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包头中心医院治疗阳痿早泄包头九州生殖中心网上预约5.Smurfette Was A Brunette Created By Gargamel5.蓝是格格巫创造的有色女性In the beginning, the Smurfs were all male—or, at the very least, genderless blue creatures. Then the evil sorcerer Gargamel created a female Smurf and sends her to the village to seduce and trick the Smurfs, as seen at 1:55 in the above . They are not impressed, however, and she ends up repenting and crying—so Papa Smurf makes her blonde. After the transmation, they all fall in love with her and accept her as one of their own. Gentlemen prefer blondes, and apparently Smurfs do, too.最初的时候蓝精灵只有男性角色(至少是没有性别的蓝色生物),后来为了诱骗这群蓝精灵,邪恶的魔法师格格巫创造了蓝并把她送到了村子里这是本片1:55之前的故事,结果显示蓝精灵们似乎对她并不感冒,而蓝自己也因为后悔自己做的坏事大哭起来最后蓝爸爸把她变成了一位金发碧眼的美貌女郎,一下子,所有的蓝精灵都被她迷得神魂颠倒,并真正接受她为他们的一份子绅士们爱金发女郎,在蓝精灵的世界也不例外Although Smurfette was the only female Smurf in the village a long time, facing no competition male attention, later seasons included other female characters such as Sassette Smurf and Nanny Smurf. While some wonder how the Smurfs reproduced bee the advent of females, the fact is that they can actually be magically created from blue clay.在相当长的一段时间里,蓝是村子里唯一的女性角色,所以也没有其他的同性来分散男精灵们的目光但是在后几季里她便失去了这种独一无二的优势——蓝和蓝奶奶出场了很多人感到奇怪,没有女性的时候这群男精灵是从哪来的呢?是他们是用几块带魔法的粘土捏出来的.Olive Oyl Was A Poor Single Mother.奥丽芙是个贫困的单身妈妈In 1936, Olive Oyl made a cameo appearance in the film Somewhere in Dreamland, which was produced by the same studio that created the Popeye cartoons. Starting at : in the above , she appears as a single mother with two children living in poverty during the Great Depression. Although the character is just called ;Mother; in the film, she uses the same traditional clothes of Olive Oyl, has the same physical appearance—thin body, no breasts, large feet—and is voiced by the same actress, Mae Questel.1936年奥丽芙曾在《梦境中以配角的形象出现这部卡通和《大力水手是同一个工作室出品,她以一个单身妈妈的形象在两分零二秒的时候出场时值大萧条时期,她又有两个孩子,生活十分贫困虽然在这部影片中她仅被称作;妈妈;但她和奥丽芙无论是相貌还是穿着都一模一样——纤瘦的身躯,平坦的胸部,壮硕的大脚,甚至还是同一个人——奎·梅斯特尔配的音Cameos by cartoon characters in different productions than their own series are not uncommon, either today or during the 30s. The Fleischer Studios even used Mickey in one of their shorts, portraying him as an evil mouse that locks Betty Boop boyfriend inside a manhole and laughs in ;Bimbo Initiation.;无论在三十年代还是在今天,让卡通人物在自身系列的动画外客串其他角色的情况并不少见弗莱舍工作室甚至还让米奇在一部短片中客串过一只老鼠流氓,它把贝蒂的男友锁在了沙井里,并在流氓协会里哈哈大笑3.One Woman Permed Tons Of Famous Voices3.有个女人给很多卡通角色配过音The actress we just mentioned, Mae Questel, was most famous voicing Betty Boop, all the way from the early Fleischer Studio shorts in the 30s to her last appearance as Betty in 1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit? However, she also voiced Olive Oyl in the Popeye cartoons during the 30s and Audrey in the ;Little Audrey; series. She was also the voice behind Casper the Friendly Ghost in at least one episode and Felix the Cat in the three sound and color episodes produced during the 30s. Many of her appearances were uncredited.我们刚刚提到过的女演员梅·奎斯特尔因曾给贝蒂配过音而成名,从30年代弗莱舍工作室早期出品的动画短片到1988年贝蒂的最后一部卡通《谁陷害了兔子罗杰,都由她来担任配音演员除此之外,她还在三十年代为《大力水手中的奥丽弗和《小贝贝系列中的奥黛丽配过音她的配音作品还包括至少一集的《友善的鬼魂,色动画片《菲力猫中的三个角色,以及一系列30年代出品的色动画片,然而很多都没有得到记录Besides her work as the voice of famous cartoon characters, she had some memorable roles as on-camera actress. instance, the woman born an Orthodox Jew with the surname Kwestel played the Jewish mother in Woody Allen Oedipus Wrecks and Aunt Bethany in National Lampoon Christmas Vacation.除了是一个出色的卡通配音演员外,她还在电影中出演过一些经典角色例如,作为一位具有隗思拓姓氏的正统犹太人的母亲,这个女人曾在伍迪·艾伦的《伊底帕斯灾难中扮演一位犹太母亲奎斯特尔还曾在《疯狂圣诞假期中担任贝瑟妮姨妈一角.Felix The Cat Is A Misogynist.菲力猫讨厌女人Speaking of Felix the Cat, he was the most popular cartoon character of the . Despite all that success, however, he was not lucky with women—well, female cats. In the above , 195 ;Felix Finds ‘Em Fickle,; Felix girlfriend rejects a flower that the hero kindly offers her. ;If you love me, get me that one!; she says, pointing to a flower resting on the top of a mountain that reaches 0,000 feet. Felix climbs it, fights bears and vultures, and returns victoriously with the flower, but she is still unhappy. She calls him a ;dumb-bell; and says, ;I wanted the one next to it!; Felix understandably faints.在上个世纪二十年代的时候,菲力猫是最受欢迎的卡通角色然而这个事业上的巨人在母猫面前却不尽如意在195年的;Felix Finds ‘Em;中,菲力的女朋友拒绝了这个英雄深情地献花;如果你爱我,就把那一朵给我!;她指着远处山顶上的一朵花说,那座山足有0000英尺高!菲力爬了上去,途中还与熊与秃鹰进行了激烈的战斗,然而当他带着花凯旋归来的时候,她不开心地叫他傻子,并说:;我要的是旁边的那一朵!;菲力就地晕倒In ;Comicalamities; three years later, Felix love interest has an ugly face, so with a little help from the cartoonist, he re-draws it. To demonstrate her gratitude, she asks jewels. He gets her a pearl necklace and a fur coat, but she still wants more gifts and wont put out, so—filled with rage—he just rips her out from the cartoon.In 19 ;Felix Turns the Tide,; his girlfriend is excited to see him go to war, and promises to marry him when he comes back. When he returns, however, he finds that she has married his rival, and that they had dozens of kittens together. This time, perhaps getting used to it, Felix is not hurt, and he even laughs: ;Gosh, I had a narrow escape!; The timeless transmation from hapless Nice Guy to bitter misogynist was finally complete.在三年后的;Comicalamities;中,菲力的女朋友长得很丑陋,所以在漫画家的一点帮助下,菲力改变了她的样子然而,她的感激却是问菲力要珠宝菲力为她添置了珍珠项链以及毛皮大衣,即便这样她还想要更多的东西,毫不餍足,所以忍无可忍的菲力终于把她用橡皮擦没了在19年;Felix Turns the Tide;中,他的女友在听闻他要去打仗后非常开心,并承诺他一回来就和他结婚但当他回来时,他却发现女友已和敌人结婚并生下很多小猫了这一次,菲力可能已经习惯了这样的结局,并没有受伤,反而哈哈大笑起来:;天,我真是幸免于难啊!;从此,这个倒霉蛋成功地完成了向女性厌恶者的转变1.Goofy Had A Human Wife1.高飞有个人类妻子In most of the cartoons of the early 50s, Goofy was called George Geef, and he had a wife and child. While the face of Goofy wife is never shown, we can assume that she is fully human and not an anthropomorphic dog-like creature because she has five fingers instead of four—as Goofy and most of Disney animal characters do—as you can see at : in the above, 1951 ;The Cold War.; Additionally, all female characters in the Goofy cartoons of the period are shown as regular women without dog features. We can actually see the back of her head in at least one episode—and she has normal human hair, as can be seen in the episode ;Father Weekend.;在50年代早期的大多数卡通片里高飞都被称作乔治·吉夫,他有一位妻子和一个孩子虽然高飞的妻子从未以正面形象出现,但我们可以推测她是一个完全的人类而不是一只有人格的,这是因为她有五根手指而不是像高飞或是迪士尼其他动物一样四根在一九五一年的《冷战中的第四分零六秒她就是以这个形象出现的此外,这一时期高飞系列卡通片中的女性大都以人类形象出现,丝毫不具有的特征在不止一个片段中我们可以看到高飞妻子的背影,比如在《父亲的周末中,她明显还有一头人类的秀发Goofy unnamed wife does not seem to have the best reputation in town, either. In 1953 ;Father Day Off,; it is suggested that she regularly receives with kisses the milkman, the grocery store man, and the laundry man while Goofy is away. Perhaps because of such shameless behavior, Goofy wife disappeared without explanation in later cartoons, and in 1995 A Goofy Movie, it is implied that she died. It would seem that Goofy is one cartoon dog you dont want to cross.高飞那个无名氏妻子貌似在镇上名声不好从1953年的《父亲节结束了可以看到她总是趁着高飞不在与送奶工、杂货店员,甚至是洗衣店老板接吻或许正是因为她这些伤风败俗的行径,在没有任何解释的前提下她从之后的卡通片中永远消失了在1995年的《高飞中,我们可以知道她已经去世这似乎在告诉你高飞这位卡通的腿可不能随便;劈;翻译:周元 来源:前十网 395771包头治疗前列腺肥大最专业的医院

包头医院泌尿检查多少钱石拐区不孕不育预约The Walking Dead comic book celebrated its th anniversary at the nerd Mecca known as San Diego Comic Con . Its birthday party here featured the cast of the television show based on the long-running series as well as other Hollywood celebrities. Robert Kirkman has been popular with this comic book crowd a long time, but thanks to the critically acclaimed and ratings champion AMC program and award-winning games from Telltale Studios, The Walking Dead has become a mainstream phenomenon.最近,《行尸走肉(The Walking Dead)漫画书在堪称宅文化圣地的圣迭戈动漫展(San Diego Comic Con )上庆祝了周年纪念日生日宴会播放了根据这部长篇连载漫画改编的电视剧,有多位好莱坞明星捧场罗伯特#86;柯克曼长期以来受到这部漫画书迷们的拥戴由于AMC电视台那部备受欢迎的收视冠军剧集以及Telltale Studios公司制作的获奖视频游戏,《行尸走肉已经变成了一个主流现象Kirkman, , has moved from Richmond, Kentucky to Los Angeles. But by all appearances, he remains a humble, down-to-earth guy. A founding partner of Image Comics, in he launched his own imprint, Skybound. A producer on The Walking Dead TV series, Kirkman has a second comic-based TV series with AMC in development, Thief of Thieves. The multimedia mogul, who owns the rights to all of his creations, explains what opporties digital technology is opening up the comic book industry and discusses the secret to wearing multiple hats in the entertainment business in this exclusive interview.岁的柯克曼如今已经从肯塔基州里奇蒙德搬到了洛杉矶从外表来看,他的谦逊务实依然没有改变他现在是Image Comics公司的创始合伙人,年还创建了自己的出版公司Skybound作为《行尸走肉电视剧的制片人,柯克曼正在与AMC合作开发第二部根据漫画改编的电视剧《贼中大盗(Thief of Thieves)这位多媒体大亨拥有自己创作的所有漫画的版权最近,柯克曼接受了我们的独家专访,阐释了数字技术为漫画产业带来了的机遇,还讨论了在行业里实现跨界发展的秘诀What are the challenges in creating something new that will catch on in the comic book industry today?如今创作热门的新漫画会遇到什么挑战?Thankfully, those challenges are going away and at a fairly quick pace. Historically, it’s been very difficult people to try new things, but the comic medium has awoken recently to just how exciting new ideas and new concepts are. I am seeing across the board new comics, new concepts being supported wholeheartedly by the ership in droves, pretty much at equal levels with long-running Marvel and DC titles. That’s a really cool thing and I hope it keeps up. Ten years ago it was very difficult to get people to something like The Walking Dead, a black-and-white horror comic, surrounded by the super heroes of the industry, but thankfully things are changing.幸好那些挑战正在以相当快的速度消失让人们尝试新东西历来都不是一件容易的事情,但漫画界最近已经意识到新想法和新观念是多么地激动人心我看到各种各样的新漫画、新观念得到了大量读者的全力持,与漫威(Marvel)和DC的长篇连载漫画相比也不遑多让这种现象很好,我希望能够延续下去年前,很难让人们观看《行尸走肉这样的漫画这类黑白恐怖漫画被漫画行业里的超级英雄们重重围困但幸好,情况正在发生变化What impact is digital technology having on the comic industry?数字技术对漫画行业产生了什么影响?It’s having a huge impact. Digital changes availability. It makes the book infinitely available to the masses and it really has replaced the newsstand model of the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s, where kids could go into a grocery store with their mom, see comics and pick them up. Now they can be playing a game on their iPad and then pop over and buy a comic and it’s always there. Digital is growing our ership in really great ways and is leading to an influx of new ers.影响很大数字技术改变了可获得性,使漫画与大众的距离无限缩短,取代了世纪60、70和80年代的那种报摊模式那时,孩子们和妈妈一起走进杂货店,阅读、挑选漫画书如今,他们可以在iPad上玩游戏,然后阅读、购买漫画,而且它们总是在那个地方数字技术极大地增加了读者数量,带来了大量的新读者What surprised you working on television with AMC and The Walking Dead?你在与AMC共同制作《行尸走肉电视剧的过程中有什么令你感到惊讶的事情吗? 518The 8 Best Movie Makeunders Which Basc Means Celebs LookinUgly.八个电影中最佳的;素面朝天;,意思就是明星们扮丑的样子And after we saw new stills from Vanessa Hudgens ;new flick;, in Gimme Shelter, we decided to pick the eight best movie makeunders weve seen in the past couple of years.在看了凡妮莎;哈金斯的新片《给我庇护后,我们决定挑选出八部在过去几年中明星牺牲自己不惜;扮丑;的电影So sit back and relax. It all in good fun!所以,请做好,放轻松会很有意思的! 518包头医学院第二附属医院 男科专家The numbers are stunning: From through , women made up only 30. percent of all speaking or named characters in the 0 top-grossing fictional films released in the ed States. That’s bad enough to repeat: every .3 male characters who say “Dude,” there is just one woman saying, “Hello?!”这些数字很惊人:从年到年,在美国票房收入前0位的虚构类电影中,所有有台词或有名字的角色里女性只占30.%换个说法也同样糟糕:电影里每出现.3个男性角色开口说“伙计”,才会出现一个女人说,“你好”That is one of the findings in a study, “Inequality in 700 Popular Films,” being released on Wednesday, that looks at gender, race, ethnicity and what one of the report’s researchers, Stacy L. Smith, describes as an “epidemic” when it comes to lack of diversity. The report was produced by the Media, Diversity amp; Social Change Initiative at the University of Southern Calinia’s Annenberg School Communication and Journalism.这是周三发布的一项题为“700部大众电影中的不平等现象”报告中的一个发现,这项调查关注性别、种族、民族问题同时,报告的研究者之一,斯塔西·L·史密斯(Stacy L. Smith)还提出了所谓“流行病”的概念,意指缺乏多样性该报告由南加利福尼亚大学安娜堡传播与新闻学院媒体的多样性与社会变革倡导组织( Media, Diversity amp; Social Change Initiative)制作The report is crammed with numbers that show the extent of this misrepresentation when movies like “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” hit screens:这项报告提供了大量数字,表明《美国队长(Captain America: The Winter Soldier)等大片中存在的歪曲之处:The movies are white: 73.1 percent of all the speaking or named characters in the top 0 movies were white.电影是白人的:前0部票房大片中,所有有台词或有名字的角色里有73.1%是白人The movies are straight: Only 19 total characters were lesbian, gay or bisexual — none were transgender.电影是异性恋的:只有19%的角色是女同性恋、男同性恋或双性恋,没有跨性别者The movies are young: Only 19.9 percent of female characters were 0 to 6 years old.电影是年轻的:只有19.9%的女性角色是0到6岁The movies are male: Only 1.9 percent of the movies were directed by women.电影是男性的:只有1.9%的电影由女性导演Even many casual observers may now be aware of the hurdles facing female directors, particularly when they try to storm the big studios. Yet those problems, as this latest study confirms, are simply part of a far larger picture. In , not a single title in the top-grossing 0 fictional films starred a woman over 5. One reason is that Meryl Streep, the hardest-working woman in cinema, had only supporting roles, including in the Disney musical “Into the Woods.” That fractured fairy tale at least featured several women in pivotal roles, which isn’t the case in most movies, family-friendly or not. According to the “Inequality” report, , “girlswomen make up less than a third of all speaking characters on screen and less than a quarter of the leadsco-leads driving the story lines.” instance, that year, women made up only 1.8 percent of the speaking or named characters in action and adventure movies, where male superheroes and all manner of other bros dominate.甚至很多随意的观察者都能注意到女性导演所面临的困难,特别是她们需要和大制片公司打交道的时候然而正如这项调查所实的,这些问题只是更大的问题中的一部分年,在前0部票房大片中,没有一部是以年过5岁的女人为主人公的原因之一是电影界最勤奋的女人梅丽尔·斯特里普(Meryl Streep)当年只演了一些配角,包括迪斯尼的音乐片《魔法黑森林(Into the Woods)——这个离破碎的童话故事里至少还有几个主角是女人,大多数电影却并非如此,不管是不是合家欢的类型根据这项“不平等现象”报告,年,“在有台词的角色中,女孩女人只占,在推动故事发展的主角联合主角中,女性角色不到”比如,年,在动作类和冒险类电影中有台词或名字的角色里,女人只占1.8%,占统治地位的还是男性超级英雄和各种弟兄们A lot of the inmation in the report isn’t new, even if it remains newsworthy. Among other things, the findings are a blunt reminder that female-driven blockbusters like “The Hunger Games” and African-American dramas like “Selma” remain exceptions in a largely homogeneous field. Art may be a mirror of life, but it is often a badly distorted one in mainstream American cinema.这项报告中的很多信息都并不新鲜,不过也仍然颇具新闻价值比如,这些发现直率地提醒人们,《饥饿游戏(The Hunger Games)等由女性主导的大片和《塞尔玛(Selma)等非裔美国人题材的情节片在这个同质化严重的领域内仍然属于异数艺术或许是生活的反映,但在美国主流电影界,它也常常是一种扭曲的反映And, while women may be about half of the population — and years have bought half the movie tickets — they remain a persistent minority on screen. The same is true of certain races and ethnicities, despite the utopianism of movies like the “Fast amp; Furious” series. The report found that .9 percent of all speaking or named characters in the 0 top-grossing movies of were “HispanicLatino.” As the report points out, this low number is at odds with off-screen demographics: Latinos were .1 percent of the population in . And in , they were also 5 percent of what the industry calls frequent moviegoers.虽然女性或许占人口的半数,同时多年来也是一半票房的贡献者,但她们仍然是银幕上的弱势群体同样,对于某些种族和民族也是如此,尽管《速度与(Fast amp; Furious)系列等影片中有着乌托邦般的景象这项报告表明,年票房前0位的电影中,有台词或名字的角色里,只有.9%是“西班牙拉丁裔”这项报告指出,这么低的数字与生活中的人口调查数据完全相悖年,拉丁人口占据全国的.1%,年,他们占电影业所谓的“经常观影者”人群的5%The “Inequality” report comes at a time of increasing criticism about the industry’s on-screen and off-screen practices, giving further empirical support to what has become a steady stream of righteous complaint. In May, the American Civil Liberties Union sent letters to state and federal agencies seeking an investigation of the hiring practices of the major Hollywood studios, networks and talent agencies. That same month, Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat of Calinia, and four other female senators sent a letter to the major studios asking them to respond to an earlier AnnenbergUniversity of Southern Calinia study that found that only .1 percent of top-grossing films over the last decade had female directors.这是一个对电影工业在银幕内外做法的批评越来越大声的时代,这份关于“不平等现象”的报告,对于源源不断的正义抱怨提供了进一步的来自经验主义的持五月,美国民权同盟(American Civil Liberties Union)给州立和联邦机构发去信函,要求调查好莱坞主要制片公司、网络和人才经纪机构的雇员情况同月,加利福尼亚民主党参议员芭芭拉·伯克瑟(Barbara Boxer)以及其他四位女性参议员发信函给各大制片公司,要求他们对安娜堡南加利福尼亚大学的另一项更早期发表的研究做出回应,该项研究指出,在过去年的0部顶级票房大片中,只有.1%是由女导演执导的The “Inequality” report is part of a growing wealth of data about the industry’s practices that are, study by study, making the case change. Dr. Smith also helped write that earlier study and was one of the principal researchers — along with Marc Choueiti and Katherine Pieper — on a widely publicized multiyear study done with the Sundance Institute and Women in Film on the crisis facing female directors. the “Inequality” study, they were joined by a team that swelled to an estimated 70 to 80 people; most of the team members are undergraduate students. Dr. Smith said on Friday that it was one of her students who had inspired her to start looking at the representation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters, which is in keeping with studies that show that young Americans tend to be liberal in their political and social views. (She declined to name the student, citing privacy concerns.)通过这份“不平等现象”报告和其他的类似研究,关于电影工业的大量数据不断累积,成为了推动行业变革的力量史密斯士和马克·库埃蒂(Marc Choueiti)及卡瑟琳娜·皮珀(Katherine Pieper)同为核心调查者,参与了圣丹斯学院与“电影中的女人”项目的另一项广为宣传、历时多年的研究,内容是关于女性导演所面临的危机,她还协助撰写了研究的早期报告为了做这项“不平等现象”研究,他们三位参与到一个团队中去,这个团队最后扩展为大约七八十人,其中大部分是大学在校生周五,史密斯士说,她的一位学生给了她启发,让她开始研究电影中的男女同性恋、双性恋和跨性别角色,这与多项研究的结果是相吻合的——美国年轻人倾向在政治与社会观点方面持有自由主义立场(出于隐私考虑,她没有透露这位学生的名字)As that outspoken student suggests, moviegoers are doing their activist part, as exemplified by Every Single Word, a Tumblr by Dylan Marron that uses s to underline the (often few) words spoken by nonwhite movie characters. What Every Single Word underscores is that the roles often available to nonwhite permers — think of the ubiquitous black friend, the Latina waitress and the Asian storekeeper — are often little more than casting tokenism. The point isn’t that the mainstream studios are deliberately racist or sexist. As Mr. Marron said in an interview last month in The Washington Post: “I’m not saying that any of these films are racist. I’m not saying that any of these filmmakers are racist. I’m saying that the system that they’re contributing has some deeply racist practices.”这位坦率的学生说,观影者正在采取行动比如说,Tumblr上有个名叫“每字每句”(Every Single Word)的账号,是由迪伦·马龙(Dylan Marron)维护的,内容是电影中非白人角色说台词的视频,他们的台词通常寥寥无几“每字每句”强调的是,那些非白人演员经常能够得到的角色无非都是象征性的——比如普普通通的黑人朋友、拉丁美裔女招待和亚洲小店主马龙并不认为主流制片公司是刻意的种族主义或性别歧视在上个月接受《华盛顿邮报(The Washington Post)采访时,他说:“我不是说这些电影都是种族主义的,我也不是说这些电影人是种族主义者我是说,他们为之工作的整个体系有着根深蒂固的种族主义行为”The question now anyone who loves movies is obvious: What next?对于热爱电影的人来说,问题很明显了:接下来应该怎么办? 399内蒙古一机医院泌尿科咨询

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