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Jack and Grace were the most popular names given to babies in England and Wales this year, according to National Statistics, while Mohammed moved steadily up the rankings.Jack has been the top boys' name for the last 13 years, while Grace moved up one place from last year.Rising stars in 2007 were Jayden, Isaac and Finley for the boys, Ava and Summer for the girls.National Statistics noted that Ava's newfound popularity could be partly due to pop singer Myleene Klass giving that name to her daughter earlier this year.Fallers this year were Bradley, Rhys and Kyle among the boys and Anna and Paige among the girls.In the girls' top five, Ruby moves up to second. Last year's top name, Olivia, drops to number three while Emily is up at four and Jessica down at five.The boys' top five looks almost the same as last year.Thomas remains at number two, Oliver rises one place to three, Joshua drops to four and there is no change for Harry at number five.Mohammed continued its long-term increasing popularity this year, moving up five places to number 17, while another spelling, Muhammad, also gained ground.Boys' top namesin descending order: Jack, Thomas, Oliver, Joshua, Harry, Charlie, Daniel, William, James, Alfie.Girls' names: Grace, Ruby, Olivia, Emily, Jessica, Sophie, Chloe, Lily, Ella, Amelia. 据英国国家统计署公布的统计结果,“杰克”和“格蕾丝”是今年英格兰和威尔士人给孩子取名时用得最多的名字,此外,“默罕穆德”的排位稳步上升。在过去十三年中,“杰克”一直是最受青睐的男孩名,而“格蕾丝”则比去年上升了一个榜位。今年的人气新名包括:男孩名杰登、艾塞克和芬利;女孩名艾瓦和萨梅尔。英国国家统计署指出,“艾瓦”之所以人气大增,一部分是因为今年年初流行歌星玛琳#8226;克拉斯给她的女儿起了这个名字。今年人气下滑的名字包括:男孩名布拉德利、莱斯和凯利;女孩名安娜和佩吉。在五大最受欢迎的女孩名中,“璐比”升至第二位,去年的排行榜冠军“奥莉维亚”跌至第三位,“艾米莉”升至第四,“杰西卡”跌至第五。今年五大最受欢迎的男孩名与去年大致相同。“托马斯”仍位居第二;“奥立弗”上升一位,名列第三;“约瑟华”跌至第四;“哈里”仍排在第五。今年,“默罕穆德”的人气继续攀升,连升五位,名列第17;而另一种拼写形式“Muhammad” (穆罕默德)也开始受到人们的青睐。最受欢迎的男孩名(按降序排列):杰克、托马斯、奥立弗、约瑟华、哈里、查理、丹尼尔、威廉、詹姆斯、埃尔弗。最受欢迎的女孩名:格蕾丝、璐比、奥莉维亚、艾米莉、杰西卡、索菲亚、克洛伊、莉莉、艾拉、艾米莉娅。 /200803/29701Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has carried out the world#39;s first field test of fifth-generation cellular network (5G) technology using a 3.5 GHz band, which is expected to become the global 5G standard.中国电信巨头华为已经进行了全世界第一场5G蜂窝网络技术测试,使用的是有望成为全球5G标准的3.5GHz频段技术。Huawei also tested the connection between instrument and chip manufacturers, Thepaper.cn reported.据澎湃新闻报道,华为还进行了仪表和芯片企业之间的对接测试。Huawei#39;s announcement comes after Qualcomm, an American competitor, successfully tested its 5G connection.在华为的公告之前,该公司的美国竞争者高通也宣布成功测试了5G连接。The latter#39;s connection is based on New Radio (NR) work in the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), an international mobile telecommunications standards organization.后者的连接技术是基于“第三代合作伙伴计划(3GPP)”(一个国际移动通信标准化组织)的新广播技术。According to 3GPP#39;s official website, the standards for 5G technology will be set this year.据3GPP官网的信息显示,该5G技术标准将于今年制定。Global telecom giants including Qualcomm, Huawei and Ericsson have all been carrying out research and tests of the new technology, competing for a leading role in setting those standards.高通、华为、爱立信等全球电信巨头都在对这项新技术进行研究和测试,争取在制定这些标准方面处于领先地位。;The international community has reached a consensus that a unified 5G standard should be established. Currently, all the telecom giants have offered their technological patents to 3GPP, hoping that their standards will be the ones adopted,; an anonymous expert told Thepaper.cn, adding that the competition to set the 5G standards could affect national interests.一位不愿透露姓名的专家向澎湃新闻透露:“国际社会已经达成共识,要建立一个统一的5G标准。目前所有的电信巨头都已经向3GPP提供了他们的技术专利,希望自己的标准将会被采用。”这名专家还表示,建立5G标准的竞争可能会影响到国家利益。Chinese companies have gained ground in the 5G battle, where the U.S. and EU have long been leaders.美国和欧盟曾长期在5G领域处于领先地位,而现在中国企业已经在5G争夺战中取得了一些成果。During the No.87 RAN1 meeting held by 3GPP in 2016, the polar code, created by Chinese companies, was defined by participants from around the world as the control channel encoding scheme for the application of 5G in eMBB (enhanced mobile broadband) scenarios.在2016年3GPP举行的第87次会议期间,中国企业创造的极化码被世界各地与会者们确定为5G eMBB(增强移动宽带)场景的控制信道编码方案。 /201703/495997China has taken Japan#39;s No 2 spot for iOS revenue as the revenue more than doubled in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the same period last year, according to the recent statistics released by San Francisco-based analyst firm App Annie.旧金山分析公司App Annie近日发布的数据显示,在2016年一季度,我国的iOS营收同比增长2倍多,取代日本成为iOS全球第二大市场。According to the figures, entertainment and music app revenue are on the rise in the US and China, with major apps adding subscription revenue models.该数据显示,随着主流应用增加订阅收益模式,中国及美国的、音乐应用的营收呈增长趋势。App Annie said the growth was driven ;almost entirely by games;.App Annie称,中国的iOS营收增长几乎完全靠游戏驱动。;Typically being a leading indicator in the market, games are often a strong signal of trends to come. In this case, China passed Japan in both games and overall iOS revenue in the same quarter.; said App Annie.App Annie表示:“通常作为市场的领先指标的游戏,往往是预示着未来趋势的强烈信号。在这种情况下,相比于日本市场,中国市场在同一季度领先的不仅是iOS应用总营收,也包括iOS游戏营收。”By surpassing Japan, China narrowed in on the US who is currently ranked first in iOS game revenue.在超越日本之后,中国也缩小了与美国的差距。目前美国排在iOS游戏营收榜单的第一位。The company also predicts that if the revenue continues to grow in China, it will surpass the US in the coming quarters.App Annie公司还预测道,如果中国市场的营收继续增加,那么它将会在下一季度超越美国。 /201604/440109

Researchers from Xi’an Jiaotong University in Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province have developed a way to eliminate air pollutants during the coal-burning process, which they hope would significantly address the country’s smog problems.来自中国西北的陕西省西安交通大学的研究人员开发了一种在燃煤过程中消除空气污染物的方法,他们希望能够有效解决中国的雾霾问题。Guo Liejin, head of the research team, said the technology called ;supercritical steaming coal; will generate water instead of sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide or PM2.5 particles in the oxidizing reaction process, news portal nbd.com.cn reported Tuesday.研究团队负责人郭烈锦说,“超临界水蒸煤”将在氧化反应过程中产生水,而不是二氧化硫、一氧化氮或PM2.5颗粒,《每日经济新闻》周二报道。The technology is among the many that aim to curb air pollution in China. Another research team led by He Kebin from Tsinghua University has come up with a list of more than 700 kinds of pollutant sources to help evaluate the effectiveness of measures for controlling the smog, news site thepaper.cn reported.该技术是旨在遏制中国空气污染的诸多技术之一。清华大学贺克斌带领的另一个研究团队提出了700多种污染源的清单,以帮助评估控制雾霾措施的有效性,《澎湃新闻》报道。Many cities even deploy vehicles equipped with a mist canon, which can spray water mist up to 100 meters, in a bid to devour the smog.很多城市甚至部署了喷雾降尘车,可以喷出100多米的水雾,以抑制雾霾。 /201701/486317

The BlackBerry phone, whose tactile keyboard once made it the ultimate business gadget no self-respecting chief executive could be without, has been consigned to history by its maker.黑莓(BlackBerry)手机制造者让黑莓手机成为了历史。它的触感键盘一度让所有自视甚高的首席执行官把黑莓作为必不可少的终极商业设备。Devotees - from the fictional Martin Lukes to the ultimate power user President Obama - have assumed the prayer position and risked thumb strains to bang out emails on its coveted keyboard over the years, but on Wednesday, its Canadian maker finally hung up on its hardware division, after failing to rekindle the wild success of its early days.从虚构的小说人物马丁#8226;卢克斯(Martin Lukes)到终极权力用户奥巴马总统等的拥趸曾经对黑莓顶礼膜拜,多年来冒着拇指痉挛的风险在梦寐以求的键盘上赶写着邮件,但在本周三,这家加拿大制造商在未能再创早年的火爆之后,最终关停了硬件部门。Although phones with a BlackBerry badge will continue to be sold in markets like Indonesia, and possibly China and India, they will not be made or designed by the company that bears its name.尽管带有黑莓标识的手机将继续在印尼(可能还有中国和印度)市场销售,但不会由黑莓公司制造或设计。In effect, the BlackBerry era is over. 实际上,黑莓时代已经结束。The days when legions of CrackBerry addicts wandered through offices with their phone jutting out of a holster on their hip while complaining about ‘BlackBerry Thumb’ from the frenetic typing of emails, are long gone. 曾几何时,许多瘾莓们后腰上挎着手机套别着黑莓手机在办公室里走来走去,同时抱怨疯狂赶写邮件造成的黑莓拇指。这个时代早已一去不复返了。The phone, which at the turn of the century was as much of a corporate status symbol as a shiny new Rolex or a Mont Blanc pen, lost its grip on the office as more iPhones and iPads started appearing on desks five years ago, and only the diehards have persevered.黑莓手机在本世纪初曾和崭新的劳力士(Rolex)手表或万宝龙(Montblanc)钢笔一样是企业地位的象征,但随着5年前更多的iPhone和iPad出现在了办公桌上,如今它在办公室里已经失势了,只有铁杆用户还在坚持用黑莓。It has been death by a thousand cuts for the phone business under chief executive John Chen, who has slowly unwound the company’s attempts to stay relevant in the handset market.在首席执行官程守宗(John Chen)的领导下,黑莓手机业务被凌迟处死——程逐渐地让黑莓公司离开手机硬件市场。Waterloo, Ontario is now a hotbed of start-ups and a thriving technology industry, but that was far from the case in 1984, when Research In Motion was founded by two engineering students, Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin. 安大略省滑铁卢市如今是初创企业的温床,有着蓬勃发展的科技产业,但1984年的时候绝非如此,当时两位工程专业学生迈克#8226;拉扎里迪斯(Mike Lazaridis)和道格拉斯#8226;弗雷金(Douglas Fregin)创立了RIM公司(Research in Motion)。The tiny company started as a wireless data transmission business. 这家小公司一开始从事无线数据传输业务。By the 1990s it was making point-of-sale terminals and in 1996, launched the Inter@ctive Pager, which took it into competition with Motorola, then the giant of the mobile phone sector. 到上世纪90年代,它转而制造销售终端机,并在1996年推出了Inter@ctive Pager,从而与当时的移动电话巨头托罗拉(Motorola)展开了竞争。The move into pagers, an unloved technology of yesteryear, paved the way for a sidestep into the growing handset market and RIM’s success anticipated the data-hungry habits of the modern smartphone user.进军曾遭受冷落的传呼机领域为公司横跨一步迈进蒸蒸日上的手持设备市场铺平了道路,在现代智能手机用户形成渴求数据的习惯之前,RIM就已取得了成功。In 1998, RIM had developed a handheld device ideal for emailing, which embedded a tiny Qwerty keyboard. 1998年,RIM开发了一款非常适合写电子邮件的手持设备,嵌入了小巧的Qwerty键盘。It was set to be called the PocketLink or MegaMail, but the technology sector’s love of fruit-based branding claimed another hit when Lexicon Branding struck on the idea that the tiny keys felt like drupelets, the pockmarks on the skin of berry fruit. 该公司本来准备将它称为PocketLink或者MegaMail,但科技行业喜欢用水果给品牌命名,当时品牌推广公司Lexicon Branding想到这些按键就像莓类水果表面密布的细小颗粒。Strawberry was deemed too slow sounding for a technology brand and the name BlackBerry was born.对一个科技品牌来说,草莓(Strawberry)念起来不太顺口,于是黑莓(BlackBerry)之名诞生了。The ability to email on the move caught fire and transformed RIM into a major player in the electronics market. 外出也能发邮件这项功能让黑莓火了起来,并使得RIM成为电子产品市场上的一个主要参与者。Thumb-wheels for scrolling were added, the screens got bigger and soon a phone was added to the device, initially one that could only be used with an external headset. 黑莓设备又增加了拇指轮滚动功能,屏幕越来越大,很快又加了电话功能——最初只能利用外部耳机。By the time the BlackBerry 6210 was issued in 2002, the device had become a must-have tool not only for business people but also consumers that loved the keyboard. 到2002年推出黑莓6210的时候,它已经不仅仅是商务人士的必备工具,而且还是喜爱全键盘的消费者的必备工具。A legion of Crackberry addicts emerged.成群的瘾莓出现了。Nokia and Microsoft both tried to match BlackBerry’s dominance in the enterprise market, but the Canadian company was also able to trade off its speed, reliability and security as it ran its own software and servers. 诺基亚(Nokia)和微软(Microsoft)都曾试图争夺黑莓在企业市场的主导地位,但这家加拿大公司在运行自己的软件和务器时还能利用其速度、可靠性和安全性这些优势。By the time that the BlackBerry Pearl, Curve and Bold models started selling by the millions, the company found itself as an unlikely star in the teenage market, with young users flocking to use its secure messaging product in a pre-WhatsApp and Snapchat era. 到黑莓的Pearl、Curve和Bold等机型开始以百万计的数量热卖时,该公司发现自己已成为十几岁年轻人市场上一颗不可思议的明星,在WhatsApp和Snapchat时代来临之前,年轻用户纷纷使用黑莓的安全短信产品。Many bought those models and never bothered tapping in a phone number.很多人购买了这些机型,但从不拨打电话号码。Mr Lazaridis and his co-chief executive Jim Balsillie believed the hype and would enter the stage at trade shows to the blaring tunes of the Black Eyed Peas, something unthinkable when it was solely focused on its core market of business users. 拉扎里迪斯及其联席首席执行官吉姆#8226;贝尔斯利(Jim Balsillie)相信宣传,他们会在黑眼豆豆乐队(Black Eyed Peas)喧闹的音乐声中走进商业展会的舞台——在黑莓专注于核心的企业用户市场的时候,这种事是不可想象的。A botched launch into the tablet market followed, as sales started to stutter and the longstanding management team moved aside in 2012.后来黑莓在进军平板市场时告败,销售额开始萎缩,长期管理团队在2012年经历变动。Too much had been riding on the 2012 launch of BlackBerry 10, a new software platform and phone series, that was meant to go head-to-head with the latest iPhones and Android handsets. 黑莓把太多的赌注押在2012年黑莓10的推出,这是一个新的软件平台和手机系列,本意是要与最新款的iPhone和安卓手机一决雌雄的。Hubris was evident as senior executives boasted that it had 80m subscribers and nothing to worry about. 骄傲自满的情绪显露无遗,黑莓高管们夸耀称,自己拥有8000万用户,什么都不用担心。The software flopped, the phones flopped and BlackBerry — which dropped the RIM name during this period — never recovered, as its subscriber base rapidly eroded.结果软件失败了,手机也失败了,黑莓(在此期间放弃了RIM的名字)再也没有恢复过来,其用户基础迅速萎缩。Mr Chen has thrown a huge amount of effort into reviving its fortunes in the corporate market with the giant square Passport phone — designed for architects and spsheet lovers — at least capturing the attention. 程守宗采取大量措施以求重振黑莓在企业市场的雄风,至少也要吸引目光。他推出了方屏大尺寸手机Passport,这款手机专为建筑师和制表爱好者设计。He also released Android-based handsets to broaden its appeal and added a nostalgic tinge to the product line with the Classic model that recreated the Bold design.他还发布了搭载安卓系统(Android)的手机以求增强其产品吸引力,并给产品增加了一丝怀旧色,Classic机型再现了Bold机型的设计。It proved too little, too late and BlackBerry now joins the likes of Palm and Psion in the legacy brand lounge for tech hardware. 事实明,这些努力作用太小了,也太迟了,黑莓现在已加入Palm和Psion之列,成为科技硬件领域的历史老品牌。Yet like Nokia, the name BlackBerry will continue to resonate.然而,与诺基亚一样,黑莓这个名字仍将继续回响。 /201610/469317

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