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Huawei has unveiled an Android smartphone that uses dual-camera technology to let owners refocus photos after they have been taken. The feature is the result of a collaboration between the Chinese tech firm and German camera-maker Leica.近日,华为推出了一款最新安卓智能手机,该机型使用双摄像头技术,让用户拍照后可以重新对焦照片。该功能是这家中国科技巨头与德国相机制造商徕卡合作推出的。It means the P9 can create shallow depth-of-field shots more commonly associated with larger lenses.这意味着华为P9这款手机可以实现通常只有大镜头才能做到的浅景深效果。;The camera is one of the things that defines a premium smartphone, and there#39;s still plenty of room to improve the quality of the photography,; commented Ian Fogg from the IHS Technology consultancy. ;And there are things you can do when you put two camera sensors on the back that you can#39;t do with a single sensor.;IHS技术咨询公司的伊恩·福克道:“摄像头是定义高级智能手机的参考条件之一,目前为止拍摄质量仍然有许多可以提高的空间。背面两个摄像头传感器能做到的事情是只有一个传感器做不到的。”One captures red, green and blue (RGB) information about the view, while the other is limited to collecting monochrome image data.华为P9的其中一个摄像头负责捕捉红、绿和蓝(RGB)的信息,而另一个只负责单色图像数据的采集。By making use of both types, the firm says, the phone can deliver better contrast and offer superior performance in low-light conditions.华为公司表示,通过使用这两种类型的数据,手机可以提供更好的对比度,并在低光条件下提供卓越的性能。One industry-watcher said that the tie-up with Leica should encourage potential buyers not to dismiss Huawei#39;s dual-camera facility as being a gimmick.一位业内观察家表示,与徕卡合作的噱头应该能鼓励潜在买家,让其不会错过华为的这款双摄像头设备。;Leica is one of the strongest brands in photography, so having an association with them should make users believe that the quality of the pictures should be good,; said Francisco Jeronimo, research director for European mobile devices at IDC.IDC的欧洲移动设备研究总监弗朗西斯科·杰罗尼莫说道:“徕卡是摄影界最强大的品牌之一,因此与他们合作会让用户相信照片的质量应该是极好的,”However, Mr Fogg added that Huawei would need to get its marketing right to make the most of the partnership.但是,伊恩·福克先生补充说道,华为需要通过有效的营销使这次合作的利益最大化。;Leica isn#39;t massively well known outside of serious camera enthusiasts,; he explained. ;So, Huawei#39;s challenge is how to communicate the benefit of the Leica brand to the general public as it is pushing the P9 as a mass-market flagship and not a niche device aimed at just the camera-centric few.;“徕卡在铁杆相机爱好者群体之外并不是很有名,”他解释说。“所以,华为面临的挑战是如何向公众传达徕卡品牌的利益,因为它是要向大众市场推广P9,而不是寥寥几个热衷相机的人而已。” /201604/436581South Korea’s computer gamesindustry is facing a crisis as online software makers struggle to compete withfast-growing Chinese rivals in the rapid transition to mobile gaming.韩国计算机游戏行业面临危机,原因是在向手游的快速转型中,韩国网游软件制造商很难与快速发展的中国竞争对手竞争。The country’s online game makershave long dominated the global market for massively multiplayer onlinerole-playing games (MMORPG) but have lost their edge as gamers haveincreasingly embraced playing on their smartphones.韩国网络游戏制造商长期在全球大型多人在线角色扮演游戏(MMORPG)市场占据主导地位,但随着玩家日益接受在智能手机上玩游戏,这些制造商失去了领先地位。So far, Korean game makers have failed toproduce any big hits for mobile platforms, which is a problem for an industrythat has long been a source of local pride as well as a favourite national pastime.迄今为止,韩国游戏制造商未能开发出任何手机平台上的火爆游戏产品,这对该国游戏产业是一个问题。长期以来,游戏产业一直让韩国人引以为豪,同时游戏还是该国国民最喜爱的消遣方式。South Korea is the world’ssecond-largest online games market after China. 韩国是仅次于中国的全球第二大网游市场。Its PC-based online games account for afifth of revenue in the global market —but that is downfrom 28.6 per cent in 2012, according to the Korea Creative Content Agency(Kocca). 韩国文化产业振兴院(Korea Creative Content Agency)的数据显示,韩国计算机网络游戏收入占到全球市场的五分之一,但这一比例低于2012年的28.6%。Kocca estimates that sales of Korean gamesabroad grew about 7 per cent to .2bn last year, slowing sharply from thedouble-digit pace between 2007-12 when South Korean companiesincluding NCSoft and Tokyo-listed Nexon developed the globalonline game market.韩国文化产业振兴院估计,去年韩国游戏的海外销售额增长约7%(至32亿美元),大大慢于2007年至2012年期间的两位数增速。当时,包括NCSoft以及在东京上市的Nexon在内的韩国公司促进了全球网游市场的发展。Much of their success came from pioneeringthe freemium business model —which is now being successfully utilised in mobile gaming —featuringgames that are free to play but charge for virtual items that give playersadvantages.这在很大程度上归功于它们率先推出了免费加增值(freemium)的商业模式——目前这一模式已经被成功复制到手机游戏上。它的特点是,允许玩家免费玩游戏,但出售付费的虚拟道具,这些道具可以让玩家获得优势。Local game companies have been outsmartedby western and Chinese rivals in the shift to fast-growing mobile games, whichare quicker and cheaper to develop. 在向快速发展的手游行业转型的过程中,韩国企业没有中国和西方竞争对手那样机敏。手游开发起来更快,而且成本更低。As Korean developers have slashedinvestment in online games to try to focus on mobile, their online dominancehas been eroded by overseas-made games such as Riot Games’ Leagueof Legends and Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. 随着韩国游戏开发商削减网游投资,以尝试专注于手游开发,它们在网游市场上的主导地位受到Riot Games的《英雄联盟》(League of Legends)和暴雪(Blizzard Entertainment)的《守望先锋》(Overwatch)等海外游戏的冲击。Those two US-developed games now commandmore than half of the South Korean market. 目前,这两款美国公司开发的游戏占据了韩国市场逾一半的份额。Korean developers#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;have diverted toomuch resources to mobile games to spare investment in the development of [newtrendy online games], says Chenyu Cui, games analyst at IHS Markit. IHS Markit的游戏分析师Chenyu Cui表示:韩国游戏开发者……在手游上分散了太多的资源,因而匀不出钱来投资开发(新的流行网络游戏)。Analysts say South Korean companies havefocused too much on graphics-heavy role-playing online battle games that arenow losing their appeal among gamers, overshadowed by simpler, more speedilypaced offerings: Overwatch is a shooter title, and League of Legendsis a strategy game. 分析师们表示,韩国公司过于专注形象逼真的角色扮演类网络战斗游戏,而这些游戏对于玩家的吸引力正在下降。当前更能赢得玩家青睐的是更为简单、节奏更快的游戏,比如《守望先锋》是一款射击类游戏,而《英雄联盟》是一款策略游戏。Park Young-ho, president of mobile gamemaker Four Thirty Three, says: We are no longer the leaders as we enter themobile era. 手游开发商Four Thirty Three的总裁Park Young-ho表示:随着移动时代的到来,我们不再是领导者。Our strength in hardcore MMORPGs based onadvanced networks has actually become a barrier against our globalisation. 我们在基于先进网络的MMORPG核心游戏上的优势,实际上已经成为阻碍我们全球化的障碍。NCSoft, the country’s biggest online gamemaker, has not produced a big new online title since Blade amp; Soul inJune 2012, while new games such as MapleStory 2 and Sudden Attack 2from Nexon, Korea’s biggest game company, have failed to gain popularity. NCSoft是韩国最大的网络游戏开发商。该公司自2012年6月推出《剑灵》(Blade amp; Soul)以来再没有开发出新的大型网络游戏。韩国最大游戏公司Nexon虽然推出了《冒险岛2》(MapleStory 2)和《突击风暴2》(Sudden Attack 2)等新游戏,但这些游戏并未流行起来。Piers Harding-Rolls, head of games researchat IHS Markit: The heyday of South Korean games exports due to development andmonetisation expertise is now over — China has a mature domestic industry andwestern games companies now produce very popular freemium PC games. IHS Markit游戏研究主管皮尔斯#8226;哈丁-罗尔斯(PiersHarding-Rolls)表示:在研发和变现能力方面的专长一度让韩国游戏出口蓬勃发展,但如今它的黄金时期已经结束。中国国内的游戏行业已经成熟,而西方游戏公司则能开发出非常受欢迎的‘免费加增值’计算机游戏。While Korean mobile game makers have yet tocrack the Chinese market, many of their Chinese rivals are doing well in Korea.韩国手游开发商尚未打开中国市场,它们的许多中国竞争对手却已经在韩国表现不俗。Mu Origin, a Chinese-developed version of aKorean online game, is one of the top five mobile games in Korea. 中国根据一款韩国网络游戏开发的《奇迹:起源》(Mu Origin)进入韩国手游排名前五名。Eric Cha, analyst at Credit Suisse, says:Just five years ago, things like this were unimaginable. 瑞信(Credit Suisse)分析师Eric Cha表示:就在五年前,这样的事情还是无法想象的。The Chinese market used to be dominated byKorean online games, but many of their mobile games are nowadays actuallybetter than Korean games. 中国市场一度被韩国网游主导,而到了今天,中国的许多手游已经比韩国游戏还要好。Speed is important with trendy mobilegames. 就打造流行手游来说,速度很重要。China is better than Korea in terms of timeto market. 中国企业在市场时机把握上比韩国企业做得更好。The decline of the local gaming industryhas led to sharp downsizing. 韩国国内游戏产业走下坡路,导致从业人数锐减。The number of local game developers fell 30per cent to 14,000 between 2009 and 2014, according to Korea Economic ResearchInstitute, while midsized lossmaking companies have slashed their workforces. 韩国经济研究所(Korea Economic Research Institute)数据显示,从2009年到2014年,韩国国内游戏开发者人数下降30%,至1.4万人,同时不断亏损的中型企业被迫进行裁员。Profits are shrinking at many of the largergroups while some, including NHN Entertainment and Neowiz Games, fell into aloss last year. 韩国许多规模较大的游戏公司的利润也在缩水,NHN Entertainment和Neowiz Games等一些公司去年出现了亏损。In the first half of this year, Nexon’s net profitdropped 37.5 per cent.今年上半年,Nexon的净利润同比下降了37.5%。Share prices have also come under pressure,spooking some companies that had been considering public listings. 游戏公司的股价也表现不佳,这让一些原本考虑上市的企业止步不前。Netmarble Games, the country’s biggestmobile game company, gave up the idea of a Nasdaq float and now aims to raiseabout Won2tn (.7bn) later this year or early next via an initial publicoffering in Korea, where it is better known.Netmarble Games是韩国最大的手游公司,它放弃了之前在纳斯达克上市的计划,并打算今年晚些时候或明年初在韩国上市,计划融资约2万亿韩元(约合17亿美元)——该公司在韩国本土的知名度更高一些。To broaden their customer base abroad,South Korean game makers need to diversify, says Namgoong Hoon, head of KakaoGames. Kakao Games主管Namgoong Hoon表示,韩国游戏开发商如果想扩大海外客户群就必须多元化。They should develop games that anyone canplay on any platform if they are serious about overseas expansion. 这名主管说:如果他们在认真考虑向海外扩张,他们就应该开发任何人在任何平台上都可以玩的游戏。Yet differentiation is also vital, says MrCha at Credit Suisse, referring to the huge popularity of Pokémon Go andnoting that South Korean game makers have yet to roll out any major games usingaugmented or virtual reality. 瑞信分析师Eric Cha在谈到Pokémon Go大受欢迎时表示,然而实现差异化也非常重要,他指出,韩国游戏开发商迄今尚未推出任何使用增强现实或虚拟现实技术的大型游戏。It is not that difficult technology-wise. Eric Cha说:技术层面不是问题。The thing is how to integrate suchtechnology with globally well-known content, he says. 问题的关键在于如何将此类技术与全球知名的内容整合在一起。They need something fresh and differentthat sets their games apart from their competitors’in order tocrack the global market.要征全球市场,韩国游戏开发商需要一些与众不同的新鲜元素,从而让它们的产品与竞争对手的产生差异。 /201609/464145The Old ArtistThe other night I was watching television with great interest as a journalist interviewed a ninety year-old bloke who still runs his own business, is sharp as a tack and as productive, funny, creative and happy as ever. He is an artist who sculpts, draws and paints and with the help of his young (sixty five year-old) wife, manages his own successful commercial art gallery. He also teaches (and entertains) budding Picassos.His positive attitude and his laugh were infectious. He flirted (harmlessly) with the female interviewer, he wheeled out a string of witty one-liners and he was clearly a charismatic, charming and engaging character who loves life. He made the interviewer laugh so much that she had to stop and regain her composure several times.Finding the GoodDuring the interview it became clear that our artist was the eternal optimist. He had an amazing ability to find the good and to find a reason to be happy. Not too long after his first wife passed away from cancer he started to have coffee (tea actually) with one of his "sexy young students", who would become his second wife within twelve months. "I loved my first wife very much, but she wouldn't want me to sit around moping", he said.The other thing which captured my attention during the story was the ever-present cigarette between the fingers or lips of our artist. When the interviewer questioned him about his apparent good health, he put it all down to laughing and having fun. "My goal in life is not money or accolades" he said, "it's to laugh as often as possible, to do what I love with people I love and to have fun. While others do all kinds of strange things to their bodies and spend their lives worrying about getting sick, my health plan is laughter and fun."ConfusionSo there the 'fitness expert' sat in his hotel room (I was interstate) somewhat conflicted. Here was this old guy who's been smoking for seventy (or so) years, who has outlived the average western male by over a decade and is still going strong! That's not meant to happen. Shouldn't he have died long ago? Throw into the equation the fact that he eats meat daily (apparently that's gonna kill you), has a beer or two most days and has never been near a gym in his life and you need to ask a few questions. Of course the experts are gonna say it's just dumb luck or amazing genetics but what if it's not?What if he's done something (consciously or not) which has enabled him to reach his tenth decade on the big blue ball in such good shape despite his lifestyle, despite his lack of exercise and despite his liking for charred animal flesh?Well, he has.Killing Ourselves with StressWithout knowing it (but then maybe on some level he did), he has avoided the biggest health risk in western society; stress (and all the destructive, cancer-causing hormones and chemicals it produces). While so many of his contemporaries have worried themselves into sickness and an early grave, the happy artist has laughed his way into old age.Consider these factors:He is passionate about what he does, he experiences joy every day, he laughs a lot, his life has meaning and purpose, he is appreciated and needed, he loves people and is loved in return, he is creative and expresses that creativity, his mind is stimulated and challenged, he is still learning, he is optimistic, he chooses not to worry and he lives a relaxing and fulfilling life.Now, before you misinterpret what I'm saying, I'm not suggesting that we all run out and buy ourselves a pack of Marlboro and some clay. Of course smoking is harmful, as is an unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle. What I am saying is that for some people the biggest determinant of health or sickness in their life will be their ability to effectively manage stress (fear, anxiety, anger). Keeping in mind that situations, circumstances and events don't produce stress, we do.Current researchCurrent research is telling us that more than any other variable, stress will kill us the quickest. Long-term chronic stress will see our body consistently producing high levels of cortisol (a destructive hormone), which has been strongly linked to obesity, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, various cancers and a wide range of other chronic diseases. The precis' version? Stress equals cortisol, cortisol equals disease, disease equals premature death.Compare the level of health of Sally who eats badly and doesn't exercise for a month with her twin sister Julie who is under immense emotional and psychological stress for the same amount of time. Sally gains two kilos. Julie ages ten years and her health declines dramatically.So, I'm not suggesting that you take up smoking (of course) but I am suggesting that you learn to manage your stress. In fact, while you're at it, eat well, exercise regularly, live a healthy lifestyle and laugh a lot too. If you don't aly have a stress-management strategy, then now might be the time to make that happen. If you don't manage it, it will manage you. /200807/43319

It's the biggest party of the year 全年最大的欢庆聚会 New Year celebrations in London   For lots of people in Britain, the 31st of December, or New Year's Eve as we call it, is the biggest party of the year. It's a time to get together with friends or family and welcome in the coming year.   New Year's parties can take place at a number of different venues. Some people hold a house party; others attend street parties, while some just go to their local for a few drinks with their mates. Big cities, like London, have large and spectacular fireworks displays.  New Year's parties can take place at a number of different venues. Some people hold a house party; others attend street parties, while some just go to their local for a few drinks with their mates. Big cities, like London, have large and spectacular fireworks displays.   New Year celebrations in London   There's one thing that all New Year's Eve parties have in common: the countdown to midnight. When the clock strikes twelve, revellers give a loud cheer, pop champagne corks and give each other a kiss.   They then link arms and sing a song called Auld Lang's Syne, by a Scottish poet called Robert Burns. Not many people can remember all the lyrics, but the tune is well known, so lots of people just hum along.   The parties then continue into the early hours of the morning with lots of dancing and drinking. Because of this, for a lot of people New Year's Day starts with a hangover. Other people might spend the day visiting relatives or friends they haven't managed to catch up with for a while. Whatever happens, New Year's Day tends to be very relaxed.   In Britain, it's popular to make a promise to yourself about something you are going to do, or want to stop doing, in the New Year. This is called a New Year's resolution. Typical resolutions include giving up smoking and joining a gym to get fit. However, the promise is often broken quite quickly and people are back into their bad habits within weeks or days.   New Year's Day is the last bank holiday of the festive season, which means most people have to go to work the next day: bright and fresh and y for the new year ahead!   Notes:  New Year's Eve 元旦前夜  welcome in 迎接   venues 地点   attend 参加  local 当地的  mates 伙伴;好朋友  fireworks displays 烟花展  countdown 倒计时  revellers 欢庆聚会者  pop (香槟酒)瓶塞弹跳而出  Auld Lang's Syne 友谊地久天长  lyrics 歌词  hum 哼哼(小调)  New Year's Day 元旦日  hangover 喝醉酒后隔天早上醒来头痛  New Year's resolution 新年决心  get fit 健身  bad habits 恶习  bank holiday 公共假日  festive season 节日气氛浓厚的季节 /200803/28882

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