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This week I#39;ve been in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Pakistan and India, seeing how five thousand years ago cities and states grew up along some of the great rivers of the world. We#39;ve explored their styles of leadership and their architecture, their writing and the international trading networks that let them acquire new skills and materials. But in the world beyond these great river valleys, the story was different.本周我一直徘徊于埃及、美索不达米亚、巴基斯坦和印度,亲身体会这些五千年前的城市和国家在一些世界伟大河流的陪伴下繁荣发展的历史。我们探索赋予他们新技能和材料的领导风格及体系结构,他们的文字,国际贸易网络。但世界上除了这些伟大的河谷外,也有着截然不同的故事。From China to Britain, people continued to live in relatively small farming communities, with none of the problems or opportunities of the new large urban centres. What they did share with them was a taste for the expensive and the exotic, and thanks to well-established trade-routes even in Britain, on the outside edge of the Asian/European landmass, they had long been able to get what they wanted.从中国到英国,人们一直在相对较小的农业社区生活,没有新的大型城市中心的问题也得不到任何机会。他们所分享的是奢华且独具异国情调的食物味道,甚至由于英国完善的贸易体系,在亚洲/欧洲大陆的边缘,人们长期以来一直能够得到想要的东西。;I think it#39;s an extraordinarily beautiful object; almost anybody presented with one of these things would just stop in their tracks, they#39;re stunning!;“我认为这是一件美极了的物品;几乎所有面对的它的人都会发出惊叹,真是太惊艳了!”We#39;re in Canterbury in this programme, around 4000 , where the supreme object of desire is a polished jade axe.在本期节目中我们将前往公元前4000年左右的坎特伯雷,这件最杰出的物品是一把经过抛光的玉斧。A history of the world.世界历史,In a hundred objects.百件藏品,Jade axe approximately 6,000 years old discovered near Canterbury.在坎特伯雷附近发现大约6000岁的玉斧。 Article/201406/303242。

希拉amp;#65381;尼伦伯格在TEDMED年度大会上展示了一个全新大胆的想法来为有视觉障碍的人们带来影像。她的方法是把摄像头连接到视神经然后直接把信号送入大脑。 Article/201404/285797。

Nick Davis, a hair stylist from Simplicity Remastered explains about what shampoos or hair cleansers he uses. He also explains how shampoos clean the hair.来自Simplicity Remastered美发中心的发型师Nick Davis解释了他使用哪种香波或洗发水。他还解释了洗发香波是如何清洁头发的。Hi, my name is Nick Davis from Simplicity Remastered and I am here to speak to you today about the products we use to look after your hair. First thing we are going to speak about is shampoos or hair cleansers. Their basic job is to clean the hair.大家好,我的名字是Nick Davis,来自Simplicity Remastered美发中心。今天我要向大家讲述我们用来护理头发的产品。首先要说的是香波或洗发水。他们的基本功能是清洁头发。The way they work is by opening the hair cuticle and then flushing out any dirt within it. When the shampoo lathers excessively it means the hair is clean. When the shampoo does not lather, it means it is doing its job.洗发水的工作原理就是打开头发表皮,然后冲掉其中的所有污垢。当香波产生多余的泡沫的时候,说明头发已经洗干净了。如果没有起泡沫,说明还在进行清洁工作。Washing your hair is a very basic but important part of your hair routine. Always make sure that the hair is rinsed thoroughly after shampooing as not to leave any traces of shampoo as this can cause scalp problems.清洗头发是护发工作最基本也是很重要的部分。确保涂抹洗发水后彻底清洁,不要留下任何洗发水的痕迹,否则会对头皮造成伤害。Thanks for watching Hairdressing Essentials Shampoo.感谢收看“洗发水如何清洁头发”视频节目。视频听力由。 Article/201309/257610。

Doritos薯片的魅力永远那么难以抗拒,能让一群大男人放弃橄榄球穿上婚纱扮公主,这像话吗?以下是双语文本:Girl: Daddy can you play princess with me?女孩:爸爸你能跟我一起扮公主吗?Dad: Sweetheart, I#39;d love to, but they guys… they#39;re outside waiting for me.爸爸:甜心,我乐意之至,但是那些人……他们在外面等着爸爸呢。Girl: I got Doritos.女孩:我有Doritos薯片哦。延续以往Doritos薯片诱惑战术,并且百试不爽;而另一边朋友们没等到人终于进来了解情况。Friend: Steve, what is the hold-up?朋友:史蒂夫,你磨蹭什么呢?瞬间被眼前的景象闪花了双眼——随后同样,臣于诱人的Doritos薯片。Everyone: Go Neil. Go Neil.大家一起:去尼尔。去尼尔。突然妻子出现,被眼前场景雷到的同时发现了某个很严重的问题——Wife: Steven! Is that my wedding dress?妻子:史蒂芬!那是我的婚纱吗?Friend: Could be.朋友:有可能。 Article/201406/302747。

Today marks China#39;s first National Low-Carbon Day. It was introduced by the State Council in its bid to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the world#39;s second-largest economy. National Low-Carbon Day will fall on the third day of the National Energy Efficiency Promotion Week every June.今天标志着中国首个国家低碳日的设立。该低碳日由国务院建议设立并以此来减少世界第二大经济体的温室气体排放量。国家低碳日将设在每个6月的第三天。During the week, the government will hold a series of events to promote awareness about climate change and low-carbon development policies and to encourage citizens to do their part.本周,国家政府将举办一系列活动来促进人们对于气候变化和低碳发展的意识并鼓励公民各尽其责。The government has pledged to cut the energy use per unit of GDP by 16 percent by 2015 from the level in 2011. At the same time, the target for non-fossil fuel energy usage is 11.4 percent of the country#39;s total energy consumption from the current 8.6 percent.政府将力争在2015年前,将每单位国民生产总值能源消耗量从2011年的水平降低16%。同时,非化石燃料的能源使用量将从目前的8.6%增加到国家能源消耗总量的11.4%。 Article/201306/244507。

片中为硬汉布鲁斯#8226;威利斯的精独白,在独白中讲述了本田技术的发展历程。虽然拍摄手法简单,但是也让大家看到了本田独有的个性。以下是双语文本:广告内容:Great game, right? So you#39;re probably expecting me to crash a car or blow something up.精的比赛,不是吗?所以你们大爱期待看我撞一辆车或是引爆些什么。But really, I#39;m here to talk about car safety.但是真的,我来这是为了和你们谈谈汽车安全。Look around you. Who do you see? Friends, family, neighbors, all your loved ones. Everyone you care about.看看你的身周。你看见了谁?朋友、家人、邻居,所有你爱的人,所有你关心的人。And here#39;s what I want you to do. I want you to give each and every one of them a hug. I#39;ll wait.下面是我想要你做的事——我想让你给他们每个人一个拥抱。我会等着。Thank you. Those people you just hugged. They#39;re real. They#39;re not crash-test dummies, they#39;re not engineering data.谢谢。那些你刚才拥抱过的人。他们是真实的,他们不是做碰撞试验的试验品,也不是工程数据。And their safety matters as much to Honda as it matters to you. And it#39;s why Honda builds more top safety rated cars in America than any other brand.他们的安全对本田和你来说同等重要,这就是本田生产安全率比美国其它任何品牌都要高的车的原因。You can let go now, Fred. That#39;s a great hug.你可以走了,弗莱德。真是个很棒的拥抱。Oh, thanks. 哦,谢谢。Thank you.谢谢。 广告介绍:Bruce Willis asks people to hug someone that matters to them to illustrate that, for Honda, safety is very real and very important. The people that matter to you matter to us. That#39;s why Honda builds more top-safety-rated cars in America than any other brand. Even Bruce Willis gets a hug - from Fred Armisen. Fred Armisen who doesn#39;t want to stop hugging Bruce Willis. Can you blame him?布鲁斯·威利斯(美国演员)通过让人们拥抱对自己重要的人来阐释本田的追求——对本田来说,安全才是最真最重要的。“对于你们来说很重要的人同样也对我们很重要”,这就是本田生产安全率比美国其它任何品牌都要高的车的原因。布鲁斯·威利斯同样收到了来自弗莱德·阿米森(美国演员)的拥抱,而且阿米森貌似完全没有停下的意思,你们能看下去吗? Article/201406/307908。