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Chewing your food for longer may help you lose weight, scientists have suggested. Munching on each mouthful for longer significantly reduces the amount of calories consumed during a meal, a study found. Volunteers who chewed each mouthful 40 times ate 12 per cent less food than those who chewed just 15 times. It is thought chewing for longer prevents over-eating by giving the brain more time to receive signals from the stomach that it is full.   不用再花钱请私人健身教练,不必再吞下昂贵的减肥产品,专家近日调查得出结论:咀嚼食物时间长,可以达到非常好的减肥效果。专家称,长时间的咀嚼食物可以相当程度地降低食物中的卡路里含量,数字现实,每次咀嚼食物达到40下,相对每次咀嚼食物仅仅为15下的情况,卡路里能减少12%。此外,还有一种说法,咀嚼的时间越长,留给大脑思考的时间就会越多,人们会时刻意识到:哦,差不多了,胃快要到达极限了,还是停下来吧! It also appears to lower levels of ghrelin, the ‘hunger hormone’, circulating in the digestive system. Researchers at Harbin Medical University in China recruited 16 slim men and 14 obese men in their late teens or twenties and carried out two experiments. In the first, they wanted to see if the obese men chewed their food differently to their lean rivals.   据悉,长时间的咀嚼可以达到减肥的效果这一理论和----胃饥饿素(一种胃肠道激素)的水平高低有关系。胃饥饿素(一种胃肠道激素)也被称作生长素(Ghrelin)是一种主要由胃黏膜分泌的,作用于内源性生长激素促分泌剂受体,通过加快胃排空调节食欲,抑制体质量.   In a report on their findings, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the researchers said eating more slowly could be a simple and effective way of tackling weight problems. They said: ‘Research indicates eating quickly, gorging and binge eating have a substantial effect on being overweight.‘Our results showed obese participants chewed less and ingested more quickly than lean ones. '  这项研究已经发表在《美国临床营养学杂志》上,资料显示,咀嚼次数多,并且时间长,是一种很有效的减肥方式。专家说:“研究显示,吃饭太快,甚至暴饮暴食对于体重的增加有着不可推卸的责任。我们发现,那些体重过胖的人,咀嚼次数比普通人要少。”   A survey of 1,000 people last year by the sandwich chain Subway showed the average person in Britain chews their food just six times before swallowing it. Young, busy professionals in the 25-34 age group were the worst culprits.   The same survey found 15 per cent of people regularly ate a meal while walking and only half routinely sit down to eat at a table.   据悉,在针对在全球快餐连锁店Subway吃三明治的1000名食客的调查中发现,英国人平均在吞咽前咀嚼食物的次数仅仅为6次,而且,在那些25到34岁之间的工作狂白领来说,他们属于咀嚼次数最少的一部分人群。此外,数据显示,有15%的人喜欢边走路边吃东西,只有50%的人愿意正儿八经地坐在桌子旁边吃饭。   Catherine Collins, chief dietician at St George’s Hospital, London, said although eating more slowly may have some effect on gut hormone levels, the benefits are more likely psychological.‘When you gulp down your food, you don’t realise you’re eating so much.‘But chewing for longer makes you more likely to notice the taste, smell and texture, which makes you more aware of what you’re eating and how much. ‘As a result, you’re less likely to feel hungry again ten minutes later.’   专家Catherine Collins觉得慢慢吃饭不仅仅对减肥有显著疗效,而且还对心理良好的调节作用,她说:“慢慢吃可以让你体味到食物的细节,比如说材质、味道以及口感等等,吃饭不再仅仅是填饱肚子而已,而变成了一种享受。” /201108/149327

INVEST IN YOUR UNDERWEAR   一定要舍得在内衣上花钱   The most important part of a woman's wardrobe is her underwear, which can transform you from lumpy and bumpy to smooth and sculpted. Soozie Jenkinson, head of lingerie design for Mamp;S, says: 'Shapewear is the easiest way to change your silhouette without visiting the gym.   女人衣柜里最重要的就是内衣。它可以让你的身材从臃肿不堪到平滑圆润。Mamp;S 内衣设计部的Soozie Jenkinson说:“塑型是不需要去健身就可以改变你轮廓的最好办法。” /200911/89539

A active 积极   无论是在生活,还是工作上,他们都拥有积极奋发,进取乐观的心态。   B brave 勇敢   勇敢是大丈夫能屈能伸,是面对竞争对手时淡定从容,是用心征浩瀚宇宙的磅礴大气。   C civilization 文明   你可以无视纪律,但你绝对不能无视文明。   D dreamer 梦想   他们个个都是小说高手,热衷于表现自我想象力的社会生活,用奇幻的色去架构文学。   E entertainment   在80后的生存哲学里,可以不逛街,可以不泡吧,但绝对不允许你没有精神。 /200911/88444

喜欢shopping的人大(微)概都知道window shopping吧?对,就是“橱窗购物”,也就是只看不买。爱逛街的女孩子们肯定都会说这个词。不过,今天我们要说的是主要针对男同胞的,似乎他们平时不怎么爱逛街,就算到了商场也是买了东西就走人。他们购物所花的时间就叫做shopping window。 Shopping window refers to the time period during which a guy is actually engaged in the shopping experience. This period can last from almost no time at all to literally hours for a metrosexual, and includes all forms of shopping, from the grocery store to designer boutiques. It should also be noted that this period can be increased through witty girl techniques such as handing a guy a blackberry loaded with brickbreaker to play or sitting him in front of a couch with sportscenter.Shopping window指某男逛街时的实际购物时间,我们就称其为“男性购物时间”。这个购物时间可能短到一秒都不到,而对都市美男来说,也可能会持续好几个小时;购物的类型也不拘一格,可能是去杂货店,也可能是去设计师专营店。另外,这个男性购物时间也可以通过借鉴一些女生常用的策略来延长,比如,给陪同的伙伴手里塞个装有打砖块游戏的黑莓手机让他玩,或者安排他坐在前面有sportscenter节目可看的休息沙发上。For example例句:Dude, I am totally down to go try on a few pairs of jeans right now, but I am letting you know that my shopping window is only about 45 minutes today.哥们儿,我现在要去试几条牛仔裤,不过我跟你说好,我今天的购物时间只有45分钟而已。 /201207/190287

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