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包头引产多少钱青山区妇幼保健人民中医院妇科挂号Ms. Vasquez: Hello, Mr. Polo. Im Ms. Vasquez. Please have a seat.瓦斯奎兹老师:你好,波罗先生我是瓦斯奎兹老师请坐Mr. Polo: Thank you.波罗先生:谢谢Ms. Vasquez: In this parent-teacher conference, I want to go beyond Marco report cards and his standardized test scores to talk about his general permance in the classroom.瓦斯奎兹老师:这次邀您来家长会,我想跳过马可的成绩单和标准测验分数不谈,直接谈他在班上的表现Mr. Polo: That great. I want to know how he doing.波罗先生:很好我想知道他的表现如何Ms. Vasquez: Marco is a good student. He attentive in class, a hard worker, and hands in his homework on time. Here his portfolio, if you want to take a look at his classroom work.瓦斯奎兹老师:马克是个不错的学生在课堂上,他能专心听讲、刻苦学习,时交家庭作业如果你想看一看他的课堂练习,这是他的作业本Mr. Polo: This is great. Are there any areas he needs to work on?波罗先生:太棒了他还有哪些方面需要改进吗?Ms. Vasquez: Marco is a good student, but he does sometimes misbehave. He often has disagreements with other students and loses his temper. I think he needs to work on his social skills.瓦斯奎兹老师:马克是一名好学生,但是他有时也会犯错每当他与其他同学意见不同时就发脾气我认为他需要锻炼一下人际交往能力Mr. Polo: Well, I dont think that the most important thing, do you? His academics are the most important and he seems to be doing well in his subjects.波罗先生:但是,我不认为这是最重要的,你觉得呢?他的学习成绩才是最重要的,他各科成绩似乎都不错Ms. Vasquez: It true that academics are important, but learning to work cooperatively with other people is important, too, if he wants to get ahead in life, dont you think?瓦斯奎兹老师:学习成绩固然重要,但如果他想要变得各方面都优秀,学着与他人合作也很重要,你不觉得吗?Mr. Polo: Ill have a talk with him. Im sure youll see an improvement.波罗先生:我会跟他谈谈的我敢肯定他会有所进步Ms. Vasquez: I appreciate you taking this seriously. Again, Marco is a good student and it a pleasure to have him in my class.瓦斯奎兹老师:我很感激你能严肃对待这件事马克真的是一名好学生,我很高兴他在我们班Mr. Polo: Im glad to hear that. Good-bye.波罗先生:很高兴听你这么说再见Ms. Vasquez: Have a good afternoon.瓦斯奎兹老师:祝你下午愉快原文译文属! 396包钢集团第三职工医院挂号 I work a building contractor and I spend most of my workday giving on-site estimates. I mainly go to people’s homes, discuss the work they want done, inspect the site, and give them a e. Robert: You want to expand your kitchen, is that right? Abigail: Yes, with our growing family, we need more room. Robert: It looks like it’s about 0 square feet right now. You want to double the size? Abigail: That’s the idea, but I want to get it done quickly, say within two months. Is that possible? Robert: Well, we’ve finished jobs like this bee in under three months, but that’s without any delays. Sometimes getting the exact materials the client wants or finding structural problems that don’t appear until we start work can set us back. Abigail: That’s my greatest fear. I’m afraid of delays and cost overruns. Robert: Well, we try to be upfront with our clients by giving them a breakdown of the costs of the materials and labor involved in the project. We also give them a schedule of when the work will be completed. You’ll get a detailed estimate in writing, at no charge and with no obligation. Abigail: How long does it take to get the estimate? Robert: We usually mail or fax the estimate within two days. Abigail: That’s great. Let me tell you exactly what we have in mind... 39包头市第六医院孕前检测价格

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包头市人流医院哪家好I think the best summer vacation Ive ever taken was when I went out East a few years ago. Two of my friends and I went on a two-week road trip. At the time, I was living in St. Paul, Minnesota, in the Midwest of the ed States. Anyway, we started off camping every night, but that got real old, real fast. So we started checking in to hotels after about the third day. We were headed Washington, DC first. Checking in to the hotel was always a bit of a hassle. I wanted to sleep in a double bed, my friends wanted to get a king to share. Lodging is more expensive at a hotel than in a campground, but it is much, much more comtable!我觉得我过得最棒的暑假时几年前去东部的那次我和我的两个朋友度过了一次为期两周的公路之旅当时,我住在美国中西部的明尼苏达的圣保罗不管怎样,我们刚开始旅行的时候每晚都露营,但是很快就太累了所以后来从差不多第三天开始我们住旅馆了我们的第一站是华盛顿住旅馆总有点分歧我想睡双人床,我的朋友想睡最大的床住宿比露营贵多了,但是也舒多了We went to the major tourist attractions in Washington, D.C. - the Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, the White House. We then headed north, passing through Boston and headed towards Canada, to Quebec City. When we arrived at the Canadian border, we had to pass through customs and immigration. Customs was easy. We had nothing to declare. Immigration was more of a pain . We were asked the standard questions. How long will you be staying in Canada? What is the nature of your visit? Finally, we were permitted to enter, and we drove on to our destination.我们去了华盛顿的主要景点,包括国会山,林肯纪念堂,白宫接着我们一路向北,穿过了波士顿,直奔加拿大,到了魁北克城我们到加拿大边境的时候,没什么好申报的移民就更不可能了我们被问了一些程式化的问题你们在加拿大待多久?旅行的目的是什么?最后我们被准许入境,我们开车朝目的地进发Quebec City is beautiful! Unlike many cities, there are no tourist traps to sidetrack you. We spent two days there, then drove on to Montreal. Of course, we had to pass through customs and immigration again when we re-entered the ed States. Our bags were searched in customs, but other than that we got through fairly easily. A few days later, we were back in Minnesota--home sweet home.魁北克城太美了没有其他城市旅行者的困境围绕你我们在那里待了两天,然后开车去了蒙特利尔当然我们进入美国的时候也过了海关,问了移民相关问题在海关我们的包被搜了,除了这个,其他还是相当容易几天后我们回到了明尼苏达,最好的家 70 包头市肿瘤医院男科挂号包头包皮环切手术医院

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