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包头九洲医院耳鼻喉科New York’s banking regulator is probing an emerging benchmark trading scandal relating to the suspected manipulation of US interest rate swaps, according to people familiar with the matter.据知情人士称,纽约业监管机构正对与美国利率掉期操纵相关的一桩新的基准利率交易丑闻展开调查。The Department of Financial Services investigation into the so-called Isdafix is in its early stages and has not yet honed in on particular banks, the people said.这些知情人士表示,纽约金融务(Department of Financial Services)对所谓的Isdafix基准利率的调查刚刚开始,尚未针对具体。The revelation follows the disclosure by the Financial Times on Friday that German regulator BaFin had highlighted Deutsche Bank’s involvement in Isdafix in a scathing report on the lender triggered by the Libor-rigging affair.英国《金融时报》上周五报道,德国联邦金融务监管局(BaFin)在一份有关德意志(Deutsche Bank)的措辞严厉的报告中强调,该参与了操纵Isdafix的行为,这份报告是由伦敦间同业拆借利Libor)操纵案引发的。BaFin found that a New York trader tried to rig Isdafix in 2010 to help the bank’s position at the expense of fund management client Pimco. The regulator only became aware of the issue after Pimco complained, according to BaFin.德国联邦金融务监管局发现,一纽约交易员在2010年曾试图操纵Isdafix,在损害基金管理客户太平洋投资管理公Pimco)利益的情况下帮助德意志的头寸。据德国联邦金融务监管局称,该局是在太平洋投资管理公司提出控诉后才知晓此事的。It took four years for Deutsche Bank to cut the bonus of the trader, the report said. It was outgoing co-chief executive Anshu Jainwho headed the relevant division at the time, BaFin said. Mr Jain resigned unexpectedly this month, weeks after the previously undisclosed BaFin report was delivered to the bank.报告称,德意志用年时间削减该交易员的奖金。德国联邦金融务监管局称,当时负责相关业务的是德意志即将离任的联合首席执行官安#8226;贾恩(Anshu Jain)。在德国联邦金融务监管局这份之前未公开的报告送交该几周之后,贾恩在本月辞职,令人意外。来 /201507/383524固阳县妇幼保健人民中医院药流价格 Saudi Arabia’s oil minister has rejected claims that the kingdom is intent on pushing prices lower, saying the sharp falls were a “temporaryproblem and not driven by political will.沙特阿拉伯石油部长拒绝接受关于该国有意压低油价的说法,称油价大幅下跌是一个“暂时性”问题、并无政治意志推动。The comments from Ali al-Naimi yesterday initially provided support for the oil price, which has fallen 45 per cent since mid-June to five and a half year lows. Brent crude, the international oil benchmark, rose to .22 a barrel, but fell in afternoon trading in the US to .40, down 78 cents.月中旬以来,油价累计下跌45%,至五年半低位。阿#8226;纳伊Ali al-Naimi)昨日发表的言论最初对油价构成了撑,国际油价基准布伦特原Brent crude)一度升至每4.22美元,但在美国午盘交易中又跌0.40美元,当日下跌了78美分。“I am optimistic about the future,Mr Naimi said. “What we are facing now and what the world is facing is a temporary situation and will pass.Mr Naimi blamed the falls on a rise in non-Opec supply at a time when demand was slowing down amid weaker global economic growth. But he said the market “must not forget the negative role of speculatorsin causing volatility.“我对未来很乐观。”纳伊米表示,“我们现在面临的和世界现在面临的,是一个暂时性情况,它会过去的。”纳伊米将油价下跌归咎于非欧佩克供应上升,而需求却因全球经济增长疲弱而放缓。但他表示,市场“绝不能忘记投机者(在引发波动中)的负面作用”。Mr Naimi countered claims of a link between the kingdom’s oil policy and wider political motives, saying it was difficult for the Gulf nation and other members of Opec to reduce output and sacrifice market share in the current environment. Opec, led by its largest producer Saudi Arabia, stuck to its 30m barrels a day output target at its November meeting, despite calls from poorer members of the cartel for production cuts to shore up prices.纳伊米反驳了这样一种说法,即沙特的石油政策与全局性政治动机之间存在联系。他表示,在当前环境下,很难安排海湾国家和欧佩克(OPEC)其他成员国减产和牺牲市场份额。在11月举行的会议上,欧佩克在产油量最大的成员国沙特的带动下,决定坚持3000万桶的日产量目标,尽管这个产油国卡特尔的一些较贫穷成员国呼吁减产以撑油价。Mr Naimi has been criticised domestically for not clearly communicating the thinking behind Saudi oil policy that has contributed to further dramatic falls in the oil price and has also roiled the country’s stock market.纳伊米最近在国内受到批评,批评者称他未能清楚地传达沙特石油政策背后的思路,从而加剧了油价的进一步戏剧性下滑,还搅乱了该国的股市。Saudi Arabia’s Tadawul All Share index hit its lowest level since June 2013 this week, having dropped 15 per cent in the past 18 months. It rallied 9 per cent yesterday after Mr Naimi’s comments.沙特的Tadawul全股指数(Tadawul All Share index)本周曾跌013月以来的低位,在过去18个月期间累计下跌5%。纳伊米昨日表态后,该股指反弹9%。Striking an optimistic tone, Mr Naimi said he expected demand for crude to grow when the rebound in the global economy gathered pace. Saudi Arabia exported 10 per cent less oil overseas in October than it did a year earlier on weaker demand, according to the Joint Organisations Data Initiative.纳伊米语气乐观,表示他预计随着全球经济的复苏步伐加快,原油需求将会增长。“联合组织数据倡议Joint Organisations Data Initiative)的数据显示,需求疲弱导致沙0月份石油出口同比减少10%。来 /201412/350060包头九洲医院早孕检查多少钱

九原区妇幼保健人民中医院治疗子宫内膜炎价格The newly elected Republican Congress in the US will press President Barack Obama to enact a sweeping pro-business agenda which cuts taxes, strips the energy sector of regulation and lifts some restrictions on banks imposed after the financial crisis.共和党控制的新一届美国国会将施压巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)总统推行全面的亲商议程,包括减税、取消对能源业的监管,并解除一部分在金融危机后对实行的限制。The Republicans overwhelmed the Democrats in election victories in Congress and in governor’s races on Tuesday night as they regained control of Capitol Hill and the legislative agenda for the first time since 2006 when George W Bush was in the White House.在周二举行的国会议员和州长选举中胜出的共和党候选人远远多于民主党对手。自2006年——当时白宫主人是小布什(George W Bush)——以来,共和党首次夺回国会山和立法议程的控制权。In a repudiation of Mr Obama at the start of his final two years in office, the Republicans are set to gain nine seats in the 100-member Senate, which would give the new majority leader, Kentucky senator Mitch McConnell, a reasonable 54-46 cushion in the chamber, although legislation usually needs 60 votes.奥巴马总统任期进入最后两年之际,选民对他的不满大爆发,导致共和党在总共100个席位的参议Senate)新增9席,这意味着新任多数党领袖、肯塔基州参议员米奇#8226;麦康奈尔(Mitch McConnell,上图为麦康奈尔与其华裔妻子、前美国劳工部长赵小将在参议院拥4席对46席的适度优势,尽管通过立法通常需0票。The party is also on track to increase its majority in the House of Representatives to the largest since 1928, after a night which gave the party a sharp psychological boost after sweeping defeats in the past two presidential elections.共和党在众议House of Representatives)的多数优势也将升至自1928年以来最悬殊的程度。在连续两届总统选举全线落败后,共和党从本次中期选举中得到极大的心理提振。The new Republican-dominated Congress is expected to back Mr Obama on a key policy area for which he has not been able to attract sufficient Democratic support international trade. He is seeking congressional authority for a stronger hand in trade negotiations with Asia-Pacific countries and Europe.预计共和党主导的国会将在一个关键政策领域持奥巴马,那就是国际贸易;奥巴马在这个领域一直未能争取到自己所在的民主党的充分持。他正寻求得到国会授权,以便更有效地与亚太国家和欧洲展开贸易谈判。“Most of my members think that America’s a winner in international trade,Mr McConnell said. “The president hasn’t sent us a single trade bill in six years. I hope he’ll do that.”“我党的多数成员认为,美国在国际贸易中是一个赢家。”麦康奈尔表示,年来,总统连一份贸易法案也拿不出来。我希望他能拿出一份来。”Mr Obama and Congress could also work together on infrastructure spending, business tax reform, cyber security and reforms to sentencing to keep people out of jail for misdemeanours, White House officials said. But the Republicans have a much larger deregulatory agenda which they believe they can sell as good for economic growth and job creation, and which they believe will also split the Democratic base.白宫官员表示,奥巴马和国会还可能合作的领域包括:基础设施出,营业税改革,网络安全,以及旨在让被判犯有轻罪的人无需入狱刑的量刑改革。但是,共和党方面有一个规模大得多的放松管制议程,他们相信,他们能将这项议程定性为有利于经济增长和创造就业,并认为该议程将分化民主党的持根基。The Republicans moved quickly to tie the result not just to an unpopular president but also Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic 2016 candidate, who campaigned heavily in the lead-up to Tuesday’s vote. “It was a direct rejection of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s policies,said Reince Priebus, the chair of the Republican National Committee.除了把选举结果与持率低迷的总统联系起来外,共和党方面还很快016年可能成为民主党总统竞选人的希拉里#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)扯了进来。“这是对巴拉#8226;奥巴马和希拉#8226;克林顿政策的一个直接拒绝,”共和党全国委员会主席雷恩斯#8226;普利巴斯(Reince Priebus)表示。周二投票之前,希拉里大力参与了中期选举的造势活动。Republicans and a sizeable number of Democrats will support approval for the Keystone XL pipeline to carry crude from Canada across the US. It has been held up on environmental objections. A bipartisan majority in both houses could also back a speedy repeal of the tax on medical devices, which was included in Mr Obama’s health legislation to fund reform of the sector. But Republicans face challenges of their own, with an influx of Tea Party-tinged senators potentially demanding more radical changes, such as repealing Mr Obama’s health law altogether.共和党以及数量可观的民主党议员将会赞成批准从加拿大向美国运输原油的Keystone XL管道项目。该项目由于环保方面的反对意见而被搁置。参众两院的两党多数还可能持及早废止针对医疗器材的税收;奥巴马的医改立法包含该税种,目的是资助医保改革。但是,共和党本身也面临挑战,新当选的一批茶Tea Party)色的参议员可能会要求更为激进的变革,包括彻底废除奥巴马的医改法。Mr McConnell has made it clear that the Republicans must prove they can govern with their new majority and has warned against unnecessary confrontation with the White House.麦康奈尔明确表示,共和党人必须明自己能够以新获得的多数席位治国。他警告称,不要与白宫进行不必要的对抗。来 /201411/340982 A woman has won a seat on a municipal council for the first time in Saudi Arabia, after the kingdom lifted its bar on women taking part in elections. Salma bint Hizab al-Oteibi won a seat in Mecca province in Saturdays vote, the electoral commission said.沙特阿拉伯诞生了首位女性地方市政委员会议员,这是沙特阿拉伯历史上首次有女性参加的选举。在周六的选举中,阿奥泰比获得了麦加州的议员席位。The election was the first where women were allowed to vote and stand as candidates, and is being viewed as a landmark in the conservative kingdom. Saudi women still face many curbs in public life, including driving.这次选举是沙特历史上首次有女性参加投票以及担任候选人的选举,被视为一个保守国家的里程碑时刻。沙特女性在社会生活中依旧受到阻碍,比如禁止她们开车。The disparity was attributed by female voters to bureaucratic obstacles and a lack of transport, the AFP news agency says. Female candidates were also not allowed to address male voters directly during campaigning. Turnout was high, state media reported.对于女性选民,登记投票因行政障碍和欠缺交通工具等因素受阻。女性候选人不允许在竞选活动中直接游说男性选民。据地方媒体报道,女性投票率很高。Ms Oteibi won a seat on the council in Madrakah in Mecca province, the president of the election commission, Osama al-Bar, told the official SPA news agency. She was running against seven men and two women, Mr Bar was ed as saying.沙特选举委员会发言人哈马德·奥马尔称,阿奥泰比在麦加州的马德拉卡选区获得席位。她击败了另位男性候选人名女性候选人。The decision to allow women to take part was taken by the late King Abdullah and is seen as a key part of his legacy. In announcing the reforms, King Abdullah said women in Saudi Arabia ;have demonstrated positions that expressed correct opinions and advice;. Before he died in January, he appointed 30 women to the countrys top advisory Shura Council.允许女性参政是沙特已故国王阿卜杜拉提出的,这是他的贡献中的最重要的一项。在提出此项改革时,国王阿卜杜拉称沙特女性表达了正确的观点和意见。在一月份他去世前,他任命0名女性加入国家最高咨询组织舒拉议会中。来 /201512/416764包头九州男科医院可以刷医保卡包钢医院泌尿外科



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