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Scripts:The housing market is aly troubled and the next tsunami might be right around the corner. Resets on ARM, adjustable rate mortgages could set off a new wave of foreclosures. CNN’s personal finance editor Gerri Willis joins us now to offer some advice on how to avoid mortgage reset headaches. And Gerri, first and foremost how big of a problem are we encountering in the industry?Well, I will say it’s a big problem. There’re about 2.3 million subprime borrowers whose home loans are projected to reset at higher rates through the end of next year. Now, that means those low teaser rates may go up a few points resulting in monthly payments. It could be hundreds of dollars more. Now the peak of subprime US mortgage resets will happen next march. Gerri, help us to set a priority at this point, the priorities, What’s the No.1 thing we should all do if you happen to have an adjustable-rate mortgage? Well, get your paperwork. If you have a one, three or five year hybrid ARM, your monthly statement will not tell you, your caps or any other terms of your loan to find out when your rate could adjust and what you’ll be on the hook for. Dig out your adjustable rate rider now. This should be included with your original closing papers. Adjustable rates can adjust annually. Next you’ll wanna look at the caps, these caps, they ah prohibit your interest rates from moving too much in either direction in a given time frame. If you have any questions or you are not sure what you will have to pay, call in our nonprofit counseling organization. To find one in your area, go to HUD.gov.What about refinancing as an option? Who should think about that?Well, sometimes refinancing just isn’t in the cards, especially if your home price has dropped in the last few months. If values haven’t dropped that significantly and you wanna get out of the rate reset, think about refinancing. Refinancing makes sense if you plan to stay in your home for at least another 2 years and you’ll lower your interest rates by at least 1.5 percentage points. In order to refinance, you’ll need 10 to 20 percent equity in your home. For home owners struggling right now to just make the basic payment and then have the adjustable-rate mortgages, is there any help out there for them?Well, right now Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Banking Regulators are working out the details of a plan to extend lower intro-interest rates, those teaser rates on home loans before they are reset at a higher level. A decision could come this week, but remember, this is just a proposal for right now. I’ll bring you the details as they develop. And if you have any questions, please send them to us at toptips@cnn.com. We love hearing from you.Notes:Teaser rate:为了让借款人接受可调利率住房贷款,初始阶段放贷利率通常很低,该利率称为引逗利率, 或者诱惑利率(teaser rate)。在引逗期过后,利率将被调整到市场水平,并定期加以调整。200807/43417。

Making Cents now. Out of paying off that college loan. There is a new study. It says a growing number of students are ma, in a major hole from the minute they enter the real world because they are aly, some of them, more than 100, 000 dollars in debt. With us now in Studio B is Greg McBride, he is the senior financial analyst for Bankrate. com. Now I guess there are two kinds of debts, good debt and bad debt. Where does this go? Well, student loan debt is traditionally considered good debt, but the problem for many students and their families is that the cost of colleges has been going up at 6 to 8% a year, far faster than the income, far faster than the standard of living. That means debt's taking on a bigger and bigger role in financing education. How much debt is too much debt for, for one student?Well, one guideline is that you look at the first year's salary in your field after graduation, and use that as, as a barometer, but even then. . . Is that right? Well, you are talking big payments even in that instance, for example, 30, 000 dollars worth of debt. If you are gonna repay that over 10 years, you are talking more than 300 dollars a month at, in payments every month for 10 years. There is more than one way to skin a cat and there is more than one way to get a loan for college. There are government programs. There are so many kinds of grants. What's, what's the best advice for people who are looking for these loans to try to keep themselves from going under. I understand that loans are just one piece of the bigger college financing puzzle. Take advantage of the, other opportunities. Things like a 529 college savings plan, let, let you save on a tax advantage basis. Now, that's an interesting thing that we've talked about here before. It's state by state, different rules state by state, is that right? Well, the, the rules are varied from state to state. You are generally, whether or not you are getting an instate tax break, but every state offers them. You don't have to invest in your state's plan. And you do get a federal tax break? You do get it as under current rules you get to withdraw that money free of tax at the other end. And, now there are, there are limits per year and a maximum overall but you can get up to 100, 000 dollars tax-free save, right? Eh, essentially, yes. I mean you can actually put, put away, er, you know, the generally account limits were limited at about 320, 000 dollars. So, I mean you can really put money away in these accounts and withdraw tax-free to pay for that educated. . . You're putting a couple hundred bucks away if you're especially talking about a brand new kid. I mean that'll save your butt later on. It's important to start early and that really reduces that reliance on debt later. Another thing, leave no stone unturned, looking at grants, scholarships, even on-campus jobs. I mean every dollar you get that way is seen as another dollar you don't have to borrow later. The kinds of jobs that so many students, fresh off students, like to go into, er, charity stuff, volunteer work. This debt is eliminating a lot of that, isn't it? I think that's the social cost, Chaper. Really, I mean , you know, when you consider that, you know, people may pass up a rewarding career in charitable work, or non--profit organization because they have to get a higher salary someplace else to pay off that debt. You know another I think, is they may dismiss the idea of going back to graduate school later, because they are afraid to incur still more debt. Yeah, who wouldn't be. . Greg McBride, senior financial analyst at Bankrate. com. Greg, good you could be here. Thank you. 200809/51012。

diffident ———— 缺乏自信(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Lacking the confidence to express ones own ideas; timid.例句 My brilliant but diffident young assistant needs constant encouragement from me to speak up and share his insights.我的年轻助理很聪明,但是缺乏自信,需要我不断鼓励,才能畅所欲言,分享他的见解。 /201607/455747。

Bush Meets With Abbas, Expresses Hope for Mideast Peace布什对以巴达成和平协议充满希望  U.S. President George Bush says he is still hopeful that an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement can be reached. Mr. Bush spoke during talks at the White House with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.美国总统布什说,他对以色列与巴勒斯坦能够达成和平协议充满希望。布什在白宫和巴勒斯坦民族权力机构主席阿巴斯会面时,表达了上述的说法。For months, President Bush has been saying a peace deal is possible before he leaves office in January.几个月以来,布什总统一直表示,在他明年一月卸任之前,以、巴和平协议是有可能达成的。But now, his comments are more measured. With a transition of power underway in Israel and time running out for major concessions, Mr. Bush is saying only that he is hopeful.但是现在,他的说法更谨慎。以色列正在进行权力交换,做出重大让步的时间快要没有了。布什总统现在只说,他还保持著希望。He told President Abbas that he will do all he can to spur progress toward the creation of a Palestinian state. 他告诉阿巴斯说,他会尽他一切所能来促进巴勒斯坦国的建立。"As you know, I have four months left in office. And I am hopeful the vision that you and I have worked on can come to pass," he said.布什总统说:“正如你知道的,我在任还有四个月。我对你和我一起努力促成进展仍抱有希望。”President Bush said it will be hard work. But he said there is plenty of desire and determination.布什总统说,尽管需要艰苦的努力,但是他仍然抱有充分的希望和决心。Mahmoud Abbas vowed to continue the search for a two-state solution with Israel. He said hope will remain, adding that the Palestinian people cannot live without it. 阿巴斯誓言要继续同以色列寻求两国并存的解决之道。他说:“希望会持续下去。巴勒斯坦人不能没有希望而活。”Israel and the Palestinians revived peace talks after a summit last November in the ed States. President Bush has made two trips this year to the Middle East to help move the process along.以色列和巴勒斯坦去年十一月在美国举行峰会,恢复了和平会谈。布什总统今年先后两次访问中东,帮助和平会谈的进行。But so far, the negotiations have yielded little. And there has been almost no progress on the most contentious issues, such as the status of Jerusalem and the borders of a Palestinian state.但是目前为止,会谈并没有取得重大结果。在最具争议性的议题上,例如耶路撒冷的地位和巴勒斯坦建国后的边界,几乎没有进展。Further complicating matters is the resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert -- one of the key players in the peace process. His designated successor is Tzipi Livni, who has been serving as foreign minister. She has signaled her intent to keep the negotiations going. But analysts say her initial focus will likely be on building a governing coalition.让事情更复杂的是,以色列总理奥尔默特的辞职。奥尔默特是和平进程的关键推手之一。他指定的继任者是利夫尼,利夫尼曾经担任以色列外长。她已经表明继续谈判的意愿。但分析家说,利夫尼初期的注意力会放在组建联合政府上。200809/50503。

US Envoy Confident Stalled N. Korea Denuclearization Will be Resolved Soon希尔:北韩无核化僵局很快会化解  The U.S. negotiator to six-nation talks on disarming nuclear North Korea says he believes the current stalemate will be resolved before the next American president takes office. 美国参加朝核六方会谈的谈判代表希尔说,他相信目前的僵局会在美国下届总统上任之前得到化解。The U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill expressed confidence Saturday that North Korea's efforts to denuclearize would soon continue. 美国助理国务卿希尔星期六表示相信北韩无核化的努力即将继续下去。Pyongyang last week announced it had stopped dismantling its main reactor and threatened to re-start it if Washington did not remove it from its list of "state sponsors of terrorism." 平壤上个星期宣布已经停止卸除主要核反应堆,并且威胁说:如果华盛顿不把北韩从持恐怖主义国家名单上除名,北韩会重新运转这个核反应堆。Washington has said North Korea must first agree on terms for verifying its declared list of nuclear materials. 华盛顿表示,北韩必须先同意核实北韩核项目清单的细则。Hill says once North Korea agrees to a system based on international standards, the isolated country would immediately be removed from the list. 希尔说,一旦北韩同意基于国际标准制定的核实细则,就立即会把北韩从恐怖主义持国名单上除名。"The declaration without a protocol is really like just having one chopstick," he said. "You need two chopsticks if you're going to pick up anything." 他说:“没有具体实施细则的核项目清单就好像一双筷子少了一根一样。如果要夹起一样东西,必须有两根筷子才行。”Pyongyang's turnabout last week prompted speculation that it might be stalling until the new U.S. president was in power to see if it could get a better deal than the one aly negotiated. 平壤上星期改变态度,使人们猜测北韩可能想拖到新美国总统上任后再看看能否得到比目前更有利可图的协议。However, Hill told reporters he believes the set-back would be resolved before the next American president took office in January. 但是希尔告诉记者,他相信目前的倒退会在下届美国总统明年1月上任之前得到解决。"We have to get this verification protocol done very soon," he said. "So, yes it can be. And, I think it will be." 他说:“我们必须很快达成核实细则。这是可以做到的。而且我认为会做到。”He made the comments after holding weekend talks in Beijing with representatives from China, Russia, Japan, and South Korea, also known as the Republic of Korea, or ROK. 希尔在北京与中国、俄罗斯、日本和韩国代表举行周末会谈之后发表了上述讲话。"We had a complete understanding with the ROK delegation, complete understanding with the Japanese," said Hill. "The Russian ambassador assured me we have no daylight between us. And, China is also very much working along the same lines." 他说:“我们和韩国及日本的谈判代表完全达成共识。俄罗斯特使也向我保,我们之间毫无芥蒂。而且中国也和我们的思路相当一致。”The "state sponsor of terrorism" designation prevents North Korea from getting access to much-needed international loans for its feeble economy. 把北韩确定为持恐怖主义国家,这使北韩得不到它衰弱的经济急需的国际贷款。The sudden demand by North Korea to be removed from the list followed recent breakthroughs in cooperation.  北韩在最近在合作上采取突破性措施之后突然要求把北韩这个名单上除名。Pyongyang in June submitted a list of its nuclear materials, which Hill called a "very good" list, and blew up part of its main reactor. 平壤今年6月提交了核项目清单。希尔称这份清单相当好。北韩还炸毁了主要核反应堆的部分设施。North Korea agreed last year to give up its nuclear materials in return for aid and political incentives. 北韩去年同意放弃核材料,以换取援助和政治利益。200809/47634。

Bush Meets With Talabani, Cites Progress in Iraq布什会见伊拉克总统讨论许多议题   U.S. President George Bush has met with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani at the White House. The outlook for an agreement on the future nature of the American presence in Iraq was among the many issues discussed. 美国总统布什在白宫会见了伊拉克总统塔拉巴尼。两国领导人在会谈中讨论了许多议题,包括双方对美国今后驻伊拉克军队的地位达成一项协议的看法。The focus was on the positive as the two men met briefly with reporters at the end of their formal talks. 两位领导人在结束正式会谈之后举行了简短的记者会,他们在记者会上的说话以正面内容为主。President Bush cited progress in Iraq. 布什总统列举了在伊拉克取得的进展。"I complimented the president on the fact that as security has improved he and his fellow officials are reaching out to all aspects of society to help people realize the blessings of a free life," he said. 布什总统说:“我向塔拉巴尼总统表示祝贺,事实是,随着伊拉克安全的改善,总统先生和他的同事们把工作延伸到了社会的各个方面,帮助人民获得美好的自由生活。”Mr. Bush acknowledged there is still a lot of work to be done. He made specific mention of ongoing negotiations on a strategic framework agreement between the ed States and Baghdad that will allow U.S. forces to remain in Iraq after the end of the year, when their ed Nations mandate expires. 布什承认,伊拉克还有大量工作要做。他特别提到美国跟巴格达就一项战略框架协议正在进行的磋商,根据这项协议,美国军队得以在今年年底之后继续留在伊拉克,而联合国允许美军驻扎伊拉克的授权年底到期。He said the agreement must "suit" the Iraqi government. 布什说,这项协议必须让伊拉克政府满意。President Talabani said he hopes a deal can be reached soon. 塔拉巴尼总统表示,他希望能够很快达成协议。"We are doing our best for this strategic agreement with the ed States of America. I think we have very good important steps towards reaching and finalizing this agreement," he said. 塔拉巴尼说:“我们正在尽最大努力争取跟美利坚合众国达成这项战略协议。我认为,我们为努力达成和敲定这项协议都采取了非常重要的步骤。”The Iraqi president said the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is also focusing on getting important laws dealing with oil and elections through the legislature. He stressed fostering national unity remains a priority. 塔拉巴尼表示,伊拉克总理马利基领导的政府也在集中精力通过立法程序,制定跟石油和选举有关的重要法律。塔拉巴尼强调,促进国家的团结统一仍然是优先解决的大事。"I can say we are proud to achieve good successes in Iraq. Our economy is growing and we have also big steps forward for national reconciliation," he added. 塔拉巴尼说:“我可以说,我们为伊拉克取得的成就感到自豪。我们的经济正在增长,我们在实现全国和解方面也取得了重要进展。”President Talabani also mentioned Iraq's efforts to improve relations with all its neighbors, including Iran and Syria. The Bush administration has cautioned that Tehran and Damascus foster terrorism in the region, but has said repeatedly it will not stand in the way of regional diplomacy by Iraq.  塔拉巴尼总统还提到伊拉克跟包括伊朗和叙利亚在内的所有邻国改善关系的努力。布什政府告诫说,德黑兰和大马士革扶植该地区的恐怖主义,同时也反复强调,这不会妨碍伊拉克在这个地区的外交努力。The meeting with Jalal Talabani was a late addition to President Bush's schedule, and was only announced on the eve of the session at the White House. President Talabani has reportedly been in the ed States undergoing medical treatment. 布什跟塔拉巴尼的会谈很晚才加进布什的日程表,并于两人在白宫举行这次会谈之前刚刚宣布。有报道说,塔拉巴尼总统到美国接受治疗。200806/42807。

Matt Lauer: Well! He played the struggling actor on the hit show Friends, but actor Matt Leblanc isn't struggling at all. He's played Joey Tribbiani for more than a decade now. And now he's saying how are you doing to another season of the spinoff "Joey". On Tonight's episode: Joey is on the set of his new movie alongside John Larry Kat.--Joey Tribbiani, Benjaman Awkwood.--Wow! I know you. I saw you do Shakespeare on Broadway when I was a kid.--Oh, 'Twelfth Night'?--Well, I don't remember the date, no.Matt Lauer: Matt Leblanc, good morning. Good to see you.Matt Leblanc: You too, how are you?Matt Lauer: So, so you got a movie!Matt Leblanc: Joey gets his big break this year, yeah~~.Matt Lauer: This is huge.Tell me about your thoughts, I mean, you know, not Joey's thoughts, but your thoughts. Going into the season Number 2 and how that compares to when this was all starting a year ago.Matt Leblanc: Uh, Well, you know, it's like, it's like any new show. And it's a, it's a little bit weird, because a lot of people feel like, well, it's, in some way, it's a continuation of Friends, but it's not really. It's really a brand new show. We just have a leg up, where we have a character that people aly know and seem to care about. And going into the second season, I think it's a little less pressure than it was last year. But still there's, you know, always that pressure to perform. So it's kind of ...It's kind of a grey area where we're just kind of feeling my way through it.Matt Lauer: So much has been made, change has been made on the show in between seasons, there are some new writers. That's one of the major areas. So how is that affecting the script you seeing for season two?Matt Leblanc: Uh, I think the stories are bigger. The models-sort of bigger, faster, funnier. We've got the character, like a buddy for Joey to have. So you can get out of the house more, open up the show and that enables us to have L.A., be more of a center, set piece in the show. (It's a backdrop.)Matt Lauer: Instead of your shows it's a backdrop.Matt Leblanc: Instead of just being in the apartment all the time. And this year he will be getting out, and the biggest thing probably is that he's getting his big break and star's rising.Matt Lauer: You mentioned adding a friend , Zac is the character's name. And in the press, they started right, Ok, he's trying to create another Chandler. And you've been quick to say no. We're not trying to clone Chandler. Matt Leblanc: No, no, no. It's uh,...I think that would be...that would be a mistake to try to do that. That was a such a great dynamic, the Joey-Chandler thing. This is...It's a new relationship. He's a guy…He's completely different than what Chandler was. Zac is sort of a schemer, scammer, and always has an angle, always has something going on, always has his eye on the back door or to something. And Joey, who is an innocent, gets sort of dragged into these plots that Zac comes up with and his honesty and his charm gets the both of them out of trouble that Zac gets him into.Matt Lauer: When Friends was started more than a decade ago, you were kind of unknown, it was a big break in your career.These days, your life is different. You're married. You have a daughter. I'm assuming you're not hurt from money. So how does that affect your attitude in terms of this whole career picture now?Matt Leblanc: Well, I do my best to try to...to try to keep them separate, you know. It's just as important to me now as it was then, I mean, I wanna do good work. I push the writers to make it as good and as rich and colorful as it can be...Matt Lauer: But you don't depend on them to put food on the table any more?Matt Leblanc: No, that I don't. I mean, that pressure's off. Now it's just sort of, it's ...but the different thing now as before when I was just starting now, if it didn't go so good, no one would really... I wouldn't catch the heat for it, but now sort of as, you know, as an experienced veteran, I guess you can call me, it's, ok,better be good now, it's gonna land in your laps. So it's kinda like you trade one side of promise for another. But it's all good promise to have, no complaints.Matt Lauer: Wow, we're thrilled you're back on N, so it's good to have you here in New York. Come on back and see us.Matt Leblanc: Good to see you, absolutely good to see you, absolutely.Matt Lauer: Now come on, and by the way, you can catch Joey tonight at 8/7 central time right here at N.200807/44529。

Kurdish Rebels Kill 15 Turkish Soldiers土耳其部队与库尔德武装激烈冲突At least 15 Turkish soldiers have been killed in a clash with Kurdish rebels of the Kurdistan Workers Party. or PKK. The clash occurred on the Turkish Iraqi border late Friday night. The Turkish state has been fighting the PKK for more than 20 years. This latest clash is most serious in recent months.星期五夜间,在土耳其部队与库尔德工人党反政府力量的战斗中,至少有15名土耳其军人被打死。这场战斗发生在土耳其跟伊拉克的边界地区。二十多年来,土耳其一直在跟库尔德工人党进行战斗。这场战斗是近几个月里最激烈的战斗。A statement by the Turkish armed forces says 15 of its soldiers were killed in an attack on a military outpost near the Iraqi border. The attack is being blamed on Kurdish rebels of the Kurdistan workers Party. 土耳其军方发表声明说,一个靠近伊拉克边界的土耳其军事哨所受到袭击,15名军人丧生。土耳其军方认为是库尔德族反政府力量库尔德工人党发动了这次袭击。Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is visiting Turkmenistan gave more details of the attack. Erdogan said he was saddened to learn that 15 soldiers were killed and 20 others were wounded in an assault by the PKK terrorists. He said two soldiers were missing and 23 members of the PKK were killed during the attack.正在土库曼斯坦访问的土耳其总理埃尔多安介绍了这次袭击事件的更多细节。埃尔多安说,获悉在库尔德工人党恐怖分子的袭击中,有15名军人丧生,另有20人受伤,他非常悲痛。埃尔多安说,袭击中有两名土耳其军人失踪,库尔德工人党有23人被打死。The attack, according to Turkish media reports, lasted several hours and involved scores of PKK rebels using heavy weapons. It is the most serious attack by the PKK since last year. More than 20 members of the PKK were also killed in the fighting.据土耳其媒体报导,这场袭击持续了几个小时,库尔德工人党几十名成员参加了袭击,他们使用了重武器。这是去年以来库尔德工人党发动的最激烈的袭击。战斗中还有20多名库尔德工人党成员丧生。The same outpost was the target of another attack in May. Clashes between the PKK and the Turkish state have intensified in the last few weeks, as PKK members attempt to cross back to their bases in neighboring northern Iraq ahead of winter. Ankara accuses the PKK of using Iraq as a base to launch attacks against its forces. Prime Minister Erdogan promises a firm response. 这个哨所在5月曾经受到袭击。过去几个星期以来,库尔德工人党和土耳其政府军之间的战斗有所加强,库尔德工人党成员企图在冬季到来之前越境回到他们在邻近的伊拉克北部的基地。安卡拉指责库尔德工人党把伊拉克做为基地向土耳其军队发动袭击。土耳其总理埃尔多安保要对这次袭击做出坚决的回应。Erdogan said as the political authority, they shared the same determinism displayed by the security forces. He said they would reassess counter-terrorist measures and continue the fight against terrorist organization PKK with determinism.埃尔多安说,做为政治当局,他们跟安全部队显示的决心一样的。埃尔多安说,他们会重新评估各项反恐措施,继续坚定地打击库尔德工人党恐怖组织。Last month the prime minister asked the Turkish parliament to extend a year long authorization for the Turkish military to launch attacks into Iraq against PKK bases, a vote is expected in the coming weeks. The Turkish air force regularly carry out air strikes against the rebels in Iraq, the most recent being last week. Last February Turkish soldiers entered Iraq in a eight-day long incursion. 埃尔多安上个月请求土耳其大国民议会延长一项授权的期限,这项为期一年的授权允许土耳其军队进入伊拉克袭击库尔德工人党的基地,预计议会将在几个星期内进行表决。土耳其空军定期对伊拉克的反政府分子进行空袭,最近一次空袭发生在上星期。土耳其军队今年2月进入伊拉克,实施了一次为期8天的进攻行动。Despite such operations, retired Turkish general Haldun Solmazturk says the PKK still remains a serious threat. "They have the ability , the day factor ability, to practically ambush Turkish units inside Turkey," he said. "And they have the ability to attack military outposts, presumably well-prepared, well-armed, well-equipped."土耳其退役将军索尔马兹土尔克说,尽管如此,库尔德工人党仍然构成严重威胁。索尔马兹土尔克说:“他们有能力在土耳其境内伏击土耳其部队。他们还有能力袭击军事哨所。他们应该有充分的准备,武器装备精良。”The PKK have been fighting the Turkish state, for Kurdish autonomy since 1984. The Turkish government is due to meet with the heads of the armed forces to discuss their reaction to this latest attack. Analysts say they will be under intense public pressure for a firm response.1984年以来,库尔德工人党为了争取库尔德人自治一直在跟土耳其当局作战。土耳其政府计划跟武装部队负责人开会,商讨如何对最近这次袭击进行反击。分析人士认为,他们将受到公众的巨大压力,要求对这次袭击做出坚决回应。200810/51754。