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Within a year of arriving at Jamestown,抵达詹姆斯敦后的一年内they had built themselves a fort, a church and 50 houses.他们建起了一座堡垒 一座教堂以及50栋房子If America needs it, they build it.只要需要 美国人就会去建If people need housing, they will always find a way.人们需要房子住 总能想到办法That is the American dream.这就是美国梦To just create a new life for yourself, reinvent yourself get a little patch of land somewhere grow some crops and be the master of your own destiny.只是为了开创新生活 重塑自己,在某个地方弄一小块地,种点粮食, 自己的命运自己做主America is about to embark on its biggest house building project ever.美国有史以来最大规模的房屋建筑工程即将开建This greatest generation and what they went through最伟大的一代 经过了二战Then they came home and just went back to being civilians.回到祖国 脱下军装成为普通公民Houses have been built before.以前也建过房子But never on this scale.但从来没有这么大的规模13 million over the next decade.接下来的10年 建成了1300万个家Because at the end of the day I do want to go home.因为最终 我还是想回到家里I want to drink a few beers and I want to watch my football喝点啤酒 看看足球比赛and I want to have my backyard barbecues and celebrate the 4th of July.在后院开个烧烤宴会庆祝国庆节And the problem to be tackled this time is the sheer scale of what#39;s required.这次面临的挑战是住房需求的超级规模1946.330 new babies delivered every hour.1946年,每小时就有330个婴儿呱呱坠地That#39;s one baby every ten seconds.也就是说 每10秒就有一个婴儿出生It#39;s the baby boom.婴儿潮到来了They all need housing.他们都需要房子住A million acres are plowed under each year of the 1950s for housing plots.20世纪50年代 每年都有100万英亩土地被规划用来建房3,000 acres a day.每天3000英亩It#39;s the birth of suburbia. The next innovation.郊区应运而生 这是又一项创新Building houses outside the cities to give new families a new life.在城市之外建房给新的家庭带来崭新的生活Farmland into family homes.农田成了民宅New York loses about two million people over that period.那个时期 纽约减少了大约200万居民And it looks like people are just going to slowly kind of hollow out the inner city.人们似乎正逐渐从市区向外迁移And they would buy a new, perhaps,saltbox house in Levittown in New York or its equivalent housing development across the country.他们可能会买下一座纽约莱维特镇上的盐盒式小屋或者在国内其他类似的住宅区买个差不多的房子All of these icons of sort of the 1950s domestic culture, suburban culture that begin to emerge during these years.所有这些20世纪50年代的标志,家庭文化、郊区文化就是在这些年发展起来的Levitt and Sons are family builders.莱维特父子公司是房产开发商They#39;ll give their name to America#39;s美国最有名的战后建房工程most famous post-war housing:The Levittown.是以他们的名字命名:莱维特镇 /201303/229822

买不起价值连城的宇宙飞船也想遨游太阳系之中?Jon Nguyen展示了美国航空航天局喷气推进实验室的“太阳系之眼(Eyes on the Solar System)”。这是一个免费的软件,能够让你实时地探索太阳系之中的各大行星、卫星、小行星以及航天飞行器。(摄于TED圣迭戈) Article/201406/304573

Honeysuckle is a beautiful plant with delightfully fragrant flowers. Susan Burgess, Head Gardener at Pitmedden Garden in Aberdeenshire, Scotland shows you how best to care for them.金银花是一种漂亮的植物,它的花有着沁人心脾的芬芳。苏格兰阿伯丁郡Pitmedden花园首席园艺师Susan Burgess向你展示怎样最好地护理金银花。You Will Need你需要secateurs剪枝夹wire or trellis金属线或格子架Top Tips建议When trimming away dead wood, use an angled cut at the base of the stem to prevent rain water from collecting on the ends.修剪坏死的枝条时,在花茎底部以倾斜的角度进行修剪,防止雨水在枝条末端聚集。A wire or a trellis will help the plants grow in the location and shape you would like it in. You can reuse the wire to string through new shoots when they appear.金属线或格子架可以帮助植株按照你希望的位置或形状生长。当新的枝条出现时,你可以再次使用这条金属线把新的枝条串联起来。Water the honeysuckle regularly while it gets established in its location.当金银花在该位置长好之后,经常浇水。Thanks for watching How To Care For Honeysuckle.感谢收看“如何护理金银花”视频节目。视频听力节目由。 Article/201308/250711

The magnitude-7 quake that jolted southwest China has badly affected the Giant Panda population in Ya#39;an.中国庐山发生的7级地震使雅安大熊猫数量受到重创。Ya#39;an is home to the Giant Panda. French natural historian, Armand David, was the first European to write his observations on the rare species found at Baoxing County, 144 years ago.雅安是中国大熊猫的主要生长地之一。法国物学家Armand David在144年前就记录下了他在宝兴县发现的这一稀有物种——大熊猫,他是第一位记录下熊猫生活的欧洲人。Although no deaths or injuries have been reported among the Baoxing panda population so far, they#39;ve been badly frightened by the earthquake. There are 61 Giant Pandas at the Panda Base at Ya#39;an, many were moved from here to another nature reserve when a magnitude-8 earthquake struck near the reserve in 2008.尽管,至今并未发现宝兴大熊猫有伤亡情况,但是它们受到了巨大的惊吓。在2008年发生8级地震期间,雅安熊猫基地的61只大熊猫,其中多数被转移到了另一自然保护区。 Article/201304/236613

物理学家戴森说,我们可以到木星的卫星以及海王星之外的太空去找寻生命。他谈到了这样的生命的可能形态,以及具体的寻找方法。 Article/201408/317079Don#39;t feel like you#39;re underwater when you get out of your pool or tub. Get your ears crystal clear after swimming or taking a bath.当你走出游泳池或浴缸的时候,不要感觉好像刚刚从水底浮出水面。游泳或沐浴后,清理干净耳朵里的水吧。You Will Need你需要Towel or tissue毛巾或纸巾Blow-dryer电吹风White vinegar白醋Rubbing alcohol外用酒精Medicine dropper医药用滴管Doctor医生Steps步骤STEP 1 Dry ear1.擦干耳朵Dry your ear with a towel or tissue.用毛巾或纸巾把耳朵擦干。Do not use a cotton swab to dry your ear.不要用药棉拭子来擦耳朵。STEP 2 Tilt your head2.倾斜头部Tilt your head to the side with the plugged ear.把头倾斜到进水的耳朵一边。STEP 3 Pull lobe3.拉耳垂Pull your ear lobe downward to allow the water to drain out.向下拉扯耳垂,让水流出来。STEP 4 Use a blow dryer4.使用电吹风Hold a blow-dryer a few inches from your plugged ear. Put it on the lowest setting and turn it on, but be careful to not burn your skin.把电吹风放在距离进水的耳朵几英寸处。设置为最低档打开,注意不要烫伤皮肤。STEP 5 Mix a solution5.配制溶液Mix a solution of equal parts white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a medicine dropper and drip a few drops into the ear.将等量的白醋和外用酒精混合,加入医药用滴管中,向耳朵中滴几滴。STEP 6 Consult a doctor6.向医生咨询Consult and seek treatment from a doctor if the problem persists.如果问题持续,向医生咨询并治疗。Ear infections are among the most common illnesses for young children.耳部感染是幼童中最常见的问题。视频听力译文由。 Article/201406/307251

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