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Mario:That a lot of text in your proposal.马里奥:在你的提案中有大量的文本Are you sure people are going to take the time to all of that?你确定有人会花时间去读所有的吗?Cleo:It a complex proposal with a lot of moving parts.克利奥:这是一项涉及很多变量的复杂提议I cant simplify it without leaving out essentials.没有了必要数据我就没办法进行简化Mario:What you need are infographics.马里奥:信息图就可以解决你现在的难题You can encapsulate and communicate a lot of inmation by using visuals.你可以使用视觉效果封装及传达大量的信息Cleo:This is a serious business proposal.克利奥:这是一项很严肃的商业计划书I want people to take it seriously, and I dont want them to get distracted by a lot of color pictures.我希望人们认真对待,我不想他们因为大量的色照片分心Mario:That precisely why you have to use infographics.马里奥:这就是为什么你必须使用信息图的原因Look at these reports and proposals Ive received in the past year.看看我在过去一年收到的这些报告和提案Everybody is communicating complex sets of inmation and statistics in maps and graphics.每个人都用图表和图形统计表示复杂的信息You can even show hierarchies and networks easily using infographics.你甚至可以轻松使用信息图表达层次结构和网络Cleo:I didnt know it could be done in such a professional way, but I dont know the first thing about creating infographics.克利奥:我不知道竟然这么专业,但我压根对它一窍不通Mario:Lucky you, I know an expert.马里奥:你很幸运,我就认识位专家Cleo:Who?克利奥:谁?Mario:Someone who is enormously talented, but underappreciated.马里奥:他才华横溢,但却总被埋没Cleo:I dont think I know anyone like that.克利奥:我想自己可不认识那样的人Mario:Hmph!马里奥:哼! 7

Police are searching a man disguised as an elderly woman during a bank robbery. WHDH's Michelle Relerd reportsWearing a knee-length women's stretch coat, colorful scarf and lots of makeup, this suspect walked into Citizens Union savings bank, in Somerset Wednesday afternoon, cross dressing to conceal his identity.We've never had a man dressed as woman rob a bank. This's a guy looks like maybe Dustin Hoffman in Mrs Doubtfire .While it was actually Robin Williams who stared in Mrs Doutfire but there is some resemblance police in Somerset trying to figure out who's behind this costume.I couldn't tell if it was an attempt to just conceal the identity or he dresses like this, but I would hope that it was a, this is an attempt to conceal his identity.The situation may seem funny but the crime is quite serious. The suspect handing the teller a note, demanding cash or he'd pull out a gun.We are just thankful that none of our employees or customers were injured.Witnesses told police the suspect did stick out dressed in drag. In fact bank policy requires customers' heads and faces to be uncovered. Still despite the lipstick, foundation and lady's fashion faux pas, no one saw this crime coming.He was a little bit exasperated, breathing hard and sighing very impatient but no one had any idea he's gonna, you know, pass the teller a note to rob the bank.stretch: 弹性织物 stick out: If something sticks out, it is very noticeable because it is unusual. in drag: If a man is in drag, he is wearing women's clothes.foundation: 粉底faux pas: an action or a remark that causes embarrassment because it is not socially correct 570

There nothing I enjoy more than spending a couple of hours relaxing at a cafe.没什么比我在咖啡厅花几个小时放松享受还惬意的事情了I sit drinking my tea and ing. What could be better?我闲坐着品品茶,读读书还有什么比这更好的?Woman:So I think I may have to see a doctor soon.女:所以我觉得自己很快就要去看医生了You know Ive had these terrible pains in my stomach.你知道我的胃一直承受剧烈疼痛My digestion is terrible and now I think I might have an ulcer!我的消化系统十分糟糕,现在我觉得自己可能得了溃疡!Well, I was having a relaxing time until I started overhearing the woman at the next table talking loudly on her cell phone.嗯,本来是我放松休闲的时光,现在却听到邻桌的一位女性对着手机大吼大叫Woman:No, I dont think it could be lactose intolerance.女:不,我觉得不是乳糖不耐症的表现My bowels are working fine.我的肠子可是一直没问题I dont have the runs or feel constipated.我可没经常跑厕所或感到便秘I just get a really upset stomach and these terrible pains.我只是真的胃痛,而这些痛苦令我痛不欲生This was definitely not a conversation I wanted to listen to.这可绝不是我想听到的对话I looked around another table, somewhere I could escape to.我环视四周寻找另一张空桌子,找寻着我可以逃避的地方Woman:Yes, I do feel some heartburn and bloating.女:是的,我的胃确实感觉有些灼热和肿胀Do you really think it could be acid reflux?你真觉得这是胃酸倒流吗?I do have a problem with too much gas and burping a lot.我的确是感觉有太多的气并且经常打嗝Will an antacid help, do you think?中和酸会有助于我的病症,你觉得呢?By this time, I was in panic mode.此时,我已经进入了极度恐慌模式If I didnt get away from this woman soon, Id surely be sick to my stomach!如果我不摆脱这个女人,我自己的胃肯定会生病! 86

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