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But then the doubts crept in.可是后来一些怀疑的声音却掺杂进来。Only Jarvik had ever analysed the ichthyostega fossil and you just had to take his word for it,只有Jarvik研究过这块鱼石螈化石,人们只能参照他的说法,but worse, mutterings began that there was a gaping hole in the story.更糟的是,有人开始议论这个故事中有一个破绽Eusthenopteron could not be the immediate ancestor of ichthyostega.真掌鳍鱼不可能是鱼石螈最近的祖先The difference between them was too vast.它们之间的差异太大了Ichthyostega was a fully formed tetrapod with a ribcage, pelvis attached to the backbone,鱼石螈是完全成形的四足动物,拥有与脊椎相连的胸廓和骨盆a spine with interlocking spurs and limbs with fingers and toes.具备关节突起的脊柱,以及长着爪和趾的四肢The fish was still a fish, despite its primitive leg bones.而鱼仍旧是鱼,尽管它有了原始的腿骨It showed little sign of evolving any of these other tetrapod features.它几乎没有其它向四足动物进化的特征迹象To prove one had become the other they needed more evidence.要想明一种动物进化成了另一种动物,他们还需要更多的据What this really adds up to is that these changes seem to be too gross to have happened in one step.这里总结起来可以看出,这些变化实在太大了,不可能一步到位There must be missing animals in here.这中间一定有缺失的物种For a start somewhere out there should be other species of Devonian tetrapods可以预见,某个地方肯定还有其它四足动物which might shed some light on the theory, but above all they needed to find an intermediate animal,或许能说明这一理论,但他们首先需要做的就是找到中间物种one that showed the changes between fish and tetrapod actually happening,一种能解释鱼如何演变成四足动物的物种some strange beast that could walk, but was half fish/half tetrapod that was a missing link.一只能够行走,但却是半鱼半四足类的奇怪动物,它就是进化缺环。201702/490247。

I dont think weve ever seen a cruel picture done by Bill, and certainly hes had an opportunity to really have done it.我们从没看到Bill拍过什么残忍的照片,其实他有机会去拍那样的照片。Hes chosen never to do it.但是他选择不去那样做。He was still working at Womens Wear, and he did a piece on women on the street...in the same clothes as the models on the runway.他当时还在为;女士着装;工作,他拍过一组照片街拍那些和时装秀穿着同样衣的女人。It was about how incredible women had their own style...and what they could do with the clothes, side by side...with what the designers did on the runway, and they changed his copy to make fun of the women.他想去展示一些与众不同的女人怎样穿出自己的风格,她们对衣有着怎样的改装和那些时装秀的设计师比起来有什么不同。但是杂志社换了他的主题,把这些女人的着装做成了一种搞笑的比较。This idea of a valuation of one person over another, or one image over another, was not something that he really subscribes to as a person.他并不赞成,通过一张张照片去对一个人做出怎样的评判的做法。He was so beyond upset.他对这件事感到非常不安。It was so sad and it...He didnt think hed ever get over it, because he was so embarrassed and upset...and really cared about the women that he had put in this...in this and what happened.他很难过……他觉得他忘不掉这件事,因为他觉得很尴尬和不安,他会真的很在意那些照片被选入那期杂志的女人们在这件事发生之后会有怎样的想法,会不会影响她们的生活。That was the end of his career at Womens Wear Daily.这样,因为这件事他结束了在;女性着装;的工作。Yeah, shes lovely.哦,她很可爱。Jesus, whatd she...Just get a garbage bag?哦,天呐…她那是一个垃圾袋么?Rubbish bag. Looks like shes in a rose, a black rose.是垃圾袋…看她多像一朵玫瑰,一朵黑玫瑰。Its a garbage bag.这就是个大垃圾袋。What the hell you talking about a rose?你居然说像玫瑰?What would you people from southern New Jersey know?像你们这些从南新泽西州来的人会怎么说?Oh-ho. Beautiful woman.哦这是个漂亮的女人。These two are exquisite. Look at them.她们俩穿的好精致,看啊。Its really hard to describe oneself...because I think one lives very often in other peoples visions.我觉得一个人很难去描述自己是什么样的,我们有时候是活在别人的观点和评价中的。I see myself as the worlds oldest living teenager cause I have such a good time, and I try to get as much kick out of things as possible.我把自己当做这世界上最老的;青少年;因为我享受了这么多好时光,并且我努力去实现想做的事情。201608/460195。

Chinas illegal ivory trade is dying.中国的非法象牙贸易正在消亡。And thats fantastic news for Africas waning elephant population.这对于非洲日渐衰弱的大象种群来说是个好消息。According to a new report from conservation group Save the Elephants, the price of ivory in China has dropped from about 2,100 dollars per kilogram in 2014 to 730 dollars per kilogram in 2017.根据拯救大象保护组织的一份新报告,中国象牙的价格已从2014年的每公斤2100美元下降到2017年的730美元。On top of that, the report says every single one of Chinas ivory factories will be shut down by April 1. And all retail outlets in the country will close by the end of the year.此外,报告称中国在4月1日前将关闭每家象牙工厂。全国所有零售店年底前将关闭。Save the Elephants is crediting these big steps to an economic slowdown, growing public awareness and the governments commitment to put a stop to the trade.拯救大象将这些重大举措归功于经济增长的放缓、越来越强的公众意识和政府停止贸易的承诺。Chinas ivory market is one of the biggest in the world. And conservationists hope its decline will help end the widesp poaching of African elephants for tusks.中国的象牙市场是世界上最大的。自然资源保护主义者希望贸易的减少有助于结束为了获得象牙对非洲大象的普遍偷猎。According to the World Wildlife Fund, 3 million to 5 million elephants lived in Africa in the early part of the 20th century. Today, the countrys elephant population has plummeted to about 415,000.根据世界野生动物基金会的数据,二十世纪早期非洲有300万到500万头大象。现在该国的大象数量已锐减至约415,000头。But China still has a long way to go to protect other vulnerable species. Loopholes and exceptions allow the country to traffic parts from other wild animals, including tigers and rhinos.但是,在保护其它濒危物种上中国仍然有很长的路要走。法律上的漏洞和例外使其非法买卖其它野生动物,包括老虎和犀牛。译文属。201704/501735。


This may look like just another Silicon Valley company, with people coding at their desk.这家公司看起来可能和硅谷的其他公司毫无两样,员工们坐在桌前编写代码。But Capella Space has a unique customer: the U.S. military.但Capella Space公司有一个独特的顾客:美国军队。;We like to work with the government because we think we can help the government save money,“我们很愿意和政府合作,因为我们认为,我们能帮助政府节省费用,bring a capability that doesnt exist, and through that hopefully save some lives.;开发一种不存在的功能,进而希望通过这些拯救一些生命。”An immigrant from Iran, Payam Banazadeh now builds a special kind of satellite that is a bit bigger than a shoebox.帕亚姆是一位来自伊朗的移民,他正在建造一种只比鞋盒稍大一点的特殊的卫星。;In fact, this is a military type technology.“实际上,这是一种军用技术。The problem is the satellites that the military uses are massive.;军队目前所使用的卫星的问题就是它们太大了。”Capella can build satellites smaller, cheaper and faster than traditional military satellites.Capella可以制作出比传统的军用卫星更小、更便宜、更快的卫星。Now the US military can be a customer of Capella Satellite data quickly through a new Defense Department group,目前,通过一个叫做国防创新试验单元(DIUx)的新的国防部机构,called Defense Innovation Experimental, or DIUx.美国军队可以很快地成为Capella卫星数据的一个客户。;So the Department of Defense is the worlds largest bureaucracy.“因为国防部是世界上最大的政府机构,There are some things that are of a secret nature and must be protected.所以有一些带有秘密性质的东西必须被保护起来。And of course, everything that our soldiers touch could have life or death implications.;当然,军人们接触的所有东西都可能生死攸关。”As a result, the military tends to be risk averse, and in many cases, will only adopt technology when it is perfect.结果是,军队倾向于规避风险,并且在许多情况下,他们只采用完美的技术。But by then, the technology maybe outdated.但到那时,这项技术可能就已过时了。The tech startup culture is the opposite, where risk and speed drive innovation.新兴科技公司却与之相反,他们靠风险和速度推动创新。;You know, have this minimal viable product that you launch really quickly into the market“你知道,将这种最低可行性产品迅速发布到市场上,and learn about it and iterate and try to do this as quickly as possible.;从中学习,然后再重复发布新版本,并尽可能做到最快。”At the Milken Institute Global Conference recently,最近,在梅肯学院举行的全球会议上,Silicon Valley experts emphasized the importance of keeping up with technology.硅谷的专家们强调了跟上科技步伐的重要性。;As a broad statement, government systems are not using the latest forms of operating systems, encryptions and mechanisms.;“泛泛来说,政府系统所使用的操作系统、加密技术和机制都不是最新的。”As the most recent global cyber attack proves, it is a constant race to stay ahead of threats.最近的全球网络攻击事件表明,想要预知风险就应不断地全速前进。Housed in this building in the middle of Silicon Valley,位于硅谷中间的这栋建筑中,DIUx is a bridge that brings together the different cultures of Silicon Valley startups and the U.S. military to meet national security needs.DIUx是一座桥梁,将硅谷中不同文化的新兴公司与美国军队联系起来,以满足国家安全的各种需求。;Technology is always changing and if you have only legacy equipment,“科技不断在变,如果你只有遗留设备,that actually gives the bad guys more time to figure out what the vulnerabilities are.这实际上给坏人留下更多时间去研究漏洞是什么。If were constantly evolving, right, its a cat and mouse game between attackers and defenders and we want to be on the winning side of that.;如果我们不断进化,是吧,攻击者和防卫者之间就是猫鼠游戏,而我们想获胜。”That starts with DIUx doing away with much of the paperwork and bureaucracy traditionally involved with having the military as a customer.DIUx开始废除过多的文书工作以及官僚制度是在有了军队这一客户之后。Since its inception 18 months ago, DIUx has worked with more than 30 tech companies across the U.S. and the world.成立18个月以来,DIUx已与美国及世界上30多家科技公司进行过合作。Capella Space plans to launch its satellite in about six months.Capella Space计划在未来六个月之内发射自己的卫星。Elizabeth Lee, VOA news, Mountain View, California.VOA新闻,伊丽莎白·李于加利福尼亚,山景城为您报道。201706/513610。


Unable to raise additional funds, Westinghouse is y to admit defeat.无法募集额外资金威斯汀豪斯准备好了接受失败Tesla, the reason Im here is to tell you that my company is on the verge of bankruptcy.特斯拉 我来这里是想告诉你 我的公司已处在破产的边缘You have my A.C. motor designs, you can raise more money.你有我的交流马达设计 你可以筹更多钱Its the opposite.正好相反Nobody will lend me money because of your royalty deal on your patents.没人愿意借钱我 因为你专利的使用费条款The benefits that will come to civilization from my polyphase system will mean more to me than money involved.我的多相系统将会造福人类文明 这对我而言比钱更重要Mr. Westinghouse, you will save your company to develop my invention.威斯汀豪斯先生 沿我的思路继续研发 将能挽救你的公司This is my contract, and I will tear it to pieces, and you will no longer have any troubles from my royalties.这是我的合同 我将把它撕碎 这样一来 使用费就不会成问题了Thank you, Nikola.谢谢你 尼古拉Tesla gives Westinghouse control of A.C. and forgoes all claim to his patents.特斯拉将交流电的控制权给了威斯汀豪斯 放弃了自己对专利的所有权利Investments soon pour in.资金很快就大量注入And Westinghouse Electric is viable again.威斯汀豪斯电力公司重新获得了活力Westinghouse knows that to beat Morgan, he needs a bold move.威斯汀豪斯知道 要想打败根 就需要大胆的举措And soon, he has the perfect opportunity.很快 他有了绝好的机会Chicago is about to host one of the globes landmark events-- the Worlds Fair.芝加哥将主办全球最重大的活动之一 世会Organizers want it to be the most stunning display of technology ever seen.主办方希望把这一届办成有史以来最具科技感的They decide to light the entire event using electricity.他们决定使用电力为整个活动提供照明The managers and the creators of the Chicago Worlds Fair of 1893 want to have an entirely electric city.1893年芝加哥世会的主办方希望展示一个完全用电的城市They want to be cutting edge.他们希望走在科技的最前沿They invite companies to bid on this contract to electrify the fair.他们邀企业竞标世会的供电合同Morgan assumes that he and Edison are a lock to light the fair.根认定 他和爱迪生将成为世会的供电商But Westinghouse has other plans.但威斯汀豪斯显然有更好的计划 201606/447955。

Danny: Umm.. when did we get a farmers market?丹尼·格林:昂...我们什么时候开了一个农贸市场?Manu: Its a fun way to show off fruits and veggies from our home countries.马努·吉诺比利:这是一个展示我们祖国水果和蔬菜的有趣的方式。Pau: Like delicious Taylor Golden pairs from Spain保罗·加索尔:比如美味的西班牙金梨。LaMarcus: Or beautiful corn from Hondo Texas.拉马库斯·阿尔德里奇:我这有美如画的德州特产玉米。Kawhi: I have California plumcot - they breed plums with apricots.科怀·伦纳德:我这儿有加州李杏,红杏出墙勾搭李子的产物。Danny: Only in California, am I right? Whats that?丹尼·格林:也就只有加州人好这口,我说的没错吧?这是什么?Tony: Gateaux Napoleon avec fraises de Poteet!托尼·帕克:拿破仑蛋糕与草莓波蒂特!Danny: Excuse me?丹尼·格林:什么东西?Kawhi: Oh, thats Poteet strawberry shortcake.科怀·伦纳德:哦,就是草莓起酥蛋糕。Tony: Thats not what I said?托尼·帕克:我说的不是这个意思。H-E-B. Fresh produce from Texas and around the world.HEB. 德州新鲜果蔬批发,还有来自全球的产品。201705/508173。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201606/449772。