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Finance and economics财经商业Derivatives金融衍生品Data dump数据轰炸New reporting rules for derivatives have produced a confusing mass of data.新出台的衍生品交易报告法规已经产生了大量的数据,令人晕头转向。DURING the financial crisis regulators discovered the hard way how little they knew about the risky derivatives portfolios built up by large financial institutions.在金融危机期间,监管部门才痛苦地发现自己对于大型金融机构们建立的暗藏风险的衍生产品投资组合了解极少。Lehman Brothers, for example, was thought to have been a counterparty to about trillion of credit default swaps.比方说,雷曼兄弟经手的信用违约交换被认为达到了5万亿美元之巨。When they turned sour in 2008, it brought the financial system to its knees.当这些信用违约交换在2008年时变成无法兑现时,金融系统因此一败涂地。In response leaders of the worlds main economies demanded in that derivatives deals should all be reported to trade repositories—vast central databases—to make it easier to identify and then reduce systemic risks.因而世界各大主要经济体的领导人在年时采取了行动,要求衍生品交易必须全部上报交易数据存管机构以便于管理同时减少系统风险。On February 12th European rules came into force requiring the reporting of all derivatives to one of six approved repositories.欧洲方面的相关法规于2月12日开始生效,要求所有金融衍生品交易都要向六个被批准的存管机构之一进行报告。Similar rules have aly been in place in America for about a year.而类似的法规已经在美国实行了约一年。But the effort, although concerted, is not consistent:虽然双方有过协商,两个地区的法规却并不一致:the American and European reforms differ, making awkward transactions spanning the two jurisdictions.两者间的差异将使跨地区交易面临尴尬。Moreover, even if these data can be reconciled, it is not clear what regulators will do with it.即便这些数据能够相互协调,监管部门将如何处理这些数据还不得而知。The American regulations allow the reporting to be taken care of by one party to the trade.美国的监管部门允许交易中的单方负责报告,Yet Europe requires both parties to report.然而欧洲方面则要求双方都进行汇报。That means every fund manager or corporate treasurer trading derivatives has had to follow cumbersome rules, not just the banks that peddle most deals.这就意味着除了兜售衍生品的方面,所有参与金融衍生品交易的基金经理人以及公司财务主管都必须遵循复杂的规定。Getting both sides to report was originally seen as a means to ensure that every entitys exposure could be rigorously monitored.要求交易双方都进行报告的规定最初是为了保交易双方的信息披露都能够受到严格的监管。But the complexities of obliging both parties to report trades, which then have to be reconciled with one another, have led many to question whether the additional burden is really worthwhile.但是要求双方都报告交易会使过程更复杂,两份报告还必须相互一致,这令人不禁怀疑这些额外的麻烦是否值得。Dual reporting was required to avoid omissions in the data, says Stewart Macbeth of the Depository Trust amp; Clearing Corporation, one of the approved repositories.要求两方上报是为了减少数据中的纰漏,被任命的数据库之一存管信托及结算公司的Stewart Macbeth这样说道。But it captures a lot of companies in the real economy that probably do not pose a systemic risk.但是这样也卷入了不少实体经济中并不会导致系统风险的公司。The European rules differ from the American ones in other ways too.欧洲地区和美国的法规中存在的差异还不仅于此。America staggered implementation of its rules over the course of several months as different sorts of contracts and counterparties were gradually brought within their scope.由于不同类型的合同和交易方们是分批纳入监管范围的,美国花了几个月的时间才完全实行了这些法规。European regulators chose instead to have everyone start reporting everything on a single day.而欧洲的执法机构在一天之内就要求所有人都着手进行报告。That created a bottleneck as participants rushed to put the necessary procedures and agreements in place.这造成了参与者们匆忙落实必要的步骤和协议,造成了瓶颈期。Now that the deadline has passed, responsibility shifts to regulators, whose duty it will be to make sense of the torrents of data that are now flooding in.现在报告已经过了截止日期,责任又转换到了监管机构一方,对泛滥成灾的数据洪流进行处理可是它们的工作了。In America the Commodity Futures Trading Commission has openly acknowledged the problems it has aly encountered coping with the deluge, with one commissioner blaming inconsistencies and errors in the rules.美国商品期货交易委员会公开承认了海量数据处理时的诸多问题,一位委员抱怨说这些法规中存在着矛盾和错误。In Europe the problems are likely to be even worse as so many more counterparties are reporting data to multiple repositories.欧洲方面,由于为数众多的交易方需要向多个数据库进行报告,问题看来会更加严重。That will create an unfortunate opportunity for both omissions and duplications of data.这将使得数据遗漏和数据重叠发生的概率大大增加。In time the new reporting rules should reduce risks, but much work still needs to be done.这些报告法规不久就能降低衍生品交易的风险,但是在此之前,还有许多工作要做。A paper published on February 4th by the Financial Stability Board offers a solution.金融稳定委员会于2月4日出版的一篇论文提供了一个解决方案。It proposes aggregating data from multiple repositories into one central one.它提议将各个数据库的数据集中到一个中央数据库中。That may iron out inconsistencies in the data—but it will not necessarily make it any more digestible.这或许能够消除数据中的不一致性—但是即便如此,数据量依旧很大,处理起来也仍然费时费力。 /201402/277662The economics of equity research股票研究经济学Analyse this分析分析The old model of stockmarket research is changing股市研究的旧模式正在改变。Sep 21st 2013 |From the print editionEQUITY research is meant to benefit both providers and recipients. It ought to help investors to allocate money more profitably. And the banks that give their clients free access to research hope that it will help them generate revenues from equity trading. But neither party is much satisfied by the conventional model.股票研究本应发行者和股东双双受益。应该帮助投资者更有利润的分配资金。为客户提供免费研究报告的希望这会帮助客户从股权交易中去的收益。但是双方对常规的模式都不满意。Start with the banks. A fall in trading revenues makes the economics of providing research less attractive. Between and 2013, total equity-trading commissions paid to brokers fell from .9 billion to .3 billion in America, and from euros 4.2 billion (.6 billion) to euros 3 billion in Europe, according to Greenwich Associates, a consultancy. The rise of passive investing and the sp of algorithmic trading have both reduced margins and dampened demand for research produced by and for humans.交易收入的下降使得经济学研究逐渐丧失吸引力。这从开始。根据咨询机构Greenwich Associates的数据,在年到2013年之间,在美国总股本交易中付给经纪人的佣金从139亿美元跌到了93亿美元,欧洲则从42亿欧元跌到了30亿欧元。被动投资的兴起以及算法交易的扩张都使得研究资料的利润率下降,需求也有所放缓。Nomura recently slashed its equity-research division to focus on its electronic-trading business, Instinet. Other banks are also cutting back. Global sell-side research budgets fell from a 2007 peak of .2 billion to just .8 billion in 2013, according to Frost Consulting. Sector coverage has contracted: banks now concentrate on large-cap sectors like oil, where trading volumes and revenue potential are higher.野村最近缩减了其股票研究部门,将注意力集中于电子交易公司Instinet。其他也正在削减研究部门。根据弗罗斯特咨询公司的数据,全球出售方的研究经费已经从2007年峰值的82亿美元降到了2013年的48亿美元。研究数据的行业覆盖率叶缩减了,现在集中在像原油等大宗商品行业,这些行业的交易量和收益潜力较高。Work has been shovelled to cheaper places to save cash. Much of Citigroup’s American equity coverage is now produced in Buffalo, New York. Deutsche Bank and J.P. Morgan have sent research work as far afield as India. Low-value-added tasks like data-crunching are not the only jobs being shipped out, claims Marc Vollenweider at Evalueserve, an outsourcing specialist. This process has its limits, however: client meetings still wholly happen face to face.工作都转移到了成本更低的地方以节省现金。花旗的美国股票报道现在在纽约的布法罗发出。德意志和JP根已经将研究工作转移到了印度。专业外包公司Evalueserve的Marc Vollenweider表示,不仅仅是像数据运算这些低附加值的任务被转移。但是,这个过程也有其局限性,客户会议仍然全部为面对面会议。The attitude of asset managers is also hardening. With research expenses “bundled” into commissions for executing trades, brokers tend to flood their clients with research reports in order to try to grab a larger slice of trading revenues. Asset managers leave most of them un. A survey by Britain’s CFA Society found that only 22% of its members thought this model best serves the interests of investors.资产管理公司的态度也在变硬。随着研究经费“捆绑”到执行交易的佣金中,经纪人往往给他们客户提供大量的研究报告,以此在交易收益中获得更大的比例。资产管理公司的这些材料大都没读过。英国CFA协会进行的一项调查发现,只有22%的成员认为这种模式最符合投资者的利益。Independent research outfits offer an alternative. Though small, their share of the “research vote”, an estimate of market share produced by Greenwich Associates, has grown since 2011. They are untainted by the conflicts of interest that bedevil banks offering research on clients, and that led to a 2003 settlement enforcing stricter separation of investment banking and research in America. In Europe “commission sharing agreements” have grown in popularity since they were introduced in 2003. These unbundle brokers’ commissions into costs for executing trades and costs for research, which clients can use to buy services from third parties.独立研究团队是另一个选择。尽管规模很小,但是据Greenwich Associates的市场份额数据,他们的“研究选择”比例自2011年来有所增长。他们受到长期困扰给客户提供调查报告的利益冲突的影响,这导致了在2003年美国出台了针对投资和研究机构更严格的分离。在欧洲,“佣金分成协议”自从2003年引入以来,已经变得越来越流行。这些自由的经纪人的佣金用于执行交易和研究的花费,客户可以用来从第三方购买务。Independent providers do not have an answer to every problem: making research on smaller firms profitable is a perennial issue. But they do offer radically different services from the banks’ unimaginative valuation models. Bespoke services are in demand. Hedge funds now use research dollars to pay for ground surveillance on the progress of mining or oil projects in Africa, in order to value them better. Others take to the sky. RS Metrics, a satellite-intelligence provider, has reported strong demand from the financial sector for its aerial-imaging services. Some funds even hire former intelligence agents, from firms like Business Intelligence Advisors, to test whether corporate bosses are massaging the truth in investor meetings.独立研究提供者不想回答所有问题:研究小公司获利是一个长期的问题。但是,他们确实提供区别于缺乏想象力的估值模型之外的完全不同的务。定制务是有需求的。现在,对冲基金运用研究资金付非洲矿业或石油项目进展的地面监测,为了更好的对这些项目进行估值。其他采取空中监视。RS Metrics是一个卫星情报提供商,该公司表示金融公司对他们的空中成像务需求强劲。一些基金甚至从类似商业情报顾问的公司雇佣了前情报人员考查公司老板们有没有在投资者会议上说实话。Old-style research is not about to die. Big banks retain 56.2% of the “research vote” (smaller brokers take another large chunk). Bank bosses still value the support research analysts can give their profitable investment-banking and corporate-advisory businesses. But with budgets under pressure and competition growing, the market is becoming more efficient.旧式研究不会消失。大的“研究选择”比例仍然在56.2%(稍小的经纪人占了剩下的比例)。老板仍人重视持研究分析给自己投资和咨询公司业务带来利润。但是预算压力以及竞争的增加使得市场变得更有效率。 /201309/258278

Traveling at speeds of up to 20 miles around, they drive the mullet onto the beach.海豚的速度高达每小时20英里,它们赶着鲻鱼往海滩去了。Trapped, the fish have nowhere to turn, flatting out their bodies like surf boards, they skim in just inches of the water. 因为被困,鱼儿无处可逃。它们平整的身体就像冲浪板在水中轻轻掠过。The surfer mums are the only dolphins in the world that hydroplane and beach like this.冲浪海豚是世界上唯一会在海滩划水的海豚。It looks fun, but this is a high risk game.看起来很有趣,但也很危险。They can easily strand, but with the few effortless wiggles, they are back in the water.很容易搁浅,但也能轻松的回到水中。Whats so fascinating is that its only the surfer mums and their daughters who surf like this.最吸引人的是,海豚妈妈和女儿们会像这样冲浪。Im getting a lot of exercise this morning, walking up and down the beach.早晨我在海滩上来回走了好几次。The surfing mums have new calves.冲浪海豚妈妈有小宝宝了。Its vital Janet gets photos so she can follow the daughters who are keeping the surfing tradition going.珍妮特拍了很多重要的照片。这样她就能研究还保持着冲浪海豚传统的海豚女儿们。We want to know after they graduated from nursing whether the calves, they are going to be beaches,我们想知道当它们离开妈妈襁褓后,是否还会冲浪。Ive got good shots of all of them, so Im pretty happy about that.我拍了很多照片,真的很开心。It has been a good day for Janet, but theres still no news on Puck or missing India.今天对珍妮特来说很不错,但还是没有帕克分娩和因迪亚的消息。 201405/295001


  Lexington莱克星顿Dreamy footsoldiers of the Left左派步兵,如痴如梦Some Democrats havent noticed that the next election is this year, not 2016一些民主党忽视下一场选举近在今年,而不是2016ELECTION fever grips the American Left. A mood of scrappy, let-us-at-em impatience unites such gatherings as Netroots Nation, an annual shindig which this year drew thousands of activists, organisers, bloggers and candidates to Detroit from July 17th-19th. Unfortunately for the broader Democratic Party, the election that inspires the grassroots is the 2016 presidential race. The mid-term congressional elections, which will happen much sooner (in November this year), provoke a more muted response, even though there is a good chance that Republicans will seize the Senate and cripple the rest of Barack Obamas presidency.选举的风潮波及美国左派。但像网根国民大会这样的组织已经躁动不安,火急火燎,它每年纵情狂欢,今年7月17日到19日更是吸引了成百上千的激进分子,组织者,部落格和竞选者至底特律,然而对于包揽更广的民主党来说,真正让草根阶层精神抖擞的却是2016年的总统选举,即使11月的国会中期选举在即,共和党很有可能纵览大局,其余民主党席位也岌岌可危,他们却是缄默不语。The kind of people who attend Netroots Nation are passionately and uncompromisingly left wing. Their champion is Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a former professor who crusades against “big banks”, “powerful corporations” and their enablers on the Right. “The game is rigged,” thundered Ms Warren, whose demands include more generous Social Security benefits (pensions) for the old (paid for with steep tax hikes), cheaper student loans, a higher minimum wage and other forms of redistribution. Not for her the business-friendly centrism of the Clinton clan. Hillary Clinton did not attend Netroots Nation, instead giving a TV interview in which she suggested that a bit of economic growth might make it easier to curb inequality.网根国民议会的参与者热情高涨,是不进油盐的左翼人士,他们拥护马塞诸塞州议员伊丽莎白沃伦,她是前任教授,反对大,有权势的的企业以及他们右派的柱,她怒喝道:”这种竞争无异于徇私舞弊。她要求给予老年人更优厚的社会保险(给老年人的养老补贴通过赋税急剧增长来买单),更便宜的学生贷款,更高的最低工资标准和其他形式的重新分配,对克林顿集团亲商界的温和主义路线嗤之以鼻,希拉里克林顿并未加入网根国民议会,她在电视访谈中说,经济一点点的增长,会使得缓解社会不公的工作更易进行Sweet dreams are made of this美梦何所在Ms Warrens warm-up act was Gary Peters, a local congressman who, unlike Ms Warren, is running for election this year. Mr Peters, a moderate ex-banker, is trying to win a Senate seat that Democrats desperately need to win but might not. He could use some grassroots support, but the crowd barely noticed him. They were too happy chanting “Run Liz, Run!” or waving “Elizabeth Warren for President” boater-style hats (“theyre fun, theyre old-timey,” said a hipster handing them out). Ms Warren says she is not running for the White House. No matter. Some 100 days from an election that could condemn Mr Obama to near-impotence, some progressives prefer to daydream about President Warren, “who wont stand for all the Wall Street bullshit”, to e a new (endearingly terrible) folk song by her supporters.沃伦小试牛刀的对手是加里比德斯,与沃伦不同,这位地区议员今年参加选举,他是一位温和的前家,尝试赢得一个民主党亟需的席位但可能不会成功,他能依赖一些草根阶层的持,但基本为大众所忽视,他们乐意高呼:冲吧,利兹,向前冲!或者挥舞着硬草帽,上面标着“伊丽莎白沃伦竞选总统”的字样,(一个赶时髦的人说“这种复古的帽子十分有趣”)沃伦说她不打算竞争入驻白宫,这并无大碍,距离100天的中期选举,足以将奥巴马贬到一文不值,一些进步人士梦想着总统沃伦,她的持者在新的民谣中唱道“她不会持华尔街的所有扯谈。”The Democrats footsoldiers can ill afford to daydream in 2014. Even as digital technology transforms elections, recent research shows that flesh-and-blood volunteers tend to trump paid advertising. Candidates need supporters to sway their friends and neighbours. This “ground war” is most crucial, for both sides, in the half-dozen swing states where Senate races could go either way. The trouble is, these states are quite conservative. So the Democrats running for office there often have views on guns, coal or fracking that appal progressives, who are therefore reluctant to knock on doors for them.民主党派没有在2014年做白日梦的资本,最近调查显示,即使在电子科技引领大选变革的今天,这些有血有肉的志愿者仍出资在广告上浓墨重,竞选者需要持者说他们的邻居朋友,这场“地面战”对于双方尤其重要,因为6个摇摆州的竞选走势难以预测,问题是,这些州趋于保守,而民主党人通常在,煤,水力压裂法等进步问题上持有一家之言,很难打开这些州选民的心扉。Like the Republicans with their Tea Party zealots, the Left must choose between purity and pragmatism. MoveOn, a lefty campaign behemoth which claims 8m members, has endorsed only nine Senate candidates so far in this election cycle, conspicuously excluding centrists in tight races in Georgia, Kentucky and Louisiana. The group will “sit out” some races; its members have drawn a “bright line” against endorsing senators who voted against increased background checks for gun-owners, for instance. In 2014 that rules out Mark Begich in Alaska and Mark Pryor in Arkansas.正如共和党与茶党狂热者意气相投,左派也必须在纯洁和实用主义之间作出选择,左派竞选巨头MoveOn声称说8m成员在竞选中只认可了9名议员竞选者,很明显让乔治利亚,肯塔基和路易斯安娜州激烈竞选中的温和派吃了闭门羹,这一组织在部分竞争中坐看好戏,例如与那些拒绝增加背景调查的议员划清界限,2014年,阿拉斯加的马克贝吉奇和阿肯色的马克普瑞被列入这一黑名单内。Another group, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), whose members raised over .7m for 2012 candidates, calls itself “the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party”. Its leaders can sound Tea Party-ish, declaring that “ideology” matters as much as finding candidates who can win. The PCCC has invested in such hopeless causes as the Senate race in South Dakota to demonstrate the power of “anti-corporate” messages delivered by the Democratic candidate there. Several leftish groups think the mid-terms are a chance to show that economic populism is the best way to woo unhappy voters, nationwide.另一组织名叫渐进式改变运动委员会,该组织成员在2012年为竞选者募集了超过270万美元,自称是“民主党伊丽莎白沃伦之翼”,其领导者论调听起来有些茶党化,声称意识形态和找到必胜的候选人一样重要,这一组织也曾做了些无用功,如通过投资南达科他州的议员选举,以彰显该地民主党候选者抵制大企业声音高亢,一些左派组织认为中期选举是展示经济民粹主义在取悦全国选民方面,不失为最佳方式。Yet Tea Party parallels are imperfect. Flinty conservatives often scoff that moderate Republicans are no better than Democrats. Progressives are different: many think that Republicans are wicked. That pushes their leaders, at least, towards pragmatism. “We may have to compromise on some things [to beat the Republicans],” says a boss at Democracy For America (DFA), a group founded by Howard Dean, a former Vermont governor and presidential hopeful who claimed to represent “the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party”. Take Alaskas embattled senator. To DFA, Mr Begich has been “terrible” on oil and gas and “not good” on guns. But he is “fantastic” on inequality. In Louisiana local DFA members are holding their noses and helping a pro-oil Democrat, Senator Mary Landrieu. Ultimately, DFA vows to be “all over” any race that might decide the fate of the Senate. Should Democrats lose in 2014, blame candidates “who didnt run on expanding Social Security or [raising] the minimum wage,” insists Charles Chamberlain, DFAs executive director.但茶党也不尽完美,强硬的保守党人常责备温和的共和党人比民主党人好不到哪儿去,但进步人士的观点不同,他们的很多认为共和党人十分邪恶,这至少驱使他们的领导者倾向于实用主义,一位领导者在民主美国组织上说,我们必须在部分问题上做出妥协以打败共和党人,这一组织是由前佛蒙特州长哈沃德迪安创立的,他可能会成为“民主党民主翼”的代表,击败阿拉斯加州四面楚歌的议员。对民主美国组织而言,贝吉奇在问题上的表现糟糕,在石油天然气上尤差,却在社会不公问题上异想天开。路易斯安娜州地区组织成员极不情愿的帮了一位持石油使用的民主党人玛丽朗德里厄,但最终他们还是发誓将在任何决定其命运的竞选中取得压倒性优势。该组织行政官查尔斯张伯伦说,如果民主党派在2014年大选中铩羽而归,责任就在那些不愿增加社会保险和最低工资的竞选者身上。Both DFA and the PCCC plan to use digital wizardry to help members place campaign calls to districts across the country: a nifty trick in places where members despise their own partys local candidates. MoveOn tells activists that saving the Senate is the “most important priority” of 2014, reminding them that Mr Obamas ability to nominate judges is in the balance. Over on the centre-ground, Ready for Hillary, a group working to rally a volunteer army for Mrs Clintons use (should she choose to run in 2016), will “amplify” any 2014 endorsements made by their heroine, instantly urging supporters to lend a hand to that campaign.民主美国和渐进式改变运动委员会计划使用数据技术将竞选推及全国各区,但对于那些对本区竞选者嗤之以鼻的人来说,这种伎俩口惠而实不至,MoveOn告诫激进分子保留议员席位是2014年的当务之急,提醒他们说奥巴马提名法官的能力已被架空。在中部阵营,一组织正在为克林顿招兵买马,一旦她决定参加2016年大选,便为之所用,他们将大肆宣扬这位“巾帼”在2014年所作出的任何承诺,不断要求持者助竞选一臂之力。On current showing, many will ignore such calls to arms in 2014. Despair with Mr Obama and this Congress may be part of the explanation. Progressive footsoldiers are waiting for the scrap that really interests them: a fight to drag the Democratic Party leftwards to victory in 2016. Republicans, who have plenty of problems of their own, cannot believe their luck.当下局势是,很多人都忽视了2014年为自身阵营添砖加瓦的号召,对于奥巴马和本届国会不屑一顾是原因之一,进步人士循其兴趣伺机而动,等待2016年将奥巴马和民主党一举拿下的完胜。共和党人自身弊病颇多,不敢靠运气行事。 /201408/317300。

  Where are you from orginly?Kentucky,Kentucky,and...and how does your mother enjoy your success?你原先来自哪里 肯塔基 你妈妈如何看待你的成功的Oh,shes...shes very hapy,she has more fun than Ive.她非常高兴 比我还高兴She called me one time,recently,I just got into the Academy,which is really exciting for me,that is exciting for any actor,and then my...最近有次她给我打电话 我那时刚入围奥斯卡 这对我来说非常兴奋 每个演员都会感到兴奋 然后I got a call from my mother,while I was in England.Then she goes...I did something hilarious.我接到了我妈妈的一个电话 当时我在英格兰 接下来她说 我做了件不可思议的事I wa like ;what;?she was like ;I voted; I was like you voted for what? The oscars.我说“是什么” 她说“我投票了 ” 你投了什么票 奥斯卡and I was like...you voted for the oscars?What do you mean? She was like ;the ballot came here and I voted.;然后我说“你给奥斯卡投了票”?什么意思 她说“弹出了投票 我就投了”Cause she thought like haha...its hilarious,Im gonna get kicked out out of the academy.因为她认为 太搞笑了 我要被奥组委踢出来的Alright. Unfortunately,she did it wrong,and mailed,I think she mailed back to herself.好的 不幸的是 她做错了 邮件 我猜邮件打回来了So I gotta to do it again,thats horrible,so she just thought everybody who receives the ballot can vote?所以我又做了一遍 太搞了 她认为每个提名的人都能投票吗Like the Peoples choices awards just something like...Yeah,Im one of the people,you have to be in the Academy,yeah.就像人民选择奖那种 我是其中一个 你要出席奥斯卡颁奖礼 是Wow,so did you see who she voted.would you agree who she voted for? Yeah.Ah,no. ok.No,I didnt.哇 你看到她给谁投票了吗 你也觉得投的对吗 是的 哦 没有 好吧 我没看注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201311/263131

  Business商业报道Technology and luxury goods科技时尚单品Catwalk credentials优雅融合Why Burberrys boss is a perfect fit for AppleBurberry老板与苹果如此合拍,秘密何在?AMONG stewards of big luxury brands Angela Ahrendts, the boss of Burberry, is probably the geekiest.Burberry的老板Angela Ahrendts可能是所有的大型奢侈品牌管理者中最不招人喜欢的。Her main achievement has been to make the 150-year-old British company the most technologically savvy of its peers.他的主要成就就是使这所150年历史的英国老牌企业成为同行中的技术型企业。Burberry plans to be the first luxury company that is fully digital end to end, she boasts.她夸口说Burberry计划成为第一家完全数字化的奢侈品企业。But what can she do for Apple, which on October 14th said it would poach her to run its retailing operations?但是苹果于10月14日宣称会插手她的零售业务,对此她又能有什么办法呢?Probably the opposite: revive a sense of style at a tech firm that has lately looked a bit dowdy.也许相反,在一家科技公司恢复一种风格有点过时。Many purveyors of luxury fret about cheapening their wares by selling them online.很多奢侈品供应商担心在网上销售会降低商品价格。Of the 100 biggest luxury brands just 56 have transactional websites, according to Exane BNP Paribas, an investment bank.据Exane BNP Paribas ,一家投资称100家顶级奢侈品牌中只有56家有网上交易平台。Ms Ahrendts, an American who took over Burberry in 2006, had no such hangups.Ahrendts女士,这位于06年接管Burberry的美国人不这么认为。Not content with flogging calfskin trench coats online, she has deployed every platform, device or bit of software she could think of to romance customers and spark collaboration among employees and suppliers.不满足于仅在网上出售皮制品,她已在各个平台全面铺开,用所能想到的一切设备吸引顾客,希望与顾客擦出火花。iPad-wielding salespeople in Burberry stores can look up what customers have aly bought, and suggest what might take their fancy next.Burberry的店员手持IPAD随时记录顾客的购买信息,并预测他们的可能喜好。Ms Ahrendts should add pizzazz to Apples bricks-and-mortar shops, which are the most profitable in America measured by sales per square foot.Ahrendts应该投入更多精力在美国每季度盈利最多的苹果实体店上。But that seems a small job for a woman who last year was the highest-paid chief executive of a company in the FTSE 100 share index.但对于一个进入去年福布斯百位收入最高企业高管的女士而言,这似乎是小事一桩。At Apple, from next spring, she will merely be a senior vice-president.至于苹果,从下个春季开始她就仅仅是一个部门副主席So the odds are that her brief will go well beyond managing Apples stores. She can help it crack the Chinese market, where its iPhones are also-rans in the race against cheaper smartphones from Samsung and local manufacturers.所以很有可能她的表现会比在苹果时更好。她能帮助苹果打开竞争激烈的中国市场,这竞争来自于三星和中国国产智能机对IPHONE的竞争。Burberry earns more than a third of its revenue in Asia compared with Apples 28%.较苹果的28%,Burberry的亚洲市场盈利超过其总盈利的1/3。A bigger job will be to y Apple for the coming fusion of fashion and technology.苹果已经准备好了面对即将到来的时尚与科技融合的浪潮。The most talked-about new devices are wearable.现在被广泛谈及的新设备都是可戴式的。Googles Glass smuggles a smartphone into a pair of spectacles.谷歌眼镜将智能机植入眼镜。Samsungs Galaxy Gear squeezes some smartphone functions into a wristwatch.三星是能表将智能手机与手表融合。Apple is also keen to surf the wearable wave.苹果也想赶上这一穿戴式科技浪潮。An iWatch, which Apple may launch next year, would pull it towards Ms Ahrendtss home turf, since it would compete with fashionable timepieces like Burberrys.苹果可能会明年推出iWatch,鉴于可能与时尚腕表比如Burberry展开竞争,他可能会推向Ahrendtss女士的主场。Apple has long been something of a fashion house.苹果现在已成为时尚工厂。Its product launches are choreographed like catwalk shows.他的项目都是精心设计的就像时装秀一样。But its glamour has faded since the death of Steve Jobs, its founder, in 2011.但是自从创始人乔布斯在2011年死后他的魅力正在逐渐削减。His successor, Tim Cook, is striving to regain it.而继任者Tim Cook则在努力重获魅力。He recently hired Paul Deneve, the boss of Yves Saint Laurent, a French fashion house.最近他雇了法国时尚工厂Yves Saint Laurent的老板Paul Deneve。Sir Jony Ive, Apples design guru, now oversees the look of software as well as hardware. Ms Ahrendts brings another eye for beauty, and a knack for seducing consumers.Jony Ive苹果首席设计师如今不仅要负责软件也要负责硬件外观。Ms Ahrendts则从另一个角度带来美,吸引顾客。 /201310/261550

  Science and technology科学技术Artificial meat人造肉Hamburger junction人造汉堡的诞生Muscle grown in factories could soon be appearing in a supermarket near you工厂培养的肉可能很快出现在你周围的超市了A QUARTER of a million euros is rather a lot to pay for a hamburger,25万欧元去买一个汉堡包确实是相当贵,but that will be the cost of the patty which Mark Post proposes to stick in a bun this October.但这只是今年十月Mark Post计划内夹在面包片中一块肉饼的价格。The burger in question—not so much a quarter-pounder as a quarter-million-pounder—will be so expensive because it will be made from meat that has been grown from scratch in a laboratory.那关于这个汉堡—就不仅仅是一个0.25磅重的汉堡了,相当于250000磅汉堡的价格—这么贵是因为它所用的肉是从实验室里培养出来的。Dr Post, who works at Eindhoven University in the Netherlands, belongs to a group of people who hope to disrupt one of mankinds oldest industries—animal husbandry.Post士任职于荷兰霍芬大学,现从属于一个课题组,该课题组致力于中止人类最古老的行业之一—畜牧业。In fact, they wish not so much to disrupt it as to destroy it.实际上,他们不仅仅希望去中止它而是去终结该产业。Raising animals is a resource-intensive process.饲养动物就是一个资源富集的过程。About 30% of the worlds ice-free land is used for it.世界上大约30%的非冰覆陆地都在进行此过程。Yet of the nutrients in the plants these animals eat, only around 15% is turned into meat.而动物吃掉植物后,只能把其中15%的营养变成肉。As the human population grows, and grows richer, demand for meat is increasing.当人口不断增长时,对肉类需求也在增加。Dr Post hopes to satisfy at least part of that demand by making the stuff in factories, in a way that converts about 50% of the nutrients into something people can eat.Post士希望通过把50%的营养转换成可食用肉的方法,使工厂生产的肉至少能满足人们的部分需求。For now, that something is not exactly fillet steak.现在那些东西未必是正宗的菲力牛排了。Dr Posts cultures, grown from stem cells, are sheets 3cm long, 1.5cm wide and half a millimetre deep.士Post的做法是,把干细胞培养于3厘米长,1.5厘米宽,0.5毫米深的基槽内。To make the worlds most expensive hamburger 3,000 of them will be needed.所以需要3000个培养基才能做成这个世界最贵的汉堡包。The stem cells themselves are extracted from cattle muscle and then multiplied a millionfold before they are put in Petri dishes and allowed to turn into muscle cells.那些干细胞从牛肌肉中提取,在放入培养皿和变成肌细胞之前,干细胞还要经过上百万次繁殖。When they have done so, they are encouraged to exercise and build up their strength by being given their own gym equipment.完成这个阶段后,它们还要经过锻炼来增加自己的强度,也就是为它们提供一些健身器材。The fatty cells of adipose tissue, needed for juiciness, are grown separately and then combined with the muscle cells before the whole thing is cooked.那些脂肪组织的脂肪细胞需要具有多汁性,则要进行单独培养,在整个被烹调之前,还要把它和肌肉组织结合在一起。In theory, one cow could thus supply as many hamburgers as a million slaughtered animals can today.理论上,以这种方式一头牛能提供的汉堡量比得上当今屠宰一百万头牛的产量。Producing meat in Petri dishes is not commercially viable,在培养皿中生产肉不具有商业可行性,but Dr Post hopes to scale things up.但Post士希望把规模成倍扩大。first by growing the cells on small spheres floating in tanks and ultimately by using scaffolds made of biodegradable polymer tubes,首先把细胞培养在大容里面的球形漂浮物上,最后再使用可降解聚合物试管做承,which would both add the third dimension needed for a juicy steak and provide a way of delivering nutrients and oxygen to the steaks interior.这样既能增加多汁牛肉所需的视觉真实感,还能提供传递营养和氧气到牛肉内部的通路。The nutrients themselves could come from conventional crops,那些营养物质可以从普通农作物中获取,but Dr Post also has plans to use algae, which grow faster than vascular plants, to provide the necessary amino acids, sugars and fats.但Post士计划使用藻类,因为它们比那些维管植物长的要快,以此提供所需的氨基酸、糖类和脂肪。The upshot would be a world with fewer stock animals.这样最终结果将是世界再也不必饲养那么多动物,Not only would that liberate land, it would reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.不仅可以解放土地,还可以减少温室气体的排放。Moreover, you do not even have to kill a cow to obtain stem cells from it. A biopsy will do.此外,你也不必再为获得干细胞而杀掉一头牛—活体切片法便可做到。That might mean that vegetarians would be able to enjoy meat, too.这意味着素食主义者也可以享用肉类了。点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201306/245826Until recently, when scientists studied changes in open-ocean ecosystems, they looked at changes in the bottom of the food chain that gradually make their way to the top, like foodshortages and shifts in the ocean environment.直到最近,当科学家们在研究远洋地区生态系统的变化时,他们观察了处于食物链最底层并且在慢慢上升的变化,比如说食物短缺、海洋环境的变化。A recent study,however, suggests that more attention needs to be given totop-down influences as well.然而,最近的一项调查显示,人们还应该更多的注意自上而下的影响。For example, over the past few decades, theres been a major collapse of the populations ofharbor seals, fur seals, sea lions, and sea otters living on the coasts of western Alaska.比方说,在过去的几十年里,生活在阿拉斯加西海岸的斑海豹、海、海狮和海獭数量极具下降。Now a newstudy suggests that all this destruction can be traced back to humans overfishing sperm andbaleen whales between 1946 and 1979.现在,一项新的调查显示,所有的这些毁坏都可以归咎于人类在1946年到1979年期间过度捕捞抹香鲸和须鲸。Killer whales, who live at the top of the ocean food chain, used to prey on sperm and baleenwhales.虎鲸是在海洋食物链的最高层,它习惯于捕食抹香鲸和须鲸。When these were no longer available, the killer whales were forced to fish farther down the food chain.当虎鲸不能再捕食它们的时候,它就被迫捕食处于更下一层的食物链。First they fed on seals, which were the easiest to catch and the most nutritionallyvaluable.她们先捕食的是最容易捕捉且最有营养价值的海豹。Then, when seals became rare, the killer whales turned to sea lions.接着,当海豹变得稀少后,虎鲸便转向了海狮。When the sea lionpopulation crashed, they started fishing sea otters.而又当海狮的数量变少后,虎鲸又开始猎杀海獭了。The domino effect reaches even farther.多米诺效应又继续延伸。Without sea otters keeping sea urchins in check, their population has exploded.没了海獭约束海胆,海胆的数量变得庞大起来。And theyvedestroyed the kelp forests, and with it, the kelp forest ecosystem in southwestern Alaska.并且破坏阿拉斯加啊西南部的海藻林生态系统。Animals switching food sources can have a very serious effect on the environment.动物间交换食物来源对环境有着很严重的影响。And thatwe humans, as the ultimate predators, need to give a lot of thought to the choices we make.而作为终极捕食者,人类需要好好思考一下他们所做的选择。They may affect the food web in unintended ways.这些选择可能会以人们所不知道的方式来影响食物网。 201405/301199


  The World Cup世界杯Pitch imperfect球场不够完美They think its all over budget他们认为超出预算Down to the finishing touches开赛在即,已到最后收尾工作FOOTBALLS World Cup was meant to display Brazils coming-of-age as a global player. Instead, the preparations have illustrated the improvisation for which the country is nearly as famous as its footballers. With less than a month to go, organisers are scrambling to get everything y. A swanky new terminal opened at Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paulo on May 11th. But just eight airlines will be operating there next month, not 25 as planned. Chunks of the airport in Belo Horizonte, another host city, are wrapped in scaffolding and sprinkled with dust—and will remain so well after the tournament ends in July.足球世界杯是巴西这个世界足球强国显示其成熟老道的绝好时机。然而,其糟糕的筹备,就像其足球运动员即兴表演那样闻名于世。距世界杯开幕已不足一个月,可是组委会正仓促地想要一切在一个月内各就各位。5月11日,位于圣保罗的Guarulhos机场,一个超炫豪华的机场航站楼建成开始对外开放。然而下个月,只有8个而不是计划的25个航空公司可以在这里起落。而位于另一个主办城市贝洛哈里桑塔的机场,绝大部分依然围着脚手架,到处是灰尘,而这个状态可能直到六月世界杯赛结束都不大会有所改观。Unfinished work at Arena Corinthians stadium in Sao Paulo means only 40,000 fans will attend a pre-tournament test game on May 18th, well shy of the 68,000 expected at the opening match on June 12th. The media centre at the stadium in Curitiba wont be y for the event; journalists will slum it in a tent.圣保罗哥林蒂安斯体育场作为世界杯的竞技场现在尚未完工,这意味着仅有4万球迷可以参加5月18号举行的赛前测试,这远远少于六月12号世界杯首场赛事的6.8万人。库里蒂巴市体育场的媒体中心届时可能无法为大赛务,记者只能挤在自搭的帐篷中。Red tape and overlapping federal, state and municipal fiefs have snarled projects. Jerme Valcke, secretary-general of FIFA, footballs governing body, has described dealing with Brazilian authorities as “hell”. Eight construction workers have died in accidents, six more than in South Africa four years ago. FIFA insists stadiums will be y when fans start pouring in. But delays have left little time to install and test telecommunications kit, prompting worries over patchy television and radio transmission.繁文缛节官僚习气以及冗杂的联邦、政府和市级区划让各个项目混乱不堪。国际足球联盟足球赛事的领导机构的总秘书长Jerme Valcke将与巴西当局的办事风格描述为“极不像话”。8名建筑工人在施工事故中丧生,这比四年前南非世界杯多整整6人。国际足球联盟坚持要求体育馆必须在观众前来参与赛前测试之前一切准备就绪。但是由于一再拖延,几乎没有时间安装、测试电信设备,这给不完善的电视转播和广播转播买下隐忧。Cost overruns, partly blamed on alleged price-gouging, mean that, measured by the cost of a seat, Brazil now boasts ten of the worlds 20 most expensive football venues, according to KPMG, a consultancy. The whitest of these elephants, in Brasília, may end up consuming 2 billion reais, nearly triple the initial estimate. After the Cup it is unlikely ever to draw capacity crowds again, as the city lacks a good league side.足球世界杯筹备成本远远超出预算,部分原因是由于价格欺骗。意思是,以一个座位的成本作为衡量手段,根据毕马威会计事务所的数据,现在巴西拥有世界上最贵的20个足球竞技场。在巴西利亚,这些造价昂贵而使用价值又不太高的场馆最终可能花费20亿里亚尔,是最初预算的3倍。在世界杯赛事之后,因为这个城市缺乏一个好的联赛赛事它不可能再整场爆满。A promised public-works bonanza has not materialised. Brazils government insisted on staging games in 12 cities, rather than the required eight, in order to sp the benefits across the country. It succeeded only in sping itself thin. Just five of 35 planned urban-mobility schemes are complete. Fans will use buses or taxis to get to most city centres.因此一个颇具前景的市政工程金矿也无法带来物质财富。巴西政府为了均衡举办世界杯带来的红利,坚持在12个城市举行赛事而非按照要求在8个城市举办。而这,只会让传播世界杯赛事的成功几率降低。而35个城市交通方案也仅有5个竣工。最后,球迷只能通过公交车或者计程车前往各个位于市中心的赛场。Support for hosting the World Cup has fallen sharply, from 79% after it was awarded to Brazil in 2007 to 48% now, according to Datafolha, a pollster. Given Brazilians love of football and knack for making merry, the tournament is almost certain to be a blast. But the legacy has been left in the changing-rooms.根据圣保罗页报的民意调查,巴西国内民众对世界杯的持也急剧下降,由2007年申办成功之初的78%降至现在的48%,世界杯赛几乎注定了将是猛烈的一击。而这一现象已经在更衣室得到验。 201406/304653。



  British politics英国政治She came, she saw, she conquered她来过,领略过,征过A great biography of an extraordinary life一本记录撒切尔夫人传奇人生的传记Margaret Thatcher—The Authorised Biography, Volume I: From Grantham to the Falklands. By Charles Moore.《玛格丽特撒切尔授权传记,卷一:从格兰瑟姆市到福克兰群岛》作者:查尔斯尔IT HELPS to be lucky if you are a politician and Margaret Thatcher was luckier than most: lucky that she came to power when the old order was crumbling and lucky that her opponents were so feeble. Now she is proving to be lucky in death. First came a semi-state funeral that had the British establishment on bended knee and the British public out on the streets; now comes the first volume of an authorised biography that may well turn out to be one of the great lives of modern times.政客运气总是比常人要好。玛格丽特撒切尔比大多数的政客运气都还要好:在她上台之际,旧秩序正值崩溃,而她的对手也不堪一击。现在,她连死亡都是幸运的。首先是一个准国葬,葬礼上英国政要皆屈膝以示敬意,而英国民众纷纷在沿街表达他们的悼念之情。现在则是她授权的传记第一卷的出版发行,这部传记很有可能成为现代最伟大的著作之一。This first volume takes the story from Mrs Thatchers childhood above a grocers shop in Grantham to victory in the Falklands war in 1982. A second volume, “Herself Alone”, will tell the rest of the story. Charles Moore, a veteran journalist and former editor of the weekly Spectator magazine and the Daily Telegraph, is proving the ideal biographer. He has spent 16 years ing Mrs Thatchers private papers, to which he had unique access, and interviewing everyone who mattered. But he also possesses the literary panache to bring the dullest sources to life. He is close to his subject both ideologically and personally. But he also acknowledges that she could be impossible, and often was: hectoring, bullying and interfering.在传记中,第一卷讲述了撒切尔夫人从格兰瑟姆市一个零售商女儿成长为赢得1982年马岛战争的铁娘子的故事。第二卷《她自己》将讲述之后的故事。作为周刊《旁观者》和《每日电讯报》的资深记者兼前任编辑,查尔斯尔就是一个完美的传记作者。充分利用自己查阅撒切尔夫人私人文件的特权,尔花费了16年的时间来研究这些文件,并采访每一个相关人员。但(所幸)他也拥有卓越的文学才华,能够将最枯燥的材料写得栩栩如生。无论在思想上,还是私人交情上,尔都与撒切尔夫人十分亲近。但他也承认,她有时候的确很难应付,并且她通常喜欢颐指气使、恃强凌弱、事事干涉。The first 200-odd pages are hard-going. As a person rather than a politician she is of limited interest. She had no intellectual hinterland and was quite content to repeat the clichés of the stockbroker belt. If she had a sense of humour, nobody has ever found it. Mrs Thatchers early career—from the scholarship to Oxford, an early love affair, a job as an industrial chemist and her first forays into Conservative politics—is hardly the stuff of high drama. Mr Moore does a good job of evoking the atmosphere of post-war Britain. He reveals that Denis Thatcher, whom she married in 1951, once repaired to South Africa for two months and contemplated divorcing her. Still, few ers will wish this section were longer.最开始200多页的内容读起来索然无味。褪去政治家身份的撒切尔,与常人并无异处。她没有任何科研成果,并且满足于重复富人区的陈词滥调。她没有幽默感。她的早年生涯—拿到牛津大学奖学金,年轻时的爱恋,工业化学家的工作,第一次闯进了保守党阵营——都不是多少精的故事。在讲述这段时间内的事情过程中,尔很好地营造了一种二战后英国的氛围。他大爆料, 1951年娶了她的丹尼斯撒切尔,曾经在南非呆过两个月,考虑着是否要与她离婚。尽管如此,很少有读者想继续探究下去。Things really take off with Mrs Thatchers election as Conservative Party leader in 1975. Mr Moore brilliantly reconstructs the drama of those years. He reminds the er of how big the stakes were in everything from industrial relations to the Falklands war. Mrs Thatcher was in an extraordinary position: “the oldest, grandest, in many peoples eyes the stuffiest political party in the world had chosen a leader whose combination of class, inexperience and sex would previously have ruled her out.” But Mr Moore avoids the luxury of hindsight. Political events tumble over each other. Politicians grope about in the dark. Patterns emerge slowly.1975年,撒切尔夫人被选为保守党领袖,从这开始故事才变得有意思起来。尔十分精地重现了这段流光岁月。他向读者展示了,从工业革命到马岛战争,所有事情都充满着巨大风险。与其他首相相比,撒切尔夫人的处境不同寻常:“世界上历史最悠久的、规模最庞大的、在许多人眼里最死板僵化的政党,选择了一位这样的领导人:在此之前她会因为来自底层阶级、缺乏经验、身为女性,而被直接排除在外。”不过尔避免了大篇幅的“后知后觉”。毕竟,政治问题之间总会有冲突,政客们也是摸着石头过河,政治模式的出现总需要时间。Margaret Thatcher grows with the turning of the pages. She summons up extraordinary personal resources not just to break with the old order but to put a new one in its place. None of this was easy. The entire Thatcherite project was frequently in danger of faltering, as unemployment soared, cities burned and the ditherers conspired. The situation became so dire in 1981 that Mrs Thatchers advisers sent her a memo castigating her management style and warning that she would soon be joining Edward Heath on the backbenches.随着时间的推移,玛格丽特撒切尔也在变得更加老练成熟。她以常人少有的勇气与旧秩序决裂,同时打造新秩序。这两件事都不容易。所有这些撒切尔主义项目经常面临各种垮台的危险,因为失业率急速增长,各大城市情况堪忧,反对者纷纷密谋反叛。情况发展到1981年已经十分危急,连撒切尔夫人的顾问也都向她寄去一份简报,激烈指责她的管理方式,并警告说她可能很快就加入爱德华希思成为后座议员了。How did she manage all this Mr Moore shows that it took more than ideological certainty and personal stubbornness. Mrs Thatcher had a gift for seeing when the time was ripe and when it was not. She had a natural bond with what Richard Nixon called the silent majority. She had an actors gift for putting on a good show. Mrs Thatchers opponents repeatedly played into her hands: Heath, the titular leader of the Tory ditherers, known as the “wets”, was a repulsive figure who grew more repulsive with age and Michael Foot, the Labour leader, had an unfortunate habit of dressing like a scarecrow.然而她是怎样应对这些的呢?尔将其描述为远非坚定的意志和倔强的个性就足够。撒切尔夫人有着判断时机的良好禀赋。她与理查德尼克松所说的“沉默的大多数”之间有着天然纽带。她就像是一个天生的演员,与生俱来就擅长上演一出精的戏。撒切尔夫人的对手总会正中她的下怀:名义上保守党反对派的领袖希思,是著名的“温和派”,他的为人令人厌恶,而且越老越惹人烦,还有工党领袖迈克尔福特,他喜欢把自己打扮得像个稻草人一样,有这个习惯实在是不幸啊。The book ends on a high note. Britains victory in the Falklands war consolidated Mrs Thatchers hold over the Tory Party. The economy began to recover. And the Labour Party rendered itself unelectable. At the same time the seeds of her self- destruction were aly apparent. It is not often that you can say of a 900-page book that it leaves you wanting to more. But in this case it is true.该书在高潮部分收了尾。英国在马岛战争中的胜利有效地巩固了撒切尔夫人对保守党的控制。经济也开始复苏。工党的糟糕表现也致使它们自身无法赢得选举胜利。不过,与此同时,撒切尔夫人也开始走下坡路了。人们很少会说,读完一本900页的书还觉得意犹未尽,但是这本传记就做到了。 /201405/294727

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