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British people are the worst-dressed holidaymakers in Europe followed by Germans, while the Italians and French are the smartest, according to a survey released on Friday.The findings came despite 36 percent of Britons -- who are famed for fashion blunders like wearing socks with sandals -- admitting that they dress more adventurously than usual while on a break.The survey also looked at how good people from different countries are at switching off from the pressures of work while taking a break.A massive 87 percent of travellers from France said they checked their work emails while on holiday compared to over a quarter of Britons. That figure is despite France's reputation as a less workaholic country than Britain.And while 93 percent of Britons try to speak the local language when abroad, some 20 percent of French travellers say they do not make any effort at all.The survey by travel website TripAdvisor quizzed 2,717 European travellers last month.201006/105772Some Pakistanis are shocked and angry over the U.S. commando attack that killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.一些巴基斯坦人对美国特种部队到巴基斯坦袭击并击毙基地组织领导人本拉登表示震惊和不满。Crowds of people flocked to the compound in Abbottabad where Osama bin Laden had been hiding.人们从阿伯塔巴德各处成群结队涌向本拉登的藏身处这座大型居民建筑。And so has worldwide media -- to cover what many see as a major historical development. 同样接踵而至的是来自世界各地的媒体,他们前来报道很多人认为是历史发展重大事件的新闻。But many Pakistanis from around the area just came to look. Some to be a witness to history. And some to verify with their own eyes what happened.不过很多巴基斯坦人从附近地区来到此地就是为了亲眼看一看,一些人可以成为历史事件的见人,也有一些人是要亲自核实所发生的事件。"We have come to see whether all this is true or not. Such a big event has occurred here. The whole world is talking about it. I cannot believe that it is true. How can such a well-known person live in such a house?, said local resident Alam Sher.这位说:“我们到这里来看看所有这一切是不是真的。这么大的事件竟然发生在这里,全世界都在谈论。我都不敢相信这是真的。这么有名的人居然住在这所房子里。”Guards still stopped anyone from actually entering the compound.保安人员仍禁止任何人进入这所大宅院。But for the first time, people got to see the entire exterior from nearby rooftops -- and get a clear view of the villa where Osama bin Laden died.不过人们倒是首次可以从附近的房顶清楚地看到这个住宅的外表,还能看到本拉登被击毙的那座别墅。Earlier in the day, security was much tighter -- keeping people much further away, as an unnamed high ranking Pakistani officer inspected the site.一大早时,警力非常严密,一位不具姓名的巴方高级官员巡视这处建筑过程中,安全人员把人们拦截在很远的地方,不得靠近。Not far away, crowds expressed anger and frustration over what they see as a violation of Pakistani sovereignty. They say, the fact that the U.S. conducted the mission without Pakistani authorization means their country is not well defended.不远以外,人群表达着愤怒和挫折,他们认为巴基斯坦的领土主权受到了侵犯。他们说,美国执行军事行动而没有得到巴方当局授权,这意味着他们的国家没有了安全保。"We want to convey that we are insecure. Today, Americans came and they did what they wanted to do. Tomorrow, India will come and they will do what they want to do. Where is our security?," said one Pakastani.“我们要表达的是我们不安全。今天美国人来了,想干什么就干了什么,明天印度人来了也想干什么就干什么,我们的安全在哪儿啊?”In the city of Multan, local imams led prayers for the dead.在木尔坦市,当地的阿訇带领人们为死者祷告。The prayer service turned into a protest, praising bin Laden and condemning the ed States.祷告仪式逐渐变成了抗议,赞扬本拉登同时遣责美国。But the protests so far have been small and isolated. 不过抗议目前仍很有限,规模也是零星的。"I think the reason why there are no big protests, demonstrations in Pakistan is due to the fact that support for every kind of militant -- whether al-Qaida, whether Taliban, Jihadi -- that has gone down. It doesn't mean that the people of Pakistan are now supporting the U.S. There's still a very strong anti-U.S. sentiment in Pakistan," said Pakistani journalist Rahimullah Yusafzai.巴基斯坦的一名记者说:他说:“我认为巴基斯坦没有出现大规模抗议和游行的原因是因为持各种武装分子,不论是基地组织、塔利班、真主党的力量都大大削减了。这并不意味着巴基斯坦民众目前持美国,巴基斯坦仍然有很强的反美情绪。” Sentiment that has been inflamed, some say, by the killing of America’s enemy number one on Pakistani territory.有人认为在巴基斯坦领土击毙美国头号敌人本拉登的行动,点燃了反美情绪。201105/134931PM Brown Threatens To Sue Iceland A diplomatic row between the UK and Iceland has erupted with PM Brown demanding the return of billions of pounds of British investments. He has threatened to seize assets and take legal action against the Icelandic government. Sky's Glen Oglaza reports. It's 30 years since the so-called Cod Wars. The relations between London and Reykjavik are almost as frosty now as they were then, with the prime minister using the most undiplomatic of language and threatening to sue the government of Iceland. We believe that, and I think everybody at least home will agree that the Icelandic authorities are responsible for this. We'll do what we can, working with local authorities to help. And I think we, as the government, are doing the responsible thing. We are holding the Icelandic authorities responsible with demanding that the money be paid back to the local authorities. (Through Legal action?) And we are prepared to consider all forms of action including as we did, attempting to, and freezing assets. The problem is that it's not only Iceland's banks that have crashed. Yesterday, the British government used anti-terror laws to freeze the assets of those banks. But now, the Icelandic government is in fact defaulting. "Totally unacceptable!", says Gordon Brown, threatening legal action something Iceland's prime minister is keen to avoid. Legal action is something that is always available. That's one way of civilizing, excuse me, it's one way of setting disputes in a civilized manner, go to courts, but I don't know we're...we're hoping and planning to try to resolve this issue in good cooperation with the UK authorities. More than a hundred local authorities placed large sums of money on deposit with Icelandic banks. The total amount is hundreds of millions and could be as much as a billion pounds. That money is needed to revive the goods and services run by local councils. The local authority leaders say they can't guarantee those goods and services unless they get their money back. Until we've actually looked to the implications, for each local authority, the sum is very large and it will be a small amount in the total context of the budget; others, it will be a much greater impact. We still haven't assessed that fully... And then there are the police authorities, who also invested in Icelandic banks and now stands to lose the best part of 100 million pounds.The government's now embroiled in a huge row with the governments of Iceland. But while ministers say they're doing what they can to help local councils retrieve those missing millions, they are also asking question what on earth you have been doing with tax payers' money. The councils reply "we invested it in banks that we thought were safe." But safe? They were not. And Gordon Brown is making it crystal clear that he expects the government of Iceland to underwrite the debts of its banks and to pay up. Glen Oglaza, Sky News.参考中文翻译:所谓的冷战到现在已经30年之久的。但是现在伦敦和雷克雅未克之间的关系仍然像以前一样僵,英国首相布朗使用非外交辞令,威胁会起诉冰岛政府。我相信,我认为每个人,至少是国内的每一个人都同意,冰岛官方需要为此负责。我们会尽我们所能与当地官方团结一致以提供帮助。我认为,作为政府,我们所作的事情是负责任的。我们认为冰岛政府有责任将资金归还当地政府。(会不会通过法律途径?)我们准备考虑所有的方式,包括我们已经采取的措施,冻结资产。问题是,并不是只有冰岛的崩溃。昨天,英国政府利用反恐怖法冻结了那些的资产。但是现在,冰岛政府不付欠款。“这是完全不能接受的!”布朗首相说,威胁说会采取冰岛首相极力避免的法律手段。法律手段总是可以采取的。这是一种文明的,处理争端的文明的方式,上法庭。但是我不知道我们……我们希望通过和英国政府的友好合作来解决这个问题。100多家当地在冰岛存储了大量现金,总数高达数亿甚至十亿元。当地委员会需要这些钱来恢复货物和务供给。当地政府官员说,除非这些钱能够被归还,否则他们不能保那些货物和务。我们仔细考虑一下,对于每一个当地的政府,这些钱是非常大的数目,对于整个国家预算来说非常少;而对于其他人来说,将会造成很大的影响。我们没有全面的评估……还有警察机关,他们也对冰岛进行了投资,现在随时可能损失1亿英镑。政府现在卷入和冰岛政府的争端。但是当统治者们尽一切可能来帮助当地委员会取回即将丢失的数百万时,他们也在问一个问题:你们到底拿着纳税人的钱做什么了?委员会的是“我们投资于,以为是是安全的。”但是安全吗?未必。布朗已经让这一点非常明显了。他希望冰岛政府承认欠款并且尽快归还。200812/57782McCain Looks to Regain Momentum in US Presidential Race奥巴马势不可挡?麦凯恩欲转乾坤  Republican presidential candidate John McCain campaigned in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado Friday, hoping to turn his political fortunes around with only 10 days before Election Day. 共和党总统候选人约翰·麦凯恩星期五在落基山的科罗拉多州竞选,希望在大选举行前的十来天里能够扭转政治乾坤。At a rally in Denver, John McCain warned that the middle class would suffer economically if Barack Obama is elected president next month along with a Congress with an expanded Democratic majority. 在丹佛举行的竞选集会上,参议员麦凯恩警告说,如果奥巴马下个月当选总统,而同时民主党扩大在国会中的多数席位,美国的中产阶级将会受到经济上的损失。McCain also cited the prediction of Obama's vice presidential running mate, Senator Joe Biden, that Obama will be tested by an international crisis early in his term if he wins on November 4. 麦凯恩还援引奥巴马的副总统候选人,参议员拜登的预测说,如果奥巴马赢得11月4日的美国总统大选,他将在总统任期的初期就受到一场国际危机的考验。"I will not be a president that needs to be tested," he said. "I have been tested, and Senator Obama hasn't!" 麦凯恩说:“我不会成为一个需要经过检验的总统。我一直在经受检验,而参议员奥巴马却没有!”Protestors briefly interrupted McCain's speech. McCain responded that voters want Americans to stop shouting at each other. 示威者短暂地打断麦凯恩的讲话。麦凯恩回答说,选民希望美国人不要大声攻击对方。"You know, a lot of times the people come and yell, and they yell about the war in Iraq," he said. "I want to tell you, my friends, we will bring our troops home, but we will bring them home in honor and victory, we won't bring them home in defeat!" 麦凯恩说:“你知道,有很多次人们到这里来,大声喊叫。他们针对伊拉克战争大声叫嚷。我要告诉你们,我的朋友们,我们将会把我们的部队撤回来,但我们将让他们把荣誉和胜利带回家中,我们不会让他们把失败带回家中!”McCain is looking to regain momentum in Colorado and several other so-called swing or battleground states that will determine who wins the election. 麦凯恩正在科罗拉多州和其他几个所谓的摇摆不定或者竞争激烈的战场州恢复前进动力,这些州将决定哪位候选人入主白宫。Several recent polls suggest Obama has big leads over McCain in several important states including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. 最近的一些民意调查显示奥巴马已经在若干大州领先于麦凯恩,包括宾夕法尼亚,俄亥俄,密西根和印第安纳州。Obama was off the campaign trail Friday, visiting his ailing grandmother in Hawaii. His wife, Michelle Obama, filled in for her husband during a campaign rally in Ohio. 奥巴马星期五中断了竞选,去夏威夷探望他生病的祖母。他的妻子米歇尔·奥巴马在俄亥俄州的一个竞选集会代替丈夫发表讲话。"I come here as a wife, who, first and foremost loves her husband, and I've watched him perform and grow, and I know, after being so close to him and seeing his abilities up close, I know in my heart, with absolutely no hesitation, that he will be an extraordinary president," she said. "That I know." 奥巴马夫人米歇尔说:“我以妻子的身份来到这里。我首先爱自己的丈夫,我亲眼目睹他的表现和成长,我知道,由于我如此接近他,能够在近距离看到他的能力,我从心底明白,并且毫不犹豫地认定,他将是一个非凡的总统。我对此一清二楚。”Obama leads McCain in the latest national polls by an average of seven points. But political experts have really taken notice of several recent state polls that seem to show Obama surging. 奥巴马在最新的全国民调中平均领先于麦凯恩7个百分点。政治专家们的确对最近几个州的民调显示奥巴马大受民众持感到印象深刻。"Right now, it is a near landslide for Barack Obama," said Allan Lichtman, a presidential scholar at American University in Washington. "A round of new polls have come out in battleground states showing Barack Obama with unstoppable leads in every state that John Kerry won in 2004, and very big leads in a lot of states that President Bush won in 2004." 李奇曼是美国首都华盛顿的美利坚大学的专门研究总统的学者。李奇曼说:“现在,对奥巴马来说,领先优势是压倒性的。从竞争激烈的几个州传来的最新一轮民调结果显示,奥巴马在克里2004年曾经赢得的几个州里的领先地位势不可挡。在美国总统布什2004年赢得的几个州里也大幅度领先。”But many analysts also caution that McCain could close the gap in the final days of the campaign, especially if something unexpected occurs either at home or abroad. 但许多分析家警告说,麦凯恩可能在最后几天的竞选活动中缩小差距,尤其在国内或者国外发生某种异常事件的情况下。"I continue to believe that some sort of unexpected global crisis in the last 10 days would certainly help McCain," said Tom DeFrank of the New York Daily News and a guest on VOA's Issues in the News program. "I don't think Russia is going to invade Poland or Georgia or the Czech Republic, but something like that, were it to happen, would remind voters, I think, that McCain has the overwhelming edge in experience in national security and foreign policy matters." 纽约“每日新闻”的德弗兰克作为嘉宾参加美国之音新闻节目的时候说:“我仍然认为,在最后十天发生某种意想不到的全球性危机将有助于麦凯恩。我并不认为俄罗斯会入侵波兰或格鲁吉亚或捷克共和国等,但类似的事件如果发生,我认为将会让选民想到,麦凯恩在国家安全和外交政策的经验方面具有压倒性的优势。”Both candidates will target a small group of undecided or so-called battleground states in the final days in hopes of securing the number of state-by-state electoral votes needed to win the presidency. 两位候选人在竞选的最后日子里,都将会把重点放在竞争激烈的州内一小批尚未拿定主意的选民身上,希望能够逐州争取当选总统所需要的选举人票。A candidate needs 270 electoral votes out of a total of 538 for victory. 在总统竞选中获胜需要538张选举人票中的270票。200810/53927

US Congress Hears Views on Domestic Impacts of Recession美国议员听专家谈经济衰退的影响 Days before next Tuesday's U.S. presidential and congressional election, U.S. lawmakers heard from economists and other experts about the impact of recession on Americans, and pros and cons of a new economic stimulus package for the U.S. economy. Majority Democrats are expected to call Congress back into session in mid-November to focus on the U.S. financial crisis and possible new legislation aimed at stimulating the U.S. economy. 在美国即将于下星期二举行总统选举和国会选举之际,国会议员们听取了经济学家和其他专家讨论经济衰退对美国人的影响以及一个新的经济刺激计划会产生哪些正面和负面的效果。预计,国会多数党民主党将在11月中旬召集国会开会,集中讨论美国金融危机以及为刺激美国经济进行新的立法的可能性。This past week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pointed to data showing a decline in U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the third quarter of 2008, and an increase in the numbers of Americans applying for unemployment benefits, saying this underscores the need for what she called a fiscally responsible stimulus plan. 在过去这个星期里,国会众议院议长南希.佩洛西提到2008年第三季度美国国民生产总值下滑、美国人申请失业补贴数字增长的数据,她指出,这凸显了制定负责任的财政刺激计划的必要性。Economists and other experts offered projections about just how bad the economic downturn, which many said constitutes a recession, may be. 经济学家和其他专家对经济放缓的程度提出种种预测,很多人说,美国可能已经进入衰退。Appearing before the bipartisan Joint Economic Committee, J. Steven Landefeld, Director of the Bureau of Economic Analysis, says whether it's called a recession or not, the economy is in a dramatic slowdown: 商务部经济分析局局长兰德菲尔德对国会由两党成员组成的联合经济委员会说,不管叫不叫衰退,经济目前是急剧下滑。"We all know there has been a huge loss of consumer wealth during this period. Household's disposable income share going to energy has certainly gone up considerably over time and the economy is growing at a rate too slow to generate new jobs sufficient to keep up with labor force growth, population growth, and growth in productivity," he said. 他说:“我们都知道,这段时间消费者财富急剧缩水。家庭可配收入中相当大的一部分被用于能源消费。经济增长率是如此之低,以至于无法创造出足够多的新工作来跟上劳动力增长、人口增长以及生产力增长的步伐。”Nuriel Rubini, a former U.S. treasury department official now at New York University, flatly calls it a recession, and predicts it will last 18 and possibly as long as 24 months, involving a cumulative decline in economic output of more than four percent, the worst since World War II. 前财政部官员、纽约大学的鲁比尼干脆就把目前的现状称为经济衰退。他预计,这种状况将延续18个月,甚至24个月之久,经济产出累计下降4%以上,将会是二战以来最糟糕的状况。Rubini urges Congress to act on a second fiscal stimulus of at least 300 billion dollars, saying that without support for Main Street [average Americans], government steps to support financial markets could be undone: 鲁比尼敦促国会采取行动,推行第二个总金额至少为3千万美元的财政刺激计划。他指出,如果不对美国普通老百姓提供撑,政府解救金融市场的步骤可能不起作用。"This action has to be taken right away and soon. We cannot wait until the next Congress in February because three months from now the collapse of spending, consumption and investments will be so sharp that the economic contractions could become even more severe," he said. 鲁比尼说:“必须马上尽快采取措施。我们不能等到明年2月国会下一届会期开始。因为从现在起三个月时间内,出、消费以及投资的下滑幅度将会非常大,经济紧缩的状况可能会更加严重。”Richard Vedder, Professor of Economics at Ohio University and a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute is concerned that an overly-zealous Congress, as he puts it, will craft legislation that could have adverse effects and questions where the money will come from. "In a financially-stressed situation, we're talking about going out and borrowing to add 300 or 400 billion on to what we are aly doing, the better part of at trillion dollars, seven or eight percent of GDP. I think that is a dangerous and somewhat fiscally irresponsible thing to do and I think in the long-run it will inspire a decline in confidence and will lead to inflationary expectations soaring." 俄亥俄大学经济学教授、美国企业研究所访问学者维德则担心一个过于急切采取行动的国会将通过可能产生负面效果的立法。他还对国会的钱从何处来提出了质疑。他说:“面对金融困境,我们在谈论如何走出来,谈论如何在目前的基础上再增加3千亿到4千亿美元,接近一万亿,这是国内生产总值的7%或8%。我认为这是很危险的,是不负责任的财政措施。我认为,长期看来,这会引发信心下跌,抬高通涨预期。”Former International Monetary Fund research director Simon Johnson, now with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, warns of unprecedented global dimensions from a U.S. recession.He urges Congress to act quickly on a package of around 450-billion dollars, to include extending unemployment benefits, job re-training, student and small business loans, and infrastructure projects. "I think we probably have a month or perhaps two months to really see the direction of the economy. I would agree completely with people who think that now is the time to prepare a large fiscal stimulus."In the House Ways amp; Means Committee, state governors, a city mayor, and state and local officials called for another government stimulus plan. 在众议院筹款委员会,各州州长、一名市长以及州和地方官员呼吁再制定一个政府刺激计划。New York Governor David Paterson said his state is among 25 U.S. states facing huge deficits. "There are 25 states in deficit, totaling more than billion of debt. Their projections for 2010 are spiked upward incredibly. There will be 39 states in deficit and the amounts owed total over 5 billion." 纽约州州长佩特森说,纽约州是面临巨大赤字的25个州之一。他说:“有25个州面临赤字,债务总额超过480亿。他们对2010年赤字上涨的预测更是高得令人难以置信。到那时,39个州将有赤字,总金额高达1050亿美元。”Among more dire warnings, Robert Greenstein, of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, spoke of potential sharp increases in poverty, with Americans facing what he calls holes in the social safety that did not exist during previous deep recessions in the 1970's and 1980's: "I think we are facing a growing prospect of levels of destitution, not just poverty, destitution, severe hardship and increases in homelessness that we haven't seen in several decades," he said. 预算和政策优先中心的格林斯坦的警告更可怕。他谈到了贫困急剧增加的可能性。格林斯坦说,美国人面临社会保障上的漏洞,而这在1970年代和1980年代发生的深度危机中并不存在。他说:“我认为,我们面临不同程度贫困的可能性越来越大。不仅仅是贫穷,是贫困,是几十年未遇的极度艰难以及无家可归人口的增加。”Democratic Representative Charlie Rangel, chairman of the Ways amp; Means panel, says Democrats and Republicans should work together when Congress returns after the election to help with the economy. "We have to be prepared to put together that will indeed be bipartisan. Quite frankly I don't think that should be very difficult. When someone loses their job, their health insurance, can't pay the mortgage, finds himself not being able to get credit, no one asks whether they are a Republican or whether they are Democrat." 众议院筹款委员会主席、民主党人兰热尔说,大选之后,国会重新开会时,民主党人和共和党人应该共同努力,帮助经济增长。“我们必须准备好,做出真正超越党派的努力。坦率地说,我不认为这会非常困难。当一个人丢掉工作、没有医疗保险、不能付房贷、发现自己无法得到贷款时,没有人会问他是民主党还是共和党。”Republicans such as Representative Jim McRery share concerns about the widesp impacts of recession, but oppose any package that would have little chance of winning congressional and presidential approval. "It would do us little good to draft a package like that if it stands little chance of passing a closely-divided Senate or getting signed by the president," he said. 众议员麦克拉里等共和党人对经济衰退的广泛影响表示担忧,但是反对制定任何可能不会被国会或是总统批准的计划。他说:“如果我们起草一揽子计划,但几乎没有可能得到国会或总统的批准,这样做于事无补。”The White House has so far expressed resistance, at least in public, to any new measure containing the kind of provisions and level of spending Democrats are likely to include.This means Democrats would have to wait until next year and a new congressional session, to work with either Senator Barack Obama or Senator John McCain as president, on the next stage of efforts to help the economy. 这就意味著民主党人不得不等到明年新一届国会开会的时候,与当选总统的奥巴马参议员或是麦凯恩参议员一起,为推动经济发展开始下一个阶段的努力。200811/54785

新华网北京2月20日电 综合新华社驻新加坡、马德里记者报道:美国东部时间2月18日,美方不顾中方强烈反对,执意安排总统奥巴马会见达赖喇嘛。海外一些华侨华人纷纷谴责美国政府这一严重损害两国关系的行为,并指出达赖挟洋自重的行径必将惨遭失败。 Some overseas Chinese have criticized US President Barack Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama in Washington on Thursday. They say splitting Tibet from China is the Dalai Lama's real intention for the meeting.Du Ping is a Singaporean expert on international relations. He told Xinhua news agency the Dalai Lama has made a point of meeting Western political leaders. Du says the real intention is to keep the "Tibetan issue" in the news, raise funds and seek more room to maneuver.Du says without support from the West, the Dalai Lama's personal influence will be greatly weakened.He also says the meetings between successive US presidents and the Dalai Lama lack international moral basis and common sense.Criticism has also been launched in an open letter to the US Embassy in Madrid. Representatives of more than 20 ethnic Chinese organizations in Spain say the Dalai Lama has never ceased his activities to split China since fleeing abroad in 1959.The letter urges people in Western countries not to be misled by the Dalai Lama, nor to fail to see through his real motive of secession.201002/96925

China's Economy Shows Signs of Recovery中国经济持续增长面临挑战As draws to a close, more signs show that China has weathered the global financial crisis and is on its way to even more robust growth. Economists, however, say some issues still weigh on the country's efforts to sustain growth.年已经接近尾声,越来越多的迹象显示中国渡过了全球金融危机,而且增长的势头愈发强劲。不过,一些经济学家表示,中国要保持可持续增长,仍然有一些问题需要解决。New economic data show that China's gross domestic product is expected to grow by more than eight percent this year. Industrial output for November grew just over 19 percent compared with a year ago, just after the financial crisis began. Imports soared nearly 27 percent, fueled by government spending on commodities.新的经济数据显示,今年中国国内生产总值的增长有望超过8%。11月份,工业产出比去年同期,即金融危机初始时期上涨了19%以上。政府购买物资也推动进口暴涨近27%。But while exports show signs of recovery, they remain weak. In November, they were down about one percent from a year ago. 虽然出口显现出复苏迹象,但是仍然比较脆弱。11月份,中国出口额同比下降约1%。Michael Pettis, an associate for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and a finance professor at Peking University, says that the figures fuel debate over the country's economic strength.华盛顿卡内基和平基金会高级研究员、北京大学金融教授迈克尔·佩蒂斯(Michael Pettis)表示,上述数据引发有关中国经济能否持续增长的争论。"If you're an optimist it suggests that recovery is continuing," Pettis said. "Most of the numbers look reasonably good. There were still some excessively high levels of investment especially fixed asset investments. But production numbers were good etc. If you're a pessimist you would say yeah, this is exactly what you would expect from a massive-over investment strategy."“如果你是乐观主义者,这些数据显示复苏还在继续。大多数数据看上去不错。在某些领域,特别是不动产领域,投资水平仍然过高。但是工业产出的数据也不错。不过,如果你比较悲观,你会说, 这正是大规模投资战略应该产生的效果。”Some business experts worry that exports will become a smaller part of the economy. Factories face rising labor and overhead costs, and there are expectations the currency, the yuan will appreciate, so business leaders say keeping the sector afloat remains a challenge for the government.  一些业内人士担心,出口在中国经济中所占的比例将越来越小。工厂面临不断上升的劳动力成本和间接成本,而人民币也可望升值。因此,业内人士说,对政府来说,要让出口部门得以维持仍然是个挑战。Stanley Lau, deputy chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, which represents Hong Kong businesses in China, says factories face weak foreign demand. 香港在大陆企业的代表、香港工业总会副主席刘展灏 (Stanley Lau)说, 工厂面临外国需求疲弱的问题。"First of all, generally still, many importers do not know what will be the outcome for Christmas sales," Lau noted. "Which means many customers are still waiting for final figures to come out for Christmas sales. That's why they don't give us an order for next year yet. I think they need to wait and see until the New Year holidays and they will plan for order for next year." “首先,很多进口商现在还不知道圣诞节销售的结果,这就意味着很多客户现在还在等圣诞节销售的最后数据。这就是他们到现在还没有给我们下一年订单的原因。我想,他们需要等到新年假期后,才会制定明年的订单计划。”As export demand started to fall last year, China's government began efforts to stimulate the economy - cutting interest rates, encouraging lending and spending hundreds of billions of dollars on infrastructure projects.随着去年出口的下降,中国政府采取了一系列措施来刺激经济,包括削减利率、鼓励借贷,并在基础建设项目上投资了数千亿美元。But some economists warn those efforts may be causing prices for real estate, stocks and other assets to rise too fast - like a bubble that could burst. They say that China's loose credit, over-investment and under-consumption has led to a potential hazard, particularly in the property market. 但是,一些经济学家警告说,这些措施可能会造成房地产、股票和其他资产价格上涨过快,引发泡沫。他们说中国的宽松信贷、过度投资、以及消费不足都会导致潜在的危害,特别是在房地产领域。However, the government has begun trying to slow things down. Figures from the Banking Regulatory Commission show that in new lending will hit about .3 trillion, but next year it will fall to about .1 trillion. That is still double 2008 lending. 不过,政府已开始试图收紧这些举措。中国业监督管理委员会发布的数据显示,年新增贷款总额将达到1.3万亿美元,而明年则会降到1.1万亿美元。不过这仍将比2008年的水平高出一倍。The government also is trying to cool the overheated property market, with a new sales tax on properties sold within five years of purchase. And there are plans to increase the supply of middle to low-priced housing to curb property speculation.政府也在采取措施给过热的房地产市场降温:明年个人住房转让营业税征免时限由2年恢复到5年;另外,政府也有计划增加中低价位房屋的供应,以遏制房地产市场的投机行为。Andy Xie, an independent economist in Shanghai, warns China's property market could suffer once the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank raises interest rates, which would affect lending around the world.上海独立经济学家谢国忠(Andy Xie)警告说,如果美国联邦储备委员会提升利率,这将影响到全球借贷,中国房地产市场也不会例外。"When inflation happens the Fed will have to raise interest rates substantially, which will lead to a global asset bubble popping and there will be another global crisis. And this global crisis may rival the one we just saw," he said.“当通货膨胀显现时,美联储将不得不大幅度提升利率,进而导致全球房地产市场泡沫破裂。这将会是另一场全球性危机。而这个危机可能不亚于我们刚刚经历的危机。”Economists such as Xie and Pettis warn that governments must move carefully as they wind down stimulus packages. Raising interest rates and cutting spending too soon could easily shock economies and cause asset prices to collapse.谢国忠和佩蒂斯等经济学家都警告,各国政府在削减经济刺激计划时都必须小心谨慎。太快提升利率和减少消费都很容易导致经济震荡,并引发资产价格的崩溃。12/92224

目前,哥本哈根气候变化会议已经进入关键阶段,谈判取得了一些进展,但仍然存在一些矛盾和分歧。外交部发言人姜瑜说:“当前,各方应该加强协调和合作,特别是发达国家要正视自己在气候变化问题上的责任和义务,充分展现政治诚意,切实作出和履行承诺,推动哥本哈根会议取得积极和可实施的成果。”China Calls on Developed Countries to Show Sincerity in Copenhagen Talks China says developed countries should be held responsible for the sluggish progress of the Copenhagen climate talks as they "move backward" on issues like technological and financial support for developing countries. Our reporter Wang Ling has more. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Jiang Yu, dlivered the message on Tuesday at a regular news briefing,citing the key to success of the Copenhagen talks is for rich countries to shoulder their responsibilities. "We reiterate that developed countries should take responsibilities to offer technological and financial support to developing countries to tackle the issue of climate change. The ed Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change has required developed countries to provide fund and technology to developing countries. However, developed countries have failed to honor their commitments, and developing countries were skeptical about their sincerity. "Jiang Yu said developed world should provide additional, sufficient and foreseeable funds for developing countries, which "is an important condition for a successful Copenhagen conference". She noted China, based on its own resources, has taken active and effective policies and measures and made evident achievements in coping with climate change. With sufficient international support, she says China can improve in combating climate change and global environment protection.Jiang Yu also refuted some misleading reports about Chinese Vice Foreign Minister, He Yafei's comments in an interview with Financial Times. He was reported saying China would not be demanding support from the developed world to cut its emissions. "When Mr. He Yafei was asked on the issue of fund support by Financial Times reporter, his answer is China understands and attaches importance to the special concerns of lesser-developed countries, and supports their prior use of the funds. So his remarks were misunderstood."Jiang Yu added that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao will leave on Wednesday for Copenhagen, where he will deliver a speech to clarify China's stance on climate change and put forward proposals for international cooperation on the issue. "China believes all countries should work together to tackle the issue of climate change. Developed countries, especially, should live up to their obligations, demonstrate political sincerity and honor their commitments so as to contribute to substantial progress of the Copenhagen talks. "Wang Ling CRI news.12/92121

Over one third of our planet is frozen, and yet, the icy worlds of the Arctic and Antarctic are as alien to most of us as the surface of another planet.我们星球的三分之一是冰冻的,然而,南极和北极的冰冷世界对我们大多数人来说非常陌生,就像另一个星球一样。There are places of superlatives. From ice caps that hold nearly eighty percent of our planets fresh water to frozen forests that encircle the entire globe.这里是最高级的地方。从持有近百分之八十我们星球的淡水的冰帽到环抱整个星球的冰冻森林,这里应有尽有。These are places that feed our imaginations, places that seem to be borrowed from fairy tales. Theyre dominated and shaped by the ice, both by its coming and by its going.这些地方让我们的想象力天马行空,这些地方又好像来自童话故事中。一切都被奇形怪状难以捉摸,来无影去无踪的冰所统治着。This is our planets last true wilderness and one that is changing just as were beginning to understand it.这是我们星球上的最后一片真正的荒野,改变之一就是我们开始理解它。In this series, well be travelling to all parts of these lonely lands, both north and south, to witness its wonders perhaps for the last time and to discover some extraordinary examples of survival against all the odds, as can be found anywhere on the planet.在这个系列中,我们将前往这一孤独地域的所有地方,无论是北方还是南方,带领您见也许是最后一次的奇迹,去发现一些异乎寻常的反对世界常理生存下来的奇迹。The poles are permanently capped with ice. Nowhere is colder, windier or more hostile to life.两极被永久覆盖着冰。没有不冷的地方,而在这种条件下生命很难存活。166013

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