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西安西安市医博肛肠医院西安市第十二医院看脱肛多少钱陕西省新安中心医院看肛瘘多少钱 Leisure Time[00:.9]Part I[00:.]Warming up[00:.]A:Key words:[00:.95]composer be born die[00:3.93]vocabulary:[00:9.18]composer ingenious renowned[00:36.1]celebrated prominent[00:1.6]you will hear the dates of birth[00:5.]and the dates of death of ten world famous composers.[00:50.96]Listen carefully.Fill in the blands with the dates you hear.[00:57.]Write as rapidly as you can.[01:01.18]you may use short ms the months.[01:.57] example:Jan, January:Feb, February.[01:.]1.Johann Bach,a famous German composer,was born on___and died on____.[01:3.68].George Handel,a well-known German-born British composer,[01:1.83]was born on___and died on___.[:00.8]3.Wolfgang Mozart was a brilliant Austrian composer,[:.]who was born on___and died on___.[:5.79].Ludwig Beethoven,an ingenious German composer,was born on___and died on___.[:50.5]5.As one of the outstanding Austrian composers,[:57.8]Franz Schubert was born on___and died on___.[:.38]6.Felix Mendelssohn,another famous German composr,was born on___and died on___.[:37.3]7.Poland also produced a well-known composer,Frederic Chopin,[:6.19]who was born on___and died on___.[:00.5]8.Franz Liszt was a renowned Hungarian composer.He was born on____and died on___.[:.]9.Johann Strauss,another celebrated Austrian composer,was born on__and died on__.[:.].As the most prominent Russian composer,[:50.8]Peter Tchaikovsky was born on___and died on____.[:.79]B:Key words:[:.56]play disc an of travel[:19.9]service talk pop music[:7.9]Vocabulary:[:3.5]pensioner disc interval tune[:0.79]Listen to radio announcer describing the programs on tonight.[:6.75]Pay special attention to the time and the names of the programs.[:5.39]Complete the chart below.[:.8]Part II[:.70]The new Star Wars movie[:.76]Key words:[:.93]Star Wars movie [:30.38]filmmaker fight computer technology[:38.55]Vocabulary:[:3.80] phantom menace galaxy[:5.8]series warrior[:57.]A:In this section you are going to hear a passage[:.79]about one of the most popular movies in 1999 Star Wars.[:.]While listening,take down some notes.[:.]Then answer the following questions with the help of the notes you've taken.[:53.6]B:Now listen again.[:57.76]This time pay special attention to the numbers in the passage[:.61]and select the correct answer from the choices listed below. 75959What is the definition of”happiness?¨Is it material wealth filled with fancy cars,a dream house,exteravagant furs and jewelry? Or is happiness simply having a roof over your head?“幸福”是什么?幸福是拥有豪华的汽车、梦想的居室、名贵的裘皮和珠宝等物质上的富足嘛?或者,幸福其实很简单一一有遮风避雨的住所Food inthefridge?Having a child? A pet?A swimming pooI?A designer Gucci bag? Parents? Grandchildren? Love? Money? The perfct job?Winning the Lottery?冰箱里有食物,有孩子、宠物、游泳池、Gucci的包,有父母、子孙、有爱情、金钱和理想的工作,票了呢?According to the American Heritage Dictionary,”happiness”is derived from the Middle English word hap-meaning¨Luck.¨在《美国传统字典中,幸福是从中古英语“Hap”一词演变而来,“Hap”意为“好运”But does happiness really have anything to do with”luck?¨Based on this description,one could assume that if you avoide*水astal traffic accident but got fired by coming late to work,you would be fdled with¨happiness?¨幸福真的与“好运”有关联吗?基于此,想想看,如果你在一场必死无疑的交通事故中幸免于难,却迟到,导致被老板炒鱿鱼对此,我们应该感到“幸福”吗?这是好运吗?还是要看个人如何看待这个问题呢?Is it luck or what you make of it?Maybe,”happiness”is exactly defined by its indirect aliashappiness-perhaps,happiness is in fact defined by the tune thatwe permit to happen.或许确切地说,幸福的定义应当直接从它的词源来看一一事实上,幸祖或许就是命中注定要发生的事情Do you recall a time-let say when you were about 5 years old-what defined happiness back then? Was it getting a puppy Christmas?依能回忆起你5岁时对幸福的理解吗?那时,幸福是从圣诞树上摘下的一只小吗?Or maybe,you were a child of divorce;and all you wanted was Mom and Dad to get back together again?Then as you got older,you were hoping that someone would ask you to the prom that wouldve made your day,maybe your life the moment.或者爸爸妈妈离婚了,你唯一的愿望就是他们能和好如初,重新生活在一起?当你渐渐长大,你希望有人会邀请你参加舞会,希望所有的日子都凝固在那一天,那一刻During college,good grades made you happy,but it was short-lived.Becaust in the real world,you had to look a job,and competition was stark.lt an employer world you thought.But then, you got the perfect job-now you could be happy-or could you?上大学期间,考试得了高分让你无比开心,但这种幸福感毕竟是短暂的因为在现实中,你得找一份工作,而社会竞争也相当激烈于是,你就会想,这是一个雇主的世界随后,你找到了一份理想的工作一一现在的你很开心,是吗?Life requires more than just what we want. Inevitably,one must understand to truly find¨happiness,¨he must make his own happiness ¨happen¨.坐活向我们索要的远比我们想要的多一个人必须明白,要想真正找到幸福,他就必须让自己幸福.Sounds a bit redundant,but truthfully,there is no set guidelines that will bring one happiness.There is no¨magic wand¨we can wave to bring joy into our lives.Human nature thrives on the thrill of the chase.We dream and we hope the next big brea-it is the grand adventure of licing.可能听起来有些多余,但确是如此一一生活中,没有能代来幸福的现成的指南,也没有挥一挥就能带来欢乐的魔棒人性在追求幸福的刺激中不断升级、完善我们梦想着,期望着下一个大的转变一一这就是生活中的大冒险了We are hopeless creatures of comt.We like having and accumulating things.Whether one admits to it or not,to a certain degree,we all try to keep up with¨the Jones¨.我们是无助的享乐者,喜欢拥有和积攒东西不论人们承认与否,一定程度上,我们都在相互攀比We work so we can pay our rents,mortgages, credit card debts,school loans,car payments_the list goes on and on.And at some point,we realize,that aside from having most of what we want,we still aremt happy.我们之所以工作,是因为要付房租,偿还抵押贷款,还清信用卡透费用,偿付助学贷款,买车,等等此类费用接连而至,让我们应接不暇于是,我们会突然意识到,尽管拥有了想要的一切,我们仍然不幸福Now since weve learned to adapt to new standards which weve created ourselves,we find that we have less time,less patience,less sleep,which equates to more stress,more worry and more aggravation.So,is happiness honestly juest comprised of;things;?自从适应了自己定下的新生活标准,我们的时间短了,耐性没了,睡眠少了,但压力大了,焦虑多了,脾气也暴躁了鉴于此,幸福真的是由“物质”组成的吗?Sometimes,we virtually e our lives not only basic necessities,but excesslve items and servlces as well.事实上,有时,我们不仅用生命交换生活必需品,还用生命交换多余的物质享受和务We become so obsessed with finding happiness,that we lose sight of the fact that happiness is within-always.我们这般沉迷于追求幸福,却忽略了一个事实一一幸福一直就在我们心中Certainly youve heard of individuals trying to find themselves,or rediscover themselves.当然,你一定听过这样的事,即有些人一直都在苦苦“找寻自我”或“重新发现自我”The reason they are attempting these innovantive approaches is because they are seeking inner happiness.But the point has been missedHappiness is aly there.他们创新尝试的理由只不过是想找寻心灵深处的幸福但他们忽略了一点,即幸福从头至尾到在心中Disappointments and reagedies in life will come and go,but happiness never leaves you.矢望和悲伤在生命中交替轮回,但幸福从不会舍你而去The human capacity to be resilient to reials is unfathomable.We can lose our jobs,but be grateful our spouses.We can lose our homes to nature,but be thankful to alive.人类对困难的适应能力无可限量我们可以失去工作,但会为拥有爱人而感恩不己;我们可以流离失所,但会为活着而心存感激Happiness is a perception of each indivduaI.We are instincively compelled to find fault in our lives.幸福是个人的一种感知我们本能地受限于外界,找寻着生活的瑕疵By human nature,we begin our ;fault-find-ing;mission the moment were capable of free-thinking.lt is then,that we lose sense of self-worth and the bigger picture of vitality altogether.出于人的天性,我们从有能力自由思考的那刻起,就开始对生活吹毛求疵也就在那时,我们失去了对自我价值的认知.Stuck in the patterns of the happiness paradox,we simply cannot find where our happiness has gone.也失去了生命的活力,陷于幸福的矛盾中,找不到幸福的方向It not a matter of bargaining,it not an issue of money or fame-instead,happiness is what you resolve to accept.幸福是你决定去接受的东西,没有任何商量的余地,它于金钱或名誉毫无瓜葛lf we live through optimis-tic hope;if we dare to dream;if we empower ourselves to fully live;then we have regained our sense of happiness,There is no in berween.There is no other replacement.We only have one physical life to live-we have no choice but to make the most ofit,只要我们活在乐观希望之中,敢于大胆梦想,活得简单纯粹,那么,我们就会重新拥有幸福的感觉那种感觉并非悬于幸于不幸之间的真空地带,也无任何替代品我们只能活一次一一除了好好活着,我们别无选择 5797陕西长安医院便血肛门异物肛瘘肛裂肛周脓肿治疗好吗

咸阳市治疗尖锐湿疣哪家医院好排名哪里396陕西省治疗肛门损伤哪家医院好排名哪里 William Shakespeare wrote of the seven ages of man, starting with the puking infant and the whining school boy, through the lover, the soldier, the authority of the middle aged justice, then the slippered pantaloon, ending with the dependency of old age, sans teeth sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything. But I find the categories or stages found in Hinduism more helpful and positive. It speaks of four ages, the student, the householder, the sage, the ascetic, with activity in the world dominating the first stages of life, then in later life, the wisdom of experience being shared with upcoming generation, and there an increasing reflection upon ultimate truths of life and death.But what significant all of us in this understanding is that each stage of life has its own inherent importance and dignity. One is not more significant, productive or useful than another. Each stage matters because whether young, old or middle aged, each has something unique to offer. I suppose that that understanding undergirds the Christian social teaching of everyone contributing to the common good. So yes, let have a dignity code the elderly, and the young, and the middle aged. We all need it.莎士比亚曾将人生分为7个阶段,婴儿期,叛逆学生期,恋人,战士,权威的中年法官,邋遢的老年期和耳重目盲无滋无味全无自理能力的晚年但我觉得印度教划分的更积极,更有意义它将人生分成四阶段,梵行期,家居期,林栖期,遁世期,开始两个阶段主要是完成家庭社会责任,后两个阶段则跟后辈分享经验智慧,与日俱增的是对生死真相的终极感悟这种分法对我们意义深远,人生每个阶段都有其内涵和尊严,不存在哪个阶段比哪个阶段更有意义,更多产,更有用之说年轻,年老或中年都有其特有的贡献,所以每个阶段都很重要我想这种理解巩固了基督教教导世人向善的基调所以,我们要敬老,要爱幼,要尊重中年人人人都需要尊重 1890延安大学医学院附属医院看排泄疾病好不好

西安医博肛肠治疗肛乳头瘤价格 雪莱(9—18),19世纪英国著名浪漫主义诗人出生在一个古老而保守的贵族家庭少年时在皇家的伊顿公学就读18年入牛津大学学习,开始追求民主自由18年,诗人因为写作哲学论文推理上帝的不存在,宣传无神论,被学校开除;也得罪父亲,离家独居18年,诗人又偕同新婚的妻子赴爱尔兰参加那儿人们反抗英国统治的斗争,遭到英国统治阶级的忌恨18年,雪莱与妻子离婚,与玛丽结合英国当局趁机对雪莱大加诽谤中伤,雪莱愤然离开祖国,旅居意大利18年7月8日,诗人出海航行遭遇暴风雨,溺水而亡诗人一生创作了大量优秀的抒情诗及政治诗,《致云雀、《西风颂、《自由颂、《解放了的普罗米修斯、《暴政的假面游行等诗都一直为人们传唱不衰《西风颂雪莱“三大颂”诗歌中的一首,写于1819年诗人用优美而蓬勃的想象写出了西风的形象那气势恢宏的诗句,强烈撼人的把西风的狂烈、急于扫除旧世界创造新世界的形象展现在人们面前诗中比喻奇特,形象鲜明,枯叶的腐朽、狂女的头发、黑色的雨、夜的世界无不深深地震撼着人们的心灵 诗歌的后两段写诗人与西风的应和“我跌在生活的荆棘上,我流血了!”这令人心碎的诗句道出了诗人不羁心灵的创伤尽管如此,诗人愿意被西风吹拂,愿意自己即将逝去的生命在被撕碎的瞬间感受到西风的精神,西风的气息;诗人愿奉献自己的一切,为即将到来的春天奉献在诗的结尾,诗人以预言家的口吻高喊:“要是冬天已经来了,西风呵,春日怎能遥远?”这里,西风已经成了一种象征,它是一种无处不在的宇宙精神,一种打破旧世界,追求新世界的西风精神诗人以西风自喻,表达了自己对生活的信念和向旧世界宣战的决心Ode to the West Wind西风颂   第一节O wild West Wind, thou breath of Autumn beingThou, from whose unseen presence the leaves deadAre driven, like ghosts from an enchanter fleeing,Yellow, and black, and pale, and hectic red,Pestilence-stricken multitudesO thouWho chariltest to their dark wintry bedThe winged seeds, where they lie cold and low,Each like a corpse within its grave, untilThine azure sister of the Spring shall blowHer clarion oer the dreaming earth, and fill(Driving sweet buds like flocks to feed in air)With living hues and odors plain and hillWild Spirit, which art moving everywhere;Destroyer and presserver; hear, oh, hear!你是秋的呼吸,啊,奔放的西风;你无形地莅临时,残叶们逃亡,它们像回避巫师的成群鬼魂:黑的、惨红的、铅灰的,还有蜡黄,患瘟疫而死掉的一大群啊,你,送飞翔的种籽到它们的冬床,它们躺在那儿,又暗、又冷、又低,一个个都像尸体埋葬于墓中,直到明春你青空的吹起她的号角,唤醒了大地的迷梦,驱羊群似地驱使蕾儿吐馨,使漫山遍野铺上了姹紫嫣红;你周流上下四方,奔放的精灵,是破坏者,又是保护者;听呀听!第二节Thou on whose stream, mid the steep sky commotion,Loose clouds like earth decaying leaves are shedd,Shook from the tangled boughs of Heaven and Ocean,angels of rain and lightningthere are spOn the blue surface of thine airy surge,Like the bright hair uplifted from the headOf some fierce Maenad, even from the dim vergeOf the horizon to the Zenith height,The locks of the approaching storm.Thou dirgeOf the dying year, to which this closing nightWill be the dome of a vast sepulchre,Vaulted with all thy congregated mightOf vapoursr, from whose solid atmosphereBlack rain, and fire , and hail will burst oh, hear!你在动乱的太空中掀起激流,那上面飘浮着落叶似的云块,掉落自天与海的错综的枝头:它们是传送雨和闪电的神差你那气流之浪涛的碧蓝海面,从朦胧的地平线到天的顶盖,飘荡着快来的暴风雨的发辫,像美娜德头上金黄色的乱发随风飘动;你为这将逝的残年,唱起挽歌;待到夜的帷幕落下,将成为这一年的巨冢的圆顶,你用凝聚的云雾为它作架,而从这浓云密雾中,将会涌迸:电火、冰雹和黑的雨水;啊你听!第三节Thou who didst waken from his summer dreamsThe blue Mediterranean, where he lay,Lulled by the coil of his crystalline streamsBeside a pumice isle in Baiae bay,And saw in sleep old palaces and fowersQuivering within the eave intenser day,All overgrown with azure moss and flowersSo sweet, the sense faints picturing them!Thou whose path the Atlantic level powersCleave themselves into chasms, while far belowThe sea-blooms and the oozy woods which wearThe sapless foliage of the ocean, knowThy voice, and suddenly grow gray with fear,And tremble and esepoil themselvesoh, hear!你也把青青的地中海水唤醒,他原在贝宜湾的一个浮岛边,沉醉于他夏日幻梦里的美景,被一圈圈晶莹的涟漪所催眠,他梦见了古老的宫殿和楼阁荡漾于更明朗皎洁的水中天,满披着似的苔藓和花朵,花朵多芬芳,那气息使人醉迷;浩瀚的大西洋本来平静无波,随着你的脚步而裂开;在海底,那些枝叶没有浆汁的湿树林,还有海花,听到你来临的声息,便突然地变色,它们大吃一惊,瑟瑟地发抖,纷纷调谢啊你听!第四节If I were a dead leaf thou mightest bear;If I were a swift cloud to fly with theeA wave to pant beneath thy power , and shareThe impulse of thy strength, only less freeThan thou, O uncontrollable! If evenI were as im my boyhood, and could beThe comrade of thy wanderigs over Heaven,As then, when to outstrip thy skiey speedScarce seemd a vision; I would neer have strivenAs thus with thee in prayer in my sore need.Oh, lift me as a wave , a leaf, a cloud!I fall upon the thorns of life! I bleed!A heavy weight of hours has chained and bowedOne too lke thee tameless, and swift, and proud.如果我是任你吹的落叶一片;如果我是随着你飞翔的云块;如果是波浪,在你威力下急喘,享受你神力的推动,自由自在,几乎与你一样,啊,你难制的力!再不然,如果能回返童年时代,常陪伴着你在太空任意飘飞,以为要比你更神速也非幻想;那我就不致处此窘迫境地,向你苦苦求告:啊,快使我高扬,像一片树叶、一朵云、一阵浪涛!我碰上人生的荆棘,鲜血直淌!时光的重负困着我,把我压倒,我太像你了:难驯、迅速而骄傲第五节Make me thy lyre, even as the est isWhat if my leavers are falling like its own!The tmult of thy mighty harmoniesWill take from both a deep, autumnal tone,Sweet though in sadness. Be thou, Spirit fierce,My spirit! Be thou me, impetuous one!Drive my dead thoughts over the universeLike witheered leaves to quicken a new birth!And , by the incantation of this verse,Scatter, is from an unextinguished hearthAshes and sparks, my words among mankind!Be through my lips to unawakened earthThe trumpet of a prophecy! O Wind,If Winter comes , can Spring be far behind?把我当作你的琴,当作那树丛,纵使我的叶子凋落又何妨?在你怒吼咆哮的雄浑交响中,将有树林和我的深沉的歌唱,我们将唱出秋声,婉转而忧愁精灵呀,让我变成你,猛烈、刚强!把我僵死的思想驱散在宇宙,就像一片片枯叶,以鼓舞新生;请你听从我这诗篇中的符咒,把我的话传播给全世界的人,犹如从不灭的炉中吹出火花!请向未醒的大地,借我的嘴唇,像号角般吹出一声声预言吧!如果冬天来了,春天还会远吗? 19553西安市新城区中医院肛肠西安肛泰肛肠医院治疗直肠黏膜内脱垂价格



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