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2017年12月17日 04:33:35 | 作者:门诊评论 | 来源:新华社
斯坦福强奸案:犯人因“名校生”身份而被从轻判刑惹众怒 -- :53: 来源: 在最近的斯坦福强奸案中,犯人本应入狱至少年,但是审理法官因其“名校生”身份,只判其入狱6个月,美国民众对此强烈抗议司法不公 A petition calling a judge who sentenced a student to just six months in the Stand University rape case to be fired has reached almost 0,000 signatures.在近日的斯坦福强奸案中,一名法官仅仅判处该案犯人入狱6个月对此美国民众发表了一封请愿书,要求开除这名法官,目前已经有大约万人在这份请愿书上签字Judge Aaron Persky was criticized saying jail time would have a ’severe impact’ on Brock Turner, , who was convicted of raping an unconscious 3-year-old woman.岁的布洛克·特纳此前曾被指控强奸一名神志不清的3岁女性,而此案审理法官亚伦·佩斯基竟然说(过长)的刑时间会“严重影响”特纳,为此他广受批评Outrage has been growing since Turner’s rape victim a powerful letter to her attacker as she came face-to-face with him in court.在原告和被告对簿公堂时,受害人向特纳朗读了一封言辞激烈的信,自那以后公众对这起案件越来越感到愤怒She made an emotional speech at last week’s sentencing hearing, explaining the devastating effect the rape has had on her life. The letter has been viewed more than six million times since it was published on BuzzFeed.在上周的量刑听审会上,这名受害者做了一份言辞恳切、令人动情的演讲,向听众叙述了这一强奸案给她生活所带来的毁灭性影响自从这封信件在BuzzFeed上贴出以来,目前已经被浏览超过600万次In it she told Turner: ’You don’t know me, but you’ve been inside me, and that’s why we’re here today.’在这封信里她告诉特纳:“我们素不相识,但你却进入过我的身体,这就是为什么我们今天在这里的原因”She added: ’He is a lifetime sex registrant. That doesn’t expire. Just like what he did to me doesn’t expire, doesn’t just go away after a set number of years.她补充道:“他一辈子都是一个性犯罪者永远都不能洗清自己的罪行就像他对我犯下的罪恶一样,永远都不能洗清,他带给我的苦楚不会就这样在若干年后消失”’It stays with me, it’s part of my identity, it has ever changed the way I carry myself, the way I live the rest of my life,’ she added.她说道:“它是我永远挥之不去的梦魇,它成为了我人格的一部分,它永远改变了我生活的方式,改变了我余生的轨迹”Turner, from Dayton, Ohio, was convicted of three felony counts of assault and attempted rape and will have to register as a sex offender life when he comes out of jail later this year.特纳来自俄亥俄州代顿,他被判犯有包括殴打和强奸未遂等三项重罪,当他今年下半年出狱的时候,他将被登记为一名性犯罪者,终身不变A petition calling Judge Persky’s removal from the bench was launched on the Change.org website on Saturday and had aly reached 95,000 signatures by Monday evening.上周六人们在Change.org网站上发起了一份请愿书,要求佩斯基法官撤职截止周一晚间,这份请愿书已经收到了95000多份签名Maria Ruiz, a nurse from Miami who organized the petition, said she was ’outraged’ when she heard about Turner’s sentence: ’I was terribly upset. As soon as I heard about it I jumped on the computer and I was like, ’’I have to do something".’这份请愿书的发起者是一名来自迈阿密州的护士玛利亚·鲁伊斯,她说当她听到对特纳的判决时,她“出离了愤怒”:“我简直气坏了我一听到判决我就马上跑到电脑旁边,我想‘我必须做点什么’”The League of Women Voters claimed Persky had also attended Stand.“妇女选民联盟”称佩斯基以前也是斯坦福的学生But in a statement Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen said he did not believe Judge Persky should be recalled from office and added: ’While I strongly disagree with the sentence that Judge Persky issued in the Brock Turner case, I do not believe he should be removed from his judgeship.’但在一份声明中,来自圣克拉拉县地区的律师杰夫·罗森说他不认为佩斯基法官应该被开除,并说:“虽然我十分反对佩斯基法官对布洛克·特纳的这份判决,但我不认为佩斯基法官应该为此而被除名”Persky was also backed by several Calinia lawyers.还有几名加州律师也表示持佩斯基Santa Clara County deputy public defender Gary Goodman told AP: ’He is an absolutely solid and respected judge. Persky made the right decision.’圣克拉拉县副公共辩护人加里·古德曼告诉美联社:“他是一名值得信赖的、受人尊敬的法官佩斯基的决定是正确的”瑜伽教练说:流汗只是脂肪在哭泣 -- :1: 来源: 一名瑜伽教练神级语录,每一句都是金句Release your shoulder blades down your back, point your ear tips to your toes, roll your biceps to the front of the room, and wash the insides of your body with your breath.释放你的肩胛骨,放松背部,将耳朵拉到脚趾处,把二头肌滚到房间的前面,用呼吸清洗体内Wersquo;re all just busy bodies, but your life will be what you want it to be with the eftless energy of this pose.我们都是忙着的身体,但通过毫不费力的姿势,你的生活会成为你所希望的样子Try not to collapse your pubic bone towards your face.尽量不要把耻骨撞到脸上Leave the world and enter the limbic system.离开这个世界,进入大脑边缘系统Draw the back of your neck towards your heels and smile inwardly.把脖子往后拉到脚后,展示内在地微笑Inhale through your nose, and sigh it out haaaaaaaaaaaa. Donrsquo;t be afraid to make noise, people!通过你的鼻子吸气,并大声地哈气出来人们,不要害怕制造噪音!OK, now exhale out all the crap thatrsquo;s bugging you. Sorry, that wasnrsquo;t a very yoga thing to say.OK,现在呼出所有让人烦恼的垃圾对不起,这样说太不瑜伽了Try not to think of negative shit.尽量不去想负面的屁事儿You have my permission to cry.你可以哭了Sweat is just your fat crying.流汗只是你的脂肪在哭泣Let me tell you a story: once there were two armies that met on a battlefield, and they froze time to talk about yoga.给你讲个故事:从前由两个军队在战场相见,然后他们停滞了时间,讨论起瑜伽来Thatrsquo;s OK ndash; itrsquo;s OK to fart ndash; a fart is your body letting go.没问题;;放屁没问题;;放屁只是你的身体在放松Sigh out everything from your day.从你一天的所有事情中退出来Sink into the earth, then sink lower.沉降到地球里,再往下沉Drop your head back and reach your heart to the sky. Keep reaching.往后仰头,用心触摸天空继续摸Pull your belly button towards your spine and grow three inches taller.把肚脐拉到脊柱,能长高三英寸Discover the place between comt and discomt, and live there.发现舒和不适之间的地带,然后生活在那儿Breathe into your left rib basket.呼吸到你的左侧肋骨里Follow the sound of the room with your skull root.用头骨根追随这个房间的声音If you canrsquo;t do any of this, feel free to stay in childrsquo;s pose until the end of class.如果你做不到,那么就保持儿童姿,直到这节课结束吧Press the soles of your feet together and let your knees drop down, then open your feet like you are ing the pages of a book, and now lean over like yoursquo;re hugging a ball. Not a baseball or a bowling ball. A beach ball.把脚底在一起,放松膝盖,然后打开你的脚就像你正在阅读一本书一样,现在俯身,就像你抱着一个球不是棒球或保龄球是一个沙滩球Raise your sitz bones to the ceiling.举起你的盆头到天花板Melt your heart closer to your knees.融化你的心脏,让它更接近你的膝盖Make your two legs into one strong leg.把两只腿变成一只大强腿Lift your entire leg to the ceiling, including your hamstring, your quads, your calves, your glutes and your core.把整条腿抬向天花板,包括你的腿筋,您的股四头肌,小腿,臀部和核心Think of your tailbone as an iron anchor sinking deep into the depths of the ocean, and find the heart of the ocean with the hearts of your heels.想象你的尾骨是一个铁锚,深深沉入海洋深处,并用脚跟的心找到海洋的心Flow as if yoursquo;re coming out of water in a James Bond movie.流动吧,正如你浮出自0电影的水面一样Slide your shoulder blades down your ribs, activate the laces of your feet, shine your inner thighs to the mat, feel the energy of your buttocks, and smile at your neighbor.滑动你的肩胛骨到肋骨处,激活你的脚的鞋带,用你的大腿内侧照亮垫子,感觉你臀部的能量,像你的邻居微笑Elope into the motion of standing.逃回到站立的动作If you want to listen to the rest of Purple Rain, stay behind in corpse baby pose.如果你想听剩下的《紫雨,那就停留在尸体婴儿姿这个动作Sorry! I meant corpse pose. Corpse and happy baby are very similar poses.对不起!我是说尸体姿尸体和快乐婴儿姿很相似啊[Playing the harpsichord] ;Purple rain, purple rain ;;[播放羽管键琴];紫雨,紫雨;;;Wicked class, guys.多么邪恶的一课呀,伙计们中共历史上应当铭记的人物(双语) -- 18:59:38 来源:chinadaily 今天是中国共产党建党95周年辛亥革命以来,为争取国家独立解放,实现中华民族伟大复兴,无数革命先烈流血牺牲小编精选了以下图片,让我们在享受革命果实的今天仍不忘去感受岁月变迁,革命烈士不变的爱国情怀和高贵品格 照片(左)是江竹筠(右)和她的丈夫彭咏梧(左),两名中国共产党(中共) 党员和他们的儿子江竹筠,中国西南部四川省自贡市人,1939 年加入中国共产党,从事地下工作198 年,江被捕,并于199 年 月牺牲,时年9 岁 File photo shows a family portrait of Jiang Zhuyun (R), her husband Peng Yongwu (L), both members of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and their son. Jiang, a native to Zigong of southwest China's Sichuan Province, was engaged in underground work after joining the CPC in 1939. She was arrested in 198 and died in November 199 at the age of 9. 照片(右)拍摄于19 年的上海,是中国共产党(中共)党员、1931 年到1936 年中国东北抗击日军侵华部队的传奇女英雄,赵一曼及其子赵于1936 年被日军俘虏并处决,年仅31 岁今年是中国共产党(中共)建党95周年 File photo taken in 19 shows Zhao Yiman, a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and a legendary heroine who fought against Japanese invading troops in northeast China from 1931 to 1936, and her son in east China's Shanghai. Zhao was captured and executed by Japanese ces in 1936 at the age of 31. This year marks the 95th birthday of the Communist Party of China (CPC). 照片(左)是中国共产党(中共)创始人李大钊李大钊于197年被军阀杀害 File photo shows Li Dazhao, a founder of the Communist Party of China (CPC) who was killed in 197 by a warlord. 照片(右)拍摄于191 年9 月 日,彭雪枫(左),曾任中国共产党领导武装部队的军事专家,在19 年在抗击日本侵略者的战斗中牺牲,享年37 岁 File photo taken on Sept. , 191 shows Peng Xuefeng (L), a mer strategist of the Communist Party of China (CPC)-led armed ces who died in a battle against the Japanese invaders in 19 at the age of 37. 照片是一张叶挺(左一)的全家福叶挺,中国共产党(中共)党员、著名军事家叶曾任是新四军指挥官,被视为是中国人民解放军的创始人之一 File photo shows a family portrait of Ye Ting(1st L),, a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and a renowned military leader. Ye was commander of the New Fourth Army, and is seen as one of the founders of the People's Liberation Army of China. 杨靖宇(左),中国共产党(中共)党员、抗日战争时期著名的民族英雄他曾经任东北中国抗日委员会主席、东北抗日联合军总指挥和政委1939 年,杨被敌军包围,190 年 月3 日壮烈牺牲,时年35 岁 File photo shows Yang Jingyu, a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and a well-known Chinese hero of the Anti-Japanese War. He once served as president of Northeast China Anti-Japanese Committee, and general commander and commissar of the First Northeast China Anti-Japanese Joint Army. Yang was surrounded by the enemy in 1939 and died on Feb. 3, 190 at the age of 35. 照片拍摄于1935 年,是中国共产党(中共)党员、英勇的革命烈士方志敏(右)方是早期中国共产党反对国民党政权领导农民运动的领袖1931 年,他当选中国苏维埃临时政府执行委员和主席1935 年1 月方被捕,并于7 月壮烈牺牲,时年35 岁 File photo taken in 1935 shows Fang Zhimin, a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and a heroic revolutionary martyr. Fang was a leader of the farmers' movement in the early years of the Communist Party of China-led struggle against the Kuomintang regime. He served as executive member and a member of the presidium of the temporary government of the Chinese Soviet Republic in 1931. He was arrested in January 1935, and died a martyr in July 1935 at the age of 35. 照片拍摄于190 年,是左权(右)的一张家庭肖像照左权,中国共产党(中共)党员、著名抗日战争民族英雄其妻子刘志兰(左) 和他们的女儿左太北左曾任红军军官学校教官、中国工农红军第军军长兼政委和红1军团参谋长19 年5 月5 日,他在西安与日本侵略者的战争中牺牲,时年36 岁 File photo taken in August 190 shows a family portrait of Zuo Quan (R), a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and a well-known Chinese hero of the Anti-Japanese War, his wife Liu Zhilan (L) and their daughter Zuo Taibei. Zuo served as drillmaster of Red Army schools, commissar and commander of No. Chinese Worker-Peasant Red Army and chief of staff of the First Army Group. He died in a battle with Japanese invaders in north China's Shanxi on May 5, 19, at the age of 36. 照片(左)拍摄于19 年 月6 日,中国共产党员、中共烈士陈铁军(右)和她的丈夫周文雍在广东省广州市英勇就义之前陈铁军被视为是新中国成立做出杰出贡献的0人之一 File photo taken on Feb. 6, 19 shows Chen Tiejun (R) and her husband Zhou Wenyong, two members and martyrs of the Communist Party of China (CPC), bee they were killed in Guangzhou, south China's Guangdong Province. Chen was regarded as one of the 0 people making outstanding contributions to the founding of New China. 这幅家庭肖像(右)是中国共产党(CPC)早期的重要领导人物瞿秋白(右),他的妻子杨之华(左) 和他们的女儿瞿独伊瞿秋白是中国革命文化运动的积极领导者,曾任红中社的主席,红中社是新华通讯社于1931 年成立时的名称1935年,瞿被国民党军队捕获并杀害 File photo shows a family portrait of Qu Qiubai (R), a key leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in its early days, his wife Yang Zhihua (L) and their daughter Qu Duyi. Qu was an active leader of the cultural movement of the Chinese revolution and was once the president of the Red China News Agency, the name under which Xinhua News Agency was founded in 1931. Qu was captured and killed by the Kuomintang army in 1935.安妮斯顿发长文怒斥媒体:“受够了”怀传闻 -- :00:3 来源:chinadaily Jennifer Aniston has published a lengthy essay in which she lambasts the media the recent pregnancy rumours about her.詹妮弗·安妮斯顿日前发布了一篇长文,怒斥最近媒体上有关她的怀传闻The star writes: " the record, I am not pregnant. What I am is fed up."她写道:“在此声明,我没有怀我也受够了这种传闻”"I'm fed up with the sport-like scrutiny and body shaming that occurs daily under the guise of 'journalism,' the 'First Amendment' and 'celebrity news,'" she writes in Huffington Post's The Record.“我受够了媒体总是打着‘新闻’、‘第一修正案’、‘名人八卦’的旗号窥探明星的私生活,对明星的身材评头论足” 她在赫芬顿邮报的声明板块中这样写道(注:第一修正案即美国宪法中保护新闻自由的一项法案)In June, Aniston's representative had to deny reports in the US that the 7-year-old actress was pregnant.今年六月时,安妮斯顿的发言人曾在美国出面否认了这位7岁女星的怀传闻An unnamed "friend" of Aniston and husband Justin Theroux was ed as stating she was pregnant.一位声称是安妮斯顿及其丈夫贾斯汀·塞洛克斯的匿名“朋友”透露她已有在身InTouch magazine published pictures that it claimed showed Aniston had a "baby bump".后来InTouch杂志发布了安妮斯顿最近的照片,称她已“肚凸起”Aniston said in the essay that constant paparazzi coverage contributes to a "dehumanising view of females, focused solely on one's physical appearance".安妮斯顿在长文中怒斥仔队总是“以不人道的视角看待女性,只关注她们的外貌或身材”She said the further speculation over whether she looks as though she is pregnant or may have eaten too much "reflects the warped way we calculate a woman's worth".她认为,那些对于她究竟是怀了还是吃得太多的推测反映出了“一种对女性价值的扭曲认识”"Yes, I may become a mother some day, and since I’m laying it all out there, if I ever do, I will be the first to let you know. But I’m not in pursuit of motherhood because I feel incomplete in some way, as our celebrity news culture would lead us all to believe," she states.“是的,或许某一天我会成为母亲,而且我早就说过,如果我怀了一定第一时间告诉大家但是我打算要小孩并不是像新闻引导大家去认为的那样,因为没孩子感到不完整才去生”"I resent being made to feel 'less than' because my body is changing andor I had a burger lunch and was photographed from a weird angle and theree deemed one of two things: 'pregnant' or 'fat.' Not to mention the painful awkwardness that comes with being congratulated by friends, coworkers and strangers alike on one’s fictional pregnancy (often a dozen times in a single day)."她还写道:“我厌恶媒体带给我的这种‘不足感’,仅仅是因为我的体型变了,或是因为我午餐吃了个汉堡,然后从奇怪角度拍到了照片,结果就只能得出两个结论:要么是怀了要么是胖了更不要说之后会有许多朋友和同事甚至陌生人来祝贺我怀了(一天十几次),但这根本是假新闻,面对这种祝福我往往很尴尬”In January , Aniston confirmed that she wanted to be a mother and hit back at claims she had put her career first.年1月,安妮斯顿实她想做母亲,并回击了那些说她以事业为先的"That's a topic that's so exhausted. I get nervous around that, just because it's very personal. Who knows if it's going to happen? It's been a want. We're doing our best," she told The Hollywood Reporter.她对好莱坞记者报说: “这个话题实在令我精疲力竭,我对此十分紧张小心,因为这个话题非常私人谁知道我会何时怀呢,我只是期待着,我们一直在尽力尝试”Aniston and Theroux got married in August in front of some 70 family members and friends at their million Bel-Air home.安妮斯顿和塞洛克斯于去年八月在70位家人好友的见下完婚,婚礼就在他们价值万美元的贝莱尔区豪宅中举行Aniston, whose first marriage to actor Brad Pitt ended in divorce in , met actor and "Tropic Thunder" screenwriter Theroux, , in and the couple announced their engagement in .安妮斯顿与第一任丈夫布拉德·皮特在年离婚,年她结识现年岁的演员贾斯汀·塞洛克斯,塞洛克斯同时也是电影《热带惊雷的编剧,他们在年宣布订婚英文来源:每日电讯报翻译:赵雪莹(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮

杭州将发公共自行车“外宾租赁卡”:参加G峰会外宾专供 --1 ::5 来源: 在即将举行的G杭州峰会期间,杭州公共自行车将出台或完善更多国际化务提升措施,向外国友人展示杭州公共自行车的独特魅力该市370处租赁务点将增加双语标识和双语语音播报,务热线增设英语坐席 Hangzhou, the host city of this year’s G summit, is preparing to offer bilingual bicycle rental services eigners visiting the provincial capital of eastern China’s Zhejiang province.作为今年G峰会的主办城市,中国东部浙江省省会杭州市计划在峰会期间为外宾提供公共自行车双语租赁务The rentals will be facilitated through specially-made bilingual cards, to be delivered to eign guests attending the summit in September. The cards will allow eigners to more easily take advantage of Hangzhou’s bicycle rental system, which reportedly ranked among the world’s top of such systems, thepaper.cn reported.据澎湃新闻报道,为了方便租赁务,杭州市特别定制了 “外宾租赁卡”,在9月峰会期间提供给外宾使用这种定制卡能为外宾使用公共自行车租赁务带来便利杭州的公共自行车务位居全球公共自行车务最佳榜单According to the report in thepaper.cn, Hangzhou was rated by the B as one of the world’s eight best cities with bicycle rental services in . In , the city’s bicycle rental service was championed as the world’s best in USA Today.澎湃新闻称,年,杭州被英国广播公司评为8个“全球公共自行车务最佳城市”之一年,杭州在《今日美国评选的全球最好的公共自行车务中高居榜首Some 370 bicycle rental booths around the city will be equipped with bilingual signs and auditory broadcasts. The rental hotline will also provide English service.该市370处租赁务点将增加双语标识和双语语音播报,务热线增设英语坐席The city’s bicycle rental service, originally launched in May , offers free use the first hour. Between the first and second hours, the rental fee is 1 yuan per hour, and it increases to yuan the third hour. After that, the fee stays at 3 yuan per hour.杭州的“公共自行车交通务系统”自年5月起运营,租车1小时内免费,1~小时1元,~3小时元,3小时以上,每小时3元As of May, the total number of bicycles available rent topped 8,000, and another ,000 new bicycles will be put into use bee September. Average daily rentals exceeded 3,000 in , thepaper.cn reported.截至今年5月,运营的公共自行车达8.万辆今年9月前,还会有1万辆新自行车投入使用据澎湃新闻报道,去年公共自行车的日均租用人次超过31万G is the most representative grouping of the world’s major economies. China holds the G presidency this year, and 66 G conferences will be held in Chinese cities, with Hangzhou as the primary host, Xinhua News Agency reported.国集团由全球一些重要的经济体组成今年由中国接任主席国,全年将在中国个城市举办66场会议,杭州是主会场,据新华社报道

女婴在离世父亲手套中露甜笑 令人心碎 --3 3:5:00 来源: 这是一张幸福的照片,女婴的脸上露出甜甜的笑容,不知是做了什么样的美梦然而,这张温馨图片的背后却藏着一个令人心碎的故事:在小宝宝出生一个月前,她的父亲不幸离开人世 This is the heartbreaking image of a newborn baby cradled by the motorcycle gear of her father, who was killed just weeks bee she was born.这是一张令人心碎的温馨照片——女婴在爸爸宽大温厚的机车手套掌心中被呵护著,而爸爸在她出生前几周已离世Hector Daniel Ferrer Alvarez, 5, was shot and killed in Florida in April and never got to meet his baby daughter Aubrey.女婴的爸爸Hector Daniel Ferrer Alvarez 5岁,今天月在佛罗里达被杀,再也没有机会见到女儿AubreyThe adorable tot smiles in this poignant photograph, blissfully unaware that she will never know her father.可爱的女婴Aubrey在照片里露出浅浅的微笑,让人看着就心碎——幸福的宝贝可不知道,她再也见不到爸爸了Hector was a big lover of riding on his motorbike with his partner Kathryn Williams, and the image shows Aubrey resting on her dad’s gloves while his helmet sits in the background.爸爸是位机车迷,常常和妈妈Kathryn Williams一起骑着机车到处玩照片显示Aubrey躺在爸爸的机车手套里,旁边放着他的头盔A gofundme page featuring the image has now been set up Aubrey.众筹平台“Gofundme”以这张照片为Aubrey.启动了集资It s: “A young man of 5 named Hector thoroughly loved his life.它是这样写的:“一个5岁的年轻人非常热爱生活”"He was eagerly and proudly looking ward to the changes in his near future when he became both husband and father.“他非常渴望,也非常自豪的期待着不久的将来,当他成为丈夫和爸爸时,生活发生的变化”"He shared his love of bikes with his fiance and they planned family rides and outings after Aubrey would be old enough to do such.”“他和未婚妻Kathryn志同道合,都很热爱机车,他们约定等孩子长大后,全家一起骑著机车到处游山玩水”"He always wore protective gear when riding his bikes he was insistent on safety and setting the proper example.“每次骑机车,他都会戴着全套防护装备,以确保安全,同时树立一个很好的榜样”"There was no way he was willing to risk taking careless chances with his new baby girl on the way and his Queen by his side.“宝贝女儿即将出生,未婚妻陪伴在身旁,他从来不敢对安全问题掉以轻心”"Tragically, he and his new family were denied this future when someone he considered a friend took Hector’s life from them a mere month bee Aubrey was born.”“然而不幸的是,在Aubrey快要出生前一个月,他的生命被一位他视作朋友的人夺走了一家人未来的希望破灭”Donations towards supporting Aubrey and her mother have reached 5 in a day.仅仅一天,持Aubrey和她妈妈的捐款就达到了795美元Alvarez was allegedly shot by his friend Roosevelt Jeon Francois during an argument.据称,Alvarez在和朋友Roosevelt Jeon Francois的一场争执中,被其开打死

世界空气最差城市:印度个城市入围 因过节放鞭炮 --31 :: 来源: Air quality in New Delhi will deteriorate to "severe" levels this week when Indians set off firecrackers to celebrate the Hindu festival of lights, a government scientist said, leaving many at risk of respiratory problems.  印度人民为庆祝排灯节纷纷燃放烟花爆竹,这种习俗让新德里的空气遭受污染,达到“严重级别”一名政府科学家说,这会增加民众患呼吸道疾病的危险  The warning, based the first time on India's newly launched national Air Quality Index, is significant as New Delhi dismissed a World Health Organization study in May which found the capital to have the world's worst air pollution.  今年五月在世界卫生组织的一项全球城市空气质量的调查中,新德里空气污染程度位居首位,但印度政府对此并不接受,并制定了印度新版全国空气质量指数  The study, which covered 1,600 cities, also said that India has of the cities with the worst air quality worldwide.  世卫组织的这项调查中包括了00个城市,其中有个印度城市“入围”全球空气质量最差城市前名  "Delhiites are going to breathe very poor-to-severe air at least two days," said Gufran Beig, chief scientist at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, referring to Thursday, when the nation celebrates Diwali, and a day after.  “新德里的居民还将继续忍受这样的空气,至少还得两天”印度热带气象研究所的首席科学家古夫兰·贝格在上周排灯节庆祝期间说  The city of over million people will see its air pollution index jump to 50 from currently. A ing above 01 could put the healthy at risk respiratory problems and seriously affect those aly ill, the new index explains.  新德里的00多万人口还得亲身体验空气质量指数从飙升至50的过程根据印度新颁布的空气质量指数来看,超过01就已经会增加民众患呼吸道疾病以及严重感染其他疾病的危险了  Pollution levels in Indian cities have often been compared to Chinese counterparts such as Beijing, notorious the smog that prompted some Anglophone residents to dub it "Greyjing".  印度的空气质量污染情况常拿来与中国的北京等城市相比,北京因为空气质量长期受到雾霾的影响而被称为“灰京”  "Over the next three days the air quality will be worse than Beijing because of firecrackers," Beig said, adding that Delhi normally has better air quality than the Chinese capital.  “接下来的三天因为烟花爆竹的影响,空气质量会比北京还差”贝格说,平时新德里的空气状况要优于北京

男子拔火罐背上烧出7个大洞 -- :: 来源: 近日来自成都的一名男子因连续一个月拔火罐,背上竟然烧出了7个大洞 Horrifying images have emerged of a man left with seven holes in his back after undergoing cupping therapy which went wrong.这些可怕的照片显示,一名男子在拔了火罐之后,出了什么问题,背上留下了7个大洞63-year-old Li Lin from Chengdu, China, was promised that the treatment would make his ’frozen shoulder’ feel better, reports the People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,63岁的李林(音)来自成都,治疗前他曾被许诺说拔火罐将使他“僵麻的肩膀”舒一些The man says he had been having cupping treatment every day in the same place around a month when large blisters started to appear.老李说他在近一个月的时间里,每天都在同一个地方拔火罐,后来他的背上开始出现了一些大水泡From May to June , Li underwent cupping in a small massage parlour to try and cure his frozen shoulder.在5月日到6月日期间,老李都在一个小房里拔火罐,希望能够治好他的肩周炎Frozen shoulder is a condition that leads to pain and stiffness in the shoulder and in some extreme cases people are unable to move their shoulder at all.肩周炎这种病会导致肩膀疼痛和僵硬,在极端情况下,病人甚至完全不能活动肩膀He said: ’The clerk advised me to stick to cupping a month to cure my frozen shoulder’.老李说道:“店员建议我坚持拔火罐一个月来治疗我的肩周炎”Cupping is a therapy in which heated glass cups are applied to the skin creating suction and are thought to stimulate the flow of energy inside the body.拔火罐这种疗法是使用玻璃罐子的,点火排出空气后依靠吸力附着在人体皮肤上这种疗法被认为能够刺激人体内的能量流动During treatment, the man had the cups placed in exactly the same place every time.在治疗过程中,老李每次都在背上同一个地方拔罐Li said that during the last ten days, blisters began to m on his back from the locations the cups had been placed.据老李说,在疗程的最后天里,他背上拔火罐的地方开始出现了水泡Instead of stopping the treatment, he asked his wife to pop the blisters bee rubbing his back with oil.但是老李非但没有停止拔火罐的治疗,反而叫他的老伴儿把水泡扎破,然后涂上跌打油On June , the man went cupping treatment and during his walk home, he began to feel uncomtable and had a high fever.6月日那天,老李和往常一样去拔了罐,但是在回家途中,他开始感觉不舒,还发了高烧His family rushed him to the hospital.老李的家人将他紧急送到了医院Surgeon Xie Liang said that when Li was sent to the emergency room with a fever of 37.7 degrees and his back was completely swollen.外科医生谢亮(音)表示说,当老李被送到急诊室时,他高烧达到了37.7度,背上完全肿了On examination, it was found that he had a bacterial infection.在检查时,医生们发现老李有细菌感染的症状Doctors said that it was lucky that Li came to the hospital when he did as if he had continued then he would have developed sepsis.据医生们表示,还好老李到医院来了,否则任由病情继续拖延下去的话,有可能会恶化成为脓毒症Medical staff said that the cupping should not have been done in the same position as it causes skin burns and infections.据医务人员表示,拔火罐不应该每次都在同一个地方,不然的话会造成皮肤烧伤和感染Li’s situation is improving and is not considered life threatening.老李的病情正在改善,没有生命危险

芝加哥男子直播中被杀 -- :3: 来源: 近日芝加哥一名男子在Facebook直播过程中被杀,这是芝加哥在不到三个月的时间里第二次有人在直播中被杀 A Chicago man was shot dead while live-streaming a of himself on Facebook, police said on Friday.据美国警方在周五表示,芝加哥一男子在Facebook上直播自己的视频时被杀Antonio Perkins, , was shot in the head and neck on the city’s west side.在芝加哥城西边,岁的安东尼奥·帕金斯头部和颈部中The is still available on Facebook and has been watched nearly 700,000 times.在Facbook上这部视频仍然可以播放,目前已经被观看了大约70万次It is the second time in less than three months in Chicago that a shooting has been streamed live on Facebook. In March an unidentified man was shot times while broadcasting live.这是芝加哥在不到三个月的时间里第二次有人在Facebook的直播上被杀今年3月份,一名身份不明的男子在直播中被击次No arrests have been made in either case.两起案件的犯罪嫌疑人都未被抓获Facebook’s live-streaming feature allows anyone to broadcast online in real time. It was launched in but has become more central to the social network’s strategy in recent months.Facebook的流媒体直播功能允许任何人在线实时直播这项功能在年的时候就登陆了Facebook,但是在近几个月才成为Facebook策略的重点The of Mr Perkins shows him and a group of people talking bee gunshots are heard. The phone then appears to tumble through bloody grass bee going black.据这份视频显示,在声响起前,帕金斯曾和另一群人发生过交谈在画面消失之前,直播用的手机滚过了地上鲜血淋漓的草丛Bystanders can be heard screaming and crying.可以听到旁观者的尖叫和哭喊The remains on Facebook with a warning message about its graphic nature.这份视频仍然在Facebook上面,有图解内容作为警告信息A spokeswoman Facebook said the does not violate company policy. The social media site would remove a if it celebrated or glorified violence, she said.据Facebook一位发言人表示,这份视频并没有违背公司的政策她说道,如果一份视频赞扬或者美化了暴力的话,Facebook就会把它删掉Earlier this month, the killer of a French police commander and the commander’s partner broadcast on Facebook Live shortly after the killings, urging followers to kill prison staff, police officials, journalists and lawmakers.本月早些时候,法国警方一名指挥官和其妻子被杀,凶手在行凶后不久就在Facebook上直播,敦促持者们杀掉监狱工作人员、警官、记者和立法者Chicago has one of the worst gun crime rates of any US city. There were nearly 500 homicides last year, and gun violence is up in , police say.芝加哥的犯罪率要比美国任何城市都要严重据警方表示,去年芝加哥发生了近500起杀人案件,而年的暴力事件又有所上升

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