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第一大忌:不能抢着帮准婆婆做事Never rush to help your prospective mother /200910/87994A LIQUOR brand with the name of Chinese writer Mo Yan - winner of the Nobel Literature Prize this year - has been sold for 10 million yuan (US.6 million), according to an engineer in Beijing who registered it on a whim with only 1,000 yuan six years ago.一个酒品牌以今年诺贝尔文学奖的获得者莫言的名字命名,已经卖出1000万元(160万美元),根据一个北京的工程师六年前心血来潮地以仅1000元注册该品牌。It is another phenomenon of ;Mo-mania; that has swept the country.这是席卷全国的“莫言热”的另一表现。An engineer surnamed Hou told West China Metropolis Daily that he got drunk about six years ago and got the idea to register a Chinese liquor brand name, ;Mo Yan Zui,; which came from a famous Chinese ancient poem literally meaning in English, ;Don#39;t say that you are drunk.;这位姓侯的工程师告诉《中国西部都市报》大约6年前他喝醉了酒,计上心来注册了一个中国酒类品牌“莫言醉”,这来自于中国古代著名的诗,英语的字面意思是“不要说你喝醉了。”This brand name can also be translated as ;drunken Mo Yan.; The name Mo Yan is a pseudonym that means ;Don#39;t speak; for the writer whose real name is Guan Moye.这个品牌名称也可以翻译为“醉酒莫言”。莫言的名字是笔名,意思是“不要说话”,作家的真名是管谟业。But before Mo won the Nobel, Hou said the name had nothing to do with the writer since he was not so famous. Hou said no one paid any attention to the brand or tried to purchase it at the time.但在莫言获得了诺贝尔奖之前,侯说因为他是不那么著名,这个名字和这位作家一点关系都没有。侯说那个时候没有人注意到这个品牌或试图购买。After Mo became China#39;s first Nobel laureate in literature, liquor companies, however, immediately contacted Hou and bid for the brand name.但是,在莫言成为中国第一个诺贝尔文学奖得主之后,白酒企业立即联系了侯并申请该品牌名称。One offered 6 million yuan for the brand but Hou refused, the newspaper said.一家为该品牌提出了600万元,但侯拒绝了,该报说。Hou told the newspaper that he finally sold the brand to a liquor company that offered him 10 million yuan after tax. But he refused to disclose the name of the company.侯告诉本报记者,他最终将品牌卖给了一家给他税后1000万元人民币的酒公司。但他拒绝透露该公司的名称。;Thanks to Mo, I can now sell the brand for 10 million yuan. After I got the money, I plan to spend some of it on charitable works,; Hou told the newspaper.“由于莫言,我现在可以将品牌卖到1000万元。我拿到了钱后,我打算花一些在慈善上,”侯告诉本报记者。Hou said some of his friends worked with him to develop a liquor product under the name of ;Mo Yan Zui; about six years ago, but they ran out of money, according to the newspaper.侯说和他一起工作的一些朋友六年前开发的以“莫言醉”命名的酒产品,但他们花光了所有钱,根据该报纸。Meanwhile, government of Gaomi City is trying to figure out how to protect and repair Mo#39;s old house after it became a popular attraction.同时,高密市政府正试图找出如何保护和修复莫言的老房子,在它成为了一个受欢迎的景点后。According to the newspaper, tourists grabbed all they could from the garden of Mo#39;s old house, believing the ;souvenirs; would bring good luck to them and their children.据报纸说,游客抓住所有他们可以从莫言老家园子里拿到的东西,相信“纪念品”会他们和他们的孩子带来好运。The garden, which includes radishes and other plants, is now an empty space with not even a weed, the newspaper said.这个其中包括萝卜等植物的园子,现在是一个甚至连杂草都没有的空地,本报记者表示。;They are all customers coming far away from here. They came into the garden to pull out the plants - even the weeds - but I feel too embarrassed to stop them,; said Mo#39;s brother. ;I fear that they would gossip behind our backs that we are getting prideful after Mo won the Nobel.;“他们都是从很远的地方来的游客,他们走进园子拔出植物甚至杂草,但我觉得太不好意思阻止他们,”莫言的兄弟说。“我担心他们会在我们背后嚼舌根说在莫言获得了诺贝尔奖之后我们太骄傲自满了” /201210/206571

In another twist to the much-blogged about Jack Ma interview, The South China Morning post reporter who interviewed the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. has resigned, according to a statement on the newspapers website early this morning. 马云采访在客圈引发的风波出现新的转折。《南华早报》网站上周六早上的一份声明称,采访阿里巴巴集团控股有限公司(Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd.)创始人兼董事局主席马云(Jack Ma)的该报记者已经辞职。 Liu Yi, the reporter who interviewed Mr. Ma, resigned on July 19, according to a statement on the SCMP s site. The interview generated controversy online as Mr. Ma was ed as saying the 1989 crackdown on protesters in Tiananmen Square was the most correct decision. 《南华早报》网站上的声明显示,采访马云的记者刘怡于7月19日辞职。采访内容在网上引发争议,其中引述马云的话说,1989年镇压天安门广场的抗议者是“最正确的决定”。 Mr. Mas comments about Tiananmen were removed for a few hours last week from the SCMPs Chinese-language transcript after the comments were widely criticized on Sina Weibo, a Twitter-like service岸of which Alibaba agreed to buy an 18% stake earlier this year. The e resurfaced later after bloggers pointed out it had disappeared. 这番话在新浪微上引起普遍指责,随后《南华早报》的中文版上周一度删除了这几句话。后来一些微用户指出这几句话没有了,这些引述随即又在几个小时之后再度出现。阿里巴巴今年早些时候同意收购新浪微18%的权益。 In reaction to the e, Jack Ma said in a statement on Thursday: I was trying to describe the circumstances under which I made tough decisions when I was CEO of the company. Regrettably my remarks as reported [by the SCMP] did not reflect what I told the reporter, and caused a terrible misunderstanding. 马云在上周四的声明中对引述内容回应说,他是在试图描述在他担任阿里巴巴首席执行长期间做艰难决定时的情形,遗憾的是《南华早报》报道的内容没有反映出他是如何对记者说的,并引发了严重的误解。 In a second statement released early Saturday on an official Alibaba Group microblog, the company said: We dont intend to question the SCMPs motivation for the interview, but, according to the sound recordings of the interview, we found that the root [of the problem] is that the SCMP ed improperly. 阿里巴巴集团官方微上周六早间第二次发布声明说:我们无意于质疑《南华早报》的采访动机,但根据此次采访的存案录音,我们发现根源在于《南华早报》不正当的引述。 Alibaba also said it looked forward to the results of an SCMP investigation and expressed regret at the resignation of the journalist. 阿里巴巴方面还说,期待《南华早报》的调查结果,对当事记者的遭遇和辞职亦深表遗憾。 The SCMP said it continues to stand by the original article. It added: Without authorization, [Liu Yi] accessed the system and replaced the editor-approved article with an altered version in which Mr. Mas reference made in relation to June 4 was removed. 《南华早报》说,其继续坚持原文的说法。该报的声明还说,刘怡未经授权擅自进入系统,对已由编辑同意刊发的最后定稿进行删改,删改后的版本将受访者马云对六四的言论删除。 Ms. Yi had been suspended for making the unauthorized alterations to company property, but she chose to resign on Friday, the SCMP said. 《南华早报》说,刘怡因违规更改公司拥有所有权的文章而被停职,但她选择于上周五辞职。 /201307/249366

China has upset its young female population by labelling those who fail to marry by the time they are 27 as ‘left over woman’.中国将27岁还没嫁出去的女孩称作“剩女”,这一称号让这一女性群体很是沮丧。Growing number of educated, professional, urban females aged 27-30 have ‘failed’ to find a husband.在城市里,越来越多受过良好教育的职业女性已经年过27,即将步入而立之年,却还未能找到另一半。‘Pretty girls do not need a lot of education to marry into a rich and powerful family. But girls with an average or ugly appearance will find it difficult,’ s one article titled ‘Leftover Women Do Not Deserve Our Sympathy’.一篇题为《剩女不值得同情》的文章写道:“漂亮女孩不需要接受高等教育就能嫁入豪门。但这对于长相普通或丑陋的女孩却很难。”The derogatory name has caused an outcry among millions of ambitious young and educated females who claim they have been thrown on the scrap heap - and who bemoan the low quality of suitors.这一带有贬义的称号引来了数百万受过教育的年轻女性的强烈抗议,这些野心勃勃的女性称她们被扔到了垃圾堆里,悲叹自己的追求者素质太差。And census figures show that around one in five women aged 25-29 is unmarried.统计数据显示,年龄在25岁到29岁之间的中国女性有五分之一是未婚。The proportion of unmarried males that age is over a third higher - but Chinese men tend to ‘marry down’ both in terms of age and educational attainment.这一年龄段的未婚男性比例高出三分之一,但是中国男性一般都会选择年龄和学历都比自己低的人结婚。‘There is an opinion that A-quality guys will find B-quality women, B-quality guys will find C-quality women, and C-quality men will find D-quality women,’ Huang Yuanyuan, a confident and single 29-year-old who works in a Beijing radio station, told the B.黄圆圆(音译)今年29岁,在北京一家广播电台工作,是个自信的单身女孩。她告诉英国广播公司的记者说:“人们认为,A男(条件最好的男子)会找B女结婚,B男会找C女结婚,C男会找D女结婚。”‘The people left are A-quality women and D-quality men,’ she said.她说:“剩下的是A女(条件最好的女子)和D男(条件最差的男子)。”But the Chinese Bridget Joneses are fighting back, demanding the government ban the ‘left over women’ term.不过,现在中国的布里吉特#8226;琼斯们正在进行反击,要求政府禁止使用“剩女”一词。The All-China Federation of Women has recently dropped the label and now refers to #39;old#39; unmarried women - but the left over expression remains widely used elsewhere.中国妇联近日已经弃用“剩女”一词,改用“大龄未婚女青年”,但是“剩女”一词在其他地方还是被广泛使用。 /201302/227091

Short of mastering chess in five moves or teaching yourself fifteen languages before turning seventeen, there are a number of ways for the ;average; person to exhibit signs of excellence in the brains department. Those with the highest IQs can often be found engaging in what would be considered anything but intellectual pursuits. Chances are. you may know a bona fide genius or even be one yourself.有很多种方法可以让;普通人;表露出其实际上拥有与众不同的大脑。这些具有高智商的人,经常被发现从事一些智力追求之外的平淡无奇之事。没准,你能发现身边某些隐形天才,或者你也是天才之一。10.Virginity And Masturbation10.处女和手淫It plays into the common conception of the more academically inclined among us that smarter people tend to spend less intimate time with other people. The reasons, however, may be more complicated than the simple explanations (no one wants to cuddle a nerd) we#39;re used to. Recent studies of students and graduates of top universities, including MIT, indicate that the number of sexual partners per student was significantly lower than the average-intelligence control group. The rate of virginity amongst graduates was also noticeably high at about 45 percent.大量的学术研究表明,聪明人与智力平平之辈相比,花在亲密上的时间相对较少。个中缘由,当然不像我们过去所说的;没人愿意去搂抱一个愚蠢的傻瓜;那么简单。最近针对一些顶尖学府(包括麻省理工学院)大学生和研究生的一项研究表明,高智商者每个人的平均性伴侣数量明显低于作为对照组的普通学生。高智商处女的比率也是十分显著地高达45%。There#39;s a number of theories to explain this phenomenon, but it comes down to a few key factors. First, the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for masculine features in males, works in contradiction to the chemicals that influence intelligence. Testosterone has even been shown to inhibit intelligence—big shock, right? The second factor is that intelligent people are more acutely aware of risk. Sex in the modern age is inherently dangerous, and the more astute mind may easily perceive this as an unnecessary risk, especially when self-pleasure or abstinence present virtually no danger at all. Third, focused individuals who spend time on their education tend to be more reclusive, viewing social gatherings as less important than other things. This limits the amount of exposure to the opposite sex and therefore decreases the opportunities to procreate.The result of all this anti-copulation? Sources in the UK are reporting that LoveHoney, a sex toy retailer, has uncovered an unusually large amount of money being spent on products for personal pleasure from universities in the area. Oxford and Cambridge take the top spots, spending more than double the amount of Manchester and Lancaster.有很多理论可以解释这个现象,但是归结起来,有这么几个关键因素。首先,决定男性重要特征的荷尔蒙睾丸激素,其工作机制与影响人类智力的化学元素相冲撞。荷尔蒙已经被明会妨碍智力的发展——是不是很震惊?第二个因素是,聪明人对危险的意识更为尖锐。现如今的性爱有着本质的危险,这些聪明人很容易感知到这些非必要的冒险,尤其在自慰或者节欲毫无危险可言的情况下,更是如此。第三,那些能专注于自身修养的人,往往习惯深居简出,在他们看来,社交活动的重要性还不如其他事情。这就限制了他们接触异性的机会,因而也就减少了做爱的几率。这些反交配的结果就是——一则来源于英国一名为;蜜爱;的情趣用品零售商的消息揭露,在学校周边,一笔巨大的钱被花在购买情趣用品上。牛津和剑桥两座学府高居榜首,花费的钱几乎是曼切斯特和兰卡斯特大学的两倍之多。9.Drug Use9.药物滥用Researchers received quite a shock when they interviewed nearly 8,000 people and found that those with higher IQs were more likely to experiment with illegal drugs. Conventional wisdom would dictate that smarter people would be aware of the inherent dangers involved with drug use and the potential life altering effects. What they discovered, however, was that higher-IQ subjects were significantly more open to new experiences, such as illicit drug use.研究人员在采访了近8000人之后发现了一个相当震撼的事实,高智商人群更偏爱尝试非法药物。传统的看法以为高智商者会对药物的危险和它们对人体潜在的影响有更为清晰的意识;然而,研究发现,事实并不如此,高智商者对新体验更为开放,非法药物的使用就是一例。How much more open? Men were 50 percent more likely to take amphetamines and 65 percent more likely to experiment with ecstasy. This was even after having taken socioeconomic status into account. Interestingly enough, these subjects are also generally more likely to not smoke, eat healthier diets, and enjoy higher social and economic standing in their communities. So, why the drugs? As with alcohol, the researchers say smarter people are more likely to seek out experimental and novel experiences.那么到底有多开放呢?数据显示,高达50%的人喜欢尝试苯丙胺,而尝试摇头丸的更是高达65%。这还是把社会经济地位考虑进去之后的结果。更有趣的是,这些对象一般都不抽烟,饮食健康,在他们的社区享有较高的社会和经济地位。那么,为什么是药物呢?和酒精一样,研究者说聪明人更喜欢寻求新奇体验。8.Being A Night Owl8.都是些夜猫子One of the hallmarks for intelligent people is an obvious tendency to ignore the ;accepted; behavior of the general public. Smart people seem to have their own agendas and their own schedules. A recent study by the London School of Economics indicates that insomnia is a natural tendency of the intellectually elite amongst us. It doesn#39;t appear to a be a fluke, either. The rates of sleep achieved in hours per night declines as the average IQ level raises. Speculation may lead us to believe it is an overactive mind that finds rest less easy to achieve, or that perhaps the late night hours are a quieter environment for personal pursuits.聪明人的一大标志就是会明显地倾向于忽视被大众所认同的行为准则。他们似乎自有一套准则和安排。伦敦经济学院的一项最新研究表明,睡眠缺少是智力精英们的一个自然趋势。这并不是什么特例。他们每晚睡觉的时间比普通人要少得多。据推测,这可能是他们过度活跃的大脑发现少量的睡眠更容易获得成功,或者也可能是深夜的安静环境更适合他们实现自我的追求。7.Alcoholism7.酗酒The great literary minds of the 20th century would no doubt raise a toast to this curious indicator of heightened intelligence. A study by Satoshi Kanazawa indicates that it may be likely alcoholism is the sign of a genius at work. The reasoning is slightly unexpected. Unlike the sexual tension issue highlighted above, it appears that alcohol consumption has very little to do with releasing stress as much as it does the experience of drinking the alcohol itself.酗酒可以提高智商这一表征无疑会获得20世纪伟大的文学家们的举杯相赞。金泽士的一项研究表明,酗酒很有可能是天才在工作的一个标志。这一推理令人稍感意外。这不像上面提到的两性关系,因为饮酒并不能缓解多少压力,不过是增加了一些酒量罢了。The report—which revealed that ;very bright; students in the UK were significantly more likely to develop alcoholic tendencies than their ;dull; classmates—describes drinking as an evolutionary novel activity. The very act of drinking is considered a luxury, an activity that can be classified as a leisure pursuit more than a hobby or skill. According to the study, since the novelty of drinking remains ingrained in social behavior, individuals of higher intellect are drawn to it as a pastime.报道显示,英国的聪明学生们比那些蠢蛋同学更有酗酒的发展趋势——饮酒被描述为进化的新颖活动。饮酒的非常行为,被视为是一种奢华,一项可以被归为空闲追求而非业余爱好或某一技能的活动。根据这项研究,自从饮酒被认作是一项根深蒂固的社会行为之后,高智商者便将其当成了一项消遣。6.Large Breasts6.大胸It appears there is a strong correlation between women with big breasts and higher IQs. A well-reported study claims that a comparison of 1,200 women with varying sizes of breasts showed that larger-breasted women tended towards having, on average, a 10-point IQ advantage to their smaller-breasted counterparts. Here#39;s the bad news—there is absolutely no evidence that this study ever took place, and the scientist involved, Yvonne Rossdale, appears to be entirely fictional. The good news? There is actually a scientific precedence for this conclusion, even if this particular case was pure fiction.女人的乳房大小和智商高低之间有着很强的关联性。一项广为流传的研究报告声称,在比对了1200名不同罩杯的女性之后发现,乳房高耸巨大的女性比那些平胸之辈在智商上平均高出10个百分点。坏消息是没有任何据表明这项研究确实发生过,与之相关的科研专家——Yvonne Rossdale——似乎是子虚乌有之事;好消息是,即使这项研究纯属虚构,但在科学上确实偏向于这个结论。What actual studies in human evolution and sexual selection indicate is the likelihood for larger breasts to reproduce, combined with other factors that would produce an ideal mate, intelligence included. Larger breasts are likely perceived by the instinctual mind as more capable for nourishing a growing brain, evidenced by the fact that lesser-evolved species of mammals seem to pay this feature no mind whatsoever. The second potential factor is that the hormones that control breast size and firmness would be more abundant in a well-formed and better-functioning brain.So what happens is a male chooses the partner most likely to produce the most intelligent and healthy offspring. Those children inherit the traits of their parents (large breasts included) and continue to mate with equally well-developed partners. Through this process, the most intelligent minds will also possess the best genes in other categories as well. There will be exceptions, of course, and genetics is a complicated science.在人类进化和两性选择上真实存在的研究表明,乳房丰满更有利于繁殖。联想到其他包括智力在内的创造理想配偶的因素,丰满的乳房更容易被大脑的本能想法所感知,即它们更容易哺乳一个成长中的大脑。这一事实明,进化较小的哺乳动物种类都没怎么重视这一点。第二个潜在因素是,控制乳房尺寸和坚挺程度的荷尔蒙在功能良好、运作完善的大脑中会分泌得更充分。因此,男性选择大胸伴侣后更容易创造聪明健康的后代。这些孩子继承了父母的特点(当然包括丰满的乳房),长大以后继续寻找与之相等的伴侣。经过这么一个过程,具有最聪明头脑的人便会拥有最完美的基因。当然,也有例外存在,毕竟,遗传学是一门复杂的学科。翻译:烟囱 来源:前十网 /201508/394498

Organizers of the Long Nose World Championship in Langenbruck, Germany, are looking for the pick of new entrants for this year's final in June. Current men's world champ Josef Dewold measures up at nearly five inches while women's title holder Margot Sikora's reaches more than four inches.如今德国朗根布鲁克长鼻子世界锦标赛的举办者们正在为今年6月份的决赛挑选新人。此前男子长鼻子赛冠军得主是Josef Dewold,他的鼻子足有5英寸(12.7厘米),而女子比赛的冠军头衔则由Margot Sikora获得,她的鼻子超过了4英寸(10.1厘米)。 /201105/134761

Extravagant mansions are popping up along Russia#39;s Black Sea coast. Activists say one belongs to the president-and that it was built with illicit state funds.俄罗斯黑海海岸涌现出诸多豪华别墅。一些活动人士称,其中一座别墅属于现任总统普京所有,而且是违法使用国家资金建造的。On a recent morning, in the village of Praskoveyevka, located on the northern coast of Russia#39;s Black Sea, a group of activists-some in bathing suits, others in the nude-went for a swim at a public beach. Their goal: to get a closer look at an extravagant mansion, set in the middle of a nearby forest. The house, with its black, iron gate and Soviet era faccedil;ade, looked surreal, as if someone had transported it from Moscow and dropped it in the middle of nowhere.最近的一个早晨,在俄罗斯黑海北部海岸的村落Praskoveyevka,一群活动人士在公共海滩游泳,他们或身穿泳衣,或者干脆裸泳。他们的目标就是要近距离观看这座附近森林里的豪华别墅。别墅有着一扇黑色的铁门,外观有苏联时期建筑的风格,看起来颇为超现实主义,就如同有人把它从莫斯科搬来丢在了偏僻之处。For months, the activists have been camping in the woods near the mansion, sneaking past the guards and the ;No Trespassing; signs to photograph the massive home. Last week, they posted photos online of its lush courtyard and Tsar-like bedroom on their popular blog.这些活动人士已经在别墅周围的丛林里露营了几个月,他们躲过巡查的保安,绕过“不准擅自闯入”的标牌,拍摄这座巨大的豪华别墅。上周,他们把繁茂庭院的照片上传到网上,还把类似沙皇时期的卧室照片上传到客上。Set in 74 hectares of prime land near the Black Sea coast with its own vineyard, the palace has its own helipad. Other features include an indoor cinema, a summer amphitheatre, a casino, swimming pools, a gym and a clock tower.别墅占地74公顷,座落在黑海海岸的黄金地段,有独立的葡萄园,也有直升机起降场。其他设施还包括室内电影院、夏季圆形剧场、俱乐部、游泳池、健身房和钟塔。Sergei Kolesnikov, the businessman who claims the palace is Mr Putin#39;s, has likened the structure to a palace built for Russia#39;s Tsars outside St Petersburg. He said that the Russian prime minister had personally approved the design and materials.声称别墅属于普京所有的商人谢尔盖#8226;克列斯尼科夫将这座别墅比作为沙皇在圣彼得堡外修建的奢华住宅。他说时任俄罗斯总理的普京曾亲自批准了别墅的设计和材料。Mr Kolesnikov has called on Medvedev to investigate his controversial claim. ;A palace is being built on the Black Sea coast for the personal use of the Russian prime minister,; Mr Kolesnikov wrote in his original letter.克列斯尼科夫曾呼吁当时的总统梅德韦杰夫调查此事。他在最初的致信中说:“黑海海岸正在修建一座别墅,供(时任)普京总理个人使用。”;As things stand, the cost of the palace is billion. The funds were mostly raised through a combination of corruption, bribery and theft,; he said.他说:“照目前来看,别墅造价高达10亿美元。这些资金是通过腐败、受贿和偷盗而来的。”Mr Putin#39;s spokesman has dismissed the allegation out of hand however, as has Mr Kozhin, the Kremlin official whose signature allegedly appeared on the original contract.但普京的发言人和克里姆林宫官员科任都立即反驳了这一指控。科任的签名曾出现在别墅的原始合同上。But Mr Kolesnikov, who said he was involved in the project himself until 2009 when he was removed for raising concerns about corruption, is sticking to his story and pictures of the lavish residence have appeared on a Russian whistle-blowing web site.但克列斯尼科夫坚称自己所说的全部属实,这座豪华别墅的照片也被上传到了俄罗斯的一个揭秘网站上。克列斯尼科夫称自己一直参与别墅的建造项目,直到2009年因指出别墅可能涉及腐败问题而被迫离开项目组。 /201208/195252

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