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At dawn, the first adult midges start to break out.黎明时分,第一只成蚊破蛹而出Soon, millions upon millions of newly-hatched lake flies are taking to the wing.不久,成百上千万只新羽化的幽蚊全都扇动着翅膀飞到空中Early explorers told tales of lakes that smoked as if on fire.早期探险家看到这种湖面上“冒烟”的情景,还以为是湖底着了火But these spiralling columns, hundreds of metres high, are mating flies.这些高达数百米的螺旋型“烟”柱,其实是正在交配的幽蚊0nce the flies have mated, they will all drop to the water surface, release their eggs and die.幽蚊完成交配之后,便会一起落到水面,产下卵,然后死去Malawi may look like an inland sea, but its dwarfed by the worlds largest lake.马拉维湖看起来像大海一样辽阔,但它远比不上世界上最大的湖泊。Baikal in eastern Siberia.东西伯利亚的贝加尔湖Four hundred miles long and over a mile deep,贝加尔湖长400英里,深度超过1英里,Baikal contains one-fifth of all the fresh water found in our planets lakes and rivers.其中的淡水储量占到了全球江河湖泊淡水总量的1/5For five months of the year, its sealed by an ice sheet over a metre thick.每年中总有5个月,湖面被1米厚的冰层覆盖。201705/511907The sediment and sand acts as a fine filter helping to remove debris from the water,as well as other impurities.这种沉积物和沙土能有效进行过滤 帮助滤掉水中的废物 和其他杂质Lets see its much clearer now.Second time round.现在水变得干净多了 第二次坑洞积满水And thats going to be okay to drink.这就可以喝了Its going to be hard mentally leaving a water source like this,要离开这样的水源 心里会很纠结but if youre not going to be found and youre going to self-rescue,you have no choice.但如果你无法被救援人员发现 你就要进行自救 这别无选择Youve got resupply and youve got to move on.既然已经找到补给 就要继续前进了Water is the key to all life.Without it, you die very fast.水是万物之源 没有它 你很快就会送命Sources of fresh water in the desert have helped people carve out lives here for centuries.沙漠中的新鲜水源 已经帮助人们在这里开辟了新的生活 而且持续了几个世纪Theres some sort of old settlement.这里有一些古老的聚集地I dont know whether thats going to have people or not.Lets get up there.我不确定那里是否有人居住 我们过去吧I have seen a few tire tracks in the sand,but the place looks deserted.我在沙中看到了车轮的痕迹 但这个地方好像已经被遗弃了The only thing thats going to be living here now唯一会住在这里的生物is snakes and scorpions will love all the rubble,shelter to hide in.只有蛇和蝎子 它们喜欢藏身于 各种碎石和岩壁之中Lets go down and have a look.我们下去看一看201611/480975


England and Scotland,two realms divided until now.英格兰和苏格兰 两个分裂的王国开始走向联合In 1603, they had come together in one person,James VI of Scotland,and First of England.1603年 它们归于同一个王者统治 在苏格兰叫詹姆斯六世 在英格兰叫詹姆斯一世He wanted to be known as the king of Great Britain.他欲以;大不列颠之王;之名流芳百世But what was this new thing in the world, this Great Britain?但大不列颠是什么 闻所未闻 In the first years of the 17th century,only the map makers could tell you.在十七世纪初期 只有地图绘制者才能解答这个问题One of them, a busy ex-tailor called John Speed,其中一位 忙碌的前裁缝约翰·斯皮德published his atlas of 67 maps called ;The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain;,出版了一部含有67张图的地图册 名为《大不列颠王国全览》and covering every inch of Scotland, Wales Ireland and England.其中囊括苏格兰 威尔士 爱尔兰和英格兰的每一寸土地What lay behind Speeds atlas was an optimistic vision斯皮斯地图集背后隐藏着乐观愿景of happy, harmonious Britannia coming together under a king整个大不列颠共戴一君who was determined to bring unity after centuries of war and hatred.结束几个世纪的战争和敌对 走向王国的联合And in the Vale of the Red Horse in Warwickshire,在沃里克郡的红马峡谷John Speed had a glimpse of what this British heaven on earth might look like.约翰·斯皮德惊鸿一瞥 仿佛看到了大不列颠的尘世仙境Meadowing pastures with the green mantle so embroidered with flowers群山遍绿 间有朵朵花开that from Edgehill we might behold another Eden.边山仿佛另一个伊甸园 /201701/489625【新闻精讲】Putting a wolf over their heads.把狼放在他们头顶。The majority of Americans see their pets as family members, surveys show.研究表明,大多数的美国人把他们的宠物看作自己的家庭成员。Those with dogs are more likely to call themselves pet “parents” than canine “owners”.养的人更愿意把自己称为的父母,而并非的主人。There are more of these parents than ever. 现在比以前有更多的“父母”。Canine犬科动物的:犬科动物的、与之相关的或具有其特点的More than1. 不仅Jason is more than a lecturer; he is a writer, too.2. 非常,很I am more than glad to help you.3. 与其……不如He is more lucky than clever.与其说他聪明,不如说他幸运。no more...than1. 表示对两者都否定,意为“同……一样不”(neither...nor...)-He is no more a writer than a lecturer.他既不是演讲家,也不是作家。2. “仅仅”“只有”“最多不超过”,强调少。如:--This test takes no more than thirty minutes.这个测验只要30分钟Less than1. 不像(如)He is less honest than his brother.他不如他哥哥诚实。2. 比……少,不如……多We drink less coffee than tea.我们喝咖啡不如喝茶多。I got less money than the others did.我比别人得到的钱少。3. 与其……不如……I regard him less as my teacher than as my friend.与其说我把他当作老师,不如说我是把他当作朋友。注:表示此义时可与more...than 结构替换(但要注意词序的变化)。如:He is less a teacher than an expert./He is more an expert than a teacher.与其说他是老师,不如说他是专家。In big cities such as San Francisco and Seattle, (owned) dogs outnumber children.在圣弗朗西斯科和西雅图这些大城市,被饲养的数量比人们的孩子还要多。The ways in which companies are profiting from the trend are also multiplying.公司从这一趋势中获利的方式也越来越多。Outnumber数字上超过a town where men outnumber women four to one.一个男女比例为4比1的城镇。The way + (in which) 方式,方法We want to know the way in which you learn new wordsTrend趋势:显示出大致的倾向;趋向:“The gender gap was trending down”(amp;b{James J. Kilpatrick})“性别之间愈来愈没有距离”(詹姆斯J.科尔帕里克)Multiply1. 使大大增加; 大大增加例:Such disputes multiplied recently.最近,此类争论大大增加2. 大量繁殖例:These creatures can multiply quickly.这些生物能迅速大量繁殖。Not only is there organic dog food on offer, but packaged, raw food for dogs so they can follow a “paleo” diet reminiscent of what their ancestors ate in the wild.不仅仅销售有机粮,而且还为提供生机包装食品,从而让能够回归原始饮食方式,回忆起它们祖先以前在野外所吃的东西。Raw food 生食例句:I cannot get used to raw food diets.我没法习惯吃生食。Paleo- 这是一个前缀古代的;史前的;古老的:paleobotany.古植物学Reminiscent令人回想的:倾向于回忆或提示往事的:an evening reminiscent of happier times.令人回想幸福时光的傍晚A different sort of indulgence is orthopaedic pet mattresses.一种不同的溺爱方式就是符合宠物身体构造床垫的诞生。This year Americans spent more than 0m on Halloween costumes for pets.今年,美国人为宠物的万圣节装扮花费超过4亿美元。Indulgence1. 沉溺:沉迷的行为或事例;满足 》 溺爱indulgence of every whim. 放纵于每个兴致2. 迁就,宽容:宽容某种事物的行为:indulgence in irresponsible behavior., 任性地作出不负责任的行为3. 嗜好:沉迷爱好的事物:Sports cars are an expensive indulgence.跑车是一个花费昂贵的嗜好Orthopaedic 矫形的Orthopaedic surgery 矫形外科 ; 骨科手术 ; 整形外科 ; 外科学Mattresses床垫,底垫Costume 饰Garment 外衣Clothing 衣Overall, annual spending on pet food and products in America has risen by around 40% over the past ten years, to bn—a remarkable rate of growth for an aly large industry, says Jared Koerten of Euromonitor, a research firm.总的说来,美国人每年在宠物食品和有关产品上的开销在过去10年间已经上涨了约40%,达到430亿美元。一家名为Euromonitor研究公司的Jared Koerten表示,这个增长率对于体量已然极其庞大的行业来说是惊人的。Overall总体上地(Webster: as a whole : GENERALLY )例:Overall I was disappointed.总的来说,我感到失望。Remarkable显著,值得注意的 noticeableIt is quite remarkable that doctors have been so wrong about this.Now a pack of startups has sniffed a fresh opportunity.现在,一群创业公司已经嗅到了商机。Sniff1. 嗅,闻:使用嗅觉器官,如品尝或调查:sniffed at the jar to see what it held. 嗅一嗅罐子看里面装的是什么2. 鄙视:用瞧不起或不重视的态度看待某物:The critics sniffed at the adaptation of the novel to film.家们对于把小说改编成电影不屑一顾Fresh1, 新鲜, 干净fresh air; fresh water2. 没经验的;不熟练的:fresh recruits. 新兵Much as Airbnb has offered travellers an alternative to staying in a hotel, two firms, Rover and DogVacay, want to give pet owners an alternative to kennels when away from home.就像Airbnb已经为旅行者提供了另外一种入住酒店的方式,Rover和DogVacay这两家公司打算为宠物饲主出远门时提供一种全新的寄养方式。Kennel窝,房kernel中心:最具实质性的中心部分;核心:“that hard kernel of gaiety that never breaks”(Evelyn Waugh)“快乐的坚强核心从未破裂。”(伊夫琳#8226;沃)Customers search for a nearby sitter and pay for their dog to stay in that person’s home.顾客可以搜寻就近的“宠物保姆”,然后为他们的宠物付“住宿费”。Sitter保姆:当父母不在时照看孩子的人The cost is around a night, with the majority of that going to the sitter and around a fifth to the company—much less than you would spend to check your dog into a kennel.寄养宠物一晚上的花费是大约30美金,“宠物保姆”会收到其中大部分的钱,只有约五分之一的佣金归属这个公司。这比你花钱给宠物店照看要便宜得多。Check 暂时看放Check over 查看;检查:The teacher checked the students papers over. 老师仔细查看了学生们的试卷Check in 在旅馆登记住宿Check out1. 结帐离开:结帐并且离开旅馆或其它住所2. 办妥手续之后取出(某物):check out books. 借出书籍201702/493078Not going to win me any dates, thats for certain.这样肯定是把不到的But you see how much cooler that is.但清凉效果一流As soon as I put this on,you can see the heat again.一旦我穿上这个 温度又会回升Cooler, smellier,but better off for it.凉快 虽然臭了点 但感觉更好了As I get nearer to the coast,the sea breeze actually helps me.越靠近海边 越能享受到海风带来的清新This could be ten degrees cooler than the air inland and its a welcome relief.这里的气温 比内陆要低10度 实在惬意The sound of the surf is just unmistakable.海浪的声音 绝对错不了You can also smell the sea air.Come on, lets go then.你能闻到海水的味道 快 快走吧Finding the coast at least gives you a fighting chance of survival.海岸的出现 又增添了一线生机Youve got food in the sea.你能在海里找到食物Youve got the chance of finding rubbish on the beach可能会在海滩上发现人造垃圾and also the likelihood of coming across people either on the beach or ships out at sea.也可能 在海滩上遇到人 或者出海的船只Its a long way down there.Look, you see over there,the edge of the cliff, its cracked.离太远了 不好下去看那边 崖壁是裂开的Get into that and shimmy my way down it.Thats right. Lets go.顺着那摸索下去 好 出发Because the weathered limestone is loose and crumbly,the safest way down is to do a chimney climb.因为风化的岩石松动易碎 所以最安全的 就是从狭窄的岩缝中下去But pitting opposing pressure on both walls with my legs and back,I can descend safely and quickly.利用我双腿和后背 对两边崖壁的反作用力 就能迅速地安全着地Whats wedged in here now?From here, I can see the crack runs straight under the overhang.什么东西卡住了 从这儿看下去 裂缝和崖壁几乎平行201611/479151

Bear, from Nick, weve got the face exposed.Okay, good job.That is...8 minutes, 15 seconds.贝尔 我是尼克 脸露出来了 很好 好样的 用时 八分十五秒Good work, team. Okay, Bear out.干得好 各位 好 贝尔出动了Our skier was under for more than eight minutes.Its my turn.我们的滑雪手在底下待了八分多钟 轮到我了The team move out to a new location for the second stage of this challenge.团队朝另一处地点进发 驶向下一站挑战Im about to be buried alive.我已经准备好被活埋Theyre digging a deep snow hole to put me in,他们正在挖一个深雪洞来埋我and this test will simulate what its like to be covered by 12 feet of snow.这次测试将模拟 深埋雪下十二英尺的情景Many die just two feet under.而很多人葬身在两英尺的雪深So, what Im gonna be doing is breathing through this tube,所以 我打算 通过这根管子呼吸and thats gonna be buried deep under the snow,它将通到雪下两英尺处and its effectively restricting the amount of oxygen that Im getting,这玩意儿能有效 限制我能吸入的氧气which simulates being buried in an avalanche.模拟雪崩活埋And Ive experienced this restricted oxygen before,high on Everest,我之前在喜马拉雅山已经体验过 这种限氧and its definitely a very,very frightening thing to go through,very disempowering,绝对是非常 熬过它 是非常可怕 非常耗费体力的一件事情cause youre sucking, but nothings filling your lungs.因为你大口吸气 肺却一无所获If Im honest, Im definitely nervous about this one.老实说 我对这测试很是紧张啊This is so dangerous,Ive been hooked up to monitors,that show carbon-dioxide levels and blood sats,the oxygen levels in my body.因为很危险 所以我戴上了监视仪 它能够显示二氧化碳和 血氧分压 即我体内的含氧量指标Its a good indicator of asphyxiation.这东西能够很好地预防窒息If any of these go off the scale,theyve only got seconds to get me out.其中任何一项指标异常 他们将只有几秒的时间把我救出来Once Im in position, the team start to dig me in.我到位 团队开始掩埋我201702/492817

At night, the temperature dropped by up to 80 degrees.夜晚时分 温度最多下降80度The air has crytal been clear,and in the darkness, the stars would be your salvation.空气洁净空灵 在黑暗中 星星便成了你的大救星The best way of navigating at night in a desert is just to use the stars.晚上在沙漠中最好的导航方式 就是利用星象And in the northern hemisphere the most reliable wants to use,its the North Star,在北半球 最可靠的 那就是北极星but the way to find the north star is to use the Big Dipper, or the Plough.要找到北极星 就得利用大熊星座 也就是北斗七星What you do?Take the start of it,follow the handle around,该怎么做呢 从这颗星开始 顺着勺子把down through the bottom,and then you take the last two.一路向下 然后锁定最后两颗And the distance of last two you must plus four times.它俩之间的距离 要算上四次One, two, three,and four. Point directly at the North Star.一次 两次 三次 四次 直指北极星Stars move all the time.So recheck your bearing every ten minutes.星星无时无刻不在变化 所以每隔十分钟 就要重新检查自己的方向Constantly look out for signs that might lead to civilization and ultimately to rescue.有计划地寻找 时常注意那些可能指示着文明社会 最终使你得救的标记Man, just look at that,delver station.These are hurricanes calls.天 瞧那个 接收站 是为了飓风而设置的In Louisana the trail of delver left by Hurricane Katrina let right out of the swarms to safety.在路易斯安那州 卡特里娜飓风之后的接收站遗迹 使困境中人立刻转危为安After Katrina,many families were trapped by flood waters.卡特里娜过后 无数家庭被洪水围困and it had to take refugees to highest place available.难民不得不待在能找到的最高点201605/445526Its constantly chopping and changing那些咕噜声的长度the length of those purr bouts.在不断变化And the purr is much faster in certain parts, isnt it?这些叫声在某部分特别快 是吗Back at the lab,在实验室Sarahs colleague examines the frequencies of the purrs.莎拉的同事在测试呜呜声的频率At the top, weve got the solicitation purr在顶端的是乞求式咕噜and down below, weve got the non-solicitation purr.在底部的是非乞求式咕噜Both of these are low-frequency purrs,他们都是低频咕噜声but what particularly stands out quite clearly但让人非常注意的is that complete stand-out peak是乞求式咕噜you can see with a solicitation purr.一个完整的峰值Its very isolated from the other frequencies around it,与它附近的其他频率完全独立开来which suggests it would really stand out quite clearly.这说明它非常能吸引注意力You dont see that at all in the non-solicitation purr.这在非乞求式咕噜声中没有出现过And theres a surprising reason why we react so strongly我们对这种频率的反应很大to this frequency in the purrs.其原因十分令人惊Because embedded within it is the same frequency因为它与婴儿啼哭的频率as a babys cry.完全相同重点解释:1.at the top 在顶部例句:She sang at the top of her throat.她放开嗓门大声歌唱。2.stand out 突出;脱颖而出例句:His height makes him stand out in the crowd.他身材高大,因此在人群中很突出。3.isolate ... from 使脱离例句:We should never isolate ourselves from the masses.我们永远不能脱离群众。201609/465617Happy birthday!生日快乐!Look at them all in those jackets!看他们都穿着这外套!How did you do it?你是怎么计划的?Spending all that money! Oh!花了那么多钱…Terrible. Thats it. Were taking you out the back way.Look at those kids!真是的…我们等下带你从那边出去。看这些孩子。You kids are...Youre a riot....and we are so delighted...to have you as part of our family and be part of yours.你们…你真是有鬼主意。我们非常欢迎你来到这个大家庭。And...Family? Ive fought with every one of these kids!大家庭?我可以和他们每人打一架。Thats family!这就是一家人嘛!Dont forget to make a wish. -Lets see if I can get it, Melissa.别忘了许愿。-看我能不能一口吹灭,Melissa。This old geezer...Okay, kid. You got it.来,吹吧。That is really nice.很好。Bill, we wrote a...I wrote a song for you.Bill,我给你写了一首歌。Oh, my God.哦,天呐。I just try to play a straight game, and in New York thats very...almost impossible.我只想很坦诚的去做事…但这在纽约几乎是不可能的。To be honest and straight in New York, thats like Don Quixote fighting windmills.在纽约保持着一种诚实和坦诚的态度…真的挺难的,就像是堂吉诃德对抗风车一样。Ooh, hoo. Shut up, Cunningham.哦,我该闭嘴了。Lets get this thing on the road and get up and work.拿起相机,到街上去工作吧!All right, turn off the cameras. Weve had enough of this.关上摄像机,我们就拍到这里了。201609/460818

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