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宝鸡市包皮过长手术费宝鸡西大医院不孕不育科This is the 22-year-old computer wizard who put a stop to the ransomware virus that caused chaos around the world.一位22岁的电脑大神破解了在全球造成混乱的勒索病毒。The British surfer, named as Marcus Hutchins, became an ‘accidental hero#39; after halting the global sp of the unprecedented attack.这位英国网虫名叫Marcus Hutchins,这场病毒突袭因他没有在全球蔓延。He stopped the virus in just a few hours - by which point, it had brought chaos to the NHS and thousands of other victims.他在几个小时内就终止了病毒——到那个时候,这种病毒已经在英国国家医疗务体系造成了骚乱,给成千上万的受害者带来了麻烦。It is thought he did this from a small bedroom at his parents#39; home, packed with games and takeaway pizza boxes.据称他是在父母家属于他的那间小小的卧室里完成自己的英雄业绩的,卧室里到处是网络游戏光碟,还有披萨外卖的包装盒。One of Marcus#39;s friends said that the surfer - who had been tweeting anonymously by the name MalwareTech - was just ;doing his job; when he put a halt to the sp of the virus.Marcus一直以MalwareTech的网名混迹在推特网上。Marcus的一个朋友说:他把终止病毒扩散的英雄壮举当成了自己的“例行公事”。Marcus realised that by registering a website domain name the virus code could be stopped.Marcus发现,只要注册一个特定网站的域名就能制止病毒程序的运行。Computer experts have warned the block on the virus may only be temporary and the hackers could easily start up a new one capable of infecting millions more computers within days.电脑专家警告称,对病毒的拦截可能只是暂时的,黑客可以轻而易举的创建一个新的域名,很快就能继续感染千百万的电脑。 /201705/509958宝鸡西关医院治疗生殖感染价格 “在线社交网”热潮席卷全球Online social networking websites saw their ranks swell and values soar this year as everyone from moody teenagers and mellow music lovers to mate-seeking seniors joined online communities.Google's freshly released "Zeitgeist 2007" reveals that seven out of the 10 hottest topics which triggered Internet queries during the year involved social networking.A Top Ten list compiled by the world's most-used search engine includes British website Badoo, Spanish-language Hi5, and US-based Facebook.Video-sharing websites YouTube and Dailymotion are on the list, along with the Club Penguin online role playing game where children pretending to be the flightless birds "waddle about and play" together.Virtual world Second Life, where people represented by animated proxies interact in digitized fantasy settings, is the final social networking property in the Zeitgeist Top Ten.The world has only seen "the tip of the iceberg" when it comes to online social networking, says MySpace vice president of business development Amit Kapur."It is a natural step in the evolution of the Web," Kapur said."The Web is getting more personal. I think you are going to see much more of that happen on every website across the Web."MySpace aspires to become people's homes on the Internet, with profile pages serving as online addresses as well as springboards to online music, , news and other contents conducive to their tastes and interests.Industry statistics show Facebook membership more than doubled in the past year to about 55 million, while MySpace grew 30 percent to top 110 million.One in every four US residents uses MySpace, while in Britain it is as common to have a profile page on the website as it is to own a dog. “在线社交网站”今年人气大涨、“身价倍增”,因为在这一年中,从情绪多变的青少年到舒缓音乐的爱好者,再到觅偶人士,都加入了在线社交网站。全球用户最多的搜索引擎Google近日公布了“2007年度十大热门搜索排行榜”。该榜显示,其中七大热门搜索都与社交网络有关。“十大热门搜索”包括英国的Badoo社交网站、Hi5西班牙语社交网站以及美国的Facebook网站。Youtube视频分享网、Dailymotion网站以及(面向儿童的)“企鹅俱乐部”角色扮演游戏社区也榜上有名,孩子们在“企鹅俱乐部”中都扮成小企鹅,它们“摇摇晃晃地走来走去,一起玩耍”。“第二人生”虚拟社区名列“十大热门搜索排行”第十位,“第二人生”社区是一个数字化的虚拟世界,社区用户都有一个动漫化身。MySpace业务拓展部副经理阿米特#8226;卡珀说,这些还只是社交网络的“冰山一角”。他说,“这是网络发展的必然结果”。“随着网络的日趋个性化,这一热潮将席卷各个网站。”MySpace致力于成为人们的网上家园,社区内用户的个人主页既是在线联系地址,也是分享在线音乐、视频、新闻和人们感兴趣的内容的平台。据业内统计数据显示,今年Facebook网站的注册用户增长了一倍以上,达到约5500万,而MySpace的用户数量则增长了30%,已超过1.1亿。美国有四分之一的居民是MySpace的用户,而在英国,拥有网上个人空间就像拥有宠物那么普遍。 /200803/32070宝鸡哪家正规医院治疗男科病比较好

宝鸡早泄检查费用是多少宝鸡市渭滨区中医医院男科电话 英国女性恋上化妆品British womens love affair with cosmeticsBritish women spend the most money on cosmetics, according to a research by Mintel.When it comes on spending money on make-up, it seems that there is just no beating a British woman.Analysts Mintel, in a new survey, have found that the annual amount of money spent by women in the UK on cosmetics such as lipstick, mascara andnail polishhas risen by 40 per cent in the past five years to more than 1 billion pounds.As a part of the research, analysts surveyed 25,000 men and women in the UK and 10,000 in France, Germany and Spain in a bid to reveal attitudes to looks.They found that while French women most wanted to stand out in a crowd thanks to their own "very good sense of style", British women, though spending more on cosmetics, didn't mind looking less distinctive, as long as they looked good."Even though British women are less interested in style and fashion, they retain a desire to look attractive and well-groomed," The Independent ed Michelle Strutton, senior market analyst at Mintel, as saying.The analysts also found that when it comes to their appearance, it's the Spaniards, more than women of any other country in Europe, who are concerned with their image.The results of the research now has analysts predicting that British men and women will be opening up their wallets and spending 940 million pounds just onscentthis year. 如果要问谁最舍得在化妆品上花银子,英国女人应该当之无愧。英国明泰尔市场调查公司所做的一项最新调查发现,过去五年中,英国女性每年在口红、睫毛膏、指甲油等化妆品上的消费增加了40%,达到10亿多英镑。为了了解不同国家的人对于外表的态度,明泰尔调查公司的分析师们对英国的25000名男性和女性、以及法国、德国和西班牙的10000名男性和女性进行了调查。调查发现,拥有很强“时尚感”的法国女性最渴望引人注目;而英国女性尽管在化妆品上投资不少,但她们觉得只要漂亮就行,不一定非得与众不同。《独立报》援引明泰尔公司高级市场分析师米歇尔·斯特拉特恩的话说:“虽然英国女性对于时尚和时装的兴趣没那么浓厚,但她们还是很想把自己打扮得美丽迷人。”此外,调查发现,欧洲的西班牙女性最在意自己的外表。根据调查结果,分析师们预测,今年英国人仅一项香水出就将达到9.4亿英镑。Vocabulary:nail polish: 指甲油scent : 香水 /200803/31196宝鸡包皮过长手术的费用

宝鸡男科医院有男科吗Chinese technology conglomerate LeEco said it plans to eliminate about 325 jobs in the US and sharply reduce research-and-development operations.国内科技集团乐视称,计划在美裁掉约325个工作岗位并大幅削减研发业务。;While we#39;ve made progress in growing our distribution channels, the challenges with raising new capital have made it difficult in the past few months to support our business#39; priorities,; LeEco said in a statement last Tuesday.乐视上周二在一份声明中称:“虽然我们在增添销售渠道方面取得了进展,但在过去几个月里,筹集新资本方面的挑战使得持业务优先性变得困难。”;As a result, the capital we do have will have to be highly focused, resulting in a significant restructuring and streamlining of our business, operations and workforce.;“因此,目前我们手头的资金将必须高度集中,这导致了重大重组和业务、运营以及员工人数的精简。”The job cuts affect all of the company’s departments, but especially the Ramp;D team, according to the company.乐视称,此次裁员波及该公司的所有部门,但研发团队受到的影响尤为严重。The San Diego office, which employed primarily people working in Ramp;D, is closing and employees left at the whittled-down US business will focus on serving customers who have aly purchased LeEco devices.圣地亚哥办事处将被关闭,这里的员工多是研发人员,在已被削弱的美国业务中留下的员工将专注于向已经购买乐视产品的客户提供务。LeEco will continue to sell its smartphones, smart TVs, TV set-top boxes and accessories in the US.乐视将继续在美国销售智能手机、智能电视、电视机顶盒和配件。But after the downsize, marketing efforts will be focused on the Chinese language community in the US.但这次裁员后,乐视的营销工作将瞄准美国说中文的群体。 /201705/512013 Apple has been granted a permit to test self-driving cars by the California Department of Motor Vehicles but the company has never said anything about its plan.苹果公司已经获得了加利福尼亚州车辆允许其进行自动驾驶汽车测试的许可,但此前该公司从未提起过此项计划。The application documents released give some clues about the company#39;s highly secret self-driving effort, which included a 10-page training plan that appeared to be related to operators taking back manual control of the car during automated driving exercises of the system, which it calls a development platform.最近发布的申请文件披露了该公司在自动驾驶方面进行的一些高度机密的工作,其中包括一份10页的培训计划,似乎有关操作员在系统的自动驾驶测试过程中拿回车辆的手动控制权,苹果把这一系统称作开发平台。;The development platform will be controlled electronically (e.g. joystick) and safety drivers must be y to intervene and take control,; the document s.文件中写道:“开发平台将由电子系统(例如操作杆)进行控制,安全驾驶员必须时刻准备干预并控制系统。”The document highlights different scenarios to be tested, from high speed driving and tight U-turns to lane changes.该文件强调要测试不同的驾驶场景,从高速驾驶到紧急U型转弯再到变换车道等。One letter sent from Apple to the state Department of Motor Vehicles noted that Apple#39;s development platform ;will have the ability to capture and store relevant data before a collision occurs.;此外,一份苹果公司致美国加州机动车的信函称,苹果的开发平台“将能够在发生碰撞之前捕获和存储相关数据。”The document does not include detail on how Apple#39;s self-driving platform actually works or other technical details. It also does not say what kind of sensors are found on Apple#39;s three permitted vehicles, all 2015 Lexus model RX450h.这份文件并未透露苹果公司无人驾驶平台实际工作细节或其它技术细节。它也没有说明苹果公司被允许上路测试的三辆汽车采用何种类型的传感器,这三辆汽车全部是2015款雷克萨斯RX450h。The permit does not necessarily mean that Apple itself is building a full car. Apple could instead be designing a self-driving platform that can be integrated into other manufacturer#39;s cars.这一许可并不一定意味着苹果自己在制造整车。苹果也可能是在设计一个可以装配到其它厂商的汽车里的自动驾驶平台。 /201705/506903宝鸡龟头炎看病挂什么科宝鸡哪家医院可以治疗灰指甲



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