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东河区妇科官网包头九州包皮手术价格包头中医院怎么样 A “secret” celebrity wedding: In the age of social media, it seems like a Hollywood oxymoron on the order of “late-career comeback” and “no-fault divorce.”“秘密的”名人婚礼:在社交媒体时代,它与“复出”和“无过错离婚”一样,是好莱坞的矛盾修饰法Even so, to judge by the number of celebrities trying off-the-grid nuptials, far from the prying lenses of the paparazzi (Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, married Aug. 5 in a quiet ceremony at their home in the Bel-Air section of Los Angeles, are but the latest), the underground wedding has become one of Hollywood’s biggest status symbols.即便如此,从想远离仔队窥探镜头、举办不曝光婚礼的名人人数来看,秘密婚礼已成为好莱坞最重要的地位象征之一(最近一次是8月5日,詹妮弗·安妮斯顿[Jennifer Aniston]和贾斯汀·泰鲁[Justin Theroux]在洛杉矶贝尔-艾尔区家中悄悄举行婚礼)Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, and Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik are among the many couples to attract intense media speculation over their stealth unions, which generally managed to unfold in private without the tabloid scrum.媒体对很多夫妇的秘密婚礼有过各种猜测,比如卡梅隆·迪亚兹(Cameron Diaz)和本吉·麦登(Benji Madden)、约翰尼·德普(Johnny Depp)和安珀·赫德(Amber Heard),以及祖伊·德夏内尔(Zooey Deschanel)和雅各布·佩切尼克(Jacob Pechenik)总的来说,他们成功地私下举办了婚礼,没有被小报打扰The famous friends who earn coveted invitations seem to acknowledge that, among the celebrity class, the No. 1 wedding gift on every registry these days is silence.获得令人艳羡的婚礼邀请的名人朋友们似乎都知道,如今参加名人婚礼时,在签到处奉上的第一份礼物应该是保密“I’m afraid to even talk about that wedding because everyone is on top-secret lockdown,” Howard Stern, a guest at the Aniston-Theroux ceremony, said on a recent SiriusXM broadcast. (“Howard Stern discretion,” of course, is another oxymoron; the Medusa-haired shock jock promptly let slip that Jimmy Kimmel had presided over the ceremony.)“我甚至不敢谈论那场婚礼,因为每个人都被要求绝对保密,”前不久,安妮斯顿和泰鲁婚礼的宾客霍华德·斯特恩(Howard Stern)在SiriusXM的广播节目中说(当然,“霍华德·斯特恩的谨慎”也是一种矛盾修饰法这位留着蛇形卷发的电台主持人很快透露,婚礼主持人是吉米·基梅尔[Jimmy Kimmel])No matter how much stars try to hide under the dome of silence, leaks are inevitable.不管明星多么想保密,泄密都是不可避免的Ms. Aniston and her Ducati-loving husband, instance, tried a major head-fake bee their ceremony, reportedly hiding their party gear in a vacant house next door and telling guests they were being invited to Mr. Theroux’s th birthday party, not a wedding.比如,安妮斯顿和她非常喜欢杜卡迪托车(Ducati)的丈夫在婚礼前扯了个大谎据说,他们把婚礼用具藏在旁边的一个空房子里,没告诉宾客是请他们来参加婚礼,而是说参加泰鲁的岁生日派对But within days, the tabloid-hungry public aly knew about the guest list (which included Lisa Kudrow, Orlando Bloom and Lake Bell), Ms. Aniston’s dress (summery, boho-inspired) and their cake (Muppets-themed).但是不到几天,热爱八卦新闻的公众已经知道了宾客名单(包括丽莎·库卓[Lisa Kudrow]、奥兰多·布卢姆[Orlando Bloom]和莱克·贝尔[Lake Bell])、安妮斯顿的婚纱款式(夏日波西米亚风格)和蛋糕样式(木偶主题)TMZ and People published numerous photos of the backyard setup, taken from high overhead, and grainy shots of a vendor carrying the cake. But no photos have emerged of the couple themselves, denying the gossip-hungry public even a mental image of the affair, the kind that can linger years after, say, a royal wedding.《TMZ和《人物(People)杂志公布了很多从高空拍摄的后院场地照片,以及运蛋糕的卖家的模糊照片但是还没有出现这对夫妻本人的照片,爱八卦的公众甚至不能在头脑中想象一下婚礼的场面,就像那种多年后依然经常被回顾的皇家婚礼照片The truth is, the best efts of the stars are not enough. Even the most discreet wedding is a team eft, so it comes down to the wedding planners, charged with overseeing the whole affair, to make sure that everyone, guests included, observes the lockdown.实际上,光是明星们的努力还不够连最秘密的婚礼也是需要集体协作,所以最终要靠负责整场活动的婚礼策划师来确保所有人——包括宾客在内——遵守保密协定“There’s no midpoint: It’s absolute secrecy, or it’s everywhere,” said Marcy Blum, the planner several celebrity weddings, including LeBron James’s hyper-private event (the printed invitations did not even list a time or place). “Because of cellphones, TMZ doesn’t have to stake out a wedding there to be a leak. Everyone’s an investigative reporter.”“没有中间路线:要么绝对保密,要么谁都知道,”马西·布卢姆(Marcy Blum)说她曾筹办过几位名人的婚礼,包括年勒布龙·詹姆斯(LeBron James)非常私密的婚礼(纸质邀请函上甚至没有说明时间和地点)“因为有手机,《TMZ甚至不需要靠监视婚礼去得到泄密每个人都可以是调查记者”Here are a few A-list planners discussing the new rules of the hush-hush celebrity wedding. (The following interviews have been edited and condensed).下面是几位一流婚礼策划师谈论名人秘密婚礼的新规则(采访内容经过编辑和删节)In Weddings, Too, It’s Location, Location, Location: “The secret is, look venues that are hard to get to. Anything with ocean access is easier to get to the press. If secrecy is really a problem, do it inside a building. Then the chances of people seeing it are a lot less. Or you can use a tent. But sadly, there lies the problem. How do you make it beautiful and romantic without compromising the vision by having to cover it all up?” — JoAnn Gregoli, an owner of Elegant Occasions in New York.对所有婚礼都一样,最重要的就是地点,地点,地点:“秘诀是寻找难以到达的场地任何能从海上到达的地点都更容易被媒体找到如果真的想保密,那就在一个建筑物内举办婚礼那样人们看到婚礼的机会就少了很多你也可以用帐篷不过遗憾的是,那有个问题全遮起来会影响视野,还怎么让场面依然美丽浪漫呢?”——乔安妮·格雷戈利(JoAnn Gregoli),纽约高雅盛会公司(Elegant Occasions)所有者之一Keep Your Friends Close and Your Guest List Closer: “If you really want to keep it secret, you have to invite fewer than 0 guests, and that is really pushing it. Second, like in the case of Jennifer Aniston, or Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, it helps if people have no idea where they are going. When we planned LeBron’s wedding, we sent an invitation that said it was going to take place somewhere on the West Coast, but we didn’t give details until we called them back, after we vetted them to make sure it was an invited guest or their representative. Still, it’s rarely foolproof. One of their save-the-dates showed up on TMZ.” — Marcy Blum, Marcy Blum Associates, New York.只邀请密友,缩短宾客名单:“如果真的想保密,那么宾客要少于0人,那真的是很高的要求第二,像詹妮弗·安妮斯顿或贾斯汀·汀布莱克(Justin Timberlake)和杰西卡·贝尔(Jessica Biel)那样,不告诉宾客婚礼地点,那样有助于保密在策划勒布龙的婚礼时,我们在邀请函上说会在西海岸的某个地方举办,但是没有具体说明地点在我们审查确定受邀宾客或其代表后,才致电告知地点不过,你很少能万无一失他们的其中一张请帖就出现在《TMZ杂志上”——马西·布卢姆,纽约马西·布卢姆合伙公司(Marcy Blum Associates)Secure the Perimeter: “The problem is, once something leaks to one press outlet, it’s like sharks feeding on a dead carcass. They swarm. I did a wedding a few years back in the Hamptons involving some very well-known artists in the music industry, and we had security every seven feet around the perimeter of the property. The media will sit outside, waiting leaks. And they don’t just show up the day of. They’ll be talking to people who provide luxury trailers, the generators, it could be the tenting company. We have to plant security four or five days in advance.” — Andrea Correale, Elegant Affairs Caterers, New York.严密看守场地周围:“问题是,一旦有消息泄露给一家媒体,那就像用一个动物尸体喂食一群鲨鱼,其他媒体会蜂拥而至几年前,我在汉普顿筹办一场婚礼,有一些非常著名的音乐人出席,我在场地周围每七英尺设一个保安媒体会在外面蹲守,等待消息泄露他们不只是当天出现他们会跟提供豪华房车、发电机或者帐篷的人交谈我们必须提前四五天设置保安”——安德烈娅·科雷亚莱(Andrea Correale),纽约高雅活动承办公司(Elegant Affairs Caterers)Establish a Paper Trail: “Very often in an event of this magnitude, you have two to three hundred people on site. It’s not just the caterers you have to worry about. There are lots of vendors involved: musicians, people renting lounge furniture, fabric people. You have to make sure you get the proper ms signed so no one in the other companies leaks word, either. You dot your I’s and cross your T’s, but in the end of the day, you can’t control everything.” — Andrea Correale.签订书面文件:“这种级别的活动现场往往会有两三百人你需要担心的不只是酒席承办人,还包括乐师、家具租赁商和织物商等很多供应商你必须签好法律协议,确保其他公司的人也不会泄密你做得一丝不苟,不放过任何细节,但到了最后,你依然无法控制一切”——安德烈娅·科雷亚莱Spare the Phones, Spoil the Party: “Unless you’re going to make every single guest including Cousin Harry sign a nondisclosure agreement, then nothing is foolproof. So we leave a letter in the guest rooms saying: ‘We really want you to be present this. Please don’t bring a cellphone, if you do bring it we’re going to ask you to leave it at the check-in desk.’ Then we organize them and put them in separate plastic bags with the number on the outside. It’s not about the couple being so paranoid. There are a lot of non-famous people there. It could be a cousin, an old college roommate. It’s about the couple not wanting the famous guests to be bothered by the non-famous guests selfies. It’s a wedding, not a red carpet event.” — Marcy Blum.留下手机,尽情参与派对:“除非你能让每位宾客,包括表哥什么的,都签署保密协定,那么没什么是万无一失的所以我们在客房里留了一封信,写道:‘我们真心期待您的出席请不要带手机,如果带了,我们将请您把它留在签到处’然后我们把手机整理好,单独放入塑料袋,外面贴上编号不是因为新郎新娘太多疑而是因为到场的也有很多不出名的人,比如堂(表)兄弟和大学室友所以他们不希望名人嘉宾被打扰,被要求自拍合影这是婚礼,不是走红毯”——马西·布卢姆No One Is Above the Law: “With guests, you can say ‘Please don’t take pictures,’ but you know they’re going to Instagram it, so we have just said, ‘Please deposit your phones.’ You can ask them to shut them off, but they won’t. Some people take great umbrage and don’t want to give up their phones. There was a celebrity once who told me, ‘Hey, I’m not going to do it.’ We just had to watch that person. You can always tell what they’re doing. If someone takes a picture just to take a picture, they put the phone down. But if they take a shot and start typing simultaneously, they’re leaking it out.” — JoAnn Gregoli.无人能凌驾于规则之上:“你可以对宾客们说‘请不要照相’,但你知道他们会在Instagram上发布照片,所以我们会说,‘请把手机存起来’你可以要求他们关机,但他们不一定照做有些人会很生气,不想放弃手机有一次,一位名人对我说,‘嘿,我不会那么做的’我们就必须盯着那个人你很容易判断他们在做什么如果某人只是想拍照,他拍完就会把手机放下但如果他拍完开始打字,那他就在泄密”——乔安妮·格雷戈利 Consider Calling in the Air ce: “Really only in the last year, these magazines are buying drones. They are able to launch them, hover them low. You could drop a drone outfitted with cameras into a property almost undetected. At one event I did recently in the Hamptons, one came in over the water. There is no way we could have stopped it. They are a lot more annoying than helicopters ever were. Bee, with a helicopter, you had a TV crew on board, and you’d have to wait the show to air. Now with drones, they can put it on YouTube, on Periscope, on Twitter, almost in real time. To the world of celebrities, that is horrible. What do you do: Shoot them down?” — JoAnn Gregoli.考虑召集空中部队:“其实也就是从去年开始,这些杂志开始购买无人机他们能够启动无人机,让它们在低空盘旋你能把一架装有摄像机的无人机降落一个地方,而几乎不被察觉前不久我在汉普顿筹办一场婚礼,一架无人机在水面上盘旋我们没有办法阻止它它们比以前的直升机更烦人以前的直升机上得有一组电视摄像人员,而且你得等到节目播出现在,他们把无人机拍到的画面几乎实时地发布到YouTube、Periscope和Twitter上对名人们来说,这很可怕你能怎么办呢:把它们打下来?”——乔安妮·格雷戈利 397中国人民解放军第二九一医院好不好

包头哪家医院治疗附睾炎比较好包头九州割包皮怎么样好不好 虎年英文新年贺词Best wishes the year to come! 恭贺新禧! Good luck in the year ahead! 祝吉星高照! May you come into a good tune! 恭喜发财! Live long and proper! 多福多寿! May many tunes find their way to you! 祝财运亨通! I want to wish you longevity and health! 愿你健康长寿! Take good care of yourself in the year ahead. 请多保重! Wishing you many future successes. 祝你今后获得更大成就 019566包头达尔罕茂明安联合旗肛肠科

达尔罕茂明安联合旗人民妇幼中心医院男科专家The hottest movie in China these days, ;Tiny Times,; puts the spotlight on the much-criticized ;me generation; born after 1990s and the gap between them and everyone else.中国这些天最热门的电影《小时代把焦点集中在1990年之后出生的饱受批评的“以自我为中心的一代人”以及他们和其他人之间的代沟The domestic coming-of-age film set in Shanghai even eclipsed the Hollywood blockbuster ;Man of Steel,; demonstrating that China young audience prefers homegrown dramas they can relate to.这部设在上海的国内关于成长的电影甚至超过了好莱坞大片《钢铁侠,明中国的年轻观众更喜欢与他们有关的国产剧It also broke the record first-day box office in China.它还打破了中国的首日票房纪录;Tiny Times; (;Xiao Shi Dai;) has also generated a storm of controversy, with critics calling it trash that glorifies immorality and materialism.《小时代也产生了极大的争议,批评家称之为垃圾,美化了不道德和物质主义It filled with luxury brands of fashion and cars, as well as beautiful people, splendid venues and desirable men who can afd to shower gifts on women. There are plenty of romantic entanglements that strain the women friendships.电影充满了时尚奢侈品牌和豪车,以及俊男美女、奢华的场所、可以给女人买各种礼物的理想男人有很多歪曲女性友谊的浪漫纠葛The visuals are beautiful and there a lot of voiceover in which the women talk about what they want, such as true friendship, love and dream.视觉效果很漂亮,有很多画外音是女人谈论她们想要的东西,如真正的友情、爱情和梦想Director Guo Jingming, who is also the bestselling novel author, says it is really a movie about youthhood and one intended to inspire young people to pursue their dreams, like the protagonists, some wealthy, some poor. But many critics blame him exploiting the word ;dream; while they consider the movie focus the glamorous lifestyle that most young audience cant afd.导演郭敬明,他也是这本最畅销小说的作者,说这是一部真正关于青春的电影,一部旨在鼓励年轻人去追求他们梦想的电影,就像主角一样,有些很富有,有些很贫穷但许多批评者指责他利用“梦想”一词,他们觉得电影聚焦的是大多数年轻观众负担不起的奢华生活方式Anyone who likes or praises it is immediately labeled jiu ling hou or post-1990s generation. Critics, including many famous directors and critics, are denounced by young fans. ;They are getting too old to understand the beauty of youth and dreams,; one person commented on the weibo microblog.那些喜欢或称赞它的人立即贴上90后的标签批评者,包括许多著名的导演和家,被年轻的影迷所指责“他们太老了,难以理解青春和梦想的美丽”,一个人在新浪微上发表说The movie raked in more than 0 million yuan (US$.3 million) in two days and is now hitting 300 million yuan in little more than a week.电影票房两天1亿多元(30万美元),现在不超过一个星期已经达到3亿元Guo has said he didnt want to direct it at first, ;but we looked all over the country and couldnt find anyone fit to direct it,; he says.郭敬明说他一开始不想导演它,“但我们找遍了整个国家,找不到任何适合的人来导演它,”他说;We dont really have any movies that target the post-1990s generation, the young people are a major ce today. It will be too late if we dont start making movies them,; Guo adds.“我们确实没有任何针对90后的电影,年轻人是今天的主力如果我们不开始为他们制作电影,这将是太迟了,“郭敬明补充说The timing of release is perfect - the target audience are students who are beginning their summer holiday.上映时机是完美的——目标受众是开始放暑假的学生China film market once was dominated by big-budget, historic spectacle movies by famed directors such as Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige.中国的电影市场曾经是大制作占据主导地位,著名导演如张艺谋和陈凯歌的历史奇观电影In the last two years, that pattern has been broken and medium- to low-budget films made a big entrance and, to everyone surprise, topped the box office in .在过去的两年里,这种模式已经被打破,中-低成本电影找到了大的突破口,让大家都感到吃惊的是年票房登顶The small-budget, tacky comedy ;Lost in Thailand; was considered a phenomenon, as was ;So Young,; a small-budget nostalgic film about youth.低成本的接地气喜剧《泰囧被认为是一种现象,正如《致青春是低成本的关于青春的怀旧电影Critics have long been saying China needs more small- and medium-budget films that people can relate to.人士一直说中国需要与人们相关的中小成本的电影 6889 内蒙古北方重工业集团医院妇科检查价格包头泌尿科哪家医院比较好



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