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Eating citrus fruit could head off chronic diseases that are related to obesity, a growing health problem in many parts of the world, according to a new study.一项最新研究表明,食用柑橘类水果,可以防治肥胖这一在世界各地越来越严重的健康问题所引发的慢性疾病。Diabetes, heart disease and liver disease are increasing as more people pack on the kilos. But there#39;s a substance in citrus fruits called flavanones, which are antioxidants that help people#39;s bodies reduce the amount of oxidative stress.随着越来越多的人们发胖,糖尿病、心脏病和肝病的风险也越来越高。但是柑橘类水果中有一种叫作类黄酮的物质,是一种可以帮助人体减少氧化压力的抗氧化物。The diseases linked to obesity are caused by oxidative stress and its related inflammation.与发胖有关的疾病都是由氧化压力及其引发的炎症引起的。When humans consume a fatty diet, their fat cells produce reactive oxygen species that harm cells.当人们摄入了过多的脂肪,脂肪细胞就会产生一种活性氧自由基,对细胞有损害。When fat cells become too large, which they do in obese individuals, they produce higher levels of reactive oxygen species that overwhelm the body, causing inflammation and disease.当脂肪细胞变得很大的时候,也就是人们变胖的时候,它们产生的活性氧自由基就超出了人体可以承受的范围,就会引发炎症和疾病。Researchers say antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables, such as citrus flavanones, help fight reactive oxygen species and reduce oxidative stress in animals that eat a high fat diet.研究人员表示,抗氧化物广泛存在于蔬菜和水果中,比如柑橘类水果中的类黄酮,可以帮助摄入高脂肪的动物对抗活性氧自由基并减轻氧化压力。Paula Ferreira, a graduate researcher at the Universidade Estadual Paulist in Brazil conducted the research. The month-long experiment by Ferreira and colleagues involved 50 mice, feeding them either a normal diet, a high fat diet, or a high fat diet with three flavanones.宝拉·费雷拉是巴西圣保罗州立大学正在进行这项研究的研究生。费雷拉和同事们开展的这项研究长达一个月,观察了50只老鼠,分别喂它们吃正常的食物、高脂肪的食物以及含有三份类黄酮的高脂肪食物。Investigators found the mice that ate a high fat diet, but no flavanones, had significantly higher levels of cell damage, than mice that ate a normal diet研究人员发现,吃高脂肪食物的老鼠,其细胞损害程度比吃正常食物的老鼠高出很多。Mice on the high fat died had 80 percent more cell damage markers in their blood and 57 percent in the liver compared to rodents fed a normal diet, report researchers.研究人员报告称,与吃正常食物的老鼠相比,吃高脂肪食物的老鼠血液中细胞损害的标志物达到了80%多,肝脏损害达到了57%。But mice fed a high fat diet plus the three flavanones - hesperidin, eriocitrin and eriodictyol - had a reduction in cell damage markers compared to mice on a standard diet.但是吃含有三份类黄酮的高脂肪食物的老鼠——桔皮苷、圣草次苷和圣草酚——血液中细胞损害的标志物与吃正常食物的老鼠相比,却少了很多。Reductions in the liver ranged from 50 to 64 percent depending upon the flavanone given compared to those on a high fat diet alone.视类黄酮的分量而定,肝脏损害照比只吃高脂肪食物的老鼠,减少了50%-64%。“Our results indicate that in the future, we can use citrus flavanones, a class of antioxidants, to prevent or delay chronic diseases caused by obesity in humans,” said Ferreira.费雷拉说道:“我们的研究结果显示,我们在未来可以使用柑橘类黄酮——抗氧化物的一种,来预防或者延缓因为人体超重而引起的慢性疾病。”Investigators next plan to conduct human studies, to see whether it#39;s healthier to give citrus flavanones in juice or pill form, or whether they have the same effect.研究人员接下来希望在人体上进行试验,看看类黄酮是用果汁还是用胶囊的形式比较好吸收,也可能二者功效是一样的。 /201608/463009A furrowed brow, lifted chin and pressed-together lips are used to show negative judgment among speakers of English, Spanish, Mandarin and American Sign Language (ASL), according to a new study published in the May issue. In ASL, speakers sometimes use this ;not face; alone, without any other negative sign, to indicate disagreement in a sentence.根据五月刊的一项新研究指出,无论是说英语、西班牙语或者说普通话的人,还是美语手语者,“皱眉,抬下巴,咬嘴唇”都是用来表示一种负面色的判断。在美语手语中,有时候说话者无需用其他手势,而只用“拒绝脸”就可表达他们的不满。;Sometimes, the only way you can tell that the meaning of the sentence is negative is, that person made the #39;not face#39; when they signed it,; said Aleix Martinez, a cognitive scientist and professor of electrical and computer engineering at The Ohio State University.俄亥俄州立大学的电气和计算机工程教授、认知科学家阿莱克·马丁内斯表示:“有时候,唯一可以告诉别人不满的方法就是打出#39;拒绝脸#39;牌。”Martinez and his colleagues previously identified 21 distinct facial emotions, including six basic emotions (happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and disgust).马丁内斯和他的同事们预先确定了21种不同的面部表情,包括六种基本情绪(快乐、悲伤、恐惧、愤怒、惊讶和厌恶)。The researchers wondered if there might be a basic expression that indicates disapproval across cultures. Disapproval, disgust and disagreement should be foundational emotions to communicate, they reasoned, so a universal facial expression marking these emotions have evolved early in human history.研究人员猜想,在跨文化领域中,会不会存在同一种表达反对的基本表情。他们解释称,“不赞成,厌恶和反对”应该是交流的基本情感,因此,一种表情的普遍性就标志着这些表情在人类历史早期就已经开始发展。The researchers recruited 158 university students and filmed them in casual conversation in their first language. Some of these students spoke English as a native tongue, while others were native Spanish, Mandarin Chinese or ASL speakers. These languages have different roots and different grammatical structures. English is Germanic, Spanish is in the Latin family and Mandarin developed independently from both. ASL developed in the 1800s from a mix of French and local sign language systems, and has a grammatical structure distinct from English.研究人员动员了158所大学的学生参与了该研究,并且拍摄了他们使用第一语言时的日常交流情况。有些学生的母语是英语,有些是西班牙语,还有些是普通话或者是美语手语。这些不同的语言都有不同的词根和语法结构。英语来自日耳曼语系,西班牙语来自拉丁语系,而普通话在两者的基础上独立发展。美语手语是在19世纪的法国和当地手语语言系统的混合中产生的,并且它也有不同于英语的自身语法结构。But despite their differences, all of the groups used the ;not face,; the researchers found. The scientists elicited the expression by asking the students to negative sentences or asking them to answer questions that they#39;d likely answer in the negative, such as, ;A study shows that tuition should increase 30 percent. What do you think?;研究人员们发现,不管语言有多大的差异,所有的被研究人员都使用了“拒绝脸”。科学家们让学生阅读一些负面色的句子,或是问他们一些回答可能呈消极的问题,以此引出他们的表情。比如说这个问题:“一研究报道称,学费将上涨百分之三十,你有什么想法?”As the students responded with phrases like, ;They should not do that,; their facial expressions changed. A furrowed brow indicates anger, a raised chin shows disgust and tight lips denote contempt.当学生回答“他们不能那样做”的时候,他们的面部表情就随之而变。皱起的眉毛表示愤怒,抬起的下巴表示厌恶,紧抿嘴唇表示蔑视。By analyzing the of the conversations and using an algorithm to track facial muscle movement, Martinez and his colleagues were able to show that a combination of anger, disgust and contempt danced across the speakers#39; faces, regardless of their native tongue.通过分析对话视频里的面部表情并利用计算程序来跟踪面部肌肉运动,马丁内斯和同事们发现,无论是什么语系,“愤怒,厌恶和轻蔑”的集合体都展现在了说话者的脸上。 /201604/435660

New shoots and first blooms are nature#39;s signal that spring has arrived - even if warmer weather hasn#39;t made an appearance.  新生的嫩芽和初绽的花朵是大自然的信号,预示着春天已经到来——即使更温暖的天气还没有出现。  As these vibrant photographs show, cherry blossom trees are set to create glorious floral displays around the world.  从这些充满生机的照片中,我们可以看出全世界的樱花树都会营造出美伦美奂的花景。  These stunning images, taken in Japan and in South Korea, show their picturesque landscapes being transformed into a sea of pink as cherry trees bloom.  这些惊艳的美图摄于日本和韩国,盛开的樱花把这两个风景如画的国家变成了粉红的花海。  Japan has celebrations for cherry blossoms every year from about the end of March to the beginning of April.  日本每年三月底到四月初都会庆祝樱花盛开。  Yoshiki Fujiwara, a photographer based in Japan, has travelled to different parts of the country, including Kyoto, Kansai and Honshu, to capture the cherry blossom in 2015.  藤原喜章(Yoshiki Fujiwara)是一位日本摄影师,他曾在2015年到京都、关西和本州等不同地区拍摄樱花。  Some of his images showed the surreal landscape covered in pink while in others, the bright flowers arenestled amongst forest green trees.  他的作品有的展示了大地一片粉红的超现实美景,有的则是鲜艳的花朵静栖于绿色的树林之中。 /201604/435510



  1. To quickly assess an item#39;s quality, hold the fabric up to a bright light.要快速判断一件衣的质量,就拿起布料对着亮光Here#39;s an example of two different silk blouses held up against a strong light. ;The thicker the material, the higher the quality,; Debbie Roes — creator of the Recovering Shopaholic blog — told BuzzFeed.比如就像这样把两件不同的真丝衬衫拿起来对着强光。“布料越密,质量越好”,《发现购物狂》客的创建者戴比#8226;罗埃斯对BuzzFeed网站说。2. Do the ;scrunch test; to see if clothes stay wrinkly.看衣是否容易褶皱,做“揉捏测试”Ball part of the garment up in your fist, hold it for a few seconds, and then let it go. Does the fabric stay wrinkled or do the wrinkles come out quickly? If it can#39;t stand being wrinkled for a few seconds in your hand, it#39;s probably not going to withstand the test of time.把衣的一部分团起来捏在拳头里,坚持几秒钟再放开。布料皱了还是褶皱很快就抚平了?如果捏在手里几秒钟就皱了,那么它也不太可能经受得住时间的检验。3. And for a quick quality check, do the ;pull test.;迅速检查质量,做“拉力测试”Gently tug on the fabric (this work especially well with a skirt or the bottom part of a dress) and then release it. Does the fabric retain its shape? Or does the material look altered?轻轻地拉下布料(这尤其对裙子或衣下摆特别有效),然后松开。布料还能恢复原来的形状吗?或者,布料看上去变形了吗?4. When in doubt, shop in the men#39;s department.拿不准主意的时候,去男装部逛逛;Super thin, gauzy tops are currently a trend in women#39;s clothing,; Roes said. ;This trend also allows designers to spend less money on materials for their garments.; If you#39;re looking for a shirt that#39;s NOT see-through, check out the men#39;s sections for tees and oversized button-ups with higher quality. Also, since menswear offers fewer clothing patterns, their items tend to be less expensive than the women#39;s equivalent.“超薄、轻透的上衣目前是女装的流行趋势,”罗埃斯说。“借助这一趋势,设计师们在装衣料上花的钱更少了。”如果你想找件看着不透的衬衫,去男装区看看有没有高质量的T恤或大码系扣衬衫吧。而且,因为男装供应的款式较少,他们的衣比同等质量的女装便宜一点。5. Avoid exposed zippers since they can be a sign of low quality.不要买露出拉链的衣,它们也许是质量低的标志;Unless an exposed zipper is a design element, zippers should lie flat and be covered with a placket,; said Roes. ;And unless it#39;s part of the design, the stitching holding the zipper in place should match the fabric.;“拉链应该平直帖,被门襟遮住,除非暴露出来的拉链是一个设计元素,”罗埃斯说。“而且拉链的缝线应与布料相配,除非缝线是设计的一部分。”6. Check to see if skirts and pants have decent hem allowances — especially if you#39;re tall.检查一下看看裙子和裤子是否留出足够的底摆边高——尤其是高个子The hem allowance is the width between the hemline and the hem edge. If you#39;re tall, you aly know that this extra bit of fabric can be a life-saver when it comes to tailoring items to be a little longer. ;Generally speaking, straight or pencil skirts made in a medium- to heavy-weight fabric can have 1-1/2-inch to 2-inch hem allowances,; Roes said. ;A-line skirts should have 1-#189; inch hem allowance to reduce bulk.;底摆边高就是底边到折边的宽度。如果你是高个子,那么你已经知道这点多余的布料在送去给裁缝加长的时候简直是根救命稻草。“一般说来,由中厚布料制成的直筒裙或铅笔裙,底摆边高在1.5到2英寸,”罗埃斯说。“为了让下摆不显得臃肿,直筒裙底摆边高应该留1.5英寸。”7. And keep in mind that well-made pants have French seams.牢记,制作考究的裤子都有法式接缝French seams are a favored seam-finishing technique for designers, Roes explained, since the raw edges of the fabric are hidden in a neat finished seam.罗埃斯解释说,法式接缝是设计师们喜欢的一种缝制技术,因为布料的毛边可以隐藏在整齐的包边里。8. Always check the care instructions label for natural fibers.总是检查天然纤维装的保养说明标签;Natural fibers like silk, cotton, and wool stand up to wear and tear better than synthetic materials,; Roes said.“丝、棉、羊毛等天然纤维比人造纤维更耐穿耐磨,”罗埃斯说。9. Make sure your pattern matches at the seams.确保衣图案在缝合处相匹配Check the side seams of a shirt and around any pockets to instantly tell if quality is high or not. ;Matching a plaid or horizontal stripe may mean using more fabric to cut out the individual pieces of the garment, which can drive up the cost,; Roes said.检查一下衬衫的侧缝线或任何口袋的周围,就能立即判断质量好不好。“如果格子或水平条纹能够匹配,说明剪裁单块衣料用了更多的布,这会让成本上升。”罗埃斯说。10. You should also check the seams to make sure all of the th matches.你还应该检查接缝确保所有的走线都相匹配;Quality top-stitching should be straight, in matching th (unless the top-stitching is designed for contrast) and have a high number of stitches per inch,; Rose said.“高质量的间面线应该是笔直的,走线应该互相匹配(除非设计初衷是利用间面线来产生对比效果),且每英寸的针脚密度高,”罗埃思说。 /201606/447997

  Michael Kiwanuka迈克尔·努卡Michael Kiwanuka, 29, is a soul singer-songwriter, soon to release the follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2012 debut album, Home Again. He is wearing a vintage Wrangler denim jacket.迈克尔·努卡,29岁,是一个创作型歌手,2012年很快发布了深受好评的首张专辑-重返家园。他穿着一件复古式的牛仔夹克。I#39;ve always been a fan of denim; it#39;s my staple. I had never been to America until I toured there in 2012, and in between gigs I#39;d look for clothes in vintage stores. As soon as I saw this Wrangler jacket in Atlanta, Georgia, I loved the corduroy collar; I#39;d not seen a denim jacket like it before. It was only about ; it would be double that in London.我一直痴迷于牛仔布,这是我常用的格调。直到2012年我第一次去美国旅行,在一次演出期间,我去古老的储藏店找衣,当我看到佐治亚州亚特兰大市的牧马人外套,那是我喜欢的灯芯绒领;之前从没见过劳动布夹克,它只有大约25美元;这是伦敦当时衣的两倍。I wore it soon after, to perform I#39;m Getting Ready on the Late Show With David Letterman. I was really nervous; it was my first TV appearance, and I loved that show when I was growing up. John Mayer wrote a post on his blog about that performance, and how he#39;d bought my album, and loads of people started listening to my music. From then on it became my lucky jacket.之后我一直穿着,在大卫深夜秀;我时刻准备着;的表演中,我真的相当紧张;这是我第一次上电视节目,随着逐渐长大我也喜欢这样的表演。约翰·梅尔在他的客公布了那次表演,他多么希望买我的专辑,装货的人开始听我的音乐。从那时起它成为我的幸运夹克。I#39;ve got backstage passes in the lining, from the last Latitude and Glastonbury, and a few European festivals.衣内衬里装着我后台的通行,从最后界限和格拉斯顿伯,和一些欧洲节日,I just love the whole 1970s look: neat afro, Wrangler jacket, polo neck and round sunglasses. It#39;s that west-coast-soul kind of vibe you get looking at early Prince photos. I remember going to a pub in Dalston, east London, thinking I was the only one with a corduroy collar, and everyone had them. People used to notice it, and it felt rare; now it#39;s like, ;You#39;ve got one of those.;我只喜欢20世纪70年代的样子:优雅整齐的黑人、牧马人牛仔、马球项圈和圆的太阳镜。只有在看早期的王子图片时你才能看到的西海岸的那种氛围。我记得去过伦敦达尔斯顿的一个酒吧,当时认为我是唯一一个穿灯芯绒领的,可谁知每个人都有。过去人们注意到它,感觉少见;现在它就像;你是灯芯绒领中的一个;一样普遍。译文属 /201607/456981


  1 Being able to banter when you first start talking to a girl is one of the most important and effective ways to get her attention right away.第一次跟女孩儿搭讪时,让她注意到你的最重要且有效的方法就是开玩笑。Once you#39;ve bantered for a couple minutes, it#39;s alright to switch gears and talk about something a little bit more serious or personal.开过几分钟玩笑后,是时候转换话题了,跟她谈论一点稍稍严肃或私人的话题。Showing her that you#39;ve got the contrast between playfulness and seriousness will show you to be a guy who is multi-faceted, not a one-note Johnny.让她感受到你既有趣又认真,是个性格多样而非单调无趣的人。2 For whatever reason, nothing screams neediness in a guy more than a huge, gleaming, ear to ear smile.不管原因是什么,那种从左耳朵笑到右耳朵、笑到满脸褶子的灿烂笑容对男人来说真的一点也不必要。Think of smirking as the smile#39;s more seductive, more confident older brother.想想看,那种自鸣得意的坏笑才更诱人,更像个自信的哥哥。It#39;s otherwise known as the eye smile, and it#39;s extremely effective at communicating your feelings non-verbally.这种笑又被称为用眼镜笑,在交谈中微笑不用言语就能很好的传递你的感受。It#39;s alright to practice in the mirror for a few minutes.你可以在镜子前练习几分钟。Once you#39;ve got this down by yourself, it#39;ll be time to try it out in real life.当你搞定了自己的笑容,你就可以在现实中大显身手了。3 Offering an original compliment is a really effective way to flirt.新颖的赞美是调情的有效法宝。You can all but guarantee the girl you#39;re trying to talk to has heard most of the more clichéd compliments dozens of times over the better part of her adult life.与其说一些陈词滥调的赞美让女孩毫无感觉,还不如尝试赞美她一些更微妙的方面,这会给她很特别的感觉。4 A man who pays attention to detail and remembers the little things will always go further than his less-observant peers.一个注重细节和记住小事的男人总是比粗心大条的人更胜一筹。So if you#39;re chatting up a girl, especially one you#39;ve just met, pay attention to the little things and try to casually mention them later on.当你跟初次见面的女孩闲聊时,关注一些小事,在后面的交往中不经意地提起。This will show her that you#39;re different than most of the guys she talks to -- which will go a long way.女孩会觉得你与其他男孩不同,这将有助于进一步交往。5 When guys are starting to hit it off with a girl they#39;re interested in, a lot of the time they get worried that if they let the conversation die or let her out of their sight for a moment, she#39;ll lose interest.当男孩和自己感兴趣的女孩相处合拍时,经常会担心谈话中冷场或将女孩晾在一边会让女孩失去兴趣。Most of the time, this couldn#39;t be further from the truth.大多数时候,这月事实相去甚远。If things are going well, don#39;t be afraid to leave her with a cliffhanger and excuse yourself for a moment.如果一切进展顺利,别担心惊险刺激的情节中离开她一会儿。It will make you come off as a lot more confident than trying to drag on the conversation long enough to rival the ending of a Lord of the Rings film.试着拖延谈话时间就像看指环王电影的大结局,失陪片刻会显得你更有自信。6 If you ask any woman out there the qualities that she looks for in a man, you can all but guarantee a sense of humor is going to be on the list -- and for many, it#39;s near the top.如果问任何一个女人看中男人哪些品质,幽默感肯定榜上有名,并且接近榜首。7 One thing that a lot of guys forget to do or are afraid to do when flirting with women is to add a little seduction into the conversation.在调情中说些诱惑的话是很多男人忘记或害怕做的一件事。Tension is a huge aphrodisiac and a great thing to take advantage of when you are flirting.当你在调情是,气氛紧张是一剂大大的,它能让你占到大便宜。This will serve as somewhat of a test.这将作为一个测试。8 If she doesn#39;t respond after a minute, you should probably go back to what you were doing before -- but if she does, it may be a sign she wants to escalate things physically.如果她一分钟后还没有回应,你就当什么都没发生过。但是如果她有回应,这可能是她希望提升彼此关系的一个信号。9 The ;triangle look; is by far the best thing you can do when you#39;re connecting with a woman and you#39;re y to take things to the next level.迄今为止,三点视是双方关系准备进入下一层次时男女交流的最好方法。Here#39;s how it works: Once you#39;ve aly had some light banter and you#39;re pretty certain things are going well, try looking into one eye, then the other eye, then down to her lips, and back to her eyes.看看它是如何起作用的:轻松的逗笑过后,在你能确定气氛很好的情况下,试着注视她的一只眼睛,然后另外一只,然后往下看她的嘴唇,再回到她的双眼。Finish it off with a little smirk.然后以一个坏笑结束以上动作。10 It#39;s no secret that girls like to feel special.众所周知,女孩们都喜欢感到自己很特别。If we#39;re being honest here, so do guys.坦率地讲,男人们也是如此。Deep down, each and every one of us wants to believe that we really are unique, attractive, and interesting.本质上,我们每个人都愿意相信自己是独一无二、有吸引力和风趣的。Before you go off ignoring your surroundings and pretending there#39;s nothing else in the universe at that moment besides her, you want to make sure she knows that you are a valuable, interesting person yourself.和她在一起时,你要忽略周围的存在,并装作眼里只有她一人,但在这之前,你一定要让她了解到你本人是个值得珍惜并且有趣的人。 /201609/464678



  The first time I ran, like really ran, was during middle school gym class. It took me 11 minutes and 47 seconds to finish a mile. I#39;ve been running ever since.我第一次跑步,那种真正的跑步,是在中学体育课的时候。我花了11分47秒跑完了1英里。自那以后,我一直在跑步。Running is the kind of thing where you put in the time and expect to see results, and let me be the first to tell you: It is supremely discouraging when you don#39;t. It#39;s discouraging when you run a five-mile race with your entire family and come in a solid 15 minutes behind everyone else, and it#39;s discouraging when that time is no faster or slower than your five-mile time five years ago.跑步是一种你会投入时间并期待成效的运动。让我做第一个告诉你这个的人:你没有做到的时候,你会刚到非常沮丧。当你和所有家人一起来一场5英里赛跑却落后了每个人15分钟的时候,是十分让人沮丧的;当你跑完5英里的时间并没有比5年前更快或更慢的时候,也是十分让人沮丧的。And yet, my alarm is aly set for 6 a.m. tomorrow, even though it#39;s probably going to be rainy and definitely going to be cold and even though most of the time, I really hate running.但是,我已经把明天的闹钟设置为早晨6点钟了,哪怕可能会下雨且一定会变冷;哪怕大多数时间,我真的讨厌跑步。Don#39;t ask me why. All I know is this: As much as I hate running, I love being a runner.不要问我原因。我所知道的一切就是:我喜欢成为一名奔跑者和我讨厌跑步的程度相同。There#39;s some kind of camaraderie between people who spend more money each year on running shoes than on all their other shoes combined, and there#39;s some fundamental similarity between people who can cross 10 miles without pausing.比起购买其他所有的鞋子,每年花更多的钱买跑鞋的人们之间有着某种友谊;那些不用暂停就能跑完10英里的人们之间也有着根本的相似性。On days that I run, I exert myself purely for exertion#39;s sake. If you run too, you get why.在我跑步的日子里,我只不过为了努力而努力。如果你也跑步,你会懂的。When you#39;re a runner, your people are the girls with hair elastics on their wrists and the boys with shorts shorter than yours. They might be better, faster or stronger than you, but you belong with them.当你做奔跑者的时候,你的同伴会是那些手腕上有用来扎头发的橡皮筋的女孩子们以及那些穿着比你裤子还短的短裤的男孩子们。他们也许比你更好、更快或者更强壮,但你和他们是一起的。It took me almost 10 years of plodding along at an 11-minute mile before I realized that I could call myself a runner, no matter how slow I go or how many races I lose.我花了将近10年时间才做到在11分钟内跑完1英里,后来我才意识到,我可以称自己为一名奔跑者,无论我跑得多慢、无论我输掉了几场比赛。I#39;ve laced up my shoes at least once a week since the first day I stepped foot on a track in middle school. Some weeks it#39;s every day, some weeks it#39;s not. Some days, I#39;ll barely go more than a mile, and some days, I#39;ll walk more than I jog. I may not have medals, but I have fresh air, time alone, and creaky knees and tight quads.自从我在中学踏上跑道的第一天起,我至少每周会束紧鞋带跑一次步。有些时候我那周的每天都绑紧鞋带去跑步,有些时候不是。有些日子里,我很少跑超过1英里的距离;有些日子里,我散步的次数会比慢跑多。我可能没有奖章,但是我能呼吸新鲜空气、拥有独处的时间并有吱吱作响的膝盖和结实的股四头肌。For me, that#39;s enough. I run, so I am a runner.对我来说,那就足够了。我跑步,所以我是一名奔跑者。 /201604/437692

  Thai wordsmith Komol Panyasophonlert, 31, is one of the world#39;s best scrabble players and ranked third in the world after memorising 90 per cent of the entire language.31岁的泰国语言大师Komol Panyasophonlert,是当今世界上最好的拼字游戏玩家之一,他在记住90%的英文单词后拼字游戏排名世界第三。He learned how to play from a tatty handbook he found lying around at home when he was 14 and trains by ing the dictionary for six hours a day.他14岁时在家中发现一本破旧的手册,因此学会了怎么玩拼字游戏。他通过每天在家读上六小时的字典练习。But remarkably, Komol can only utter a handful of words in broken English, can#39;t string a sentence together and relies on Google Translate for written communication.不过值得一提的是,Komol只会说一点不标准的英文单词,连一个句子也串不起来,并且需要依靠谷歌翻译来做笔头沟通。He said: #39;Scrabble is more about logic, memory, maths and being able to outsmart your opponent.他表示:“拼字游戏更多的是考验逻辑、记忆、数学和比对手聪明的能力。”#39;Plus, I train hard. Before competitions I spend all my free time ing the dictionary. In bed, in the bathroom, on the train - nearly every waking moment.#39;“再者,我努力训练。每次比赛前我用所有的空闲时间读字典。在床上、厕所里、火车上——几乎所有走动的时候我都会用来读字典。“Ok. it#39;s time to defend myself. These are what I answered the journalist that made him think I used Google translate [sic],” Komol wrote on Facebook.Komol在脸书上声明:“行,是时候为我自己正名了。这是我当时怎么回复那名记者的,也就是这回复让他认为我用了谷歌翻译。呵呵。”In their conversation, Komol only suggested that it would be easier to respond via Facebook messages to give detailed answers. It did not say his reason was because he couldn’t speak English. So basically, Komol was doing the guy a favor to ensure he got his story.在对话中,Komol只是建议通过脸书消息来沟通能更容易给出详细的答复。这并不能成为他不会说英语的理由。因而实际上,Komol当时是确保让那名记者能听懂他的故事。Thais use English as a foreign language, and common Thai schools focus on teaching the students written English and grammar, rather than speaking skills. Therefore, some Thais may not have too much experience with casual conversation or need time to think about how they should arrange a sentence when they speak English.英文被泰国人当做一门外语,而普通的泰国学校重视英文的笔头和语法教学,口头技巧却少有重视。因而一些泰国人也许没有很多日常对话的经验。或是说,他们在说英语时,会需要一些时间来组织语言。 /201608/459380

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