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ed States: Computing boot-camp: Risks and rewards美国:编程训练营:风险与回报Should for-profit crash courses get federal funds?盈利性速成班是否应该得到联邦基金的赞助?Liberal arts degrees and computer savvy rarely sit comfortably together.文学学位和精通计算机很难兼得。But computer-programming is increasingly where the jobs are.然而,工作越来越需要掌握计算机编程。This logic guided Adam Enbar and Avi Flombaum in 2012 to found Flatiron, one of many coding boot-camps sprinkled across America.正出于此,亚当·恩巴尔和阿维弗朗于2012年创办了Flatiron学校,Flatiron只是遍布全美的编程训练营之一。The camps offer intensive courses in web development, usually lasting three to six months.该训练营开设网站开发强化课程,通常为期3到6个月,They aim to prepare students for software-engineering jobs, while offering career advice and the chance to network: in short, vocational school for the information age.旨在为那些寻找计算机工程岗位的学生做准备,给他们进行职业规划,并提供接触计算机网络系统的机会:简而言之,编程训练营是为信息时代量身定做的职业学校。They have emerged to fill a pressing demand for coders.编程训练营的相继涌出满足了对程序员的迫切需求。Software-engineering jobs will grow at a rate of 18.8% by 2024, nearly triple the rate of overall job growth, according to the bureau of Labor Statistics.根据劳工统计局的数据,软件工程岗位的增长率在2024年将达到18.8%,而这一数值几乎是总体岗位增长率的三倍。So boot-camps are multiplying.这也是此类训练营迅猛发展的主要原因。In 2015 more than 16,000 students graduated from them, a 138% increase from the year before, according to Course Report, an organization that tracks the industry.Course Report是一家追踪报道该产业的组织,其数据表明,2015年有超过16,000名学生从训练营毕业,比往年增长了138%。They are also big business: publicly traded for-profit education companies are crowding in.编程训练营中也不乏一些大企业:上市的盈利性教育公司正大量涌入。Most boot-camp students are between 22 and 35 and have a college degree.绝大多数训练营的学员年龄介于22和35岁之间,并且拥有大学学位。Some have developed an interest in programming since graduation, or see it as a route to higher pay.一些人是毕业后对编程产生了兴趣,而另一些人则视编程为获取高薪的途径。Sarah Natow, a Harvard graduate, worked in museum fundraising until, dissatisfied with the non-profit sector, she gave up her job and started a course at General Assembly, a boot-camp in New York.莎拉·诺顿(Sarah Natow)毕业于哈佛,曾经从事物馆筹款工作,然而这一非营利性部门未能让她感到满足,于是她辞去了工作,开始在纽约的培训学校General Assembly学习。She felt she needed ;some skill set that would give me an entree into some other area;, and General Assembly offered a fairly quick fix:她感到她需要“一整套能够让她从事其他领域工作的技能”,而General Assembly为她建议了一个相当便捷的方法:three months for ,500, as opposed to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a two-year masters programme.参加一个价值13500美元为期三个月的课程,而不是耗费几十万美元进行为期两年的硕士课程学习。The first job after a boot-camp may not pay that well, explains Natacha Springer, who worked in biotech for ten years, took time off to bring up children, and then attended Flatiron.从训练营结业后的第一份工作的工资可能不是那么令人满意,娜塔莎·施普林格(Natacha Springer)解释道,娜塔莎(Natacha)曾在生物技术领域工作了10年,随后休假带孩子,之后便加入了Flatiron。But she saw a 40% salary increase when she started her second job, and now works as a software engineer for a salary in six figures.然而当她从事第二份工作,她的薪酬涨了40%,而如今,她成为了一名能拿到6位数工资的软件工程师。Boot-camps claim that over 95% of graduates find jobs as software engineers; starting salaries, they say, average around ,000.这些训练营声称,超过95%的学生毕业后以软件工程师为职,并且起薪平均都在6万5千美元左右。Such claims are seldom independently verified.然而此类言论很少经过独立查。As the camps proliferate and more second-rate schools enter the market, quality may suffer.训练营的激增以及进入该市场的二流大学的增多,教学质量难以保。Critics also argue that no crash course can compare with a computer-science degree.批评家们也议论说,没有速成班可以与一个计算机学位相提并论。They contend that three months’ study of algorithms and data structures is barely enough to get an entry-level job.他们认定,三个月中学习到的算法和数据结构连从事入门级工作都不怎么够。Until now, worries about quality have mattered only to those who can afford boot-camps or can secure private loans to attend: tuition fees range from ,000 to ,000.直到如今,有关教学质量的担忧仅存在于那些付得起训练营学费以及能获得私人贷款的人身上:训练营的费用从1万美元到2万美元不等。That is about to change.但这种情况即将发生改变。Last year the Department of Education announced a pilot programme to make federal funds available to boot-camps, which are currently unaccredited and whose students are therefore ineligible for federal aid.去年,教育部公布了一个试点项目,使得联邦基金同样适用于那些当前还未得到认可,其学员也因此没有资格获得联邦补助的编程训练营。As part of the programme, up to ten accredited colleges will work in partnership with ;non-traditional providers;, like boot-camps, and the quality of the camps will be assessed by a third party.作为项目的一部分,多达10所经过认可的大学将与“非传统教学机构”(如一些集中营)进行合作办学,并且这类训练营的教学质量将由第三方评估。The goal is both to open the boot-camps to students from poorer backgrounds, and to improve oversight of the courses offered.其目的不进是使得这类训练营面向贫困生,也能更好地监管这些市面上的课程。Many who follow the education business worry about federal involvement.许多从事教育事业的人对联邦政府的参与感到担忧。For-profit education companies have a mixed history in America; they have been known to take federal money while overpromising, offering sub-standard instruction and saddling unsuspecting students with debt.盈利性教育公司在美国有一段错综复杂的历史,这些公司接受联邦政府的资助,过分夸大却提供不符合标准的教学,并且将债务强加给那些没有戒心的学生的劣迹已经是众所周知。So far, says Barmak Nassirian of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, boot-camps have not been proved to do much for low-income students without a college degree.美国国家高等院校协会的巴马克·纳西里安(Barmak Nassirian)声称,至今也没有据显示,这些训练营为那些未获得大学学位的低收入学生带来了多大的贡献。Mr Nassirian is right.纳西里安先生没说错。The vast majority of todays boot-camp students are sophisticated consumers who have gone through college.如今参加训练营的学生大多都是念完大学的精明消费者。They view the courses as an expensive but necessary add-on, and judge their quality by how much private investment they attract.他们认为这种课程虽然价格高昂,却是不可缺的附加课程,并且他们会根据这类课程所吸引的学生的投资多少来判别其教学质量。That is how for-profit education companies should work.而这正是盈利性公司赢利的方式。To offer these companies the open spigot of federal funding seems too risky, both for taxpayers and for student borrowers.为这些公司开启联邦资助的“水龙头”,对于纳税人以及贷款学生来说,未免显得过于冒险。译者:玲玲201611/479767特别声明:改节目总的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分均为未经可可许可。迷你对话:A: Can’t you remember the days when you had the hots for me?A: 你还记得你迷恋上我的日子吗?B: You tried to seduce me. I fell for you.B: 你诱惑我,我才迷恋上你的。A: By the way, are you going to the concert tomorrow?A: 顺便问一下,你明天想去听音乐会吗?B: I am just thinking of it. Maybe I’ll go.B: 我正在考虑这个问题,也许我回去的。地道表达:have the hots for someone解词释义:the hots在该词语中的意思是“爱意”,它是美国俚语,那么have the hots for someone意思就是“对某人有爱意”或“迷恋上某人”。持范例:Eg. Did you hear that Kelly has the hots for Robby?你有听说凯莉在迷恋罗比吗?Eg. Our English teacher seems to have the hots for Mary.我们的英语老师似乎有点爱上Mary了。词海拾贝:1. fall for:对......倾心,迷恋Eg. I fall for his writings, because they fall in with my taste. 我极喜爱他的作品,因为它们合我的口味。Eg. It ll do you no good to fall for Mary . 你为玛丽而倾倒没有好处。 2. go to the concert:去听音乐会Eg. Id like to go to the concert, but Ive no transport.我想去听音乐会,但没有交通工具。 Eg. Its a pity you didnt go to the concert. 很遗憾你没有去听音乐会。 Eg. I wonder whether youd like to go to the concert this evening. 不知您今晚是否想去听音乐会。 Eg. I figure Ill go to the concert with my parents tomorrow evening. 我想我明晚将和父母一起去听音乐会。 3. think of :考虑,思索Eg. Did you ever think of photographing an aerobics class? 你想过拍摄有氧运动课吗? Eg. A driver must think of safety. 司机一定要考虑到安全。 Eg. Think of the end at every beginning. 凡事开头时就要想到它的后果。 Eg. Don t always think of number one. 别老是想着自己。 /201210/202853Business: YouTube and copyright Free and easy listening商业:YouTube涉及版权问题,免费自在地听音乐The music industry lobbies Congress to keep YouTube at bay.音乐产业游说国会远离YouTube.IN LOVE or in business, it is not a good idea to be on the wrong side of Taylor Swift.无论从个人喜好还是从经营商业的角度,与泰勒·斯威夫特对着干都不是一个好主意。She has slated ex-boyfriends in her songs.毕竟她经常用歌曲抨击她的前任男友。And last year she publicly criticised Apple Music’s plan not to pay artists during the streaming service’s launch period. Apple quickly relented.去年,她公开批评苹果音乐在流媒体务发布期间没有向音乐人付费用的行为。苹果公司很快就举手投降。Now Ms Swift has joined nearly 200 musicians and record labels in a campaign aimed at the largest streaming service, YouTube.如今斯威夫特加入一个由将近200名音乐人和唱片公司发起的运动,该项运动直指最大的流媒体务商YouTube。They complain that it gives away too much of their work for free.他们抱怨YouTube 免费发布太多他们的作品。Their call for a change in copyright law is sure to fail, but the underlying gripe with Google’s streaming service will find sympathetic ears.尽管他们要求版权法做出改变的提议注定失败,但是对于谷歌流媒体务的潜在抱怨还是引起人们的同情。Streaming of music via on-demand services more than doubled in America last year, to 172.4 billion songs, according to Nielsen, a research firm.根据一家名叫尼尔森公司的调查显示,去年在美国通过视频点播务产生的流媒体音乐超过了原有的两倍,达到1724亿首歌曲。Ms Swift, Sir Paul McCartney, U2 and others signed a letter, published in several Washington periodicals on June 20th, asking Congress to make it more difficult and costly for those streaming services to host versions of songs uploaded by users.6月20日华盛顿斯的几家期刊登出斯威夫特,保罗·麦卡特尼,U2和其他音乐人的联名信。信上要求国会将流媒体务和用户下载大量版本的歌曲变得更加困难和昂贵。Google and Facebook, among others, will vigorously oppose any change to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which grants them “safe harbour” from liability for copyright infringement.在反对数字千年著作权法案做出任何改变的互联网公司中,谷歌和脸书的反对最为强烈,因为该法案是使他们不用承担版权侵权的“安全港湾”。A more realistic goal for the music industry is to persuade YouTube to pay more for playing their songs.音乐公司的一个更加现实的目标就是说YouTube 在播放他们的歌曲时付更多的费用。The service is the leading destination for on-demand music but a small source of revenue.这种务是在线点播音乐的主要目的,但却是收益来源的很小一部分。IFPI, a trade body, reckons that 900m people used ad-supported user-upload services such as YouTube to listen to music last year, but that the industry got only 4m from those streams.一家名为IFPI的贸易实体估算出去年有9亿人使用YouTube这种有广告持的用户上传流媒体务听音乐。但是音乐公司仅仅从这些流媒体中获得6.34亿美元。Subscription-based services, including Spotify, paid .3 billion to musicians in 2015.订阅务,包括Spotify在2015年向音乐人付了23亿美元。YouTube executives argue that they are creating a new source of revenue for the industry, even if it seems small now.YouTube的执行官则认为他们正在为音乐产业创造新的收益来源,即使它现在看上去数额较小。Many of those free-riders are unlikely ever to pay for a subscription service, they suggest.他们认为很多这些免费下载音乐的用户永远都不可能去为订阅务而付费。A popular user-uploaded promotes the original work and generates ad revenue for the industry.一家非常受欢迎的用户上传视频网站促进了原创作品的产生并且为音乐产业创造了收入。YouTube can take down such s, but the company notes that labels and publishers usually want to make what money they can from them.YouTube可以下架用户上传的侵权视频,但是YouTube也指出唱片公司和出版商经常想尽办法从他们身上捞油水。Music executives might warm to these arguments if YouTube comes up with more cash for them.如果YouTube 能够想到给音乐公司的执行官更多现金,音乐执行官们可能会同情这些论调。That is not out of the question.这也不是不可能的事情。Analysts reckon YouTube collected up to billion in advertising revenue in 2015, some billion of which would have been due to content creators and rights-holders.分析家估计YouTube2015年广告的收入已经达到了90亿美元,这其中的50亿美元是来自内容创造者和版权所有者。Those figures could double or even triple by 2020.这些数据到2020年可能翻两倍甚至三倍。By then YouTube might be making money.到那时候YouTube才可能会赚钱。Alphabet, Google’s parent company, does not break out YouTube’s results but it is widely reckoned to make a loss.谷歌的母公司Alphabet没有透露YouTube的营收情况,但YouTube被公认为是亏损的。Three big record labels—Universal Music Group, Warner Music and Sony Music Entertainment—are negotiating new deals with YouTube that they hope will lead to a bigger slice of the pie.三家大型唱片公司——环球唱片,华纳唱片和索尼音乐公司正在与YouTube协商新的方案,他们的希望将指向分得更高的份额。Some music publishers will seek new terms soon, too.一些音乐出版商也会立即开始寻求新的条款。Their lobbying may not sway Congress, even with Ms Swift’s help.他们的游说可能不会使国会动摇,即使有斯威夫特的帮助。But it does not hurt to have the singer on their side of the bargaining table.但是将歌手拉到他们的阵营倒也无妨。译文属译生译世 /201611/475161网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:情有独钟谈恋爱的人眼中除了对方之外,眼里是容不下其他人的。Have eyes for sb 对…感兴趣1. 我只在意你2. 我只在乎你3. 我的眼里只有你4. 我眼中只有你【更多例句】I only have eyes for you。我只在乎你。Only have eyes for情有独钟I only have eyes for you. 我只眷恋你一个人。I only have eyes for you. Youre my sweetheart. 戈登:我眼中只有你,你是我的甜心。[本节目属] /201303/232583

可可网的朋友们,大家好,欢迎来到可可口语课堂。在今后的学习中,我将和大家一起聊一聊生活中常见的话题。希望大家在课堂中所学的内容有所用处。In the presence of strangers he often seems inhibited. 在陌生人面前他总是显得很拘谨。presence n. 存在;出席;参加。短语in the presence of表示“在…面前;有某人在场”。He was calm in the presence of danger.在危险当中他镇定自若。He gets nervous in the presence of his colleagues.他在同事面前变得局促不安。inhibited[#618;nh#618;b#618;t#618;d]: 这个单词有两种用法,一是用作动词inhibit的过去分词,表示“抑制,控制”。还原动词来听一下例句:Why didnt you inhibit him from doing that?为何你不阻止他做那件事呢?You should inhibit wrong desires.你应当抑制不正当的欲望。现在来说inhibited的第二个用法。作形容词表示“抑制的;禁止的”。如果一个人感到被抑制是一种什么样的心态呢?——羞怯的,拘谨的。She felt very inhibited by her lack of experience.她由于缺乏经验而感到很拘谨。现在回到我们在节目开始提到的句子中:In the presence of strangers he often seems inhibited. 在陌生人面前他总是显得很拘谨。Jim is quite shy; he will feel out of place in the presence of unknown people. 吉姆很害羞,在陌生人面前往往感到手足无措。这句话和我们刚刚提到的那句意思类似,但是个别地方用词不一样。首先,“陌生人”之前用的strangers,这里用的unknown people,这两种表达都是可以的。out of place:place大家都知道这是“地方”的意思,out of place不在合适的位置,那也就是“不合适的,不相称的”。The large sofa would be out of place in a small room.这张大沙发放在一个小房间里很不相称。Out of place引申一下还可以表示“不自在的”。不喜欢英语的朋友在外国人当中也许会觉得不自在。您可以说:I felt out of place among foreigners. 在外国人当中我感到不自在。在今天的节目中,我们学到了一个短语 in the presence of 在……面前。陌生人的表达:strangers/ unknown people 不自在的,拘谨的 inhibited/ out of place。课后记得复习,这里是可可口语课堂,我们下期再见,拜拜!本节目属 /201304/233691

听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Wayne County has more than 150 juvenile lifers, by far the most in the state. As of today, only one of them – and, in fact, the only person among the more than 360 juvenile lifers in the entire state of Michigan – has been given that second chance.On June 4, 1975, 17-year-old William Washington and his 26-year-old co-defendant, Kenneth Rucker, robbed a record store. After a scuffle with the store owner, Mr. Rucker took the victim into the back room and shot him to death. This incident led to Washington receiving a life without parole sentence for first degree murder, as well as a second life sentence for armed robbery, for his role as an aider and abettor. On November 17th of this year – 41 years after he went to prison – William Washington became a free man. Washington and his mother Lizzie Young joined us in the studio.(This story is part of our series Michigans Juvenile Lifers: Who Gets a Second Chance?)Washington told us its hard to put into words how hes felt since he got out of prison.;I cant describe how 40 years of just wanting to be back with your family, sitting down eating a meal, waking up in the morning, good morning, greetings, I hadnt realized how much I missed it,; he said.;To be here now with my mom being interviewed, I cant describe that.;When asked what surprised him most since getting out, he warned us he might get ;a little philosophical.;Washington said he was most surprised to find ;how love doesnt really change. How I felt for my brother, my mom years ago as a child, I still feel the same.;By his own admission, Washington was ;not a very good son; growing up.;I think my mom was a very good mom, I was just not trying to hear what, you know, the discipline, whats-best-for-the-child-stuff. I really wasnt trying to hear that, especially from my father. So I would skip school, just do what I want to do at a very young age,; he said.Washington received his life sentence at age 17, and told us he thinks his mom was more affected by it at the time than he was.;She started crying and kind of pleading with the judge, and … I felt more saddened by that than the sentence itself,; he said, ;probably because I didnt grasp the significance at that time, what that held for me for the rest of my life.;Washington didnt hesitate when asked if he felt he deserved that sentence.;Yes, of course. Probably ever since I was 12 years old … stealing from my mom and my father, just making my moms life miserable,; he said. ;The stuff she just put up with me is amazing.;;These were the times when I would think deeply on how a lot of the stuff my mom had to put up with, how she felt, because I never had a chance to really think about how other people felt about the stuff that I did to them or the impact that I may have had in their life,; Washington said. ;A lot of that was about the stuff that I had did to people, you know, harming people, and how it was literally coming back to haunt me.;Then, after 41 years and two Supreme Court decisions, Washington was resentenced to a term of years and became immediately eligible for parole.Washington doesnt know why he was the first of Michigans more than 360 juvenile lifers to be released.;I know it was probably because the lot of hard work and sacrifice of people whove been working with this juvenile bill for the last 20, 25 years,; he said.;Even though it was a Supreme Court decision that ruled juveniles being sentenced to life sentence is cruel and unusual punishment, you know, you give a shout out to all the layers involved. I dont think it was about me, I just happened to be the first one released. Its not about me, its about the 300 and more others.;;A lot of it has come through the forgiveness of these families that we victimized and traumatized and all that stuff. Its through their efforts as well as not being opposed to us being released now, so I think they are just as integral to this as anything else.;People dont get sentenced to life without parole without being part of a pretty horrible crime that results in loss of life. There are likely some who believe that since Washington was involved in a crime like that, he should not have been released.To those people, Washington said: ;I understand it.;;I have no problem with them saying that. The crimes Ive committed, I wouldnt have any problem with remaining in prison for the rest of my life. I absolutely had no problem with that.… Youre never released from murder. Whether you pull the trigger or not, being part of that lifestyle, youre never free from it because you never forget about it.;Moving forward, Washington says his only plans are to be with his family and to be a productive member of society.;I really enjoy being with my family, thats all I ever wanted to do was be with my family,; he said. ;What my brother and my mom have established over where Im living, they would clean the neighborhood, I mean literally clean the neighborhood, two or three houses down, vacant lots, and thats what my brothers got me doing. I was telling him its a joy, you know, because Im able to put some of my skill sets in play.;;Its a joy working around the house and the property, its a lot of space to take here, a lot of lawn to maintain, a lot of grounds keeping work which is labor-intensive, and I love it. So if I can spend the rest of my life living next door to my brother, taking care of my moms house and her lawn and the other lawns and vacant lots, Im good.;201612/484106

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