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武昌青山区文眉绣眉哪家好武汉susoo素秀国际学院去红血丝抗皱First thing, you#39;d see dust and wind.一开始你会看到扬尘和大风and you#39;d feel rumbling.周围隆隆巨响An enormous flood quickly followed.紧接而来的就是湍急的洪水Lake Missoula s water had begun a fast and furious journey across the American continent.密苏拉湖水滚滚而来 以及快的速度肆虐过美国的陆地It would be moving very fast.速度一定非常快We#39;re driving at just about the same speed as the water.我们现在的车速和洪水速度差不多It would have torn through the landscape洪水肆虐过陆地with the energy equivalent of 60 Amazon Rivers.那能量相当于六十条亚马逊河的能量It would have ripped up everything in its path.洪水将冲走面前的一切You can imagine water a hundred metres above your head,你可以想象下高你百米的洪水all dark, filled with sediment and all kinds of debris, large rocks,天昏地暗,带着沉淀物,各种碎片,大石块trees, woolly mammoths, anything.树木,猛犸象般的巨物,等等I think it would be absolutely terrifying.那绝对太可怕了The water cut into the land up to 650 feet deep,洪水冲过陆地,冲刷出二百米深的大沟excavating billions of tons of solid rock.挖出了几十亿吨的岩石It would probably be described as a kind of giant monster.说是巨大的怪兽也毫不过分 Article/201510/404664襄城区樊城襄阳区眉毛的画法哪家好 The beginning of a new year for Aymara people土著民族艾马拉人黎明狂欢庆祝新年In the southern hemisphere, Monday marked the winter solstice and, in Bolivia, the Aymara-one of the country#39;s thirty ethnic groups-celebrated it as the beginning of the new year, 5523.在南半球,周一标志着冬至的到来。而玻利维亚的第30个民族艾马拉人正在迎接第5523个新年。They gathered at the Illimani mountain to welcome the sunrise.这个民族的人齐聚在伊利马尼山迎接日出。The Aymara believe the Illimani mountain can protect them.艾马拉人相信这座山在冥冥之中可以保护他们。Since 2001, the Aymara new year has become a national holiday in Bolivia.自2001年以来艾马拉人的新年就成为玻利维亚的法定假日。译文属 Article/201506/382131湖北微针缩小毛孔微针祛斑

武汉绣眉和雕眉哪个好susoo素秀国际武汉学院半永久果冻唇哪家好 They want to tie it to your real world behaviours -他们想将这些数据与你的真实生活联系起来location data from your cellphone - and it#39;s these correlations.例如手机里的定位信息就是连接的桥梁And as you are being surveilled 24/7,就在你全天候被监视的同时you are more under control.你也越来越受控制Right? You are less free, you are less autonomous.你不自由了 不自主了Schneier believes the ultimate result from all this surveillance施奈尔认为这场监控的终极结局may be a loss of freedom.可能是我们将失去自由What data does is gives someone control over you.数据给了别人控制你的能力The reason Google and Facebook are collecting this谷歌 脸书之所以收集数据is for psychological manipulation.是为了心理操控That#39;s their stated business purpose, right? Advertising.这是他们所谓的经营宗旨对吧 做广告They want to convince you 他们想说你to buy things you might not want to buy otherwise.购买那些你本不想买的东西And so that data is all about control.因此数据的存在就是为了掌控Governments collect it also for control. Right?政府收集数据也是为了掌控They want to control their population.他们想控制民众Maybe they#39;re concerned about dissidents,或许他们是担心异议人士maybe they#39;re concerned about criminals.或许他们是担心罪犯重点解释:1.under control 处于控制之下例句:You must get your spending under control.你必须节制开。2.be concerned about 关心例句:He is full of concern about his sick mother. 他非常挂念他有病的母亲 Article/201612/486118鄂城区梁子湖华容区做林教头纹绣多少钱

襄阳市做化妆造型多少钱【新闻精讲】Putting a wolf over their heads.把狼放在他们头顶。The majority of Americans see their pets as family members, surveys show.研究表明,大多数的美国人把他们的宠物看作自己的家庭成员。Those with dogs are more likely to call themselves pet “parents” than canine “owners”.养的人更愿意把自己称为的父母,而并非的主人。There are more of these parents than ever. 现在比以前有更多的“父母”。Canine犬科动物的:犬科动物的、与之相关的或具有其特点的More than1. 不仅Jason is more than a lecturer; he is a writer, too.2. 非常,很I am more than glad to help you.3. 与其……不如He is more lucky than clever.与其说他聪明,不如说他幸运。no more...than1. 表示对两者都否定,意为“同……一样不”(neither...nor...)-He is no more a writer than a lecturer.他既不是演讲家,也不是作家。2. “仅仅”“只有”“最多不超过”,强调少。如:--This test takes no more than thirty minutes.这个测验只要30分钟Less than1. 不像(如)He is less honest than his brother.他不如他哥哥诚实。2. 比……少,不如……多We drink less coffee than tea.我们喝咖啡不如喝茶多。I got less money than the others did.我比别人得到的钱少。3. 与其……不如……I regard him less as my teacher than as my friend.与其说我把他当作老师,不如说我是把他当作朋友。注:表示此义时可与more...than 结构替换(但要注意词序的变化)。如:He is less a teacher than an expert./He is more an expert than a teacher.与其说他是老师,不如说他是专家。In big cities such as San Francisco and Seattle, (owned) dogs outnumber children.在圣弗朗西斯科和西雅图这些大城市,被饲养的数量比人们的孩子还要多。The ways in which companies are profiting from the trend are also multiplying.公司从这一趋势中获利的方式也越来越多。Outnumber数字上超过a town where men outnumber women four to one.一个男女比例为4比1的城镇。The way + (in which) 方式,方法We want to know the way in which you learn new wordsTrend趋势:显示出大致的倾向;趋向:“The gender gap was trending down”(amp;b{James J. Kilpatrick})“性别之间愈来愈没有距离”(詹姆斯J.科尔帕里克)Multiply1. 使大大增加; 大大增加例:Such disputes multiplied recently.最近,此类争论大大增加2. 大量繁殖例:These creatures can multiply quickly.这些生物能迅速大量繁殖。Not only is there organic dog food on offer, but packaged, raw food for dogs so they can follow a “paleo” diet reminiscent of what their ancestors ate in the wild.不仅仅销售有机粮,而且还为提供生机包装食品,从而让能够回归原始饮食方式,回忆起它们祖先以前在野外所吃的东西。Raw food 生食例句:I cannot get used to raw food diets.我没法习惯吃生食。Paleo- 这是一个前缀古代的;史前的;古老的:paleobotany.古植物学Reminiscent令人回想的:倾向于回忆或提示往事的:an evening reminiscent of happier times.令人回想幸福时光的傍晚A different sort of indulgence is orthopaedic pet mattresses.一种不同的溺爱方式就是符合宠物身体构造床垫的诞生。This year Americans spent more than 0m on Halloween costumes for pets.今年,美国人为宠物的万圣节装扮花费超过4亿美元。Indulgence1. 沉溺:沉迷的行为或事例;满足 》 溺爱indulgence of every whim. 放纵于每个兴致2. 迁就,宽容:宽容某种事物的行为:indulgence in irresponsible behavior., 任性地作出不负责任的行为3. 嗜好:沉迷爱好的事物:Sports cars are an expensive indulgence.跑车是一个花费昂贵的嗜好Orthopaedic 矫形的Orthopaedic surgery 矫形外科 ; 骨科手术 ; 整形外科 ; 外科学Mattresses床垫,底垫Costume 饰Garment 外衣Clothing 衣Overall, annual spending on pet food and products in America has risen by around 40% over the past ten years, to bn—a remarkable rate of growth for an aly large industry, says Jared Koerten of Euromonitor, a research firm.总的说来,美国人每年在宠物食品和有关产品上的开销在过去10年间已经上涨了约40%,达到430亿美元。一家名为Euromonitor研究公司的Jared Koerten表示,这个增长率对于体量已然极其庞大的行业来说是惊人的。Overall总体上地(Webster: as a whole : GENERALLY )例:Overall I was disappointed.总的来说,我感到失望。Remarkable显著,值得注意的 noticeableIt is quite remarkable that doctors have been so wrong about this.Now a pack of startups has sniffed a fresh opportunity.现在,一群创业公司已经嗅到了商机。Sniff1. 嗅,闻:使用嗅觉器官,如品尝或调查:sniffed at the jar to see what it held. 嗅一嗅罐子看里面装的是什么2. 鄙视:用瞧不起或不重视的态度看待某物:The critics sniffed at the adaptation of the novel to film.家们对于把小说改编成电影不屑一顾Fresh1, 新鲜, 干净fresh air; fresh water2. 没经验的;不熟练的:fresh recruits. 新兵Much as Airbnb has offered travellers an alternative to staying in a hotel, two firms, Rover and DogVacay, want to give pet owners an alternative to kennels when away from home.就像Airbnb已经为旅行者提供了另外一种入住酒店的方式,Rover和DogVacay这两家公司打算为宠物饲主出远门时提供一种全新的寄养方式。Kennel窝,房kernel中心:最具实质性的中心部分;核心:“that hard kernel of gaiety that never breaks”(Evelyn Waugh)“快乐的坚强核心从未破裂。”(伊夫琳#8226;沃)Customers search for a nearby sitter and pay for their dog to stay in that person’s home.顾客可以搜寻就近的“宠物保姆”,然后为他们的宠物付“住宿费”。Sitter保姆:当父母不在时照看孩子的人The cost is around a night, with the majority of that going to the sitter and around a fifth to the company—much less than you would spend to check your dog into a kennel.寄养宠物一晚上的花费是大约30美金,“宠物保姆”会收到其中大部分的钱,只有约五分之一的佣金归属这个公司。这比你花钱给宠物店照看要便宜得多。Check 暂时看放Check over 查看;检查:The teacher checked the students#39; papers over. 老师仔细查看了学生们的试卷Check in 在旅馆登记住宿Check out1. 结帐离开:结帐并且离开旅馆或其它住所2. 办妥手续之后取出(某物):check out books. 借出书籍 Article/201702/493078 英语非常道 第10期:名师2011年雅思考试趋势(下) Article/201508/385185武汉素秀纹绣机构美容纹绣哪家好武汉市纹眉绣眉植眉哪个好



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