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The sort of point of no return when you absolutely believe, in your own mind,you can#39;t get out.这种有进无退的处境 当你意识到时 你已经不能脱身了You that#39;s it you#39;re going. You#39;re taking off on a wing.只有这样了 你得上 站在机翼上起飞Beneath me is the Chihuahuan Desert.You can#39;t mistake this place.It will kill you.我下面就是奇瓦瓦沙漠 这地方你绝不能出任何差错 否则必死无疑When you#39;re in the air, you#39;re just a lump of meat hanging on the wing. You can#39;t do anything.当你在空中的时候 你只是机翼上的 废人一个 什么都做不了I was just sort of wedged in a sort of sort of mime-artist static position,trying to get these shots.我就好像是默剧艺术家 摆着一个静止的姿势 尽全力进行拍摄And the pilot#39;s smiling away,and Bear#39;s all comfortable in his seat.飞行员笑而不语 贝尔舒地坐在座位上And I#39;m thinking, ;Hang on, this isn#39;t usually,I#39;m in a slightly more comfortable position than Bear.我就想 要坚持住 以前都是我比贝尔舒得多Okay, Bear,we#39;re coming up on 8,000 feet now.You better get y to jump.好了 贝尔 我们已经到达海拔8千英尺 你得准备跳了This was a first for me.If I catch the tail on exit,it#39;s game over.这是我头一回做这种尝试 要是在出口挂到了降落伞尾部 那我就玩完了The only way to do it was to invert the plane so I could hang clear.唯一的方法 就是把飞机翻转过来 这样我就没有妨碍了So, I was in the cockpit,filming Bear.Bear was now standing on top of the wing.于是我就在驾驶员座舱 拍摄贝尔 贝尔正站在机翼上面As soon as the plane inverted, he would then be hanging off the top of the wing.只要飞机一翻转 他立马就会 悬挂在机翼下面It tilts #39;round,he#39;s then suddenly hanging,and Bear goes from feet in my eye view to feet suddenly hanging off the ground.飞机开始旋转 他突然被吊起来 原本贝尔的脚在我镜头前面 突然变成吊在半空中Amazing. Absolutely amazing feeling.But I remember it going through my mind,太神奇的 真是震惊 可我还记得当时想的是yeah, I#39;m upside-down in the plane, this is great.And Bear#39;s jumping out.我也坐在底朝天的飞机上了 真棒 接着贝尔就跳下去了 Article/201610/473012TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/466635Twenty years ago we had to wear hand-me-downs.二十年前我们必须穿旧衣。hand-me-down可作名词也可做形容词,名词时表示传下来的东西,别人用过的旧东西;形容词则表示传下来的,别人用过的,旧的。上句也可写成:Twenty years ago we had to wear hand-me-down clothes.二十年前我们必须穿旧衣。 /200802/27384

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/463918

疯狂英语900句 04-11相关专题: /200704/12702新英语900句视频版 第11课:神秘女郎 文本如下:PEDR: Where were you last night?你昨晚上哪儿去?MIGUEL: At the movies.看电影.PEDR: Oh yeah? Which one?哦, 真的? 哪一家?MIGUEL: Uh, I forget.唉, 我忘了.PEDR: Oh, you forget, huh? Were you with someone? What was her name?哦, 你忘了, 嗯? 你跟谁去的? 她叫什么名字?MIGUEL: As a matter of fact, I was with...事实上, 我是跟...PEDR: Aha! I#39;m never wrong. Was it anyone I know?哈! 我没猜错. 我认识她吗?MIGUEL: Yes, Pedro, I...是的, 佩德罗, 我...PEDR: No. No. Let me guess. Hmm. It#39;s someone I know. Was it...不, 不, 让我猜猜. ...嗯, 一定是我认识的人, 她是...MIGUEL: Pedro, this isn#39;t a game.佩德罗, 这又不是游戏.PEDR: Oh, Miguel. You#39;re always so serious. Relax! Now, who...唷, 米盖尔, 你就是这么认真. 轻松点! 嗯, 她是...MIGUEL: Pedro...佩德罗...PEDR: Was it the woman in the candy store? You know, the one with blond hair?是糖果店的哪位女孩子? 你认识的那位金发?PEDR: She#39;s always smiling at you.她常对你微笑.MIGUEL: No, Pedro, it was...不是, 佩德罗, 是...PEDR: Hmm, I#39;m usually good at these games. How about Danielle?嗯, 我最会玩这种游戏了. 是不是丹尼尔?MIGUEL: Shut up!不要说了!PEDR: OK. OK. I give up.好, 好, 我不猜了.PEDR: Who is the mystery woman?那神秘女郎是谁?MIGUEL: Marta.玛它.PEDR: Marta!玛它!MIGUEL: Yes.是的.PEDR: Thanks for telling me. Women! What can you do? One minute she#39;s crazy about me, and the next minute she#39;s going out with you.谢谢你告诉我. 女人! 你能怎么办? 一分钟前她还为我而疯狂, 一分钟后, 她却跟你出去了.MIGUEL: I#39;m sorry, Pedro.佩德罗, 很抱歉.PEDR: It#39;s OK.没关系,PEDR: It#39;s your turn.现在轮到你了.MIGUEL: You#39;re wrong.那你就错了.MIGUEL: We really like each other.我们真正的互相爱慕.PEDR: Good luck.祝你好运.MIGUEL: Pedro!佩德罗,MIGUEL: Aren#39;t you ever serious?你就不能正经点吗?PEDR: What#39;s happening, Tom?汤姆, 发生了什么事?TOM: Man, you know that chick in the bakery?老兄, 你认识面包店那女孩吗?PEDR: Yeah, Yolanda.认识, 叫幼兰达.TOM: No, man, not that one. Emma.不, 老兄, 不是那个, 是爱玛.PEDR: Emma?爱玛?TOM: Yeah. She#39;s there on weekends. You know her. She#39;s short.是啊! 她每个周末都在这儿, 你认识她的, 个子矮矮的.PEDR: What color is her hair?她头发是什么颜色?TOM: It#39;s blond.金黄色的.PEDR: What color are her eyes?她眼睛是什么颜色?TOM: Dark brown.深棕色.PEDR: Is she pretty?她长得漂亮吗?TOM: Yeah, she#39;s pretty, and she#39;s after you.是的, 她很漂亮, 她在追你.PEDR: Yeah?是吗?TOM: Yeah. She#39;s always asking me about you. ;How#39;s your friend?; And I say ;Which friend?; ;You know, Tom. That tall, handsome guy with curly hair.;是的, 她时常问我有关你的事. ;你的朋友怎么样?; 我说 ;那位朋友啊?; ;你知道的, 那位高大而英俊的男孩;TOM: And I say, ;Oh yeah, him.;我说 ;哦, 是他啊!;PEDR: Do you know her number?你知道她的 (电话) 号码吗?TOM: Yeah, 263...知道, 是 263...PEDR: Wait a minute. OK. What is it?请等一下, 好, 几号?TOM: 263-7954.263-7954PEDR: Thanks, buddy.谢谢了, 朋友 /200809/47070新东方英语900句 Lesson 12:WeatherCore Sentences1. Nice day, isn't it.2. What a louse day.3. How do you like the weather today?4. It is and hot. It looks like a stormy is coming.5. How was it yesterday? It was blowing hard. 6. What will the weather be like tomorrow?7. The weather forecaster says that it is going to rain tomorrow.8. The weather man said that a thunder storm is hiting us these days.9. It has been cloudy all morning, and now it is raining cats and dogs.10. It will probably clear up tomorrow.11. What's the temperature today?12. The lowest temperature can drop to thirty degrees Celsius below zero. It's several degrees lower in the evening that in the daytime.Dialog ExercieseNumber one TemperatureA. It is hot inside, isn't it.B. Sure, the thermometer is on the wall by your side. What's the temperature?A. Around thirty.B. How is the weather outside?A. It's sunny and warm. It's a good day for a pinic.B. But the weather forecaster says it will rain this afternoon.Number two A Snow Day.Jaims is knocking at the door of Theresa's room.A. Theresa, wake up. It is snowing heavily outside.B. Stop me, Jaims. I told you I did my homework till midnight.A. I know, but the snow is so thick, then we can go make a snow man.B. That's no superise. The wheather man said last night that a is hitting us these days.A. See, I've got a carrier, two black buttons, a and a , all is y.B. Ok, let's go. I need to relax for a while anyway.A. it is nice in cold today.B. Wait, Jaims. The temperature has dropped to twelve degrees below zero today. Mum told me not let you paly out on such a cold day. Let's go back or I'll tell mama. /200604/5857

Here#39;s what I don#39;t understand that you#39;re doing.这是我不明白你在做什么You#39;re getting roasted on Comedy Central. Yes. And Kevin Hart is the host.在喜剧中心你被整蛊 是的 并且凯文·哈特是主持人He#39;s the roast master. He#39;s the roast master? Yeah. And you have to be nervous.他是整人大师 他是整人大师 是的 你很紧张You have to be scared, I mean--right? Oh, my God! Oh, my God.你害怕 我的意思是对的吗?哦 我的天!哦 我的天Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Don#39;t do that to me. Oh, God. Why me? I#39;m--哦 我的天 哦 我的天 不要这样对我 哦 天呐 为什么是我?我……I#39;m the prankster. That was the perfect reaction. Oh, my God.我是恶作剧的人 那是一个很好的反应 哦 我的天I#39;m the prankster. What are you doing this for? I thought we were together on this.我是恶作剧的人 你做了什么?我以为我们会一起被恶作剧Well, because I#39;m not part of the comedy roast, so this was my only shot at you. So... Oh, my gosh.好吧 因为我不是整人喜剧一部分 所以这是我唯一惊吓你 所以 哦 我的天Look how great you-- this was perfect. You have to be nervous.看看你多好--这个太棒了 你会紧张You have to be scared, I mean--right? Oh, my God! Oh, my God. Oh, my God.你害怕 我说的对吗?哦 我的天!哦 我的天 哦 我的天Were those Kleins? Yeah. Yes. He was a Calvin Klein model. Yeah.那些是克莱因斯?当然 是的 他是卡尔文·克莱恩模特 是的He was trying to be as good-looking as you. Oh, my gosh, I#39;m still shaking. Okay.他想尝试变得跟你一样好看 哦 我的天 我还在颤抖 好吧Oh, that was so good. All right. We#39;ll be back after this.哦,那太棒了 的确是的 过一会我们再回来 Article/201706/514731TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201606/447646

疯狂英语900句 01-13相关专题: /200704/12452It was a young esquire, someone Richard#39;s own age,who shouted at Tyler that he was a thief.他是一位骑士 年纪与理查相仿 对着泰勒大骂窃贼It broke the strange spell.此话犹如魔咒一般Walworth, the mayor, who had always taken a hard line,tried to arrest Tyler.向来作风强硬的沃尔沃思市长 试图逮捕泰勒There was horseback fighting,Walworth getting in the decisive blow,这是一次马背上的决斗 沃尔沃思的致命一刀cutting Tyler through the shoulder and neck.砍中泰勒的脖子As soon as he was down,the king#39;s men surrounded him, finishing him,泰勒旋即从马上摔落 国王的人一拥而上 结果了他but making sure the rebel camp could not see what was going on.这样做也是为了避免 被起义军看见One way or another, this was the moment of truth.不管怎么说 这就是真相It was also the moment when Richard himself acted,decisively and with amazing courage.与此同时 理查的举动表现出 果断和非凡的勇气He rode straight at the rebels, shouting famously,;You shall have no captain but me.;骑马径直来到起义者面前 大声喊道 你们只有我一个领袖The words were brilliantly chosen and were, of course, deliberately ambiguous.这句话说得十分艺术 当然 有蓄意含糊之嫌To the rebels, it seemed that Richard himself was now their leader,just as they#39;d always wanted.对于起义者 看似 理查现在成为了他们的领袖 正如他们期望的一般But the words could have been meant as the first reassertion of royal authority.但是这话也意味着 对皇权的初次重申Either way, it defused the immediate crisis and gave Mayor Walworth the opportunity to get back to London and mobilise armed men.无论是何种意思 他化解了一触即发的危机 使得沃尔沃思市长有时机 返回伦敦集结军队Now the process of breaking up the leaderless rebellion could begin现在可以开始分化瓦解 这无人领导的起义军cautiously at first, with offers of pardons and mercy,but then with implacable resolution.起初十分谨慎 摆出宽恕和怜悯的姿态 随即演变为残酷镇压 /201611/4809776 Talking About the Weather谈天气Talking about seasons谈论季节Spring(summer,Fall,Winter)has come.春天(夏天、秋天、冬天)到了。It rains a lot in April.四月多下雨。It gets hot in August.八月天气变得很炎热。The night are very cool.夜间很凉快。It often snows in January.一月份多下雪。General remarks about the weather有关天气的常用话语It#39;s a nice day,isn#39;t it?今天天气好得很,是不是?Nice day today,isn#39;t it?今儿是个好天,是不是?A lovely morning,isn#39;t it?真是一个可爱的早晨,是不是?A very clear night,isn#39;t it?这真是一个很晴朗的夜晚,是不是?What is the forecast for today?今天的天气预报说什么?How is the weather today?今天天气怎样?What is the climate like in your hometown(country)?你家乡(国家)的气候怎么样?Lovely(beautiful,pleasant,miserable)day,isn#39;t it?天气很可爱(很不错、宜人、糟糕),不是吗?The weatherman(weather forecast)says light rain in the afternon.气象员(天气预报)说今天下午有小雨。It#39;s very warm(mild,hot,dry,damp,windy,foggy).今天很暖和(适中、热、干燥、潮湿、大风、大雾)。What a fine day it is!多好的天气啊!It#39;s raining cats and dogs.大雨倾盆而下。It will be cloudy all morning,but it will clear up in the afternoon.整个上午都是多云,但是下午会放晴。It has frozen three inches thick.结了3英寸厚的冰。People can#39;t escape the heat.人们无法逃避暑热。Even in the shade,the temperature goes up to 35#39;C.即使是在阴凉处,气温也高达35#39;C。Conversations会话 /200706/14684

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