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包头矿务局医院治疗腋臭价格白云鄂博矿区妇幼保健人民中医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱1. Where does this news program take place?A. at a shopping centerB. at a local schoolC. in a city market place. How does the young girl, Elizabeth, celebrate this holiday with her family?A. They go out to eat at a restaurant.B. They visit close relatives.C. They go to see a movie.3. What does Johnny and his family eat on this day?A. turkeyB. hamC. chicken. What sentence best describes Steven feelings about Christmas?A. It a time when people exchange gifts with friends, family, and teachers.B. It a holiday when friends give gifts during an elaborate dinner.C. It a day when people think of others without waiting a gift in return.5. The final young woman says that the best thing about Christmas is:A. receiving presents from classmates.B. having a vacation from school.C. sleeping late every day. 375960包头九州医院产科咨询电话 minister牧师,illustrate阐述,pipe用嗓子尖声说话What's His Number?Each Sunday the minister called the children to the front of the church while he told them a story. Once he brought a telephone to better illustrate the idea of prayer."You talk to people on the telephone and don't see them on the other end of the line, right?' he began. The children nodded yes. "Well, talking to God is like talking on the telephone. He's on the other end, but you can't see him. He is listening, though."Just then, a little boy piped up and asked, "What's his number?"他的号码是多少?每个星期日,牧师给孩子们讲故事时,都会把他们叫到教堂前面有一次,为了更好地阐述祈祷的含义,他带来了一部电话”你们和别人在电话里交谈,看不到电话另一端的人,对吗?”他开口问道孩子们点头称是“嗯,和上帝交谈,就像在电话里交谈一样他在另一端,但你看不到他不过,他在听”就在这时,一个小男孩尖着嗓子问道:“他的号码是多少?”1.minister牧师还可以指很多种职务,比如部长、大臣、外交使节、执行者等等:Angels are ministers of the divine will.天使是神的意志的执行者也可以作动词,有“给予援助”的意思:minister to the homeless对无家可归的人们给予援助.better更好地作为good的比较级,better是个很实用的词,不仅可以作形容词表示“更好的”,也可以作副词,正如文中的句子“Once he brought a telephone to better illustrate the idea of prayer.”作动词有“改善”的意思:Living conditions have bettered a great deal.生活条件已大有改善也有“超过”的意思:better a record刷新纪录3.illustrate阐述,表明也有“给……作插图说明”的意思:She has illustrated a number of books.她为好几部书加了插图还有“举例说明”的意思:The subject is difficult. Permit me to illustrate.这个题目很难,请容我举例说明.prayer祷告,祈祷My one prayer is that I don’t live to be really old.我唯一的祈望就是不要活到真正老得不行了还有“祝愿”的意思:Whatever you decide you have my prayers.无论你决定如何,我都祝愿你5.nod点头表示nod one’s agreement点头表示同意; nod one’s understanding点头表示领会还有“点头叫”的意思:He nodded me out of the door.他点点头叫我出去6.pipe尖声喊叫:pipe a command尖着嗓子发出命令pipe还有很多其他含义,比如“用管子输送”:pipe water into a house用管子送水到屋里;“吹奏”:pipe the song吹奏一首曲子 70包头九洲男科医院电话

包头九州泌尿专科医院治疗脱肛价格Nathan: I’m looking a gift my girlfriend. Can you help me pick something out?南森:我要买个礼物送女朋友您能帮我介绍一下吗?Ellie: I’d be happy to. We have a wide selection of jewelry with precious and semiprecious gemstones. Are you interested in something new or antique?埃莉:非常乐意我们这里有各种各样贵重的以及次贵重的宝石您喜欢新潮一点的还是复古一点的?Nathan: I’m not sure. I’m just looking something nice, something that really reflects our relationship.南森:我不知道我想要那种既漂亮又能真实地反映我俩关系的那种Ellie: I understand. Let me show you some of our finest pieces. This ring has a polished faceted stone that has a lot of luster. Isn’t it exquisite?埃莉:我明白了我带您看看这里最好的作品这枚戒指是经过抛光的刻面宝石,光泽夺目是不是很精致?Nathan: That’s beautiful, but it’s not really what I’m looking .南森:很漂亮,但却不是我心仪的礼物Ellie: No problem. How about this piece? It has a lovely color and cut and it’s in a gold setting.埃莉:没关系那这一枚呢?光泽柔和,切割工艺精湛,而且还是金质底板Nathan: Gold, huh? “Golden” isn’t how I’d describe our relationship, at least not yet.南森:啊,金的?我不想用“金”来形容我俩的关系,至少现在不是Ellie: Okay, many of our semiprecious stones are set in silver. This one is really radiant, don’t you think?埃莉:好的,我们这里很多次贵重的宝石是银质底板这一枚宝石的颜色十分鲜亮,您不喜欢?Nathan: That’s okay, but what about these stones over here?南森:看着还可以,这边的宝石是什么?Ellie: Those are rough uncut stones. They need a lot of work bee they’re y sale.埃莉:那些是一些粗糙的未经切割的宝石售卖前还需要经过大量的工艺制作Nathan: Rough and needs work? That describes our relationship to a tee. I’ll take one of those.南森:粗糙,仍需要磨合?用这个表达我们的关系再合适不过了给我来这个吧译文属 875包头九洲妇科医院月经不调 包头市中医院治疗便秘价格

内蒙古北方重工业集团医院治疗便秘价格Just bee the gameRich: OK, everyone. Gather around. Here are the rules. No tackling. No pushing.TF: You shouldnt grab someone else shirt. That a foul1.Rich: Play is stopped when the person with the ball is touched.TF: You can touch them only between the shoulder and the knees.Rich: The touchdown lines are there and there. OK, let play!TF: Bee we start, let have a moment of silence our fallen men.参考译文:比赛开始前李 奇:好的,大家靠过来现在宣布规则不准擒抱摔倒不准推泰勒父:不可以抓别人的上衣那样算犯规李 奇:持球的人被碰到时,比赛就要暂停泰勒父:只可以碰肩膀到膝盖之间的地方李 奇:达阵线在那里和那里好,开始玩吧!泰勒父:在我们开始前,我们先来为去世的人们默哀重点词汇:foul (n.)(比赛中)犯规A: Why dont you like basketball?你为什么不喜欢篮球?B: Because I always get a lot of fouls.因为我总是犯许多规touchdown (n.)(美式足球)达阵,触地得分而文中的touchdown line则是美式足球当中的「达阵线」,抱球超越即可得分Let leave after the next touchdown.等到下一个达阵之后我们就走吧 36638 Ashley:Im thinking of becoming a vegetarian.艾什丽:我想成为一名素食主义者I think it would be the ethical thing to do.我觉得这是伦理方面的问题Paul:Are you going to eat eggs and dairy?保罗:你会吃鸡蛋和奶制品吗?If youre doing this ethical reasons,you really should avoid anything made with animal products or animal by-products.如果你出于道德伦理原因这样,你真的应该不再接触任何动物的产品或副产品Ashley:I guess youre right.艾什丽:我想你是对的Paul:Then youre going to be a vegan.保罗:那么你就会成为素食主义者You wont be able to eat any milk, butter, cheese, or yogurt.你不能吃牛奶、黄油、奶酪或者酸奶Ashley:Really?艾什丽:真的吗?I guess Ill have to be a vegan then.我想我要成为一名素食主义者Paul:Youll have to eat a varied diet so you dont have a vitamin deficiency.保罗:你的饮食应该多种多样,这样你就不会患维生素缺乏症Ashley:Yes, Ill have to guard against that.艾什丽:是的,我得小心这个问题Paul:Are you going to avoid buying things that are animal-derived, too? Like leather shoes and belts?保罗:你要不再购买像是皮鞋和皮带等动物制品吗?Ashley:I hadnt thought of that.I suppose I should.艾什丽:我没有想过这个我想我应该Paul:Are you having second thoughts?保罗:你在重新考虑这个问题吗?Ashley:No, I just didnt know there would be so many restrictions.艾什丽:不,我只是不知道会有这么多条条框框Paul:Just be glad you didnt choose to become a fruitarian.保罗:很高兴你没有选择成为果食主义者Ashley:What that?艾什丽:那是什么?Paul:You dont want to know.保罗:你不会想知道的 3575鄂尔多斯市中心医院检查妇科病价格包头去哪家妇科医院好

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