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2018年01月22日 06:30:27 | 作者:澎湃久久 | 来源:新华社
Nick Cannon Sparks Whiteface ControversyTV personality Nick Cannon takes heat for posting an Instagram photo of himself in whiteface.TV personality Nick Cannon who today is under fire for posting this photo of himself. It#39;s a photo of him in white face. Some people are calling this racist, but Cannon is defending himself, and A#39;s Marro has this story.Though it#39;s hard to tell, this instergram picture is of Nick Cannon and yes, he is in white face. The rap run TV host posted the photo Monday with the caption it#39;s official, I#39;m white, followed by a string of hashtags seeming to reference stereotypes about white people, including Beerpongs,Farmersmarkets and Fist Pumping, all to promote his new album, White People Party Music.By saying him do this, it immediately puts the album title in your head, so it#39;s actually a very smart move, even though it may offend some people.Some twitters found the post funny, tweeting things like welcome to be , but others call it racially insensitive and not much different from actress Julie Halloween costume last year when she wore black face in character as crazy eyes from the TV show Orange is the New Black.I will call Nick Cannon calculated ignorance. There is a double center there, so I can#39;t say like, OH,Nick Cannon this is just funny. I#39;m offended a little bit by it.Since his original post, Cannon has double down, posting a new of a different Caucasian character along with the original guy. A link to this Youtube from 2009 with the caption funny, no one got mad when we did this. Cannon#39;s album,his first in 11 years comes out on April 1st. Some wondered if these all could be an elaborate April Fool#39;s joke, a possible promotional prank that not everyone finds funny. /201404/283464扣扣熊谈信息安全,heartbleed很危险,扣熊教你怎么加密自己的数据。火狐CEO因为反同言论被迫辞职,扣扣熊为他鸣不平,看胡搅蛮缠的扣扣熊采访有理有礼有节的基佬客。 Article/201404/287813

UK Economy Avoids Triple-Dip Recession There#39;s relief for the Chancellor as the first GDP estimate shows the economy grew by 0.3% in the first quarter of 2013. 英国国家统计局数据,今年第一季度英国国内生产总值环比增长0.31%,增幅高于市场普遍预期的0.1%,从而避免了在过去五年中出现第三次经济衰退。增长的主要动力来自于英国务业的复苏表现以及北海石油、天然气生产恢复正常。这是自2011年底以来,英国经济增长率最高的一次。不少英国分析机构认为,政府和央行需要出台更多刺激政策,以今年保持经济增长。The economy is growing again, this is good news, but how good? The chancellor says it#39;s encouraging, it#39;s a sign the economy#39;s healing again. Is he right? Well, we first went into recession back in 2008, and at a quite some speed, The following year, we get a recovery kicking in, a recovery of sorts, a kicking-in of sorts, it soon runs out of steam, and doesn#39;t really get out of second year. By the end of 201, the economy, economic recovery is so feeble, bad weather pushes us back into a double dip. The shot in the arm for the Olympics was short-lived. The economy contracted in the last three months of last year. Today, it grows by 0.3%. The big picture though, hardly suggests health. Not only is the British economy smaller today than it was 5 years ago, but this is the weakest recovery in recorded economic history. Britain#39;s on the bottom here, the line in red, you should mean say, is 2.5%, smaller than it was before it entered recession. France, Germany and the ed States, they all went into recession in the same way. Almost as deep as we did. All three of them have bounced back more strongly than we have. That#39;s a headache for the chancellor to explain. He can, though, point to good news because there are a record number of people in work; go figure, unemployment hasn#39;t risen or anything like the scale that had been feared. There are plenty of companies out there still making money. We#39;ve heard from one of them in this morning, a house builder, the stock market is looking more buoyant that it was.But if you have managed to hold on to your job, the chances are, the average person is feeling worse off(恶化). What are these seemingly unpenetrable lines mean, they#39;ll tell you that since 2009 for three years, uncounted pay has been rising at a slower pace than prices. Another headache for the chancellor, another reason the recovery is stuttering(结结巴巴). /201305/241233

A man suspected of causing damage to an antique clock in the Forbidden City Palace Museum has been arrested.The 22 year-old man from Hubei Province is believed to have intentionally broken the window of Yikun Palace, and in the process, damaged a Qing dynasty clock.Police received a report from the Palace Museum Saturday on the incident. Yikun Palace has been temporarily closed to visitors.昨天上午11点10分左右,在故宫西路开放区的翊坤宫,一名男性游客疑因拍照被制止,徒手击碎正殿原状展室一块窗玻璃,导致临窗陈设的一座钟表跌落受损,该男子随后被警方带走。故宫物院昨天下午通过官方微实这一事件,受损文物为清代铜镀金转花水法人打钟。 Article/201305/239025

Chinese scientists have successfully tested a self-developed ;brain pacemaker;, which could radically improve the treatment of Parkinson#39;s disease.中国科学家已经成功测试了自主研制的脑部节律器,该脑部节律器可以从根本上改善帕金森氏病的治疗效果。It#39;s being seen as a major breakthrough in Chinese medical technology, in an area long dominated by the US. Developed by Tsinghua University, it#39;s designed to redress electrical imbalances in the brain. An electrode is implanted into a specific area of the brain, and delivers a small electrical current.脑部节律器的成功研发被视为中国在医疗科技方面的重大突破,而该领域曾一直由美国长期领导。该脑部节律器由清华大学研制,用来矫正大脑的电波平衡。一个电极将被会被植入大脑中的某个特定区域,它会释放出微弱的电流。The breakthrough by a research team at Tsinghua University is expected to significantly lower spending costs for patients. The device has been patented in both China and the US.由清华大学科研组完成的这一突破将有望大幅降低患者用于治疗帕金森氏病的费用。该治疗设备已经在中国和美国获得专利。 Article/201312/268329

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