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贵州省贵阳市天伦医院做输卵管栓塞手术需要多少钱贵州医科大学附属医院阴道宫颈炎Chinese Quadruped Robot Takes Its First Steps Is this China's answer to BigDog?Not quite. This is FROG, or Four-legged Robot for Optimal Gait, a quadruped developed by Dr. Wei Wang's team at the Institute of Automation, part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in Beijing.FROG is a research platform that Dr. Wang and his PhD students use to develop and test quadruped gait control, gait transition, and other locomotion algorithms. Unlike Boston Dynamics' BigDog, which can walk at a fast pace alongside humans, FROG is a slower-moving machine, a prototype for what Dr. Wang hopes will be the endoskeleton of a robotic triceratops.这个东西名叫 FROG(四条腿机器人),是由我国中国科学院自动化研究所 Wei Wang 教授发明的。目的是展现远古某些四足恐龙的行走方式(例如三角龙),在展览时有更直观的展现。FROG 使用 Linux系统,采用无线的方式与控制它的电脑交互,不过在使用时他仍旧需要一个电源插头。体内关节安装有加速传感器,能够模拟行走等等。这玩意看上去有点像 Boston Dynamics 公司出牌的军用 BigDog 大机器人。而 Wei Wang 教授也见过 BigDog,对此他表示:BigDog 很牛逼他是用液压方式移动,而我们FROG 是使用电动机的方式。 /201104/133102Roy Wang did not want to be a doctor but his grades were too low for engineering so his southern China university transferred him to a course for weaker students: medicine.王大夫(Roy Wang)当年本不想当医生,但他的高考分数没有达到工程专业的录取分数线,因此被他报考的那所华南大学调剂到医学专业。医学专业的录取分数线较低。In most western countries, medicine is a profession that guarantees prestige, high salaries – and the approval of parents who love to brag about “my child the doctor”.在大多数西方国家,医生这个职业意味着体面、高薪以及父母的认可——父母都喜欢炫耀说,“我的孩子是医生”。But in China, the reverse is true: doctors are ill-paid, overworked and maligned or even attacked by patients while many parents would prefer that they became bankers instead.但在中国,情况正好相反:医生工资不高、工作辛苦,还可能被病人辱骂甚至殴打。许多中国父母更希望自己的子女成为家。Even Chinese doctors prefer their children not to follow them into the profession: according to a 2011 survey by the Chinese Medical Doctors’ Association, 78 per cent of respondents said they hoped their child would not don a white coat.在中国,甚至连医生也不愿自己的子女继承这个职业。2011年中国医师协会(China Association of Medical Doctors)的一项调查表明,78%的受访医生不希望自己的孩子穿上白大褂。Many of China’s less prestigious medical schools find it hard to recruit students to train as doctors and others find that students with lower scores on the national university entrance exam, or gaokao, use the lower requirements of some medical schools to gain entry to university, only to then transfer to faculties with higher earning potential.中国许多不太知名的医学院出现了招生难现象。还有些高校发现,一些高考分数较低的学生利用一些医学院录取分数线较低的机会考进大学,目的只是为了在入学后转到其他更有“钱途”的专业。“Compared to western countries, the social status and income of doctors in China is not the highest, so [some medical schools] definitely are not able to attract the best students and the result is that the profession of doctors is not the most elite in Chinese society,” says Huang Gang, vice-dean of Jiaotong University medical school in Shanghai.上海交大医学院(Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine)副院长黄钢表示:“与西方国家相比,中国医生的社会地位和收入都不是最高,因此(有些医学院)肯定招不到最好的学生,结果造成医生在中国社会中也不属于最精英的阶层。”Top faculties such as Jiaotong usually have little problem filling their a for students with good marks, he says, adding that he would prefer to lower his grade expectations if the student were truly committed to studying medicine.他表示,交大等一流医学院要招到高分学生通常没什么问题,不过他补充称,如果学生真的有志学医,他愿意降低分数要求。He says only about 5 per cent of Jiaotong medical students transfer to another faculty each year. But less elite medical schools, such as the one at Xiamen University where Dr Wang studied, struggle to fill available spaces. Xiamen medical school recently waived all fees for those training to be doctors, to attract better candidates.黄刚表示,上海交大医学院每年只有约5%的学生转系。但厦门大学医学院(Xiamen University Medical School,开头提到的王大夫就毕业于这里)等名气较低的医学院,则很难招满学生。为吸引更好的生源,厦大医学院最近免除了医学专业学生的所有费用。Dr Wang, 25, says he estimates about 80 per cent of his intake class at Xiamen medical school in 2006 did not end up there because they wanted to be doctors: he estimates that less than half ended up wearing white coats. Some chose instead to work in the pharmaceutical industry, now embroiled in bribery allegations which could further damage the public image of the medical profession.今年25岁的王大夫表示,据他估计,与他一同在2006年入读厦门大学医学院的同学中,大约由80%的学生都是调剂过来的。他估计,他的同学中只有不到一半最终当了医生。还有一些同学选择进入制药行业,而制药业如今爆出的贿赂丑闻,进一步破坏了医疗工作者在公众眼中的形象。Speaking after a gruelling day working in the emergency department of a Shanghai hospital, Dr Wang says low salaries are one reason that medicine does not attract China’s best students .在上海一家医院的急诊室,刚刚结束一天辛苦工作的王大夫说,在中国,工资低是医学专业无法吸引最优秀学生的原因之一。A survey last year conducted by MyCos education consultants in Beijing found that the average monthly salary for clinical medicine graduates was Rmb2,339 (2) within six months of graduation. Average income for all graduates was Rmb3,051 nationwide, with doctors and nurses the lowest.北京麦可思(MyCos)的教育顾问们去年的一项调查显示,临床医学专业毕业生在毕业半年内的平均月薪为2339元人民币(合382美元)。中国毕业生的平均月薪为3051元人民币,医生和护士两种职业垫底。Many doctors complain that disgruntled patients increasingly turn to violence when doctors are unable to cure their ills, even when there is no mal-practice.许多医生还抱怨称,在疾病无法痊愈时,患者用暴力发泄不满的趋势上升,哪怕医生在治疗方面并无过错。A plastic surgery patient used a knife to attack three nurses, one pregnant, in the central Chinese city of Changsha in September. Doctors say they often have to pay out of their own pocket when patients sue them.今年9月,在华中城市长沙市,一名接受了整容手术的病人持刀砍伤三名护士,其中一名护士怀有身。医生们表示,遇到患者起诉时,他们经常不得不自掏腰包向病人赔偿。State media reports that attacks on doctors are becoming more frequent. The average number of assaults rose to 27.3 per hospital in 2012, compared with 20.6 in 2008, according to a Xinhua news agency report, citing a survey from the Chinese Hospital Association. Dr Wang seems resigned to being attacked. “It will happen sooner or later,” he says.中国官方媒体报道称,患者袭击医生事件日益频繁地发生。新华社援引中国医院协会(Chinese Hospital Association)的调查称,2012年平均每家医院发生27.3起袭医事件,而2008年的这个数字为20.6件。王医生看上去对遇袭已经听天由命了。他说:“这是早晚的事儿。”Xinhua reported that the violence is starting to chase doctors out of the profession: nearly 40 per cent of medical personnel surveyed at 316 hospitals nationally from December 2012 to July 2013 said they planned to give up their profession because of greater violence in hospitals.新华社报道称,暴力事件开始让医生们考虑改行。2012年12月至2013年7月的调查显示,在中国各地316家医院中,近40%的医务人员曾因袭医事件日益增多而萌生转行的念头。But hospital administrators and medical students point out that the situation is not uniformly bad. In poorer areas where other professions may not be available, the best students are willing to risk long hours and possible violence to study medicine.但医院管理者和医学院学生指出,局面并非全然那么糟糕。在没有其他职业选择的较为贫困的地区,那些最优秀的学生可能仍愿意冒长时间工作和遇袭的风险去学医。Dr Wang says he has embraced the profession he accidentally ended up in. He just wishes that patients – Chinese hospital physicians sometimes treat 100-200 a day – would give him a break.王大夫表示,他已接受了这个自己偶然步入的行业。他只希望,病患们能对他宽容一点。在中国,公立医院的医生有时一天要接诊一两百名病人。“When I see so many patients each day how can I smile at them?” he asks, noting ruefully, “they still want me to smile at them”.他问道:“我每天看这么多病人,这种情况下我怎么可能还笑得出来?”他遗憾地指出,“他们还要求我面带微笑”。Additional reporting by Zhang Yan张嫣补充报道 /201310/259895贵州省贵阳市天伦医院治疗宫寒大约多少钱

贵州省贵阳市天伦医院做结扎手术需要多少钱贵阳天伦医院做输卵管造影大约多少钱Millennials, meet your new roommates: mom and dad. The Pew Research Center recently released a study that found that a record-breaking 36% of the nation’s young adults ages 18 to 31 were living in their parents’ home in 2012.千禧一代,快迎接你的新室友:你的爸妈。皮尤研究中心最近公布的一项研究表明,2012年美国18-31岁的青年,有超过36%的人都住在父母家。Among them is Rachel Horn, a 23-year-old living in Los Angeles who moved back to her parents’ house after graduating from the University of Southern California. “I graduated and my lease was up at my apartment at USC, and housing in LA is so expensive,” she says. “I wanted to try to move back home to save money so I could afford a place on my own.”雷切尔霍恩就是其中一员,23岁的她现居洛杉矶,自从于南加州大学毕业后就搬回去和父母一起住了。她说:“毕业后,我大学里的公寓租赁就到期了,洛杉矶的房价又高得离谱。所以我只好搬回家,然后自食其力存钱买房。”According to Pew, Horn isn’t alone. Statistics from the study show that a major reason young adults are moving home is economic challenges. According to Pew, “three-in-ten parents of adult children report that a child of theirs has moved back in with them in the past few years because of the economy.”从皮尤的研究可知,和恩并非特例。其数据显示,年轻成年人搬回家的主要原因就是经济压力过大。调查还表明“其中三成的父母指出他们的小孩在过去几年回家居住皆因经济拮据。”Despite the money saved, however, when young adults move back in family relationships can become strained. “Being around my parents so much was hard at first,” says Horn. “Your parents are completely different from your friends at school or roommates your age. I started to feel like I was in high school again at certain points.”那些青壮年们一搬回家,虽说省去了租房的钱,但和父母的关系可能就会变得紧张起来。“一开始我那无处不在的父母真的让我倍感煎熬,”霍恩说道。“他们跟我学校同龄的朋友、室友完全就是两回事。某些时候我都怀疑自己好像又回到高中时代了。”Privacy, house rules, and family roles all come into question when young adults cohabitate with parents. “The biggest obstacle for young people when moving back home is understanding their role as the adult child,” says life coach and author Tanya White. “Life is different when moving back home as an adult. Your roles and responsibilities change.”当跟父母处在同一屋檐下,无论是隐私,家规还是家庭角色都会让人纠结。“年轻人搬回家住会遇到的最大挑战就是得像个成年人一样去扮演他们作为儿女的角色,”生活导师兼作家谭雅.怀特这样说,“作为一个成年人搬回父母那里,生活会变得截然不同。你的角色和责任也会发生改变。”Dr. Susan Newman, author of “Under One Roof Again: All Grown Up and (Re)learning to Live Together Happily,” agrees with White. “For the majority of young adults returning to live at home, the major stumbling block is falling back into the mommy-daddy-child roles,” says Newman. “Many young adults who return home do not assume responsibility in ways that assist parents and make the living arrangement more equitable. As a result, tensions build where there doesn’t have to be any.”Luckily, tension can be prevented.苏珊.纽曼士,《第二次同一屋檐下:长大后学会和谐相处》一书的作者与怀特观点不谋而合。“一大批青壮年向父母家迁徙,其中最主要的障碍就是怎样进入妈妈-爸爸-孩子的角色,”纽曼认为:“大多数年轻人回到家都不承担家务的责任,也不帮助父母减轻生活的负担。最终就形成了毫无必要的紧张氛围。”幸好这种氛围还可以避免。Talk It Out 直言不讳The first step is communication. “Communication and conflict resolution are key to having a successful home life when adult children move back home,” says White.交流是消除紧张氛围的第一步。“当年轻人搬回家时,交流和解决冲突是营造和谐家庭的关键,”怀特说。Start with an open dialogue about house rules and personal boundaries to avert future conflicts before they become overwhelming and congregate. “Boundaries separating you from parents occurred automatically when you were independent, formed either by the physical distance or the amount of contact you orchestrated,” explains Newman. “When you live together again, boundaries can blur quickly. You will want to install ground rules that reshuffle the boundaries to ensure your parents’ and your freedom, comfort, and happiness.”在冲突压倒性袭来之前,就开门见山地谈论一下家规和个人生活界限吧。“当你独立自主后,与父母之间的隔阂就会不知不觉地形成,这些隔阂表现在你与父母的肢体接触和你精心策划的联系次数,”纽曼解释道。“当你们再次同居一室时,隔阂瞬间显现出来。届时你就会想要重新制定一系列的规则以确保父母和你都能自由,舒适,愉悦地共处。”Compromise 学会妥协Living with anyone, whether it is your parents, a spouse, or a roommate, requires compromise. Discuss what your parents’ expectations are compared to your own, and meet in the middle. “Work around the things you believe [your parents] can’t or won’t change,” says Newman. Be creative and present options for solutions to conflicts that you don’t see eye-to eye on. “If you want changes, you will have to ask for them calmly, not in an authoritative way,” says Newman. “Let’s say that you don’t want your parents in your room or cleaning up after you, tell them that you will tend to those things. Or explain that you will do your own laundry.”跟别人相处,无论对方是你的父母,配偶,亦或者室友,都需要妥协。要跟父母交流一下彼此的愿想,然后双方再折中妥协。“尝试努力去改变你认为父母会坚持的意见,”纽曼说。要灵活应对冲突,双方达不到共识的时候,要给出建设性意见。“如果你想有所改变,那就冷静地跟他们谈谈,而不是特立独行,”纽曼说。“告诉父母你不希望他们进入你的房间,也不想他们帮你打扫卫生,告诉他们你自己会打扫。或者向他们好好解释你的衣自己会洗。”Lend a Hand 互相帮助Both Newman and White suggest assisting with household responsibilities to create a pleasant living situation. “Young people who move back home must help support their parents financially and with the household responsibilities, i.e. chores [and] unexpected expenses,” says White.纽曼和怀特都给出建议说帮助承担家庭责任能够创造良好的居住环境。“搬回家住的年轻人有义务帮助父母减轻经济负担,同时也有承担家庭责任的必要,简单地说就是做点家务或者偿付预算外的出,”怀特说。Newman says that in addition, going beyond everyday chores is vital to create a supportive environment. “Call on the way home to see if you should stop at the store to pick up something for dinner, or at the cleaners to retrieve the clothes that are y,” says Newman. “In this way, a whole scheme of cooperating evolves.”纽曼觉得除此之外,履行日常家务以外的职责是创造互助环境的关键,“在回家的路上打个电话问是否需要顺便买点晚餐之类的东西,或者在洗衣店把洗干净的衣捎回家,纽曼如是说道。“如此一来,便皆大欢喜。” /201308/252498贵阳/市第二人民医院剖腹产价格贵阳/市红十字会医院能做子宫肌瘤吗

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