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Coffee flew, tears were shed, teeth latched onto flesh. Taiwan’s legislature was in full-on brawl on Tuesday over a number of controversial bills.咖啡被打翻,有人哭泣,还有人张口咬人。周二,台湾立法院因为几个法案引发的争议又上演了全武行。Taiwan has long been known for feisty and combative politics, to the extent that its lawmakers regularly get shout-outs on lists with names like “Six of the best parliamentary brawls from around the world” and even landed the mocking Ig Noble Peace Prize in 1995 . The difference on Tuesday was that visiting Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng was just in the other room, praising Taiwan’s democracy.台湾立法院长期以来一直因为争吵和打架出名,以至于台湾的议员会经常出现在诸如“全球六大议会打架事件”的名单上,并在1995年获得了颇具讽刺意味的搞笑诺贝尔和平奖(Ig Noble Peace Prize)。周二的不同之处在于,当时正在访问台湾的中国活动人士陈光诚就在另一个房间赞扬台湾的民主。It was an ironic moment for the blind political dissident, whose trip has otherwise been focused on tense subjects like China human-rights abuses, accusations of spyware on his electronics and his own contentious departure from New York University. Mr. Chen made worldwide headlines last May after a daring escape from home detention in China to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, sparking a diplomatic crisis that was eventually diffused when he was allowed to move to the U.S.对于这名盲人异见人士来说,这一刻有些讽刺。除此之外,陈光诚的访台之旅一直专注于中国的人权问题、他的电子设备被安装了间谍装置的指控,以及其他本人离开纽约大学(New York University)引发的争议等广受关注的话题。今年5月,在大胆地逃脱了居家软禁并逃到美国驻华使馆之后,陈光诚成为全球媒体关注的焦点。陈光诚的举动引发了一场外交危机,在他被允许前往美国之后,这场危机最终化解。While Mr. Chen said China should aspire toward Taiwan’s democratic openness, his visit to Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan was also a reminder that elected politics can be messy, especially for young democracies like Taiwan.尽管陈光诚称中国应该追求台湾的民主开放,他的这次台湾立法院之行也提醒人们,民选政治也可能是一片混乱,尤其是对于台湾这样的年轻民主政体而言。The furor Tuesday revolved around controversial bills including a proposed revision to Taiwan’s capital gains tax on stock-market earnings and a cross-strait service trade agreement. Lawmakers from both sides wrestled for the podium, shoving and shouting, even as Mr. Chen held forth on the merits of democracy in a nearby chamber. One legislator bit another, according to local news reports.周二的风波与一些引发争议的法案有关,其中包括台湾对股市盈利征收资本利得税的修订法案,以及海峡两岸务贸易协议。两党立法委员为争夺讲台扭打在一起,相互推挤,大声叫嚷。与此同时,陈光诚正在附近的一个会议厅里谈论民主的好处。据当地媒体报道,一名立委咬了另一名立委。In the end, the ruling Kuomintang, or Nationalist Party, passed its revised version of the capital-gains tax, with investors whose transactions total less than 1 billion New Taiwan dollars no longer taxed. Lawmakers also decided Tuesday that the cross-strait service trade agreement, which was signed last week by negotiators from Beijing and Taipei but requires approval of the legislature to take effect, will now require an article-by-article approval instead of the usual one-time vote on the whole thing.最终,执政的国民党通过了资本利得税的修正案,这意味着交易总额低于10亿新台币的投资者不再需要缴税。立委们周二还决定,海峡两岸务贸易协定将需要逐个条款审批,而不是像往常那样,对整个文本进行一次性的投票。该协议上周由北京和台北的谈判者签署,但是需要立法院的批准才能生效。Legislative violence has a long and storied history around the world. With a country’s governance at stake, tensions run high and lawmakers don’t always resolve their differences with words. Even now staid chambers like the U.S. Congress have had famous incidents, like Representative Preston Brooks’ beating of Senator Charles Sumner with a cane in 1856. But legislative brawls tend to be more common in young democracies, and Taiwan has had more than its fair share.议会暴力在全球有着很长的历史,并且有许多知名案例。由于事关一国治理,紧张情绪高涨,议员们并不能一直依靠语言来解决分歧。即使是目前非常沉稳的议会,如美国国会,也曾发生过一些有名的暴力事件。比如1856年,众议员布鲁克斯(Preston Brooks)用拐杖殴打了参议员萨姆纳(Charles Sumner)。但是议会中发生争吵的现象往往在年轻的民主政体中更常见,不过台湾情况仍然超出了常规水平。Mr. Chen said Taiwan’s democracy is maturing and he views the conflict as a natural part of the process.陈光诚说,台湾的民主正在逐渐走向成熟,他认为冲突是这一过程中的正常现象。“It’s still better to have shoving in the legislature than to have tanks rolling in the streets,” he said.他说,在立法院里推搡总比把坦克开上街要好。Some in Taiwan were less optimistic, including the ed Daily News, which said in an editorial Tuesday, “Today, many people no longer care what legislation the Legislative Yuan passes or does not pass, because they have lost faith in the professionalism of legislators.”台湾的有些人则不那么乐观,《联合报》(ed Daily News)周二在一篇文章中说,如今,许多人不再在乎立法院通过或否决了什么法案,因为他们已经对立委的专业性失去了信心。 /201306/245545Like most Chinese leaders, Li Keqiang has had to have patience as he clambered up the ranks of the Communist party. Now, after 30 years, the man this week appointed premier has little time to lose. The world’s most populous country and second-largest economy is crying out for reform – and it is up to Mr Li to deliver.像大多数中国领导人一样,李克强在中共系统内的升迁过程中不得不具备耐心。经过30年后,他最近被任命为中国国务院总理。如今,他没有多少时间可以浪费。世界第一人口大国兼第二大经济体迫切需要改革,这一使命已落到李克强的肩上。In the carefully calibrated party hierarchy, he plays second fiddle to Xi Jinping, the new president. Yet while the head of state sets the overall direction of China’s 10-year leadership terms, it is the premier who is responsible for the economy. So it falls to 57-year-old Mr Li to answer a formidable chorus – from domestic liberals and private companies to foreign investors – calling on the new government to rein in the state’s dominant role in the economy, strengthen the rule of law and tame corruption.在精心设计的党内权力等级体系中,李克强的地位仅次于新任国家主席习近平。不过,虽说国家元首将把握未来10年任期内的总体方向,但经济方面的管理权掌握在总理手中。因此也将由58岁的李克强来回应各界人士——从国内自由派人士到民营企业,再到外国投资者——异口同声地疾呼,人们要求新一届政府削弱国家在经济中的主导作用、加强法治和惩治腐败。To many overseas, the past decade is the story of the remarkable ascent of an economic powerhouse. But inside the country there is talk of a “lost decade” and increasing disillusionment, especially among the urban middle classes, over rising property prices, pollution and an overbearing state. The leadership must fix this or face the prospect that China’s largely peaceful rise will become more problematic.在许多海外人士眼里,过去十年让他们见了一个经济大国非凡崛起的历程。但在中国国内,有一些声音却在谈论“失去的十年”,失落感日益深重,在城市中产阶层当中尤为如此,人们对房地产价格飞涨、环境污染和威权政府感到不满。新一届领导人必须解决这个问题,否则中国的“基本和平崛起”将面临更大的问题。Mr Li appears to recognise the need for change. At his first cabinet meeting this week, it was decided that all ministries must “solidly advance reform, and let the people see practical results through a series of real achievements”. Following a meeting with the premier this week, Jack Lew, the new US Treasury secretary, said it is “clear” China “has made a clear commitment to their reform agenda” – before adding that the challenge would lie in delivering “material progress”.李克强似乎认识到了改革的必要性。他上周第一次主持召开国务院常务会议,会上要求各部委必须“扎实推进改革,以一批实实在在的成果让人民群众见到实效”。美国新任财政部长杰克卢(Jack Lew)上周与李克强会晤后表示,“很明显”,中国“已明确承诺要推进改革议程”。但他又接着说道,挑战就在于如何取得“实质性进展”。This is not a first time a new premier has promised change. Ten years ago, Wen Jiabao, Mr Li’s predecessor, pledged to make the economy more equitable, humane and sustainable. He failed to deliver. By the time he left office his pleas for political reform had become little more than reminders of inertia.新任总理承诺推进改革,这在中国并非第一次。十年之前,李克强的前任温家宝承诺要让经济朝着更加公正、人性化和可持续的方向发展。但他没能实现目标。到离任时,他对于政治改革的呼吁不过是让人们体会到了惯性的力量。Reformers hope Mr Li will be in the mould of Zhu Rongji, premier from 1998 to 2003 and architect of some of the country’s boldest reforms, including a large-scale privatisation programme. Such expectations have been heightened by the elevation of Mr Zhu’s former underlings to critical positions in the new cabinet. They include Lou Jiwei, former head of the sovereign wealth fund, who has been named finance minister.改革派希望李克强有朱镕基之风。1998年至2003年间任总理期间,朱镕基主持实施了一些中国最大胆的改革,包括推进一项大规模的私有化方案。朱镕基的多名前部属如今在国务院任关键岗位,这加深了人们的期待。他们中包括获任财政部长的中国主权财富基金前董事长楼继伟。But Mr Li himself is also seen as something of a new type of leader. “In many ways, you have the first premier who has received systematic training in economics,” says Yang Dali of the University of Chicago.但李克强本人也被视为一位新型的领导人。芝加哥大学(University of Chicago)的杨大力表示:“他是中国第一位接受过系统经济学教育的总理。”Born in 1955 in Dingyuan, central China, Mr Li came of age during the cultural revolution. Like many of his generation he was sent, aged 19, to the countryside to do manual labour. But unlike those a few years older, the option of higher education was open to him as universities began to accept undergraduates again. Competition for places was fierce but, in 1977, he was one of the lucky ones to win a place at Peking University Law School alongside only two other men from Anhui, his then poor home province, where his father was an official.李克强1955年出生于华中地区的安徽定远县,成年时正逢“文化大革命”。像同时代的许多人一样,他在19岁时被送到乡下从事体力劳动。但不同于年纪较大的知青,大学恢复招生时,接受高等教育的大门向李克强打开了。尽管竞争十分激烈,但在1977年,他成为安徽省被北京大学法律系录取的三名幸运儿之一。当时安徽省非常贫穷,他父亲是当地一名官员。“From the beginning he was interested in economic law and he tried to acquire practical knowledge by getting a position as a trainee in China International Trust and Investment Corporation – the only window to the world in the late 1970s,” says Tao Jingzhou, one of the other two from Anhui, now a partner at Dechert Law Firm in Beijing.当年考上北大法律系的三名安徽人之一、美国德杰律师事务所(Dechert Law Firm)驻北京合伙人陶景洲表示:“从一开始,他就对经济法很感兴趣,并努力通过在中国国际信托投资公司(Citic)实习的机会积累实务知识,这家公司在上世纪70年代是中国通往世界的唯一窗口。”Mr Li A.V. Dicey, an expert on British constitutional law, and helped translate the “Process of Law” by Lord Denning, an influential British judge. After his law degree, he acquired a PhD in economics. His academic path sets him apart from earlier leaders, many of whom were engineers.李克强阅读英国宪法专家戴雪(A.V.Dicey)的书,并参与翻译了英国著名法官丹宁勋爵(Lord Denning)所著的《法律的正当程序》(Due Process of Law)一书。获得法学学位之后,李克强又攻读了经济学士学位。这一学术路径使他有别于早期领导人,他们大多为工程师出身。This distinction feeds some of the criticism of Mr Li. “Look at his record, and you will know that he has a serious problem with execution,” says a western executive in Beijing. “He has none of the determination Zhu Rongji had.”但这也让李克强受到了一些批评。一位西方企业高管表示:“看过他的履历后,你会发现他在执行方面有很大问题。他没有朱镕基那样的决断力。”Friends say that Mr Li has always been quiet and cautious. Even in pictures from his student days, he tends to appear on the margins. “At that time he was a very quiet and low-profile guy – in group discussions, he would be the very last to talk and he was actually quite shy; certainly not outspoken or aggressive,” recalls Mr Tao.朋友们表示,李克强一向慎言、慎行。在学生时代的合照中,他习惯站在边上。陶景洲回忆道,那个时候他沉默寡言、低调,在集体讨论时,他总是最后一个发言,而且不活跃;从来不会口无遮拦,或者咄咄逼人。The standard career path for officials may have reinforced that tendency. The long march through the various layers of party and government bureaucracy taught Mr Li to bide his time and keep a low profile. A party member since his days in rural Anhui, he rose through the Communist Youth League. This made him a protégé of Hu Jintao, Mr Xi’s predecessor, who dominates the youth league faction, one of the main groups in the party. He acquired a reputation for loyalty, but not without a pragmatic touch. In 1989 he helped persuade Peking University students from joining the protests at Tiananmen and later did not actively persecute demonstrators.中国官员的标准升迁路径可能也强化了李克强的这个特点。在不同党政岗位轮换工作的长久经历,教会了他要等待时机和保持低调。他在安徽农村时就入了党,通过在共青团工作不断得到升迁。这让他成了胡锦涛的“门生”,作为习近平前任,胡锦涛是中共内部主要势力之一“团派”的领袖。李克强获得了忠诚的名声,但他也不乏务实作风。1989年,他帮助劝说北大学生不要去天安门广场抗议,后来也没有积极打击示威者。In 1998, Mr Li continued his ascent through provincial governor and party secretary posts in the populous central province of Henan and the northeastern rust belt of Liaoning, before becoming a member of the politburo, and its powerful Standing Committee in 2007.从1998年起,李克强历任河南省委副书记、省长、省委书记和辽宁省委书记等职,其中河南是中部人口大省,而辽宁是东北老工业基地,是一个“锈带”省份。2007年,李克强进入中共中央政治局,并成为掌握实权的政治局常委会的一名成员。Supporters cite his transformation of slum-like areas in Liaoning into decent housing as his main economic policy achievement during his time in the provinces. But critics accuse him of helping to cover up an HIV epidemic in Henan, and also point out that Mr Wen’s second term was also Mr Li’s term as vice-premier.持者指出,在地方上任职时,李克强在经济政策方面的主要成就是在辽宁省实施棚户区改造工程。批评者则指责他曾帮助掩盖河南省艾滋病疫情爆发事件,他们还指出,在温家宝的第二个总理任期内,李克强是一名副总理。Until now, those in China’s second-highest official role have enjoyed public support as the “people’s good premier”, says Chang Ping, a prominent journalist in Germany. But he says that model may not work for Mr Li as the disillusioned public no longer plays along.在德国工作的著名记者长平表示,中国历任总理都颇得民心,被称颂为“人民的好总理”,但是随着觉醒的民众变得不再那么听话,李克强未必能获得同样的待遇。The writer is the FT’s Beijing correspondent本文作者为英国《金融时报》驻北京记者 /201303/232066THE cost of living a life of luxury in Shanghai continued to outpace inflation in the past 12 months, Swiss private banking group Julius Baer said in a wealth report yesterday.过去12个月在上海过上奢侈生活的成本继续战胜通胀,昨天瑞士私人宝盛集团在财富报告中说。It said the cost of many luxury goods and services in Shanghai was above average for Asia, driven partly by taxes of up to 30 percent.在上海许多奢侈品以及务的花费高于亚洲平均水平,在一定程度上由30%以上的税引起。This was encouraging the city#39;s wealthy to shop in Hong Kong and Europe among other places instead of at home, the report said.这是在鼓励城市中的富人到香港和欧洲其他地方购物,而不是在家里,该报告说。The survey of 20 goods and services found that prices rose 8 percent in Asian cities in the 12 months from April last year.调查中发现在亚洲城市去年4月起的12个月里,20件商品和务的价格上涨8%。Excluding property, where Shanghai#39;s prices fell 4 percent compared with the previous 12 months, the city saw prices rise by around 10 percent in the other 19 categories.不包括物业,那部分上海价格下跌4%,相比之前的12个月,其他19个类别中上海的价格上涨约10%。Items that were the most expensive in Shanghai compared with 10 other Asian cities in the survey were watches, handbags, wine, shoes, beauty treatments and hospital stays.调查中与其它10个亚洲城市相比上海最昂贵的消费是手表、手袋、葡萄酒、鞋子、美容治疗和住院。The report said the top price paid for a watch in Shanghai during the survey period was US,204 but gave no further details. The average price of all luxury watches bought in the 11 cities was US,414.该报告说,调查期间顶级手表的价格在上海是42204美元,但没有给出进一步的细节。所有11个城市中购买奢侈手表的平均价格为19414美元。Botox treatment at international standard hospitals cost more than US,300 in Shanghai, a third more expensive than in the next highest cost location, Hong Kong.在国际标准医院里肉毒杆菌治疗花费超过1300美元在上海,比花费排名第二的香港还要贵三分之一。The survey also covered Singapore, Mumbai, Manila, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok and Tokyo.调查还涵盖了新加坡、孟买、马尼拉、雅加达、吉隆坡、首尔、台北、曼谷以及东京。The group forecast that by 2015 China#39;s mainland will be home to almost 1.4 million high net worth individuals having investable finance in excess of US million, representing a wealth stock of US.7 trillion.该组织预测到2015年中国大陆将拥有近140万的高资产净值人士(即拥有100万美元以上可投资资产的人)坐拥8.7万亿美元的财富总额。Property prices, economic growth rates, equity market showing and the exchange rate will all affect the growth in the number of wealthy people in China, it said.房地产价格、经济增长率、股票市场表现和汇率都将影响中国富人的增长,它说。A rising yuan will ;create more wealthy individuals in China than anywhere else in the emerging markets,; Stefan Hofer, emerging markets economist of Julius Baer, said in Shanghai.人民币升值将“在中国创造更多的富人,比其他任何地方的新兴市场,”上海宝盛的新兴市场经济学家斯蒂芬#8226;霍弗表示。 /201307/246520

Britons are being encouraged to holiday at home as a major tourism drive offering Olympic themed discounts is launched next week.英国将于下周发起一场大型旅游宣传活动,为民众提供以奥运为主题的折扣优惠,鼓励英国民众在国内度假。A new campaign offering 20.12 percent slashed off bills at participating venues will be unveiled by Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt on Wednesday to boost ;staycations;.周三英国文化部部长杰瑞米bull;亨特将公布参与20.12%折价活动的场所,宣传;国内度假;。The scheme includes hotel accommodation, meals, guided tours and entry to attractions, with discounts funded by the industry.这一优惠计划覆盖了旅店住宿、餐饮、跟团旅游和景点门票,由企业资助提供折扣价。Government officials said more than three million hotel rooms were aly lined up under the project, which is being backed by a range of companies, including Butlins.政府官员称,包括英国大型连锁度假公司Butlins在内的一大批公司已经参与该项目,提供的客房已超过了300万间。Attractions, such as the London Eye and Alton Towers, are also taking part.像伦敦眼和奥尔顿塔这样的景点也参与了该项目。Reduced prices will also be offered on stays on the Royal yacht Britannia, now moored in Leith, Edinburgh, and visits to Chatsworth, the historic house in Derbyshire.乘坐皇家游艇不列颠号和德比郡古宅查茨沃斯庄园游也将提供减价优惠。该游艇现在停泊在爱丁堡利斯港口。Tourists will be able to take advantage of the discount by using a dedicated website before the end of the Paralympics on September 9 to make bookings for this year and 2013.游客在9月9日残奥会结束前上专门的网站预订今年和2013年的旅游项目将能享受折价优惠。Mr Hunt said: ;With the Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympic Games, this year is the perfect opportunity for more of us to holiday in the UK.;亨特说:;今年将举行维多利亚女王登基钻石禧年庆典和2012伦敦奥运会,是英国人在国内度假的完美时机。;Mr Hunt has travelled the UK, urging companies to take part in the scheme, telling them: ;It#39;s now or never for London tourism.;亨特到英国各地鼓动多家公司参与这一项目,他告诉他们说:;今年对伦敦旅游业来说是机不可失,时不再来。;;We will never have a year like 2012 to show the world that this is, quite simply, the most exciting, vibrant, cosmopolitan city on the planet.;;我们再也不会有又一个2012年来向世界展示我们的城市,这个地球上最振奋人心、充满活力的国际大都市。;The inevitable moans and groans in the run up to an Olympics must not cloud the scale of the opportunity ; including our biggest ever tourism marketing campaign to make sure we get a lasting benefit from being in the global spotlight.;;在奥运会的准备过程中不可避免地会有人抱怨,但我们不能让这些抱怨阻碍和限制这次机遇带来的发展,包括我们史上最大规模的旅游营销活动,确保我们能从这次成为全球焦点的机会中获得长久的利益。;The scheme will be promoted by a pound;3 million television advertising campaign ; the first of its kind in the UK.英国将耗资300万英镑通过电视广告来宣传该计划,这样的电视宣传在英国历史上也是首次。The government hopes the ;holidays at home are great; campaign ; launched by VisitEngland ; will create 12,000 jobs, create 5.3million extra short overnight breaks, and generate pound;480million in extra spending over three years.英国政府希望VisitEngland发起的这个;在家度假很棒;的宣传活动能创造1.2万个就业机会,新增短假度假人次530万,并在未来三年使消费额增加4.8亿英镑。 /201203/173491

Billionaires have been on a real estate buying spree. Stateside, they’ve broken records on huge home purchases in every major housing market from Woodside to Malibu to Aspen to Chicago to Miami to New York. And internationally, massive sales in London, Singapore and Hong Kong have garnered worldwide attention.亿万富豪们掀起了一股购买房产的狂潮。在美国,从伍德赛德、马里布、阿斯彭、芝加哥、迈阿密到纽约,他们在各个主要的住宅市场上打破了一个又一个豪宅购买纪录。国际上,伦敦、新加坡和香港房地产市场的火爆销售情况吸引了全球的关注。“Global billionaire activity in world real estate markets has been so intense over the last seven years that it has led to a doubling of property values in this sector, ” says Savills, a global real estate firm, in its annual World Cities Review report. The report found that major cities’ super luxury housing markets, referred to as ‘billionaire markets’, have grown at a much faster clip than mainstream markets of the same cities. The largest value increases have been clocked in China and Asia, thanks to the emergence of new wealthy classes and rising commodity prices.“过去7年来,各国亿万富豪在全球豪宅市场中的表现如此活跃,致使这一领域的房产价格翻了一倍。”全球知名的房地产公司第一太平戴维斯(Savills)在其发布的《全球城市回顾》(World Cities Review)年度报告中表示。该报告发现,主要城市的超级豪华住宅市场,即“亿万富豪市场”的发展速度大大超过了同一城市中主流住宅市场的发展速度。价格上涨最快的地区为中国和亚洲,原因是这些地区新晋富人阶层的兴起以及商品价格的上升。The city peddling the most expensive luxury real estate on the planet is Hong Kong. Luxury housing on the Chinese island territory averaged #163;7, 200 per square foot, or nearly , 000 per square foot, in 2012. The average property size of a local “billionaire property” on the island is 5, 200 square feet, making the average luxury home valued at more than million. The record for the city’s most expensive deal is held by a house on Deep Water Bay Road that fetched #163;8, 200 (or about , 000 at the time of sale) per square foot in 2011.全球豪宅价格最贵的城市非香港莫属。2012年,这座由中国管辖的岛屿城市中,豪宅的平均价格为每平方英尺7,200英镑(约合1.1万美元)。香港本地“亿万富豪房产”的平均面积为5,200平方英尺,平均每套房产的价值超过了5,700万美元。这座城市里最贵的房产交易纪录由2011年位于深水湾道的一处住宅创造,成交价为每平方英尺8,200英镑(出售时约合1.3万美元)。The second priciest place for high-end homes is actually another Asian city: Tokyo. Average home size in Japan‘s capital city is an expansive 16, 000 square feet, for an average #163;5, 000 (or , 600) per square foot. In other words an opulent mansion-sized home in Tokyo totes a market value of 1.6 million.高档住宅价格第二贵的地区是另一个亚洲城市:日本首都东京,平均住宅面积达到了奢侈的1.6万平方英尺,平均价格为每平方英尺5,000英镑(约合7,600美元)。换句话说,东京一套宽敞气派的豪宅的市场价格为1.216亿美元。London, where a terraced house recently traded for close to 0 million, ranked third on Savills’ list, with an average price per square foot of #163;3, 500 (or about , 300). The average billionaire abode, averaging 7, 900 square feet, costs million.在伦敦,最近一套连栋住宅以1.2亿美元成交,是第一太平戴维斯房价排行榜上的第三昂贵豪宅,平均价格为每平方英尺3,500英镑(约合5,300美元)。亿万富豪住宅的平均面积为7,900平方英尺,平均价格为4,200万美元。Home prices have ballooned 107% in London’s ultra-prime market since 2005, despite the global economic downturn. In general, though, price appreciation has been the most dramatic in emerging markets like Singapore and Mumbai, where prices have surged 232% and 176% respectively since 2005. Their dramatic upticks are due in large part to the fact that both grew from relatively low base values.2005年以来,虽然全球经济形势持续低迷,但伦敦超豪华房产市场的房价已经暴涨了107%。总的来说,房价上涨最快的是新兴市场,例如新加坡和孟买,2005年以来,这两个地区的房价分别暴涨了232%和176%。如此惊人的涨幅大部分可归结为两个地区原来的基础值较低。Interestingly, New York City’s super luxury market, despite large ticket purchases like Ekaterina Rybolovleva’s million 15 Central Park West penthouse and Steve Wynn’s million Ritz Carlton penthouse, only ranked 6th on Savills list, behind Paris (No. 4) and Moscow (No. 5). Average price per square foot in the Big Apple was #163;2, 700 (or about , 100) in 2012. Still, that’s 47% higher than the sales prices commanded during the 2005 heights of the U.S. housing bubble.有趣的是,尽管纽约的超豪华房产市场达成了几笔天价交易——例如叶卡特琳娜·雷波诺列夫娃(Ekaterina Rybolovleva)花8,800万美元购入中央公园西15号的顶层公寓,以及史蒂夫·韦恩(Steve Wynn)花7,000万美元购入丽思卡尔顿顶层公寓——但它只在第一太平戴维斯的榜单上名列第六,排在巴黎(第4)、莫斯科(第5)之后。2012年,纽约市每平方英尺的豪宅均价为2,700英镑(约合4,100)美元。这仍比美国2005年楼市泡沫高位时的销售价格高出了47%。“Billionaire activity has been concentrated on high-end urban centers rather than leisure properties in the surrounding countryside or regional sunbelts, ” says Yolande Barnes, head of world research at Savills. ”This reflects a global preference for urban locations as these billionaires need to be located in cities where they can do business.”“亿万富豪的注意力集中于市中心区域的高档住宅,而非郊外或阳光充足地带的休闲度假物业。”第一太平戴维斯全球市场研究主管约兰德·巴恩斯(Yolande Barnes)说。“这反映出全球市场对于市区住宅的偏好,因为这些亿万富豪们需要居住在市区以打理其业务。”Despite last year’s robust billionaire buying activity — or rather, because of it –Savills believes the world’s most expensive markets could experience a slowdown in sales this year, since ultra wealthy home buyers have “nearly fully invested in key cities”. It means the frenzied sales activity that has invaded so-called safe-haven cities like New York, London and Hong Kong could begin shifting to new locations.虽然去年亿万富豪们频频出手——或者说,正是因为如此——第一太平戴维斯认为全球最昂贵住宅市场今年的销售情况会放缓,因为超级富有的住宅买家们“几乎在各主要城市都充分进行了投资。”这意味着席卷了纽约、伦敦和香港等所谓避风港城市的销售浪潮可能会开始向新的地点转移。 /201304/233522

【中文原文】 猪流感会在人群之间蔓延吗?       美国发现的感染猪流感病人没有直接接触过猪.CDC说这种感染可能是大范围内的人-人传染个案.       Can Swine Flu Sp From Person to Person?      The U.S. residents infected with swine flu virus had no direct contact with pigs. The CDC says it's likely that the infections represent widely separated cycles of human-to-human infections. /200911/88492

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