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哈密治疗耳鸣大概多少钱费用乌市人民医院美尼尔怎么样Patient data病人数据Caring and sharing关爱和分享A controversial NHS database will benefit patients—eventually颇有争议的英国国民保健务数据库将最终惠及病人NESTLED among offers for tree trimmers, cleaners and slankets, the English may have noticed a leaflet with “important information” about their health records last month. More likely, they did not. Though the National Health Service says it sent one to every household, over 70% of the public do not remember getting it. Those who did pick it off the carpet learned of a plan to collect patient data from GPs. Slated to begin in April, it has now been shelved for six months so that a more robust campaign can be mounted to convince the public of its merits.上个月,从事修剪树木、清洁工作或是居家的英国人可能会注意到有一张传单记录着他们健康情况的重要信息。更多的是,他们可能没有注意到这一现象。尽管英国国民保健务机构称他们给每户家庭都送了一张健康信息单,超过70%的公众不记得收到过。那些在门口的垫子上捡到健康信息单的人们了解到,需要通过全科医生收集病人数据。尽管既定4月份开始启动,这一计划现在已经被搁置了6个月,因此,可能会利用一场更加激烈的活动让公众认识到该信息单的优越性。The programme, called care.data, attracted little attention when it was set up as part of the Health and Social Care Act of 2012. Many patients now feel it has been thrust upon them with little consultation. Critics have stoked fears that the database might be hacked or misused by businesses or other third parties, which can petition the government for access. Despite safeguards to keep identifiable data confidential, GPs worry patients will withhold information from them. Many will likely opt out of the scheme, which almost two-thirds of the public opposes.这一项目称为关爱数据,最初作为2012年健康和社会保健法案设立时并未引起人们的关注。许多病人现在认为这项法案没有咨询他们的意见就强加在了他们的身上。家们担心该数据库被黑客窃取或者被滥用于商业以及被第三方所利用,因为这些公司或第三方可以向政府申请访问权限。尽管保护措施确保可识别的数据非常隐秘,但是全科医生担心病人将从中撤走其个人信息。几乎有三分之二的公众反对该项目,很多人可能决定从中退出。The NHS certainly has a public-relations problem, but its central case is strong. Data on patients in hospital are aly collected by the health service—and have never been seriously breached, say officials. These have helped it to allocate funds and keep accurate books. The information has also helped to save lives, says Tim Kelsey, the NHS director for patients and information. In Bristol, data showed an unusually high death rate during paediatric surgeries in the early 1990s, a problem since corrected. In Mid Staffordshire the numbers signalled a catastrophic breakdown in care between 2005 and , leading to a government inquiry, though not before hundreds of patients died.国民保健务有处理公众关系的问题,但是其核心案例非常强大。保健务系统已经搜集了医院的病人数据—官员说并未遇到非常强烈的反对情况。这些案例帮助该务系统筹集资金,并保有关书籍的正确性。国民保健务的病人与信息部主任蒂姆·凯尔西称,这一也有利于挽救病人的生命。在布里斯托尔收集的数据表明,20世纪90年代早期,儿科手术的死亡率非常高,自从改正后就出现了这个问题。斯塔福德郡中部的数据显示2005年至年,社会关爱遭受了灾难性的崩溃,成百上千的病人去世,从而引起政府政府关注进行调查。Information gleaned from GPs would help the NHS administer the system better. But the greatest potential lies in linking the two datasets. People tend to think of health care as a one-off episode, says John Appleby of the Kings Fund, a health-policy think-tank. But most care is consumed by people with chronic conditions, like diabetes, who move between GPs offices and hospital wards. Without data from family doctors it is impossible to track patients and figure out which treatments produce the best long-term results.通过全科医生收集的信息可帮助国民保健务更好地管理这一系统。但是最大的潜力是连接两大数据组。卫生政策智囊团——国王基金——的约翰·阿普比人们常认为健康保健是一次性事件,但是大多数的医疗关怀都用在了患有慢性疾病的人身上(如糖尿病患者),他们往返于全科医生办公室和医院病房之间。没有来自家庭医生的数据资料,就没法跟踪病人并了解哪种治疗方式能够产生最佳的长期的治疗效果。Few countries do this well, but Britains NHS numbers, which are assigned to each patient, give it an advantage. Indeed, within its own (present) borders it has a model worth emulating. Scotland gathers all data on diabetes patients into a central database and shares it around. One result has been a 40% drop in amputation rates. The Scots are now looking to keep diabetes patients out of hospital, where they cost over £300m (0m) a year. Put another way, they want to know what is and is not working in GPs offices.很少有国家能够在这一领域取得成绩,但是英国的国民保健务数据指定到每个病人,也是有其优势的。确实,在其范围之内,这一模式值得仿效。苏格兰收集了糖尿病患者的所有数据输入到中心数据库中,并和其他地区分享。其中之一的结果就是截肢率下降了40%。苏格兰人现在希望能让糖尿病患者离开医院,因此他们每年需要耗费3亿英镑(5亿美元)。但是另一方面,他们也想知道全科医生办公室的优点和缺点。The more data collected, the more useful it is, but not everyone will be persuaded to hand their information to the NHS. Some patients will no doubt conclude that the potential benefits of care.data do not trump their concerns. Either way they will get a healthy debate.收集的信息越多越有用,但是不是能够说所有人都同意将其信息交给国民保健务机构。有些病人会毫不犹豫地断定关爱数据的潜在福利不会解决他们的顾虑。换句话来说,他们将进行一场关于健康的辩论。 译者:毛慧 校对:王红兵 译文属译生译世 /201510/405097哈密人民医院腺样体肥大看怎么样好不好 Italian politics意大利政治A golden opportunity绝佳机会The split of Silvio Berlusconis party could boost the governing coalition贝卢斯科尼政党的分裂将推动政治联盟T WAS meant to be a christening, but it turned into a funeral. On November 16th Silvio Berlusconi, a media tycoon, rebranded his party, the People of Freedom (PdL). Henceforth it will be Forza Italia (Come on Italy), the name of his political vehicle before 2007 when he merged it with the more right-wing National Alliance to form the PdL. But the much-vaunted rebirth provided the occasion for a split. A faction loyal to the interior minister, Angelino Alfano, stayed away from the relaunch congress. And on the same day Mr Alfano, once the billionaire businessmans designated successor, announced a new group in parliament called the New Centre Right (NCD). This looks as if it will evolve into a separate party.字母T意味着一场宗教洗礼,但结果却是一场葬礼。在11月16号传媒大亨贝卢斯科尼重新命名了自己的政党人民自由党。因此人民自由党会改名为加油意大利,这个名字还是在2007年他与右翼国家联盟融合而形成自由人民党之前取的名字。但是这场声势浩大的更名事件成为了政党分裂的导火线。持内政部长安杰利诺·阿尔法诺 (Angelino Alfano)的一些派系不持重新召开国会。在同一日阿尔法诺这位曾经身为亿万商贾的既定继承人,宣布国会出现一个新的政党即新中右翼党。按发展形势看它将发展为一个独立的政党。The split offers Enrico Lettas coalition a glittering opportunity to introduce the economic reforms that Italy urgently needs if its economy is to move ahead in the years to come at more than a snails pace. The OECD this week predicted that unemployment (12.5% in September), and debt as a proportion of GDP (133%) would both continue to rise, even as the economy creeps out of recession next year.人民自由党的分裂将给莱塔提供一个绝妙的机会来引进经济改革,如果意大利的经济不想在接下来的几年再以蜗牛的速度增长的话,这个经济改革是迫切需要的。本周经济合作与发展组织预测失业率(9月份是12.5%)和债务占GDP(133%)的比例将会持续增长,尽管明年经济会爬出衰退的困境。Cohabitation between the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), to which Mr Letta belongs, and the NCD may never be easy. But the government will be able to get on with its job now without having to worry that Mr Berlusconi might at any moment pull the rug from under it. That threat had aly receded: Mr Alfano and his fellow-rebels blocked an attempt by Mr Berlusconi last month to destroy the coalition. The formation of the NCD makes the threat even more remote. All the PdLs ministers joined the rebellion, pushing Mr Berlusconi and his reborn Forza Italia into opposition alongside the Northern League and the maverick Five Star Movement of Beppe Grillo, a comedian.莱塔所属的中右翼民主党和新中右翼党的联合从来就没顺利过。但是现在政府可以不用担心贝卢斯科尼说不定在什么时候跑出来捣乱。这种威胁以及变弱了:阿尔法诺和他的叛军伙伴们在三个月就阻碍了贝卢斯科尼对联盟的摧毁。新中右翼党的形成让这种威胁变得更加遥远。所有自由民主党人士都加入了反抗,这导致贝卢斯科尼和他重生的加油意大利党站到了北方联盟和喜剧演员毕普·格里罗(Beppe Grillo)领导的特立独行的五星运动的对立面。Mr Berlusconi launched his failed coup last month in retaliation for what he sees as the PDs refusal to prevent his expulsion from parliament following his conviction for tax fraud in August. The senate is expected to vote for his ejection on November 27th. Disagreements over his fate are not, however, the only reasons for the split in the PdL. The rebels tend to be closer to the centre. And they are impatient with Mr Berlusconis autocratic style of leadership.贝卢斯科尼自认为人民党拒绝阻止自己因为8月份被定罪为税收诈骗而被驱逐出国会,为了报复这一事件,他开展了一个失败的政变。在11月27号参议员要求对是否驱逐贝卢斯科尼做出投票。然而,就他的判决结果产生的分歧不是人民自由党分裂的唯一原因。反派者越来越中立。他们已经对贝卢斯科尼专制的领导风格失去了耐心。That was also the reason for the last big split on the Italian right. In 2010 a previous Berlusconi lieutenant, Gianfranco Fini, stormed out of the PdL to form his own party. He and his followers have since been reduced to virtual irrelevance, a point the television magnate made forcefully to Mr Alfano in the gruelling negotiations that failed to prevent the latest split. But there are differences between the two revolts. Mr Alfanos followers in parliament are more numerous: 30 in the 321-member senate and 27 in the 630-seat chamber of deputies. And whereas Mr Fini led his disciples into the wilderness of opposition, Mr Alfano is assuring his of a place in the governing majority, if not the government.这也是上次意大利政权严重分裂的原因。2010年前贝卢斯科尼中尉芬妮(Gianfranco Fini),迅速的离开自由民主党创建他自己的政党。他和他的跟随者从此沦落为无关紧要的人物,这是在那次激烈的谈判上电视巨头向阿尔法诺强调指出的,尽管这次谈判未能阻止的了最近的这场政党分裂。但是这两次反抗还是有不同之处的。阿尔法诺在国会的跟随者占多数:在321个参议员中有30人,在630个下议院人员中有27人。尽管芬妮只是与自己的跟随者做出公开的反对,但是阿尔法诺在执政岗上保了自己的地位,就算不是在政府里面。His rebellion poses the intriguing question of whether, as Mr Berlusconi reportedly fears, Italys newly fortified coalition might be the basis for something more ambitious. Since the early 1990s, when Italy began experimenting with bipartisan politics as an alternative to the broadly based coalitions that had governed Italy for the previous 40-odd years, some have insisted that the country is inherently unsuited to two-party democracy and would benefit from a powerful centre party. Mr Alfano and Mr Letta, who are on good personal terms, both emerged from Democrazia Cristiana, the old Christian Democratic Party, which spanned the middle of the political spectrum and dominated Italys post-war politics.他的反叛存在着一个耐人寻味的疑问,正如报道所称贝卢斯科尼也有所忌惮的,那就是意大利新强化的联盟或许是一些更加雄心壮志的事情的基础。自90世纪早期,即意大利开始尝试着把两党政治作为之前统治意大利40多年的多党联盟的替代品以来,一些人坚持认为意大利的国情不适合搞两党民主,国家会从一个强大的中心政党中获利。有着良好个人关系的阿尔法诺和莱塔,来自基督民主党,这个党派曾扩张到政治权利的中心并主宰着战后意大利的政治。Much will now depend on the achievements of their coalition and on whether it can reignite economic growth. And for that, the government will need more courage than moderation.现在更多的是取决于联盟的成效以及这是否会重新促进经济的增长。所以,政府需要的不是中庸之道而是勇往直前。翻译:谢林红 译文属译生译世 /201511/408688Its our season nine premiere and Im so excited for you all to meet an amazing woman这是我们第九季的首场秀 我很激动 你们将认识这位了不起的女士who is made her lifes work to make a difference.take a look at Sherrie Gahn她无私的付出让世界变的不同 认识一下Sherrie GahnIm Sherrie Gahn and Im the principal of Whitney Elementary School我是Sherrie Gahn 我是惠特尼小学的校长Whitney is very unique because we service very high needs population惠特尼是个特别的学校 我们为特别需要帮助的人们务we had a lot of homeless children here,more than 85% of our students are famished reduce lunch and a lot of the 85% are homeless我们学校有很多无家可归的孩子 85%的孩子们不吃晚饭挨着饿 在这85%里许多孩子还无家可归when they leave here on the daily basis,sometimes we dont know where they are going当他们学完功课离开学校后 有时候我们也不知道他们会去哪里their environment changes everyday,somedays they may live in their apartment,somedays they like in a hotel motel他们的生活环境每天都在变 有时他们住在出租屋 有时住旅馆somedays they may be in the streets,we dont know where theyre gonna go有时候可能流落街头 我们不知道他们能去哪when I first came to Whitney and I was in the lunch room walking around helping the kids当我刚来到惠特尼时 一天我在餐厅帮忙and they kept pocketing their ketchup,putting their ketchup,when I asked my staff what were they doing看到孩子们在收集番茄酱 把自己那份装进口袋里 我问我的员工他们为什么这么做they told me that they do that often because they needed do it.its gonna be their dinner its ketchup soup他们告诉我他们常这么做因为他们需要这么做 那些番茄酱将是他们的晚餐 煮汤用的theyre gonna go home and make ketchup soup with it,because there aint no food他们要用那些番茄酱回家煮汤 因为他们没有食物my goal was if I can take that off their plan,if I can make them come to school and feel safe and warm and they have clothes我的目标是想帮他们结束这样的生活 如果可以 我希望他们能上学 有衣穿 并且感到温暖 有安全感just like any other child and they are under same level playing field as any other child in school,then they can learn就像其他同等条件 学校里同龄的孩子们一样 那他们就可以安心学习了I guess its sort of like that fairy tale that you go to school you get new backpack you get new clothes我想那有点像童话故事 你上学了还可以有新书包 新衣 /201605/445273和田妇幼保健第一人民市中医院鼻炎治疗的价格

乌鲁木齐妇幼保健第一人民市中医院咽喉炎要多少钱Europe Russian politics欧洲 俄罗斯政坛风向突变Putin’s purges普京的清洗运动Interpreting a sudden crackdown on extravagant officials风向突变,指官员;个中详情,且看分解For senior members of the ed Russia party it was like a scene from Mikhail Bulgakov’s “The Master and Margarita”. They would have special affinity with Nikanor Ivanovich Bosoi, chairman of the tenants’ association tricked by Woland (Satan in disguise). The roubles he gets from Woland’s sidekick and stuffs into a ventilation shaft turn into dollars. Bosoi is arrested and put in a psychiatric ward, where he dreams of a bass voice booming from the sky: “Hand over your foreign currency!”对于统一俄罗斯党的高层来说,如今这幅景象就像米哈伊尔·布尔加科夫的《大师和玛格丽特》中写的一样。他们一定对书中的伊万诺维奇·波索伊印象深刻,这位租户协会主席被由魔鬼撒旦乔装的乌兰欺骗。他从乌兰的口袋里搞到苏联卢布,然后通过通风井变成美元。波索伊后来被捕,并被投入精神病院。在病床上,他梦见从空中传来一阵低沉的声音:“把你手里的外汇交出来!”This time the voice asking for a handover of foreign bank accounts was President Vladimir Putin’s. On February 12th he submitted a bill to the Duma banning officials and lawmakers from having foreign bank accounts or investing in foreign government debt. The draft also banned the ownership of property abroad, though this was subsequently changed to merely demanding its declaration.如今这个呼喊着催逼外国账户的人换成了普京总统。2月12日,普京向杜马提交了一份议案,要求禁止政府官员和杜马议员持有外国账户和购买外国国债。议案还禁止拥有境外财产,不过这一项随后被改为只需发表类似声明即可。A day later Vladimir Pekhtin, a founder of ed Russia and head of the Duma’s ethics committee, was revealed as the owner of an undeclared .3mluxury apartment in Miami Beach. The details were posted on the internet by Alexei Navalny, an opposition activist and blogger. Mr Pekhtin brushed off these “unmerited accusations”. “I practically have no property abroad,” he insisted. Yet on February 20th, doubtless after hearing Mr Putin’s voice, he resigned from the Duma. Even though he had done nothing wrong, he said, the scandal tainted the party and its interests must come above his own. Another ed Russia deputy, Anatoly Lomakin, with an estimated fortune of .2 billion, resigned “for health reasons”. More deputies are on their way out, say press reports. State television showed pictures ofMiami Beachapartments and talked of purges and a return of moral values.一天之后,身为统俄党缔造者、俄罗斯杜马道德委员会负责人的弗拉基米尔·佩赫廷被爆出在迈阿密海滩拥有一所并未公开、价值130万美元的奢华公寓。这些细节是由俄罗斯反对派活动家、客作家阿莱克谢·纳瓦尔尼通过网络爆出。佩赫廷否认了这些“不当指责”,他坚称:“事实上我在境外没有财产。”不过在2月20日,佩赫廷选择从杜马辞职,毫无疑问这是普京的授意。佩赫廷表示,虽然自己并没有做错什么事,但这个爆料被视为玷污统俄党的丑闻,党的利益高于他的个人利益,他只能认栽。另一位统俄党党员、身价达120亿美元的安纳托利·罗马金因“健康原因”而辞职。据媒体报道,更多的统俄党人士在寻找出路。俄罗斯国家电视台播送了迈阿密海滩公寓的照片,并谈及这次党内清洗,言及这是道德价值的回归。In place of public denunciations and 1930s show trials, the “purged” Mr Pekhtin was greeted by standing ovations from his comrades who called him an example of morality. No proceedings were started against him and he could yet end up with a cushy job. Nevertheless, the purges signal a shift inRussia’s politics.与公开谴责和上世纪30年代的公审公判不同,这一次“清洗”佩赫廷是以同志们长时间起立鼓掌,称其为道德楷模的方式进行的。他没有遭到任何起诉,退出后还拿到一份轻松的工作。话虽如此,清洗标志着俄罗斯政坛要变风向了。Gleb Pavlovsky, a former Kremlin consultant, explains that, in the past, the nomenklatura were shielded from opponents’ criticism and left to enjoy the fruits of their loyalty at home and abroad without interference from the top. Mr Pekhtin’s resignation shows that this no longer holds true, but without explaining what the new rules are. This makes the elite nervous, which may be no bad thing from Mr Putin’s viewpoint.前克里姆林宫智囊格莱布·帕夫洛夫斯基对此解读说,在苏联时代,政府大员们没有政治对手攻击之虞,只要忠于体制,就能尊享国内国外的种种特权,还不会受到高层干预。佩赫廷的辞职表明这一现象将是明日黄花,只不过新的游戏规则还没有厘定出来。这会让俄罗斯的权贵们紧张不安,不过按照普京的观点这可能不是什么坏事。The purges are not a concession to the opposition. Using Mr Navalny’s information to its advantage has not stopped the Kremlin from throwing new accusations at him. Nor do they stem from a sudden conversion to the principle of democratic accountability. Rather, say Kremlinologists, they reflect Mr Putin’s need to gain more legitimacy among voters and tighten his grip over an elite that likes to keep its assets and children in the West.不过清洗并不代表对反对派的让步。虽然当局采用了纳瓦尔尼的信息,不过这并不会让克林姆林宫停止对他提起新指控。这些变化并非源于民主问责制。相反,按克里姆林宫问题专家的说法,这反倒折射出普京需要从选民手里获得更多的持,并像对待他们在西方国家的财产和移居西方的小孩一样,收紧对俄罗斯权贵阶层的控制。Behind the purges lies an assumption that the West is plotting against him and could exploit the private interests of Russian officials. Mr Putin seems to see America’s Magnitsky act, which threatens sanctions against Russian officials involved in human-rights abuses, as an attempt to control them. Hence his wish to “ring-fence” the elite from Western influence and gain more leverage.清洗的背后也有这样一种假设,即西方正在密谋反对普京,而且可能会利用俄罗斯官员的私人利益来达到目的。美国已经弄出了个“马格尼茨基法案”,这项法案威胁要制裁在马格尼茨基案中侵犯人权的俄罗斯官员,这就是在尝试去控制俄罗斯官员。因此普京要把俄罗斯的精英们从西方的影响中“隔离开来”,加大对这一群体的影响。But Mr Putin’s options are limited. Access to Western goods, services and property is a pillar of his system. Removing it could turn more of the elite against him. Random (and so far soft) purges, a ban on foreign bank accounts and anti-American hysteria may be mere half-measures, but even they may be too extreme. Alexei Venediktov, editor of Echo Moskvy, a radio station, comments that “Mr Putin has tied an axe over the head of the elite. But being a cautious politician, he considers a threat of repression more effective than repression itself.”但是普京手里的牌却不多。精英阶层购买西方商品,享受西方务,置购西方地产,这些特权是持普京权利体系的柱,现在回收这些特权可能会把权贵们赶到自己对立面去。虽然在普京看来,肆意清洗(现在还算轻的),禁开外国账户以及对美国妄想症般的诋毁都不过是折中方案,即便如此,这些方案都显得太过于极端。“莫斯科回声”电台编辑阿莱克谢·维涅季克托夫评价说:“普京在权贵头上悬了一把斧头。但是作为一个审慎的政治家,他知道高压的威胁远比高压本身更有效果。”Repression is used against protesters but also on junior officials. In the past year over 800 cases have been opened into local officials, councillors and mayors. The highest-profile casualty so far was Anatoly Serdyukov, an ex-defence minister implicated in a procurement scandal. He was fired and humiliated on state television, but not arrested or charged. Whether he is now brought before the judges will show just how far Mr Putin’s purges go.镇压不仅用在抗议者身上,还用在高官们身上。在过去的2012年,俄罗斯有800多个案子涉及到地方官员、议员和市长们。迄今为止,最大的受害者就是前国防部长谢尔久科夫,他是因一桩采购丑闻而落马。他被解了职,还在国家电视台上出了洋相,不过没有被关押和指控。他会不会被送到法官面前取决于普京的清洗行动会走多远。翻译:程蒙译文属译生译世201610/472276北屯看小儿鼻窦炎价格 Sarah H ask, ;Besides president election,Whats something else that only happens every four years.萨拉问 ;除了总统选举 ;还有什么是每四年一次;A Barbra Streisand farewell concert tour.Helen S asked, ;I know picture is the same as thousand words,芭芭拉·史翠珊的巡回告别演唱会 海伦问 ;我知道图画里包含了千言万语What else is as thousand words.;A Matthew Mcconaughey voice mail message.还有什么包含千言万语 马修·麦康纳的语音信息I can just go solve all of these.But I mean look at how many there are.我可以解决全部问题 但是这里太多了I mean this is all questions. For just.But I cant. I dont have time.这里是全部的问题 但是不能全部回答 因为时间有限Um...Well be back.Owl, an owl.Would you like getting scared? - I dont like scary movies.稍后回来 猫头鹰 猫头鹰 你喜欢受到惊吓吗 -我不喜欢恐怖电影But would you like getting scared?But I like being...Okay, you all know my app ;heads up;. Right?但是你喜欢受到惊吓吗 但是我喜欢 你们都知道我的应用;你划我猜; 是吗Everybody knows ;heads up;.Well, I play it with a lot of my guests.每个人都知道;你划我猜; 我跟好多嘉宾都玩过But I realize Ive never played with my audience.但是我发现我没有跟观众玩过So Im gonna do something that Has never attempted in the history of television.所以我要跟观众玩 这是这档节目有史以来的第一次Im gonna play with all of you.Its me and all of you.At the same time.我要跟你们所有人一起玩 我和你们 同时一起玩 /201511/411879乌鲁木齐最权威的扁桃体炎专业医院

新疆交通医院耳鼻喉电话咨询 Carson Brown wants to make people think critically about what he calls the American landscape, and hes not talking about mountains and vistas. Hes talking about the American landscape of consumerism.;I want people to look around the space of a big box store and ask, Is this space necessary? Do I need all these things? Is this a healthy way of living my life?;He does this by building sculptures — which look like monochromatic towers — inside stores, using the very merchandise the store is selling. All without the establishments permission.Although hes critical of big box stores, he also really likes them. Brown makes his living as a commercial photographer and is often popping into various places to buy things for his photo shoots and clients. Brown says he finds the culture and characters inside big box stores fascinating.;Theres so much happening and so many people involved with lots of voices and stories being told.;Inside a Meijer on a Wednesday night in Grand Rapids, the plan is to build a sculpture inside the store, then take photos of the end result, and share them on social media. All without getting caught.Even though the point of Browns ongoing art project is to question capitalism, its also about having fun and being playful.Brown grabs a cart with one squeaky wheel, and makes his way past a guy stocking candy. He scans the scene for a prime spot to make a sculpture. In the produce aisle, Brown passes a woman talking into a large cell phone, in Spanish, on speaker phone. The scene makes him smile.;I just think people are really interesting, and thats super funny to me. Thats a massive phone and shes talking so loud. How can you not laugh at that?;He takes his empty cart and loops around the store looking for the ideal space to build a sculpture.One of the main things guiding him is the color palette of a particular space and how it might become, as he says, ;activated; by creating a sculpture in a different color that would make the space pop.So, for example, hes considering accenting a beige and brown corner of the store (aka the underwear department) by building a sculpture with entirely cherry red objects.But Brown never knows what hes going to build prior to entering a Meijer or Ikea or Target. He says this art project is about responding in the moment to the stores grid layout and its rows and rows of similar products.Eventually Brown finds a quiet spot in a section where the store had previously housed its back-to-school merchandise. He zones in on some empty shelves. He decides the color blue will make this spot brilliant.So Brown slowly wheels his cart around the different departments, hunting for the perfect shade of blue. almost a blueberry blue. Hes a bit of a kid in a candy store.;Awww this is perfect, look at this! Bubble wrap. Blue bubble wrap in big rolls. That is pretty beautiful. The shape is super nice.;He neatly stacks the items into his cart. He acquires a stack of blue buckets, a blue ironing board, blue recycle bins, blue book binders, blue Listerine, blue loofas — those scrunch-y bath things — and blue shampoo.He fills several cart-loads with products, then goes back to that corner spot and begins carefully stacking the products into a sculpture. Then something on the loudspeaker catches his attention.A woman on the speakers just said: ;All available team members to the shoe department.; Its worth mentioning that Brown is making his sculpture right next to the shoe department.Making sculptures without permission wears on Browns nerves. ;Why would all the team members need to be in the shoe department?; he wonders out loud. He is hyper-aware of curious store employees and shoppers.When employees approach him and ask whats hes doing, he tells them hes working on an art project. Usually they leave him alone, but he also quick to get out of dodge before they can kick him out.Shoppers also ask him what hes up to, and he says for the most part they encourage him and tell him they enjoy his art.Brown says the point of these sculptures is that hes on a time limit to build them before getting caught, and that theyre not permanent pieces of art.Employees often take down his sculptures within the hour, and he has mixed feelings about that. But he says it would entirely change the meaning of the project if he built the sculptures and then dismantled them himself.He wants people to think about all this stuff we buy.Back inside Meijer, Brown is in the zone. He moves the objects around, steps back, studies them carefully, and tweaks them again. He does this at least 100 times. No one has said a peep to him tonight, and he moves the store products with such authority that he looks like he truly belongs here.In fact, he says its not uncommon people for people to ask him where to find something, and he usually can tell them exactly where it is.Once he feels satisfied with his blueberry-blue sculpture, he snaps pictures and blasts them out on social media. But hes worried hes taken too long and is drawing attention to himself. So he stashes his almost-empty cart at the front of the store and slips out the door into the parking lot, where someone in a large truck is blasting country music.Brown says if just one person inside the store does a double-take at his sculpture and wonders what its all about, then he feels his art project was a success.201509/400181新疆石河子大学医学院第一附属医院鼻子疾病好吗乌市红十字会医院鼻炎怎么样



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