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呼和浩特人流手术那家医院好内蒙古医学院第二附属医院专家挂号They are the new favourite toy of the rich and famous, but it seems the likes of Lauren Goodger, Brooklyn Beckham and Rochelle Humes will no longer be able to use one to glide along the street.悬浮滑板是富人和名人们的新欢,劳伦·古杰(Lauren Goodger)、布鲁克林·贝克汉姆(Brooklyn Beckham)和罗谢尔·休谟(Rochelle Humes)都对它喜爱有加,但是现在看来,他们再也不能踩着悬浮滑板在大街上滑来滑去了。That#39;s because prosecutors have revealed that futuristic #39;hoverboards#39; - also known as self-balancing scooters - are illegal to ride on public roads or pavements in Britain.这是因为据检察官透露,在英国的公路或人行道上使用这种未来派的“悬浮滑板”(也称为自平衡滑板车)是违法的。The #163;400 vehicles, which feature a platform with a wheel on each side, can only be used on private property because they are too dangerous to ride in public, the Crown Prosecution Service says.英国皇家检察署(Crown Prosecution Service,CPS)表示,悬浮滑板只能在私人财产的土地上使用,因为在公共场所使用太危险了。这种滑板价值400英镑,有一个平台,两侧各有一个轮子。The scooters, which are also known as #39;segways#39;, have become increasingly popular with actors and footballers over the past year - with many stars seen riding them both in public and at home.在过去的一年里,这种也被称为赛格威平衡车的滑板车越来越受到演员和足球运动员的欢迎,很多明星经常在公开场合或家里玩这种滑板。The CPS guidance was originally issued for Segways, which include a handlebar and are also not permitted on roads - but the Metropolitan Police said that it also covers hoverboards.CPS的指南最初是针对赛格威(Segway)平衡车发布的。这种平衡车还有一个把手,也不允许上路,但是伦敦警察厅(Metropolitan Police)称,这一规定也适用于悬浮滑板。It is an offence under section 72 of the Highway Act 1835 to ride them on the pavement in England and Wales - and, north of the border, under section 129(5) of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984.根据1835年颁布的《高速公路法案》第72条,在英格兰和威尔士的人行道上使用滑板车是违法的,而在英国北部边界的苏格兰这一行为也是非法的,违反的是1984年颁布的《苏格兰公路法》第129条第五款的规定。Meanwhile it is also illegal to ride them on a public road because they are not approved by the European or British test schemes for road-legal vehicles.同时,在公路上脚踏滑板车出行也是违法的,因为它们没有通过欧洲或者英国的公路合法行驶工具准入测试。CPS guidance states: #39;You can only ride an unregistered self-balancing scooter on land which is private property and with the landowner#39;s permission.CPS发布的指南规定:“未经登记的自平衡滑板车仅可在私人财产的土地上使用并需获得土地所有人许可。”#39;The Department for Transport would advise that appropriate safety clothing should be worn at all times.#39;“英国交通部(Department for Transport)建议使用滑板车时穿着适当的防护装。”Simon Benson, from hoverboard distributor Ghetto Gadgets, claimed that the legal clarification could boost the vehicles#39; profile and lead to them becoming even more popular.悬浮滑板经销商Ghetto Gadgets的西蒙·本森(Simon Benson)称,这项明文规定会提升悬浮滑板的形象,使其更受欢迎。#39;Clearly customers need to take advice, but millennials are not going to take kindly to the authorities using a law that pre-dates the penny-farthing to tell them what they can or can#39;t do on the streets of Britain.#39;“顾客当然需要遵循建议,但是当局援引比古董自行车还久远的法律来告诉千禧一代在英国大街上什么能做什么不能做,这些年轻人可不会买账。”The boards are also becoming massively popular in the US, with hundreds of different products now available in response to huge demand following their use by the likes of actor Jamie Foxx and singer Justin Bieber.悬浮滑板在美国也掀起了一股热潮,演员杰米·福克斯(Jamie Foxx)和歌手贾斯汀·比伯(Justin Bieber)等人都是悬浮滑板的拥趸,从而带动了巨大的市场需求,成百上千种悬浮滑板产品琳琅满目。American stars such as Kendall Jenner are being sent free samples of the boards by companies scrambling for market share and using celebrity endorsement to raise awareness of their products in a crowded marketplace.悬浮滑板公司向肯达尔·詹娜(Kendall Jenner)这样的美国明星发放免费样车,以在竞争激烈的市场中争夺更多的份额、利用名人效应提高本公司产品的知名度。The 19-year-old model posted on Instagram about how she was using the PhunkeeDuck board, and it got more than one million likes - sending demand through the roof.这名19岁的模特在Instagram上贴出一张照片,展示了她是如何使用PhunkeeDuck滑板车的,获得了一百多万个赞,大大推高了市场需求。There has also been a dispute between makers of the IO Hawk and PhunkeeDuck hoverboards over who invented the vehicle in the first place.悬浮滑板生产商IO Hawk和PhunkeeDuck之间也就究竟谁最先发明了悬浮滑板而发生争端。Last month Wal-Mart announced that it would be stocking the vehicle from November, saying that it expects it to be a big seller for Christmas.上个月,沃尔玛宣布将从11月起储备悬浮滑板,表示沃尔玛预计悬浮滑板将在圣诞节大卖。The law on using hoverboards in the US is not entirely clear, but 45 states are said to permit #39;electric personal assistive mobility devices#39; - including Segways - on public rights of way.悬浮滑板的相关法规在美国并不完全明确,但是据说有45个州依据公众通行权,允许“电动个人辅助移动设备”上路,包括赛格威。Among the other products companies are using in an attempt to corner the market are the Hovertrax, Cyboard and Future Foot.试图垄断悬浮滑板商品市场的公司推出的产品还有Hovertrax,Cyboard和Future Foot。The CPS advice comes after a teenager was beaten in the face and robbed by four men for his #163;300 hoverboard in Enfield, north London - the first case of its kind in the capital.CPS发布这项指南前,一个少年在伦敦北部的恩菲尔德(Enfield)被四个男人打伤面部,价值300英镑的悬浮滑板也被抢走了,这在伦敦是首例。Police said the 18-year-old victim was riding the hoverboard when a car stopped in front of him and the gang surrounded him, before one of the attackers hit him and stole the vehicle.警方表示,这名受害者18岁,当时他正在街上踩着滑板车滑行,一辆车停在他前面,一群人下来围住了他,之后一个人袭击了他并偷走了他的车。USrapper Wiz Khalifa, whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz, was handcuffed by customs officials in August after refusing to get off his hoverboard at Los Angeles Airport in California.美国说唱歌手维兹·卡利法(Wiz Khalifa),本名卡梅伦·吉布里尔·托马兹(Cameron Jibril Thomaz),8月份时因为在加州的洛杉矶机场拒绝从悬浮滑板上下来,被海关官员铐上了手铐。 /201510/404366呼和浩特和林格尔县前列腺炎包皮手术多少钱 Apple is ying its long-awaited assault on the living room, with plans to launch a new online television service later this year.苹果(Apple)正准备进军到消费者的客厅,计划在今年晚些时候推出新的网络电视务。对于这一务,消费者已经期待已久。After striking a deal with HBO to bring its on-demand app to Apple TV next month and cutting the price of its set-top box from to , Apple is now in advanced talks with US broadcasters including Fox and A to launch a subscription streaming service, according to people close to the negotiations.知情人士称,苹果已经与HBO达成协议,下月将其点播应用添加至Apple TV,并将其机顶盒售价从99美元下调至69美元,目前,苹果正与包括福克斯(Fox)和美国广播公司(A)在内的美国广播公司进行进一步谈判,以推出一项流媒体订阅务。Talk of an “over the top” Apple TV service — which avoids traditional cable or satellite distribution in favour of streaming live over the internet for viewing via iPhone, iPad or TV box — has lingered for years, fuelling speculation that the iPhone maker might release its own TV set.有关“网络电视(OTT)”Apple TV务的传言已有多年,这令人们猜测,这家iPhone制造商可能会发布自己的电视机。Apple TV摈弃传统有线电视或卫星电视务,更加倾向于用户通过iPhone、iPad或机顶盒观看在互联网发布的直播视频。However, while Apple is now seen as unlikely to add another screen to its family of devices, last week’s price cut may suggest that a revamped version of its set-top box is imminent.尽管外界认为,苹果现在不太可能增加新的设备,但上周苹果机顶盒降价可能暗示,苹果即将改进其机顶盒务。For many years, the cheap Apple TV box — originally launched alongside the iPhone in 2007 — was described by Apple executives as a ;hobby;.多年来,苹果高管一直将廉价的苹果电视机顶盒(最初与iPhone于2007年推出)视为一项“爱好”。Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said at an event last week that Apple TV had sold 25m units, up from 20m a year ago, making it small contributor to the company’s vast revenue.苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)在上周的一次活动中表示,Apple TV销量为2500万台,高于一年前的2000万台,对该公司的巨额收入贡献较小。Today’s Apple TV box offers an array of channels, from the well-known such as Netflix, YouTube, CN and Sky News to more niche content such as Crunchyroll, which shows Japanese animation.如今的Apple TV机顶盒提供很多频道,从Netflix、YouTube、美国消费者新闻与商业频道(CN)以及Sky News等知名频道到播放日本动画片的Crunchyroll等较为小众的频道。Some channels, including HBO, Watch A and Fox Now, are available only if customers also have a separate cable subscription. All have struck individual deals with the company’s media team for placement on Apple TV.包括HBO、Watch A、Fox Now在内的一些频道只有在消费者另外付有线电视订阅费时才可收看。这些频道都已单独与苹果媒体团队签约,将其添加至Apple TV。Blazing a trail for an expanded Apple TV service are Dish Networks’ Sling TV, which streams live TV to customers without a cable subscription for a month, and Sony’s forthcoming PlayStation Vue, a similar internet-TV service tied to its games consoles. Both have negotiated streaming deals for “cord cutters” with most of the biggest US networks.率先推出超越Apple TV务的公司是Dish Networks的Sling TV和索尼(Sony)即将推出的PlayStation Vue。前者向客户提供直播电视节目,客户不必付有线电视费,月费为20美元,后者是一款类似的网络电视务,与其游戏机捆绑。两家公司都已与多数美国最大网络签订流媒体协议。One holdout in Apple’s negotiations is said to be Comcast, but a person close to the situation said that failing to secure rights from its N Universal subsidiary would be unlikely to prevent a launch in the coming months, just as Apple’s iTunes has grown its catalogue over the years.据悉苹果的谈判仅在一家康卡斯特(Comcast)受阻,但一名知情人士表示,虽然苹果未能从康卡斯特子公司N环球(N Universal)获得内容播放权,但这不太可能阻止苹果在未来几个月推出新的务。 /201503/364779HONG KONG — China has suspended a policy that would have effectively pushed foreign technology companies out of the country’s banking sector, according to a note sent by Chinese regulators to banks.香港——中国业监管机构给下发的通知文件显示,中国暂停了一项事实上会将外国科技企业赶出中国业的政策。Dated Monday, the letter called for banks to “suspend implementation” of the rules, which have been at the center of a brewing trade conflict between the ed States and China. The rules, put into effect at the end of last year, called for companies that sell computer equipment to Chinese banks to turn over intellectual property and submit source code, in addition to other demands.周一下发的文件要求“暂停实施”相关规定,这些规定在中美不断发酵的贸易冲突中成了一个核心问题。去年年底开始实施的规定除了提出其他要求,还规定那些向中国的出售计算机设备的公司,必须移交知识产权并提交源代码。At stake is billions of dollars of business for major American companies that make the advanced computing hardware and software that crunches numbers for banks across China. Trade groups representing companies including Microsoft, IBM and Apple have complained that such policies are protectionist.这项规定涉及研发先进计算机硬件和软件的大型美国企业,价值数十亿美元的业务,中国各地的都利用这些软硬件来处理数据。代表微软(Microsoft)、IBM及苹果(Apple)等公司的行业组织抱怨称,此类政策属于保护主义政策。Yet the development is only a small reprieve for American tech companies. The suspension is temporary as authorities revise the rules. It’s unclear how regulators will change the rules, but industry officials say a new version — even if it avoids more contentious issues like forcing the disclosure of source code — will still be problematic to multinational tech companies.但事态的这一步进展,对于美国科技企业来说只是暂时的缓解。相关机构正在修改规定,延后举措只是暂时的。目前尚不清楚监管机构会对规定做出何种修订,但业界人士表示,对于国际科技企业来说,修订后的新版本——即便避免了迫使公司提交源代码等争议较大的问题——仍旧会存在问题。The recent trade debate is part of a wider clash between China and the ed States over online security and technology policy. The ed States has accused Chinese military personnel of hacking American companies to gain commercial advantages for Chinese companies. And the Chinese maintain that disclosures from the former National Security Agency contractor Edward J. Snowden of American online espionage across the globe are reason enough for the country to wean itself off foreign technology, which may have been tampered with by ed States intelligence agencies.最近的贸易争端是网络安全及技术政策在中美两国间造成的广泛冲突的一部分。美国指责中国军方人员攻击美国企业,以便为中国企业赢得商业优势。中国则坚称,前美国国家安全局(National Security Agency)承包商雇员爱德华·J·斯诺登(Edward J. Snowden)揭露了美国在全球开展的网络间谍活动,这让中国有充分的理由放弃使用外国技术,美国情报机构可能对这些技术做过手脚。In the letter, which was reviewed by The New York Times, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that since the rules were passed, financial institutions and other parties had “amendment suggestions.” The regulations will be reissued after they are revised, according to the letter.《纽约时报》查阅的通知显示,中国业监督管理委员会及工业和信息化部表示,自规定获得通过以来,金融机构和其他各方提出了“修改建议”。通知称,规定在经过修订后,将会重新发布。After a meeting between Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew and top Chinese officials last month, ed States officials said that the rules would be suspended. But this week, a letter signed by American, European and Japanese trade groups said the policies were continuing, and they called for Beijing to put in writing that it would stop carrying them out. With the note issued this week, the Chinese government appears to have done that.美国财政部长雅各布·J·卢(Jacob J. Lew)和中国高层官员上个月举行了会谈,美国官员在会后表示,相关规定会暂停实施。但本周,美国、欧洲及日本行业团体签署的一封信件称,中国仍在继续推行相关政策,它们要求北京方面通过书面文件确保中国将停止实施相关政策。从本周下发的通知来看,中国政府似乎已经做到了这一点。Such backpedaling is rare for Chinese policy makers, yet there is a precedent. In 2009, China said all computers imported to the country must come with filtering software called Green Dam-Youth Escort preinstalled. After heavy international pressure, China suspended the rule indefinitely.虽然中国政策制定者撤回决策是非常罕见的举动,但之前有过先例。2009年,中国表示,所有进口到中国的电脑都必须预装名为绿坝-花季护航的过滤软件。在国际社会施以重压后,中国无限期暂停了这项规定。Still, the banking regulations are less likely to share the fate of Green Dam. Although the Chinese appeared to have backed down on the regulations, China will most likely use “overt and covert” means to favor domestic tech companies over foreign ones, an American industry official said.但上述规定的前景应该不会与绿坝一样。美国的一名业界官员表示,虽然中国似乎在相关规定上做出了让步,但中国可能会通过“公开或隐蔽”的方式偏袒国内科技企业,而非外国科技企业。“On the overt side would be to use the cyber-review testing regime, which is in formation now and where the focus will be on blocking American companies on security grounds,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.“明面上会采用目前正在制定的网络安全审核机制,重点是以安全为由限制美国公司,”这名要求匿名的官员说。The government will almost certainly use covert means by quietly instructing Chinese banks not to procure from foreign companies, the official said.该官员称,政府几乎肯定会使用隐蔽的手段,悄悄指示中国的不要从外国公司采购。“Most people here believe the Chinese policy will be to boost domestic I.C.T. manufacturers and kick out foreign companies, particularly American ones,” said the official, referring to information and communications technology.“这里的大部分人都认为,中国的政策将是持国内的信息与通讯技术厂商,把外国公司,特别是美国公司踢出去,”这名官员说。The government may have decided to scuttle the regulations because they were poorly drafted and contained language about industrial policy that flew in the face of World Trade Organization rules, the official said.该官员表示,可能是因为起草仓促,并且含有与世界贸易组织(World Trade Organization)的规则相违背的行业政策,政府才决定叫停相关规定。The Chinese technology rules, which Beijing says are intended to strengthen online security in the government and critical industries, are the first of a series of policies expected to be unveiled in the coming year. A proposed antiterror law that seems to have the backing of China’s security apparatus mandates that foreign companies give up encryption keys or use Chinese encryption in all devices sold in the country.未来一年,中国预计会出台一系列政策,前述科技政策就是最早实施的一项。北京方面表示,该政策旨在加强政府及关键行业的网络安全。一份反恐法草案要求外国公司交出加密秘钥,或者在所有在华销售的设备中,使用中国的加密工具。该草案似乎得到了中国安全系统的持。Foreign trade groups representing multinationals like Microsoft, IBM and Apple say the security concerns are a pretext to pass protectionist policies shutting foreign companies out of one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing information technology markets.代表微软、IBM和苹果等跨国企业的外国行业团体称,安全担忧是推行保护主义政策的借口。中国是全世界最大、增长最快的信息技术市场之一,相关政策将使外国公司被这个市场拒之门外。In a statement on Thursday, Josh Kallmer, senior vice president for global policy at the Information Technology Industry Council, a trade group that represents 60 tech companies including Microsoft and IBM, said that the rules suspension was welcome and that he hoped “this announcement means that Chinese financial institutions will have full access to the best technology — whether made domestically or globally.” The group wants “the Chinese government to embrace a globally leading role in undertaking open and transparent consultative processes among stakeholders in developing cybersecurity measures,” he said.在周四发表的一则声明中,代表微软和IBM等60家科技企业的行业团体信息技术产业协会(Information Technology Industry Council)负责全球政策的高级副会长乔希·卡尔默(Josh Kallmer)对暂停相关规定表示欢迎,并表示希望“这则通知意味着中国的金融机构将能完整采用最好的技术——不管是国内还是国外研发的”。他说,该组织希望“中国政府在制定网络安全政策时,能承担起全球领导者的角色,以公开透明的程序咨询利益相关方”。As the ed States and China spar over technology concerns, the ed States has also said that telecommunications and computing equipment made by the Chinese company Huawei could have so-called back doors — allowing monitoring by third parties — making it virtually impossible for Huawei to sell higher-end networking equipment in the ed States. And more recently, President Obama warned that countries found to be responsible for online attacks against American companies might be subject to sanctions, a comment that analysts said was aimed in part at China.随着美国和中国围绕技术问题争论不休,美国也表示,中国公司华为生产的通讯和计算设备可能存在所谓的后门,允许第三方进行监视。这导致华为几乎不可能在美国销售较为高端的网络设备。而且就在最近,奥巴马总统警告称,被认定应对美国企业遭受的网络攻击负责的国家,可能会受到制裁。分析人士称,奥巴马的此番在一定程度上针对的是中国。In addition to raising concerns after Mr. Snowden’s revelations, high-ranking Chinese security analysts have called vociferously, in a movement trumpeted in China’s state-run media, for China to get rid of high-end computing equipment made by companies like IBM and Oracle and used in critical industries like energy, banking and telecommunications.除了在斯诺登泄密事件后表示担忧外,级别颇高的中国安全分析人士还极力呼吁,在能源、和通讯等关键行业,摈弃IBM和甲骨文(Oracle)等公司生产的高端计算设备。这场运动得到了官方媒体的极力赞扬。“I think the direction is clear,” said Adam Segal, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. “There will still be some type of regulation that in the Chinese mind addresses their security concerns and gives greater transparency into U.S. technology companies. I don’t think that’s going to change.”“我觉得方向很明确,”对外关系委员会(Council on Foreign Relations)的高级研究员亚当·谢加尔(Adam Segal)说。“依然会有某种在中方看来,既能解决安全顾虑,又能更清晰地窥视美国科技企业的监管规定。我觉得这一点不会变。” /201504/370890内蒙古呼和浩特治疗腋臭哪家医院最好的

呼和浩特首大医院人流锡林郭勒盟第一人民妇幼中医院好不好 Apple could be testing a technology called Li-Fi, according to code found within iOS 9.1.根据从iOS 9.1系统中发现的代码来判断,苹果公司可能正在测试一种名为LiFi的新技术。Li-Fi was invented by Harald Haas, a researcher at Edinburgh University, and has since been worked on by a number of companies.LiFi技术是由爱丁堡大学的研究员Harald Haas发明的,现在已经被多家公司所采用。The technology is around 100 times faster than Wi-Fi — with speeds of around 224 gigabits per second — because it uses the light spectrum to transmit data.这项技术的传输速度比WiFi快100倍,可以达到每秒224GB,这主要是因为它使用了光谱来传输数据。It#39;s unclear how Apple intends to use the technology or whether it will make it into the rumoured iPhone 7.目前还不清楚苹果将如何使用这项技术或者是否会将该技术应用于iPhone 7中。There is currently no technology on the market that uses Li-Fi, so there is little to compare it to. However, one use could be talking to other devices within the same room, such as the Apple TV. The high data speeds mean a film could be sent from an iPhone to the TV within seconds, y to stream. (This is just speculation, though — it#39;s still early days for the technology.)现在市面上还没有使用LiFi的技术,因此不存在可比性。其中一种应用方案是在同一房间内的设备间通讯比如iPhone与Apple TV之间的通讯。它的高速数据传输能力意味着将一部影片从iPhone传输到电视可能只要几秒钟就行了。(这只是人们的一种猜测,这项技术还处于早期研发阶段。)Apple filed for a patent in 2013 that talked about an ;optical modulation using an image sensor; that used the iPhone#39;s camera to transmit data via light, a technology that could be used with Li-Fi.苹果在2013年提交了一份专利申请,涉及到“一种使用图像感应器的光模块”,它可以利用iPhone的摄像头通过光来传输数据,这种技术可能用到了LiFi技术。 /201601/423655呼和浩特哪家医院治生殖感染好

内蒙古医学院第二附属医院引产多少钱He may have been right about disk drives, mechanical excavators and steel mills. But Clayton Christensen, whose theory of disruptive innovation underpins much of current business management thought, was wrong about Apple.克莱顿o克里斯坦森开创的颠覆性创新理论(disruptive innovation),也许适用于磁盘驱动器、机械挖掘机和炼钢厂,但遇到苹果(Apple)时,这项被当前许多企业管理思想作为基石的理论就不灵了。Not just in 2006, when he foresaw the imminent demise of the iPod. Or in 2007, when he said that the iPhone would not succeed. Or in 2012, when he predicted that Apple’s integrated iPhones and iPads would succumb to Samsung’s and Google’s modular approach.他曾经在2006年预测iPod即将消亡,在2007年表示iPhone不会取得成功,也曾在2012年预测称,集成化的iPhone和iPad最终将败给三星(Samsung)和谷歌(Google)的模块化产品。“Christensen is going to go zero for three,” quipped Stratechery‘s Ben Thompson in September.科技客Stratechery的撰稿人本o汤普森在今年9月表示:“克里斯坦森的三个预测没有一个正确。”Christensen has been taking his lumps lately, and not just in the blogosphere. In June he was attacked at length in The New Yorker by a fellow Harvard academic, Jill Lapore, who cataloged errors and oversights in his seminal texts: The Innovator’s Dilemma(1997) and The Innovator’s Solution (2003).近来,克里斯坦森遭受了不少笔诛口伐,而且不仅仅是在客圈。今年6月,他的哈佛大学(Harvard University)同事吉尔o拉波尔在《纽约客》(The New Yorker)杂志上发表了长篇檄文,猛烈批判克里斯坦森,文中还引用了克里斯坦森著作《创新者的窘境》(The Innovator’s Dilemma,1997年出版)和《创新者的解决之道》(The Innovator’s Solution,2003年出版)中的错误和纰漏。Lapore was largely dismissed in tech circles as a history professor who knew little about managing high tech and less about the nature of academic theories.拉波尔是一位历史学教授,对如何管理高科技公司并不在行,更不用说研究相关领域的学术理论了,因此他的批评并未受到科技圈的广泛关注。Not so easily dismissed are more recent critiques by tech experts like Ben Thompson (What Clay Christensen got wrong) or Ben Bajarin (Disrupting Disruption Theory) or Jean Louis Gassée (Clayton Christensen becomes his own devil’s advocate).然而最近,来自科技专家本o汤普森的文章《克雷o克里斯坦森错在哪里》、本o巴加林的《推翻颠覆性创新理论》、以及简o路易斯o加斯撰写的文章《克雷o克里斯坦森是其自身魔鬼的拥护者》,也纷纷提出了批评。他们可就不容易被忽视了。Or, for that matter, Horace Dediu, one of Christensen’s most prominent defenders.甚至连克里斯坦森最知名的拥护者霍雷斯o德迪欧,现在也站到了质疑者的行列。Dediu has made a career of popularizing Christensen’s ideas, sping the gospel of disruption in his Asymco blogs, his Critical Path podcasts and his Airshow padcasts. The theory, he says, draws its narrative strength from one of mankind’s oldest stories: The rise of the underdog. David and Goliath. The weak defeating the strong.德迪欧一直以普及克里斯坦森的思想为己任,在他的客Asymco、播客Critical Path和Airshow上竭力传播颠覆性创新理论福音。他表示,这一理论从落魄者的崛起、大卫击败歌利亚、弱者击败强者等等这些人类最古老的故事中汲取了叙事力量。Yet in a discussion on Bajarin’s Techpinions podcast last month, even Dediu had to admit that Christensen’s theory must be adapted to fit the market for consumer tech. “When it comes to consumers,” he says, “there are some twists to the plot.”然而,上月在参加巴加林的播客Techpinions进行的一个讨论时,甚至连德迪欧也不得不承认,克里斯坦森的理论必须有所调整,才能适应科技消费品市场。他表示:“一旦涉及到消费者,情况就会有些变化。”The problem, Thompson, Bajarin and Dediu all agree, is that the theory emerged from an analysis of business-to-business markets where purchase decisions are made by business managers, not consumers. Business managers tend to make rational decisions that have more to do with dollars and cents than with the experience of using a product.汤普森、巴加林和德迪欧都承认,问题的根源在于,这套理论源于克里斯坦森对B2B市场(即企业对企业市场)所做的分析。在这个市场中,做出购买决定的是企业管理者,而不是消费者。企业管理者做出的理性决策往往是基于经济方面的核算,而非使用产品的体验。Consumers care about dollars and cents too, but they also care about a host of other factors — things like ease of use, brand loyalty and what their friends are using. Marketing departments spend millions to understand the subtle differences that make consumers buy one product and not another. It’s a well-studied field. Most tech companies, however, know nothing about it.消费者也重视金钱,但他们同样重视一系列其他因素——易用性、品牌忠诚度,以及他们的朋友会使用什么产品。营销部门动辄花费数百万美元来了解促使消费者做出不同购买决定的细微差异。这是一个被深入研究的领域。然而,大部分科技公司对此还一无所知。“What Apple figured out,” Dediu says, “is that if they learned just 10% of what is known about how consumers behave and applied some of that theory to their products, they could make them more desirable to average people.”德迪欧表示:“苹果的发现是:只要他们能掌握仅仅10%的消费者行为学知识,并活学活用,他们就能生产出对普通大众更具诱惑力的产品。”It helped, according to Dediu, that Steve Jobs was an “instinctive disruptor.”德迪欧说,这很管用,史蒂夫o乔布斯是“天生的颠覆者”。Dediu is bullish about Apple Watch, even though the attraction of the luxury watch market escapes him. He aly finds himself at sea in contemporary shopping malls, where there is almost nothing he wants to buy and where 95% of purchase decisions are being made not on the basis of functionality, but for purely psychological reasons.德迪欧很看好苹果手表,尽管奢侈品手表市场对他没什么吸引力。他发现在当今的购物商场中,他有些无所适从,他几乎没有想买的东西,而95%的购买决定都不是基于功能需求,而是纯粹的心理需求。“Why are people in this shop and not the shop next door that seems to be selling the same products?” he asks toward the end of the podcast. “These things are mysterious to me.”在播客讨论的最后,他问道:“为什么人们会在这家店里,而不是在销售同样产品的隔壁店里买东西?对我来说,这是件神奇的事情。”(财富中文网) /201412/347719 History is filled with great, enduring love stories, from Napoleon and Josephine to Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson.Here are some of history’s most consequential trysts:历史上写满了精,隽永的爱情故事。从拿破仑与约瑟芬的故事到爱德华王子与华里丝-辛普森的故事。下面这些故事都曾对历史进程产生重大影响:1. Mary Godwin amp; Percy Bysshe Shelley 戈德温-玛丽与珀西-比希-雪莱One of the great unions of literary history began in 1814, when the 16-year-old Mary Godwin and the dreamy, but very married, 21-year-old romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley met in secret at the grave of Mary’s famous suffragette mother, Mary Wollstonecraft. There, as Mary later recounted, the two touched each other with the “full ardour of love,” an ardor that would eventually leave the aspiring writer pregnant and Shelley estranged from his wife。这段恋情堪称文学史最伟大的结合之一:故事始于1814年,16岁的玛丽-戈德温与那位耽于幻想、却已然成婚的21岁浪漫主义诗人雪莱在玛丽母亲的墓前秘密相会了。玛丽的母亲玛丽-沃斯通克拉夫特是当时著名的妇女参政权论者。在那里,据玛丽之后回忆,两个“怀着满心爱恋”的人儿有了肌肤之亲。这份爱恋最终让这位有抱负的女作家怀了,而雪莱与妻子的关系日益疏远。The 了Fallout: The lovers were married a few years later after Shelley’s pregnant wife drowned herself in Hyde Park, but their tumultuous partnership ended when the poet drowned a few years later. Still, it would produce some literary masterpieces, including Mary’s classic Frankenstein, which she conceived while on holiday in Switzerland with Shelley and Lord Byron in 1816.结局:雪莱的妻子怀着身在海德公园投水自尽。数年之后,雪莱和玛丽这对情人结婚了。可是,这段多舛的爱情故事最终的结局却是——几年后,诗人溺死水中。不过,这段爱情还是启发他们创作了许多文学佳作,比如玛丽的《弗兰克斯坦》,她构思这篇小说的时间正是1816年,她与雪莱、拜伦伯爵在瑞典度假的时候。2. Catherine the Great amp; Grigory Potemkin 叶卡捷琳娜女皇与格里高利-波将军Every great empress needs a counselor, military strategist, soul mate and boy toy, or, in the case of Grigory Potemkin, one man capable of wearing all of those hats. Catherine the Great first encountered the dashing Potemkin when the young commander (10 years her junior) helped the 33-year-old overthrow her disappointing husband, Czar Peter III,in 1762.每位伟大的女皇都会需要一名顾问,一位军事谋士,一个灵魂伴侣,加上一个男宠。而格里高利-波将军一人担当了这所有的角色。1762年他们第一次相遇了——当时33岁的皇后在这位勇猛的将领(比她年轻10岁)的帮助下,颠覆了她那位不成气候的皇夫,沙皇彼得三世。The Fallout: The coupling produced a powerful political alliance for decades. Yet even as Potemkin’s role at court expanded, he grew more marginalized in Catherine’s bedroom, increasingly relegated to the third wheel of a ménage à trois or consigned to the role of pimp, acquiring younger male specimens for one of the most powerful women in history。结局:这对佳偶在数十年间组成了一对强势的政治联盟。可是,随着波将军在政坛上势力的扩张,他在叶卡捷琳娜女皇卧室里的地位却越来越被边缘化,越来越变成“三角家庭(ménage à trois)里的第三者,甚至被委任为拉皮条者,为这位历史上最有权力的女人搜集更年轻的男子。3. Charles Dickens amp; Nelly Ternan 查尔斯-狄更斯与娜莉-特南Even literary giants are not immune to the midlife crisis. By 1857, the 45-year-old Victorian novelist was at the height of his powers, a literary superstar — who was also married with nine children and living, by all appearances, a virtuous family life. Then he began an adulterous affair with Ellen “Nelly” Ternan, a gifted young actress in his employ who was just a year older than his 17-year-old daughter。即使是文学巨擘也无可避免的会感染上中年危机症。在1857年,那位45岁维多利亚时代的伟大小说家成为了文学界的超级巨星,正处于事业的巅峰时期——已婚,有9个子女,过着父慈子孝的幸福生活,至少从表面上看是如此。这时,他却与一位受雇于自己的年轻女演员开始了一段婚外情,这位颇具天赋的年轻女演员名叫艾伦·“娜莉”-特南,比他17岁的女儿仅年长一岁。The Fallout: The affair proved the best and worst of times for the writer. Dickens’s marriage fell apart, but his 13-year relationship with Nelly continued until his death, though his tireless (and successful) efforts to keep his double life a secret may have hastened his demise. Nelly is believed to have inspired the dark secrets characteristic of his later novels and several of their characters, including Estella in Great Expectations。结局:这段恋情最终成为作家一生中“最好的时代,同时也是最糟糕的时代”(《双城记》)。尽管狄更斯不遗余力的为自己的婚外情生活保守秘密(并且成功做到了),但最终他的婚姻崩塌了,不过他与娜莉的爱情关系却持续了13年,直至他去世。人们相信,狄更斯后期作品中黑暗神秘的风格特征正是诗人受到娜莉影响的结果,同时娜莉还启发狄更斯创造了许多文学形象,包括《远大前程》中的伊思黛拉。4. Henry VIII amp; Anne Boleyn 亨利八氏与安-波琳This historic pairing, portrayed in countless films, books and television shows, has long captured the public imagination, though the precise details of the courtship remain fuzzy。这对具有历史影响的佳偶曾在电影、书籍和电视剧中被无数次描绘,长久吸引着世人的想象,可是,他们关系的真实细节却一直扑朔迷离。The Fallout: Henry’s attempt to legitimize his marriage to Anne would famously lead to England’s break from the Roman Catholic Church, while Anne’s brief stint as Henry’s second queen would lead to the birth of the future Elizabeth I and Anne’s ultimate beheading。结局:亨利力图使自己与安的婚姻合法化,众所周知,正因为此才导致了英国与罗马天主教教廷的决裂。而正因有了安作为亨利第二任皇后的短暂生涯,才有了后来伊丽莎白女王一世的诞生,也才有了安最终的被送上断头台的命运。5. Elizabeth Taylor amp; Richard Burton 伊莉莎白-泰勒与理查德-波顿It seems fitting that the famous Hollywood duo met while playing another famously doomed couple in Cleopatra (1963). Both Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were married to others at the time but the attraction was epic and a ferocious affair ensued。这对人儿是在饰演电影《克里奥佩特拉》(1963)中另一对(和他俩一样)命中注定的恋人时相遇的,这似乎再合适不过了。当时伊丽莎白-泰勒和理查德-波顿都已经结婚,可是他们却被彼此吸引,由此展开一段史诗般的、热烈的恋情。The Fallout: The couple’s 10-year “marriage of the century” became the closest thing to reality television in the 1960s, a constant magnet for gossip and hordes of paparazzi. They would divorce in 1974, remarry the following year and divorce again shortly after that。结局:这对恋人维系了十年的“世纪婚姻”成为了20世纪60年代最贴近真人秀的爱情故事,它像磁铁一样不断吸引着流言蜚语和无数的八卦新闻。他们在1974年离婚,又在一年之后复婚,但不久又再次分开了。 /201508/393319呼和浩特土默特左旗无痛人流医院排名乌兰察布市男科医院



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