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Matt recorded this raging dust storm on his camera phone.马特用他的手机拍下了沙尘暴肆虐的画面Just a reminder how dry we are只是为了提醒我们and the condition that our land is in.我们的土地旱成了什么样This dust storm was so huge这场沙尘暴极其巨大it made the local news 55 miles away.88公里外的当地新闻都进行了报导Look at this incredible , folks.大家瞧瞧看这不可思议的景象I have never, ever我之前还从没seen anything like this before.见过这样的景象This is where we live,这就是我们的家园and this is what were in for until we get some moisture.除非下雨 否则一直都会是这样Its gonna take a pretty significant rain event.这里需要一场救命的大雨You know, we need moisture and we need a bunch of it我们需要雨水 很多的雨水before we can do something to this land.这样才能在土地上种东西201410/333433Cameron Challenges Sri Lanka On Human Rights The Prime Minister vows to put pressure on his Sri Lankan counterpart at a meeting of Commonwealth leaders in Colombo.新闻背景:英国首相卡梅伦表示,拉贾帕克萨必须对其政权据称在内战最后几个月里所犯的战争罪做出解释。斯里兰卡,大赦持者打扮成镰刀死神,英国首相卡梅伦,英国外交大臣黑格和斯里兰卡总统拉贾帕克萨。抗议在举办的英联邦政府首脑会议前,政府对于斯里兰卡的背书。斯里兰卡政府军年击败反政府武装泰米尔伊拉姆猛虎解放组织,结束长达30年的内战。但一些西方国家和国际人权组织指责斯政府军在战争最后阶段侵犯人权。斯里兰卡内战后,拉贾帕克萨曾许诺北方泰米尔地区拥有更多自治权。一些国家与人权组织批评他未能实现承诺。You have said that part of your ambition going to the commonwealth heads of government meeting is to shine a light on what’s going on in Sri Lanka, would you explain to the British people, what is the status of the Sri Lankan government, is it some sort of dful regime that needs to be castigated and criticized, or is it a country that’s on the route of a better place that needs a few tricks, but it’s clearly not perfect? Just explain to us.I think the situation is this, that there are some very serious questions that need to be answered, questions about human right violations today in Sri Lanka, the fact that there are so many people who have disappeared, the fact that there aren’t proper rules for a free press, but there are also very big questions to be answered how the long war ended, and the appalling scenes that we’ve seen on television about thousands of innocent civilians being killed at the end of that war, so that is the status, I think, look, I’m going to Sri Lanka because there’s a commonwealth heads of government conference, it’s an important organization, it covers a third of the world’s population, a fifth of the world’s economy, you can’t make clear arguments about the future of the commonwealth, about the importance of human rights, about how we tackle poverty, about how we grow our economies, you can’t make those arguments unless you’re there, but at the same time, we can also shine a light on this particular, on these particular issues in Sri Lanka. That’s your view as to what the Sri Lankan government should do, what if they say to you, well, thanks for the advice, but no, thanks.Well, we are two sovereign governments, this is 2013, and we should have these sorts of frank conversations, but I think that, you know, it’s in, in the end, Sri Lanka’s own interest to sort these things out, they had this appalling, bloody, painful civil war that came to an end, they have an opportunity to build a successful, peaceful, prosperous nation. And part of my message to president Rajapaks is that he should be seizing the opportunity to win the peace now that the war is over, they set up a reconciliation commission themselves, which recommended a series of things, some of which they haven’t yet done, so look, it is a conversation, it is not the first time it’s been had, I’ve met the president before, I’ve met their high commissioner before, we need to go on, putting forward this message. You must have a benchmark though, for what you feel must be accomplished as part of this visit that the Sri Lankans must go ahead with, without which you would view this as a failure. Well, I didnt think there is one single benchmark, if I had to put out one point, it is the appalling scenes, chilling scenes frankly, on our television screens that we’ve seen about what happened in the closing stages of the war when so many Tamil civilians were killed, it’s making sure there is a proper inquiry into what happened in those events, because you know, it’s clear to me, and I spoke to the UN high commissioner for human rights today, it’s clear to me that according to the UN, those scenes have been verified, and so that, I think, makes that issue perhaps one of the most important to raise with the Sri Lankans.Why on earth could you, another critic of the Sri Lankan government, not come up with a concerted approach rather than you attending others choosing not to?Well, I think every leader has to make their own choice and I dont criticize others for the choices they’ve made, but I’m quite clear that Britain with a leading role that we play in the commonwealth, the importance that we attach to this institution that if the prime minister was to stay away from a commonwealth heads of government meeting, what would that say about the commonwealth, what would that say about our ability to actually shape this organization and make sure that we fight poverty, promote human rights, get our economies moving, and back free trade, I couldn’t make these arguments if I wasn’t there. Well, I take that point, I take that point, what would it say, what does it say though about those countries that are critical of the Sri Lankan government if they can’t actually get together and decide what to do together?Well, everyone has their own considerations and their own political situations, But division in the camp only plays into president Rajapaks’ hand. Well, I totally accept it would be better for, if everyone took the same view, but that’s, you know, that’s not the world we live in, the question for me is “Is it right to attend this commonwealth conference? Does the commonwealth matter? Can we tackle poverty? Can we do more to boost trade around the world? Can we to protect British interest in doing so?” That’s the question for me, and I think the idea of staying away when those important issues are being discussed, as I say, in a multi-electoral organization, you don’t achieve anything if you’re not there.Let me just suggest to you the way in which president Rajapaks will probably play this domestically, he will portray you as gallivanting around and some sort of semi self-indulgent humanitarian mission in the north of the country, and him standing up to the colonial power, former colonial power, in a way that plays very well at home, you are actually helping him out, or are you not?I don’t accept that for a moment, but if your argument is, look, these issues are never won in one go or in one day, yes, that’s absolutely right, what Britain needs to have is a consistent, clear record for standing up for the right values, for standing up for human rights, for standing up for democracy, for saying that when appalling things happen, they need to be properly investigated, you need a consistent, clear record, but you don’t get that record by staying away from an important international multilateral gathering. Prime minister, thank you. /201311/265543Potatoes may be full of vitamins, but theyre also full of hidden uses.土豆中的维他命含量很高,但是还有其他许多你意想不到的用途。You Will Need你需要A potato一个土豆Ski goggles滑雪护目镜A scratch awl or screwdriver划针或螺丝起子A floral arrangement花卉布置Shoes and shoe polish鞋子和鞋油Tarnished silverware污浊的银器Steps步骤Step 1 Remove stains1.去污Rub your hands with a raw potato to remove food stains.用一个生土豆揉搓双手可以去除食品污渍。Step 2 Apply to eyes2.敷眼Apply cut slices of raw, cold potato to your eyes to make puffiness disappear.将冰冻的生土豆片敷在眼睛上可以消肿。Step 3 Hold in place3.布置花卉Hold a floral arrangement in place by cutting a potato in half lengthwise and placing it cut side down. Poke holes in the potato with the scratch awl or screwdriver where you want the flowers to go, and then insert the stems.把土豆横向切开,切口向下放置。在你想插花的地方用划针或螺丝起子戳几个孔,把鲜花的茎部去。Step 4 Restore shoes4.擦鞋Restore your old shoes by cutting a raw potato in half and rubbing it on your shoes. Then apply shoe polish for shine.将生土豆对半切开,用来擦鞋子。然后再涂鞋油,这样鞋子会散发出不一样的光芒。Step 5 Use as a compress5.热敷或冷敷Use a potato as a hot compress by boiling it, wrapping it in a towel, and then applying it to the area.把土豆煮熟,用毛巾包住敷在病痛处,进行热敷。Refrigerate a boiled potato to use as a cold compress.如果想要冷敷,可以把煮熟的土豆放在冰箱中。Step 6 Remove tarnish6.清洁银器Remove tarnish from your silverware by first boiling a couple of potatoes. Remove the potatoes and set your silverware in the water for one hour. Then wash and rinse the silverware.煮熟几个土豆,把土豆取出,将银器浸入水中一个小时,然后清洗。Did you know? Thomas Jefferson introduced French fried potatoes to the U.S.你知道吗?炸薯片是由托马斯·杰斐逊引入美国的。视频听力由。201311/265950What do you do if you receive a gift that leaves you speechless, disgusted, or scratching your head in bewilderment? Ignore their terrible taste and politely accept their gift.如果你收到让你无语,恶心,或郁闷得挠头的礼物会怎么办呢?忽视他们糟糕的品味,礼貌地收下礼物。You Will Need你需要Smile微笑Acting skills表演技能Politeness礼貌Communication skills沟通技巧Solution解决方法Steps步骤STEP 1 Smile1.微笑Smile as you discover the terrible gift someone has actually spent money on.当你发现了别人真金白银为你购买的礼物很糟糕时,微笑。STEP 2 Act2.表演Act surprised, which will probably not be hard to accomplish.表现出惊喜的样子,这应该不难。Keep smiling.保持微笑。STEP 3 Talk3.对话Talk about the unique features it has.谈论这份礼物独一无二的特点。STEP 4 Thank them4.感谢他们Thank them politely for the gift they shockingly chose for you.礼貌地感谢他们为你选择的令人惊讶的礼物。STEP 5 Change the subject5.改变话题Change the subject or begin opening another gift.改变话题,或者开始打开另一份礼物。STEP 6 Give hints6.暗示Give the gift giver hints for a gift you would enjoy the next time a gift exchange is about to occur.下次即将交换礼物的时候,给对方暗示,让他们送一份你喜欢的礼物,If you are comfortable, talk to the gift giver about their gift choice.如果你觉得合适的话,跟对方讨论一下礼物选择的问题。STEP 7 Declutter7.清理Return, sell, donate, or regift the unwanted and unused gift and keep your home free of clutter.归还,出售,捐赠或重新送出你不想要或没用过的礼物,让家中没有垃圾。Approximately 59 percent of consumers keep unwanted gifts they plan on never using.大约59%的消费者持有自己计划从不使用的不想要的礼物。201411/344382Olympic Terror Threat in RussiaPurported suicide bombers issue threats against Olympics in new .Mounting concern over security at the Olympics in Sochi now just a little more than 2 weeks away, tonight that new , an oned and ominous threat from a team that had struck aly. At least one American senator tonight saying it’s too dangerous to go to Sochi. A’s chief investigator correspondent Brian Ross on the new terror threat tonight.Amid growing concerns about security, the terror group behind the last two suicide attacks at Russia in the city of Volgograd today posted this online, reported to show the two men responsible shown allegedly building their bombs and then heading to their targets, and then said their group had more attacks planned, a surprise package as they call it, and one especially, they said, for tourists who will come to the Olympic games. In a separate online statement, the terror group said the Volgograd attacks are only the beginning and said future threats could go as far as to include chemical attacks.For the long and the short of it is that I think Vladimir Putin and Russian government will be very lucky if they are able to get through the Olympics without any incident.Today one US senator said it was too dangerous to attend the Olympics in Sochi.I would not go and I don’t think I would send my family.But Russian authorities insist they have security issues in hand. It released their own today, showing a full scale assault on a suspected military stronghold in Degestan, seven people were killed according to Russian officials who say their iron-fisted take no prisoners approach will make the Olympics safe.Wow, we are just a couple of weeks away now, Brian with us, and you say the real first test to this major security they say they have comes what, tomorrow?That’s right, tomorrow the Olympics torch relay goes through the city of Volgograd, but these two suicide attacks have aly taken place, security will be at a complete lockdown situation in that city, a real test to the ability to withstand terror threats.Alright, Brain Ross bringing himself on a Sunday night. Thank you. /201401/273987

罗伯特 D 安吉洛和弗朗西斯卡 费德利一直以为他们刚出生的儿子很健康。但十天后,他们发现孩子发生了围产期中风。马里奥不能控制他的左侧躯体,这让他的父母应对着艰难的问题:他会是正常的吗?他能拥有完整的人生吗?这是一个父母直面他们的恐惧,以及如何战胜它们的心酸故事。201402/272463

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