会对孩子产生影响。;It is another worrying factor,; he said. ;Obesity is a very difficult condition to treat medically.;“这是又一个令人担心的因素,”他说。“医学治疗对肥胖也束手无策。” /201312/270091

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