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These children have very comical responses to the question of what or who they want to be when they grow up.当被问及长大后想成为什么或想当什么样的人,这些孩子给出的回答非常好笑。Images circulating the web show some youngsters#39; dreams in life are either unrealistic or hilariously mundane.网上流传的图片向我们展示了一些小孩子的人生理想,要么不现实,要么平凡得让人忍俊不禁。From a large number of little boys hoping to become Batman to the wish to turn into an inanimate object - such as a potato - these children won#39;t let anything stand in the way of their ambitions, including all sense and reason.很多小男孩都希望成为蝙蝠侠,有的还希望变成静物——比如土豆,这些孩子不会让任何事物阻碍他们的雄心抱负,包括一切道理和理智。This blond boy is after the good life and lots of long walks, hoping to become a dog when he grows up这个金发小男孩追求的是美好生活和走很多很长很长的路,他希望长大后变成一条。Another little boy wishes nothing more than to grow up and work in this local supermarket另外一个小男孩仅仅希望长大后在当地这家超市工作。His goal s: #39;In 20 years I#39;ll be 32 years old and working in KMart#39;.他的目标是这样写的:“20年后我就32岁了,我会在凯马特工作”。This boy hope to tackle a lack of ethnic diversity in the Marvel Comics universe by becoming Black Spider-Man这个男孩希望能变成黑色的蜘蛛侠来解决漫威漫画世界中缺少种族多样化的问题。However, lofty ambitions aren#39;t for all of us. One child simply dreams of once day being a #39;potato#39;.然而,崇高的志向不是我们每个人都有的。一个小孩子仅仅希望有一天能成为一个“土豆”。It#39;s the simple life for this child too. ;I want to be a person who cleans tables.;这个孩子也想要简单的生活。他希望长大后变成擦桌子的人。Realist Warren refused to dignify this scientifically inaccurate question - instead opting for a morbid response现实主义者沃伦拒绝夸大这个在科学上并不严谨的问题——相反,他胡乱回答了一下。Edwin#39;s goals for 2013 included learning to fly, playing the accordion and getting his hands on an iPhone 5埃德温2013年的目标包括学习飞行,弹手风琴,并得到一部iPhone 5。Chris wanted to embody his hero in all ways. To become Michael Jordan he recognised that he would have to first get bigger, secondly shave his head and lastly be black克里斯想要全面模仿他的偶像。为了成为迈克尔#8226;乔丹,他意识到首先他得长大,其次得剃个头,最后得成为一个黑人。Alina hoped to be a customer when she grew up so that she could buy the ingredients to make soup艾丽娜希望长大后成为一名顾客,这样的话她就可以买配料做汤。When he becomes 100 this little boy vows to take his wife to Pizza Hut for dinner这个小男孩发誓,他100岁的时候要带他的妻子去必胜客吃饭。Another child had the simple dream of first getting a hat and then putting it on另外一个孩子的梦想也很简单,首先他要得到一顶帽子,然后再把它戴上。This adorable little boy hopes to become a truck driver and combine it with another passion, the Ninja Turtles这个可爱的小男孩希望成为卡车司机,并融入他对忍者神龟的热情。He wrote: #39;When I grow up I want to be a truck driver, I will load the trucks and wear a ninja turtle uniform.#39;他写道:“我长大了要当一名卡车司机,我会往卡车上装东西,穿着忍者神龟的衣。”This pizza loving child has their priorities in order, choosing the Italian dish over one million dollars这个热爱披萨的小孩给梦想排了个优先顺序,优先选择意大利披萨,然后才是一百万美金。He wrote: #39;If I had one wish I would wish for all the pizza in the world except for vegetable pizza and anchovie [sick] pizza, and if I had two wishes I would have one million dollars and that pizza.他写道:“如果我有一个愿望,那我就希望拥有除了蔬菜披萨和凤尾鱼(好恶心)披萨之外世界上所有的披萨,如果我有两个愿望的话那我就希望有一百万美元和那些披萨。#39;If I had three wishes I would have the one million dollars and that pizza and some dinosaurs that wouldn#39;t wreck the world.#39;“如果我有三个愿望,我就想要一百万美元和那些披萨还有一些不会毁灭世界的恐龙。”This food fan declared that their one wish would be for it to rain tacos这个食物爱好者称他的一个愿望就是下墨西哥卷饼雨。Another big eater said that someday they would have so much food to eat that they would explode另一个大吃货说,有那么一天他会有很多食物,都会吃“爆炸”。One youngster decided it was the single life for them and drew a picture of them relaxing to demonstrate一个小孩决定以后要过单身生活,还画了张画展示轻松的样子。An animal fan responded to the question of what they wanted to be by deciding the would be a wolf一位动物爱好者回答以后想成为什么的问题,决定要成为狼。Albert wanted to be #39;a person who stays home and does nothing#39; while David hoped to be #39;a fireman since I like explosions and fire#39;阿尔伯特想成为“一个待在家里什么都不干的人”,而戴维希望当“一位消防员,因为我喜欢爆炸和火”。This postal network enthusiast was determined to become a mailbox when they grew up这个邮政网络爱好者决定长大后变成一个邮筒。This high flyer made it their wish to have two quarters and three dollars这个有鸿鹄之志的人希望拥有3美元50美分。Ashanta was asked to share her dream like Dr King. She opted to work in Taco Bell with her mother阿珊塔被要求像金士(马丁#8226;路德#8226;金)那样分享自己的梦想。她选择的梦想是和妈妈一起在塔可钟餐厅工作。Four-year-old Jessica hoped to become a fire hydrant when she grew up四岁的杰西卡希望长大后能成为一个消防栓。Lila#39;s dream to watch more television while on the toilet is an unusual but hopefully achievable goal莱拉的梦想是上卫生间时看更多的电视,这个目标虽然不一般,但还是有希望实现的。One unlikely candidate for leader of the free world dreamed of destroying the Earth from outer space还有一个小孩不太可能成为自由世界的领导候选人,他的梦想是从外太空毁灭地球。This fun character will work with rock in the future, by throwing them into water a creating a splash这个有趣的小人儿未来要和石头一起工作,他要把石头扔进水里溅水花。This pessimist doesn#39;t want to look on the bright side, refusing to acknowledge the thought of life after school这个悲观主义者不愿看向积极的一面,拒绝承认他对上完学之后的生活有任何想法。Three-year-old Louisa wanted to have mint in her water and eventually to grow large and grow a beard三岁的路易莎希望在水里加点薄荷,并且最终长大,长出胡子。Graham had a rather ghoulish message for beyond the grave. He claimed he would break out of his tomb格拉哈姆要爬出坟墓的梦想可真是令人毛骨悚然。他声称他将会从自己的坟墓中逃出来。#39;When I grow up I will go to a vet to be a vet until I am 20 then I will be a Engineer#39; one child wrote“我长大了就去诊所当兽医,直到我20岁,然后我就会成为一名工程师,”一个孩子写道。Another frightening message came from this child who wanted to become a werewolf in their adult life这个小孩的梦想也很恐怖,他希望成人后变成一个狼人。One sports fan dreamed that some day he would be renowned for his awesome bicycle kick goals一个体育迷梦想有一天他将以出色的倒勾球技术而闻名。In a class of 13 boys six wanted to be Batman. Only one wanted to be Spider-Man在一个教室里有13个男孩,六个想成为蝙蝠侠。只有一个想成为蜘蛛侠。Another#39;s personal goal was to beat Super Mario Bros 3另外一个小孩的人生目标是打通《超级马里奥3》。#39;When I grow up I want to be like mommy!#39; one child wrote, drawing a sweet picture of their mother working in Home Depot selling shovels... although it looks like something entirely different“当我长大后,我想像妈妈一样!”一个小孩写道,他画了张可爱的画,画上在家得宝工作的妈妈在卖铲子……尽管看起来完全不一样。 /201606/449690

Bai Yang (1920~1997)白杨(1920 ~ 1996)Bai Yang was born Yang Chengfang in Beijing, original hometown was Xiangyin,Hunan.白杨,原名杨成芳,湖南湘阴人,出生于北京。In 1931, Bai Yang passed the examination and entered Lianhua Film Company. Her maiden work was a silent film Grief in which she acted as a servant girl. In 1936, she gained herself fame when she played the leading role in the film Crossroads in which Bai successfully performed in her portrayal of the young woman Yang Zhiying. During the war against Japanese, she took an active part in performing dramas in the mainland and was praised as “Four Great Dan” in drama with Zhang Ruifang, Shu Xiuwen and Qin Yi.1931年,白杨考入联华公司,其处女作是在无声电影《故宫新怨》中扮演一个小丫头。1936年,她主演她的第一部影片《十字街头》,因在影片中成功塑 造青年女性杨艺瑛的形象而成名。抗战期间,她在内地积极演出话剧,与张瑞芳、 舒绣文、秦怡被誉为话剧“四大名旦”。In 1938, she, together with other film workers, like Shen Xiling and Zhao Dan, etc. went to Chongqing and shot Children of China, Wings of China, Young China, etc. In 1947, Bai starred in very famous films like Eight Thousand Li of Cloud and Moon,Diary About Returning To The Native , Ideal Son-in-law and The Spring River Flows East. She reached the highest level of her performing skill in the two films, which were The Spring River Flows East and the 1957 film New Year#39;s Sacrifice. In 1957 she was appraised to win the first place in “five most popular players of 1956”; the same year, she attended the tenth Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and New Year#39;s Sacrifice won the ;Special Prize of the Jury; and was nominated for Crystal Globe.1938年,白杨与沈西苓、赵丹等电影工作 者,来到重庆拍摄了《中华儿女》、《长空万里》、《青年中国》等影片。1947年,她主演了《八千里路云和月》、《还乡日记》、《乘龙快婿》和《一江春水向东流》等著名影片。《一江春水向东流》和1957年主演的《祝福》使其艺术成就达到了顶峰1957年,白杨被评为“ 1956年最受欢迎的五名演员”中的第一名。同年,她参加了捷克第10届卡罗维?发利国际电影节,《祝福》获特别奖。Bai Yang developed a graceful and natural, yet distinct style. She acted as over 20 film images and created over 50 characters on drama stage in her life and was chosen as one of the 22 Chinese film stars. In 1980s, she shaped the image Song Qingling in teleplay Love Poured upon the Earth. She was a prestigious and outstanding performing artist with great achievements in Chinese filmdom. In 1993, she got the Award for Special Honor of China Film Performing Art Society and in 1995#39;s Centennial Commemoration of the Birth of Worid Film and 90 years of Chinese film, she was awarded the ;Centennial Award;in Chinese film.白杨的表演风格质朴、优美、自然,一生扮演过20多个银幕形象,在话剧舞台上塑造了50多个人物,六十年代被评选为“中国电影22大明星”之一。八十年代,她还在电视剧《洒向人间都是爱》中塑造了宋庆龄的形象,是中国影坛上负有盛名、 卓有成就的表演艺术家。1993年,她获中国电影表演艺术学会特别荣誉奖,1995 年获得为纪念世界电影诞生100周年和中国电影诞生90周年而特设的中国电影 “世纪奖”。 /201606/443539

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